Originally posted to the gremlin.net messageboard on 10 February 2001 at 20.51.43:

Psilocybin9: http://www.savearcticrefuge.org
EvilCoffeeChick:What's that?
Psilocybin9: it's a patition
Psilocybin9: to sign to tell bush not to drill for oil in the arctic refuge
EvilCoffeeChick:But drilling for oil would be a good thing. I'm antibush otherwise, but actually using some of the oil we have stockpiled here would be a good idea.
Psilocybin9: we don't need the oil
Psilocybin9: it's just going to destroy the habitat to an errivesable level
Psilocybin9: we have other means of alternative fuel
Psilocybin9: but bush wants money from oil
EvilCoffeeChick:1. Yes, we need the oil. Because OPEC suck. They feel they're not getting the money they should be getting.
EvilCoffeeChick:2. If you wanna go environmentalist -- consder this. The everglades are supposed to be a desert.
Psilocybin9: since he has shars in oil companies
EvilCoffeeChick:3. If you wanne petition someone, petition the NRC to allow for nuclear powered cars.
Psilocybin9: nuclear power cars huh
EvilCoffeeChick:I know someone who designed one; it would work. He could make it fly if he wanted to. But the NRC won't allow it.
Psilocybin9: what should we do with the waste
EvilCoffeeChick:What waste?
Psilocybin9: if you have a nuclear power car
Psilocybin9: it has radio active isotopes
EvilCoffeeChick:Do you know anything about nuclear power? Or are you just a tree hugging environmental activist who wants to keep the everglades wet, but blow up an asteroid that might hit us?
Psilocybin9: that don't decay for thousands of years
EvilCoffeeChick:Right: So the car will run for thousands of years. Groovy, huh?
Psilocybin9: no
Psilocybin9: you are not thinking any thing out
Psilocybin9: when you buy a car
EvilCoffeeChick:I'm not? What am I missing.
Psilocybin9: and you decide you want another one
Psilocybin9: where will this car go
Psilocybin9: what will happen when these cars start to pile up
EvilCoffeeChick:Well, guess what -- I'm not the sort of idiot who has to replace her car every time she changes her underwear. If I get a car that's going to run without breakin for a very long time, I'm going to keep it.
EvilCoffeeChick:What happens now? The cars are already piled up, silly.
Psilocybin9: and the ever glades is below sea level
Psilocybin9: it will natualy contain water
Psilocybin9: so get your facts strait
EvilCoffeeChick:So death valley naturally contains water.
Psilocybin9: death vally is to hot
Psilocybin9: and doesn't touch an ocean
EvilCoffeeChick:It's quite obvious that I'm dealing with a tree hugging idiot. I'll be posting this at http://gremln.net/cgi-data"> to warn everyone out there of your existence. Thank you.
EvilCoffeeChick:You're just the sort of person who is standing in the way of progress. Bye now.
Psilocybin9: you fool
Psilocybin9: stay
Psilocybin9: because I can show you that you are stupid<

Then he sent his 'friend' after me -- Yo Mammy 9 -- who, according to my trace, was nothing more than him under another screenname. He proceeded to tell me that I was nothing more than some idiot kid with a big ego who chose to ignore information -- and he used such poor grammar when he was calling me an idiot, it just wasn't funny. He warned me a few times and ran away.