smokey0384 : <arrives> Male
liliths7roses : Has anyone read Aradia: Gospel of the Witchs By Charles G. Leland. Published in 1899 (figured it was worth a try since no one in any of the witch or pagan chats have)
xiphoid_thanatos : coltzans: Those paragraphs happen to be pertinent. If you don't like them,don't read them.
fundysrstupid : bateria = animal forms that live in baterries?
Synthetic_Humanity : kinda like bacteria...only retarded
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : its my flat rubber keyboard i gotta hit the keys just right or they dont register
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : fundy: bacteria ( iwonder's having problems with the kb)
begs_to_be_sodomized : A hiccup, Andrew?
fundysrstupid : vulpie :))
griffengrey : May God have mercy on your ignorant ways
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Until you do, and a "theory" for how it DID arise, science will accept that it formed naturally... and study how it can do that.
smokey0384 : how is athiest who beleive god doesn't exist any different to how people interpretate god to be everything
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 05:54:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_chainsawpsycho : Sticky keyboard?
pure_idea : lisa, it is a beautiful explore the grandeur of it all...but if the assumption is...evolution argues against design, but then to says nothing can argue against evolution doesnt make sense
elvis_high_on_drugs : may god fuck you in the ear griff
coltzans_shrine : I will eat you you stupid griff, right after I eat jesus
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : griffen: why don't you go for the god challenge?
fundysrstupid : okie dio...but you know better than to take me seriously
gothic_boytoy : There is no god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
begs_to_be_sodomized : Evolution makes no argument against design.
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : no not sticky keys
liliths7roses : <leaves the room>
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : eww
coltzans_shrine : god is an athiest damn it
Lisa_the_Insomniac : pure_idea, I'm sorry you dislike science so much, because naturalism is a part of it. But that's the only honest position it can take. Not your "goddidit" argument.
xiphoid_thanatos : pure: You are an 'IDer'?
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : just lame ones
begs_to_be_sodomized : Evolution is the process followed with allele's.
smokey0384 : sol, how is there being no god, different to how SOME people interpretate god being everything
smokey0384 : god is just a word
the_chainsawpsycho : hehehehehehehe
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Until there's evidence "goddidit", or that natural processes COULDN'T do it, that's what science goes with.
begs_to_be_sodomized : People that choose to argue abiogenesis and biogenesis argue design.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 05:55:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : i can poor a drink on this keyboard or go stick it in the dishwasher andit will always work
elvis_high_on_drugs : religion is a sham created for ignorant dumb people to follow
fundysrstupid : evolution makes no argument's an absurd premise to think that a law of nature makes arguments...surely you don't think gravity makes an argument do you?
griffengrey : god challenge whats that?
coltzans_shrine : it was aliens damn it, they are god, god is aliens, it makes a lot of sense.
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : but its just hard as a motherfucker to type on
rex_deus_1118 : xiphoid u arnt from mackay r u?
coltzans_shrine : ALIENS
gothic_boytoy : God is a word to make people feel loved when they arin't
ebi_safari103 : <arrives>
xiphoid_thanatos : rex: Nope.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : pure_idea, NOBODY is saying that you can't argue against evolution. Just that niether you nor ANY other creationist has come up with a REASONABLE argument against evolutin, supported by evidence.
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : griffen: it'll be this Tuesday at 11:00 PM Eastern Time
pure_idea : lisa, of course a sound position seems to be ...lets put it to the test. Not to infer God for every single thing, nor to exclude him by saying "no matter what we find, we WILL define this naturalistically"
elvis_high_on_drugs : the religious masses are brainwashed and manipulated to follow a invisible man and fairytalebook
begs_to_be_sodomized : Evolution is fine and dandy making progress. More so since scaremongering theists are now allowed minimal input unless they specifically work in the field.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Until you do, we'll go by what the evidence says. And the evidence says evolution is a fact.
rex_deus_1118 : ok
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 05:56:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : religion is a bunch of stories passed by word of mouth for centuries
begs_to_be_sodomized : worked with 3 theist biologists.
raaj_dilwala : <leaves the room>
begs_to_be_sodomized : And they remind me of Lisa hehe.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : And yes, as Jo has again pointed out, creationists continually try to argue abiogenesis is evolution. It's not.
craig_jl_2003 : A question to all Christians. Why do you all not convert to Islam? After all wasnt Mohammed also a prophet of the God of Abraham, and his word is more recent so then supercedes the word of the prophet Abraham
begs_to_be_sodomized : If anything, they were more critical then any atheist I know.
fundysrstupid : lets face it folks...anyone believing in creationism at this stage of the game was out to lunch when god was passing out high IQ
smokey0384 : evolution has many flaws, and is still called a "theory", u don't have evolution as a law, but personally i beleive its most possible and will eventually be a law
griffengrey : and the atheist is so vain as to believe in self redemtion, thinking he is God, or even berret
smokey0384 : evolution is not a fact
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : the 'god challenge' -- i buy two tickets for the lottery. I want all the christians to prove their god my asking their god to make them the grand-prize winners. I will then announce the results at 11:05
pure_idea : lisa, ok...good to hear that arguments can be presented (of course one is immediately labled many times "fundy" or "pseudo-scientist", instead of being able to deal directly with the arguments)
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 05:57:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : lol
fundysrstupid : smokey evolution has no flaws...and neither does gravity
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: evolution IS fact
Cerebral_Torture : is away (Away)
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Poor pure_idea... He just doens't get it. And doesn't want to.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Fiona had been ousted from her church because she refused, at the request of her congregation, to stop studying the evolutionary process of xylum.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Yeah like a tree is going to worry god.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Sheesh.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : He wants to stick to his idea that science is naturalistic, NO MATTER WHAT...
nutjobme : First off fundy, if you compare witch craft to christianity, you're speaking of the revived witch craft of the 13th and 14th century. You couldn't possible be speaking of old religion witch craftry, as people of those times felt things such as water, fire, air, earth, trees, the sun, and the moon aspects of deity. So speaking of my ignorance, I incline you to read.
xiphoid_thanatos : notes that pure has dismissed all other gods
smokey0384 : ok, are you goin to just say evolutuon is a fact without justifying it
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : IF one of the two tickets win, i'll be convinced that a god exists and will become a defender of the christian faith
griffengrey : listen buddy, god dont need to heed such selfish prayers
pure_idea : lisa, see...more condescending comments, what is that all about...we were on a good track there for a minute
fundysrstupid : vulpie apparently the druids were a thorn in christianity's side for a bit
begs_to_be_sodomized : They saw the term "evolution" and then went nutters.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 05:58:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : im atheist and i dont think im god i know that im as meaningless as everyone else in the world or the dirt outside in the end
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : so far: the 'GOD challenge' -- atheists 1 god 0
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Show evidence of God. Show evidence life can't form, and then evolve (two separate things), naturally... that external action from a "designer" deity is NECESSARY, and science will listen. You have utterly failed to do so.
begs_to_be_sodomized : No matter that the fucking things are growing all around us.
nutjobme : Now I understand you didn't bring that topic up, but you replied to me, as if you knew just the same.
the_chainsawpsycho : Christianity is all about the magick of Jesus.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : All the evidence supports naturalistic explanations.
pure_idea : xiphoid, i dont believe we discussed it
happy_bunny_mostly : <arrives> Male 34 from Subject of the queen of England alias Strange guy
coltzans_shrine : ALIENS
coltzans_shrine : THEY DID IT
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : and lol umm doesnt the ice age theory contradict the bible?
begs_to_be_sodomized : Andrew: Chemistry via alchemist tests.
begs_to_be_sodomized : So said my great uncles.
coltzans_shrine : WHY YES IT DOES
Lisa_the_Insomniac : xiph, see, this is how it usually turns out with pure_idea. :) He always degenerates to pretty standard "intelligent design" arguments.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Dishonest as they are.
happy_bunny_mostly : Morning very very very nice people
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 05:59:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fundysrstupid : nutjob are going to hurt yourself...when did I compare withcraft to xtinaity?? all I did was correct your statement that christianity predates here's a dollar go buy a clue
craig_jl_2003 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : evolution is not a fact, it has many flaws, evotionary strands etc prove that it has hooj flaws, and thats why in science, evoluton is not a law yet, its still a theory
begs_to_be_sodomized : Stories that christians in scotland use to accuse them of making devil potions.
pure_idea : lisa, we were dealing with some fundamental things today....other days we have talked about with the research i mentioned about the difficulties of RNA and membrane formation in a marine environment
begs_to_be_sodomized : Most of it was cleaning solvents.
begs_to_be_sodomized : :))
fundysrstupid : vulpuie :)) too funny
nutjobme : You sir, need to learn how to comprehend my statements.
begs_to_be_sodomized : I know. amazing what lavendar can do :)0
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: :)) you're ignorant on scientific terminology
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : and lol this too lol you know that religion will always be around.....
xiphoid_thanatos : pure: I asked twice and did not get an answer. And your views are fairly obvious with your staements. pure_idea (10:02:01 PM): lisa, of course a sound position seems to be ...lets put it to the test. Not to infer God for every single thing, nor to exclude him by saying "no matter what we find, we WILL define this naturalistically"
the_chainsawpsycho : We need a good witch hunt, to keep the Christians in line.
smokey0384 : ur a geek if u speculate it to be a fact and everyone else is wrong, clueless fundermentalist
happy_bunny_mostly : Ok no nice people here so morning fucked up fanatics from both sides:-)
xshuda : it smells nice and disinfects?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:00:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, you don't understand some basic scientific definitions... like "law", "theory", and "fact"... Something can be a scientific fact, and we STILL have a theory about it. And a law. Gravity, for example.
pure_idea : xiphoid, i like to progress from one subject to the next, thanks
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: evolution is a fact -- that organisms will change to adapt to their environment
xiphoid_thanatos : happy bunny :o
smokey0384 : haha synope, yes i beleive i am, thats why i asked you to justify why it is a fact, and u seemed unable to
begs_to_be_sodomized : Church made witchcraft.
xiphoid_thanatos : uh huh
pure_idea : lisa, any thoughts about the marine environment problem?
happy_bunny_mostly : Xiphoid morning:-)
begs_to_be_sodomized : People have been using herbal remedies for eons.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : diogenes, you know his answer to that will be the typical "that's macro not micro!"
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : even after we turn jupiter into a vaction area theres still gonna be those colonies who pass on the old ways
the_chainsawpsycho : PrayerMagick is just as bad as spellcasting.
smokey0384 : My sister has a degree in biology so.., nothing to do with me, but i know a little, but still ignorant on it
coltzans_shrine : ALIENS MADE WITCHCRAFT
begs_to_be_sodomized : What do you think making bread is?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Err, micro not mcro.
begs_to_be_sodomized : grains, and shit.
happy_bunny_mostly : <leaves the room>
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: a SCIENTIFIC law describes a behavior -- a scientific THEORY explains. a THEORY is NEVER and WILL NEVER be a LAW
begs_to_be_sodomized : damn stupid fundies.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:01:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
nutjobme : Someone brought the topic of witch craft and christianity into comparison. I explained that the creation of witch craft, as to being compared with christianity made sense, because christianity revived, and changed the religion as it is known today. Thus, calling me ignorant simply because I didn't mention the date of birth of the religion is quite useless.
coltzans_shrine : THE ULTIMATE ANSWERB-)
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : YES THEORYS DO BECOME LAWS SORRY TO INFORM YOU
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Oh, I love this quote... for people who say "evolution is JUST a theory, not a law or a fact!" from the National Academy of Science ...
Lisa_the_Insomniac : "Laws are generalizations that describe phenomena, whereas theories explain phenomena. For example, the laws of thermodynamics describe what will happen under certain circumstances; thermodynamics theories explain why these events occur. Laws, like facts and theories, can change with better data. But theories do not develop into laws with the accumulation of evidence. Rather, theories are the goal of science."
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : iwonder: :)) nope
pure_idea : lisa, now last time you did say you havent gotten into origin of life scenarios too much, so it seems a bit premature for you to say that "All the evidence supports naturalistic explanations."
begs_to_be_sodomized : need to sleep. g'night.
begs_to_be_sodomized : <leaves the room>
coltzans_shrine : SMITE YOU GOOD
Lisa_the_Insomniac : pure_idea, not at all.
smokey0384 : o really?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:02:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fundysrstupid : smokey the theory of evolution (the one you claim has many flaws) is the theory by which humans with a functioning brain attempt to explain natural FACTS...hence evolution is a fact...we however, do not understand it to the degree which would satisfy every single possible event....perhaps if you dug your head out of your ass or the bible (same thing for all intent and purposes) the clean air might make you understand
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : thre are equations thought of by isaac newton that were theorys up unil we proved them with computers because they can handle it so fast
Lisa_the_Insomniac : You have not given any evidence AGAINST naturalistic explanations, or FOR "design". Or even one reason why looking for "design" origin is needed.
gothic_boytoy : <leaves the room>
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : dude if you sincerely believe that then youre just stupid
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : iwonder: :)) non-sequitor
xiphoid_thanatos : Lisa: Have you read any of Michael Russell's origin theories?
smokey0384 : so how in scientific terms show evolution is a fact as u seem to have a lot more knowledge than me on it. i just saw a documentary once, haha, and a big book with nice big illustrated pics
coltzans_shrine : THE ALIENS DAMN IT
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : now those theorys are laws
Lisa_the_Insomniac : No, xiph.
xiphoid_thanatos : Lisa: Ahh ok.
Cerebral_Torture : <leaves the room>
fundysrstupid : christinaity changed religion as it is today? hmmm do the buddhists, jeews, etc etc etc know this?
Cerebral_Torture : <arrives> Male
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : iwonder: :)) WRONG
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:03:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : iwonder, theories NEVER "become laws".
coltzans_shrine : LIAR
smokey0384 : haha fundy
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : theories have become laws
Lisa_the_Insomniac : You can come up with a law from studying the theory, but theories don't BECOME laws... especially "as they are more proven".
elvis_high_on_drugs : kamahl if you type alot of words into a paragraph and make it take up lots of space itcan help to increase the facade of intellect in these bastrd christians
Lisa_the_Insomniac : That's not how it works.
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : sorry iwonder -- you are wrong
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Name one theory that has "become a law", iwonder.
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : just a sec
coltzans_shrine : GRAVITY, AND ALIENS DAMNIT
pure_idea : lisa, you could leave it open at evidence that would go against life arising naturally. So evidence against naturalistic explanation 1) marine environment 2) arising after hostile conditions so no time to sit and wait for some chemical mixture to give rise to life 3) specified sequence DNA in the first life (3.8bya)...that we know of
smokey0384 : lol
xiphoid_thanatos : wonders why her mic won't work -frowns-
Lisa_the_Insomniac : I bet your example will be a LAW they came up with BASED On the theory. But it wasn't the theory BECOMING a law.
smokey0384 : theories in physcics? :|
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:04:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
babak_eynac_forosh : <leaves the room>
xshuda : does a law then validate a theory?
smokey0384 : yes lisa, ur right
fundysrstupid : creationism isn't a science because science REQUIRES the use of the scintific method which is wholy inapplicable to the dreams/nightmares of goat herders
Lisa_the_Insomniac : pure_idea, I'm open to evidence against life arising naturally. And no one has any.
the_chainsawpsycho : The bang bus theory is also a law, to me.
xiphoid_thanatos : lol chain
Lisa_the_Insomniac : bang bus theory?
Synthetic_Humanity : It was MAGIC ALIENS LISA!!!!
Cerebral_Torture : coltzans, you're making an ass out of yourself. You do know that, right?
smokey0384 : kamahl, ur just as bad as a christian
the_chainsawpsycho : "If you get a fucking bus and some cash, you can make porn."
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : xshuda: example. we have the LAW of gravity ( f=g*(m1*m2)/d^2) --- that describes gravity but doesn't explain how gravity works
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere :
coltzans_shrine : i AM GOD, i CAN DO IT IN STYLE
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:05:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Okay, some basic definitions here...
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Law: A descriptive generalization about how some aspect of the natural world behaves under stated circumstances.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Hypothesis: A testable statement about the natural world that can be used to build more complex inferences and explanations.
pure_idea : lisa, i do wish you could respond to the fact that it appears that membrane and RNA formation is frustrated in a marine seems to deserve more than a wave of the hand
xshuda : ok thanks
smokey0384 : kamahl, ur the reason why the principle of christianity is sometimes needed in ppl
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Theory: In science, a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses.
negu_gorriak_ska : <arrives> Female 18 from madrid
coltzans_shrine : WHY
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Fact: In science, an observation that has been repeatedly confirmed.
coltzans_shrine : THERES A PRINCIPLE?
Fastillion : <arrives> Male
smokey0384 : she is a bot
Synthetic_Humanity : So because of that pure_idea we can infer... MAGIC ALIENS!!!!
Fastillion : <leaves the room>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Something can be an observed fact, and we have a THEORY about it, explaining it. And we can ALSO have a LAW about it (or more than one)
fundysrstupid : Faith: process by which imbeciles who know and understand nothing give meaning to their otherwise pathetic lives
pure_idea : synthetic, are you conceding the point?
nutjobme : The jews were heckled by christians as heretical thinkers at the same time. In the late 1400s, the Christian follows killed roughly 9 million people for being witchs, 80 percent being female. A vast majority of those killed, were not witchs.
fundysrstupid : Lisa you forgot that one
xiphoid_thanatos : Fact: In science, an observation that has been repeatedly confirmed. Law: A descriptive generalization about how some aspect of the natural world behaves under stated circumstances. Hypothesis: A testable statement about the natural world that can be used to build more complex inferences and explanations. Theory: In science, a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:06:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : i wonder: :)) that is the LAW of gravity -- it doesn't explain HOW gravity works, it just DESCRIBES it's behavior!! the THEORY of gravity ( at the present time) EXPLAINS HOW gravity works
pure_idea : synthetic, then we could go on to "inferrence to the best explanation"
xiphoid_thanatos : [pasted from NAS]
elvis_high_on_drugs : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : kamahl, christianity gives people judgements what is wrong and right, gives ethics and morals, a lifestyle, its meant to make them more civalized under control, ppl like u need that as ur unable to on ur own acord
nutjobme : Thus, reviving, and changing the path of the witch craft relgion as it is understood today.
pure_idea : xiphoid, do you mean PNAS?
smokey0384 : christianity can deter some ppl from suacide, christanity can also give ignorant understaning and mentally weak peace of mind
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : iwonder: what Newton was working on is called ( in scientific jargon) a HYPOTHESIS
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:07:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : pure_idea, perhaps your understanding of the marine environment is flawed. Or perhaps science itself doesn't know enough about it to know how it's possible. Or perhaps life didn't form in a marine environment. Or the kind of marine environment YOU mean. I don't know enough about abiogenesis to say. But the thing is, you saying "it can't happen" isn't evidence it can't happen.
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : IT WAS ISAAC NEWTONS THEORY THAT BECAME A LAW
smokey0384 : yes u could kamahl, what is ur point
Synthetic_Humanity : Yes i am...I do not see why someone would not try to go through something using logic and reason instead of jumping to conclusions based on archaic beliefs.
coltzans_shrine : YOUR A FUCKER
xiphoid_thanatos : pure: No, I didn't. National Academy of Science. NAS.
smokey0384 : r u descriminating all christians are being fundementalists
fundysrstupid : no dio god didit...he does everything you know go back and get a refund on your lobotomyt for christ...apparently they botched the operation
xiphoid_thanatos : That is diverted from their site
Lisa_the_Insomniac : fundysrstupid, actually, I define faith as "belief in something without evidence", and blind faith as "belief in something, DESPITE all the evidence against it" (like creationism)
iaboyeah : <arrives> Male 59
smokey0384 : ur obviously an uncivalized child who resorts to child names, christianity would have done u a world of good
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : :))
the_chainsawpsycho : National Academy of Satanism?
fundysrstupid : Lisa rofl
Lisa_the_Insomniac : chain. :)
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:08:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
iaboyeah : <leaves the room>
pure_idea : lisa, it sounds like you can see that it would pose problems for the naturalistic scenario...which many have observed (for other reasons) and now have migrated to panspermia (outer space)
the_chainsawpsycho : I like that idea, actually.
fundysrstupid : Lisa isn't all faith by definition BLIND?
smokey0384 : control is needed for ppl like u kamahl, people like you are goin to make us extinct faster than we would have
xiphoid_thanatos : lol cahin, according to some of the fundies we get in here, they would probably agree with you
nutjobme : Being a buddhist is not the same as christianity at all. It's knowing yourself. Finding meaning within your self. Christianity wants you to find meaning in someone else.
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : HERES ANOTHER EXAMPLE IN TEXT
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : INTEL CO-FOUNDER GORDON MOORE has predicted that chips will continue their exponential increase in power for the next ten years. Moore is famous for his 1965 theory that the number of transistors on a chip will double every eighteen months. The theory became known as Moore's Law after being proven right over many years. It points to a future where "Even if we get to the point where we can't squeeze any more [transistors] in there, we'll be putting billions of transistors on a chip," according to a report from The Associated Press. If his law holds true, we can expect processors to have tens of billions of transistors after ten years. By then, an Intel microprocessor may have a mind to match a bumble bee. Although there may well be problems ahead, Moore is confident that the indust
pelloquin13 : <arrives>
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : ELECTRONICS
fundysrstupid : nutjob that is incorrect
fundysrstupid : again
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : A THEORYY THA BECAME A LAW
smokey0384 : kamahl, again ur descrimining, everyone is an idiviudal
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : iwonder: :))
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:09:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : pure_idea, maybe life came from space. I don't know. Far as I am aware, no one has found evidence to support that. Or to support that it COULDN'T form here. Except the creationists and their phony probability equations, of couse. :)
estimate_2006 : <arrives> Male from NEW YORK (NY) alias Rew
Lisa_the_Insomniac : course
Fastillion : <arrives> Male
smokey0384 : dude, My friend is a christian, only coz his family is, he doesn't care or do anything different than if he was an athiest
xiphoid_thanatos : panspermia is literally seed everyehere, and the theory (originally posited by Svante Arrhenius) is almost completely disregarded today in science
estimate_2006 : <leaves the room>
coltzans_shrine : I WILL EAT HIS FAMILY
xiphoid_thanatos : *seeds
Lisa_the_Insomniac : fundysrstupid, if your definition is close to the one I just posted, then no, not all faith is blind.
pelloquin13 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : kamahl, u have low self-esteem
the_chainsawpsycho : Jesus tells me I need to go play video games. Later.
coltzans_shrine : WELL NO SHIT DUMBASS
the_chainsawpsycho : <leaves the room>
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : iwonder: LEARN SOMETHING!! Moore didn't have a Scientific theory , he had a HYPOTHESIS
xshuda : the evidence that life came from outer space would be found on meteors that have organic matter
fundysrstupid : Lisa actually...unl;ike creationism...there is SOME evidence that life may have come to earth from outer space...or at least the requisite building blocks for it
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:10:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : u exploit athiests and use it for ur reason to insult people, ur just as bad as people who exploit christianity
hhllooooo : <arrives> Male 25 from FRANCE alias ERIC
smokey0384 : which is the majority of them
nutjobme : You seem to think you know quite a bit, and yet when I explain what I mean, you simply stand at your first quote. Why?
Synthetic_Humanity : Meteors from outer space!!!
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : moore had a GUESS --
fundysrstupid : Lisa I love arguing semantics with turns me on :))
Synthetic_Humanity : With little aliens!
coltzans_shrine : ALIENS DAMNIT
Lisa_the_Insomniac : If I believed there was intelligent life 87,093 light years away, that's a sort of "faith". If I insisted it was there, even when all stars in that range were VISITED and no civilizations found, that would be blind faith. That's a facetious example, but you get it?
coltzans_shrine : WORSHIP ALIENS
fundysrstupid : nutjob because you fail to address the point I make
Lisa_the_Insomniac : fundysrstupid, yes. The "building blocks" may have.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:11:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : besides, moore's law isn't a scientific endeavor anyways
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : DUDE IT SAYS UP THERE Moore is famous for his 1965 theory that the number of transistors on a chip will double every eighteen months. The theory became known as Moore's Law after being proven right over many years. IT DOESNT SAY ANYTHING AOUT A HYPOTHESIS
smokey0384 : u descriminated christians, and u exploit being non religious instead, u exloit being an alien worshipper lol
pure_idea : lisa, at least you are willing to concede that there are some potential problems with current origin of life ideas...there are other problems too, and to exclude design as a possibility wouldnt be reasonable.
griffengrey : Stop trying to convince yourselfs that man is god, sience is god, and god knows what els. Religeon is a qusetion of faith, not faith in self. Saying we a brainwashed, well i wont lower myself to reply to such a stupid, moronic statement
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : iwonder: :))
hhllooooo : <leaves the room>
skilet_head_jr2002 : <arrives> Male 18 from THE GUILD OF CHAOS alias ODIN ALL FATHER
smokey0384 : :-? hmmm does anyone pray to just say thanx for life, we appreciate it. naw. always ask for something
Lisa_the_Insomniac : pure_idea, EXCLUDE design? It was never included. For good reason.
xshuda : iwonder: technology is moving along quite a bit quicker nowadays
xiphoid_thanatos : Synthetic: In simple terms yes. It is basically that the rocks responsile for the harrassment of earth way back when originated from a planet that already contained life, then it could have seeded earth. I don't like the theory but it may ewll turn out to be true.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:12:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
nutjobme : You don't make a point. You state a fact, and call me ignorant, obviously referring to my point, so when I explain MY point, without even touching yours, it means you've attacked my point with nothing more than a hollow attempt to make me appear to not know my subject when in fact I do.
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : iwonder: i have a theory that there will be another presidential election in 2004 and will have one every 4 years after that.
smokey0384 : lol, ive acnowleged ur existance kamahl, ur cool. haha
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : my 'theory' is NOT A SCIENTIFIC THEORY
coltzans_shrine : NOT WHEN I RULE THE WORLD NO
nutjobme : Though you were right, it had nothing to do with ignorance on my part.
pure_idea : lisa, hey you believe in God...if God exists, miracles are why would you exclude God from intervening in his creation
Lisa_the_Insomniac : WHEN you give valid reasons why it can't have formed naturally (here or in space), and evidence of a deity, and evidence this deity "tinkered with" and formed life, then "design theory" will be accepted in science. That's how it works.
skilet_head_jr2002 : jesus loves you evey one else thinks ur a cunt
fundysrstupid : griffen I agree wholeheartedly with and your fellow xtians aren';t are braintainted if anything...we could only hope that your brain could be washed clean of all that moronic xtian nonsense
smokey0384 : now, get over urself, damn, ur lookin for more attention than me, u need to feel more wanted and needed than most ppl
chief_thunder_underlord : <arrives> Male 24 from Gold Coast
Synthetic_Humanity : Design:POOF MAGIC!
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : no iwonder -- just because some dolt journalist misused the term doesn't mean it is correct
smokey0384 : jesus was a cool dude
Synthetic_Humanity : Damn you mr.smiles!
griffengrey : fundy, i pity you
coltzans_shrine : ALIENS
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:13:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : The God I believe in lets this universe go according to natural laws. Including natural life formation, and evolution. Especially since that's the way it seems to have happened.
coltzans_shrine : i HATE LARGE ASS FONT
Lisa_the_Insomniac : God doesn't use miracles when She doesn't need to.
xiphoid_thanatos : doesn't see 'kumahl'
fundysrstupid : nutjob if you actually knew the subject you claim to know then you would not have made a clearly erronous you did
skilet_head_jr2002 : nah i aint any christian
somersetcase1 : <arrives> Male 36 from Somerset
smokey0384 : lisa called god a SHE!
xiphoid_thanatos : loves Lisa's use of 'she' :D
smokey0384 : get her
Lisa_the_Insomniac : sneaks away to go pee. All that iced tea is having an effect.
smokey0384 : *points at lisa*
Synthetic_Humanity : Are you arguing design just for the sake of arguing design?
nutjobme : Nothing I said was erroneous.
pure_idea : lisa, i think science and God completely overlap...i do not compartmentalize the two...i think God created the natural world to be explored and learned about. Some things are naturally caused, others are agent caused...sometimes the agent is a human person, and sometimes it can be inferred that a supernatural person caused something
fundysrstupid : griffen why? because I have a clean, unpoluted brain that allows me to see that xtianity is bullshit?
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : iwonder: a SCIENTIFIC theory explains behavior a SCIENTIFIC law describes behavior!!! you are arguing something DIFFERENT! get over it
griffengrey : God id neiter he or she
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:14:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
skilet_head_jr2002 : LOOK IN MY PRO TO SEE THE FACE OF GOD
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : MATH IS A FORM OF SCIENCE
coltzans_shrine : GOD IS A SHE, OR WAS WHEN I ATE HER
ebi_safari103 : <leaves the room>
chief_thunder_underlord : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : coltzans: Well if I can't see them how the hell do I know how to spell their name fuckwit?
coltzans_shrine : DONT KNOW
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : NOW we're talking MATH JARGON! NOT SCIENCE JARGON ( and NO, math is NOT science)
coltzans_shrine : ASK GOD
agn0stic_and_atheist : <arrives> Male 36 from uk
fundysrstupid : nutjob that very statement is erronous since you have made multiple eronous statements since I have had the misfortune of enganging you in an otherwise meaningless chat
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : WITHOUT MATH THERE WOULDNTBE SCIENCE YOU ASS
griffengrey : unpoluted, listen to yourself, wake up. I know of insane people with less poluted minds
pure_idea : dio, do numbers exist?
nutjobme : If you ask anyone what witch craft is they'd say spells and cantations to the devil. Much like the word Gay has become a word for ass play and carpet licking, witch craft has gone way to anti-christian spells and cantations.
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : iwonder: fallacy of composition
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:15:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fundysrstupid : poor griffen
xiphoid_thanatos : Ask an imaginary fairy with fangs. Great answer.
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : pure: no, they don't
skilet_head_jr2002 : <leaves the room>
nutjobme : Thusly, nothing I've said is wrong.
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : DUDE WHATEVER YOURE THE GENIOUS
coltzans_shrine : ALIENS
nyettiprincess : <arrives> from Aus
coltzans_shrine : HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE SAY
pure_idea : dio, so the number one does not exist, i dont see how that could be
nutjobme : Just because your perception of witch craft doesn't mingle with mine doesn't mean I'm wrong.
fundysrstupid : nutjob I se we can add homophobe your growing list of attributes
wild_child0012001 : <arrives> Male 28 from ask i might tell
nutjobme : No... you can't...
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : pure: send me a one and then i'll take my statement back
Lisa_the_Insomniac : returns, feeling much better.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:16:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : We are all wrong! so just accept ppl for whatever they wanna beleive
Synthetic_Humanity : numbers are ideas used to measure things...a way to order the universe.
Synthetic_Humanity : I have 1 apple
smokey0384 : u dunno shit, same as me
coltzans_shrine : i ATE YOUR APPLE
smokey0384 : u can't even tell me what the fuck is goin on
fundysrstupid : nutjob you make circular arguments in a vain attempt to recover from your earlier faux's not working
rex_deus_1118 : <leaves the room>
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: take the 'god challenge' this Tuesday
Synthetic_Humanity : dio: 1
pure_idea : dio, hang on a going to find THE number one
Lisa_the_Insomniac : iwonder, can you read something very carefully? I'm going to post this once more for you...
coltzans_shrine : GOD CHALLENGE?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : "Laws are generalizations that describe phenomena, whereas theories explain phenomena. For example, the laws of thermodynamics describe what will happen under certain circumstances; thermodynamics theories explain why these events occur. Laws, like facts and theories, can change with better data. But theories do not develop into laws with the accumulation of evidence. Rather, theories are the goal of science."
smokey0384 : simple question, what the fuck is goin on!? ultimately ur unable to answer, so shaddup u lil bitch
Fastillion : [ No matter how hard believers try, Hebrew mythology will never be THE mythology, or the world's mythology. It is a narrow ethnic view of life. No one puny ethnic culture has the right to say they are the master/chosen race
wild_child0012001 : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : erm...
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : pure: i don't want a number -- i want a one
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : Scientific Law: This is a statement of fact meant to explain, in concise terms, an action or set of actions. It is generally accepted to be true and univseral, and can sometimes be expressed in terms of a single mathematical equation. Scientific laws are similar to mathematical postulates. They don’t really need any complex external proofs; they are accepted at face value based upon the fact that they have always been observed to be true.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:17:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fundysrstupid : by the way nutjob...only a homophobe would make thos comments about gays...perhaps you should re-read your bible
shadowzone7 : an interesting point...when the god of the bible destroyed the earth by flood he did not spare the sea life either because he said he would destroy EVERY LIVING SUBSTANCE THAT HE CREATED ON THE EARTH which would have included all a matter of fact that would include anything that had life at all
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : andhere you go smart ass
Synthetic_Humanity : gives Dio one
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : Some scientific laws, or laws of nature, include the law of gravity, the law of thermodynamics, and Hook’s law of elasticity.
sepsilvia : <arrives>
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : :))
nutjobme : I'm starting to feel you just can't even be close to have said something that had no bearing actual on my statement or my intelligence.
nutjobme : But thanks for trying.
nyettiprincess : if you can write the number1 then it exists
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : INCLUDE THE LAW OF GRAVITY
korea36kk : <arrives> Male 40 from kr
coltzans_shrine : WHY WOULD A FISH DIE IN A FLOOD?
smokey0384 : synope, the only word i can use to emphahse and describe "the god challenge" Is that it is GAY
pure_idea : dio, segway into an argument:
somersetcase1 : As true as that is it's irrelevent. Math is a langueage that describes reality. An apple is an apple is an apple. Whether you call it 1 apple or "mfds" apple, it's still an apple. If I place another apple next to it, it will be 2 apples, whether I call it 2 apples or "kjfsa" apples. You understand? Numbers label that reality. Math describes phenomenon.
agn0stic_and_atheist : and sod's law
al_playground : <arrives> Female
fundysrstupid : <---gives dio a fiver and tells him to keep the change
pure_idea : dio, a. The number one is a concept or idea. b. Ideas can only exist in minds. c. The number one is eternal d. The number one is immutable. e. The number one must exist independently of human minds. f. There must exist an eternal and immutable mind.
smokey0384 : lol athiest
griffengrey : I pity you all, may god help the blinded onto the path, and the devil onto the curve
pure_idea : dio, courtesy ron nash
nutjobme : ...? I have a bible?
shadowzone7 : kamahl because thats what God said
coltzans_shrine : i HAVE 5
xiphoid_thanatos : waves to somerset
smokey0384 : when i drop buttered toast, sods law comes into play and it lands downwards :(
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:18:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
nyettiprincess : gay doesnt mean your sex drive
shadowzone7 : every living substance
nutjobme : Your assumptions are only making an ass out of you, this time.
fundysrstupid : brb---time to go render homage to mistress nicotine...carry on everyone
Fastillion : [ griffengrey believes in fairy tale devils :)) what a little baby mind
korea36kk : <leaves the room>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : iwonder, there's a LAW of gravity. There's also a THEORY of gravity. The one did not BECOME the other.
fundysrstupid : <leaves the room>
nyettiprincess : media invention foy your use
agn0stic_and_atheist : lol
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : uhh..................lmao yes it did
Fastillion : [ waaaa! waaaa! the devil is bad and wants to take me
shadowzone7 : and every [03605] kol living substance [03351] y@quwm that I have made [06213] `asah
Lisa_the_Insomniac : iwonder, did you read that quote I gave?
al_playground : anyone who's into postmodernism?
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : newton's theory of gravity later became newtons law
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : pure: :)) c is unproven d is incoherent e is incoherent f is incoherent
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:19:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : I'm suspecting you didn't. Or you're just being stubborn or argumentative.
griffengrey : well that fairy tale devil, has such a grip on your twisted mind, that you are, i fear, unredeamable
nyettiprincess : postmodern old hat now
agn0stic_and_atheist : 'postmodernism' - isn't that self-contradictory?
somersetcase1 : So, while the number 1 is a man made label, what it describes, or labels is not man made. What it labels exists endependent of mans construction.
nutjobme : Time has always existed, Gravity has always existed. We just hadn't given it a name yet.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Oh brother. I give up. iwonder is a nitwit.
griffengrey : sorry
al_playground : its not self contradictory
nyettiprincess : newtons law old hat now
xiphoid_thanatos : kicks her mic
shadowzone7 : Lexicon Results for kol...1) all, the whole a) all, the whole of b) any, each, every, anything c) totality, everything
elvis_high_on_drugs : <arrives> Male 31 from HAWAII
Cerebral_Torture : is away (Away)
pure_idea : dio, lets talk about are saying the number one is not eternal....when did it come into existence?
nyettiprincess : bye room
nutjobme : Things didn't float off the planet before we thought of gravity. Sir Isaac Netwon didn't bring Gravity to the universe.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:20:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
coltzans_shrine : AND LUST IS "EVIL"
heart_not4rent_only4humans : <arrives> Female from Right in front of you alias Heart
smokey0384 : nutjob, thats why its called discovery and not invented
griffengrey : remember lust is evil, not love
smokey0384 : =D> well done
pure_idea : somerset, well said
smokey0384 : congraulations
xiphoid_thanatos : When humans called it 'the number one' and defined it.
smokey0384 : lol
agn0stic_and_atheist : al_playground - as I understand it postmodern critiques attack the traditional modernistic 'isms', thus for there to be a 'postmodernism' seems to be a misnomer, perhaps 'postmodern' or 'postmodernity' are better.
smokey0384 : humans are fucked up creatures
Lisa_the_Insomniac : nutjobme, just like Darwin didn't "create" evolution. He just noticed what lots of other people did... and came up with a theory for it. (descent with modification, by natural selection)
nutjobme : But the LAW was there before the thoery. We just didn't know about it.
griffengrey : or wanton
xiphoid_thanatos : somer: Are you sick? :(
shadowzone7 : Lexicon Results for y@quwm (Strong's 03351)1) living substance, that which stands or exists, existence, substance
nutjobme : Things CAN exist before our comprehension of them.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Evolution has been happening for billions of years before Darwin came along.
al_playground : laws of numbers are unchangable but they dont have a basis on the corporeal world
xiphoid_thanatos : Ohhh oki:)
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:21:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
griffengrey : duuh idiot
Synthetic_Humanity : 1+2=3
Synthetic_Humanity : YAY!!!
smokey0384 : no shit lisa, why are you pointing out the blatant
al_playground : numbers are universal ideas
smokey0384 : :p
Synthetic_Humanity : I can do it!
xiphoid_thanatos : nods to somerset
goodykhaled : <arrives>
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : and i didnt say all lw become theories i just said they can
coltzans_shrine : 1 ONE?
pure_idea : lisa, in the sense of "change over time" yes
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, because many of the fundies we get in here don't even grast the blatant!
goodykhaled : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : :-? hmmm, what would it be like being born in a trillian years if we ain't extint by then, any ideas?
griffengrey : goodluck on judgement day, poor souls
negu_gorriak_ska : <leaves the room>
al_playground : its not just a label
somersetcase1 : right
coltzans_shrine : WHAT WOULD YOU CALL A #1 ALONE?
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : and you can have one on
Lisa_the_Insomniac : pure_idea, that's what evolution is.
somersetcase1 : yes
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : oneone
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:22:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Synthetic_Humanity : lol
al_playground : numbers are universal ideas
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Not sure what your strawman version of evolution is, though.
pure_idea : ideas exist, ideas are non-physical, therefore naturalism is false...thanks c.s. lewis
agn0stic_and_atheist : [rolls eyes]
Synthetic_Humanity : that you for that observation al_playground
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : pure: :))
smokey0384 : does anyone speculate that we will go further out of the universe, and reach billions of other universes
xiphoid_thanatos : Hey agnostic:)
Fastillion : [ griffengrey, I am not an ancient Jew. The fantasies of the ancient Jews have no more power over me than the fantasies of the ancient Chinese have over you.
agn0stic_and_atheist : hi xiph :-)
pure_idea : lisa, not sure why you assume there is a strawman there
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, as far as we know, there is just one universe.
smokey0384 : universe is expanding, :-? what is outside the universe
Lisa_the_Insomniac : If there are more, we have no way (at present) to detect them.
nutjobme : Yes you did. You said the LAW of Gravity BECAME a theory, when we discovered it.
al_playground : yes i agree with diogenes
smokey0384 : yes lisa, and we know shit
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:23:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : we like to pretend we do know
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Perhaps you meant visit other galaxies?
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - there's is no outside, according to the theory.
coltzans_shrine : I SHITTED
coltzans_shrine : I SHIT, GRAVITY
smokey0384 : yes athiest, and that is a good thoery, otherwise it would be dumbfuckerish to say anything different
griffengrey : jews dont believe in the judgement day moron
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : yes they are
fundysrstupid : <arrives>
elvis_high_on_drugs : <leaves the room>
elvis_high_on_drugs : <arrives> Male 31 from HAWAII
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:24:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Fastillion : [ moron? I don't know or care what they believe. It is not science. It is fairy tale campfire stories for idiots like you
Lisa_the_Insomniac : We'll only travel to other galaxies if we learn some sort of FTL (faster than light) travel. Distance between stars is incredibly tiny compared to distance between galaxies.
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : you have to prove a theory and all sides about it numerous times
agn0stic_and_atheist : if you stop believing in gravity maybe you will float off into space, try
fundysrstupid : lol
griffengrey : well dont make ignorant concluseions idiot
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : . A theory is an explanation of a set of related observations or events based upon proven hypotheses and verified multiple times by detached groups of researchers
griffengrey : concluesions
smokey0384 : why couldn't i have beeen born in a few billion billion years where im evolved, capable of travelling in space, and perform telephacy, less ignorant of my surroundingings and technology to travel at speed of light
coltzans_shrine : I ATE GOD: POOF: I GOD
Fastillion : [ griffengrey, stay away from the big words; you can't spell them
heart_not4rent_only4humans : they all got there imformation from the bible,,,just turned it around,worded it to make themselves the important one...Its all BIBLE
agn0stic_and_atheist : 'conclusions'
fundysrstupid : conclusesions?#
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:25:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
xiphoid_thanatos : [pasted from NAS]Fact: In science, an observation that has been repeatedly confirmed. Law: A descriptive generalization about how some aspect of the natural world behaves under stated circumstances. Hypothesis: A testable statement about the natural world that can be used to build more complex inferences and explanations. Theory: In science, a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses.
sinning_vampire : <arrives> Female from rocking back and forth between alias Vampyre Devotion
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : newtons law was based on several hypothesis
smokey0384 : We know shit, and still know shit by the time we die
smokey0384 : mwoahaha
Lisa_the_Insomniac : agn0stic_and_atheist, sometimes you have to give it a push... tell them to jump off a cliff after they stop believing. :)
griffengrey : shame, stay away from the bid dicisions, you cant make them
sk1000s : <arrives> Male 40 from kr
coltzans_shrine : WHY?
griffengrey : big
smokey0384 : ur all meaningless as me in this universe and this gawd foresaken earth will burn anyways
Synthetic_Humanity : didn't we learn this all like...on the first day of science in middle school?
al_playground : yes there are theories that are false but how can you doubt the theory of gravity? its just like with rene descartes when he doubted his existence.
fundysrstupid : griffen did your lobotomy for jesus hurt?
Synthetic_Humanity : This is kindergarden crap
Lisa_the_Insomniac : . o O ( "Truth does not demand belief. Scientists do not join hands every Sunday, singing, 'Yes, gravity is real! I will have faith! I will be strong! I believe in my heart that what goes up, up, up must come down, down, down. Amen!' If they did, we would think they were pretty insecure about it." - Dan Barker )
xiphoid_thanatos : Synthetic: Apparently some of them didn't.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:26:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
elvis_high_on_drugs : <leaves the room>
somersetcase1 : Yeah, all we are is dust in the wind, so let's have a drink and cry about it. :-)
smokey0384 : :-? why does lisa want ppl to understand her and get it all of her chest
xiphoid_thanatos : lol I love that one Lisa
smokey0384 : lisa, more important matters, r u lonely my friend!?
shadowzone7 : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : god may exist, but then, lime-green unicorn creators may exist too, I have no reason to believe in either.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : xiph, me too. :)
griffengrey : fundy how far up ur ass is satan by now?
shadowzone7 : <arrives> Male 47 from Florida
coltzans_shrine : :d
fundysrstupid : <---joins hands with Lisa and sings...gravity exists gravity exists...then go into a sessions of speaking in tongues
al_playground : yes theories CAN be wrong but not all of them and i think its senseless to doubt the period of gravity. its like doubting your existence
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, your lame attempts to hit on me are more important?
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : theories are developed from more than one hypothesis,, a hypothesis is an if then statement
soloyoda2000 : <arrives> Male 32 from grenoble(france)
xiphoid_thanatos : lmao Andrew
Synthetic_Humanity : hits on Lisa :|
smokey0384 : lol, get over urself lisa
coltzans_shrine : NO WE DONT
elvis_high_on_drugs : <arrives> Male 31 from HAWAII
smokey0384 : I am good intentioned friendly smokey :D
fundysrstupid : xiphoid :))
smokey0384 : at ur services
Lisa_the_Insomniac : laughs.
soloyoda2000 : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:27:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
elvis_high_on_drugs : <leaves the room>
coltzans_shrine : MY SHIT CAUSES IT
coltzans_shrine : I SHITTED
heart_not4rent_only4humans : they all got there imformation from the bible,,,just turned it around,worded it to make themselves the important one...Its all BIBLE
sinning_vampire : i agree wif somersetcase1
smokey0384 : dude, urgh, Im can be non judgemental, passive and carry other peoples lugage and listen even when i got more of my own
fundysrstupid : hi hunter
coltzans_shrine : FINE, DONT LISTEN TO GOD
shock72001 : <arrives> Male
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : it is something like magnetism it works kinda the same way
Lisa_the_Insomniac : flashes back to the "I am your density!" scene in Back to the Future.
coltzans_shrine : I TELL YOU TRUTHS
al_playground : of course formulas cannot answer your question ur right about that its more than math
coltzans_shrine : YOU DONT LISTEN
heart_not4rent_only4humans : <leaves the room>
Fastillion : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : lisa, is there anyone you want to socialise with right now, if not then ur lonely
griffengrey : Who denies God?
coltzans_shrine : THEN FUCK YOU ALL
fundysrstupid : Lisa :))
xiphoid_thanatos : Lisa :))
agn0stic_and_atheist : I don't believe in any gods.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:28:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : magnetism and electricity are caused by one another
xshuda : its also because the earth spins true?
sinning_vampire : also a good point
al_playground : hey u 2 whre u from are u also philisophy students?
al_playground : philosophy*
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : and it works the smae way in reverse
smokey0384 : yes athiest, and u want someone to change ur mind, well not in ur lifetime punk
smokey0384 : too bad athiest
al_playground : you cannot DENY something that DOESNT exist
fundysrstupid : kamahl I admire your sense of stamina...but lets be couldn't get laid in a brothel if you had $10,000 in your fucking all of us is merely a pipe dream...a crack pipe dream at that
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - I'm not looking to have my mind changed.
griffengrey : so you do?
al_playground : no i dont
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:29:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
al_playground : did u even get my point?
sk1000s : <leaves the room>
fundysrstupid : kamahl omg we read books???/ say it ain't so
xiphoid_thanatos : fundy: What is kamahl's full screen_name?
shock72001 : fingüzel
Synthetic_Humanity : when did this starte?
coltzans_shrine : I GOT THEM TO SAY MY NAME
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : and yes we do electrons are passed from one atom to another in an organized form
coltzans_shrine : W00T
smokey0384 : athiest, how is u not beleiving in any gods, any differnet to how SOME people beleive and interpreating the 3 lettered communicaion word based on "good" god as beleing everything and 1
coltzans_shrine : FINALLY
griffengrey : yes, its just if you use you brain a bit more you would have understood
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : iwonder: :))
fundysrstupid : xiphios kamahl_is)a)moron???
xiphoid_thanatos : lol fundy
al_playground : haha!! sure
griffengrey : smokey whats your beliefs
sepsilvia : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:30:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : ignores coltzans_shrine, safe in the assumption that we won't miss anything intelligent.
xshuda : sin: cant hear you
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - I don't have any idea what you are asking me there, sorry.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : There, I recognized him.
coltzans_shrine : W00T AND A HALF
coltzans_shrine : YEP
sinning_vampire : lol dont u just love attention getters
coltzans_shrine : EVERYONE IS HAPPY NOW
xiphoid_thanatos : Well I don't see them. I'm not sure that is a bad thing.
coltzans_shrine : SAY KAMAHL
Synthetic_Humanity : Yeah started talking gibberish man
smokey0384 : griffen, id bore u to death, so ill just say, i know shit, like to pretend i know certain shit to keep me sane- ish, and just say dunno to rest
coltzans_shrine : PLEASE
considerthisjr : <arrives> Male 19 from USA
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : The biggest difference between a law and a theory is that a theory is much more complex and dynamic. A law governs a single action, whereas a theory explains a whole series of related phenomena.
fundysrstupid : xiphoid you are truly blessed :))
smokey0384 : lol humanity, aww, too bad buddy, u can iggy me if thats a bad thing
Synthetic_Humanity : No it's kinda funny lol
agn0stic_and_atheist : some people believe in god(s), some don't, that's the way it will probably always be.
al_playground : hey anyone from UST?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:31:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : sneaks up from behind and gooses fundysrstupid before anything is suspected!
coltzans_shrine : (CA-MAUL) KAMAHL NOT CAMEL
Synthetic_Humanity : athiest, how is u not beleiving in any gods, any differnet to how SOME people beleive and interpreating the 3 lettered communicaion word based on "good" god as beleing everything and 1
Synthetic_Humanity : lol
soloyoda2000 : <arrives> Male 32 from grenoble(france)
coltzans_shrine : MAUL, LIKE IN SLAUGHTER
Synthetic_Humanity : falls over
fundysrstupid : <---gives Lisa a tongue lashing...cause she likes it and he enjoys defiling xtian women
smokey0384 : haha humanrity
smokey0384 : answer me
agn0stic_and_atheist : if you want to believe in the Loch New Monster, that's fine too.
fundysrstupid : camel mauler?
agn0stic_and_atheist : *Ness
smokey0384 : athiest, what is the definition of the word "god"
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:32:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
al_playground : who knows something about indian philosophy--advaita vedanta? i need to ask a question
Fastillion : <arrives> Male
xiphoid_thanatos : I think they meant 'interpreting' dio :))
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - I imagien there are many definitions of 'god', the primary quality would have to be a being with supernatural power(s).
soloyoda2000 : <leaves the room>
coltzans_shrine : DONT KNOW
smokey0384 : If someone actually said the definition of the word god, then said it in here, then 99% of these arguements wouldn't happen
rdabalos : <arrives> Male 21 from Philippines
coltzans_shrine : THEY GUESS
fundysrstupid : kamahl if you smoked pot you'd be more smoke crack that is evident
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:33:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
rdabalos : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : um no athiest, supernatiral power doesn't nessasaraly have to be god, some spirtualists beleive god to be eveerything as one
phaxad : <arrives> Male 30 from NY alias kjv
smokey0384 : that has fuckall to do with supernatural power
phaxad : :)
coltzans_shrine : GOD IS ME
coltzans_shrine : :d
fundysrstupid : spernatural power = wishful thinking
smokey0384 : all uve done is interpreated the word "god" differently than most, and chose to not beleive in it based on common sense
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - then I'd say that 'some spiritualists' are stretching the commonly accepted meaning of the word 'god'.
Synthetic_Humanity : We're losin power to the main thrustahs!
griffengrey : Goodbye, twisted, sadistic, and ultimately satanic morons. May hell be warmer by the thought of your presence
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:34:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: it is spelled 'supernatural', 'bELIEVE' ,'necessarily'
coltzans_shrine : i WILL EAT YOU
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : there is NO SUCH WORD as interpreating
smokey0384 : yes, well, athiest, some people would beleive in the same as u and say they do beleive in god
smokey0384 : as u both interpreated in differentluy
fundysrstupid : first kamahl wants to fuck all of he wants to eat us...he must love snowballing
phaxad : slim shady? what about it?
al_playground : yes-GOd the eternal truth (christianity) the subsistent truth. Perfection himself.
shlomo_aronovitz : <arrives> Male 42 from Detroit alias Deus de Spinoza
sinning_vampire : what does Slim Shady have to do with any thing?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:35:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - there is such a word as 'interpreting', look it up if you don't believe me.
fundysrstupid : vampyre nothing
phaxad : really?
xiphoid_thanatos : To the atheists; How is you not believing in any gods, any diferent to how SOME people believe and interpreting the three lettered communication word, based on 'good'; god, as believing everything and one.[ You know even "translated", it makes no sense whatsoever]
xiphoid_thanatos : I still can't work out what they were asking
agn0stic_and_atheist : xiph - right, he used the word himself, lol
smokey0384 : god is a simple world, it can be interpreated so many different ways, so in a way u would beleive in god if u interpreated in differently as some
fundysrstupid : xiphoid I agree...god makes no sense at all
phaxad :
Synthetic_Humanity : supernatiral beleiving communicaion beleing
xiphoid_thanatos : lol
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: THERE IS NO SUCH WORD AS INTERPREATED
Synthetic_Humanity : Smokey
smokey0384 : lol synope
smokey0384 : haha
fundysrstupid : :))
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:36:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
joytv2002 : <arrives> Male
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : synthetic: IT IS BELIEVING
peter_20_with_cam : <arrives>
Synthetic_Humanity : falls out of his chair
Synthetic_Humanity : omg
fundysrstupid : kamahl do you need a link to
Synthetic_Humanity : that's funny
joytv2002 : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : suspects that English isn't smokey0384's first language.
smokey0384 : I try and not take myself to serious on "yahoo" chat, or make too much effort on english lit, i have far too many university essays for that bullshit
coltzans_shrine : ITS A DEAD LIN
coltzans_shrine : K
al_playground : diogenes are u a professor?
thane_mawr2001 : <arrives>
smokey0384 : shame on me following the system
sinning_vampire : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : iwonder again for YOUR benefit : Fact: In science, an observation that has been repeatedly confirmed.Law: A descriptive generalization about how some aspect of the natural world behaves under stated circumstances. Hypothesis: A testable statement about the natural world that can be used to build more complex inferences and explanations. Theory: In science, a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world that can incorporate facts, laws, inferences, and tested hypotheses.
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - 'god' means different things to different people, so what?
Synthetic_Humanity : i know smokey it's just funny
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:37:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
phaxad : agnostic and atheist?????so you know and dont know at the same time???
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Good, xiph. I love the selective bolding. :)
smokey0384 : U don't need that much money through life, u won't get what u want, but if u try hard enough, ull get what u need
smokey0384 : What u WANT and NEED is differently things that can get confused between the 2
fundysrstupid : xiphoid and Faith=the imbecilic steadfastness of cretins
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Do I need YahELite to do that? :)
griffengrey : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : Lisa: It wasn't deliberate :))
al_playground : diogenes are u professor?
agn0stic_and_atheist : phaxad - Agnosticism makes a statement about knowledge, addressing those limitations which prevent humans from making a positive determination as to the non-existence of god(s). Atheism makes a statement about belief, namely that the atheist does not hold a belief in god(s). Agnostic-atheism is thus 1) an acceptance that the existence of god(s) cannot be evidentially determined, and 2) a position of not holding any belief in god(s).
phaxad : G doesn't believe in atheist's
smokey0384 : U need hardly any money in life, ppl tend to end up earning more than they actually need
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Oh, just pasted from teh website?
phaxad : God*
smokey0384 : lol j
jim_v2000 : <arrives> Male
smokey0384 : haha lisa, he has as well
xiphoid_thanatos : fundy: They don't have that definition up on the NAS site yet :))
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : anyone who took chem 1
xiphoid_thanatos : Lisa; yup
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:38:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : should kn this
smokey0384 : good man, athiest
al_playground : no im just asking coz he talks like my professor im just asking u dont have to be mean
xiphoid_thanatos : shlomo:) Hiii
fundysrstupid : kjv neither do the what?
coltzans_shrine : SO IM GONNA GO
xshuda : lol
coltzans_shrine : BUT ONE LAST THING
fundysrstupid : kamahl go
shlomo_aronovitz : hey xiph
Lisa_the_Insomniac : xiph, and I think you should give up on iwonder. Either he's a hopeless fundie who refuses to get it, or he's just doing it to be argumentative.
phaxad : agnostic-was the great pyramid of egypy made,or did that evovle??
phaxad : egypt*
xiphoid_thanatos : Lisa: The sad thing is, he was claiming to be an atheist :|
fundysrstupid : :))
river18phoenix : <arrives> Male 23 from Planet Earth
smokey0384 : agn0stic_and_atheist: smokey0384 - 'god' means different things to different people, so what? <--- well if god was same meaning to u as it is to other people, than u would beleive in it
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : no im beginning to understnd what he was talking about
Synthetic_Humanity : No phaxad it fell from the SKY!!!!!
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:39:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Yeah, well, fundies claim all sorts of things. Including the typical "I'm not a creationist!" claim.
agn0stic_and_atheist : phaxad - the pyramids were built by humans.
fundysrstupid : Lisa :))
phaxad : syn-i asked agnostic-not you
Synthetic_Humanity : I like cheese!
phaxad : agnostic-you KNOW that for a fact??
fundysrstupid : no
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Stupid Fundie Quotes: "again im not creationist, but its more credible than evolution" - pleasuregiva
jim_v2000 : hrmm....that makes a lot a sense...people have an evolved trait that requires them to make up a load of crap....seems more likely to me that people have a "built in" need for their creator
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : but you said in general, theories do not become laws but many theories have
xiphoid_thanatos : Oh dear.
wild_child0012001 : <arrives> Male 28 from ask i might tell
smokey0384 : don't misconstrue god to be associated with jesus
xiphoid_thanatos : lmao somer
fundysrstupid : too funny
wild_child0012001 : <leaves the room>
phaxad : why wasnt it evolved over millions of years?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Stupid Fundie Quotes: "even evolutionist that are scholarly admits that evidence points to creationism" - pleasuregiva
smokey0384 : who says killing 100 people is wrong? not god, but mankind
agn0stic_and_atheist : phaxad - there is sufficient evidence to support that assertion as I see it, yes, it is as much of a 'fact' as anything can be regarding such matters.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:40:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
xiphoid_thanatos : Lisa :))
fundysrstupid : kjv are you made of carved limestone?
coltzans_shrine : WHATS A PARESION
smokey0384 : Nothing is wrong or right, its a natural cycle
coltzans_shrine : ARE THEY FROM PERU?
phaxad : what evidence is there that the great pyramid was made by someone?
peter_20_with_cam : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - you do lots of typing but manage to say very little, how is that? lol
river18phoenix : <leaves the room>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : laughs at phaxad.
fundysrstupid : kjv abundant
xshuda : france
smokey0384 : jesus was a cool dude, get the t-shirt. at the time he was over rated i reckon
Lisa_the_Insomniac : They love to quibble about man made things, and infer "design" in natural things.
xiphoid_thanatos : Phaxad: How do you think they got there?
phaxad : mt.rushmore,was that made?or did it happen by chance?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : And make false analogies.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:41:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
coltzans_shrine : MORONS
knowledge_309 : <arrives> Male 20 from IL
smokey0384 : athiest, if gods meaning is the same to u as someone elses, than u could beleive it
agn0stic_and_atheist : phaxad - the nature of the pyramids, the historical context, the archaological evidence and so on...
Synthetic_Humanity : Well phaxad it could be all those heiroglyphics on the walls of the pyramids..namely the me crazy but i think they put them there.
shadowzone7 : <leaves the room>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Hah, I knew he'd mention Mt Rushmore. They love that one.
phaxad : how did we get here???by a creator,or by blind chance??
fundysrstupid : kjv is there a point you are trying, and failing, to make?
smokey0384 : so u saying u don't beleive in god is nonsense and meaningless but halarious and entertaining
coltzans_shrine : PLEASE :(
xshuda : not a good one
xiphoid_thanatos : Mt Rushmore? Wasn't mount Rushmore a mountain that was carved?
al_playground : well if ur gonna base it from nietzsche's philo smokey he said that its natural because its part of man's nature
jim_v2000 : It's so sad to see that so many people refuse to admit that their lives have meaning and purpose beyond just living. People would rather believe that there is no meaning to life.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : phaxad will just run through the usual checklist of creationist nonsense.
fundysrstupid : Lisa wtf does Mt. Rushmore have to do with anything?
smokey0384 : try and look for possitive and negative for everything
xiphoid_thanatos : doesn't get the connection
coltzans_shrine : I'LL JUST LEAVE WITH THIS
fundysrstupid : xiphoid good...I thought I was the only one
agn0stic_and_atheist : phaxad - evolution is not about blind chance, anything but that, however, as I'm sure you've not read a single book which offers the theory you wouldn't know that.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:42:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
medusa161 : <arrives> Female 50 from N.S.W. Australia
coltzans_shrine : ISNT IT ILLEGAL?
xiphoid_thanatos : jim: I find it sad that so many insist that this life is nothing compared to a next one that htere is no evidence of.
xiphoid_thanatos : *there
phaxad : so the people they repersent on Mt.rushmore happened by chance,but their faces cant just appear on a rock???
smokey0384 : whatever u beleive won't make fookall difference
Synthetic_Humanity : People win the lottery every day despite the odds....doesn't mean god intervened.
jim_v2000 : evolution is about grasping at straws instead of the truth
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - if people don't believe in god(s) that's their prerogative.
coltzans_shrine : <leaves the room>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : xiph, yes. We know it was carved, by humans, because it happened within recorded history... But they like comparing it to "a tree, a dog, a human" and saying "see, those must have been made by an intelligence too!"
xiphoid_thanatos : phaxad: Drugs are bad for you.
phaxad : are you silly in any other area?
jim_v2000 : evolution is a farfetched excuse to ignore God
smokey0384 : yes athiest, but its meaningless and pointless, as that u could beleive the same as soemone who does beleive in god
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:43:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
agn0stic_and_atheist : phaxad - that's question begging.
fundysrstupid : kjv of course they can...why everyone knows people's faces appear on rock surfaces all the time (we must humor cretins)
xiphoid_thanatos : Lisa: You're kidding right? I mean noone is THAT stupid?
smokey0384 : its retarded to say whether u beleive in god or not
Synthetic_Humanity : you have some flawed logic my friend
knowledge_309 : Jim, evolution is a fact. Whether or not god exist.
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : evolution has nothing to do with a reason to ignore god
somersetcase1 : smokey, that's what communication clears up.
jim_v2000 : lol
phaxad : evolution is a fairytale for adults-NO proof
smokey0384 : lol somer
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - I personally do not believe in divine forces of any kind.
Synthetic_Humanity : For one...A;That's a mountain B: That's an organism....2 very different things phaxas
Lisa_the_Insomniac : jim, evolution is an observed fact, about which we have an excellent explanation (the theory of evolution). It doesn't say anything about God, for or against. ANTI-evolutionism (aka creaitonism) is the "grasping at straws" and is all about denial of the evidence.
fundysrstupid : xiphoid naever underestimate the ability of people to say and believe in stupid things
jim_v2000 : evolution....and the same sentence
knowledge_309 : Kjv, there is plenty of proof.
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : scientists work on the facts the know to find more
jim_v2000 : er..i should say
smokey0384 : yea communication clears up the gap of our peace of mind, not the truth
jim_v2000 : MAcroevolution
jim_v2000 : and fact
rev_immortal_revolt : <arrives> Male from V
Lisa_the_Insomniac : xiph, oh, you should have heard clodfish when he was in full rant. Mt Rushmore was one of his favorites. :)
knowledge_309 : If you would read another book besides the Bible you would know that.
xiphoid_thanatos : fundy: True, but that one is hilarious. (Mt Rushmore)
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:44:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
phaxad : knowledge-nice try,what pictures drawing???
jim_v2000 : evolution simply bering the concept of change
al_playground : <leaves the room>
al_playground : <arrives> Female
Lisa_the_Insomniac : laughs at jim, who believes the creationist lie about "micro and macro evolution".
knowledge_309 : Pictures drawing?
jim_v2000 : lol
phaxad : knowledge-are you assuming i only read the bible
thane_mawr2001 : phaxad will be ignored for being an idiot.
fundysrstupid : xiphoid I admit I had never encountered that one rushmore is man made...ergo god is man made too right?
agn0stic_and_atheist : phaxad - evolution is supported by huge amounts of evidence, and of various kinds, it is also accepted by the overwhelming majority of those scientists who work in the biological sceinces.
jim_v2000 : i dare say that no one has observed one species changing into another
smokey0384 : athiest, why have u named urself athiest and ficated on it
knowledge_309 : kjv, you obviously don't read science books.
smokey0384 : its cool
phaxad : i was brainwashed by public schools too you know
xiphoid_thanatos : lmao fundy
smokey0384 : i am just curious
Lisa_the_Insomniac : jim, you would dare wrongly, then.
jim_v2000 : LOL
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:45:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : phax: :)) you are obviously not reading/researching the right stuff
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Evolution is an observed fact. Including to the level of SPECIATION.
xiphoid_thanatos : smoke: What is 'ficated'?
phaxad : so "science" text books are your "bible"?
knowledge_309 : Jim, you dare to say something that is untrue.
smokey0384 : do u debate to learn athiest, or dya want someone to change ur mind but not aware and its in ur subcoisness
jim_v2000 : LoL
jim_v2000 : lOl
Synthetic_Humanity : Yes phaxad...they lied to us...telling us 1+2=3
Lisa_the_Insomniac : laughs at phaxad.
jim_v2000 : anyway
knowledge_309 : kjv, nope. I don't have a "bible"
smokey0384 : ur ficated on being an athiest, why?
Synthetic_Humanity : damn their brainwashing
al_playground : institutions were created not out of good will but from the emergence a disciplinarian soceity.
xiphoid_thanatos : phaxad: That is about the 7th false analogy you have thrown out in this room. Are you trying for a record?
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : ficated? what's that?
somersetcase1 : who smokey. Who are you speaking to?
phaxad : how did the writers of the science text books KNOW what happened millions of years ago?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Science is not a religion. Nor does it try to be. Nor is it inherently in conflict with religion, although that's the dogma the creationists try to preach.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : <----- Christian who accepts evolution as the fact that it is, based on the evidence and observations, and doesn't see a conflict between that and her faith.
smokey0384 : ur gonna die, so why don't u appreciate life more and have more experiences and have more of a fun time
xiphoid_thanatos : What is ficated?
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - I come to these debate rooms regularly and find people ask me "what are your beliefs?" or more often "WAT R UR BELEOFZ?", so by having my position in my ID it saves having to explain, at least that's the idea.
phaxad : werev the writers there?
knowledge_309 : kjv, read one and you'd know.
xiphoid_thanatos : Ohhh
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:46:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
xiphoid_thanatos : fixated
smokey0384 : haha athiest
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : and there is evidence of evolution , our good friend darwin found it, but its only evidence.... the prosecution in the oj simpson trial had evience but dint prove anything and thats why he got off
smokey0384 : i like that
smokey0384 : lol
xshuda : kids dont really want to go to church they'd rather be at home watching tv
fundysrstupid : <---owns 3 bibles and his face isn't on mt rushmore...hmmm what to make of that?
phaxad : knowledge-been there done that?ever read the bible?
jim_v2000 : "oh no Jim!! i went to college! i took biology!"
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : iwonder: non-sequitor
knowledge_309 : kjv, yes.
phaxad : Lisa-wrong
knowledge_309 : How can you believe the Bible over science?
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : phax: not only read the bible but STUDIED IT
phaxad : bible been here longer than any textbook
smokey0384 : well athiest, u don't seem the type, but do u want to convert ppl, just for satisfaction and took fook em aroundetc,
agn0stic_and_atheist : phaxad - have you researched evolution? have you read any of the literature?
fundysrstupid : mt rushmore is man made ergo kjv is a cretin
knowledge_309 : kjv, so what?
phaxad : evolution is NOT science
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:47:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : jim, WE know what we're talking about. It's obvious you don't.
phaxad : is beer football??
knowledge_309 : The epic of giglimesh has been here longer.
lilblue1161 : <arrives> Female
Lisa_the_Insomniac : And don't ever intend to.
phaxad : just because the 2 are mixed together
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : phax: :)) nice non-sequitor
knowledge_309 : Evolution is the cornerstone of biology.
fundysrstupid : beer if football if you think faces magically appear on mt rushmore
Synthetic_Humanity : Phaxad do you know ANYTHING about science?
fundysrstupid : if = is
phaxad : evolution is a religion is most public schools
al_playground : the story of creation on the bible must not be read as it is...creation in 7 days..if u read betwwen the lines it shows the process of evolution but that evolution did not happened bi itself it needed a creator who's immutable and eternal himself.
smokey0384 : kjv is pulling ur leg, tryin to get a rise outta ya
knowledge_309 : lol kjv.
phaxad : ..and colleges
fundysrstupid : kjv can I ask you a serious question?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:48:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
knowledge_309 : I've g2g.
knowledge_309 : bye
xiphoid_thanatos : phaxad is a troll.
phaxad : noone has seen an animal change into another
lilblue1161 : <leaves the room>
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : i said they had evidence of evolution evif\dence doesnt prove anything i was merely making a comparison
smokey0384 : fundy, is he inferior to u eh ;)
agn0stic_and_atheist : phaxad - if you REALLY want to know:
Synthetic_Humanity : phaxad is talking out of his ass lol
fundysrstupid : kjv yes they have...all the time
Synthetic_Humanity : actually we have phaxad
jim_v2000 : it doesn't matter really what you think you the last few minutes of your life you'll be wondering if you were right all those years about evolution
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : phax: yes, there have been observations, idiot
Synthetic_Humanity : micro organisms do it all the time
smokey0384 : fundy, geez i guess u want the need to feel better and supior to ppl
Lisa_the_Insomniac : iwonder, you're a moron also. Science has learned a lot more about evolution since Darwin's day. While most of his work is still accepted as true, Darwin's work is only a tiny portion of modern evolutionary biology. He only had "natural selection" figured out, for instance. Not all the other mechanisms of evolution. And he knew nothing about genetics.
phaxad : agnostic-nice try-been ther done that
Synthetic_Humanity : micro organisms do it all the time phaxad
fundysrstupid : smokey everyone else he shouldn't feel special :))
smokey0384 : lol
knowledge_309 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : fundy, i wanna feel special and meaningfull
jim_v2000 : and in my last few minutes...i'll know where i will be...and i won't be wondering if i was right about God
agn0stic_and_atheist : phaxad - then you didn't understand it or want to understand it.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:49:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : tell me tell me
Synthetic_Humanity : ever heard of a virus?
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : i aint using darwins findings as the only thing i know
Synthetic_Humanity : they mutate yah know
al_playground : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : i want attentiion and to feel wanted
al_playground : <arrives> Female
fundysrstupid : smokey really?
jim_v2000 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : tell me i am fundy
phaxad : the evolutionist and creationist have the same evidence-the interpretation is different
Lisa_the_Insomniac : laughs at phaxad's silly claim that evolution is "religion". These sheepish creationists just repeat the same dreadful nonsense over and over, no matter how blatantly silly it is and how many times you refute it.
Cerebral_Torture : <leaves the room>
Cerebral_Torture : <arrives> Male
agn0stic_and_atheist : morining bluejene
xshuda : mornin'
xiphoid_thanatos : hi blue:)
smokey0384 : well, ur here for attention and ur lonely and most likely have problems, at least i ain't in denial of it
phaxad : creationist-"in the begining God..." evolution "in the beginning rock"
smokey0384 : don't underestimate denial in virtually everything
fundysrstupid : smokey if you need others to tell you that you are special then you are not special...unless you take the maening of special as referring to thos people that rode the short bus to school
Lisa_the_Insomniac : jim, how does my accepting evolution as the fact that it is have anything to do with "my last few moments of life"? Ah, I get it. You are trying to preach the creationist nonsense that evolution = atheism... LOL Moron.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:50:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : we are all brainwahed to a certain extent anyways
bigfishermen2003 : <arrives>
xiphoid_thanatos : is not here for attention, is not lonely and everyone has problems but they are irrelevant to my presence on the net.
smokey0384 : yes fundy, human nature makes me like that to a certain exent
Synthetic_Humanity : It's infinitely more complicated then that phaxad
Lisa_the_Insomniac : iwonder, I don't think you know a whole lot, actually. You don't even know what theories and laws are in science.
medusa161 : <leaves the room>
fundysrstupid : why do they call it brainwashing when your brain is dirtier after the brainwashing than before?
smokey0384 : but fortunatly, my opinion on myself is based on mine, not other ppl's.
smokey0384 : phew
a_whisper_from_bey0nd : <arrives> Male 23 from New Mexico alias Whisper
shyjacket : <arrives> Male from usa
smokey0384 : harsest person to u, has to be urself
xiphoid_thanatos : grinds her teeth at 'fact by vote'.
agn0stic_and_atheist : I need to lose a couple of pounds, but I don't imagine anyone in here can do that for me, lol
smokey0384 : hey, so why don't u all have a job!?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:51:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : phaxad, yes. The creationists and scientists DO use the same evidence. It's just that the scientists look at it honestly. And don't read into it what they WANT to be true (ignoring all the evidence that can't be twisted to support that religious bias).
fundysrstupid : smokey well there you are merely special can that be...there's over 6 billion of your type on earth
xiphoid_thanatos : smokey: It is 11pm at night here.
al_playground : im still a student
smokey0384 : athiest, why don't u have a job buddy, i know ur at university, u should check out drugs culture there and get laid and socialise with ppl a lot more often
Lisa_the_Insomniac : xiph, oh, is smokey pulling that "are you lonely" crap on you too?
Cerebral_Torture : xiphoid, where do you live? I think you might have told me, I don't remember.
xiphoid_thanatos : And it is saturday. I work during the week and the during the day.
fundysrstupid : <---hands xiphoid a mouthpiece so she won't hurt her teeth
Lisa_the_Insomniac : I don't want to be brainwashed. I'd rather have a dirty mind. :P
smokey0384 : r u anti-social by character, or is it just ppl get sick of u infactuation on god and ur beleifs
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:52:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
xiphoid_thanatos : Cerebral: Australia. Queensland (Ipswich)
fundysrstupid : Lisa mission accomplished :))
smokey0384 : haha lisa, u got in the spirit
xiphoid_thanatos : aww thanks fundy:)
bigfishermen2003 : <leaves the room>
Synthetic_Humanity : whispers to smokey
Synthetic_Humanity : Check the profile man
Cerebral_Torture : Oh..well aren't you the lucky one..
fundysrstupid : xiphoid you welcome hon
shyjacket : <leaves the room>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : "...the main reason for insisting on the universal Flood as a fact of history and as the primary vehicle for geological interpretation is that God's Word plainly teaches it! No geologic difficulties, REAL OR IMAGINED, can be allowed to take precedence over the clear statements and necessary inferences of Scripture." -- Henry Morris, Biblical Cosmology and Modern Science
smokey0384 : grins
rev_immortal_revolt : somerset, I agree about science not being taught well in our schools. A good example is how many people are actually taught that hypotheses flow through a hierarchy of theory and then law. It is amazing how many people are actually taught that. I even have run into actual teachers that believe that theories turn into laws.
smokey0384 : o dear
al_playground : schools and other institutions were not created out of good will but out of a growing disciplinarian soceity. like soldiers that needs to be trained...
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Interesting quote to show how dishonest the creationists are about evidence, and interpretation thereof.
smokey0384 : o fuck
smokey0384 : haha
smokey0384 : here we go again..
Synthetic_Humanity : o fuck indeed!
Lisa_the_Insomniac : hey, bluejene. :)
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:53:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
agn0stic_and_atheist : we atheists are part of a giant communist-criminal conspiracy, we don't have to work because the drug and prostitution money provides us with state of the art computers and money to bribe politicians with to get evolution taught in schools, there I said it.
fundysrstupid : well folks as fascinating as this is...I have to go study...till we meet again...adios
wreaking_havoc_as_usual : <arrives> Female 38 alias Havoc
xiphoid_thanatos : Time for me to go.
fundysrstupid : bye xi
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : agnostic: :))
xiphoid_thanatos : Night fundy hon;)
xshuda : bye
shock72001 : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : :-)
fundysrstupid : smooches on your pink parts
xiphoid_thanatos : Night all, have fun
wreaking_havoc_as_usual : <leaves the room>
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : agnostic: what's the secret phone number again? my check is late
smokey0384 : yes, i know he is only human synthetic, why u ask me?
Cerebral_Torture : You know I never hear anyone bitching about living in Australia or Germany..but you always hear people bitching about living in the U.S..
wreaking_havoc_as_usual : <arrives> Female 38 alias Havoc
agn0stic_and_atheist : lol
xiphoid_thanatos : ooooo ;;)
smokey0384 : :-s
agn0stic_and_atheist : mine too
phaxad : goodnight Xiphoid
fundysrstupid : :))
somersetcase1 : Who hides all the proof of God? Who perpetrates the fossil fraud? We do, we do! Who hates God and Jesus too? Who pretends evolution is true? We do, we do! Who expands the age of Earth? Who denies the Virgin Birth? We do, we do! Who denies the fact of creation? Who will destroy the Christian nation? We do, we will! What does Satan like to see? An EVIL ATHEIST CONSPIRACY!!!
smokey0384 : :| @ human synthetic
fundysrstupid : <leaves the room>
Synthetic_Humanity : do i meant HIS profile!
Synthetic_Humanity : do?i NO
Lisa_the_Insomniac : rev_immortal_revolt, a lot of teachers don't want to touch the evolution topic, even if they are educated adequately about it themselves. They are intimidated and don't want fundie parents coming in and yelling at the principle. It's sad that the kids are shortchanged an education because of that.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:54:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
somersetcase1 : -
somersetcase1 : ):-))
Synthetic_Humanity : Stop interpreating me!
smokey0384 : I know jesus is just human
phaxad : when fossils are found-the ONLY thing we know for a fact is that something died
al_playground : when th God is Dead movement happened it is not a suggestion of atheism but rather it is a message on how man with his science had killed God we no longer believe in him. we need a renewal of faith
smokey0384 : Its possible jesus was son of god, same as its possible it could rain toasters later on
Synthetic_Humanity : Yeah like the dinosaurs
claytablets20022002 : <arrives> Male
somersetcase1 : Damn atheists are ruining the world!! starting wars, worshiping satan, conspiring against everyone, murdering ducks, beating kangaroos, mocking the bible because of its contradictions with itself and reality, being evil. we should just throw out anyone who doesn’t have a close personal relationship with god
smokey0384 : what is ur point?
smokey0384 : :|
phaxad : no fossils has a date on it
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : al: no. god IS dead
Lisa_the_Insomniac : The fundies are making concerted political efforts to trash the public education system and make it a tool for indoctrination of creationism.
smokey0384 : we dunno much, so many things is possible
agn0stic_and_atheist : phaxad - if you'd looked at the talkorigins site properly you would see that evolution is observed NOW.
Synthetic_Humanity : shoots smokey
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:55:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
phaxad : somer-they say the same thing about Christians
soltan_26t : <arrives>
soltan_26t : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : what can be classed as supernatural, is becoz of stuff we not aware of and don't know
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : phax: :)) are you Ken_in_NY?? only Ken would say such total bullshit
smokey0384 : lol humaity
charlotte_the_enchantress : <arrives> Female 999 from The Desert
Lisa_the_Insomniac : phaxad, WE know a heck of a lot more than "something died". YOU may only know that. That's all you WANT to know.
xshuda : i was taught evolution at a catholic school and there was no uproar from the parents
smokey0384 : make a point humanity plz
phaxad : agnostic-how??who lives for a million years to see one thing chnage into another???
smokey0384 : as i want to hassle checkin ur profile as u asked
phaxad : your proof is a website ? LOL
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : ken: :))
al_playground : we need a renewal of faith
Lisa_the_Insomniac : xshuda, same here. But then the Catholic Church has officially accepted evolution for a while now.
phaxad : :))
Synthetic_Humanity : Not my Profile!!!!!!!!!
smokey0384 : :D
smokey0384 : :O
Synthetic_Humanity : points to phaxad
smokey0384 : :"> whose
enigmadevice : <arrives> Male 39 from Kentucky, USA
smokey0384 : lol
phaxad :
Lisa_the_Insomniac : The Pope's statement about Evolution ("Truth Cannot Contradict Truth):
smokey0384 : my bad
thesoul_less_one : <arrives> Male from USA alias SOUL
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : al: we don't need to believe in a non-existant anything anymore
smokey0384 : lets go to war humanuty
xshuda : weird huh
Lisa_the_Insomniac : laughs at phaxad.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:56:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
wreaking_havoc_as_usual : lol only the evolution of animals :))\
Synthetic_Humanity : dubiot
wreaking_havoc_as_usual : not ppl
rev_immortal_revolt : Lisa, that is true for quite a few unfortunately. It still doesn't negate the fact that many simply don't even understand the very basic understanding of science. Evolution has nothing to do with learning the basics of how a hypotheses becomes a theory or a law. That is a quite a common mistake that is still taught in our elementary science courses for some reason.
wrecklessdivinyl : <arrives> Female 555 from Windowframe alias DeVinyl
wreaking_havoc_as_usual : why care so much ?
smokey0384 : we made a mistake and crosswired, lets skip this shit, and seeek to our own selfish needs of being human and go to war
Lisa_the_Insomniac : rev_immortal_revolt, yup. Science literacy is terrible, especially in the US.
agn0stic_and_atheist : bbl people.
agn0stic_and_atheist : <leaves the room>
phaxad : :(|) <--who's grandpa? LOL
phaxad : :))
rev_immortal_revolt : redundant....blame insomnia
wreaking_havoc_as_usual : <leaves the room>
claytablets20022002 : I didn't get alot of education but what my grandpapy told me comes in real handy
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:57:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : to tel the truth im thinkin that god is a way to ignore science
Synthetic_Humanity : stares at claytablets20022002
Synthetic_Humanity : glocks him
Synthetic_Humanity : with burst fire
phaxad : evolution is not science-the bible has scientific statements
pelloquin13 : <arrives>
al_playground : we need a renewal of faith after the Enlightement project we need a renewal of faith. primitive men did everything for gods they depnd on their gods but when man progressed with his science faith was no longer thre..what we need in the third millenium is a Personal God and no longer the God who's just up there. a Renewal of Faith
claytablets20022002 : If it sounds too good to be true it may be
nutjobme : <leaves the room>
thesoul_less_one : how the heck can god not be science ?
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : personal god??? :)) so you're not christian
Lisa_the_Insomniac : laughs at phaxad. he's GOT to be a poser.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:58:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : im ugly
smokey0384 : and so are all of u
al_playground : yes
smokey0384 : lol
thesoul_less_one : hi ugly
enigmadevice : so says his FATWA
smokey0384 : at lkeast im aware of it
rev_immortal_revolt : ya, definitely a troll
smokey0384 : can u date a super model?
smokey0384 : no, why?
al_playground : im a christian
snow_bud8 : <arrives> Female
Lisa_the_Insomniac : pelloquin, run along, moron.
thesoul_less_one : <<is butt ugly
enigmadevice : pell is an islamic terrorist
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : no im not using god as an excuse be ignorant im like 75% atheist i use science to be ignorant
snow_bud8 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : nope, im afraid its not coz of ur personality
smokey0384 : its coz ur ugly
al_playground : u got it wrong
enigmadevice : A FATWA IS EVIL
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : al: personal god is unchristian -- that's a 20th century fundy take to get more converts
Lisa_the_Insomniac : iwonder, either way... you're deciding to be ignorant... which is not a good thing.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 06:59:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : synope, are you ugly?
phaxad : people have assumed "scientists" are perfect and never make mistakes]
Cerebral_Torture : DEATH TO DUMBASSES!! *kills pelloquin13 for being a dumbass*
al_playground : no thats not what i meant at all
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : well i cant go to hell if it exists for being ignorant cani?
al_playground : ill explain it to u
Synthetic_Humanity : phaxad no one assumes
pelloquin13 : <leaves the room>
stanton30001 : <arrives> Female
Synthetic_Humanity : that
phaxad : diag-bible is older than that
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Fastillion : <leaves the room>
shlomo_aronovitz : people have assumed that prophets dont make mistakes
thesoul_less_one : science and god go hand in hand
claytablets20022002 : all religions are is just a social think ... you know like feeling of belonging to a club
davey3007 : <arrives>
smokey0384 : lol synope
phaxad : ther are lots of false prophets
Lisa_the_Insomniac : laughs at phaxad... the only "people" who assume that are creationists. Science never claims to be always right. It's actually part of scientific method that it accepts that nothing is an ABSOLUTE fact. It's part of the intellectual honesty of the method. It's self-correcting. When the evidence supports it doing so.
smokey0384 : ugly ppl say "looks doesn't matter"
zenpunk : <arrives> Male 39 from Clearwater, FL
thane_mawr2001 : <leaves the room>
cleanse_us_oh_lord : <arrives>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:00:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : ofc looks matter to a certain extent
stanton30001 : <leaves the room>
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : phaxad = ken_in_NY
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Okay, phaxad is just SO stereotypically dumb that I'm ignoring him.
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : no the bible contradicts itself, let alone science which it totally contrasts
cleanse_us_oh_lord : peace
smokey0384 : chemicals is released of sexual attractivness
somersetcase1 : enigma, it's not that no one understands, it's that no one cares, *shrug*
zenpunk : hello
smokey0384 : Its not a coincidence hot people get laid more
enigmadevice : ok
thesoul_less_one : its fate
enigmadevice : GOT THAT SOMERSET
davey3007 : hi lisa whats up how you been
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: sorry, you're wrong
cleanse_us_oh_lord : yu don't know the Bible-you only hope it contradicts itself
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : lol
smokey0384 : whee did that human dude go
man_of_sands : <arrives> Male 31 from Asheville, NC alias Man o Sands
phaxad : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:01:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Hi, davey... I'm okay. Almost got a whole seven hours of sleep last night.
Synthetic_Humanity : Wat in the hizza?
smokey0384 : synope, ofc looks matter to a certain extent
man_of_sands : <leaves the room>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Of course, it was from 8 pm to 3 am...
nyettiprincess : <leaves the room>
al_playground : when i said that we need a renewal of faith im not presuppsing that science is wrong, far from it. God in the third millenium shall be a personal God He will no longer be the One Up there in the sky who doe
smokey0384 : im ugly cunt just like rest of u
virgoonthedl : <arrives> Female 27 from Florida alias KitKat
cleanse_us_oh_lord : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : any hot people here?
wrecklessdivinyl : my kids school is great
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: come on! there are some that you'd call 'ugly' that others would think attractive.
smokey0384 : pm me
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : i havea feeling that your lottery idea wont work to prove god because you wouldbe taking advantage ofyour disbelief
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : al: there is no god
somersetcase1 : cleanse us oh lord. Are you going to start right in on ye ole 1 corinthians 2 argument? :-))
smokey0384 : yes, synope, ur band on right, thats becoz they r ugly
thesoul_less_one : the only thing negitive i eel about the bible is that mans hand has changed it yet that also is gods will
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:02:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : synope, where is ur picture?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : phaxad left fast when I said I was ignoring him. Like I said, probably just posing as a creationist.
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : iwonder: not at all
claytablets20022002 : you can't show a christian where there wrong because no one likes to be told they have been wrong all there years they have to find out on there own
thesoul_less_one : so we now have to read more closly
phoenixangel8764 : <arrives> Female 15 from England
burgerking2005 : <arrives>
phoenixangel8764 : AGH!
phoenixangel8764 : <leaves the room>
Cerebral_Torture : claytablets, no..because they are close-minded brainwashed fools..
Cerebral_Torture : At least that's what I think..
enigmadevice : Most Jews are selfish
enigmadevice : Hehe
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: i used to have my pic on my other name -- but those are long gone ( and I don't have a scanner)
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:03:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : synope, if u beleive looks doesn't matter to any extent, then u obviously are a pretty laid back guy, so where is ur pic
smokey0384 : aww, ok
thesoul_less_one : selfish ??
enigmadevice : yes
smokey0384 : beleive ur own bullshit excuses
Synthetic_Humanity : maybe something happened to those people.
smokey0384 : :p
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Not all of us, cerebral_torture. Although most of the examples we get in here fit that.
zenpunk : <leaves the room>
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : well there is a decietful intent behind your bet, you may not meanit to be but god (if he exists)would see it that way
al_playground : not seem to care (for some people now) this time, our times human being should finally understand that God had loved them for all eternity. An all knowing and wise God who had seen the totality of human history but waited until the right moment to remind men of His love for them.
Synthetic_Humanity : Like some part of their brain wasn't nurtured and just doesn't work anymore
claytablets20022002 : Torture that is one reason there are many others
enigmadevice : like eat my ass you arab shitholes
thesoul_less_one : the family is closer thats not selfish
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: sorry, but that's the truth -- someone got my password and fucked up my previous name
smokey0384 : really?
smokey0384 : what an asshole
smokey0384 : any idea why
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : yup: i used to be 'diogenes_shrugged' -- but that account is long gone
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:04:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
xshuda : stupid electricians dont live very long
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : it was just a troll that did it
riz_rehman : <arrives> Male 26 from delhi
enigmadevice : atlas is long overdue
thesoul_less_one : wb
riz_rehman : <leaves the room>
naeelf : <arrives>
shlomo_aronovitz : i remember my father getting knocked off a ladder
thesoul_less_one :
Synthetic_Humanity : sits down and plays cards with the devil
Synthetic_Humanity : fascinating
enigmadevice : by a Nazi?
somersetcase1 : cleanse us oh lord, The truth is that the bible is long and complex enough to make it say, almost, anything you want. The average christians builds their entire theology on 20 or less verses, and wouldn't know context if it bit em in the buttocks. That being said, someone with decent or advanced bible knowledge CAN make it flow in a way that works, but because it's all open to interpretation anyway, that's a tad irrelevent.
claytablets20022002 : Thank the gods all of em I got wise
Cerebral_Torture : <leaves the room>
Synthetic_Humanity : and how did you feel about this father falling off ladder incident?
Cerebral_Torture : <arrives> Male
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : yeh hes good aint he?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:05:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
xshuda : <leaves the room>
thesoul_less_one : so true
enigmadevice : OK
smokey0384 : lol synope
somersetcase1 : I'm speaking to no one. They left., lol
smokey0384 : so what have u done today synope
smokey0384 : more important meaningfull matters
al_playground : this is not to say that science is all wrong far from it. the ideal is that for everey advancement of science thre should be a relationship with god.
pure_idea : <leaves the room>
burgerking2005 : <leaves the room>
fract_ual : <arrives>
al_playground : Such however is not the case. As science progressed sanctity declined
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:06:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
lifeluvure : <arrives> Male from Finaghy, N Ireland, UK
claytablets20022002 : playground which god do you have in mind????
Fastillion : <arrives> Male
Synthetic_Humanity : science progresses...religion and morality hasn't.
enigmadevice : bluejene, you shouldnt be talked into that crap
al_playground : GOD the eternal truth
thesoul_less_one : <<studies has a science and my god loves me
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:07:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
claytablets20022002 : oh! you mean thor?
al_playground : ic, im not
enigmadevice : Oh diogenes, your hurting our case
smokey0384 : synope, what have u done today?
cannuck_183 : <arrives> Male
smokey0384 : point made
wrecklessdivinyl : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : u understand what im implying
goddess_goldberry : <arrives> Female 26 from Texas
virgoonthedl : it wouldnt be stupid, it would be evil though. That is IF you beleived anyway..
smokey0384 : ur gonna be dead, is that what u want?
claytablets20022002 : what about RA
smokey0384 : on yahoo chat and learning and education
cannuck_183 : anyone ave knowledge ofmartin luther 1483-1546????/???
smokey0384 : then death
charlotte_the_enchantress : <leaves the room>
charlotte_the_enchantress : <arrives> Female 999 from The Desert
ahraii : <arrives> Male 19 from Omaha, Nebraska, United States alias Ahraii
lifeluvure : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:08:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
cannuck_183 : anyone smart pm me please
thesoul_less_one : when i say i belive in god it a faith and hope i cant bow down to something i dony KNOW 100% of
goddess_goldberry : hello all :X
smokey0384 : u already have more of an understaning than majoirty, its enough, as u can't get much further, and no where near enough as u would want
cloudymist325 : <arrives>
Cerebral_Torture : cannuck, you're in this room. Do you really think anyone will PM You?
ahraii : Hello goddess_goldberry.
cannuck_183 : i just wanna know
rev_immortal_revolt : hey goddess
claytablets20022002 : goddess:x
somersetcase1 : desire is irreleent
alcyonian : <arrives> Female from New Zealand alias Alcyonian
thesoul_less_one : wow
cannuck_183 : fuck
enigmadevice : diogenes is full of shie
enigmadevice : shit
thesoul_less_one : crack time
cannuck_183 : no one knows this guy
rev_immortal_revolt : hey alcy
goddess_goldberry : joshie, clay, rev :X
naeelf : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : is back
hunter_the_crazychick : yawns and peers in.
cloudymist325 : <leaves the room>
cannuck_183 : hes one of the most important religious figures of all time
alcyonian : Immortal :X
thesoul_less_one : because a crak head knows whats its like to bea crack head
alcyonian : damn it wont give me sound hmm.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:09:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:25:44 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fzzybelly : for such a young person
alcyonian : :))
somersetcase1 : cannuck, was there something being said about him that you disagree with? I'm just confused as to why you brought it up.
fzzybelly : me too somer
cannuck_183 : he is the reason fo rthe reformatio whiich lead to caths and prstest
smokey0384 : athiest, i am ugly
alcyonian : hope her ass was nice enough to get a head injury for
cannuck_183 : protestants
smokey0384 : do u feel ur ugly?
cannuck_183 : whatevr
virgoonthedl : ouch
shlomo_aronovitz : no it wasnt
shlomo_aronovitz : i dont remember it
fzzybelly : cannuck, and he was also the christian who used to burn jews alive at the stake
cannuck_183 : i know more about religion that all of you so called beleivers
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:26:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
cannuck_183 : bury your head in te sand
cannuck_183 : go to school
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - me?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Yup, Luther hated Jews... but so many did back then.
smokey0384 : yea
somersetcase1 : I'm not a believer, but I'm still confused as to your point.
cannuck_183 : get educated
fzzybelly : cannuck i will stick my head in the sand if you take yours out of your ass
virgoonthedl : oh cannuck, get your head out of your own ass. Not everyone agrees. Thats life.
smokey0384 : i ain't judgin or implyin', im just asking
cannuck_183 : how can you guys not know this guy
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - 'ugly' is a subjective value judgement, you're only ugly if you believe you are.
virgoonthedl : fzzy, get outta my head :D
smokey0384 : So, athiest, r u ugly?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : cannuck is just here to be a jerk, I guess.
al_playground : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : isn't ugly or beautiful, just 'is'.
fzzybelly : cannuck, keep on making you silly posts, i honestly believe that you need a glass stomach so that you can see where you are going, you have your head stuck so far up your ass
somersetcase1 : Furthermore, martin luther didn't act alone, and while he is credited for the rformation, there are others involved. As a history expert, I'm sure you know that.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:27:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : what's an athiest?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Here to "quiz" everyone, and insult them if they don't know what he wants them to know.
smokey0384 : ok athiest, ur right, so r u ugly
cannuck_183 : your weak your band wagon jumpers you just hrd the good stuff anf jumped aboard without researching the facts
smokey0384 : yes or no
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : i was talking to shit malaysian girl who converted from buddhism to christianity because she said she saw evil spirits to her english teacher so she took her to a christian campand she said that she prayed for god to show himself to her bro and sis and she said all three of them are witnesses to god and she wants her parents to get it also and she was telling me all this cuz i need to find god
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Or maybe that's his method of proselytizing.
alcyonian : I need to sleep. Good to hear you again, Shlomo :) Jene :) I-)
alcyonian : <leaves the room>
gf_walrus : bye jo
shlomo_aronovitz : peace alcy
cannuck_183 : her is one example
cheetos_2010 : <arrives> Female from USA
cannuck_183 : adam and eve
cannuck_183 : right all agreed
iwonderhowmanylettersfitinhere : <leaves the room>
cannuck_183 : the bible says they were the first people put on earth
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - you don't seem to understand me, I'm suggesting that the very CONCEPT of ugly is a cultural construction, once which I don't subscribe to.
bluejene : back
somersetcase1 : cannuck, what are you talking about? Many of us are not christians. Please address your posts so we know who you are talking to.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:28:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Adam and Eve are fictional characters in the creation story in Genesis, yes.
salient2 : <arrives> Male 51 from New Berlin, Wisconsin alias Salient
smokey0384 : so, r u sayin ur neither ugly or beautifull
cannuck_183 : the bible forbids incests
virgoonthedl : cannuck, how can anyone agree that a book is all truth? Noone was alive back then, right now to dispute that
aliassumpution : <arrives> Male
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Ah.
cannuck_183 : if evolution is false
salient2 : <leaves the room>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : knows where cannuck is going.
ahraii : <leaves the room>
ahraii : <arrives> Male 19 from Omaha, Nebraska, United States alias Ahraii
cannuck_183 : adam and eve had sex
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: what a stupid question
johntheantibaptist : morning somer
smokey0384 : synope, yes
johntheantibaptist : morning blue
cannuck_183 : had kids they had kids and they had kids so we are all related
fzzybelly : cannuck, their sons god their wives from the land of nod
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Had that "if the bible says incest is bad, how did adam and eve populate the earth?" question earlier.
cheetos_2010 : Don't Adam and Eve represent all men and women
virgoonthedl : thats called common sense dont sleep with your brother
cannuck_183 : its bullshit
bluejene : mornin john
somersetcase1 : I know WHERE cannuck is going, I'm just lost as to why he is going there, or who he is talking to.
jeepoutlaw : <arrives> Male 34 from Harrisburg, PA alias ~*J.e.e.P_O.u.t.L.a.W*~
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - I'm saying they are invented, it's like asking me if I'm fashionable or unfashionable, it is enturely a constructed notion.
pamala910 : my grandma married her cousin!
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:29:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
cannuck_183 : there is so many whoels in religion
smokey0384 : at least i puproslely do it and aware unlike u synope
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : if one answers 'yes', then one is an egotist - answer 'no' and you have no self-concept
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Adam and Eve didn't literally exist, so it's irrelevant.
rev_immortal_revolt : shlomo..haha..I take it you have some good looking cousins?
jeepoutlaw : :-?
pamala910 : right blue
smokey0384 : mine are more entertaning
agn0stic_and_atheist : *entirely
virgoonthedl : cousins isnt the same as brothers or parents
cannuck_183 : you have know answers and when oproved wrong you change your story
virgoonthedl : that was very common a ways ago
pamala910 : my granda was itailian
somersetcase1 : WHO cannuck?
johntheantibaptist : somer, i think cannuck is an "atheist preacher" i have not seen it direct one post yet.
cannuck_183 : the church
fzzybelly : cannuck who are you talking to?
somersetcase1 : confound it man, address your posts! lol
cannuck_183 : anyone
fzzybelly : no one is listening
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:30:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fzzybelly : you are not addressing your comments to anyone
smokey0384 : so, IF u were forced to choose a word outta "ugly" and "handsome" to judge and describe urself, what would u choose?
fzzybelly : if you are calling me a christian i will put you on ignore
mike_energy : <arrives> Male from The Planet with 3 Moons
smokey0384 : which is closest
kenboyred : <arrives> Male alias Kenn
kenboyred : God is real, says so in the bible, The Bible is truth, God says so
salient2 : <arrives> Male 51 from New Berlin, Wisconsin alias Salient
fzzybelly : ken you cannot argue with logic like that, you can only smile
cannuck_183 : who cares
amit_glow : <arrives>
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - I'd choose neither, I would step outside of that reasoning.
fzzybelly : cannuck on ignore
fzzybelly : asshole
fzzybelly : click
kenboyred : fzzy, exactly
longjohnch : <arrives> Male from Zürich
Lisa_the_Insomniac : kenboyred is real. And is well hung.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:31:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : . o O ( Oops, did I say that out loud again? )
somersetcase1 : anyone? Well, I'm not a christian, nor have I jumped on any bandwagon. I am well aware of the adam and eve/incest argument.
smokey0384 : athiest, for argeument sake u had to choose 1
smokey0384 : humour me
shlomo_aronovitz : men didnt come from apes...xtians did
kenboyred : Lisa,........that is a logical
cannuck_183 : thats so weak i test your religion and all you guys can do is fold weak
amit_glow : <leaves the room>
cannuck_183 : weak
Lisa_the_Insomniac : laughs.
smokey0384 : so ur sayin ur exatly 50/50 which what u would describe urself
smokey0384 : cmon here
somersetcase1 : Actually, that argument is easily refuted, but I'm not playing devils advocate today.
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - ok, I'd toss a coin, and whichever came up, hang on I'll do it now.
a_whisper_from_bey0nd : <leaves the room>
j_huniti : <arrives> Male 29 from amman -jordan alias jaf
kenboyred : somerset....yes, it is......
longjohnch : <leaves the room>
cannuck_183 : if i argue with a math scholar he beats me with proof by formula
agn0stic_and_atheist : ok, I'd choose handsome.
virgoonthedl : cannuck, the only test you did was to yourself trying to act supperior and knowledgable. Which, as we all can see, you are not.
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: looking for a date? :x
cannuck_183 : what have you guys got
smokey0384 : ok athiest, So ur saying that ur 50/50 on it, and that ur brain processed it that they are perfectly even
agn0stic_and_atheist : (tossed a coin).
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:32:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Cerebral_Torture : is away (Away)
smokey0384 : none of them u can relate to more ?
cannuck_183 : no im saying
smokey0384 : haha synope
kenboyred : wants a date with lisa, she thinks I'm well hung
shlomo_aronovitz : canadian logic..sheesh
kenboyred : :-)
smokey0384 : I am straight
cannuck_183 : you guys are supposed to study the bible correct?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : cannuck came in here with the intention of "proving" something, whether the facts support that or not.
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: then why are you asking men if they are cute?
smokey0384 : lisa, ppl justifyin what they say, huh! r u insane
shlomo_aronovitz : ho0w does one 'study' bad faiction?
shlomo_aronovitz : fiction
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - you seem determined to ignore what I've said on the issue, beauty and ugliness are INVENTED concepts, hence they carry no objective value for me.
johntheantibaptist : lisa i think cannuk came in here to argue not debate.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:33:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
blah_me9 : <arrives> Female 18 from on a nice hard cock alias horny-lil-slut
somersetcase1 : you guys? WHO cannuck. You're a tad irritating because you somehow think you've walked into a room of christian bible scholars. You haven't. LOL
smokey0384 : synope, I am not asking men if they are cute
goddess_goldberry : lisa is in ere? I can't see her errrrr
goddess_goldberry : here
smokey0384 : u perceived that i am, why?
kenboyred : agnostic, I'd disagree
shlomo_aronovitz : if i wanted an argument id talk to my children
charlotte_the_enchantress : if you look for people for just what they look like . Thats all your gonna get .
rob1142hr : <arrives> Male alias Rob
smokey0384 : why did u speculate and associate with homsexuals, mmm, is something playin on ur mind ;)
cannuck_183 : tell me?
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : smokey: you asked me, somerset, agnostic, and other men -- i think you're just in the closet
Lisa_the_Insomniac : It's obvious he just came here to argue. And insult. To make himself feel better, perhaps?
johntheantibaptist : sholmo, i hear you.
somersetcase1 : Does the room name say "Christian Bible Scholars Unite?" No!
cannuck_183 : baring going to church how else would i find this stuf out?
kenboyred : agnostic, i think there is inherent beauty in people.......that is why it is easier for a good looking guy to get laid than for an ugl one
manndy2003 : <arrives>
shlomo_aronovitz : hope its a big closet
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:34:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - I'm not gay, but I don't have an issue with that either.
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : and hell is a nice town
cannuck_183 : does anyone study the bble in here?
charlotte_the_enchantress : Locks the closet door and nails it shut .
cannuck_183 : bbile?
smokey0384 : Ever fucked what majoirty of people would perceive as an ugly girl, and then fucked as what most people would perceive as a beautifull girl
cannuck_183 : bible?
charlotte_the_enchantress : stay in their .
aliassumpution : cannuck theres a big internet out there....
smokey0384 : the ugly bird was better
cannuck_183 : where ?
manndy2003 : hello all
goddess_goldberry : charl.. of course.. but sometimes it is nice to play with something pretty.. without commitment
kenboyred : smokey, wrong
cannuck_183 : tell me where to go
smokey0384 : after a while, the personally does make a difference to affect if they are ugly or beautifull too
agn0stic_and_atheist : kenboyred - people may inherit both instinctively and culturally a sense of 'beauty' but that, in my view, doesn't make such things objective.
cannuck_183 : the religoius web site just sent me a generic email
fzzybelly : i am beginning to think that smokey ate too much lead paint and sniffed too much glue as a child
cheetos_2010 : Hmmmm cannuck wants to be told "where to go" -lol
Lisa_the_Insomniac : cannuck, if you want a run for your money, you should argue with zedechiah_the_messiah (I think that's how his name is spelled). He seems to know the bible well.
shlomo_aronovitz : john...children are smarter that we are because they have been watching us and playing us their whole lives...we on the other hand are not as self aware of ourselves as they are of us
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:35:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : Whats the difference fuckin brittney spears and some ugly girl down from the pub!?
manndy2003 : <leaves the room>
kenboyred : smokey, of course, but i"m talking physical beauty
cannuck_183 : were is he?
somersetcase1 : cannuck, well, you could read the bible, and then study the history. Perhaps a theology degree would be helpful. You could interview scholars and religious leaders. Write a thesis. Either that, OR you can be web site educated and pour over endless web sites looking for information. Therte are MANY ways that don't require a church. heh
cannuck_183 : or her
rob1142hr : <leaves the room>
virgoonthedl : <leaves the room>
pamala910 : the ugly girl will actually do you?
kenboyred : smokey, brittney is hot?
smokey0384 : lol pamaala
smokey0384 : rape date pills saved my soul
smokey0384 : im rapeable :
johntheantibaptist : smokey, the girl down at the pub may not have an irritating voice like britney.
smokey0384 : im rapeable :)
cannuck_183 : som
smokey0384 : *goes in coma*
cannuck_183 : good sugestionn
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:36:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
shlomo_aronovitz : therapist= the rapist
smokey0384 : *twitches in coma*
cannuck_183 : sugestion s
j_huniti : :x
j_huniti : :-P
smokey0384 : Id prefer a dirty bitch who is gaggin for me that a hot bitch who is fussy
agn0stic_and_atheist : some women like men with a sense of humour, some like men who have a big cock, some like men who have 'caring eyes' (whatever that means) and so on.
j_huniti : 8-}
j_huniti : :D
j_huniti : B-)
fzzybelly : smokey on ignore
smokey0384 : yes athiest
fzzybelly : what a creep
j_huniti : :o)
charlotte_the_enchantress : I prefer ugly nasferatu over pretty boys anyday .
j_huniti : :-B
zedan_36 : <arrives>
smokey0384 : and unfortaunaly for u, some woman like guys with testosterone
kenboyred : agnostic, true, but evolution says women will like "healthy" men.......
shlomo_aronovitz : i heard someone yell "help ..rape" i helped
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:37:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
cannuck_183 : going to bed knoe despite all your lack of knowlegd on yuor religion i will still research more before i make my descion thanks for the time'
kenboyred : with the best chance to father a healthy, strong child
cannuck_183 : good night
agn0stic_and_atheist : kenboyred - sure, I don't dispute that, what I do dispute is the idea that it is 'objective'.
ahraii : What a quaint, passive way of insulting people.
kenboyred : agnostic,........strong men
smokey0384 : i love people like fzzy belly
charlotte_the_enchantress : thats your opnion gold
smokey0384 : she just abused her power of the iggy
shlomo_aronovitz : good points..we dont take the genetic possibilities into consideration when choosing to breed
cannuck_183 : <leaves the room>
kenboyred : that sense it is
shlomo_aronovitz : had i dont that, the choice would have been much different
agn0stic_and_atheist : kenboyred - then you use the term in a different sense to me.
cheetos_2010 : Is cannuck going to decide which religion to follow?
kenboyred : as far as beauty like........."that painting is beautiful"........yes, I agree, subjective
Lisa_the_Insomniac : kenboyred, actually, that's "natural selection" that tends to select for health. Sexual selection can sometimes go contrary to that, and select outrageous traits. Sometimes ones that actually hinder chance to survive. Like the peacock tail.
charlotte_the_enchantress : all though you do get good looking offspring . maby for procration only .
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:38:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : people who want to ignore genuially would do it and get over it in mili seconds, but ppl like her abuse that and talk about iggying someone and play on it to imrpove their low low low self-esteem and to feel better and supior
smokey0384 : i feel for her, i'll let her have this 1, she needs it ;)
blah_me9 : very true lisa
blah_me9 : also very true smokey
happily_ex_fundy : <arrives> Male from MA
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:39:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
shlomo_aronovitz : good looking is meaningless if their whole lives are spent taking allergy medications and prozac
ahraii : shrugs, "I'm not sure what's admirable in a guy, though were I to venture a guess, I'd say 'being an asshole.'"
hunter_the_crazychick : is away (Away)
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Sexual selection in humans is leading toward generally larger breasts in women. :P
smokey0384 : people that threaten to iggy someone is using a fuji factor of "fear of loss"
ahraii : Lisa, which would make sense, that and child bearing hips.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : ahraii. :)
charlotte_the_enchantress : your right Deus
smokey0384 : its cool, that means they shown interst and not willing to block u just get, but for u to achwloedge their existance
Fastillion : <leaves the room>
charlotte_the_enchantress : and worry about whos hair looks better .
agn0stic_and_atheist : kenboyred - I'd accept something like, the 'function' of beauty is objective, in the cultural or evolutionary context, but the beauty itself, isn't.
racerx_60647 : <arrives> Male 28 from Chicago, IL alias RacerX
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:40:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
johntheantibaptist : blue, he did say ONE OF the most annoying.
shlomo_aronovitz : had i known my ex wife's family history a bit better....there would have been NO marriage
bluejene : lol john
smokey0384 : dya think its a coinsidence that majoirty of computer geeks r perceived as ugly by majoruty of ppl
shlomo_aronovitz : i think she swa allergic to air
charlotte_the_enchantress : high five me deus .
ahraii : smokey8384, maybe it's in the hope that they'll rectify an immature behavior.
shlomo_aronovitz : 'high five'
smokey0384 : lol ahrali
agn0stic_and_atheist : "high six" (yeah, I'ma freak).
happily_ex_fundy : <leaves the room>
ahraii : I didn't say it wasn't naive.
charlotte_the_enchantress : My x was allergic to paying his bills .
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:41:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : its "yahoo" chat, no need to take urself to serious
shlomo_aronovitz : tho inall fairness my family has some issues too...but physically we are all strong determined and powerful people
smokey0384 : I have real life and university for that shit
jeepoutlaw : :))
zedan_36 : hello
victory1a2000 : <arrives>
smokey0384 : people who threaten to use iggy are actually more mature, but more elquqant
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - what are you studying at university may I ask?
shlomo_aronovitz : charlotte...he most likely had some depression....
ahraii : smokey0384, and that's the reason the internet makes you stupid, lowered standards.
smokey0384 : o fuck
smokey0384 : i mistyped
racerx_60647 : <leaves the room>
fzzybelly : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : athiest i am studying in uk
Lisa_the_Insomniac : threatens smokey with ignore, holding it over his head.
charlotte_the_enchantress : yep .
goddess_goldberry : <-- is painting her concret floor
kenboyred : Well, time for work.......peace all
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - sure, but what subject, at what level?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:42:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
charlotte_the_enchantress : for about 15 yrs
shlomo_aronovitz : depression is #1 factor when poeple stop paying bills
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Bye, ken.
zedan_36 : <leaves the room>
snuppy2006 : <arrives>
shlomo_aronovitz : wow
kenboyred : <leaves the room>
jeepoutlaw : :))
smokey0384 : abraii, buddy, ppl who threaten to iggy is a sign of immature behaviour, ignoring it or lettin them be is not
shlomo_aronovitz : have to be fair today....peace y'all
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:43:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
victory1a2000 : <leaves the room>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Bye, shlomo.
smokey0384 : people who using fuji factor of physcogy of fear of loss in that partiucal way, is the same way a baby cries when he wants food
shlomo_aronovitz : see ya charlotte, blue, diog, and all you other blasphemers
myvorticity : <arrives> Female 21 from CA alias JstAnothrGrl
cheetos_2010 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : u call that mature behavoiur?
charlotte_the_enchantress : later Deus
ahraii : smokey0384, I don't think hoping you can hold someone to a higher standard is immature, just unbelievably naive. I don't really expect the person with a size 57 font is going to listen to reason.
smokey0384 : lol ahralii
shlomo_aronovitz : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : very true, but that is different context
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:44:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
ahraii : smokey0384, it's a false analogy, though I think it works if we switch it around. There's a lot of wailing babies, begging for attention, and not providing them attention just that once probably won't change their mind.
smokey0384 : not everyone who has big font would be like that, but the majority would be, so u descrimate them all
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - could you tell me what subject you are studying at university and what level?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : giggles.
ahraii : smokey0384, generalizations are useful.
johntheantibaptist : smokey, and some inform the person they are ignoring them to let them know that their behavior is unacceptable.
smokey0384 : yes ahraii, but you contrediected urself, u were sayin how a sign of immaturity was used to attempt to try and make someone act more mature
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:45:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_moca_one : <arrives> Female 17 from Australia alias [ sil ]
njoycelynyljoycelynyb : <arrives>
smokey0384 : john, why dya think they want to let them know their behavior is unnaceptable to them?
smokey0384 : point made when u figured that out
the_moca_one : <leaves the room>
ahraii : smokey0384, I didn't "contrediect" myself. It's not immature to use any method to try to make someone behave more maturely. It's naive, but that's all it is.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, more like, letting them know you don't approve of their behavior. Most likely, they won't change it just because you don't like it, but it is still human nature to let them know.
somersetcase1 : <leaves the room>
craig_jl_2003 : <arrives> Male
njoycelynyljoycelynyb : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:46:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
johntheantibaptist : smokey, maybe it is to try and improve that behavior. maybe it is to chastise them, there could and probably is many reasons for it.
craig_jl_2003 : <leaves the room>
craig_jl_2003 : <arrives> Male
ahraii : smokey0384, which is why I wish people would be less forgiving, drop them into ignore without a word, and force them to behave here, or toddle off to the teen rooms.
Cerebral_Torture : <leaves the room>
charlotte_the_enchantress : im just watingon a chess match and im out
smokey0384 : no, but its immature to threaten to iggy someone in public, for attention on them and for them to change to how u want for control
j_huniti : <leaves the room>
ahraii : smokey0384, we've already given several examples of how it wouldn't be immature. You're wrong. Deal with it.
jackie1139 : <arrives> Female
smokey0384 : it is immature
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:47:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : that is judgement
smokey0384 : judgement is not right or wrong fool
smokey0384 : why dya think laws are different in countries
ahraii : Brilliant.
agn0stic_and_atheist : lol
goddess_goldberry : smokey.. if someone is doing something irritating, like large fonts, i will tell them to lower the fonts or I will iggy them
goddess_goldberry : i don't see how that is bad
Lisa_the_Insomniac : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:48:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
goddess_goldberry : most people don't accept private IMs
Lisa_the_Insomniac : <arrives> Female
Lisa_the_Insomniac : goddess?
ahraii : smokey0384, I can't hope to compare with your level of genius. You don't get an opinion, when telling people what their "real" motives are.
johntheantibaptist : goddess i agree.
pamala910 : i love it when that rev guy starts to get pissed and threaten to put everybody in his big ignore box LOL!
smokey0384 : yes lisa, ur right, but i feel most ppl intentions aren't what u said, they abuse it for their own insecure selfish needs
pamala910 : hes to funny
goddess_goldberry : dammit.. i wish i could see lisa
jackie1139 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : lol aharii, patronise and sarcastic, as long as it makes u feel better
smokey0384 : :D glad i could help chief
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:49:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
ahraii : smokey0384, sarcastic isn't a verb.
goddess_goldberry : i am going to try to relog.. how much do you want to bet when I come back i won't be able to see smokey
smokey0384 : isn't it?
smokey0384 : lol
ahraii : smokey0384, no, it's not, university-boy.
smokey0384 : haha
blah_me9 : check out my profile for some pics
smokey0384 : big deal, any moron can get into uni
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - what do you study at university?
ahraii : smokey0384, apparently so.
goddess_goldberry : smokey.. i think it is rude to tell someone their intentions are anything other than what they say
Lisa_the_Insomniac : It's not bad. They might be a newbie, and not know that font is rude... You are giving them the choice... use a more considerate font, or be removed from our screen. If they choose the latter, we don't care if they "conform" or not. They don't want to converse with us if they won't follow basic rules of etiquette and consideration. Like not spamming. Like using a reasonable sized font.
blah_me9 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : computing
lighthouse30906 : <arrives> Male
agn0stic_and_atheist : ahh...
smokey0384 : im 19, just finished my first year
goddess_goldberry : there has to be a point of trust.. where you trust that the other person understands themselves..
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:50:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
goddess_goldberry : ok brb
smokey0384 : yea, pfft, i have more to life than uni
smokey0384 : godess, lemme read ur statements, hold on babes
goddess_goldberry : <leaves the room>
scotsmanmatt : <arrives> Male
ahraii : goddess_goldberry, I suspect he gets ignored often for being obnoxious, and has to construct some set of alternate motives, rather than just acknowledging his own behavior.
goddess_goldberry : <arrives> Female 26 from Texas
michele_ervin15 : <arrives> Female 15 from Alabama alias Babygurl
smokey0384 : yes, but they never said what their intentions are godess
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Any moron can get into uni? That explains why some creationists go there.
craig_jl_2003 : <leaves the room>
goddess_goldberry : ok.. i see lisa.!!! :X
Lisa_the_Insomniac : goddess? :)
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:51:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
scotsmanmatt : <leaves the room>
goddess_goldberry : ok smokey
Lisa_the_Insomniac : goddess, it's not bad. They might be a newbie, and not know that font is rude... You are giving them the choice... use a more considerate font, or be removed from our screen. If they choose the latter, we don't care if they "conform" or not. They don't want to converse with us if they won't follow basic rules of etiquette and consideration. Like not spamming. Like using a reasonable sized font.
goddess_goldberry : so.. what are you and lisa talking about?
agn0stic_and_atheist : I occasionally ask people to lower their font size, sometimes they agree to, sometimes they don't, sometimes they decide to start calling me names, the last two result in iggie, there's no hard feelings, there's never any shortage of people with reasonably sized fonts to talk to.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : From a post of yours just before I relogged.
smokey0384 : ok fine
johntheantibaptist : AnA, exactly
goddess_goldberry : agno yep.. i also iggy booters
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:52:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
agn0stic_and_atheist : oh yeah, booters never get asked anything, they just get clicked.
casper17000 : <arrives> Male from oregon alias casper17000
goddess_goldberry : i don't care if you aren't going to boot me, if you boot anyone I will iggy you. i don't deal with idiots like that
ahraii : It's just a power trip for a person, probably. I'm being obnoxious. Ignore me so I can talk about how it's not about being obnoxious, but some deep pscyhological problem I can diagnose over the net.
charlotte_the_enchantress : <leaves the room>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : agnostic, yup.
x_one0 : <arrives>
goddess_goldberry : ahraii.. yep
goddess_goldberry : lol jeep..
casper17000 : i am sata
scotsmanmatt : <arrives> Male
casper17000 : not satan
casper17000 : sata
aliassumpution : youre sata???
blah_me9 : 18 f here.. check out my profile for some of my pics
ahraii : casper17000, there's not many Christians in here right now. And Lisa's too hard to offend.
ahraii : smiles.
agn0stic_and_atheist : casper17000 - hi, what's it like being satan, what's an ordinary day like for you?
goddess_goldberry : casper.. thanks for giving us a great example of who to iggy
pamala910 : goddess how do you know who a booter is?plz?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:53:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
agn0stic_and_atheist : lol
goddess_goldberry : i can see lisa in my room list.. but i can't see lisa talking
Lisa_the_Insomniac : goddess. :)
goddess_goldberry : lisa there?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Aww, she can't see me again?
smokey0384 : U want me to take myself more serious on yahoo chat, use smaller font in italic writing, use decent english lit with no abbreviation, proper spelling, decent vocab and good grammar, and appropiate conversations infactuated on the room name, then would u respect it more and take me more serious with more credibility
Lisa_the_Insomniac : gives the Yahoo server a kick for goddess_goldberry.
smokey0384 : naw, is that what u really want, it would be more dull
michele_ervin15 : hey room!
lighthouse30906 : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - what I see is someone who is drawing an awfull lot of attention to himself for no obvious reason.
casper17000 : oh, its lots of fun
ahraii : smokey0384, there is a gray area between proper articulation and "u r 2 dum 4 me."
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, sure, that's a start.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:54:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
casper17000 : i condem people
goddess_goldberry : smokey.. i think that proper grammar is more than just a nice haircut type thing.. it is a huge reflection of how you process and understand the english language and the world around you
lightjds1 : <arrives> Male 44 from Kansas City Mo. ( North)
agn0stic_and_atheist : hi michele_ervin15
Lisa_the_Insomniac : I'm not anal about someone's English in chat, unless they really slaughter the language.
aliassumpution : just what we need a dyslexic satan
your_heart2001 : <arrives> Male 22 from india alias jaan
smokey0384 : lol lisa, naw
michele_ervin15 : hey
smokey0384 : lisa, why are you even here in yahoo chat
smokey0384 : i am curious about ya
Lisa_the_Insomniac : If it takes too much effort to decipher, and I'm doing that instead of reading what they're SAYING, they're gone.
goddess_goldberry : i mispell things all the time.. but I make a huge effort to "talk right"
cennsor : <arrives> Male 18 from Italy alias Cennsor
goddess_goldberry : dammit i can't see lisa !!!!!!
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, why is anyone in chat?
smokey0384 : godess, i'll paste what she says just for u
goddess_goldberry : <-- stomps on yahoo.....
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Why is that important to you?
goddess_goldberry : lol smokey ok
smokey0384 : Lisa_the_Insomniac: smokey, why is anyone in chat?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:55:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : Lisa_the_Insomniac: smokey, your so wonderfull
Lisa_the_Insomniac : laughs.
goddess_goldberry : lol hehehe smokey..
ahraii : I don't think Lisa would misuse your and you're, that's just me.
agn0stic_and_atheist : lol
Lisa_the_Insomniac : ahraii, your so rite.
cennsor : hi all
goddess_goldberry : <--- dresses lisa up like little bo beep.. and has her way with lisa
Lisa_the_Insomniac : giggles.
michele_ervin15 : <leaves the room>
blah_me9 :
smokey0384 : Lisa_the_Insomniac: smokey, I feel like i known u my whole life, i just want u to fuck my brains out and have my children and never meet me again, comepetly meaningles sex
casper17000 : lol
agn0stic_and_atheist : wonders of goddess_goldberry will let him join in...
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Ooo, goddess... the fundies will talk.
casper17000 : lmao
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:56:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
jeepoutlaw : <leaves the room>
ahraii : Little Bo Peep. Kinky. >O.o<
x_one0 : <leaves the room>
casper17000 : lmao at smokey
goddess_goldberry : agno.. always
goddess_goldberry : hehe joshie
agn0stic_and_atheist : :-)
johntheantibaptist : AnA or at least watch right?
casper17000 : thats some origonal shit dude
smokey0384 : ahraii, can you critisie urself as good as u do everything else
cennsor : <leaves the room>
goddess_goldberry : ok.. going to try to relog again.. brb
agn0stic_and_atheist : johntheantibaptist - yeah, I'd settle for that.
goddess_goldberry : <leaves the room>
casper17000 : lmaop
goddess_goldberry : <arrives> Female 26 from Texas
goddess_goldberry : ok.. can i see lisa?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:57:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : lisa, I am genuially curious, why are you on "yahoo" chat so often?
goddess_goldberry : fuck.. now I have no text
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Can you?
smokey0384 : are you anti-social and prefer chatrooms to socialising with ppl in real life
casper17000 : ?
casper17000 : lmao
pamala910 : hey not to be a dick, but plz no i ms without permission!! ty!
casper17000 : lmfao
casper17000 : go
smokey0384 : lol, in 72hours, i tend to sleep for bout 2
goddess_goldberry : omg smokey.. that is horrible to say
your_heart2001 : any wanna to suck, come and join with my penis.
goddess_goldberry : i am very social.. but i love chatting
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384's obviously a would-be chat-room psychologist, lol
casper17000 : lol
smokey0384 : no, i am asking her a question, so she can be honest
smokey0384 : lol athiest, naw
goddess_goldberry : i have known most of these people for over 3 yrs.. they are like best friends
ahraii : agn0stic_and_atheist, you're just projecting.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:58:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Your penis is irrelevant. Resistance is futile.
agn0stic_and_atheist : lol
victory1a2000 : <arrives>
agn0stic_and_atheist : <leaves the room>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : processes your_heart2001's application for ignore, and approves it promptly.
pamala910 : <leaves the room>
lightjds1 : <leaves the room>
goddess_goldberry : i can talk to a wider range of people in chat.. and no one is stareing at my chest while we are talking
Lisa_the_Insomniac : rolls her eyes.
goddess_goldberry : well except for agno...
craig_jl_2003 : <arrives> Male
craig_jl_2003 : <leaves the room>
goddess_goldberry : LO
smokey0384 : there are so many ppl on yahoo chat that have problems its insane, the regulars anyway
Lisa_the_Insomniac : goddess, yes, I HATE that.
your_heart2001 : any wanna to suck, come and join with my penis.
agn0stic_and_atheist : <arrives> Male 36 from uk
smokey0384 : I certainly do
goddess_goldberry : errrar;lakjdlasdlfdakfdjkfdsa
Lisa_the_Insomniac : I KNOW I have a chest like a teenage boy... I don't need them staring at it.
goddess_goldberry : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 07:59:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : people who resort to the net on a regular basis is lonely and has serious problems
goddess_goldberry : <arrives> Female 26 from Texas
agn0stic_and_atheist : your_heart2001 - maybe another time.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, nice overgeneralization. I'm sure it's true for SOME people.
gothic_boytoy : <arrives> Male 17 alias Sol
your_heart2001 : lisa try me never seen before
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Is that why you were asking why I come here? :)
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - now you are making a rather cheap and unsubstantiated assertion.
your_heart2001 : lisa try my penis
smokey0384 : i class severe ani-socialism as a problem, but hey, maybe thats wrong, just a characteritsic like trannys and gays
thedarkgoddess66 : <arrives> from new york alias soul_gypsy
gothic_boytoy : God sucks ass.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:00:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
casper17000 : jaan, your a faget
smokey0384 : ok, athiest, defy how u are not lonely and have serious problems
bondonexxx : <arrives> Male 19 from Akron, OH
casper17000 : i agree sol
kekenamus23 : <arrives> Male
johntheantibaptist : smokey, but there are those of use who accept out slight mental and social disorders, so that are not really problems just personality traits.
thedarkgoddess66 : yeah sol god does suck ass
smokey0384 : I have seen u on yahoo regually like me
bondonexxx : <leaves the room>
johntheantibaptist : out+our
your_heart2001 : lisa if i fuck u, my penis come's from ur mouth.
johntheantibaptist : out=our
thedarkgoddess66 : jaan shut up
casper17000 : ok, here >>> loveisbeautiful2002
smokey0384 : ok john, i hear you
casper17000 : he is a faget
casper17000 : <leaves the room>
ahraii : gives smokey0384 someone to psychoanalyze, "I chat far too much because I don't tend to like people in real life. People here talk about more than theology. They talk about physics, art, hentai, gaming, biology, and many other things. I can't talk to 30 and 40-somethings in real life."
Lisa_the_Insomniac : laughs.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:01:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : lol ahraii, U see through me
gothic_boytoy : There is no God
smokey0384 : i am so transparant to u, woah
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - you made the assertion, you back it up with evidence, otherwise, what you are trying to do is attack people. Interetsingly loneliness is a subject you seem to dwell on, why is that?
thedarkgoddess66 : agrees with ahraii
aliassumpution : <leaves the room>
aliassumpution : <arrives> Male
negu_gorriak_ska : <arrives> Female 18 from madrid
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Hey, we haven't talked about hentai yet today...
smokey0384 : ur so good at judging me at hit the nail on the head
kekenamus23 : <leaves the room>
ahraii : smokey0384, you're transparent to everyone. Even now, you're trying to garner attention. It's so sad.
goddess_goldberry : casper... homophobe?
smokey0384 : ok athiest, i applogise if i have offended u, so how are u not lonely at the moment
thedarkgoddess66 : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : [apologises for the attrocious typing in that last post, trying to go too fast, again...]
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:02:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : is there anyone around u that u want to socialcise with at this very moment
smokey0384 : ??
smokey0384 : ok ahraii
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - it may have escaped your notice, but this *is* a form of socialising, just because it is via a chat-room doesn't make it so.
zenpunk : <arrives> Male 39 from Clearwater, FL
foolnomo : <arrives> Male 46 from Canyon Lake,TX
your_heart2001 : <leaves the room>
johntheantibaptist : AnA, i hate that when the brain is faster than the fingers. the typing seems to suffer greatly.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:03:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
kriptikos : <arrives> Female 32
greywolfuk_m40s : <arrives> Male 408 from london uk
vip_4u_69 : <arrives> Male alias sexy_guy_4u
zenpunk : hello
unknown_invis_911 : <arrives>
screamingsanta1975 : <arrives> 222 from north pole alias Sick and Twisted
smokey0384 : I gonna remember that, u put stars around the word u wanna emphaises, its good effect
johntheantibaptist : hey zen
agn0stic_and_atheist : johntheantibaptist - yeah, an extra hand might help, especially when I'm trying to drink my tea and type, lol
greywolfuk_m40s : greetings everyone
goddess_goldberry : so true.. i am feeling up agno as we speak
victory1a2000 : john imagine if the fingers are faster than the brain... what chaos lol
kriptikos : ;;)
zenpunk : john
smokey0384 : yep, well r u saying u prefer socialising with ppl in a chatroom than real life?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : agnostic, oh, but only LONELY people would use a CHEAP substitute for the real thing... :) (playing devil's advocate here)
smokey0384 : i am asking before u say why u judge me
Lisa_the_Insomniac : But I agree.
bluejene : ...back
goddess_goldberry : vict exactly.. i type 75wpm.. it gets jumbled sometimes
greywolfuk_m40s : sees some (becoming) familiar nicknames
johntheantibaptist : victory i think i could deall with that,
smokey0384 : lol lisa
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Agree that its' a form of socializing.
goddess_goldberry : the fingers have a mind of their own
vip_4u_69 : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:04:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : yes, its is a form of socializing
goddess_goldberry : dammit i still can't see lisa :((
Lisa_the_Insomniac : And for my hours, one of the few I can do between midnight and 8 am.
smokey0384 : lemme rephrase my shit
unknown_invis_911 : <leaves the room>
screamingsanta1975 : <leaves the room>
greywolfuk_m40s : is that like wiping your ass smokey ?
smokey0384 : Do u prefer chatrooms socializing than socializing in real life physcially?
smokey0384 : lol wolf
victory1a2000 : Is this socializing cheaper than a drink? Or a bad movie rental?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, you make it sound like it's an either/or thing.
bluejene : i think i need to get stoned... rrrrippped... inebriated... 1/2 in the bag... pissed lit pottsed plastered.... hell i need somethin
Lisa_the_Insomniac : I have a pretty busy social life.
goddess_goldberry : smokey.. because i have children.. and i get along with these people better than the conservative baptists of my neighborhood?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:05:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
foolnomo : <leaves the room>
goddess_goldberry : smokey.. depends on what i am looking for
kriptikos : lol blue
smokey0384 : wolf, everytime i do a shit, i also do a piss, even if its just a treakle, but its everytime! is that same with u?
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - well, I think you just need to think about it, I don't have an atheist vs christian forum in my area and in any event it would only comprise of people from my locale. On the other hand coming here allows me to meet people from all over the world and who have very varied views and knowledge. It's not hard to figure out why I might come here if interested in the subject matter.
michele_ervin15 : <arrives> Female 15 from Alabama alias Babygurl
ahraii : I don't understand trolls. They seem to fancy themselves as somehow wise because they can do the textual equivalent of jumping up and down, windmilling their arms, and screaming.
greywolfuk_m40s : thinks goldberry has a point
victory1a2000 : or the liberal presbyterians lol
smokey0384 : lisa, i don't see things black and white, I am grey lol
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Going over with friends tonight, renting some movies and stuff. Not "lonely". Any more than anyone else, anyway.
smokey0384 : lisa, is it true/ flase
smokey0384 : lisa, is it yes/ no
goddess_goldberry : if i am looking for open honest conversation, esp from atheists.. then i come here..
smokey0384 : lisa is it, black/white :
bluejene : and dammit i'm outta &%$&*&* smokes.. hang on
goddess_goldberry : i can't take my kids to the nearest coffee house and lean back and talk to idiots
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, you seem to think it is.
goddess_goldberry : i have to come here
smokey0384 : lol, i was kiddin
agn0stic_and_atheist : agrees with goddess_goldberry
greywolfuk_m40s : chat is fun ... its entertaining, and occasionally enlightening
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:06:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : ok, u seeem to like avoiding the question and say inrelevant statements
Lisa_the_Insomniac : With your whole argument that people in here MUST be lonely, because they wouldn't be getting their social ya-yas out in a chatroom if they weren't.
ahraii : goddess_goldberry, it's instant clique in a box.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : . o O ( What the hell are ya-yas? I have no idea. )
smokey0384 : do u prefer socializing on the net instead of physcially with people
bluejene : ohhh v's rollin smokes.. lol ... i got somethin else though.. <puff puff>
greywolfuk_m40s : maybe she's saying "yes" smokey
ahraii : Inrelevant. Hee.
myvorticity : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:07:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
michele_ervin15 : hey room
smokey0384 : naw, i judge on individuals, thats why i am asking
johntheantibaptist : lisa, we get the jest of it anyway.
greywolfuk_m40s : pass it this way blue
greywolfuk_m40s : hello michele
kriptikos : hi michele
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - obviosly it depends on what kind of socialising you refer to. If I want to have a couple of pints down the pub then I do that, if I want to go out for a meal I do that, if I want to talk philosophy and theology with people from all over the world, this is the place.
gothic_boytoy : jhkh,vj,jvjmjhvjmjhvmjvmjjjkk[pjl
scotsmanmatt : is away (Away)
candice2027 : <arrives> Female 28 from Eastern Canada
bluejene : i haven't muck of a choice BUT to socialize w/ ppl on the net... :P
bluejene : much too
Lisa_the_Insomniac : goes to the pub every few years, whether she needs to or not.
bluejene : lol
smokey0384 : lisa, is there anyone with u that u can physcially socialize with right at this very moment, thats what i consider as lonely and resort to the net to socialize, unless if u prefer socializing on the net
greywolfuk_m40s : hello candice
t4ri113r1lll1l1ll1ll1l1 : <arrives> 99 from Nowhere alias SoUtHeRn CoMfErt
michele_ervin15 : does anyone know a guy named casper_????
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:08:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
candice2027 : Be thankful, getting dumped is relatively inexpensive
ahraii : This is preferable, sure. There's not many nineteen year olds who can compete with this room.
gothic_boytoy : f=phlrt'honkgrl;hkfponksfglsfgjn[sfgm h'fgjbthmniodthjbt hbo jh tjhbgj j ohopdjb o ou ydfough hjn ohbhhdgdjh dohdgohohdfhoh hobhodhdoibhghsdjhbdngejgvwejh u ui iggrrbui ygghisgvsbfuivbgfvbi uifg gffghviyogvhfgsvbifghvfvhihvdffgvuifdgauifvgiugviggvigdfivgiufvggvigviugafigaiuo uiog iug ioi k gig iui gi gioau ghgui iuhfiugyi ui ilhgh iug hiu fghiuyi hiuyfghdfihgdfhdfiuy uiy h hj huhuihuiyfjghfduihgui uh uiyufh uiy uihu iyu huyu ghuhu uhuhsfhuyf 8fh fh7 fhdsy7fhush97yuih 7 uh uyh u .
greywolfuk_m40s : has met a casper .... tho' not online
victory1a2000 : there
agn0stic_and_atheist : wasn't casper here 10 minutes ago or so?
dialmouth40 : <arrives> Male 42 from reidsville N.Y.
victory1a2000 : sol that's really profound
t4ri113r1lll1l1ll1ll1l1 : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : maybe not.
smokey0384 : ok good point athiest, but, if u wouldn't on yahoo chat right now, what else would u be doing, would u be socializing with ppl right now
smokey0384 : physcially
michele_ervin15 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : wasn't*
candice2027 : grey wolf
ahraii : Lisa = Lives with her Parents *cough*
agn0stic_and_atheist : this person was in the room recently - casper17000
smokey0384 : im an embarasment
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:09:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : <leaves the room>
gothic_boytoy : fjdhjhgu hji h hgbiufhvafjngv iuosfhv jhiu yrj hifuyg hg iufy huy uhui yiuh uh uhukj huiy hi uygu huiyguih ruigyrj nuiyg uh uy nj huh jhiu n u .
kriptikos : I like to come in here because it diverse and interesting, somtimes.. you get to meet all kinds of people, or just observe.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, why is this such a big issue to you, anyway?
bluejene : candy, mornin
victory1a2000 : athiest would probably be downloading stuff off kazaa
victory1a2000 : lol
Lisa_the_Insomniac : ahraii, yes. Moved back in when I did the school thing a few years ago. :P It's saved on the bills a lot.
candice2027 : blue jene
jams_same : <arrives>
smokey0384 : coz it more entetraining reactions and i get more attention
kriptikos : hi candice
Lisa_the_Insomniac : It's annoying sometimes. And took a while to get used to again.
bluejene : yeah kript.. andthe ppl in here are good n messed up.. i fit right in.. :))
greywolfuk_m40s : hmm smokey ... i'm online now ... have done my email .... in an hour or so (it being 9 pm here) i'm going barhopping to talk to people physically present .....
greywolfuk_m40s : all are fun
kriptikos : lol blue
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, ah, yeah, it's all about the attention... you whore. :)
ahraii : Wow, I was kidding, but now you seem a lot more approachable. Ahem. Yeah, parents suck. I have a 4 a.m. curfew, what's that about?
greywolfuk_m40s : nothing like attention smokey
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:10:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
candice2027 : kriptikos, bebe:-*
ahraii : So do you want to come over and make out? =<.<=
smokey0384 : no shit lisa
kriptikos : :-)
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - you just need to lighten up and realise that people are here for all kinds of reasons, you included, it's no big deal, if you are interested in the subect matter you might come here often, if not you'll move on.
smokey0384 : UR here for attention to
kriptikos : :-*
dialmouth40 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : i am just aware of it
scotsmanmatt : <leaves the room>
kriptikos : my bird keeps sneezing on me...
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, the difference is, what we'll do to GET that attention.
greywolfuk_m40s : *woof*
victory1a2000 : ahraii 4am curfew and you're complaining? lol
bluejene : lol kript.. what kind??
greywolfuk_m40s : attention ?
greywolfuk_m40s : mmmmm .... luv it
kriptikos : cockatieal
smokey0384 : athiest, if the net never existed, would u be physcially socialzing with ppl as much as u were on yahoo socialziing
kriptikos : :-)
bluejene : i used to have a cockatiel...\
greywolfuk_m40s : shakes out his hair, and preens
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:11:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
libraskeptical : <arrives> Female 28 from Colorado
ahraii : victory1a2000, I don't actually have a curfew. Hee. I could have drunken orgies here so long as I eat breakfast.
kriptikos : cool did you like it?
victory1a2000 : lol ahraii
smokey0384 : no lisa, am i trying to get attention by hatred!?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, without the net, I'd probably be reading more books instead of chatting... so maybe it's not such a great thing.
masimot2002 : <arrives> alias lilboyblu
warglag : <arrives> Male 15 from Holland alias Warglag
victory1a2000 : what books would you read?
candice2027 : brb, "have to poo poo in da potty!"\:D/
kriptikos : I read online
kriptikos : lol
kriptikos : candice
gothic_boytoy : This room suck ass.
greywolfuk_m40s : leave the door open candice
smokey0384 : ok, lisa, ur cool. its just ud be classed as anti-social, prefer to stay home with a book instead of gettin shit faced with 2 buddys
smokey0384 : nothing is wrong with that
bluejene : miss him.. smart bird... &*%^&%$ vern was on the puter and not watching when the baby put a ferret in the bird cage....
ahraii : Sol, because we don't contribute gibberish? kfjsdkl;fjasd;klfdjfk;das more your style?
masimot2002 : <arrives> alias lilboyblu
greywolfuk_m40s : no gothic, it doesn't suck ... (that's the trouble)
Lisa_the_Insomniac : laughs.
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - if there was no net I'd probably use this time to read/play computer games or watch video, for me this is an escape from the 'real world' to some extent, but also an oportunity to talk to some very interesting people who I'd never meet ordinarily.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:12:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
bluejene : <heavy sigh>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, if that's how you want to delude yourself, okay. :)
kriptikos : qustia is a good site for reading
kriptikos : cost money though
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, but all it tells me is you don't know how to read.
smokey0384 : yes athiest, i would be in same situation as u, and do same thing
smokey0384 : as i am waiting for surgery
smokey0384 : urgh
ahraii : Oh, it's a goth. Spose I shouldn't expect much. Hah.
jams_same : <leaves the room>
kriptikos : Blue what happened to the bird?
bluejene : 8-|
kriptikos : oh
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:13:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
kriptikos : poor thing
warglag : blurgh,boring.
smokey0384 : lisa, i read very few books, this shit ass book put me off for life when i was a kiddo, shame, but i prefer big books with nice big illustrated pictues, i said that earlier
warglag : are there any true Black Metal fans here ?
gothic_boytoy : This chatroom is really about athiest vs. chirstians, but every is talking about a totally different subject.
kriptikos : I m on my first cup of coffee so im slow right now.
kriptikos : hehe
libraskeptical : Yeah, right, Warglag.
masimot2002 : <leaves the room>
libraskeptical : Check out the title of the chatroom.
bluejene : kript... the ferret bit the bird.. pierced it in the head.. i still have to deal w/ my 2 yr old saying she misses the bird.. she watched it die.. maaann i'm sorry.. what a terrible thing to talk about in here...
smokey0384 : i am an illiterate fuck, but i could disguise it if i made more of an effort
Lisa_the_Insomniac : 1) I already said I DO "do stuff" with friends and family... 2) I usually chat late at night when everyone I know in the area is asleep. 3) if reading makes one "anti-social", then colour me anti-social, as well as most of the intelligent people in teh world.
warglag : many atheists are metal fans ;)
libraskeptical : Perhaps.
agn0stic_and_atheist : warglag - I was a big death-metal fan, Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Doom, 80s stuff, I don't think I had any black-metal records.
greywolfuk_m40s : depends when you're here gothic .... you could start things up by making a statement on the subject
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:14:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Luckily, your anti-social judgement is absurd. :)
smokey0384 : lisa, are you happy? :)
warglag : <leaves the room>
victory1a2000 : here here lisa...
Lisa_the_Insomniac : But perhaps you are just projecting your own tendancies onto us.
kriptikos : Ahh poor bird and baby, its ok to talk about it blue.
victory1a2000 : has anyone read wally lamb's I know this much is true?
smokey0384 : ofc i am basing personal experience on u
smokey0384 : no fuckin shit
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:15:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
victory1a2000 : 900 page intense novel... I highly reccomend...
bluejene : still tryin to completely forgive myself for going out w/out taking the baby and &*&$ vern for that.. lol
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Never heard of it, victory.
smokey0384 : If u had experiences of meeting of everytime u met a fat person they ate ur cakes, then ofc ud base personal judgement as descrinate the next fat person u met and be more paranoid about ur cake
libraskeptical : Stop eating on the mic.
agn0stic_and_atheist : lol
libraskeptical : Fuck you more.
kriptikos : I think you should be able to leave the men home with the
agn0stic_and_atheist : maybe they are eating *the * mic. lol
kriptikos : But i dont know.
kriptikos : hehe
libraskeptical : I think not, fucktard.
libraskeptical : How mature.
bluejene : *** twistedgemini69 will be ignored. for chewing w/ his mouth open ;)
greywolfuk_m40s : << isn't paying attention
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:16:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : libra :-*
agn0stic_and_atheist : < doesn't have ears.
kriptikos : lol
libraskeptical : shmokey.
DySToRTeD : <arrives> Male
smokey0384 : HEY
aliassumpution : i love this super iggy bin...i'd celebrate the birthday of the guy that invented it
sufian_27_h : <arrives> 20
smokey0384 : thats my point lisa, that was different reasons to talk about iggy than u descrived before
agn0stic_and_atheist : yeah, my super iggie is on 347
victory1a2000 : If you get a chance to read, read it. It's about twins in search of their father's identity and one is a schizophrenic..
bluejene : kript.. not if you have ferrets ,a bird and a 2 yr old at the same time.. that damned puter program or video game is more important
smokey0384 : bluejene: *** twistedgemini69 will be ignored. for chewing w/ his mouth open <-- saything that is just for her own sake of feeling better and try to look better and supior
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:17:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
agn0stic_and_atheist : set for 9000 days now.
DySToRTeD : <leaves the room>
sufian_27_h : <leaves the room>
bluejene : :)) smokey..
smokey0384 : lol blue, u know im right :D
bluejene : it's superior
victory1a2000 : twisted should be ignored for being bitter lol
greywolfuk_m40s : << starts paying attention
smokey0384 : its cool
nyettiprincess : <arrives> from Aus
educately : <arrives> Male from California S.F. Bay
bluejene : :))
smokey0384 : yes it is spelt as superior
gothic_boytoy : <leaves the room>
johntheantibaptist : smokey, no she said that because it is simply rude for him to do it and not to mention very immature of him.
bluejene : spelled
victory1a2000 : at least he's not sitting on the pot...
tallmxxd76 : <arrives> Male 25
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, if that's how you want to interpret it, okay.
educately : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:18:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : yes john, it was rude of him, so it doesn't justfy her to go down to his level and say that
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Doesn't mean it was her biggest motivation, or even a concern.
bluejene : i cracked a joke dammit
agn0stic_and_atheist : < doesn't believe in the Christian god (just staying on-topic).
bluejene : #-o
libraskeptical : You are the very first person on the chatter's list.
smokey0384 : it would show she has a stronger character and didn't care or see him as a threat and just genuially iggyed him without sayin a word, and gettin over it in mili seconds
libraskeptical : Tard.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : faints.
mmttaly : <arrives>
johntheantibaptist : smokey, i think it does, it let the moron know its behavior is unacceptable and will be placed into ignore for such behavior.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : bluejene cracked a joke... :)
smokey0384 : blue jean actually dignified to achoweldge the person she ignored
libraskeptical : Jesus.
bluejene : lol heey lisa
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:19:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : thats worse
bluejene : it's alnowledge
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Don't mind smokey. he's admitted he's just arguign this for the attention. :)
libraskeptical : It doesn't take a genius to figure out where your name is on the list to ignore your ass.
libraskeptical : C'mon.
bluejene : oops aknowledge
bluejene : even
bluejene : lol
smokey0384 : ofc she cared and minded
victory1a2000 : twisted i'd try to voice chat w/ya but I'm having systems problems lol
agn0stic_and_atheist : I only have candice on iggie at the moment in this room - sometimes I let her out, but she can be really irritating.
bluejene : <---------is bored
agn0stic_and_atheist : gets frisky with bluejene
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:20:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
libraskeptical : Sad that a 28 year old male has to act like this....
smokey0384 : blue, lol. if u can't use common sense to work out what i am saying, then ask and i will explain, as i am using just about enough effort for u to use ur initiave to work it out :D
victory1a2000 : let's try to guess what twisted was eating lol
bluejene : heey a&a... :D
kriptikos : smokey is just an instigator...
mmttaly : what is ur topic?
smokey0384 : blue, i despise people who say they are bored
Lisa_the_Insomniac : I'm bored.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : You all are supposed to keep me amused.
agn0stic_and_atheist : < is board.
kriptikos : lol
bluejene : smokey?? do i even know you or are you here just to friggin nit pick?
smokey0384 : lol athiest
Lisa_the_Insomniac : What a boring room. Boring boring boring
greywolfuk_m40s : sings "call out the instigators .... coz there's something in the air" (Thunderclap Newman)
ahraii : Wow. It's still going.
agn0stic_and_atheist : mmttaly - sure.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:21:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Yeah, I hate the twits who do that, too. :)
mmttaly : YES
aliassumpution : jeezz you want sanity now???
agn0stic_and_atheist : let's find fault with Christianity.
libraskeptical : We are chatting.
libraskeptical : Jesus.
smokey0384 : ur askin me if u know me, uh, don't wanna be a bastard, but don't be a dumbfucker, only u know
greywolfuk_m40s : sanity ?
tallmxxd76 : <leaves the room>
bluejene : <click>
greywolfuk_m40s : chat is free ... say what you like ... ignore what you don't like
johntheantibaptist : blue, i have a feeling smokey get ignored often and has come up with it's own rationale as to why people do it.
mmttaly : YES OK
bluejene : :)) well he sure is good at it
mmttaly : LET US SEE
bluejene : :))
smokey0384 : lol, blue just can't do it, iggy someone without tellin them, she just has to let them know
agn0stic_and_atheist : Christianity is a rather nasty religion in my view.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:22:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
kriptikos : Thinks smokey has no friends and is very lonely...awww poor smokey.
bluejene : lol
smokey0384 : my social circle is based on yahoo chat
smokey0384 : ;)
mmttaly : OK?
agn0stic_and_atheist : I have more of a social arc - it takes too many to make a whole circle, lol
Lisa_the_Insomniac : john, good feeling.
kriptikos : You dont know anyone other than chatters smokey?
smokey0384 : haha athiest
bluejene : religions abuse religions.. :))
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:23:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : chases his tail (is that circling ?)
bluejene : go figger
agn0stic_and_atheist : mmttaly - I also think Islam is a nasty religion too.
smokey0384 : why are you genuially curious krip :)
bluejene : lol
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Or maybe I'm just ANTI-SOCIAl for agreeing. :)
kriptikos : Yes
greywolfuk_m40s : what if the belief is wrong taly ?
smokey0384 : moi? :"> ur legitimately curious about me krip
smokey0384 : woah
kol_nafsen_thaegt_almot : <arrives>
smokey0384 : uh, im speachless
johntheantibaptist : kript, well there is always the people like myself, who prefer to chat on line rather than in person, because it reduces the stress levels,(stress = supressing the urge to choke the living shit out of someone who deperatly needs it)
smokey0384 : no-one ever spoken to me by their own will before
bluejene : :)) who's to say what's wrong..? another religion??
smokey0384 : uh, i never anticiciapted this
agn0stic_and_atheist : mmttaly - I am expressing an opinion, don't hey have that where you live?
kriptikos : LOL john
victory1a2000 : explain how one can be agnostic and athiest at the same time... an agnostic doesnt know and an athiest does know... which one are you?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:24:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : why dya ask me krip, why r u curious about me?
greywolfuk_m40s : hmmm .... how about religions that practiced human sacrifice
salient2 : mmttaly: one should respect the people but if the belief is wrong and/or evil one needs to say so.
kriptikos : Im curious because you made me curious.
victory1a2000 : like the terroist of 9-11
agn0stic_and_atheist : mmttaly - I think that Christianity and Islam are nasty religions, this is an opinion, I am entitled to expres such an opinion.
bluejene : :)) john... true.. and here you can save space for the pertinant conversation, too.. :P@ smokey.. :))
Lisa_the_Insomniac : victory, actually, that's not the typical definition of atheist.
smokey0384 : how did i make you curiious :O
agn0stic_and_atheist : *express
smokey0384 : emphasise
bluejene : i'm evil today.. PMSing... watch OUT
fzzybelly : <arrives> Male from Northern New Mexico
bluejene : :))
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:25:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
mmttaly : I MUST SAY THAT
kol_nafsen_thaegt_almot : <leaves the room>
johntheantibaptist : exactly blue.
rev_sara_the_demon_child : <arrives> Female 18 from Mason City, IA alias Major Woody
xshuda : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : mmttaly - I am not Jewish.
kriptikos : With the way you were acting and the things you were typing.. self projection
greywolfuk_m40s : nasty ? .... hmmm .... and dirty agnostic ?
darwin_was_correct : <arrives>
agn0stic_and_atheist : greywolfuk_m40s - not dirty, just nasty, lol
smokey0384 : u motherfucker jew u athiest
greywolfuk_m40s : *blinks*
rev_sara_the_demon_child : <leaves the room>
bluejene : mm?? your elevator go to the top??
agn0stic_and_atheist : mmttaly - oh, so you hate Jews, correct?
greywolfuk_m40s : *blinks at taly*
rev_sara_the_demon_child : <arrives> Female 18 from Mason City, IA alias Major Woody
smokey0384 : u beleive that!? dya know how many people are typing here
bluejene : lemme guess... muslim??
mmttaly : AREN'T YOU/
smokey0384 : :))
agn0stic_and_atheist : lol
rev_sara_the_demon_child : arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
fzzybelly : oh no another anti semite LOL
supermanlss : <arrives> Male 23 from IA
victory1a2000 : If that is not the basic typical definition, please bring me up to speed...
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:26:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fzzybelly : an anti semite who is obviously a christian or muslim
greywolfuk_m40s : religion as a guise for nationalism ?
smokey0384 : :-* krip
fzzybelly : the all caps is a dead give a way
agn0stic_and_atheist : mmttaly - so, let me guess, you are a Muslim who hates Jews, correct?
smokey0384 : i remind u of urself that u hate
rev_sara_the_demon_child : aw damnit I have to pee
greywolfuk_m40s : respect religions, but not people ?
literaturehound : <arrives>
kriptikos : lol smokey no
bluejene : mm... they may be sayin we're not correct..... but they're not killin us for it....
mmttaly : YES
agn0stic_and_atheist : bingo!
kriptikos : I like myself now thank you though for asking
johntheantibaptist : <<<<thinks any religion that use's it own people for human sacrifice has the right idea and they should prefornm said sacrifices weekly in mas numbers.
smokey0384 : don't underestimate denial krip
greywolfuk_m40s : and the green font ....
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:27:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
bluejene : :)) john
smokey0384 : No, but the part of u that u don't like, i remind u of it
greywolfuk_m40s : baptising in blood joh ?
kriptikos : De nial is a river in egypt
nyettiprincess : Agnostiscism theorise that god is unknowable - victory
greywolfuk_m40s : lol krip
agn0stic_and_atheist : yeah, it's the capital text that is the primary giveaway, it says "I AM IMPORTANT, AND STUPID TOO"
smokey0384 : haha
darwin_was_correct : <leaves the room>
johntheantibaptist : grey, kinda like that
Lisa_the_Insomniac : victory, for some atheists, it's a claim that they KNOW God doesn't exist. For for most that I know, it's not a belief in NO God. It's a LACK of belief in a god, any god.
smokey0384 : 0grins
Lisa_the_Insomniac : So you can indeed be an agnostic atheist...
candice2027 : since nothing is cooking in avc chat. I am going to fry my own fish in another chat room or just do housework before leaving town today. cya bluejene, kriptikos and grey wolf.
trish_shhhhhhh : <arrives> Female
greywolfuk_m40s : hmm .... should i use a bigger font in here ?
twistedgemini69 : <leaves the room>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : You lack belief in a god, or any religion... but are agnostic about it.
greywolfuk_m40s : bye candice .....
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:28:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : fish ?
greywolfuk_m40s : likes fish
fzzybelly : i think we should all use all caps
candice2027 : ;)
smokey0384 : hey krip, i guess lisa has a stutter then eh
greywolfuk_m40s : fry some for me ....
kriptikos : Later candice
candice2027 : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : Agnosticism is the preference for elasticated waist trousers, popular with men of mature years. Atheism is the absence of belief in god. Hence, agnostic-atheism represents a taste for comfortable apparel combined with a view of reality that does not include deities.
nyettiprincess : a lack of knowledge or sense of omnipresence
smokey0384 : pfft, no-one writes their accents or self projects exatly how they speak
bluejene : washed in the blood of helpless creatures.... lol they were DOIN that before the romans made up the story.. can you imagine bathing in bull's blood?? it was an 'initiation' rite of the god-man attis
darwin_was_correct : <arrives>
fzzybelly : LOL agno
victory1a2000 : to let you know I'm a christian. I'm here as your guest (in hostile territory LOL). I'm here to ask questions trying to forge understanding... okay by all?
twistedgemini69 : <arrives> Male
kriptikos : ? why do you say that somkey
greywolfuk_m40s : it would be easier to read fzzz
agn0stic_and_atheist : they do keep asking.
bluejene : chalk one up for the romans.. ugh.. lol
godhand21000 : <arrives> Male 20 from ohio alias alex
fzzybelly : and it would slow down the scrolling window
smokey0384 : r u telling me that u act the same in yahoo chat as u normally would
fzzybelly : hello victory
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:29:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
victory1a2000 : athiest could you please pm your response? I didn't get a chance to read it out
agn0stic_and_atheist : hi victory1a2000
smokey0384 : o fuck, no wonder ur on here so regually then
kriptikos : Acually i do
greywolfuk_m40s : it would slow it down ? how so ?
kriptikos : lol
negu_gorriak_ska : <leaves the room>
greywolfuk_m40s : increases his font
fzzybelly : all caps would take up more space
darwin_was_correct : <leaves the room>
greywolfuk_m40s : aha .... i'm more important
nyettiprincess : B-)
literaturehound : <leaves the room>
literaturehound : <arrives>
greywolfuk_m40s : *smirks*
bluejene : damn music players w/ no bottom.. i'd be ashamed to transmit that poor quality sound
victory1a2000 : god hand must be a fan of am radio
smokey0384 : lisa, are you there?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:30:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : lisa, make me feel special and meaningfull in this universe please
madiba_magik2000 : <arrives>
bluejene : :)) vic.. my thoughts exactly
greywolfuk_m40s : << is here
smokey0384 : just bullshit to me
agn0stic_and_atheist : victory1a2000 - did you get my PM?
victory1a2000 : i'd be ashamed to transmit that song
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, Jesus loves you?
victory1a2000 : no agno
supermanlss : <leaves the room>
supermanlss : <arrives> Male 23 from IA
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Does that make you feel special?
agn0stic_and_atheist : Agnosticism makes a statement about knowledge, addressing those limitations which prevent humans from making a positive determination as to the existence or non-existence of god(s). Atheism makes a statement about belief, namely that the atheist does not hold a belief in god(s). Agnostic-atheism is thus 1) an acceptance that the existence of god(s) cannot be evidentially determined, and 2) a position of not holding any belief in god(s).
bluejene : i didn't listen long enough to see what it was :))
madiba_magik2000 : <leaves the room>
bluejene : or.. hear
smokey0384 : :"> jesus loves me?
twistedgemini69 : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:31:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : religion bullshit can have a lot of benefits u know
greywolfuk_m40s : gets jealous of smokey
greywolfuk_m40s : (he's got a bigger font)
smokey0384 : haha, jewsus loves me and not u :P
bluejene : lol yeah.. jesus loves you...... everyone else thinks you're an asshole.. GREAT xmas card for disfunctional fundy family members;)
greywolfuk_m40s : *considers size 12*
smokey0384 : urgh, get over that shit man, uve been goin on and on about font size
smokey0384 : shit
godhand21000 : <leaves the room>
kriptikos : lol blue
smokey0384 : damn
bluejene : dysfunctional too
johntheantibaptist : ok well i must go for now, my updates are ready to install. bye blue and everybody else that knows me.
greywolfuk_m40s : chat is free smokey
bluejene : :)) lisa
johntheantibaptist : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:32:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
agn0stic_and_atheist : I use 12, I think 12 is ok, it's big enough to read easily, but not so big that people seem to fill your screen.
kriptikos : Later john
hearts_song_777 : <arrives> Female 23 from Dwelling in the Secret Place of alias song
smokey0384 : lisa, I cut my wrists, that makes me feel special
greywolfuk_m40s : tries it out
kriptikos : oops
victory1a2000 : what is the advantages of agnostic/athiesm?
mmttaly : <leaves the room>
greywolfuk_m40s : damn ... still smaller than smokey
nyettiprincess : but to fully understand what the fk somenone is talking about when they use the word god is to fully understand what someone means by god
bluejene : aww hell i missed john
fzzybelly : victory, you can sleep late on sundays
agn0stic_and_atheist : victory1a2000 - hmm, there's no 'advantages' to it, you either are one or you aren't.
victory1a2000 : and what are the disadvantages
agn0stic_and_atheist : as above.
smokey0384 : I have problems that i am waiting for surgery and unable to do shit physcially till that is done
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:33:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : no offence smokey ... just messing about
greywolfuk_m40s : but i'm gonna go up a size
smokey0384 : haha grey
fzzybelly : victory the disadvantages is having to explain ad nauseum about why you do not believe in magic beings
unknown_invis_911 : <arrives>
smokey0384 : u fag, u don't need to worry about offending people on yahoo chat u fool
greywolfuk_m40s : now this is important
agn0stic_and_atheist : lol
nyettiprincess : doe not believe in magic beings????
bluejene : ohhh no#-o
greywolfuk_m40s : ok smokey .... how can i offend you ?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:34:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
kriptikos : brb sister in law iming me :-)
bluejene : invis.. join smokey in the iggy bin
greywolfuk_m40s : or have i already ?
supermanlss : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : fzzybelly - yeah, that's true, the explaining is a disadvantage, though it does help with keyboard skills.
smokey0384 : by talkin to me attempted to be assocuiated with me
ahraii : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : just pm me wolf, i talk to u there in secret, shh
victory1a2000 : devils' advocate here (pardon the pun)... what if you're wrong?
fzzybelly : and creating macros
greywolfuk_m40s : associated with you ?
greywolfuk_m40s : *laughs out loud*
smokey0384 : stop it wolf
smokey0384 : ur doin it again
smokey0384 : ppl r gonna see
nyettiprincess : Hey smokey- hacking yo wrists is more intensifgied yet you tend not to remeber that right ?!
fzzybelly : victory, oh no, pascals wager so soon?
greywolfuk_m40s : *innocent look*
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:35:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : hmmm .....
smokey0384 : who says my inetntions were to kill myself?
kriptikos : i think invis is funny lol
smokey0384 : I cut it for pain
ahraii : <arrives> Male 19 from Omaha, Nebraska, United States alias Ahraii
nyettiprincess : if they were u wouldve no ??
greywolfuk_m40s : solipsism anyone ?
hearts_song_777 : ¨°º^v^{MeAtBoX 3.0}^v^º°¨..·••Loaded••·. By:s_e_s_s_i_o_n_s
smokey0384 : If i had intention to killself i would have done it years ago
greywolfuk_m40s : decides to go back to his original font size
candice2027 : <arrives> Female 28 from Eastern Canada
agn0stic_and_atheist : victory1a2000 - if we're wrong we're wrong, if the Jews are right, you are wrong, if the Hindus are right you are wrong, we have to interpret the world as we see fit, we all have to do that, being right or wrong isn't the issue, being honest with oneself is.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:36:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : welcome back candice
fzzybelly : nice comeback agno
rev_sara_the_demon_child : hmmmmmmmmmmmm
literaturehound : Victory, the only thing that is true is what is real. I, personally, do not claim that I know with absolute certainty that there is no god in any form. But, I think it is opposed to the quest for truth to assume that some things are true when we cannot be certain if it is so.
bluejene : victory.. at least we know we';re not worshipping false idols.. reading physical attributes and putting them upon what is not supposed to be even discribed... god is NO thing... so if anything, we're closer to 'the truth' than any fundy is
rev_sara_the_demon_child : interesting topic to wake up ti
rev_sara_the_demon_child : to^
adkoths : <arrives> Male 23 from india alias adkoths
victory1a2000 : Is it a problem explaining your viewpoint> or are you aware there may be some unanswered question that you are unwilling to admit?
thane_mawr2001 : <arrives>
smokey0384 : athiest, i feel that becoz i go to university and u also think i am a moron, it pisses u off
smokey0384 : am i right?
nyettiprincess : yeh, solipsism.. one can only truthfully know as one does..
adkoths : hi blue
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:37:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
kriptikos : lol blue
kriptikos : ok
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey: U is not a word, it is a letter.
adkoths : honky ponky
victory1a2000 : literature and agnostic, the postings are running to fast
candice2027 : <leaves the room>
bluejene : <leaves the room>
valaser : <arrives> Male 20 from MI
kriptikos : <leaves the room>
adkoths : i am happy.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : agnostic, excellent answer.
greywolfuk_m40s : grins at nyetti
adkoths : its easy to be happy..
smokey0384 : yes it is major, thanx for pointing it out
ahraii : Ted Kazynscie (sp) is in prison, isn't he?
victory1a2000 : for me to read your responses
smokey0384 : u is abbreviation for you on yahoo chat
literaturehound : There are unanswered questions, certainly. But that does not mean that we should arbitrarily answer them without testing those answers.
goddess_goldberry : sigh..
smokey0384 : use ur common sense mate
goddess_goldberry : hello all :X
farawlaya_strawberry_sky : <arrives> Female 23 from uk
Lisa_the_Insomniac : I'm a theist, but I don't think God damns people to a hell just for "being wrong", or "not being the right religion"...
literaturehound : Victory, the only thing that is true is what is real. I, personally, do not claim that I know with absolute certainty that there is no god in any form. But, I think it is opposed to the quest for truth to assume that some things are true when we cannot be certain if it is so.
greywolfuk_m40s : hello goldberry ... :x
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey: If you don't want anyone to think you're a moron, learn not to type like a 10 year old
fzzybelly : victory, no god has ever been shown to be true, not one, not ever, in the entire history of humankind, all gods dwell in the realm of faith
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:38:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : sara. :)
agn0stic_and_atheist : smokey0384 - relax, I don't think you are a moron, I think you are lonely and maybe I shouldn't, but hey, you're a human being and you haven't spouted bigotry or blasted me with nine inch text, those are the things I regard as most obviously moronic.
smokey0384 : I don't need to learn as i already can major
rev_sara_the_demon_child : lisa :X am I going to hell?
adkoths : whats topic ty?
greywolfuk_m40s : considers sneering and insults as the way to get attention
greywolfuk_m40s : hmm ....
Lisa_the_Insomniac : sara, oh, definitely. And Bill is going with you.
greywolfuk_m40s : not my natural style tho'
hearts_song_777 : <leaves the room>
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey: If you already have this knowledge why do you not use it?
rev_sara_the_demon_child : yes!!
greywolfuk_m40s : << solipsist
blameless_vestal : <arrives>
smokey0384 : my gf dumped me 2 weeks ago
rev_sara_the_demon_child : gets packed
nyettiprincess : Perhaps it is the onslaught of pain that wakes us up to the irregular understanding we have in ,,,hmmm
Lisa_the_Insomniac : chuckles.
smokey0384 : I do use it major, no need to on yahoo chat
goddess_goldberry : smokey. i know it sounds stupid.. but "u" and "ur" drive me nuts.. they are used more by jailbait (people under 18), and i can't see how those 2 extra letters are so horribly hard to type
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:39:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fzzybelly : huh nyett
blameless_vestal : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : :O,
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey: Fine then, you'll continue to look like a moron. Next,
trish_shhhhhhh : lol goddess
greywolfuk_m40s : lol ... in my country jailbait is 16
goddess_goldberry : lol grey
trish_shhhhhhh : I use ur lol
smokey0384 : ok major, poow me, farewell my love
greywolfuk_m40s : grins at goldberry
goddess_goldberry : you in alabama?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : goddess, yes. It's a very lazy habit, and doesn't actually save the typist any time... and does look stupid.
goddess_goldberry : :))
greywolfuk_m40s : hmmm ... the particular country i'm in right now its 15
greywolfuk_m40s : lol goldberry
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Oh yeah, goddess_goldberry can't see me.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : gives the Yahoo server a good kick.
valaser : 16 in mi
trish_shhhhhhh : u 2 huh lisa
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:40:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : considers visiting alabama
smokey0384 : lisa
greywolfuk_m40s : 16 in uk, nz, aust, and most of europe
goddess_goldberry : grey.. do you look like a white southern baptist?
smokey0384 : my girlfriend dumped me 2 weeks ago
trish_shhhhhhh : saves me alot of time
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, that sucks.
agn0stic_and_atheist : moronitude (yes, I made that word up just now) isn't necessarily black and white, there seems to be a kind of sliding scale.
smokey0384 : I got beaten the shit out off 3 months ago coz i ripped someone off selling weed
smokey0384 : :(
adkoths : dumped in what ?
greywolfuk_m40s : in alabama do they have 4 paws and a tail
nyettiprincess : To cut your wrists is to go beyond your own flesh, what understanding does this bring?
adkoths : garbage,dustbin or .......what?
goddess_goldberry : basically
ahraii : It's a dealer. That's a surprise.
greywolfuk_m40s : lol
greywolfuk_m40s : i'll fit in then
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:41:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : I don't bothr selling weed anymore for profit, just to pay for my own shit
dhvamsati : <arrives>
greywolfuk_m40s : << southern baptist and wolf
goddess_goldberry : nye... if someone feels like their life is worthless.. and they want to end it.. why not?
goddess_goldberry : it is their life..
smokey0384 : e's, u yanks call x, its easier to sell, testing kit is shit thought, i need a new 1
rev_sara_the_demon_child : Oh ok, he's a pothead. This explains everyhting.
greywolfuk_m40s : or you could suggest counselling
smokey0384 : major, dude, iggy me lol
goddess_goldberry : ahhhh then wolf.. you will fit in just fine!!
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey: like, dude, ok totally...
blameless_vestal : <arrives>
goddess_goldberry : wolf.. sure you could.. and sometimes it helps.. but in the end. it is still their life
smokey0384 : ull be doin urself a major, coz i am not good enough for u, so iggy me u petimistic lil girl :D
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:42:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : *woof* (and jesus saves lil girl, now hold still while i .... )
nyettiprincess : smokey> the problem with cnbs is that it is being harnessed fro the profit, you partakei n that way its the way of the smoke will getcha
greywolfuk_m40s : is that getting there goldberry ?
goddess_goldberry : ok..i am tired of taking 2 minutes to deceipher smokey's posts
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey: I'm probably older than you.
goddess_goldberry : lol wolf hehehehe
goddess_goldberry : sara.. you think he is trolling?
nyettiprincess : sure goddeess the common social failure, why the fk not? let em do it.
smokey0384 : hey major, uve insulted me many times, go away kid :D
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:43:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : << troll
smokey0384 : i thought u iggyed me anyway, so cya, iggy me now
rev_sara_the_demon_child : goddess: I'm enjoying the cheap insults he's trying to hurl my direction, as if I'm gonna be ofended by anything a drug addict says.
goddess_goldberry : lol
greywolfuk_m40s : ya ... its an attention seeking approach
goddess_goldberry : hehehe
greywolfuk_m40s : looking for pity fucks
unknown_invis_911 : <leaves the room>
greywolfuk_m40s : ooops .. are there children in here ?
fzzybelly : <leaves the room>
ahraii : I wonder why this makes me laugh uncontrollably....
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey: Again, I'm probably older than you. Try something new, please.
greywolfuk_m40s : remembers he's in general chat
smokey0384 : hey princess
nyettiprincess : Goddess Gulberry should go to the broom and hack her wrists
greywolfuk_m40s : tries to look contrite
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:44:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
thane_mawr2001 : <leaves the room>
goddess_goldberry : eww joshie
goddess_goldberry : that is horrible
smokey0384 : What makes u not a social failure
greywolfuk_m40s : ahhh ... its so cosy in here
greywolfuk_m40s : feels warm
ahraii : I know it is, but I went into hysterics at it.
adkoths : thnothing can be more perfect than reality itself.
greywolfuk_m40s : looks to see if warm minded
smokey0384 : princess, do u even have a job? u probably take more from the world than u contribite
xxxratedxxx69xxx : <arrives> Male 27 from au alias []D*[]*[|\/|]*[]D
trish_shhhhhhh : r there any christians in here
kriptikos : <arrives> Female 32
adkoths : trisha me
agn0stic_and_atheist : <leaves the room>
trish_shhhhhhh : or just atheists
nyettiprincess : no i dont take from the world
greywolfuk_m40s : wb kriptikos
xxxratedxxx69xxx : >:)
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:45:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
adkoths : i am christian.
smokey0384 : princess, Ur in denial that u take things
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : results of yesterday's 'god challenge' -- atheists 1 god 0
smokey0384 : HAHA
trish_shhhhhhh : me 2 adkoths
silent_screams_of_broken_dreams : <arrives>
esfahani435 : <arrives>
smokey0384 : lmfao
kriptikos : ty grey
smokey0384 : haha princess, u made me cough on my drink
nyettiprincess : why, do you even have a job? what does that mean?
goddess_goldberry : nye.. actualy i am a very positive person.. but I have seen many people who lived a miserable existance.. they kept trying to commit suicide, and people kept trying to save them
adkoths : what makes you think you are a christian?
goddess_goldberry : it is their life.
ahraii : goddess_goldberry has ignored me now. Hah.
trish_shhhhhhh : me?
smokey0384 : what does a job mean?
agn0stic_and_atheist : <arrives> Male 36 from uk
smokey0384 : princess
xxxratedxxx69xxx : 8-x
rev_sara_the_demon_child : Smokey is just some 'tard who came in here looking for pity. All he did was complain about his problems. He's not gonna debate anything.
adkoths : by the way you are a beautiful christian...
ahraii : Jesus smokey is boring....
goddess_goldberry : joshie. i didn't iggy you!!
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : next 'god challenge' -- Tuesday @ 11:00 PM
adkoths : trisha
ahraii : giggles.
goochs_dad2002 : <arrives> Male 40 from Madison, WI
kriptikos : hi adkoths
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:46:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
nyettiprincess : yes, it is their life , but the consequences of suicide do not end with the suicider.
smokey0384 : ok major, so why don't u iggy me and stop bitchin about me
evidread : <arrives> Male 23 from oregon
ahraii : goddess_goldberry, I would have. I should find another fun link....
rev_sara_the_demon_child : joshie: Amen brotha
xxxratedxxx69xxx : [-o<
adkoths : hi kriptiko..
xxxratedxxx69xxx : :))
pazz_iato : <arrives> Male 26 from Uranus alias Pazziato
evidread : hello pplz
goddess_goldberry : nye... everyone dies sooner or later
farawlaya_strawberry_sky : <leaves the room>
trish_shhhhhhh : thank u adkoths
rob1142hr : <arrives> Male alias Rob
adkoths : so what doyou do?
goddess_goldberry : nye.. so everyone has to deal with death sooner or later..
trish_shhhhhhh : Im a christian b/c I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior a loooooong time ago
bluejene : <arrives> Female 36 from My Computer Desk
nyettiprincess : everyone does die sooner or later, it is how we go and how we lived thatis important ?
smokey0384 : princess, U reckon u don't take anything from the world!?
smokey0384 : haha
goddess_goldberry : in the end.. it is their life.. the can do with it what they want
xxxratedxxx69xxx : <leaves the room>
rob1142hr : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:47:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
nyettiprincess : What do you think i take?
rev_sara_the_demon_child : trish: Ah. I was the same way. Then I grew a mind of my own.
smokey0384 : so weren't u born in a materinity unit in a hospital by a doctor
evidread : <leaves the room>
ahraii : smokey0384, seriously, you're boring. Go away.
smokey0384 : ok ahraii, i am boring u, iggy me
candice2027 : <arrives> Female 28 from Eastern Canada
smokey0384 : :))
trish_shhhhhhh : I have a mind of my own sara
ahraii : smokey0384, at least be an entertaining troll.
greywolfuk_m40s : wb candice
pazz_iato : <leaves the room>
rev_sara_the_demon_child : trish: eh, whatever.
goochs_dad2002 : and I'm not a Christian, because I read the bible carefully and found the Christian myth to be ridiculous
greywolfuk_m40s : << trolls in the room
adkoths : trisha you there....
smokey0384 : ahrali, im afraid i can't be ur entertauning troll, now iggy me
trish_shhhhhhh : u can serve christ w/o being led by the nose
nyettiprincess : You'll have to make some sense smokey
adkoths : for me ..i mean to talk
greywolfuk_m40s : *leers at candice*
kriptikos : LOL
rev_sara_the_demon_child : Goochs: word up.
goochs_dad2002 : :D sara
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:48:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : loves goochs_dad2002, even if he IS a dirty rotten sinful hellbound heathen.
goddess_goldberry : nye. hard to make sense when you are stoned
greywolfuk_m40s : good song .....
smokey0384 : :))@ ahraii
ahraii : smokey0384, I just spelled entertaining on screen. Is it that difficult for you to reproduce, Potty McBrainDead?
rev_sara_the_demon_child : :)) lisa :P
goochs_dad2002 : lol, Lisa! :X
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smooches goochs_dad2002.
smokey0384 : :(( <-- laughin so hard at ahraii
nyettiprincess : no it isnt gofdess
pazz_iato : <arrives> Male 26 from Uranus alias Pazziato
agn0stic_and_atheist : I've never been a Christian, or indeed a subscriber to any religion, I find religion interesting from an academic perspective however.
goddess_goldberry : lol nye
greywolfuk_m40s : watches the feeding
smokey0384 : yes, ur better than me in every single possible way, i am inferior to u ahraii, now iggy me
blameless_vestal : pazz
silent_screams_of_broken_dreams : <leaves the room>
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey: Why laugh at something you couldn't possibly understand?
kriptikos : lol
zenpunk : <leaves the room>
goddess_goldberry : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:49:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
pazz_iato : dusty
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey is desperate to be iggied...
adkoths : trisha ..
smokey0384 : haha @ major, u and ahraii r complety obvlivious to what u are doing
kriptikos : :))
ahraii : We're also oblivious, apparently.
smokey0384 : major u said u iggied me but u lied, u said it to see my reaction
goochs_dad2002 : "obvlivious"? :))
ahraii : Oh, completely oblivious.
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey: Oh, and who's the pothead?? Well, you're probably not, you're just pretending to be. How lame.
trish_shhhhhhh : Im here adkoths
kriptikos : Good question dio lol
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey: when did I say I iggied you?
agn0stic_and_atheist : suspects that smokey0384 is just looking for attention....
smokey0384 : what a strange person
adkoths : germans kill whoever comes to their country
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Yeah, you guys are oblivious. That's the way I'd describe you.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : rolls her eyes.
nyettiprincess : ignoratum still see smoke in the light as the same as hard drugs - shame
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:50:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
candice2027 : :))
greywolfuk_m40s : hmm ... my troll line didn't work (candice didn't melt at my feet)
pazz_iato : oblivious is the only way to go through life
smokey0384 : uve been bitchin about how inferior i am and shit, well, too bad for me, why don't u iggy me
armacdonald30 : <arrives>
blameless_vestal : You have to tell candice what a stinky worthless pile of shit she is THEN she'll melt
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey: Wht are you so desperate to be ignored?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, can I ignore you too?
greywolfuk_m40s : they sell grass and mushroom omelettes at half the "resorts" here
kriptikos : Hi dusty
ahraii : smokey0384, because it's a power trip for you. You act obnoxious and you wrap yourself up in the assurance that you've somehow affected people.
blameless_vestal : kriptokos
candice2027 : dusty:x:x
trish_shhhhhhh : why r u taking chat so personal smokey
greywolfuk_m40s : as it goes .....
trish_shhhhhhh : its chat
Lisa_the_Insomniac : sara, maybe he feels SUPERIOR, the more people who ignore him. :)
nyettiprincess : a good smoking cafe would be goood
ahraii : smokey0384, you haven't. You're just boring and stupid. :)
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:51:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Sort of a variation of the persecution complex the fundies have.
greywolfuk_m40s : amsterdam for that ....
realrudiger : <arrives>
goochs_dad2002 : ooooh, ooooooh! I want to ignore smokey too! Can I? Huh? Huh?
adkoths : <leaves the room>
adkoths : <arrives> Male 23 from india alias adkoths
blameless_vestal : smokey is psycho, you guys. I've seen him in Relgion1.
smokey0384 : I am asking why don't u iggy me as u appear to be very agreviated by my inferiorty, and every single time u answer, why do u want to be iggied
smokey0384 : wtf
rev_sara_the_demon_child : Lisa: I guess. He's a truly disturbing individual, one who defies logic and reasoning.
adkoths : hi
Lisa_the_Insomniac : kelly, well, okay. :)
smokey0384 : dya make this shit up as u go along
realrudiger : <leaves the room>
goochs_dad2002 : does a happy dance while he clicks on smokey
kriptikos : Amsterdam is awsome...but i was disappointed with the Van Gough museam
agn0stic_and_atheist : the defiance of logic and reasoning are regular visitors to this
greywolfuk_m40s : and now in brixton in london ... the borough has decriminalised possession of less than an ounce ... (and street crime fell by 20%, tho' obviously causation unclear)
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:52:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
pelloquin13 : <arrives>
rev_sara_the_demon_child : I'm about to ignore him, mostly because he's boring and a waste of chat screen
blameless_vestal : Smokey recognizes my voice and messages me that he's found my 'secret'
greywolfuk_m40s : why so krip ?
nyettiprincess : I wanna know how cutting your wrists make you feel so good - the shock theing? for others imean, selfish isnt it.
pazz_iato : the last time i was in amsterdam some fucker tried to mug me but i was too fucked up
goochs_dad2002 : kriptikops: lots of the good ones are probably in Paris at the impressionist museum there
ahraii : smokey0384, aggravated. Inferiority. It's cute, that you're trying to get a specific response, I mean.
bluejene : lol
pelloquin13 : hey slut lady
bluejene : yup
kriptikos : They didnt look at good in person.
agn0stic_and_atheist : pelloquin13 - who me?
greywolfuk_m40s : sighs
bluejene : heey pell
trish_shhhhhhh : <leaves the room>
bluejene : :))
pelloquin13 : hey candice you stupid bimbo
greywolfuk_m40s : pelloquin ... meet smokey
kriptikos : That good i mean
adkoths : why candice talk the way she does?
pelloquin13 : not you
pazz_iato : Some guy tried to sell my mother crack at 8am the next day
pelloquin13 : slut lady
greywolfuk_m40s : sighs at having no voice
rev_sara_the_demon_child : *** pelloquin13 will be ignored until the rapture
pelloquin13 : yeah yuo are
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:53:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
pelloquin13 : crack whore
agn0stic_and_atheist : candice is what we call 'barking' in England.
bluejene : they whole ROOM did
ahraii : smokey0384, why don't I ignore you? Because someone will feed your boring, retarded, trolling ass, no matter what. >^_^<
smokey0384 : cool ahraii, ur an uncivalized person, im gonna iggy u, ur behaviour is not acceptable
luciferstypist : is on pager.
luciferstypist : <arrives> Female from 666 Kings Avenue, Hell
greywolfuk_m40s : smokey ... meet pelloquin
luciferstypist : N Justpopping in for a few
ahraii : laughs.
rev_sara_the_demon_child : lol smokey!!!!!!!!!!!
pelloquin13 : CRACK WHORE
goochs_dad2002 : hey, flash
smokey0384 : anyways
pazz_iato : i don
nalyssaqoalyssaqa : <arrives>
smokey0384 : lol grey
pazz_iato : i don't know dusty, there might be a correlation
luciferstypist : N Pelloquin said crackwhore. LOL!
smokey0384 : don't associate me with that cunt
greywolfuk_m40s : pell has a different approach
bluejene : :))
armacdonald30 : i thought this chat was about atheism and christianity
agn0stic_and_atheist : if candice really is a crack whore then calling her one isn't so much an insult as a statement of fact.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:54:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : he he he lucifer
luciferstypist : N Armac- Occasionally it is.
bluejene : yup
pelloquin13 : suck my balls you homo smokey
nyettiprincess : Some believe that they are born evil, then they realise pain isnt infinite
luciferstypist : N Unfortunatley Pello seems to have forgotten that.
smokey0384 : *licks pello balls*
blameless_vestal : true candice
blameless_vestal : Like your man Mark
luciferstypist : N *snikcers*
beloved_lestatus : <arrives> Female 20 from not anymore
greywolfuk_m40s : thinks the 13 at the end of pell's name is a giveaway
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey0384 Shall be joining the other looneys in the looney bin.
smokey0384 : hey, i wrote it down, but im not actually doin it
gumptiondude : <arrives> Male 26 from NYC, NY
nalyssaqoalyssaqa : <leaves the room>
diogenes_of_synope_2003 : armac: go for it
beloved_lestatus : Greetings
luciferstypist : N PELLOQUIN!The Degenerate Medicine Woman!
gumptiondude : greetings my dear brothers and sisters
smokey0384 : ok finally major, u stopped bitchin about it and done it :D
goochs_dad2002 : run, forrrreeest, ruuuuuuun!
agn0stic_and_atheist : greetings gumptiondude
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:55:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : looks outside ... waiting for the rain to stop
smokey0384 : LISA, I asked if u and athiest was lonely
smokey0384 : did i judge u to be?
agn0stic_and_atheist : I feel suior all the
blameless_vestal : lol
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, yes. You did.
blameless_vestal : yup blue
agn0stic_and_atheist : *supior
smokey0384 : that has really got to u hasn't it lisa
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Even after I said I wasn't.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : laughs.
rev_sara_the_demon_child : ***smokey0384 will be ignored until he gets a clue and grows the hell up.
pelloquin13 : crack whore
nyettiprincess : :)
smokey0384 : Im sorry making u aware of it
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Yeah, it "got to me". It made me laugh.
agn0stic_and_atheist : (spelling things wrong correctly can be hard work - lol).
smokey0384 : I appologise
pelloquin13 : she gives head for crack
kriptikos : rain stopped hear...good because have to finish painting house
bluejene : yup
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:56:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
merciless_retaliatory_measures : <arrives> alias Merciless Retaliatory Measures
bluejene : i've seen it
merciless_retaliatory_measures : Well, if we're going to play this game. There is one immaturity I allow myself, and that's having the last word. smokey0384, you're infectious human waste, and I genuinely hope you start dealing in an amphetimine so you fuck up and blow your retarded limbs off. It's a miracle that evolution hasn't breeded out your brand of stupid yet. Oh, right, last word.
kriptikos : lol agn
pelloquin13 : too late mother fucker
pelloquin13 : <leaves the room>
beloved_lestatus : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : humans eventually contredict themselves and have double standards
bluejene : brb coffee
gumptiondude : "gumptiondude you just sound like such a creep, I would never want to have my children anywhere near you" -spherical
agn0stic_and_atheist : :-)
smokey0384 : U don't give a shit about other ppl, ur on yahoo for ur selfish entertainment, not helping other people
ahraii : Unbelievable that that didn't get posted.
gumptiondude : oh really?
adkoths : what a lovely voice..........
smokey0384 : we only give a fuck if it affects us personally
ahraii : <leaves the room>
rev_sara_the_demon_child : arrrrrrrrrgh
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:57:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
adkoths : dusty
libraskeptical : <leaves the room>
greywolfuk_m40s : thinks about projections
gumptiondude : oh crap
luciferstypist : N Pelloquin certainly has a way with words, doesnt it?
smokey0384 : Measures, i ain't even gonna read that
rev_sara_the_demon_child : go joshie, go joshie
smokey0384 : I love how he actually made the effort of writing a hooj paragaph and then iggyed me so i can't respond
smokey0384 : lol
goochs_dad2002 : <leaves the room>
blameless_vestal : hi adkoths
Lisa_the_Insomniac : sara, shhh, he doens't like to be called Joshie anymore. :)
rev_sara_the_demon_child : lisa: how come no one tells me these things?
agn0stic_and_atheist : who'd joshie?
Lisa_the_Insomniac : You didn't get the memo?
agn0stic_and_atheist : who's
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:58:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : ya ... pell is from teen, i expect
rev_sara_the_demon_child : Nah. I'm a loser :((
agn0stic_and_atheist : [sausage fingers]
rev_sara_the_demon_child : I'm so used to typing Joshie though :((
agn0stic_and_atheist : waves back
smokey0384 : hey, I would like to know, how can i be classed as an infectious human waste, when i don't attack and insult ppl who i wasn't even talkin too, like you
kitty_comehere : <arrives> Female 44 from Northern California
Lisa_the_Insomniac : sara, me too...
smokey0384 : I bet i contribute more to the world than the majoirty of ppl in this room
greywolfuk_m40s : puts down a dish of milk ... and some chocolate catnip
coldfusion999 : <arrives> Male
lestan44 : <arrives>
greywolfuk_m40s : "puss puss puss"
rev_sara_the_demon_child : so why the change in heart josh or whatever your name is now
kitty_comehere : mmmm.... my favorite :D
agn0stic_and_atheist : so is Joshie to be referred to as MRM?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 08:59:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : smokey, in other words... you're such an obvious troll... we kept you unignored for a while because it was amusing watching you go in circles. It lost its amusement factor.
nyettiprincess : one could mistake yahoo for an assault by tormented souls
bluejene : back
smokey0384 : don't mistake kindness as a weakness
lestan44 : CANDICE IS A CRACK WHORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
candice2027 : :)
greywolfuk_m40s : laughs
agn0stic_and_atheist : erm...ok :-)
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Stuff gets old.
nyettiprincess : lucky i found the fifth amulet
smokey0384 : whats the point in being agrevated on yahoo chat
blameless_vestal : she doesnt use sophia anymore
rev_sara_the_demon_child : *** lestan44 will be ignored
blameless_vestal : la_wish
smokey0384 : lisa, i bet u bonded with ppl over the net
blameless_vestal : saponariel
blameless_vestal : all them
valaser : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : haha, Do u beleive u can actially get to know ppl on the net
candice2027 : hi lestan, I sucked your daddy's cock for crack last night
kriptikos : lol
lestan44 : COOL
kitty_comehere : lol
greywolfuk_m40s : has met people from the net
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:00:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gumptiondude : smokey why the ehll not?
nyettiprincess : know you like a cut throat
smokey0384 : I bet u met ur bf on the net ;)
lestan44 : <leaves the room>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Ah, here comes smokey's lame "ur lonely cuz ur on the net" nonsense. *click*
kitty_comehere : me too
kitty_comehere : some good, some liars
rev_sara_the_demon_child : josh: I suppose not.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : nsync4life... LOL
smokey0384 : cool grey, what was it like?
smokey0384 : I wanna know, for when i hook up with lisa
knight_of_baawa : <arrives>
agn0stic_and_atheist : I thought there was a Christian arguing with me somewhere, I've lost him, can you send him to reception for collection if you see him, you'll recognise him by the confused expression, lol
greywolfuk_m40s : mostly good, one disaster
greywolfuk_m40s : *grins*
rev_sara_the_demon_child : is nsuck still together?
greywolfuk_m40s : *licks his teeth*
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:01:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
kitty_comehere : lol
satyam125sh : <arrives> Male 23 from india alias satya
nyettiprincess : :))
blameless_vestal : lol
greywolfuk_m40s : but ... hmm ... in chat you get to know people from the inside out ....
knight_of_baawa : dusty
kriptikos : lol agn
blameless_vestal : knight
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Joshie the Catboy... great mascot. :)
greywolfuk_m40s : so be prepared for it being very different ....
kitty_comehere : true, Grey
kriptikos : i need more coffee...brb
smokey0384 : grey, tell me about the ppl u met
agn0stic_and_atheist : smiles at kriptikos and kisses her fair hand
smokey0384 : were the different than the net
rev_sara_the_demon_child : josh: lol, never occurred to me. I know several older people who prefer their child-like names
jackie1139 : <arrives> Female
kriptikos : :">
greywolfuk_m40s : come to adult, and i'll tell you
greywolfuk_m40s : *chuckles*
coldfusion999 : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:02:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
bluejene : sara... last thing i heard is justin timberlake came out w/ his own stuff and the guitarist, my ol school bud, greggy howe was gettin drunk, again... in easton Pa
rev_sara_the_demon_child : josh: I know a 22 year old nurse named Trendy. Joshie is definitely not bad
greywolfuk_m40s : actually, i made a couple of good friends .....
bluejene : lol
agn0stic_and_atheist : savagely makes meaningless referrence to trend_set56
smokey0384 : 12yearold girls who u met in a dark alley and dyed ur grey pubes black?
literaturehound : A goddam bird just flew into my window.
smokey0384 : lol j/k
greywolfuk_m40s : :o
smokey0384 : who u meet grey
greywolfuk_m40s : you were spying on me smokey
rev_sara_the_demon_child : blue: interesting. My friend used to be OBSESSED with them.
smokey0384 : haha
nyettiprincess : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : thank fuck for that
literaturehound : Good thing it was closed.
bluejene : lol liter.. it's a OMEN [-o<
jackie1139 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : someone who didn't take themselves too serious on yahoo
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:03:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : there is help for all of us
satyam125sh : <leaves the room>
vitv_vitv : <arrives> Male
hunter_the_crazychick : is back
hunter_the_crazychick : knows she can get to know people on the 'net.
bluejene : sara... lol.. we all laughed like hell when we heard gregg was playin for em
hunter_the_crazychick : has done it.
vitv_vitv : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : So there; neener.
bluejene : \:))
rev_sara_the_demon_child : josh: Eh, call yourself what you want. IF they don't approve of you because of your *name* they're not worth talking to in the first place
agn0stic_and_atheist : kitty_comehere - ten out of ten for your mysterious looking profile pic. :-)
hunter_the_crazychick : Goddamnit, Joshie, get out of ignore.
bluejene : before that he was with enrique englasias
literaturehound : <---- going outside to check on the health of said stupid bird
smokey0384 : hunter, a lot of ppl on the net lie
merciless_retaliatory_measures : No.
merciless_retaliatory_measures : giggles.
blameless_vestal : lol candice
kitty_comehere : ty Agnostic
bluejene : :))
greywolfuk_m40s : agrees with agnostic ... good pic kitty
smokey0384 : could be classed as pathaological lyin coz of low self-esteem
merciless_retaliatory_measures : Oh fuck it. Let's go with "Joshie."
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: that's not my problem. I don't lie.
bluejene : and before that... michael jackson :))
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:04:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
expressoman2001 : <arrives> Male
smokey0384 : hunter, ppl on the net is who they wanna be
kitty_comehere : ty too Grey :p
greywolfuk_m40s : or wish fulfilment ... people can be what they aren't on the net ... and try stuff out ....
bluejene : man did greg sall out.. he's a HUGE fan of van halen
greywolfuk_m40s : why not ?
bluejene : sell
smokey0384 : yes hunter, maybe ur not aware that u lie or exature, or maybe ur just brutally honest
gumptiondude : they are nasty
kriptikos : lol dust
pazz_iato : <leaves the room>
bluejene : heey expresso hon
Lisa_the_Insomniac : sara, but I agree with his point. If the name he's being called distracts from the things he wants to argue, or reduce his chance to be taken seriously (or however he wants to be taken)...
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: that sounds like your problem, not mine. It could be argued that you think people on the net 'lie', as a general rule, because you yourself lie, which means, by your standards, you're a pathetic piece of shit.
expressoman2001 : <leaves the room>
greywolfuk_m40s : its when people confuse net socializing with "real" life that problems start
rev_sara_the_demon_child : lisa: Eh, to each their own. I love Bill Wyman, after all.
Cerebral_Torture : <arrives> Male
smokey0384 : hunter, don't be so passive and sensiive, u have to be a ruthless corrupt cunt to make any money in this sick bastad world which will eventually burn
sultan383 : <arrives> alias ahmed
candice2027 : :))
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:05:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: in order to be unaware of the fact that I'm lying, I'd have to be pretty fucking stupid. I am, in fact, not that stupid.
smokey0384 : lol hunter, why u insult me?
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: I'm passive and sensitive? You have no fucking clue who I am, do you?
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: you insult yourself.
bluejene : you all still are entertaining smokey???
smokey0384 : ok, fair enough that is what u beleive
bluejene : lol
smokey0384 : why did u insult me?
myvorticity : <arrives> Female 21 from CA alias JstAnothrGrl
bluejene : is he funny now???
rev_sara_the_demon_child : <leaves the room>
merciless_retaliatory_measures : I'd say that the internet was the first "real" socialization I had, oddly enough. After a while, I had people calling me long distance, paying for hour long conversations. It fixed my social retardation.
good_thought_deed_word : <arrives> Male 32
greywolfuk_m40s : wb vorticity
smokey0384 : ur a geek, clueless fundermentalist
sultan383 : <leaves the room>
myvorticity : ty
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: excuse me?
literaturehound : <--- is a social retard
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:06:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
agn0stic_and_atheist : gave up on smokey0384 a while ago, he was just looking to hold attention, no productive discussion going on.
merciless_retaliatory_measures : the intarnet saved my life!!!111!
merciless_retaliatory_measures : giggles.
smokey0384 : U insulted me coz i said something u didn't agree with, and my intentions wasn't to insult u blatanly
bluejene : yes a&a.. i saw that right off too
bluejene : but he could be funny now
agn0stic_and_atheist : snuggles bluejene
good_thought_deed_word : Any atheist here?
bluejene : and i wanted to know
bluejene : lol
smokey0384 : hunter, I am saying a lot of ppl lie on the net
literaturehound : I am atheist
greywolfuk_m40s : *lounges*
bluejene : awwwww a&a
smokey0384 : don't need to insult me for it
agn0stic_and_atheist : good_thought_deed_word - I' an evil atheist.
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: actually, I haven't insulted you yet; I've merely restated your own argument, with logical progression added. It's hardly my fault that your argument insults you.
gumptiondude : baush is pro life
good_thought_deed_word : evil?
smokey0384 : u could have informed me i had offended u
gumptiondude : Bush
good_thought_deed_word : are you evil?
smokey0384 : instead of insulting me
agn0stic_and_atheist : (kidding).
spherical_bastards : <arrives> Female 18 from Kentucky alias Delicious Delilah
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:07:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
kitty_comehere : <<<--- atheist
good_thought_deed_word : k
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: oddly, you haven't offended me; I on the other hand seem to have offended you....
Lisa_the_Insomniac : I usually fit in the last category.
good_thought_deed_word : how did you become atheist?
bluejene : lisa... true
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: and you immediately turn to 'why do u insult me' combined with 'ur a geek, clueless fundermentalist'.
smokey0384 : Hunter smokey0384: that sounds like your problem, not mine. It could be argued that you think people on the net 'lie', as a general rule, because you yourself lie, which means, by your standards, you're a pathetic piece of shit.
good_thought_deed_word : assuming you were before christians or whatever
nez_destroyer : <arrives> Male
adrian2260 : <arrives>
smokey0384 : U judged that, and assumed, assumutions is mother of mistakes
nez_destroyer : <leaves the room>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Although at my last chatroom, we did "slip into personas" sometimes.
agn0stic_and_atheist : good_thought_deed_word - well, as soon as I was presented with the alternatives and had a think about it.
trend_set56 : spherical how are u today????????????????
elcin_ismayilov2002 : <arrives>
adrian2260 : <leaves the room>
coldfusion999 : How do you "become" a believer of any religious system?
agn0stic_and_atheist : I've never been a Christian.
greywolfuk_m40s : hmm ... has found most people straight on the net ... maybe its the way you talk to them
elcin_ismayilov2002 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : u insulted me and ur blatanly lying that u didn't, geez, if ur in denial what u did 3mins ago in writing, then what else r u in denial of? ;P
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:08:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
kitty_comehere : exactly, Coldfusion
smokey0384 : ;)
hunter_the_crazychick : Now, if I were going to insult you, I could start by pointing out that your spelling is appalling, and makes me wonder what fucking school allowed you to be left out of summerschool....
greywolfuk_m40s : << sean connery, by the way
gumptiondude : fair enough
kitty_comehere : mmmmm
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: actually, no, again, I restated your argument; they're totally your judgements, and your assumptions....
smokey0384 : hunter, u called me a piece of shit to insult me
literaturehound : I agree with agn0stic ... although, even though I was raised in a Christian family, I can't recall a time in a life when I really truly believed in the existence of god.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : hunter, aha! I KNEW you were a fundamentalist!
Lisa_the_Insomniac : I just KNEW it.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : giggles.
hunter_the_crazychick : bitchslaps lisa.
smokey0384 : u stupid fag, <-- i just said that to insult u
Lisa_the_Insomniac : cackles.
bluejene : liter.. i sure hoped for a long time though...
smokey0384 : cmon
Cerebral_Torture : roar, hunter. ;-)
bluejene : lol
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: wow; you called me a cigarette. That's nice.
good_thought_deed_word : any one here who has deconverted?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:09:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : lol hunter
greywolfuk_m40s : religion ... isn't it from the latin "religare ?", meaning "to bind together" ?
bluejene : hunter's still on smooke?
kitty_comehere : deconverted?
adkoths : deconverted to what?
kitty_comehere : wtf is that?
bluejene : :))
good_thought_deed_word : yes grewolf
WyldTyger : literaturehound: I was raised a xian, and remember not beliving as early as 5.
literaturehound : Deconverted? From what to what?
bluejene : that didn't sound right
agn0stic_and_atheist : lol
good_thought_deed_word : from theist to atheist
merciless_retaliatory_measures : Hunter, just make it clear you have tits and it'll behave.
bluejene : :)) merci
coldfusion999 : Does anyone actually believe that they are privvy to the greater powers will?
pazz_iato : <arrives> Male 26 from Uranus alias Pazziato
agn0stic_and_atheist : you mean abandoned their former beliefs?
smokey0384 : hunter, U insulted me, and u know there was no need for it, I hope u appologise, u should tell me if i have offended u in future and try and be nice guy sayin ur shit in a more appropiate manner phrasing it nicer
greywolfuk_m40s : mai pen rai
luciferstypist : is offline/invisible.
luciferstypist : <leaves the room>
adkoths : <<<<< deconverted 90%
literaturehound : I never was a theist to begin with.
good_thought_deed_word : yes agnostic
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:10:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
libraskeptical : <arrives> Female 28 from Colorado
kitty_comehere : George Bush believes that :))
smokey0384 : I don't expect u to applogise, u seem that kinda person
literaturehound : At least, not that I can remember.
WyldTyger : So ive never really been a theist at any time in my life.
agn0stic_and_atheist : ah, well, I've never been religious.
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Anyway, I'm gonna go do something useful for a change... take care, folks. :)
merciless_retaliatory_measures : Later, Lisa.
merciless_retaliatory_measures : waggles gummie phallus.
adkoths : i hasnt been easy till now.
libraskeptical : Hm.
knight_of_baawa : Libra!
Lisa_the_Insomniac : laughs.
libraskeptical : knight!
knight_of_baawa : hugs Libra
libraskeptical : hugs knight
gumptiondude : crooked companies get tax breaks yes
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Oh Joshua. Love that gummie phallus.
gumptiondude : its awful
knight_of_baawa : How's your morning?
greywolfuk_m40s : mmmm @ a pic i'm looking at
spherical_bastards : those take breaks go to companies that aren't even based in the united states !!!!
greywolfuk_m40s : smiles at hunter
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:11:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Lisa_the_Insomniac : . o O ( Notice the Joshua? Trying to make you sound older and more mature. )
pazz_iato : hi libra
libraskeptical : So far, so good....yours?
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: there's nothing for me to be sorry for. To apologise would be dishonest.
merciless_retaliatory_measures : snickers.
adkoths : i wasted my time in dusty' site which has only one clear picture ,,that too half.
libraskeptical : Pazzy Wazzy.. :x
spherical_bastards : they don't n employ americans!
spherical_bastards : even*
hunter_the_crazychick : I think we've already established that I'm not dishonest.
merciless_retaliatory_measures : Stick with Joshie, forget it. Thanks for being thoughtful. *hug hugs.*
smokey0384 : u lied to me hunter
adkoths : ,,,,,was fooled
knight_of_baawa : Good. I took youngest niece out for breakfast, as it's her birthday tomorrow. She'll be 10.
adkoths : feels cheated
smokey0384 : U said u never insulted me
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: did I? When?
goodnessguy2002 : <arrives>
Lisa_the_Insomniac : Later, guys. :)
riverbluex2000 : <arrives> Male from Italy alias Hot chocolate
Lisa_the_Insomniac : <leaves the room>
libraskeptical : Right on.
agn0stic_and_atheist : later lisa
smokey0384 : u called me a piece of shit to unsult me, that was ur intentions
myvorticity : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : UR lying
coldfusion999 : <leaves the room>
knight_of_baawa : And she needs uncle-time
trend_set56 : does anyone have me on ignore?
Cerebral_Torture : smokey..well...I won't call you a piece of shit. But I will call you a whiney bitch...suck it up and shut the fuck up..
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:12:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
libraskeptical : I'm not certain what we're doing.. today.
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: no, I said that I never intentionally insulted you. And I didn't; that you're fragile enough to have construed your own logic thrown back at you as an insult isn't my problem.
victory1a2000 : <leaves the room>
WyldTyger : i second that
riverbluex2000 : hey any girl wants to play cam 2 cam?
smokey0384 : lol torture
greywolfuk_m40s : sees lightning .... hears the thunder ....
good_thought_deed_word : no hunter, that's objectively an insult sorry
bluejene : ohh gees dusty....4 topics you went through so far
adkoths : smokey you can simlpy deny of being piece of shit..
bluejene : lol
knight_of_baawa : You could go to the park, Libra
blameless_vestal : lol sorry
adkoths : its easy....
kitty_comehere : Riverblue, try the adult rooms
trend_set56 : :)
libraskeptical : We go to the park every weekend.
smokey0384 : so, if ur gf accidenly dropped a glass on the floor, u would call her a piece of shit and not appologise!?
smokey0384 : wtf
bobwar69 : <arrives> Male 41 from windsor,vt
hunter_the_crazychick : good_thought_deed_word: except those are his own words; his problem, not mine.
knight_of_baawa : hmmmm
adkoths : ppl feel whatever they want to feel about others....
libraskeptical : It's only 9:00 here.......
trend_set56 : hi bobwar
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: I haven't got a girlfriend, stoopid.
bobwar69 : hello all
smokey0384 : hunter, wait til lu get a girlfriend, u need to swallow prie to get laid
hunter_the_crazychick : And yes, that was an insult.
hunter_the_crazychick : Keep up.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:13:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
WyldTyger : smokey and hunter: get over it already...
knight_of_baawa : lives near 5 parks
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: FUCKING MORON I'M FEMALE!
blameless_vestal : bobwar :)
greywolfuk_m40s : lol ... thinks someone noisy should look at profiles
knight_of_baawa : has a park one block from his house
bobwar69 : lol @ smokey
armacdonald30 : okay the conversation in this room has nothing to do with the title of the room
candice2027 : :))
smokey0384 : ur a blatant dyke hunter
greywolfuk_m40s : mmmmm @ hunter
libraskeptical : noisy?
bobwar69 : hi dusty
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: Am I now?
armacdonald30 : what is wrong with oyu people
adkoths : hunter you should have id called hunted ...
good_thought_deed_word : that was another insult Humnte.... I'm counting 2
bobwar69 : hi spher
trend_set56 : hi bob
smokey0384 : hey hunter, so u would call ur mom a piece of shit if she spilt some milk and not appologise!?
bobwar69 : hi hunter
smokey0384 : ofc u wouldn't
bobwar69 : hi trend
armacdonald30 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : don't be a moron and be in denial and say u wou;dl
greywolfuk_m40s : so start it up armac
smokey0384 : would*
hunter_the_crazychick : good_thought_deed_word: one, stoopid. And I admitted it was. Pay attention.
adkoths : smokey cool down
riverbluex2000 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : UR gonna lie to make a point
iron_cross66106 : <arrives> Male
pazz_iato : Zoo is good.
good_thought_deed_word : now 3
bobwar69 : hi candice
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:14:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
spherical_bastards : gump so then its ok for our gov to give away for corporate though ?
smokey0384 : or just avoid what i say
thefirstman_99 : <arrives> Male
smokey0384 : symptons of denial
greywolfuk_m40s : is there such a thing as "chat rage" ?
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: actually, no, I don't lie to get sex, and I'm not a lesbian.
libraskeptical : Sorry, that was not me.
spherical_bastards : gump so then its ok for gov tothrow money to them ?
bobwar69 : so wahts goin on today?
candice2027 : hi bobwar:x:x:x
kitty_comehere : lol, yes Grey!
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: or would you like to prove that I'm a lesbian? Come on, please do. There's a few females in here who would LOVE to hear that news.
knight_of_baawa : Oh come on, hunter. You're a resbian and you know it.
adkoths : smokey ppl lie easily....see you just have to say something which is not true...
greywolfuk_m40s : winks at kitty
smokey0384 : hey hunter, so u would call ur mom a piece of shit if she spilt some milk and not appologise!? ofc u wouldn't, din't be a moron and be in denial and say u wouldm ur gonna lie to make a point or avoid this, symptons of denial
hunter_the_crazychick : knight_of_baawa: technicality, I'm sure. Resbian is not 'dyke'....
greywolfuk_m40s : wonders how long the feeding will continue
kitty_comehere : grinz a kitty grin...
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:15:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
godhand21000 : <arrives> Male 20 from ohio alias alex
pazz_iato : <leaves the room>
literaturehound : I have lied to get sex ... but they were all pretty obvious lies, and I did not expect anyone to fall for them. For example: "My johnny is bigger than my nose, baby."
godhand21000 : [-o<
WyldTyger : smokey, you have some issues..
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: actually, no, I wouldn't. Your hypothetical is invalid, because 'spilling milk' is not 'bad logic'.
greywolfuk_m40s : lol literature
godhand21000 : can i play a song
knight_of_baawa : What about renting some movies, Libra?
greywolfuk_m40s : how about " i won't ... in your mouth"
trend_set56 : <leaves the room>
bluejene : <leaves the room>
bluejene : <arrives> Female 36 from My Computer Desk
literaturehound : lol
greywolfuk_m40s : lowers the tone
libraskeptical : knight: Um, I don't need suggestions on what to do today, silly.
smokey0384 : hunter, bullshit, u wouldn't call ur mom a fuckin piece of shit if she upset u accidently
libraskeptical : laughs.
kitty_comehere : lol
davidjohn20022000 : <arrives> Male 39 from uk
smokey0384 : and then not appologise
knight_of_baawa : heh
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:16:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
bobwar69 : I dont pull any punches,I just let them know exactly what I want,SEX
spherical_bastards : sorry blue
libraskeptical : I'm just merely saying I'm not sure what we are doing..yet.
hotvegasman : <arrives> Male 38 from las vegas nv alias Gods_moronic_advocate
greywolfuk_m40s : how about " i love you" ?
adkoths : lie is universal...everyone has to lie better start ty...
blameless_vestal : exactly blue
davidjohn20022000 : <leaves the room>
blameless_vestal : It makes NO sense
good_thought_deed_word : the usual, name calling libraskeptical
literaturehound : Grey, that is a good one.
kitty_comehere : that lie usually works, lol
godhand21000 : abortion is fun for you and the child
libraskeptical : "libra".. What?
greywolfuk_m40s : children start lying at 4, and by 11 they're accomplished
greywolfuk_m40s : all children do it
good_thought_deed_word : a 4? :D
smokey0384 : hunter, don't underestimate denial
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:17:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : grins at kitty
good_thought_deed_word : you were slow grey :)
blameless_vestal : prolifers also won't allow lonely loveless orphans be adopted by loving Gays, they'd rather the children starve and diw alone in a government halfway house
adkoths : we lie to defend uncomfortable experiences
greywolfuk_m40s : ya good
literaturehound : But again, it is a pretty obvious lie. For example: "I love you ... now, I'm taking your fries and you better like it."
smokey0384 : geez, u do all sorts to squeeze outta not applogising, at least u don't feel guilty and beleive ur own bullshit
gumptiondude : oh please dusty
blameless_vestal : Gump it's true.
greywolfuk_m40s : me slow ?
gumptiondude : as if there are all these gays looking to adopt
gumptiondude : what horse shit
good_thought_deed_word : just kidding
blameless_vestal : Gump, my aunts tried
greywolfuk_m40s : someone has seen thru' my disguise
knight_of_baawa : I think that good_thought misunderstood the context, Libra
greywolfuk_m40s : tries to blush
adkoths : yes i love to be loved ...
libraskeptical : shrugs.
godhand21000 : fuckin right bitch
libraskeptical : Whatever.
greywolfuk_m40s : i love you all
libraskeptical : Later...
libraskeptical : <leaves the room>
adkoths : even if tht is a lie...who cares....
godhand21000 : go on that mic
greywolfuk_m40s : << makes up for lost time
kitty_comehere : true, Gumption....its just a tactic used to scare the religious right
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:18:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
WyldTyger : blameless, its just more of those "good xian values"..
gumptiondude : thre are thre are like 3 gay couples in the uS rying to adopt
bobwar69 : I have sex also
blameless_vestal : spherical lol
kitty_comehere : lmaooo Grey
bobwar69 : I had sex last night
merciless_retaliatory_measures : Wow, gumptiondude's half-retarded bigotry rears it's ugly head again. Have you kept your promise about not shaving anymore, by the way?
greywolfuk_m40s : has heard of sex
godhand21000 : im 20 and i havent had sex you stupid bitch
greywolfuk_m40s : can spell it !
candice2027 : :))johhny has done fucked half the church.hee hee hee spherical
bobwar69 : but I use a raincoat
adkoths : i ahvent met a single boy who hadnt lied or masturbated...both are universal to boys....and men
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: why should I be dishonest and say I'm sorry for anything I've said to you? Everything I've said has been nothing but honest; an apology would be dishonest. I'm not sorry -- I don't care.
candice2027 : roflm
gumptiondude : yes
bobwar69 : because I have a brain
greywolfuk_m40s : you shower in a raincoat bobwar ?
spherical_bastards : lol
gumptiondude : that is exatly what I am sayin
josephmission : <arrives>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:19:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
bluejene : lol
kitty_comehere : I have a hazy memory of what sex was
WyldTyger : theres nothing wrong with masterabating
literaturehound : "I love you .... now get in the kitchen and fix me an f-ing steak or you're going back to live with your mom."
bluejene : :))
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: please demonstrate that I show the clinical signs of denial.
smokey0384 : u lied again hunter, u said u don't care, but u blatanly do as ur still talkin about this with me
greywolfuk_m40s : doesn't believe kitty
godhand21000 : everyone on the mic are stupid dumb asses
smokey0384 : U keep on lying hunter
candice2027 : 700 club..ha ha ha
greywolfuk_m40s : *grins*
bobwar69 : grey no when I have sex I use a condom
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: nope; that's not a sign of caring. Sorry. Try again.
smokey0384 : no wonder ur so paranoid about other ppl lying
candice2027 : :((:))
gumptiondude : good grief
blameless_vestal : Spherical gump says it doesnt even happen
greywolfuk_m40s : ok bob ... just messing about
smokey0384 : how can u trust other ppl when u can't trust urself
WyldTyger : my gf is on the more condoms.
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: please demonstrate that I'm paranoid about others lying.
iron_cross66106 : why debate ? im a born again believer myself, and i know i don't have the power to make anyone believe anything they don't want to believe in, what it all comes down to is free will, you have a choice to make, you will accept JESUS CHRIST as your lord and saviour, or you will reject him, and it is 100% your choice, no one can make that choice for you, and in turn if you choose to reject JESUS, it is 100% you and you alone who will pay that price, when you have the truth, there is no reason to debate.
adkoths : i am not paranoid.......
greywolfuk_m40s : ouch
godhand21000 : where are YOU at
blameless_vestal : lmao
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: can you explain to me why you're projecting your fear of lying onto me?
bluejene : lol
good_thought_deed_word : Iron may I ask you a single little question?
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:20:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
bobwar69 : k
thefirstman_99 : should gay people be able to adopt children
adkoths : i wonder why ppl lie.....they come out variety of reasons....
iron_cross66106 : sure
candice2027 : lmao spherical
WyldTyger : iron cross, hat art of "no preaching" dont you understand?
atheist_50 : <arrives>
bluedevil_772000 : <arrives> Male 16 from Michigan/Florida depending on t alias Marc
hunter_the_crazychick : You, after all, are the one who appears to have brought it up, claiming that most people online lie. You, also, are the one who is insisting upon forcing me to be dishonest....
spherical_bastards : its illiegal in some state
knight_of_baawa : <leaves the room>
greywolfuk_m40s : lots of reasons adkoths ... lots ....
good_thought_deed_word : Why are people starving now in Romania?
spherical_bastards : gump they had been told no for so long
smokey0384 : hunter :-*
greywolfuk_m40s : its illegal to lie in some states ?
kitty_comehere : not any more
adkoths : its better to hear them lying than to hear their reasons....
bluejene : <leaves the room>
bluejene : <arrives> Female 36 from My Computer Desk
smokey0384 : lets get our agrevation out a different way, where dya live?
greywolfuk_m40s : give me a list so i know where to avoid
hunter_the_crazychick : You also seem desperately adamant about me somehow 'caring', which is laughable, considering the fact that I'm only taking interspersed moments out from working on an entirely seperate computer to deign to toy with you, you dead fucking rat....
hotvegasman : chain them too the bed till their 18
greywolfuk_m40s : welcom back blue
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:21:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
bluejene : ty
ibm2233us : <arrives> 30 from on earth alias anteeka
smokey0384 : cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it hunter
spungebobsquarepants2004 : <arrives>
hunter_the_crazychick : By the way: we're all still waiting on your proof that I'm a dyke.
smokey0384 : u blatanly do care
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: wow; clever.
iron_cross66106 : good, because it is a poor nation, and there is little food.
candice2027 : exactly dusty..good point
greywolfuk_m40s : antelopes hotvegas ?
ianslevin : <arrives> Male 30 from North carolina
smokey0384 : well hunter, id fuck ur brains out, then thats proof ur not a dyke
bluejene : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : dya have a picture?
good_thought_deed_word : and what's the role of an allmighty and allpowerful God in all this?
bluejene : <arrives> Female 36 from My Computer Desk
hotvegasman : kids
smokey0384 : i am sexually furstrated
blameless_vestal : hot
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:22:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
josephmission : <leaves the room>
literaturehound : Iron ... you say you are a "born again believer". What caused you to convert back to Christianity? Was it out of fear of having to pay this price that you speak about?
hotvegasman : dusty
kitty_comehere : Good, zilch
godhand21000 : only from a stupid bitch
greywolfuk_m40s : hmm ... try the fetish rooms hotvegas
bobwar69 : gays dont try to adopt because the hassle they have to go through is incredible
spherical_bastards : yes true
gumptiondude : yes heterosexuals cant adopt
thefirstman_99 : do yo how much you are going to screw up children if homoseuals are able to adopt
iron_cross66106 : good, hard times will fall on the head of the just, as well as the unjust.
blameless_vestal : Maine Adoption P... Services is run BY the Catholic church. They decide who THEY want to have kids. Guess who they\re rejecting?
godhand21000 : awesome
kitty_comehere : only well off heteros
gumptiondude : adoption is a total racket
adkoths : in fact world is based on lie...its a lie great lie....hence we seek truth.
bluejene : russia
candice2027 : gumption wants no abortion, no gay adoption and no free government programs for single moms= more babies found in the garbage
smokey0384 : hunter, ur pretty girl, u don't need to have sexual appeal in ur pic to attract ppl
atheist_50 : <leaves the room>
good_thought_deed_word : iron, that doesn't answer my question
blameless_vestal : candice yup
bluejene : don't want the black babies
hotvegasman : check republic
blameless_vestal : Typical Pat Robertson Robot
whitedot14 : <arrives> alias whitedot14
greywolfuk_m40s : hmm ... are we talking the mannichaen ? heresy ?
bluejene : <sigh>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:23:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
rev_immortal_revolt : more food for the homeless
gumptiondude : I am saying governmetn is not the soultion government is the problem
godhand21000 : god hates gays
good_thought_deed_word : Why God does not do something effective?
iron_cross66106 : good yes it does, you just don't like the answer.
WyldTyger : czech repubic you meean.
thefirstman_99 : I do hate homosexuals because God does not hate homosexuals
ianslevin : <leaves the room>
gcnmarcus : <arrives> Male 29 from Detroit, MI alias Marcus
WyldTyger : its a strawman answer..
blameless_vestal : See, my aunt would have adopted a black baby. lol. She always wanted to call my black baby 'thelma'
kitty_comehere : jesus must have been gay
thefirstman_99 : what is all this about ignorance
WyldTyger : i hear those a lot from fundies...
ibm2233us : <leaves the room>
adkoths : truth cant be found......whoever tell you to find truth is lying for sure...there is no universal truth...but relative truth ...which is a lie camparwed to relatively more truth.
greywolfuk_m40s : god couldn't have created the world, because it is imperfect, therefore the world was created by the devil ... mannichaeism ?
gcnmarcus : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:24:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : dusty, u have a black baby
smokey0384 : :(( wah
spungebobsquarepants2004 : sup yall?
greywolfuk_m40s : ahhh ... the problem of evil
spherical_bastards : exactly why wasn't those laws relaxed ?
blameless_vestal : lol no I used to have a black TOY baby
thefirstman_99 : it sounds to me that all you people that are yelling into your microphones really have no idea what you are really talking about
good_thought_deed_word : exactly the problem of evil
blameless_vestal : It was so much cuter than the white version
smokey0384 : :O phews *wipes sweat of head*
thefirstman_99 : youra are yelling back and forth and not making any real point
greywolfuk_m40s : people are yelling into microphones ?
spherical_bastards : dusty my daughter has balck dolls
adkoths : whoever is yelling is lying....
smokey0384 : was it one of those golliwog toys?
greywolfuk_m40s : maybe not having voice isn't so bad
spherical_bastards : and asian
thefirstman_99 : you are just blowing off steam
blameless_vestal : smokey not that it matters. What wrong with black babies?
goodnessguy2002 : devil is created by our evil thoughts greywolfuk
literaturehound : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:25:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
blameless_vestal : really angie, lol, that's so cute
godhand21000 : the only way you can explain the existance of god is to say god dreaming
iron_cross66106 : greywolfuk, sin is imperfect, GOD however is perfect,
adkoths : lie .......
liapunovz : <arrives>
godhand21000 : and there is no
bobwar69 : I love when people come in and the first thing they type is that nobody in here knows what theyre talking about
greywolfuk_m40s : and god created our evil thoughts ?
hotvegasman : dusty i thought black toys came uncut
adkoths : therefore lie is basis of universe....
smokey0384 : the same reason why it is wrong for u to have a white baby
kitty_comehere : god is supposedly infallible
goodnessguy2002 : theirs is no gods
godhand21000 : hell
hotvegasman : :))
thefirstman_99 : the devil is not created by our evil thoughts
kitty_comehere : but he created imperfect humans
candice2027 : bush wants to turn the usa into another romania with orphanges and crying malnutritioned babies everywhere
good_thought_deed_word : if God is perfect and allmighty why God doesn't do anything effective to stop babies being killed?
adkoths : 2 extremes look alike ...hence too much of truth is like too much of a lie.
blameless_vestal : I got this doll house set, and the mom is wearing a skirt, and she can't spread her legs, and then there's the daddy, and then there's this OTHER woman, I can't figure out if she's the sister of the baby sitter or what, but her legs can spread all the way open
greywolfuk_m40s : hmm ... god is both omniscient and omnipotent ... therefore, when he created humans he knew exactly what each and everyone was going to do
gumptiondude : yes govt does nto want kids adopted
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:26:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : good, whats funnier than a dead baby?
gumptiondude : buit the only news stories you here about how gyas cant adopt
Cerebral_Torture : <leaves the room>
gumptiondude : that is what is so perverse
good_thought_deed_word : Candice, I've been in Romania, please don't be silly
smokey0384 : a dead baby in a clown suit
blameless_vestal : doll houses = sexual perversion
blameless_vestal : Doll houses must be stopped
WyldTyger : and that inplies imperfecton
smokey0384 : Whats sicker than a pile of dead babys
rev_immortal_revolt : That must be the teenage nanny.
godhand21000 : <leaves the room>
eastredsd : <arrives> Male
bobwar69 : the devil is a creation of man,just like god,jesus,odin,zeus,apollo,etc etc etc
greywolfuk_m40s : decides to order a doll's house
smokey0384 : one alive in the middle tryin to eat its way out
blameless_vestal : east
greywolfuk_m40s : << has an open mind
thefirstman_99 : God is allowing the world to live the way it is because the world has turned its back on God
smokey0384 : Why do muslims smell?
smokey0384 : so blind ppl can hate them too
supermanlss : <arrives> Male 23 from IA
adkoths : even children lie....they lie more than they speak true....lie is natural speaking truth in unnatural.
eastredsd : blameles
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:27:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
yitom : <arrives> Male
thefirstman_99 : it may not seem like it but God is in control
adkoths : lie is basic to humans.
iron_cross66106 : kitty GOD gave us a choice, we chose to question his word and disobey him, if we would have only had faith and trusted him we wouls still be living in the garden of eden.
tamtam_0072003 : <arrives>
liapunovz : i wanna be god
eastredsd : dusty
rev_sara_the_demon_child : <arrives> Female 18 from Mason City, IA alias Major Woody
blameless_vestal : treu spherical
kitty_comehere : yeah Firstman, so he can kill off all the imperfect ones
goodnessguy2002 : gay people should not raise children
blameless_vestal : east :)
greywolfuk_m40s : we don't require adults to incriminate themselves, but we do expect children to
kitty_comehere : he's gonna cull the herd
good_thought_deed_word : Where's that garden of eden?
rev_sara_the_demon_child : ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
bobwar69 : firstman>>>god is a myth
eastredsd : how are you dusty
iron_cross66106 : spherical_ wrong.
eastredsd : long time no seee
kitty_comehere : because he made mistakes
goodnessguy2002 : no, they have mental problems
goodnessguy2002 : gay people
smokey0384 : dust ur sherminator friend was helpfull, he help me set up for the website
adkoths : there is no truth but only relatively less lie.......
spherical_bastards : iron you shoudln't be a parent .
spherical_bastards : shouldn't*
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey how did you get off ignore?
thefirstman_99 : if He werent in control the world would be a lot worse then it is
supermanlss : <leaves the room>
rev_immortal_revolt : hey East
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:28:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
adkoths : you can never talk a thing which is not a lie.
kitty_comehere : people who are religious have mental problems, and they get to raise tons of kids
greywolfuk_m40s : sees a sub he knows come in and go out
smokey0384 : major, omfg, dude, SHUT THE FUCK UP about ignoring me
thefirstman_99 : how can a hetrosexual person have a gay child?
adkoths : even what i said now is a lie.
smokey0384 : uve done it for past 30mins
greywolfuk_m40s : << likes to share
eastredsd : ren?
bluedevil_772000 : yeck...morning mouth...
smokey0384 : get over it man lol
salient2 : iron -- bigots are the one who should not raise kids
good_thought_deed_word : <leaves the room>
greywolfuk_m40s : hmm ....
eastredsd : is that you
bobwar69 : no firstman,if man never created gods,the world would be a much better place
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey: like, dude, ok man, like, totally dude...
thefirstman_99 : dont heterosexual people have heterosexual people
tamtam_0072003 : <leaves the room>
greywolfuk_m40s : this is such fun ....
gumptiondude : what an absurd statement spheical
blameless_vestal : first : it happens all the time
greywolfuk_m40s : looks about ....
kitty_comehere : lol
thefirstman_99 : man never created gods
greywolfuk_m40s : puts down some more chocolate catnip
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:29:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : major, I pity u, ur only intentions is to agreviate me, :)) i pity u
spherical_bastards : yeah i iggid him
mmmmmyid : <arrives> Male 31 from TX alias myid
bluedevil_772000 : agreviate?
bluejene : <shoves man out door w/ baby>
greywolfuk_m40s : have fun people .... bye for now
kitty_comehere : purrrrs
yellowrose7143 : <arrives> Female 28 from New York, NY
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey: YOu're still an idiot I see.
rev_sara_the_demon_child : Cram
greywolfuk_m40s : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : I feel sorry for u major
bobwar69 : man has created thousands of gods during his history,yours being one of them
bluejene : go go go go GO GO GO already!! GEEZ
rev_sara_the_demon_child : mx5
smokey0384 : but u deserve it
bluejene : lol
adkoths : 'relatively less lie' i mean so called 'truth'is imperfect idea.
mmmmmyid : sara
goodnessguy2002 : god is not real, your right man did not create god
mmmmmyid : you sexy bitch bitch
yitom : <leaves the room>
rev_immortal_revolt : east, nope. You thought that the last time I saw you too. haha
goodnessguy2002 : its their imagination
mmmmmyid : bitch, singular
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:30:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
thefirstman_99 : mine, who is my God bobwar
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey: Now you're pretending to pity me for absolutely no reason in a futile attempt to make yourself look better. It is YOU who are pitied
take5hi03 : <arrives>
rev_sara_the_demon_child : mx5: wanna do it?
bobwar69 : whatever godmyth you believe in
blameless_vestal : exactly spherical
bluedevil_772000 : kisses Assra with his morning mouth
thefirstman_99 : what is a god?
eastredsd : so how is going immortal
yellowrose7143 : <leaves the room>
blameless_vestal : lots of gays keep it a secret
rev_immortal_revolt : east, I haven't seen ren in a long time.
bobwar69 : a myth
bluejene : FINALLY they're gone... <sigh>
rev_sara_the_demon_child : eew Cram, kissing is gross
eastredsd : me too
smokey0384 : I feel bad for u, as ur intentions for past hour
bluejene : back in chat.. :D
blameless_vestal : Gump prolly knows a handful of gays and doesnt even know they're gay
liapunovz : <leaves the room>
liapunovz : <arrives>
bobwar69 : an explanation of the unknown
bluejene : bob
rev_sara_the_demon_child : smokey: You're a child. Be gone.
adkoths : its like a spectrum one end a true lie at other end a false lie.....everything in between
mmmmmyid : sara, absolutely
be_kind_to_mama_nature : <arrives> Female 44 from Arkansas
thefirstman_99 : bob i do not believe in a God myth
hotvegasman : gumption would rather his little girl be raised by a bull dyke but even a strong guy male cant adopt is boy
bobwar69 : yes blue
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:31:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
rev_immortal_revolt : east, everything is going well. I usually just come in here and watch. I haven't seen the why room up in quite a while.
smokey0384 : farewell my love major
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:42:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
thefirstman_99 : there are things that people worship other than for the true God
rev_immortal_revolt : spherical, ahhh..The JWs are notorious for attempting to beat the demons out of their children as well. I used to live in Texas, so I ran into the Southern Baptists as well. Quite a lively bunch.
candice2027 : :))
be_kind_to_mama_nature : I'm here adkoths
bobwar69 : my parents beat the shit out of me everytime I did something they thought was wrong
adkoths : this is what i hate ppl leave just when i am having good convo...
WyldTyger : The jw's try and beat the demons out of my front tdoor at 6am, that i know..
fleabizz11 : i could never beat a woman, but i could sure shake the sht out of her
rev_immortal_revolt : haha
adkoths : oh you there....
bobwar69 : so all gods that man has created exist??
smokey0384 : blamless, dya even had kids
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:43:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
elizabethjane1977 : <arrives> Female
thefirstman_99 : in a manner of speaking
blameless_vestal : smokey yes, didn't you hear her screaming at me a few minutes ago?
adkoths : so where were we ?
bluejene : ohhh man carrie with no telepathy
smokey0384 : thats pretty naive to claim that if u have no children
smokey0384 : haha dusty
adkoths : be kind
bluejene : #-o
smokey0384 : lie to me, u have no kids please, my dreams won't be the same again
blameless_vestal : She wants to watch the People's court, but it's saturday
salient2 : It is easier for the lazy to sit back and say god did it rather than to take the time to actually learn something.
bobwar69 : no,they either exist or they dont
blameless_vestal : smokey fuck off please
thefirstman_99 : there are other gods in this world
adkoths : truth is a mirage.....
bobwar69 : you either believe they exist or you dont
smokey0384 : haha dusty, ur easy easy to get a rise out off
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:44:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
adkoths : lie is a fact....
smokey0384 : fucktard
WyldTyger : whats smokey's problem? s he/she ever NOT starting shit?
smokey0384 : click
bobwar69 : and what gods are they
blameless_vestal : smokey you're annoying.
fleabizz11 : God dosent do anything
mmmmmyid : smokey, do you beat your kids?
fleabizz11 : but allow you too
be_kind_to_mama_nature : "good conversation?" You aren't making sense and I said I was sorry I even commented on it. A conversation is an exchange of ideas, with LANGUAGE, that you dismiss. Your posts are very illogical.
adkoths : facts which change with time is a lie...
blameless_vestal : smokey is impotent
thefirstman_99 : gods that Satan has used to destract people from the true God
thane_mawr2001 : fish, Odin and the Viking Way is the only True God and Way. If you don't repent and convert Thor will punish you with lightning for an eternity.
be_kind_to_mama_nature : adkoths..posting those things to me isn't CONVERSATION
elizabethjane1977 : god is a myth
smokey0384 : dusty, i beleive u insuleted me outta anger, please be more civalized and don't resort to child names
adkoths : ok.....
bottleojuice : <arrives> from erm i cant tell alias Devilspoon
be_kind_to_mama_nature : lol
blameless_vestal : true blue jene
thefirstman_99 : whatever someone puts/worships above the true God
mmmmmyid : dusty, you insulated him
fleabizz11 : adkoths then everything is a lie
bobwar69 : so they exist or satan has just told man that they do??
bluedevil_772000 : <leaves the room>
blameless_vestal : lol
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:45:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
WyldTyger : smokey: everyones just out to get you, huh?
be_kind_to_mama_nature : flea..thought you said he must be right ? :))
blameless_vestal : it's not my fault!
mmmmmyid : and smokey is very "civalized", he can spell and everything
bobwar69 : satan=myth
thefirstman_99 : perhaps Satan put the idea in mans head
adkoths : yes thts what i was saying.....eveything is a lie...
silver_moon_koneko : <arrives> Female 17 from The Twilight Realm alias Koneko-chan
bobwar69 : jesus=myth
silver_moon_koneko : <leaves the room>
thefirstman_99 : satan is a myth
adkoths : change is constant.
smokey0384 : myid, I beat the shit out of my kids outta anger, but i use the excuse of disiplining them
fleabizz11 : adkoths just because something isnt true now does not mean it never was
bobwar69 : yahweh=myth
thefirstman_99 : Jesus is a myth
bobwar69 : jehovah=myth
fleabizz11 : it is rainkng outside
bluejene : yup
thefirstman_99 : Yahweh is a myth?
bottleojuice : it's just a good story ppl took 44 real
mmmmmyid : smokey, sweet. what a sad little man you are. too bad you werent born sterile
be_kind_to_mama_nature : flea..sometimes folks point out the obvious absurdity of anothers posts for the simple reason they ARE absurd
fleabizz11 : ok now it is not raining outside
bobwar69 : zues=myth
supermanlss : <arrives> Male 23 from IA
smokey0384 : dusty, u can't take responsibily for ur own actions eh, imagine if i give u a few drinks :-? hmm
thefirstman_99 : Jehovah is a myth?
bobwar69 : zeus
jnc218 : <arrives> Male 24 alias SlyFox5
fleabizz11 : that does not negate the fact that is WAS raining
jnc218 : Hello
WyldTyger : Zeus=REAL..believe, or else face the wrath.
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:46:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
rev_immortal_revolt : I think some people turn to religion because they have done such horrible acts that they feel so guilty about and refuse to take responsibility for, that they have to form a belief that something can forgive them. It relieves them temporarily and allows them to avoid the guilt which they should feel.
jnc218 : is there any satanic here ?
jnc218 : or any demonic here ?
bobwar69 : lol wyld
smokey0384 : u got offended when i didn't want to look at all ur pics dusty after i saw 1
smokey0384 : geez
blameless_vestal : Smokey what actions? you mean the time I ignored you because you wouldnt stop trying to view my cam?
be_kind_to_mama_nature : adkoths, you might like the next two posts I make
thefirstman_99 : Prove to me that Satan, Jesus, Yahweh, Jehovah are myths
bluejene : lol
blameless_vestal : Or the time I posted all your perverted IMs to the room?
merciless_retaliatory_measures : laughs.
blameless_vestal : That action?
bobwar69 : prove to me they exist
be_kind_to_mama_nature : The following statement is false
adkoths : ok
bottleojuice : prove they exsist
be_kind_to_mama_nature : The previous statement I made is true
elizabethjane1977 : I'm demonic>:)
bottleojuice : <leaves the room>
WyldTyger : smokey is on iggy now, dont have to see his frivel anymore
be_kind_to_mama_nature : :P
WyldTyger : drivel
smokey0384 : the time when u claimed its not ur fault u wrote down an insult
fleabizz11 : the imortal paradox
smokey0384 : ur fingers typed it in
bobwar69 : it doesnt lie on the non-believers to prove the supernatural,that lies on you
hotvegasman : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:47:46 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
whitedot14 : <leaves the room>
blameless_vestal : good thinking wyld. I thought maybe since he's in a different room, he'd behave differently
smokey0384 : Its partly ur fauly dusty
hotvegasman : <arrives> Male 38 from las vegas nv alias Gods_moronic_advocate
smokey0384 : take responsibly for ur own actions
bobwar69 : you say it exists,prove it
adkoths : thts what i said language is can just do whatever you want with it.
blameless_vestal : ol, smokey, nothing about you is my fault.
be_kind_to_mama_nature : Ok, my son wants his turn at the computer so I shall leave you folks this morning.
be_kind_to_mama_nature : Shalom y'all
adkoths : bye be kind
fleabizz11 : seeya mama
hotvegasman : bye mama
bobwar69 : prove purple flying elephants dont exist
smokey0384 : vestal, U insulted me intentially, that is ur fault, take some god damn responsibilty
spherical_bastards : no
thefirstman_99 : what do you mean it doesnt lie on the unbeleivers to prove it
spherical_bastards : its good
be_kind_to_mama_nature : <leaves the room>
playaz_quasar : <arrives> from TO alias Playaz_QuasaR
rev_immortal_revolt : gf is up..time to torture her. Take care all.
sweetspankygirl : <arrives> Female 22 from glenorchy, au
rev_immortal_revolt : <leaves the room>
elmer_workman : <arrives>
bluejene : yes
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:48:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
thefirstman_99 : it takes a lot more faith to beleive there isn'ta God then to beleive there is one
sweetspankygirl : hi every 1
hunter_the_crazychick : is back
hunter_the_crazychick : finishes up on the laptop for a bit and turns her attention to the tower.
bluejene : yup
blameless_vestal : Smokey, I insulted you because you make it impossible not to. Take responsibility for your own personality. If you don't like the way people treat you, you might wanna change your approach. it's not everyone ELSE, sweety
WyldTyger : no..believing there ISNt a god requires a lack of any faith.
thefirstman_99 : purple elephants see now you are grasping at straws
playaz_quasar : FACT OF THE DAY Pigs and humans are the only animals that get sunburned.
bobwar69 : no faith involved,just a knowledge of the mythology you worship
sweetspankygirl : how is every 1
playaz_quasar : QUOTE OF THE DAY Men always want to be a woman's first love... women like to be a man's last romance. - Oscar Wilde
adkoths : every man every woman who lived on earth ,has lied...?
bluejene : lol
falcolover01 : <arrives> Female from Outside your bedroom window alias The Littlest Goober
smokey0384 : no dusty, it wasn't impossible, U had a choice, take resposonsibly for ur own actions, it was ur fault then u wrote it
bobwar69 : you are grasping ,you have no valid argument
adkoths : why ppl hate liers
fleabizz11 : hi sweet
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:49:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
sweetspankygirl : hello
bluejene : :))
elizabethjane1977 : liArs
spherical_bastards : lol
knight_of_baawa : <arrives>
blameless_vestal : lmaio
WyldTyger : not believing in a god requires only letting go of that faith.
stinky_bong_water : <arrives> Male
fleabizz11 : adkoths so? what is your point
thefirstman_99 : even Darwin denounced his belief of evolution on his death bed because in trying to prove evolution he disproved it
hunter_the_crazychick : Is smokey0384 still being a victim?
falcolover01 : Hey People :)
blameless_vestal : Smokey you're worthless, and that is your fault
smokey0384 : geez dusty, u can carry on sayin excuss all day long, give u time to accept its ur fault u wrote it and chose that, then hopefully u will take responsibly for ur own actions more often
stinky_bong_water : high goob..hello others
falcolover01 : I'm Agnostic
falcolover01 : Hey Stinky
supermanlss : <leaves the room>
thefirstman_99 : try to prove there is no God and you will prove that there is one
bobwar69 : has anyone been paying attention to the discussion Ive been having with firstman??
salient2 : thefirstman_99:and that is a well known lie
knight_of_baawa : firstman, Darwin did nothing of the sort
sweetspankygirl : <leaves the room>
fleabizz11 : evelotion has been reduced toa catch phrase
bahamian_mofo : <arrives> Male 19 from Atlanta alias Adi
WyldTyger : firstman; thats a lie told by a fundy that was vindictive towards him.
mmmmmyid : smokey, move on. grow up
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:50:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : dusty, Ur as meaningless as me in this universe
adkoths : fleabizz what i was saying dont ever insist tht you are not lying bcos you never know you may be.
stinky_bong_water : alot of people tyoing but not to us
bahamian_mofo : wuddup pplz
bobwar69 : darwin did nothing of the sort,another xtian lie
thefirstman_99 : im afriad to say that Darwein didi denounce his belief
blameless_vestal : smokey, you have nothing redeming about you.
fleabizz11 : i agree ad
thefirstman_99 : it is in his own book
knight_of_baawa : I'm happy to say that Darwin didn't, firstman
falcolover01 : I just don't understand how you cannot believe something when the proof is so clear
knight_of_baawa : It's not in his book
spherical_bastards : 12
thefirstman_99 : which i have read a few times
risei0070 : <leaves the room>
WyldTyger : no, it is not.
knight_of_baawa : No you haven't, firstman. You are a convicted liar now.
adkoths : flea you must be lying.....
falcolover01 : 94% of homosapian DNA is that of Primates
smokey0384 : vestal, ur still avoiding to accept it was ur fault u typed in an insult and u had a choice
bobwar69 : I have rtead the interview with his sister who was at his deathbed and he did nother of the sort
hotvegasman : time to whip his ass
smokey0384 : take responsibly for ur own actions please dusty
fleabizz11 : no
adkoths : if you are i dont midn...bcos i dont hate liars
salient2 : the person who claimed that ( Lady Hope) lied firstman.
thefirstman_99 : read all the lagiamate literature on Darwin and you will see that he did
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:51:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
elmer_workman : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : maybe eventually u will understand that concept and follow it through
knight_of_baawa : No one will believe anything you have to say anymore, firstman. You may as well leave
zenpunk : goober what percentage is mud and clay as the bible asys?
blameless_vestal : Smokey, you need to be told you have major shortcomings. You need to make a change, a paradigm shift, if you will
smokey0384 : low interllect dusty, its cool
candice2027 : lol advocate
thefirstman_99 : C.S. Lewis was instrumental in truning his believe
smokey0384 : i forgive u
fleabizz11 : thats good
bobwar69 : we have firstman,you obviously havent
knight_of_baawa : laughs
falcolover01 : I went to a Catholic school and believed nothing they told me
blameless_vestal : yea blue
merciless_retaliatory_measures : Dusty, you're so thoughtful. ~giggles.~
WyldTyger : blameless: just igore smokey, its effective.
knight_of_baawa : Darwin died before CS Lewis was born, you fucking idiot!
spherical_bastards : interllect ?
blameless_vestal : hehe
thefirstman_99 : and C.S. Lewis went kicking and screaming into heaven
falcolover01 : I find that evolution makes much more since
adkoths : i believe lying is universal...ppl should lie fluently.
bobwar69 : lmao @ firstman
blameless_vestal : interllect :))
fleabizz11 : why?
knight_of_baawa : Fuck, you are stupid, firstman
knight_of_baawa : You can't even lie convincingly
bobwar69 : what a brainwashed idiot
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:52:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
WyldTyger : CS lewis was a xian all along, firstman..
blameless_vestal : that's how mainers say it
falcolover01 : Than saying that some guy appeared out of nowhere and BOOM! In a few days there was the Earth and ALL creatures we know today
bobwar69 : I already said that knmight
adkoths : bcos tht helps them to overcome bad sitiuations.
thefirstman_99 : see now you have to resort to insulting because you have nothing better to say
fleabizz11 : im down whith"there is no actual truth", but there is no reason to propagate it
knight_of_baawa : laughs at firstman
blameless_vestal : falco please go spread your feces elsewhere
thefirstman_99 : you are definalte not going to change my mind now
falcolover01 : This is a debate room
thane_mawr2001 : first, we honor the Sun God on Sunday, the Roman god Saturn on Saturday, the Moon God on Monday, Wodin (Odin) on Wednesday, Thor on Thursday, etc.
knight_of_baawa : Good
falcolover01 : I can give you my opinion
knight_of_baawa : Since you're a convicted liar, no one cares, firstman
stinky_bong_water : fuck you balmeless
blameless_vestal : falco, it's a nice opinion
beingwithalovelywomen : <leaves the room>
thefirstman_99 : if you want to me to take on your thinking you must talk nice
stinky_bong_water : blame*
blameless_vestal : stinky, be gone, bug
knight_of_baawa : No one cares what a convicted liar thinks, firstman
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:53:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
bobwar69 : no insults just the truth
stinky_bong_water : this is a chat room asshole
falcolover01 : Yes it is
stinky_bong_water : last i knew it was free
thefirstman_99 : how am i convicted liar
blameless_vestal : stinky, you are the chat room asshole? I figured that;)
bobwar69 : your a liar,you have already proven that
stinky_bong_water : toothless fat prick
thefirstman_99 : i did not know that it was a crime
knight_of_baawa : By claiming that CS Lewis was instrumental in "Darwin denouncing evolution"
knight_of_baawa : What a fucking load
falcolover01 : Stinky, don't do name calling
blameless_vestal : lmao how did you know I was toothles?
adkoths : <leaves the room>
blameless_vestal : s
adkoths : <arrives> Male 23 from india alias adkoths
knight_of_baawa : CS Lewis wasn't even born yet!
falcolover01 : You just go down to their level
stinky_bong_water : yay im the chat room asshole
adkoths : <leaves the room>
WyldTyger : maybe not convisted, but a deffinite proven lier.
thefirstman_99 : why becaus i said that Darwin denounced his belief. He did
falcolover01 : No you're not, you want to speak your mind and some people can't live with that
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:54:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
knight_of_baawa : No, he didn't
WyldTyger : no, darwin did not.
tpa8706 : <arrives> Male from florida alias ur evil twin
knight_of_baawa : And no, CS Lewis, who wasn't even born then, had nothing to do with it
stinky_bong_water : ohh well thats what the iggy button is for...assholes like you
adkoths : <arrives> Male 23 from india alias adkoths
blameless_vestal : lmao
bobwar69 : no you said cs lewis was instumental in darwin denoucing his beleif
thane_mawr2001 : first, darwin never denounced evolution. You lie.
WyldTyger : didnt darwin die 2 centuries ago?
falcolover01 : We're all assholes to somebody
stinky_bong_water : omg im gonna lose sleep
blueeyedman1259 : <arrives> Male
blameless_vestal : <leaves the room>
adkoths : i am back....and i am not lying.
spherical_bastards : really , retarded children even challebge candice
caustic_feces : <arrives>
blueeyedman1259 : <leaves the room>
spherical_bastards : challenge*
bobwar69 : and then darwin never discounted his knowledge
smokey0384 : dusty, :-* farewell
zenpunk : lol DD
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:55:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 10:02:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
djdrummerbill : <arrives> Male 45 from PA alias DJDrummerBill
feces_faery : <arrives>
x_skrying_xrys : <arrives> Male 515 from O-FUcKING-HIO alias The Pig Destroyer
khan_hasan22 : <arrives>
nimiwey : <leaves the room>
justme_angelina : <arrives> Female 38 from looking over the edge alias angelina
fleabizz11 : adk: ther must be annother side to that coin
adkoths : fleabizz
fleabizz11 : a degree of truth
jnc218 : <leaves the room>
x_skrying_xrys : Thank god for atheism...
adkoths : there isnt i searched a long time....
bluejene : ...back
ash_vip2000 : <arrives> Male 28 from the real world
smokey0384 : <leaves the room>