smokey0384 : <arrives> Male
xiphoid_thanatos : What is wrong with Welsh?
gremlin_net : Speaking of welshes--erm...welches--scotsmantroll finally made an obvious mistake:
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: Iunno.
blackheartedprofit : There were three faggots who wanted to commit suicide. The first one landed on the road and it took two weeks to scrape him off the road. The second one landed on a car and it took two months to peel him off the car. The third one landed on a flagpole and it took two years to get the smile off his face!
venalguy518 : One thing in Tommyknockers; he's speaking through one of the characters, talking about "that guy up in Maine who writes all those nasty horror books."
slip_murderdolls81420 : <leaves the room>
revspecies116 : ROBIN HOOD\
considerthisjr : where is my blue baby today candice?
agn0stic_and_atheist : Welsh is hard to speak, too much throat noises.
xiphoid_thanatos : scots is scottish, not welsh :|
candice2027 : :)
gremlin_net : Something to bear in mind and remind him about the next time his fraud gets boring.
seedhitssuck : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : hanging around with a mate who has a mullet attracts unwanted attention
white_boy_for_sale : jack the ripper is killing all the people..thats why it has a high murder rate
hunter_the_crazychick : venalguy518: oh, yeah; he does that a lot. It's almost bad, because it makes me want to hurt him for severe intrusion.
white_boy_for_sale : he's alivvee!!!
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 04:48:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
happy_bunny_mostly : <leaves the room>
white_boy_for_sale : eh sorry ive had too much coffee
hunter_the_crazychick : venalguy518: unless he's talking about the character from....ACK. Forgot the title.
happy_bunny_mostly : <arrives> Male 34 from Subject of the queen of England alias Strange guy
gremlin_net : melgip2000: retaliate away, you feckless LARPer. Lemee know when you're done, like, terrifying me so I can go back to sleep.
venalguy518 : The Dark Half?
revspecies116 : <leaves the room>
blackheartedprofit : Q: How do you get four faggots to share a barstool?
considerthisjr : You should move here White where you'll be safe!
hunter_the_crazychick : venalguy518: yeah.
white_boy_for_sale : go to italy...its the best country in Europe
blackheartedprofit : Q: Turn it upside down!
smokey0384 : hunter, I need to talk to u in pm
white_boy_for_sale : :D
smokey0384 : pm me
hunter_the_crazychick : venalguy518: but that really doesn't count, since that was almost about him anyway.
xiphoid_thanatos : Your in Welsh is prefixed dependent personal pronoun...ther are all sorts of bizarre rules governing you, your, yourself etc
pure_idea : i think that it would be too minimal to say that the "only" reason for free will was to accept or reject God...because desires a relationship which by definition is dynamic, not in a marriage you make a committment and then put in thought and energy to foster seem to have thought about these issues quite a bit, which serves a dialog like this one well, i dont expect to 'solve' the problem tonight when so many volumes have been written discussing it...but on another note i have a
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: no.
considerthisjr : Germany Candice
happy_bunny_mostly : Consider are you related to yahoo? It keeps going down on me
leiah_f_44 : <arrives> Female
venalguy518 : Something cool about his books made into movies too.
considerthisjr : :))Happy
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 04:49:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
chivas_regal888 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: Yeah. I've seen a few rules like that. Rules like that are why I don't bother with languages.
happy_bunny_mostly : :-)
blackheartedprofit : Q: What do you call a fag that doesn't have aids?
hunter_the_crazychick : melgip2000: hon, I haven't got balls....
smokey0384 : Hunter, U fuckin bitch
blackheartedprofit : A: A lucky cocksucker.
smokey0384 : lol
xiphoid_thanatos : hunter: Fair enough in that case :))
hunter_the_crazychick : venalguy518: yeah, him being in them.
smokey0384 : Hunter, let me see you on webcam
gremlin_net : melgip2000: that's you retaliation? Man you suck. No wonder wicca is the most laughable religion on the planet.
sid_nee51 : <arrives>
gremlin_net : your*
smokey0384 : Hunter, let me see you on webcam or i will hack your boyfriend
Cerebral_Torture : gremlin, I still see christianity as pretty laughable myself..
minacious_hellcat : <leaves the room>
minacious_hellcat : <arrives> Female 28 from au alias Menacious Biatch
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: I'm not on webcam, nor am I going to take the time out from what I'm currently doing to allow a desperate little 'netloser like you view me.
godshotmyeyeoutwithspunk : <arrives> Male 20 from nz
gremlin_net : melgip2000: actually, you're a lot like sheep.
hunter_the_crazychick : melgip2000 is a Wyccn?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 04:50:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
melgip2000 : NO WE ARE SOLOISTS
sphinx_orb : <arrives> Male
smokey0384 : *scanning ur b/f's ports now*
sid_nee51 : <leaves the room>
venalguy518 : Both guys in that series WINGS were in Stephen King movies, one in the remake of The Shining and the other one in Storm of the Century.
blackheartedprofit : Q: Did you know 70% of the faggot population were born that way?
tswonderwoman : <leaves the room>
blueredyellow2003 : Why is there 'reason' for free will , we are born with it to the extent of our body
hunter_the_crazychick : laughs at smokey0384.
smokey0384 : I warning you hunter, let me see u on webcam hottie
blackheartedprofit : A: The other 30% were sucked into it.
Cerebral_Torture : melgip, soloists? So you're saying you don't get any dick/pussy? Go figure..
hunter_the_crazychick : laughs and laughs.
agn0stic_and_atheist : pure_idea - ok, we can leave it at that, it's an interesting subject to debate.
godshotmyeyeoutwithspunk : DAMN, yahoo is STILL messing up
gremlin_net : Cerebral_Torture: it is. But, in christianity's defence, it's not claiming to be the oldest religion on the planet, having been founded in 1954.
minacious_hellcat : Celtic is pronounced with 'k' :|
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: smokey0384's gonna /hack/ you. Ooooo.
smokey0384 : hunter, ur boyfriend will be pretty pissed off
pure_idea : i did forget to mention that certain virtues are possible only in a world where evil exists...things like mercy, forgiveness, courage, its possible that God created the world this way because the MOST good could come of it
white_boy_for_sale : awh so nice
smokey0384 : he is cool guy
smokey0384 : why are you doin this to him
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: he's laughing at you.
Cerebral_Torture : True, gremlin.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 04:51:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gremlin_net : Hunter: that's nice. He'll have to wait until the other guy's done it, though.
smokey0384 : traced ip,
smokey0384 : ok, last warning hunter
xiphoid_thanatos : Hi cerebral
considerthisjr : What?
blackheartedprofit : What did the faggot do when he missed his boyfriend?
daphne_nik : pure: so how nice....god created evil for the most good of it....:P
smokey0384 : its not dynamic so its easy
considerthisjr : your breaking up bad
white_boy_for_sale : no one knows candice
blackheartedprofit : He shit in his hand and had a wank.
carrot45uk : <arrives> Male 36 from uk
xiphoid_thanatos : mel: I don't know what your beliefs are , nor do I care.
pure_idea : sublime, is that your full response?
white_boy_for_sale : no one even knows how it got there
godshotmyeyeoutwithspunk : Holy moly
melgip2000 : THEN SHUT UP
hunter_the_crazychick : Wow. smokey0384 hit the board and grabbed your last IP off the post!
gremlin_net : Hunter: remember It's been thirty-six days since he claimed that was 'ganna get fucked by us'.
smokey0384 : hunterm only way you can save him is by goin on webcam for being pukka
daphne_nik : pure: u wouldnt want to know...believe me
godshotmyeyeoutwithspunk : Stonehenge is a calander
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 04:52:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: he says he's going to hack your computer unless I let him view me on cam.
smokey0384 : X-( grr hunter, ur a clever bitch
smokey0384 : haha
white_boy_for_sale : ohhhkay
gremlin_net : melgip2000: oh sorry. Are you still talking? I'd forgotten about you.
happy_bunny_mostly : thought so gods
blackheartedprofit : What is a shit?
considerthisjr : It's Fruit
davidud : <leaves the room>
considerthisjr : as a carrot today
blackheartedprofit : A faggot's wet dream.
xiphoid_thanatos : mel: Grow up.
smokey0384 : anyway, a real hacker would never admit he is one, u dumbfucker, its highly illegal
daphne_nik : i love carrots
gremlin_net : Hunter: his proposal is accepted. Have him hack away.
daphne_nik : :P
agn0stic_and_atheist : pure_idea - when you can justify God's permitting of child molestation which doesn't rely on -free-will I'd like to hear it.
leiah_f_44 : <leaves the room>
venalguy518 : <leaves the room>
white_boy_for_sale : candice wants to rape all of you
xiphoid_thanatos : candice: You love everyone.
considerthisjr : Carrot is the fruit of life!
smokey0384 : u just get fuck wits using programames made by other ppl
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: 1. I'm smarter than you. 2. I know you haven't got the abilities to get IPs through Yahoo. 3. You're an idiot. 4. Go ahead and try to hack him. It'll let whoever you downloaded your little portscanner from know that you're using it, and they'll rape you three ways from sunday. It'll be funny.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 04:53:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
considerthisjr : agrees with candice2027
white_boy_for_sale : because americans are uncultured
godshotmyeyeoutwithspunk : FUCK YAHOO - it is REALLY messing up
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: actually, a /real/ hacker would know what a hacker was,and a real /cracker/ would just laugh at you.
godshotmyeyeoutwithspunk : AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
smokey0384 : hunter, I just admit i was ripping the piss about 2minutes ago, catch up
gremlin_net : smokey0384: lemee know when you've given up trying to get my DVRom to autoeject so I can go back to total apathy.
blueredyellow2003 : As good and evil have existed always as far to our knowledge* are they not both a continuum?
godshotmyeyeoutwithspunk : And I mean the voice chat - not that I am being hacked
smokey0384 : Jesus christ, U think i would genuially be a moron and hack someone on the grounds of fuck all
carrot45uk : <leaves the room>
carrot45uk : <arrives> Male 36 from uk
daphne_nik : lol fireal....they are more racists and cultural than other people in other countries
smokey0384 : damn, U bitch, I can't beleive you thought i would do that to gremlin
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: I knew you were being an idiot; but that's because I know the difference between someone who knows what they're doing, and a 'hacker'.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 04:54:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
pure_idea : agnostic...i'll let you have the last word on that subject...on another note...since you seem to exclude God from existing based on the existence of evil...."why does something exist, rather than nothing"?
smokey0384 : I am really gutted now
white_boy_for_sale : yeah
considerthisjr : yeah
smokey0384 : u actually thought i would! jesus christ
white_boy_for_sale : not true candice
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: really? I thought you were capable of doing anything? Funny, I seem to have demonstrated that I didn't.
white_boy_for_sale : haha
smokey0384 : hunter, U dignified it seriously, like i was gonna do it for real or even attempt it
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: you deluded little fucker. Go play pretend elsewheres, where people loathe you less. Like the teen room.
blackheartedprofit : What does AIDS stand for?
melgip2000 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: funny, I don't see any dignification; I see mockery.
white_boy_for_sale : tony blair is as dumb as bush..well thats a bit too mean
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 04:55:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fake_plastic_cheese : <arrives> Male 22 from Lexington, KY
blueredyellow2003 : the continuum of good and evil must find divergence..
blackheartedprofit : Arsehole Injected Death Sentence!
smokey0384 : i am offended, how the fuck can i even think about hacking someone who is cool enough to own a alligator
godshotmyeyeoutwithspunk : <leaves the room>
aldur307 : <arrives>
gremlin_net : smokey0384: granting that you stated explicitly that you were going to 'hack' me if Hunter didn't let you watch her WebCam, there's not a lot of room for misunderstanding. I'm not sure that Criminal Idiocy is really a viable defence.
smokey0384 : haha gremlin
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: I don't know; how the fuck can you think that 'hacking' means anything more than 'programming'?
smokey0384 : It was a joke, coz i saw ur ip
blackheartedprofit : don't believe any of their bullshit, smokey0384
considerthisjr : Asdfghjkl;'
white_boy_for_sale : oh god
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 04:56:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fake_plastic_cheese : i have to ask the christians here something....what is up with this ?
smokey0384 : i study computing at university, so i understand the terms, i would just get a friend if i wanted to do it, but no reason why i ever would
arieslad2000 : <arrives>
elvis_high_on_drugs : <arrives> Male 31 from HAWAII
happy_bunny_mostly : I am indeed and I am still not going to put it in that place you begged me to aldur
smokey0384 : blackhearted, I think they hate me coz i iz black
white_boy_for_sale : candice you are sooo stoned
fake_plastic_cheese : lah
fake_plastic_cheese : blah
agn0stic_and_atheist : pure_idea - ok, well your question is a good one, and not one I have an answer for. I suppose god(s) or no god(s) that is a very difficult question, could God explain *why* He existed? I think He'd struggle too, lol. Beyond that, it's possible that the why isn't pertinent. I did once read an article which proposed that in a non-universal condition, i.e. an utter 'nothingness' there are no 'rules' to prevent a spontaneous occurance, difficult to get our heads around perhaps, but an interesting idea nonetheless.
candice2027 : 8-}
blackheartedprofit : shit happens, smokey0384
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 04:57:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : yea, i have to put up with racists all the time
carrot45uk : :-*
hunter_the_crazychick : happens to not care what colour smokey0384 wants to pretend he is; just knows that smokey0384 is a petulant fucktard.
happy_bunny_mostly : lol yes candice
xiphoid_thanatos : candice: Yes. England and Scotland
smokey0384 : haha aldur
elvis_high_on_drugs : harry pothead
begs_to_be_sodomized : is back
begs_to_be_sodomized : Ah damn. I asked Alan and he went to the page I was using then told me to scroll down to the bottom of it after he checked it. "* The Oxford Dictionary of American Usage and Styleby Bryan Garner. Copyright 1995 by Bryan A. Garner. Published by Oxford University Press, Inc.,, and used with the gracious consent of Oxford University Press." sighs.
candice2027 : :-O
considerthisjr : Elivis is not dead but here in this chat room :)
elvis_high_on_drugs : harry pottfuck
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 04:58:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
white_boy_for_sale : where ever she wrote it should have been burned to the ground before she finished
xiphoid_thanatos : can't see elvis
white_boy_for_sale : haha
xiphoid_thanatos : waves to elvis anyway
smokey0384 : hunter, you know i am better than you, thats why i fuck about and dont need to make an effort on yahoo chat, ur insecure enough to keep insultin' me, i find it halarious
happy_bunny_mostly : Elvis is your direct competition
hunter_the_crazychick : I can't see candice or elvis.
v_angelus_domini : <arrives> Male alias V_Angelus_Domini
arieslad2000 : lol
begs_to_be_sodomized : candice.. get off my screen
xiphoid_thanatos : elvis is competition? :((
superkakarot872002 : <arrives>
smokey0384 : U wanna prove it to me, so u keep insultin' me, tryin let me know what u think, haha
considerthisjr : xiphoid, you need faith to see Elvis :)
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: please show me how you're better than me; I'm sure we're all very interested.
blackheartedprofit : lol, vulpine
silverwing003 : <arrives>
blackheartedprofit : malo, vulpine
silverwing003 : hey
begs_to_be_sodomized : Talofa Damien.
xiphoid_thanatos : lol consider
happy_bunny_mostly : not in this life aldur
carrot45uk : <leaves the room>
white_boy_for_sale : sing in the ghetto elvis. but use the cartman voice
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: and I'd like to see you do it without coping out to your little 'I'm dyslexic and retarded so I can't spell' ritual....
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 04:59:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
daphne_nik : aldur: u would really wanted that wouldnt u?
considerthisjr : I'll suck Harry :)
smokey0384 : hunter, why should i? i don't need to prove shit to you, that how better than you i know i am
daphne_nik : >:)
agn0stic_and_atheist : We are all Elvis, Elvis is within
fake_plastic_cheese : <leaves the room>
happy_bunny_mostly : lol@consider
begs_to_be_sodomized : Is it cold over there, Damien?
Cerebral_Torture : hunter, so that's why he spells as bad as my shit smells?
blackheartedprofit : it's not too bad, vulpine
silverwing003 : elvis voice
white_boy_for_sale : haha
v_angelus_domini : great, ususaly this means I gotta iggy half the damn room just to read the intresting post as they go bye . . .
smokey0384 : anyone here like radiohead?
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: well, obviously, if you were better than me, there'd be noticable evidence, and not just you asserting it in such a way as to make everyone think that you were really quite inferior.
sphinx_orb : has been to the church of elvis in Portland
blackheartedprofit : has been cold the last few days though
pure_idea : agnostic, i do appreciate your candid response...the 'why' for God would be a category mistake I think, because by definition the God I am arguing for necessarily that would be like asking "who created the uncreated being?". Now I dont see any reason to believe that a nothingness state of affairs would have any reason to change, save an agent intervention to use sheer will to make it happen
silverwing003 : <leaves the room>
considerthisjr : What does Harry Potter do with that broom stick between flights???
hunter_the_crazychick : Cerebral_Torture: or so he says. It's funny; I didn't know that there were so many dyslexics out there that couldn't get by.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:00:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
white_boy_for_sale : any of you guys from england going to ozzfest?
smokey0384 : that is a good point hunter, im glad you pointed it out, are you telling me you actually try on yahoo chat and you act yourself
xiphoid_thanatos : lol hunter
vas_dh : <arrives>
kt_the_dude1 : <arrives> Male 22 from mumbai, in
gremlin_net : agn0stic_and_atheist: in my experience, replacing 'god' with 'goblin' and echoing back theistic assertions defeats about ninety-nine percent of them instantly. Any undefined variable replaces their deity perfectly.
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: I'm not trying, nor am I acting. This is me.
smokey0384 : aww hunter, sorry, i didn't realise you actually tried so hard and made an effort
vas_dh : hi
v_angelus_domini : <leaves the room>
kt_the_dude1 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : grins
considerthisjr : sings a song for elvis_high_on_drugs
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: please demonstrate that I'm 'trying'.
white_boy_for_sale : haha
sphinx_orb : Ozzy is like a walking anti drug billboard
white_boy_for_sale : ah i need a mic
smokey0384 : hunter, how can i beat a guy that owns a crocodile
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:01:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : *sighs*
begs_to_be_sodomized : Damien: I have my fire blazing. It's nearly ice outside.
smokey0384 : i guess i gotta buy 2
Cerebral_Torture : hunter, is it just me..or are you always typing " : " before your sentence?
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: Gremlin no longer owns a crocodile; owning a crocodile is a very stupid thing to do.
minacious_hellcat : I can see you in this window elvis; Hi:)
blackheartedprofit : i had the fire going last night
chickendra : <arrives> Female
smokey0384 : really?
considerthisjr : Elvis, quit drugs before you get bloated okays??
blackheartedprofit : one of my mates is here for a few days
happy_bunny_mostly : faints on elvis_high_on_drugs
superkakarot872002 : <leaves the room>
gremlin_net : In the beginning, goblins created the heavens and the Earth; the goblins said 'let us make Man in our image'; thou shalt have no other goblins before us....
considerthisjr : sings a song for elvis_high_on_drugs
white_boy_for_sale : i would mrdanzig
hunter_the_crazychick : Cerebral_Torture: I'm in YahELite, and I've got the little 'emote' thing clicked down. A while ago, people couldn't see me unless I was emoting, and I just sorta stuck. If that doesn't work for you "I'm stealing Zed's thing" might....
pop_g0es_the_weasel : <arrives>
considerthisjr : sex
smokey0384 : haha gremlin
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:02:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
pure_idea : gremlin, I personally dont see a similarity between arguing for an all powerful necessary being, and a goblin, which would be a physical thing if it existed, or just an imaginary figure
agn0stic_and_atheist : pure_idea - ok, but my response would be if an entity 'x' can exist uncreated then there's no logical necessity for that x to be a fully formed god. The argument that all causes need an ultimate uncaused cause can bring one to god, or, even simpler, to the universe itself. So for me, looking for an answer which includes something being eternally existing doesn't of itself need a god at all (although of course it doesn't exclude it).
begs_to_be_sodomized : Are you showing him the chat room, Damien?
daphne_nik : laughs out loud
happy_bunny_mostly : OI! consider elvis's ass is mine:-)
mvivek81 : <arrives> Male
smokey0384 : sublime, u need date rape drugs to get laid
agn0stic_and_atheist : uncreated = uncause (bad choice of words there, lol)
Cerebral_Torture : Oh, okay hunter. I forgot that YahELite had something like that...and who in the hell is Zed?
begs_to_be_sodomized : aldur307: Are you going to download his tongue?
considerthisjr : Elvis had sex with Michael Jackson huh?
blackheartedprofit : no, vulpine, he is tongan, doesn't really inderstand computers
pop_g0es_the_weasel : <leaves the room>
daphne_nik : smokey: really?
blackheartedprofit : understand'
white_boy_for_sale : happy bunny what do you think of all the english speaking bands making it big in america even though they all suck?
smokey0384 : sublime, its good song
gremlin_net : When the most important noun in the bible can be replaced with 'goblin' without changing the story in any meaningful way, you know you're reading bullshit.
considerthisjr : thats why MJ is messed up now
white_boy_for_sale : err well english sounding
aldur307 : OH YA
aldur307 : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:03:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : Cerebral_Torture: shit, you're new, aren't you? Zed is one of the resident 'smarter than everyone' people. He goofs off a lot, but when you really get him knowing, there's not much else that compares for bible knowledge.
insane_manifestation_of_a_cat : <leaves the room>
considerthisjr : no candice
hunter_the_crazychick : He's scary.
smokey0384 : lol
Cerebral_Torture : white, speaking of which. I think Motorhead licks giant gorilla sized testicles. I'd just like to say that..
thane_mawr2001 : <arrives>
pure_idea : agnostic, I think the universe owes its existence to something other than itself, i do think that 'self creation' is an absurd concept
gremlin_net : pure_idea: what are the basic differences between deities and goblins?
happy_bunny_mostly : We are british the world loves us shite or not:-)
begs_to_be_sodomized : Ohh tongan men are quite yummy looking.
blackheartedprofit : he is about 50
Cerebral_Torture : hunter, I've only been coming in here for what seems like not even a week.
blackheartedprofit : but very fit
smokey0384 : hunter, you reminded me of joey of dawsons creek
Cerebral_Torture : Maybe a week, maybe two. I don't know.
considerthisjr : cool
vas_dh : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:04:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
considerthisjr : gives elvis_high_on_drugs a big hug
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: leave me out of your homoerotic transfanfiction.
white_boy_for_sale : i have a nice 4 way in my room
white_boy_for_sale : :D
blueredyellow2003 : :)agnostic-and-atheist
pure_idea : gremlin, i would agrue for one need to multiply them, just one is necessary to ground reality
hunter_the_crazychick : Cerebral_Torture: neither do I. I just figured you'd probably run into him already; or I'd forgotten that you were new.
smokey0384 : it has nothing to do with my sexual desires, wtf. get over urself
hunter_the_crazychick : It's still early for me.
candice2027 : <leaves the room>
white_boy_for_sale : toodles!
arieslad2000 : <leaves the room>
begs_to_be_sodomized : Damien: The guy next door to me is Samoan, and Salu is nearly 60. He is still 6'3, all muscles and still trims my hedge with a machete.
begs_to_be_sodomized : I would NOT like to piss him off.
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: funny, everything else seems to.
gremlin_net : pure_idea: then you'd be arguing against the bible, which regards deities in the plural.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Actually, he thinks I'm a sweetheart.
white_boy_for_sale : i think he died again
blackheartedprofit : he is from Vava'u , vulpine
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:05:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : how did the lezbian issues come up in the first place?
white_boy_for_sale : err was it too soon?
begs_to_be_sodomized : And his wife makes yummy pancakes.
white_boy_for_sale : haha
xiphoid_thanatos : zed is a theological encyclopaedia with legs.
smokey0384 : I compelty forgot
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: easy; you brought it up.
xiphoid_thanatos : Well, I think he has legs.
gremlin_net : pure_idea: the problem is that the modern bible was translated badly. The Elohim were a race of deities, not an individual.
pure_idea : gremlin, actually no...the triune God is ONE of this category, and THREE in another category. One "what" and three "whos"
begs_to_be_sodomized : Xiphoid: Seen his legs?
blackheartedprofit : ilia likes maori women as well, vulpine
sphinx_orb : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : <leaves the room>
begs_to_be_sodomized : Thanks to Zed and Chain, I updated his pic haha.
white_boy_for_sale : sh sh sha
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: he might just be a theological encyclopaedia with an anus, because that's all that ever gets referred to.
smokey0384 : o yeah, :">, must been on my mind, I think coz i was talkin to a bisexual girl before
alieve_view : <arrives> Male 17 from vn
white_boy_for_sale : ever watch king of the hill happy bunny?
mrdanzig69 : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : hunter: lol
xiphoid_thanatos : Jo: No I haven't.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Damien: Probably wont like me. I'm a bitza'.
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: actually, you used it as an insult. It was rather pathetic.
gremlin_net : pure_idea: a single deity, without peers, stated that 'we shall make mankind in our image'?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:06:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
xiphoid_thanatos : wanders off to Jo's site
blackheartedprofit : lol
white_boy_for_sale : more texan
blackheartedprofit : you're female vulpine
agn0stic_and_atheist : <arrives> Male 36 from England
white_boy_for_sale : hahaha
blackheartedprofit : thats all thats matters to most tongans
agn0stic_and_atheist : sorry, kicked again.
white_boy_for_sale : and our shitty leader
white_boy_for_sale : gah
begs_to_be_sodomized : Good man, good man hehehe.
considerthisjr : Bush Wacker
white_boy_for_sale : the main one
Cerebral_Torture : <leaves the room>
gewrgosgr : <arrives> Male
pure_idea : gremlin, one in essence, three in person...i cant say there are any such beings other than just that one, which is God
white_boy_for_sale : clinton
white_boy_for_sale : yeah
smokey0384 : you assumed i used lezbians as an insult, you are closed minded person, i actually see it as its fine and natural beautifull thing to do, you are obviously predujist and a homophobe as u see it as a bad thing
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:07:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
white_boy_for_sale : he was actualy a good president though
hunter_the_crazychick : sighs.
gewrgosgr : <leaves the room>
white_boy_for_sale : our economy was doing good until bush got into leadership
gremlin_net : pure_idea: you can't state as fact that there's even one such deity. And you can't address the simple question in that statement.
white_boy_for_sale : oh yeah
begs_to_be_sodomized : I've met 3 lesbians in my life. They have ugly cunts.
alieve_view : <leaves the room>
halfling_elf_paladin : <arrives>
begs_to_be_sodomized : Bi-sexual women though.. pretty nice.
white_boy_for_sale : he wants to go to war like daddy did
smokey0384 : only porno's lezbians though, in real life you get a mascline butch woman whit dyed hair and an ugly tall lady parnter with glasses
white_boy_for_sale : FUCK AFRICA!!!
begs_to_be_sodomized : Hello, Halfling.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:08:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
mvivek81 : <leaves the room>
white_boy_for_sale : theres 2 many poor people here for that shit
halfling_elf_paladin : hello
Cerebral_Torture : <arrives> Male
considerthisjr : :((
Cerebral_Torture : d
bj_with_handle_bars : <arrives> Female from *~IL~* alias *~MaGiC_sTiCk~*
blako_wobble : <arrives> Male 42 from alabama
xiphoid_thanatos : lmao @ zed's picture :))
agn0stic_and_atheist : pure_idea - ultimately, those issues are speculation, interesting, but still speculation.
Cerebral_Torture : Dammit, my font won't go down. Be right back
Cerebral_Torture : <leaves the room>
white_boy_for_sale : he needs to help out the people here who are poor and starving
gremlin_net : pure_idea: in 'we shall create mankind in our image', who are 'we', which entities' images are 'our', and to whom is the deity speaking? Answer that correctly and in a way which disallows other deities from existing. You can't do it.
smokey0384 : ok, u have santa clause, god, easter bunner, a sexy lezbian and a big fat dyke, they all have a race, who wins?
begs_to_be_sodomized : I mean what's the chances of meeting 3 lesbian women and all threw of them have big hairy twats and a labia that one could wrap around their nose?
edivaluvu : <arrives> Female 20 from seattle, washington alias edivaluvu
smokey0384 : the big fat dyke wins as the others don't exist
begs_to_be_sodomized : What is the fucking chances of that?
considerthisjr : voodoo doll time is a coming huhu?
begs_to_be_sodomized : Or am I cursed?
begs_to_be_sodomized : *three.
white_boy_for_sale : haha nah you havnt been to the poor parts of DC
white_boy_for_sale : its pretty horrible
blackheartedprofit : How do faggots dispose of their condoms?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:09:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
bj_with_handle_bars : <leaves the room>
blackheartedprofit : By Farting.
Cerebral_Torture : <arrives> Male
Cerebral_Torture : There we go..
smokey0384 : ag, how do you stop a baby falling down a manhole?
begs_to_be_sodomized : Like eeeww but hahaha.
considerthisjr : I made a voodoo doll for you black!
smokey0384 : put a javelin through its head
white_boy_for_sale : yeah thats true
gremlin_net : pure_idea: until or unless you can think up a good reason for the bible to have had a single deity refer to itself as one of many, it's not a characteristic uncommon to goblins. Try again.
blackheartedprofit : Why can't scientists find a cure for AIDS?
pure_idea : gremlin, there is a functional hierarchy within the triune God. Three persons, but one in essence...i cant say i will ever fully comprehend it, but it doesnt commit a logical mistake...think of it as a mystery, rather than contradiction
blackheartedprofit : They can't get the laboratory mice to butt fuck.
white_boy_for_sale : but i personaly think they need to solve their own problems off and if they cant then let them kill themselfs
xiphoid_thanatos : still wants to see pics of Mark and dio
considerthisjr : i'm sticking pins all over it now also, you'll be dead soon now
xiphoid_thanatos : Not together mind :))
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:10:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gremlin_net : pure_idea: then it's a mystery. How are deities different from goblins?
smokey0384 : gremlin, do you beleive woman that are lezbian is a natural fine and beautfiull thing and not bad?
loveheals2002 : <arrives>
muneer_wesam : <arrives> Male 24 from iraq but now i m in egypt alias monee
begs_to_be_sodomized : Cassie, what do you think of Zed's pic?
girlslovemeh : <arrives>
xiphoid_thanatos : Jo: It is hilarious
craig_jl_2003 : <arrives> Male
agn0stic_and_atheist : goblins have bad breath, it's compulsory.
halfling_elf_paladin : <leaves the room>
begs_to_be_sodomized : I thought his balls are ready to explode out of his polyester shorts.
gremlin_net : smokey0384: I can't answer that until you ask it in English.
begs_to_be_sodomized : *were.
white_boy_for_sale : ohh god
white_boy_for_sale : that was horrible
Cerebral_Torture : begs, not the image I wanted right now...DEFINITELY not..
please_take_me_home2000 : <arrives>
smokey0384 : haha black, i just saw ur joke
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:11:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
blackheartedprofit : Two faggots are in a hot tub pushing a big turd back and forth in the water. Another fag walks by and asks, "What the hell are you two doing?"
blueredyellow2003 : ..A young man went to prison for murder. The family of the murdered were vengeful and wanted him dead. He was given the death penalty. Before he died he read the bible and was a different person to the one who first went in. He painted many beatiful things. But the evil had changed hands..
considerthisjr : agrees with happy_bunny_mostly
pure_idea : gremlin, not a total argument doesnt involve goblins though so I don't think you are actually taking my comments seriously
blackheartedprofit : We are teaching our baby to swim!"
white_boy_for_sale : whats with all the gay jokes?
muneer_wesam : <leaves the room>
itsamuttslife : <arrives> Male 38 from Newcastle
xiphoid_thanatos : Omg, demiurge is fuggin gorgeous!
gremlin_net : pure_idea: you're talking about deities as though they actually existed. Of *course* I'm not taking your comments seriously.
xiphoid_thanatos : drools
Cerebral_Torture : black, that was stupid. :-(
smokey0384 : haha black, grusome
please_take_me_home2000 : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : whats the difference between a golden delcious apple and a dead baby?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:12:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
richard_in_the_spirit_thing : <arrives>
white_boy_for_sale : omg its a person online you'll never meet get over it
smokey0384 : U don't have sex with the apple after u bite it
blackheartedprofit : Michael Jackson and the doctor are walking out of the delivery room after his wife gives birth to their son.
blackheartedprofit : Michael says, "How long before we can have sex?"
pure_idea : gremlin, if you have already decided against the possibility, no matter what the argument is that is provided, so be it
gremlin_net : pure_idea: now stop evading the issue like the troll you are, and answer the damned question. How do deities differ from goblins?
blackheartedprofit : The doctor says, "At least wait until he's walking."
the_chainsawpsycho : <arrives> Male
daphne_nik : blue: thats cannot change his ways by reading the bible thats absurd.....but he can certainly feel afraid of what he had done and start to make himself more acceptable by "god". But that does not mean he wont do the same mistakes again.....he will
pure_idea : agnostic, nice chatting with you...bye for now
happy_bunny_mostly : <leaves the room>
Cerebral_Torture : will and is putting everyone on ignore who is telling jokes. black, smokey. Goodbye, dumb fucks..
pure_idea : <leaves the room>
happy_bunny_mostly : <arrives> Male 34 from Subject of the queen of England alias Strange guy
agn0stic_and_atheist : later
Cerebral_Torture : blackheartedprofit will be ignored for 9999 days.
xiphoid_thanatos : white: First of all, irrelevant, particualry as I wasn't speaking to you. Secondly, I have met quite few people that I orginally came into contact with online.
smokey0384 : pure idea, stop avoiding gremlins questions, yr beleivin ur own bullshit to avoid it
blueredyellow2003 : Sublime> No the man had changed.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:13:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
richard_in_the_spirit_thing : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : taker easer ag
Cerebral_Torture : smokey0384 will be ignored for 9999 days.
considerthisjr : black is a big dumb fuck
gremlin_net : pure_idea: you can either A) provide examples of how deities differ from goblins, or B) concede by default that they're effectively identical.
smokey0384 : cerebal does the job for me, thanx
daphne_nik : blue: u cannot change by reading....u can change by experiences and self actualization
daphne_nik : dahh
blueredyellow2003 : He was a boy in prison who died a man in prison
considerthisjr : [-(
smokey0384 : haha blue, u sick cunt]
hunter_the_crazychick : demonstrates smokey0384 using dyke and fag as an insult....
hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384 : u stupid fag, <-- i just said that to insult u smokey0384 : so, if ur gf accidenly dropped a glass on the floor, u would call her a piece of shit and not appologise!? smokey0384 : wtf hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: I haven't got a girlfriend, stoopid. smokey0384 : hunter, wait til lu get a girlfriend, u need to swallow prie to get laid hunter_the_crazychick : And yes, that was an insult. hunter_the_crazychick : Keep up. LOG DATA Sat, 12 Jul 2003 09:13:45 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1 hunter_the_crazychick : smokey0384: FUCKING MORON I'M FEMALE! hunter_the_crazychick : HOW MANY TIMES DO YOU HAVE TO SEE HUNTER_THE_CRAZYCHICK ON YOUR SCREEN BEFORE YOU GET IT? smokey0384 : ur a blatant dyke hunter
considerthisjr : :-P
smokey0384 : i just read ur michael jackson joke
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:14:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : considers the subject closed.
blueredyellow2003 : am glad i live in a country without the death penalty
white_boy_for_sale : ? i duno
considerthisjr : zipper
daphne_nik : blue: me2
smokey0384 : woman, always remembers the past
white_boy_for_sale : im talking to happy bunny
Cerebral_Torture : That was interesting, hunter..
white_boy_for_sale : haha im too young and ugly for ya
smokey0384 : O yea
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:15:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : fuck, my bad, ur correct hunter
white_boy_for_sale : hahaha
gremlin_net : pure_idea fled. Fucking fraud.
smokey0384 : i appologise, it was me who bought it up as an insult as you were bustin' my balls
considerthisjr : :))happy
roh_gir : <arrives>
hunter_the_crazychick : Cerebral_Torture: don't lie; it was boring.
roh_gir : <leaves the room>
Cerebral_Torture : hunter, I'll just say it's strange...
hunter_the_crazychick : Cerebral_Torture: as is everything that goes on in here.
considerthisjr : yeah
Cerebral_Torture : Would appear so..
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:16:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
blackheartedprofit : What happened when three poofs attack a women?
smokey0384 : well, I think lezbians shouldn't be used as an insult anymore, it should be an equal description or even a complement
blackheartedprofit : Two of them held her down, and the other started doing her hair.
hunter_the_crazychick : I started transcripting to keep track of the intelligent stuff, and it turns out that a majority of the shit that goes on here is /stupid/....
begs_to_be_sodomized : ECC: I always wonder what makes people miss the "chick" in your name. I try not to think of the word "retard" I thnk sub human suffices for smokey0384.
smokey0384 : lol black, black, dya think lezbian is an insult?
Cerebral_Torture : hunter, like you couldn't expect that..
begs_to_be_sodomized : *think.
craig_jl_2003 : <leaves the room>
blackheartedprofit : nah, smokey
girlslovemeh : <leaves the room>
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: That makes sense, statistically speaking.
hunter_the_crazychick : Vulp: I don't really get it either. Do I come across as /that/ masculine that it makes it disappear or something?
xiphoid_thanatos : winkwink: Whereabouts in AU are you? I can't get your profile to load.
blueredyellow2003 : The sadness comes when through the evil that is done, that the grieved cannot see reality through pain.
smokey0384 : lol sodomize. good try
xiphoid_thanatos : chain:x
gremlin_net : Well. This is timely....
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:17:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_chainsawpsycho : Xiphoid :X
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: what's timely?
white_boy_for_sale : heyyy
agn0stic_and_atheist : <leaves the room>
mr_qwertymcqwerty : <arrives> Male
chickendra : <leaves the room>
smokey0384 : not really, you seem just dominant and fiesty, could be a kinky thing, but i'm sure gremlin wouldn't appreciate me talkin about that with you
white_boy_for_sale : haha awh damn
thane_mawr2001 : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:18:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
white_boy_for_sale : as long as i get to skate in london then fine
begs_to_be_sodomized : ECC: Actually no. You come across as logical. Though I would NOT miss the "chick" in your name, that aside, I would not nail you as 'masculine' at all. Brusque yes. I think (and this is speaking from experience) that some men cant fathom the fact that a female would spank them like the kitten's they are and try not to be. Inferiority issues.
bilal_abbasi84 : <arrives>
blueredyellow2003 : America preaches the bible and its death penalty
white_boy_for_sale : err no boarding
the_chainsawpsycho : "When Cameron was in Egypt's land.... Let my Cameron go."
edivaluvu : <leaves the room>
white_boy_for_sale : yeah
white_boy_for_sale : bleh the parks blow though
hunter_the_crazychick : Vulp: and yet I'm so terribly submissive in bed *gets all coy*
begs_to_be_sodomized : Like that "I only hit men" but on a psychological aspect.
Cerebral_Torture : <leaves the room>
Cerebral_Torture : <arrives> Male
white_boy_for_sale : true street is the best
Cerebral_Torture : Hardly saw anyone talking..
white_boy_for_sale : haha yeah
smokey0384 : *licks finger and touches black* damn, u are smokin'
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:19:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
daphne_nik : blue: see? so many "christians" out there
begs_to_be_sodomized : ECC: I've seen Grem man-handle you hehe.
smokey0384 : cmon, tell me more jokes chief
white_boy_for_sale : its the thrill of it
white_boy_for_sale : cause my life isnt very thrilling
blueredyellow2003 : our land is not the blood for the parasite to suk
considerthisjr : It's funny here
white_boy_for_sale : haha
smokey0384 : fireal, i am here to save you
hunter_the_crazychick : 33.9 gigabytes.
gremlin_net : This should look familiar to anyone who's ever 'debated' a christian:
considerthisjr : we watch it everynight here
begs_to_be_sodomized : First time, Grem was mauling your titties, which was good for me. Great nipplage.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:20:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
considerthisjr : :))
white_boy_for_sale : what about monty python happy bunny. ever see that old show?
hunter_the_crazychick : giggles.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Second time he was hoisting you off the floor. I thought I was going to see some booty. :|
smokey0384 : haha
begs_to_be_sodomized : Or I *hoped*
considerthisjr : yeah
smokey0384 : fireal angel, do you remember the killer rabbit, or the black knight
considerthisjr : he is gay
the_chainsawpsycho : Christians = Odie
smokey0384 : HALT, WHO GOES THERE
gf_walrus : <arrives> Male from Australia
the_chainsawpsycho : hehehehehehehe
smokey0384 : Vat is ur name
begs_to_be_sodomized : Papa K :)
considerthisjr : gramm is dirty
white_boy_for_sale : hahah yes
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:21:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gremlin_net : Wolfe: pretty much.
considerthisjr : :))
xiphoid_thanatos : walrus:D
smokey0384 : Fireal angel, VAT Is ur name?
hunter_the_crazychick : Happy, drooling, vapid morons waiting to be repeatedly kicked off the table.
hunter_the_crazychick : Whee!
blackheartedprofit : What's the definition of a bull dyke?
considerthisjr : :-O
white_boy_for_sale : vat
xiphoid_thanatos : dammit, I haven't seen kjedlar for ages....Is he still around?
blackheartedprofit : A lesbian who rolls her own tampons
smokey0384 : fireal angel, WHAT is ur quest?
xiphoid_thanatos : *khedlar
begs_to_be_sodomized : That's just gross, Damien.
white_boy_for_sale : to seek the grail
hunter_the_crazychick : I suddenly have this strange urge to have a little tag-like charm made with the words 'drink me' engraved into it....
considerthisjr : black is a dick wanna be
the_chainsawpsycho : prefers to cattle prod them, and put them into the trunk
begs_to_be_sodomized : Where is Khedlar?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:22:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: But you're subtle like that.
white_boy_for_sale : haha
gremlin_net : 'god is real and--' [punt] ... 'jesus saves and--' [punt] ... 'john3.16 says that--' [punt] ....
smokey0384 : fireal angel, WHAT is the average air wing span of a swallow?
blackheartedprofit : A Lesbian is a mannish depressive with delusions of gender.
hunter_the_crazychick : shakes her head.
xiphoid_thanatos : Jo: No, I was asking if anyone had seen him of late, as I haven't.
count_yerg_of_the_flow : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : "Drink Me". That's from Alice in Wonderland isn't it?
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: It's all a part of being a gentleman.
xiphoid_thanatos : hunter: Yep
greywolfuk_m40s : <arrives> Male 408 from london uk
elvis_high_on_drugs : <leaves the room>
gf_walrus : hi xiph
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: I got a letter from the VA apologising for 'still working on my claim'.
white_boy_for_sale : is it a regular english swallow or a north african swallow
hunter_the_crazychick : They're 'sorry' it's 'taking so long'.
blackheartedprofit : How can you tell if a woman is gay?
greywolfuk_m40s : saunters in ... tail waving .. eyes bright ...
gf_walrus : hi room, sorry, got distracted
smokey0384 : uh, i dunno, argh. hehe
greywolfuk_m40s : hello everyone
blackheartedprofit : Smell her face.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:23:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
white_boy_for_sale : haha
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: They are sorry, in many ways. hehehehehe
agn0stic_and_atheist : <arrives> Male 36 from England
blackheartedprofit : Why do lesbians have red noses?
michaelwmwjr2001 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : will make them sorry; gets flamethrower.
smokey0384 : why?
blackheartedprofit : Carpet burn.
greywolfuk_m40s : ahhh ... the sweet smell of half formed ideas ....
white_boy_for_sale : awwhh
smokey0384 : hahaha
white_boy_for_sale : thats sick
considerthisjr : :))
white_boy_for_sale : but funny
greywolfuk_m40s : joke time ?
blackheartedprofit : What do you call an Alaskan lesbian
the_chainsawpsycho : is still a bit disturbed over finding out what a macrophile is
smokey0384 : ??
blackheartedprofit : A Klondike
hunter_the_crazychick : giggles at chain.
gremlin_net : How do you find out whether blackheartedprofit is gay?
hunter_the_crazychick : 33 gigabytes.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:24:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gremlin_net : See whether he exists.
white_boy_for_sale : hey happy bunny have you heard of a show called coupling
hunter_the_crazychick : smiles.
smokey0384 : pfft, i got high expectations for u black, wat was that
hunter_the_crazychick : Thirty-three gigabytes of hentai.
hunter_the_crazychick : I think I've got a decent collection going already.
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: The ending of "Dude, Where's My Car?" makes more sense, now.
agn0stic_and_atheist : hunter_the_crazychick - that sounds like a lot.
greywolfuk_m40s : looks at hunter ... you have 33 gigs of hentai ?
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: never saw it.
pelloquin13 : <arrives>
pelloquin13 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : greywolfuk_m40s: yes.
blackheartedprofit : How do gay men fake orgasms?
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: There is a giant chick in the film.
greywolfuk_m40s : grins at hunter
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: ahhh.
pelloquin13 : <arrives>
agn0stic_and_atheist : only has a 20 gig HD
hunter_the_crazychick : greywolfuk_m40s: what?
blackheartedprofit : They spit on their partners backs
happy_bunny_mostly : Two Palestinian woman out shopping. One tries on a dress and asked her friend" does my bomb look big in this?"
smokey0384 : jokes that are racist, predujist, sexist and on a sensitive issue are the most halarious, Ur gonna offend someone with whatever you say, you might as well do it in style
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:25:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
smokey0384 : haha black
white_boy_for_sale : haha
considerthisjr : :))
greywolfuk_m40s : will ingratiate himself with hunter, (and persuade her to share it)
blackheartedprofit : Why don't lesbians eat flies?
smokey0384 : any dead baby jokes?
hunter_the_crazychick : laughs.
the_chainsawpsycho : I almost wonder if macrophilia was spawned by Godzilla films and chronic masturbation.
gremlin_net : There are three types of people: A) those who are openly gay; B) those who aren't gay and don't care; C) those who are total flames who are so ashamed of being gay that they obsess over other gay people.
blackheartedprofit : Because they can't get their little legs apart.
blueredyellow2003 : psuedosuicide
white_boy_for_sale : ?
smokey0384 : haha strange guy
hunter_the_crazychick : GODZILLA!
white_boy_for_sale : ooooooooo
white_boy_for_sale : hahahahha
smokey0384 : ur grusome black, im gettin worried about you man
hunter_the_crazychick : Godzilla = the best worst movies /ever/.
hunter_the_crazychick : Sorry.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:26:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : I've quite probably gone mad.
itsamuttslife : <leaves the room>
blackheartedprofit : What do you call an open can of tuna in a lesbian's home?
white_boy_for_sale : trustworthy
hunter_the_crazychick : And it's probably due to the fact that the Creed Hentai anime video turned out to be an utter fucking letdown.
smokey0384 : black, go back to the michael jackson jokes, fags disgust me and starting to make me physcially sick, i just had a brunch
white_boy_for_sale : haha
hunter_the_crazychick : black: Bait?
blackheartedprofit : Potpourri
daphne_nik : laughs out loud
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: I've never thought of them as being sexual, although the power aspect could be stimulating, sexually. Die, little Japanese power workers, die!
smokey0384 : I tolerate them, dosn't mean i have to like them
agn0stic_and_atheist : wow, since I iggied smokey my screen is much easier to get through.
xiphoid_thanatos : lol
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: oh yeah.
white_boy_for_sale : Did you hear about the 2 car pile up? 500 mexicans died
the_chainsawpsycho : does the godzilla screech
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:27:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
white_boy_for_sale : yeah
blackheartedprofit : What do bungee jumpers and a gays have in common?
smokey0384 : ag can't handle life if he can't laugh at urself
white_boy_for_sale : haha
white_boy_for_sale : aww
smokey0384 : haha fireal angel
blackheartedprofit : If the rubber breaks, they are both in deep shit.
white_boy_for_sale : thats mean
gremlin_net : I tend to like gay guys more than I like straight guys. The gay guys tend to be smarter, funnier, more honest, and less likely to smell like cheap beer.
white_boy_for_sale : lol
smokey0384 : lol
hunter_the_crazychick : starts building up her hentai game collection too.
agn0stic_and_atheist : gremlin_net - lol
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: you're still not going to let me do occasional Hentai-based What's News are you....
considerthisjr : I like Prince Harry :)
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:28:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
white_boy_for_sale : hahahaha ouch
gremlin_net : Hunter: I don't care either way. Do them if you like.
blackheartedprofit : What does a gay person call a condom?
the_chainsawpsycho : Gremlin: I'm not much for hanging around "happy gays", but I don't mind the "cynical gays".
blackheartedprofit : Seal-a-meal!
smokey0384 : thats true gremlin, good point, but i don't like camp ones, or the ones that play on their sexuality, like they say their sexuality before their name , "hi, i'm gay, btw my name is brian"
itsamuttslife : <arrives> Male 38 from Newcastle
xiphoid_thanatos : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : <arrives> Female 28 from au
gremlin_net : Wolfe: yeah. Most of the guys I know are pretty cynical.
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: the gays that are so flaming they're a parody of themselves are fun, once you realise that they're doing it to mock the others....
white_boy_for_sale : haha
white_boy_for_sale : oo classic
considerthisjr : :))happy
the_chainsawpsycho : doesn't really like any happy people
smokey0384 : consider, prince harry has ginger pubes
greywolfuk_m40s : watches idly
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:29:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : gets happy at chain.
hunter_the_crazychick : really, really happy.
xiphoid_thanatos : is happy :|
hunter_the_crazychick : spontaneously combusts, she's so fucking HAPPY!
mr_qwertymcqwerty : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : there's gay 'one-upmanship'? (ok, I recognise how that might be interpreted, lol).
white_boy_for_sale : dude why is prince william so damn ugly
considerthisjr : Prince Harry is hot hot :D
the_chainsawpsycho : Sabbe Pi Dukkham
considerthisjr : prince will is a dog
gremlin_net : I tend to know cynical people in general, who only become obvious about what they are when they want to annoy strangers. Gays, blacks, jews; they're all pretty normal in private.
the_chainsawpsycho : melts some of Hunter's skin with a soldering iron
considerthisjr : [-(
white_boy_for_sale : no no he's ugly man
sebthesparky : <arrives> Male 19 from melbourne australia
white_boy_for_sale : haha
white_boy_for_sale : yes he is
considerthisjr : Harry is King
xiphoid_thanatos : lol
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:30:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : there are hentai games?
smokey0384 : william will be king
greywolfuk_m40s : is fascinated
smokey0384 : they are both fags
hunter_the_crazychick : gf_walrus: *blinks* Yeah....
considerthisjr : [-(Harry
smokey0384 : prince charles ears are hooj
gf_walrus : hunter, is hentai all sexually explicit?
blackheartedprofit : royal buttfuckers
the_chainsawpsycho : Gremlin: Sounds fine, to me.
greywolfuk_m40s : hunter: interactive cartoons ?
gremlin_net : Rambam, for example, is only jewish when he wants to bug christians. Otherwise, he's just this guy.
hunter_the_crazychick : gf_walrus: um. I assume so. Unless you get the little mosaiac-censored shit....
considerthisjr : Harry and Will make out everynight I read!
vivek_r_agrawal : <arrives> Male
white_boy_for_sale : hah
gf_walrus : I am an innocent, hunter, sorry
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:31:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : gf_walrus: it's usually got the added bonus of hot, hot engrish descriptions too.
blackheartedprofit : hi walrus
Cerebral_Torture : Hentai, henta. Did someone say hentai?!?! *jerks his head really fast and hurts his neck*
hunter_the_crazychick : gf_walrus: I envy you.
agn0stic_and_atheist : is 'hentai' predominantly a lesbian thing?
Cerebral_Torture : hentai*
hunter_the_crazychick : agn0stic_and_atheist: no.
hunter_the_crazychick : If it were, there wouldn't be INVISICOCK!
gf_walrus : I am unsure if it is just the style, i have seen some cartoons in that sty;le too, film, I mean
hunter_the_crazychick : And brother sister incest! And Tentacle Beasts with many many phalluses!
smokey0384 : why does michael jackson rub darliee on his dick?
Cerebral_Torture : hunter, you mentioned something about hentai...
smokey0384 : coz kids would do anything for darilee
smokey0384 : :|
gf_walrus : hi profit
considerthisjr : Did you like Benny Hill? Happy
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:32:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
white_boy_for_sale : you kinda look like the guy from 311
smokey0384 : blue, tell me michael jackson jokes
the_chainsawpsycho : I wish I was still an innocent. Knowing exactly what Hentai is has made the world a much less brighter place.
agn0stic_and_atheist : lol
smokey0384 : black*
gremlin_net : Hentai is cartoon porn mixed with grammar which makes christians look erudite.
considerthisjr : :))
greywolfuk_m40s : hunter : is hentai sexually exploitive ? or generally portraying sexual exploitation (has no problem understanding that some girls like to play at being sexually exploited)
Cerebral_Torture : hunter, can I have some of your hentai? :-)
gf_walrus : they show them on sbs here in australia
considerthisjr : <leaves the room>
greywolfuk_m40s : lol .... me too cerebral ....
considerthisjr : <arrives> Male 19 from USA
gf_walrus : sounds great, grem
greywolfuk_m40s : wb consider
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:33:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Cerebral_Torture : Back off, greywolf! Mine! I know more about hentai then you do! ( >.< )
white_boy_for_sale : hah
gremlin_net : 'I am to have many fast the car and tits of chick'
Cerebral_Torture : Just kidding, but I want first picks!
happy_bunny_mostly : wb consider
considerthisjr : OKAY
white_boy_for_sale : god damnitt. brb fucking aol
alethe3 : <arrives> Male
itsamuttslife : <leaves the room>
white_boy_for_sale : <leaves the room>
considerthisjr : OKAY WHITIE
minacious_hellcat : Methinks sparky is stoned hahaha
alethe3 : <leaves the room>
gf_walrus : i like the hentai style of toon, though,
hunter_the_crazychick : It's animated.
minacious_hellcat : lol happy
gf_walrus : not sure if my wife would like me collecting it
Cerebral_Torture : The main thing I don't like about hentai, is that on most pictures they shade out the pussy, and dick area. Something about their religion not allowing them to..
Cerebral_Torture : It least that's what I can remember..
gf_walrus : but I would like to
the_chainsawpsycho : Bad animation is like bad poetry, to me.
hunter_the_crazychick : gf_walrus: probably not.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:34:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : Cerebral_Torture: Japanese law. Can't show it.
Cerebral_Torture : To show it that is..I mean.
gremlin_net : Cerebral_Torture: what religion? They're mostly taoists.
Cerebral_Torture : hunter, law..religion. I knew it was one of the two.
considerthisjr : [-(Will
considerthisjr : ;;)Harry
the_chainsawpsycho : Watching a Hentai film would be like attending a teen Goth club meeting, for me.
elvis_high_on_drugs : <arrives> Male 31 from HAWAII
Cerebral_Torture : So, hunter..about those games...or hentai in general.
straitaxe : <arrives> Male 25 from Alabama
x_0phelia_x : <arrives> Female 99 from USA alias Ophelia
greywolfuk_m40s : japanese taoists ? oh no ... they're a mix of buddhism and animism
Cerebral_Torture : (wish someone would have told me there was another hentai fan in here)
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:35:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : I suppose i could always claim it's art
minacious_hellcat : Cerebral, there are a couple.
gremlin_net : Cerebral_Torture: that too. Atheistic philosophies; not religions.
hunter_the_crazychick : Hentai is essentially 'anime' plus 'porn'. While some anime has nakedness in it [El-Hazard comes to mind] Hentai is supposed to be like, plot + sex. It usually doesn't come off very well.
considerthisjr : MJ did his face japanese like don't you think?
blueredyellow2003 : <leaves the room>
straitaxe : anyone seen bluejene around?
hunter_the_crazychick : And it's really funny to run across descriptions, because nobody ever hits on the fact that the plots are godawful. Like Cool Devices, or La Blue Girl.
gf_walrus : you mean it reduces to porn? hehe
considerthisjr : Blue baby:((
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:36:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : Or the motherfucking Kitty Pleasure Pack.
elvis_high_on_drugs : <leaves the room>
straitaxe : anyone seen yeticock around?
xiphoid_thanatos : Nija Scroll was bad:(
happy_bunny_mostly : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : gf_walrus: it's on screen sex; of course it's porn.
considerthisjr : Where is my Bluejene at?
Cerebral_Torture : xiphoid. Do not diss Ninja Scroll..that was the godliest anime...
Cerebral_Torture : AND STILL IS..
considerthisjr : :((
hunter_the_crazychick : Ninja Scroll =/= Hentai.
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: That is anime, right?
begs_to_be_sodomized : is away (Away)
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: yup.
Cerebral_Torture : hunter, what's with this =/= stuff?
gremlin_net : By definition, hentai isn't actually porn. Porn is defined as being devoid of artistic merit. Among other things.
hunter_the_crazychick : For some reason, there's a designation between "Anime with Nudity" and "Hentai".
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:37:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
x_0phelia_x : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : I was talking about bad animation hunter
hunter_the_crazychick : Cerebral_Torture: "Not", or "Does not equal"
turbo_tonka : <arrives> from Australia
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: oh yeah; you want bad animation?
greywolfuk_m40s : hmmm .... hentai is erotica then ?
the_chainsawpsycho : Gremlin: Is everything that is drawn artistic?
Cerebral_Torture : Oh..okay. I know Ninja Scroll isn't hentai, it's anime...
gf_walrus : it must be a fine line between them
Cerebral_Torture : two different things..
gremlin_net : If an image contains pixels, it can't be considered pornography.
hunter_the_crazychick : greywolfuk_m40s: I think it's considered that by some people. I just consider it funny as hell.
considerthisjr : Michael Jackson likes child hentai I read
the_chainsawpsycho : That'd be almost like saying "everything that is filmed is artistic", which I tend to disagree with.
hunter_the_crazychick : They're supposed to have plot and all that, but often, the plot centers around sex.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:38:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
sebthesparky : <leaves the room>
greywolfuk_m40s : porn for the poorly educated (bad) .... erotica for the educated (art) ?
xiphoid_thanatos : I used to have some fairly severe hentai floating around my old comp. The best kind:)
straitaxe : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : Like "Living Sex Toy Delivery", or any of the ones I mentioned earlier.
greywolfuk_m40s : *chuckles*
greywolfuk_m40s : i've looked at the pics ....
greywolfuk_m40s : but not seen a movie
gremlin_net : The surpreme court arguably fucked up by claiming that pornography was definitively devoid of artistic merit. Art is subjective; and basic reasoning suggests that anything graphical is artwork.
greywolfuk_m40s : hmm .... lots of tentacle sex, too
hunter_the_crazychick : greywolfuk_m40s: I think the difference between porn and erotica might be [yeah, this is trite] lighting -- like, does the lighting let you see her tonsils from the back side....
the_chainsawpsycho : Damned tentacles....
greywolfuk_m40s : lol hunter
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:39:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : me neither, the pics are often quite well drawn, but the sex is often violent?
hunter_the_crazychick : Oh yeah; tentacle sex. Toy sex. Magical trading of genders. Lots and lots and lots of things.
xiphoid_thanatos : walrus: Most of the stuff I had was violence. That was kinda the idea:D
xiphoid_thanatos : *violent
gf_walrus : aha
hunter_the_crazychick : gf_walrus: sometimes. In La Blue Girl the main character is like, the last surviving heir or something of some ninja clan that fights with 'sexcraft'.". It's awful....
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:40:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : lol at sexcraft
hunter_the_crazychick : gf_walrus: one of my current 'favourite' pictures is of a naked anime-style-girl chopped up and bound into a suitcase....
xiphoid_thanatos : hunter: Do you get yours from Klozz, or elsewhere?
gf_walrus : grief
hunter_the_crazychick : gf_walrus: her 'clan' made a 'deal' with 'hedonistic evil demons' that killed people by fucking them.
Cerebral_Torture : hunter, you're not one of those people who watch hentai and consider it art. Are you?
greywolfuk_m40s : lots of bondage, and sexual subjection of little girls ....
gf_walrus : haaaa
hunter_the_crazychick : Cerebral_Torture: I watch it and consider it godawful funny.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:41:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Cerebral_Torture : Okay...
gf_walrus : death by fucking
greywolfuk_m40s : klozz ?
gf_walrus : that's a new one
the_chainsawpsycho : shivers and tries to think of something positive
hunter_the_crazychick : Cerebral_Torture: No. It's not art. It's that which I can torment others with.
ftds40 : <arrives> Male 21 alias alt-guy
greywolfuk_m40s : death by fucking .... hmmm ... reminds me slightly of "cat people"
hunter_the_crazychick : What's Klozz?
gremlin_net : Pornography is one of the more misused words on the planet. Pornography does not, by definition, involve nudity or sex; it's any medium which is utterly devoid of artistic merit, political issue, satire, science, and so on. The shorthand is that, whatever pornography might turn out to be, it hasn't actually been invented yet.
Cerebral_Torture : I just see hentai as something I can masturbate to. :-|
hunter_the_crazychick : gets no sexual stimulation from these films.
the_chainsawpsycho : Hentai seems synonymous with chronic masturbation, to me.
xiphoid_thanatos : Klozz was a site getting around that had hentai movies up on it you could d/l.
greywolfuk_m40s : hunter: yes ..... what's klozz
meme_owe2001 : <arrives> Male
hunter_the_crazychick : Unless I'm laughing and convulsing too much to notice.
loveheals2002 : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:42:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
blackheartedprofit : you would know, the_chainsawpsycho
hunter_the_crazychick : xiphoid_thanatos: oh. Never heard of it. I use Kazaa, Overnet, and a few other things.
greywolfuk_m40s : is it still around ? ?
Cerebral_Torture : hentaispider, hentai search engine..
xiphoid_thanatos : hunter: Ahhh
hunter_the_crazychick : Hentai means 'naughty' or 'perverse'.
ftds40 : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : grey: I haven't looked for ages. Probably
greywolfuk_m40s : thanks cerebral
bilal_abbasi84 : <leaves the room>
gf_walrus : hehe, chain, it may be the obsessiveness of it?
Cerebral_Torture : hentaipalm is a good site..if it's still around..
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:43:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
vivek_r_agrawal : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : The people who try to define this stuff online are scary.
greywolfuk_m40s : klozz is still there ... pop ups and all ...
hunter_the_crazychick : "The anime is always really great, even if you skip the sex scenes! The story is excellent!"
hunter_the_crazychick : *cries*
meme_owe2001 : <leaves the room>
Cerebral_Torture : grey, I'm on it now. But I have a popup stopper..
the_chainsawpsycho : gf: Exactly. It's like being fanatical about masturbation. No longer does it have to do with tangible desire, it just becomes a twisted fetish used as a means to an end.
xiphoid_thanatos : grey: Figures.
greywolfuk_m40s : advertising sailor moon hentai
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:44:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
o_0erik0_o : <arrives> Male 18 from Napa Cali alias Erik
gf_walrus : one day there will be a cult collection of hentai, like they collect comics from the 50's hunter, your collection will make you millions, hehe
greywolfuk_m40s : lol
Cerebral_Torture : Wish I would have known about this site when I was just masturbating a few minutes ago..:-|
hunter_the_crazychick : I seem to have destroyed the room. Or brought us together in a very horrid way....
o_0erik0_o : Hello
xiphoid_thanatos : lol I hate sailor moon, hentai or otherwise. but I guess it is better than the Pokemon pron that was floating around
o_0erik0_o : Oh my god! somebody put shit in my pants!
hunter_the_crazychick : points at the stacks of comics and old Star Wars toys still in card.
the_chainsawpsycho : People that watch Hentai purely for the lack of artistic merit seem like masochists to me, which I find sickening.
hunter_the_crazychick : Got it covered, man. Or well, Gremlin does.
xiphoid_thanatos : is waiting for the Yu-Gi-Oh pron to start appearing
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:45:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : just make sure you back it all up
the_chainsawpsycho : hehehehehehehehe
blackheartedprofit : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: I watch it because I might be able to hurt someone with it.
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: I know it causes pain; I'm doing a holy public service!
greywolfuk_m40s : are you a top hunter ?
muystm : <arrives>
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: You should get a grant from a PsyOps think tank.
xiphoid_thanatos : watches anything with unneccesary violence coupled with gratuitous sex.
muystm : hello room
muystm : ;)
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: yes. I should.
xiphoid_thanatos : Most of it sucks but *shrug*
hunter_the_crazychick : greywolfuk_m40s: um...
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:46:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: so, Hentai.
xiphoid_thanatos : WEll okay, not /anything/
devlukno : <arrives>
xiphoid_thanatos : hunter: Yup
greywolfuk_m40s : *grins*
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: Or any american movie involving people.
xiphoid_thanatos : lmao hunter
devlukno : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : greywolfuk_m40s: in what sense was that meant?
the_chainsawpsycho : Using something like the air force's television jamming and broadcast plane to immerse a nation in Hentai might have a profound effect.
xx_winkwink_xx : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: I've thought about it.
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: I have a powerful, powerful weapon here.
pamala910 : <arrives> Female 39
xiphoid_thanatos : wonders if she can get her mic to work this time
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:47:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
xx_winkwink_xx : <arrives> Female from au
hunter_the_crazychick : The amazing Ecto-Containment-Vagina complete with ghosts escaping is a real mind-warper.
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: It might make Islamic peoples flip out, for sure.
pamala910 : <leaves the room>
muystm : <leaves the room>
bilal_abbasi84 : <arrives>
o_0erik0_o : <leaves the room>
greywolfuk_m40s : hunter :kinky psychosexual sense
hunter_the_crazychick : And let's not forget the magical purple light vagina....
xiphoid_thanatos : thinks that hentai would probably be mistaken for the news in the "west"
gf_walrus : it's odd what people fantasise about
hunter_the_crazychick : laughs at xiph.
pamala910 : <arrives> Female 39
pamala910 : <leaves the room>
Cerebral_Torture : I'd love to take control of every broadcasting channel in the world and play nothing but hentai..
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:48:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : imagine a glowing vagina? lol
greywolfuk_m40s : lol xiph
hunter_the_crazychick : greywolfuk_m40s: I prefer to not be in charge in bed. I lack experience.
mrdanzig69 : <arrives> Male 19 from PA
the_chainsawpsycho : Cerebral: You must die! ahhhhhhhhhhh
hunter_the_crazychick : Cerebral_Torture: yes, but which one?
heretaunga_2000 : <leaves the room>
heretaunga_2000 : <arrives> Male
pamala910 : <arrives> Female 39
hunter_the_crazychick : And would you put it on repeat, or mix and match?
heretaunga_2000 : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : Hentai aside, Gary Roberts has been my animation thing for a while:)
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:49:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : Cerebral_Torture: I think the world would do /wonderfuly/ with being forced to watch a taped play-through of Water Closet.
greywolfuk_m40s : tries to imagine hunter as a bottom
xx_winkwink_xx : <leaves the room>
xx_winkwink_xx : <arrives> Female from au
greywolfuk_m40s : hmm ....
Cerebral_Torture : Anyone that I could get my hands on really. I'd just mix and a little of this one, some of the next..
hunter_the_crazychick : smiles.
greywolfuk_m40s : lol
mrdanzig69 : <leaves the room>
pamala910 : hi everybody! good morning!
greywolfuk_m40s : actually, some tops never seem to actually have sex ... they're more into control and causing pain
gf_walrus : is water closet about 'wet sports'?
Cerebral_Torture : I wonder if in Japan they show hentai's at night on some channels..
turbo_tonka : <leaves the room>
greywolfuk_m40s : as it goes .....
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:50:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
Cerebral_Torture : late at night I mean..after 12:00 a.m.
hunter_the_crazychick : gf_walrus: it's...bad.
the_chainsawpsycho : I am actually surprised that there isn't an "Anime Channel", yet.
ella_elusive : <arrives> Female alias Mrs. Rhett Butler
hunter_the_crazychick : Wait....
greywolfuk_m40s : frowns at his vocab repitition
hunter_the_crazychick : Chain: It's called Cartoon Network
minacious_hellcat : lol hunter
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: They show other stuff, though.
xx_winkwink_xx : greywolf what are tops
Cerebral_Torture : hunter, yeah..but they only have a few good shows. Like InuYasha...and Trigun..
hunter_the_crazychick : Here. I've played most of these --
greywolfuk_m40s : hello pamala
gf_walrus : thanks, hunter
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:51:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
pamala910 : whats up ??
greywolfuk_m40s : top and bottom .... from the bdsm scene
the_chainsawpsycho : I mean like an all anime and hentai channel. All perversion, all the time.
greywolfuk_m40s : top is the dominant one who controls the (sexual) action
xiphoid_thanatos : I don't accept PMs from people I don't know sorry. (And minacious_hellcat is my other nic in here)
hunter_the_crazychick : greywolfuk_m40s: I don't get much into any of that, really. Again, as I said. No experience.
greywolfuk_m40s : the bottom has things done to them
xx_winkwink_xx : ohh i c thanks for the explaination
gf_walrus : there might be an opening on pay tv, chain
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:52:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : similar, but not quite the same as D/s .... Dominant/submissive ... and Master/slave
xiphoid_thanatos : All perversion, all the time...sounds like parliament question time to me.
greywolfuk_m40s : smiles at hunter
the_chainsawpsycho : Walrus: There are a few hundred channels for some pay television systems, now. An anime channel seems logical.
hunter_the_crazychick : doesn't really bother researching to find out what works for her.
greywolfuk_m40s : its all about consenting adults ... about what people want ... and just an aside here
gf_walrus : yes, i agree
hunter_the_crazychick : has only ever had one partner, and is still with him; doesn't know /what/ the fuck she's doing in bed.
smokey0384 : gremlin_net: Hentai is cartoon porn gremlin_net: By definition, hentai isn't actually porn <-- make up ur mind
hunter_the_crazychick : Just ask.
gf_walrus : lets do it!
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:53:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_chainsawpsycho : wants to see the horror channel
gremlin_net : smokey0384: the first was a vernacular simplification. Read for context.
greywolfuk_m40s : hunter : as long as you're happy
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:54:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : thinks she gets the horror channel.
hunter_the_crazychick : greywolfuk_m40s: I usually am.
greywolfuk_m40s : smiles .... good then
olddirtydoggy669 : <arrives>
swordofgabriel2000 : <arrives> Male 27
ella_elusive : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : Everything Gremlin said regarding Hentai: gremlin_net : Hentai is cartoon porn mixed with grammar which makes christians look erudite. gremlin_net : 'I am to have many fast the car and tits of chick' gremlin_net : By definition, hentai isn't actually porn. Porn is defined as being devoid of artistic merit. Among other things. gremlin_net : If an image contains pixels, it can't be considered pornography. gremlin_net : The surpreme court arguably fucked up by claiming that pornography was definitively devoid of artistic merit. Art is subjective; and basic reasoning suggests that anything graphical is artwork. gremlin_net : Pornography is one of the more misused words on the planet. Pornography does not, by definition, involve nudity or sex; it's any medium which is utterly devoid of artistic merit, political issue, satire, science, and so on. The shorthand is that, whatever pornography might turn out to be, it hasn't actually been invented yet.
hunter_the_crazychick : The first = vernacular, and somewhat sarcastic; the second = legal clarification.
swordofgabriel2000 : Why did you leave old dog? I am still willing to answer your questions?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:55:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
pamala910 : right chain since theres only really a handful of good horror flicks!
olddirtydoggy669 : OK HEADSHIP
greywolfuk_m40s : is clarified
hunter_the_crazychick : pamala910: you can't have a horror channel without showing Trick or Treat.
greywolfuk_m40s : (yes, i've turned into butter)
xx_winkwink_xx : hunter hows a person suppose to read that
hunter_the_crazychick : xx_winkwink_xx: one word at a time, as everything is read....
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:56:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
swordofgabriel2000 : n/p
greywolfuk_m40s : looks at the time ... remembers he has a party to go to
hunter_the_crazychick : The All Horror channel would be one of the best channels ever, because it'd show 1% good stuff, and 99% really cheesy shit.
rajahng : <arrives> Male 28 from TEMPLE HILLS, MD alias SWOL
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:57:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : hunter : do you like kitsch too
hunter_the_crazychick : Unfortunately, it'd probably be one of the more expensive premium channels, since some of the worst horror tends to be somewhat more graphic than the shit they show on cinemax.
hunter_the_crazychick : greywolfuk_m40s: little slow this morning; define again, please?
greywolfuk_m40s : has anyone seen the the kiwi film "bad taste" ?
xx_winkwink_xx : ope whats it about
the_chainsawpsycho : doesn't suffer fools gladly, and doesn't suffer horrible films gladly
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:58:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : yes, I have
greywolfuk_m40s : i think it was peter (lord of the rings) jackson's first film
gf_walrus : that had ares in it?
minacious_hellcat : notes that chain doesn't usually suffer at /all/.
olddirtydoggy669 : OK WE ARE BACK NOW
gf_walrus : from xena?
straitaxe : <arrives> Male 25 from Alabama
greywolfuk_m40s : its old now ... but still in massively bad taste ....
swordofgabriel2000 : Yessssssssssss
swordofgabriel2000 : okay
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:59:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : hmm ... can't remember the characters walrus .. saw it about 20 years ago
gf_walrus : kitsch is basically tasteless in a certain dated way, hunter
greywolfuk_m40s : kitsch :
pamala910 : i prefere scary as oppose to bloody, like member rosemarys baby? that was great!
minacious_hellcat : straitaxe
gf_walrus : it usually has collectable value, though, like 50's stretch pants
minacious_hellcat : Yes, but you obviously can't hear me
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:00:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
minacious_hellcat : frowns
hunter_the_crazychick : greywolfuk_m40s: you mean kitsch? Sentimentality or vulgar, often pretentious bad taste, especially in the arts
minacious_hellcat : winkwink, did you hear me?
straitaxe : hi biatch
straitaxe : no i cant :(
gf_walrus : wb menacious
straitaxe : nope
minacious_hellcat : thanks walrus
minacious_hellcat : kicks her soundcard
hunter_the_crazychick : "Of, being, or characterized by kitsch: “The kitsch kitchen... has aqua-and-white gingham curtains and rubber duck-yellow walls painted in a fried-egg motif”"
gf_walrus : sorry, minacious
swordofgabriel2000 : It happens because we bring it on ourself. The Bible tells us very plainly that God says " I set before you blessing and cursing, Life and Death, choose life
hunter_the_crazychick : Oh the pain.
greywolfuk_m40s : lol hunter ... yes, that kitsch ... some people collect it
minacious_hellcat : walrus: Eh? Sorry for what hon?
minacious_hellcat : <--is xiph
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:01:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
swordofgabriel2000 : 'We have the option to follow God's plan and escape this punishment
gf_walrus : yes, hunter, that's a good example
hunter_the_crazychick : greywolfuk_m40s: I like; I might've actually bought a few of those things had I known about them, just to hurt others with....
straitaxe : <leaves the room>
gf_walrus : I called you menacious
minacious_hellcat : Finally, my mic is working :D
minacious_hellcat : dances
hunter_the_crazychick : greywolfuk_m40s: but....
gf_walrus : yes, xiph
arvirtouz : <arrives>
greywolfuk_m40s : lol hunter : (hmm ... there's that "hurting others" again ... a feature of tops)
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:02:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : but ?
hunter_the_crazychick : greywolfuk_m40s: I like inducing psychological pain on others. What can I say.
greywolfuk_m40s : waits for free will to appear in another conversation
hunter_the_crazychick : If someone looks at something and goes 'oh god, no' I know I've done my job....
swordofgabriel2000 : You fail to realize my friend that He is in control........this is part of His plan. And one day very soon He will return to take His church and leave the madness behind for the world to endure for 7 years
greywolfuk_m40s : smiles at hunter
greywolfuk_m40s : oh ....
greywolfuk_m40s : << doesn't want to be hurt, btw
arvirtouz : any atheist friends?
hunter_the_crazychick : greywolfuk_m40s: I like them for their disturbing qualities; I don't think I find them untacky or anything. I don't really know what the qualifications would be.
xx_winkwink_xx : gabriel are u actually all there
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:03:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
olddirtydoggy669 : 7 YEARS?
swordofgabriel2000 : Then he will return and reign for 1,000 years and then judgement day for all those who didn't no thead to His word
olddirtydoggy669 : THAT IS NEW ONE
hunter_the_crazychick : Oh boy. We got a LeftBehinder here?
arvirtouz : if u r atheist then please type 13
swordofgabriel2000 : yes 7 years.....broken into two different periods
greywolfuk_m40s : sighs at the spam ...
virtuosinthemist : <arrives>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:04:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : arvirtouz ... that is so annoying
olddirtydoggy669 : WHERE IN BIBLE IS THIS 7 YEARS?
virtuosinthemist : :)
olddirtydoggy669 : I NOT HEARD THAT ONE
the_chainsawpsycho : Xiphoid: I do suffer; sometimes greatly. Like when I'm forced by manners to hold my tongue whilst others enjoy something I view as sickening, simply for the sake of being polite.
gf_walrus : hunter, in that hentai site, how does the scoring work (noticed all scores are minus! hehe)
jojo_carlos : <arrives> Male
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:05:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
minacious_hellcat : chain: I see. You view bad animation as sickening yes?
arvirtouz : if u r atheist then please type 13
hunter_the_crazychick : gf: Each category in the rating system is based out of a possible -10 score (-10 being the worst). The overall score is based out of a possible -50 score (-50 being the worst).
olddirtydoggy669 : YOU STILL WITH ME?
greywolfuk_m40s : smiles at "autoignore"
the_chainsawpsycho : Xiphoid: I think it falls under the category of bad art. Like the Left Behind stories.
gf_walrus : is bad good?
Cerebral_Torture : is away (Away)
hunter_the_crazychick : gf_walrus: in a way. Bad is good in the sense that mental anguish is good.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:06:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : aha, ty
minacious_hellcat : chain: Ugh the Left behind crap is just... I don't think there is an adjective that adequately describes them. Bad, just doesn't seem 'bad' enough :))
gf_walrus : yes, i see water closet is -50, lol
xx_winkwink_xx : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : Read the review.
hunter_the_crazychick : You'll understand.
greywolfuk_m40s : looks at the time again ... hmmm .... 7 08 ... and i need to shower and shave
hunter_the_crazychick : Left Behind is a travesty wrapped in a bus accident full of nuns.
greywolfuk_m40s : why does real life interfere with chat ?
olddirtydoggy669 : YO SWORD MY NIGGA!
minacious_hellcat : chain: Ahhh I see lol
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:07:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
virtuosinthemist : ehhm,m. how is there no anguish in bad?
minacious_hellcat : chain: So sex and violence don't go together for you?
xiphoid_thanatos : is away (Away)
hunter_the_crazychick : gets back on schedule with her pills.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:08:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
amielito777 : <arrives> Male 21 from Silang, Cavite, Philippines alias ams777
the_chainsawpsycho : Xiphoid: I think sex and violence are intertwined. I just don't see the medium of bad animation and poor production to be suiting.
virtuosinthemist : Bad=mental anguish=good
xiphoid_thanatos : is back
xiphoid_thanatos : nods to chain
olddirtydoggy669 : <leaves the room>
swordofgabriel2000 : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : I can understand that
ella_elusive : <arrives> Female alias Mrs. Rhett Butler
minacious_hellcat : Sorry about swapping windows, I'm trying to work who I am missing from my list.
the_chainsawpsycho : hehehehehehehe
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:09:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greywolfuk_m40s : waves to all ... blows a kiss to hunter
greywolfuk_m40s : bye room
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: nobody ever said it was suitable. It just exists.
xiphoid_thanatos : night grey
the_chainsawpsycho : wonders if xiphoid has had a personality split
greywolfuk_m40s : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : And it's awful.
gremlin_net : is away (Away)
virtuosinthemist : urrk. sex+violence>:)
xiphoid_thanatos : chain: DID is soooo 90's. :|
xiphoid_thanatos : haha
amielito777 : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:10:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: MPD is nineties; the new name, DID, makes it trendy again.
hunter_the_crazychick : nods.
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: It'd be like a biologist that had a slug fetish. Pictures of slugs hanging around their house, books about slugs, etc.
jojo_carlos : <leaves the room>
the_chainsawpsycho : I find it deeply sickening.
lord_adolf_hitler : <leaves the room>
virtuosinthemist : <leaves the room>
ella_elusive : <leaves the room>
pelloquin13 : <leaves the room>
the_chainsawpsycho : What does DID stand for?
celestial_zephyr : <arrives> Female 777
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:11:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
guest349502 : <arrives>
lord_adolf_hitler : <arrives> Male alias Lord Adolf Hitler
guest349502 : <leaves the room>
lord_adolf_hitler : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : chain: I remember reading about antomologist that had an obsession with cockroaches, like that.
xiphoid_thanatos : *entomologist
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:12:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : suspects that slugs, falling under mollusca/gastropoda, would be more of a marine biology thing than a straight biology thing.
the_chainsawpsycho : Dissociative Identity Disorder
the_chainsawpsycho : That sounds like some kind of amnesia or neurosis, to me.
zero_eternal_2000 : <arrives> Male 18 from Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso alias Luminare
minacious_hellcat : doesn't have DID.
minacious_hellcat : But xiphoid does >:)
zero_eternal_2000 : hey room
pamala910 : hunter or anybodies x husband LOL
bi_submissive_kate : <arrives> Female 23
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:13:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_chainsawpsycho : Xiphoid: I can understand fascination with cockroaches. They are very resourceful, and actually do have redeeming qualities, from an evolutionary standpoint.
zero_eternal_2000 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : Ah, so it's just really all about what's acceptable to you and you alone....
minacious_hellcat : chain: This person was seriously obsessed. It was more than fascination.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:14:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
minacious_hellcat : blinks at hunter
hunter_the_crazychick : roaches are horribly disgusting little creatures.
arvirtouz : <leaves the room>
minacious_hellcat : acceptable to whom?
xiphoid_thanatos : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : they tend to eat eachother and leave their little bodyparts lying around everywhere. Not good houseguests.
xiphoid_thanatos : <arrives> Female 28 from au
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: Are there "buggies" as well as "fluffies"?
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: acceptable chainsaws.
gf_walrus : <arrives> Male from Australia
minacious_hellcat : hunter: Ahhh
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: "plushies", not 'fluffies'.
pamala910 : marijuana roaches are kewl though!
gf_walrus : something happened
komporgas : <arrives> Female
bilal_abbasi84 : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:15:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_chainsawpsycho : Furries, fluffies, whatever.
minacious_hellcat : bought a new chainsaw last week
wildman_fromark : <arrives> Male 48 from arkansas alias sunshine
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: and no, I haven't run across any actual insect fetish sites yet. Although I have to assume that there must be.
gf_walrus : i see what you mean hunter, it sounds horrible
wildman_fromark : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : gf: Yeah. Pretty much.
minacious_hellcat : I got a bit happy with it and the trees though :))
the_chainsawpsycho : I know that plushies are inherently different from their "furry" brethren.
davey_havok3 : <arrives>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:16:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
davey_havok3 : hello people
hunter_the_crazychick : Plushies = stuffed animal fetishists. Furries are more of an anthropomorphic animal fetish kinda thing.
chaos_bourne : <arrives>
bi_submissive_kate : <leaves the room>
chaos_bourne : <leaves the room>
the_chainsawpsycho : I don't really care if people like a given thing. If I think it's truly sick, I'm going to act out against it. Like teletubbies. grrrrrrrr
minacious_hellcat : teletubbies are evil
komporgas : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:17:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
pamala910 : so is barney!!
hunter_the_crazychick : -- insect fetishism is more of a 'crushing' fetishism.
minacious_hellcat : Agreed pamala
hunter_the_crazychick : Which falls under macrophilia.
chickendra : <arrives> Female
davey_havok3 : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : Hiya chickendra:)
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:18:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
bilal_abbasi84 : <arrives>
the_chainsawpsycho : The word of the day is "giantessophilism".
pamala910 : it is so weird not to hear anyone chatting in here
pamala910 : all the debaters must still be sleeping!!
minacious_hellcat : pamala: It doesn't often get this quiet, but I would make the most of it, considering.
twinkelbelly : <arrives> Female 45 from wi
hunter_the_crazychick : The insect becomes a fetish object for crush freaks, who wish to be an insect crushed underfood, or who enjoy crushing things underfoot.
considerthisjr : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:19:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
sure7772002 : <arrives>
hunter_the_crazychick : I really wish I could pretend that these fetishes didn't exist before the internet.
twinkelbelly : <leaves the room>
minacious_hellcat : lol
minacious_hellcat : brb
pamala910 : i know cause a couple of them are real pains in the ass LOL
the_chainsawpsycho : thinks people are a little less valuable, now
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:20:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : loves having this much knowledge at her fingertips; just wishes the knowledge didn't always prove that she was right about people.
Cerebral_Torture : <leaves the room>
pamala910 : less valuable??
sure7772002 : <leaves the room>
rajahng : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:21:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_chainsawpsycho : Pamala: If people sexually enjoy things like watching a chick squish bugs, I think that's another reason to support the idea that humanity must die.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:22:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
pamala910 : oh ok, yes humanity is a bit twisted huh!
hunter_the_crazychick : twitches.
the_chainsawpsycho : A bit twisted? That can be an understatement. hehehehehehe
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: I've got a question.
hunter_the_crazychick : Wait; nevermind. No I don't. I don't want to know the answer.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:23:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_chainsawpsycho : has Hunter's straightjacket ready
hunter_the_crazychick : wants a straightjacket.
hunter_the_crazychick : A nice black one, with shiny silvery buckles.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:24:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : pouts.
the_chainsawpsycho : This is a lovely white one, with a girlie flower and smiley face on the front.
minacious_hellcat : is back
hunter_the_crazychick : also wants a nice little toe-tag looking charm with 'drink me' engraved on it.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:25:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
stu25_uk2001 : <arrives> Male 26 from london, uk
hunter_the_crazychick : Just to make people wonder.
stu25_uk2001 : christian chat hey!!!
higgen101 : <arrives> Male 32 from where ever you are alias Higgen101
minacious_hellcat : hunter: You can leather straight jackets made here 'under the counter', so I'm sure you could get one of there somewhere:)
higgen101 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: yeah, I'm not surprised.
the_chainsawpsycho : wonders how xiphoid knows that >:)
hunter_the_crazychick : I just haven't *looked* yet.
hunter_the_crazychick : Xiph knows because she goes through three a week. Uh huh.
minacious_hellcat : ummmm
keres_au : <arrives> Male
minacious_hellcat : zips it.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:26:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : laughs.
keres_au : <leaves the room>
virtuosinthemist : <arrives>
the_chainsawpsycho : hehehehehehe
mark19male : <arrives> Male 19 from Mumbai
minacious_hellcat : My mouth that is, not the jacket
stu25_uk2001 : head butts hunter
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: what do you mean 'under the counter'. Like, it's illegal to have one?
minacious_hellcat : Oh damn this just isn't working
minacious_hellcat : hunter: It is in QLD where I live.
stu25_uk2001 : woops shes a lady - backtracks
stu25_uk2001 : lol
the_naked_twillighttweaker : <arrives> Female 30 from TX
marionet_2003 : <arrives> Male 23 from mor
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: ah.
minacious_hellcat : Mind you, they still put little black dots on playboy up here
virtuosinthemist : Does anyone know what Harram is?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:27:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_naked_twillighttweaker : <leaves the room>
stu25_uk2001 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : nods at xiph.
hunter_the_crazychick : So I can probably just walk right into Hot Topic and buy one here.
minacious_hellcat : notes you can also get 'human' bridles....
hunter_the_crazychick : nods.
minacious_hellcat : lol
hunter_the_crazychick : has seen some of that shit.
virtuosinthemist : Something to do with freewill i think
joseph_m860 : <arrives>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:28:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
joseph_m860 : <leaves the room>
the_chainsawpsycho : Harram means something like rotten, I think.
virtuosinthemist : The defenceless - do they have free will?
mark19male : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : I *have* been to more than one Rocky Horror cast show thing here. They get these things and show them off as if it makes them cool, even though they have no fucking clue what they're for.
minacious_hellcat : lmao
uper_dhghem : <arrives> Male 19 from australia alias uper_dhghem
hunter_the_crazychick : Look at me *prance prance* I have bondage gear and vinyl and chainmail. I'm *soooooo* cool!
comfortably_wyrd : <arrives> Female
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:29:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : rolls her eyes.
virtuosinthemist : Does Harram mean you are defenceless, without free will?
minacious_hellcat : ahahaha I see that whenever one of the indy cinemas decides to replay Rocky Horror.
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: every saturday here.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:30:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : It's like some sort of special loser event.
hunter_the_crazychick : It's where you go when you're too fucking lame to pick someone up at the hillbilly bar.
lionsblade1 : <arrives> Female 40 from Upstate NY alias LionsBlade1
hunter_the_crazychick : Or too young to drink.
minacious_hellcat : hunter: Ahh I'm not that punished. It is only every couple of months or something here, but we have 'Clockwork Orange' nights where all the Alex wannabes come out with their bowler hats and mascara
minacious_hellcat : sighs
hunter_the_crazychick : Good god....
hunter_the_crazychick : beats her head against the wall.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:31:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
astrangerenters : <arrives> Female
virtuosinthemist : If suicide is harram for muslims then at their moment of death (if they Suicde) they are not muslims ??
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: where do you live? I want to make sure I avoid that portion of the world entirely.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:32:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
minacious_hellcat : lmao hunter. Queensland. Only Brisbane has to suffer that really, although I hear that Melbourne and Sydney do it too...
minacious_hellcat : I'm actually south west of Brissie, in Ipswich
xiphoid_thanatos : is away (Away)
virtuosinthemist : which begs the question, how long is purgatory..
hunter_the_crazychick : Should've known that.
hunter_the_crazychick : QLD, after all. Makes sense now.
minacious_hellcat : :))
hunter_the_crazychick : And why the fuck are all these names familiar to me....
the_chainsawpsycho : I see some Harram temples. I'm not sure what they are, but they look like black Shriners.
minacious_hellcat : Australia
astrangerenters : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:33:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
virtuosinthemist : Bruce Lee was a champion
virtuosinthemist : :)
minacious_hellcat : And I was going to kidnap you for the next Hookers and Deviates ball hunter haha
hunter_the_crazychick : hah.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:34:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
virtuosinthemist : <leaves the room>
minacious_hellcat : It is a yearly thing....we just had this years about 4 weeks ago
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: actually, I can't really say that that's any worse than anything that happens here, because you get people pulling the Alex thing at Rocky, too, because it's 'so fucking cool'.
lord_adolf_hitler : <arrives> Male alias Lord Adolf Hitler
minacious_hellcat : Oh dear
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:35:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: and I consider myself lucky, because when I was actually bothering to know the cast [they tried to get Gremlin to do their website], they were only representative of a TINY portion of the pretentiousness contained within an actual cast.
gf_walrus : <leaves the room>
gf_walrus : <arrives> Male from Australia
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:36:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
virtuosinthemist : <arrives>
minacious_hellcat : That is scary
minacious_hellcat : shakes head
gf_walrus : I keep getting dropped, hi again
hunter_the_crazychick : Yeah. It is.
minacious_hellcat : hi again walrus
hunter_the_crazychick : You wanna see how bad it is? If you know what usenet is, find out where the alt.cult-movies.rocky-horror group is hiding....
virtuosinthemist : 8-|
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:37:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the1andon7y : <arrives>
hunter_the_crazychick : It's...horrid. These people live to flamewar. And over petty shit, like how many sequins are supposed to be on a floorshow costume, or whether or not it's a wicked idea to remake RHPS the way it's rumoured as being remade this week.
gf_walrus : this is scary stuff, hunter, do you really like it? the reviews are great though, sounds like they should write for 'the onion'
minacious_hellcat : :))
the1andon7y : so whats happening ijh here
uper_dhghem : so, i'm told this is where people who are too... how should one put it... intellectually devoid...? to discuss such issues in real life, with real people, at real academic institutions... and spend their lives, under their online Yahoo!, denigrating poor little brainwashed christians.... is this accurate at all?
the1andon7y : in
hunter_the_crazychick : gf: these guys are good, yeah. I don't get off on it, but I enjoy it almost as much as I enjoy staring at accident pictures in search of an instance of jesus....
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:38:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : yes, i see
minacious_hellcat : Go away Hovind. (or Hovind wannabe)
hunter_the_crazychick : gf: I don't know if anyone's told you yet [it's a bit of a secret], but...i'm...not...sane.
the1andon7y : how many atheists are in here
eat_me_lyncaeus : <arrives>
gf_walrus : pretty close, uper
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:39:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_chainsawpsycho : “haram he<e>.rem. Also 7 haramm, 8 harram haræ;m; 9 hareem, harim hari.m. a. Arab. haram, and harim lit."
hunter_the_crazychick : points everyone to the What's New she wrote.
hunter_the_crazychick : Just because....
the_chainsawpsycho : "(that which is) prohibited or unlawful, that which a man defends and fights for, as his family, a sacred place, sanctuary, enclosure; the women's part of the house; wives, women; from harama to prohibit, forbid, make unlawful. The two Arabic words are practically synonymous, esp. in countries where Arabic is not the vernacular.”
gf_walrus : no, hunter, no one told me!
hunter_the_crazychick : gf: sorry you were left out of the loop.
pamala910 : up theres a couple idiots, but a lot of nice peoples too
jackie1139 : <arrives>
bilal_abbasi84 : <leaves the room>
gf_walrus : but i should have read your name a bit more closely, i guess
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:40:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : laughs.
uper_dhghem : i just don't get it... why do people lead online lives? if you want to discuss metaphysical issues, then take a fucking course...
xxx_a2e_xxx : <arrives> Male 34 from home alias __ACE__
uper_dhghem : if you want to be a goth, go to a nightclub..
pamala910 : up why are you here?
hunter_the_crazychick : gf: most people don't get past the Hunter; they *never* see the 'chick', so I'd be surprised if there weren't people out there who totally overlooked the 'crazy' bit too.
xxx_a2e_xxx : <leaves the room>
jackie1139 : <leaves the room>
eat_me_lyncaeus : uper: then y r u online?
uper_dhghem : what can anyone possibly get from Yahoo! Chat?
uper_dhghem : just seeing if what i've been told is true...
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:41:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: knowledge from people who don't think that knowledge can only be obtained in a college course.
gf_walrus : uper, what do you mean? what's an on-line life? how else do you get the chance to meet people from all over the world?
pamala910 : theres alot of peeps smarter then me in here, i learn things in here
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: and social interaction from people who know better than to think that being goth = going to a club.
virtuosinthemist : uper dhghem > has no metaphysical input, go back to society:)
noncomeformist : <arrives> Male
uper_dhghem : gf - go to a good Uni.
the_chainsawpsycho : They'd drone on about Jesus and their pathetic lives, given the chance.
uper_dhghem : Hunter - point taken.
uper_dhghem : however...
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:42:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : uper, metaphysical issues, you might want to try 'intellectual discussion' down the hall
hunter_the_crazychick : gf: ha!
uper_dhghem : i can guarantee, one of my 2 hour lectures is worth 2 weeks on this pish.
hunter_the_crazychick : Intellectual discussion. "dude...socks...."
stu25_uk2001 : <arrives> Male 26 from london, uk
stu25_uk2001 : lmao
noncomeformist : There's no intellectual discussion going on down the hall
gf_walrus : strangely uper, a uni doesn't do much but perpetuate the paper chase
virtuosinthemist : uper-dghem> we dont wanna listen to SHIT
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:43:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
virtuosinthemist : University is SHIT
the_chainsawpsycho : thinks uper is overrating himself
mehdi847ce : <arrives>
uper_dhghem : university is shit?
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: actually, you can learn a lot in an hour, if you get here in the right hour, ranging from biology to the bible, to quantum mechanics, to basic physics, to psychology. And it certainly costs a lot less than a couple of credit hours.
georgeaaa2003 : <arrives>
twillighttweaker : <arrives> Female 30 from TX
pamala910 : me too chain and thats the same thing alot of people do in here
uper_dhghem : gf_walrus - what Uni have you gone to?
noncomeformist : I was here to hear about the atheist and christian discussion
stu25_uk2001 : Hunter you need to get out a little more
gf_walrus : so you get together with friends at your uni, uper?
marionet_2003 : <leaves the room>
twillighttweaker : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:44:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
minacious_hellcat : lmao hunter, I love it! (the What's New.)
the_chainsawpsycho : Pamala: I love it when the idiots say "You all are so pathetic. My life is the way to go." etc. etc.
hunter_the_crazychick : And if you find something that you're really interested in, you can certainly continue research. This idea that useful knowledge can only come out of sitting through stodgy professors' lectures is kinda...well, outdated.
gf_walrus : i have a BA in philosophy, a post grad degree in architecture, and 2 graduate diplomas, uper
pamala910 : yes i love this room i come in ever morning and drink coffe with these guys!
mehdi847ce : <leaves the room>
uper_dhghem : gf, i've met the most fucking amazing people at uni you wouldn't believe. and it's not only intellectual of course... there's also lots of sex, drugs and rock n roll.
kekenamus23 : <arrives> Male
hunter_the_crazychick : It's like thinking that the only way you can learn an actual trade is by apprenticing under your father, and taking his place when he retires.
pamala910 : right on chain
uper_dhghem : which uni did you get accepted to after High School gf?
georgeaaa2003 : <leaves the room>
kekenamus23 : <leaves the room>
the_chainsawpsycho : I personally detest social interaction, in general. Most people are smelly losers that I don't want to be around.
noncomeformist : Hunter Feudalism?
hunter_the_crazychick : stu25_uk2001: I get out plenty.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:45:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : not really relevant, uper, not where i studied, thanks
kyjahlin : <arrives> Female 27 from Denver alias Kyjahlin
stu25_uk2001 : haha hunter of course
hunter_the_crazychick : stu25_uk2001: I do not 'need' to get out any more than I actually do. If I got out any more than I did, I would never see my own bed.
stu25_uk2001 : haha that old chestnut
gf_walrus : a bit too personal, you see
uper_dhghem : Hunter, i'm not talking about those who supplement theit thirst for knowledge with online chat... but those of whome their primary source is said discussion..
noncomeformist : The First Emperor to implement that idea was Constatine
eat_me_lyncaeus : <leaves the room>
eat_me_lyncaeus : <arrives>
uper_dhghem : gf.... ashamed of your institution?
uper_dhghem : ;-)
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:46:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: you might need to find a different room to hurl that accusation in, then, because it's out of place here.
eat_me_lyncaeus : <leaves the room>
minacious_hellcat : Hey genius, it is 'whom'.
eat_me_lyncaeus : <arrives>
virtuosinthemist : said discussion?
gf_walrus : but i don't see why the chat room should be in opposition to uni? many regs are students
the_chainsawpsycho : Perhaps if one was born with a silver spoon shoved up their arse, attending school would be an easy option.
uper_dhghem : Hunter - you're saying your don't spend most of your "LIFE" life, online?
biensky19 : <arrives> Male
pamala910 : up i know some people in here are crippled and hurt they cant get out all the time! do you want them to talk to no one??
stu25_uk2001 : <leaves the room>
noncomeformist : <leaves the room>
gf_walrus : not at all, uper, I just don't feel right about posting them in a open chat room
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:47:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
minacious_hellcat : Many regulars are also professionals in such fields as archaeology, dendrology and botany.
besides_the_point_220 : <arrives> Female 16 from Kansas alias Degraded_Fairy
virtuosinthemist : University> exp.P. has the potential tendency to limit free will as any institution.
gf_walrus : especially as i only know about 15 of the people in here
uper_dhghem : gf: yes, because obviously i could track you down and rape your dog from knowing your Uni and Yahoo! screen name
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: obviously not. My life consists of 22 years, thus far. We didn't have the internet until 1997, when I was 17. Even if I'd managed to duck school, the military, sleep, all restroom trips, and hospital visits, I'd still have only managed to spend five straight years online....
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:48:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : the other 15 could well be hackers, etc, who might have ways and means, i guess
pamala910 : up my dogs really picky LOL just kidding!
uper_dhghem : Hunter, i've browsed your website... doesn't pain a very pretty picture... not much balance therein.... no Sophrosyne, so to speak...
eat_me_lyncaeus : im not, and i dont have means or ways
gf_walrus : but no means no
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:49:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
eat_me_lyncaeus : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : I *definitely* use the computer to research, to obtain things that I want. But it doesn't quite compare to just going out and wandering about town, and happening about a tiny white Iz figure for only ten bucks....
virtuosinthemist : dictatorial and fascist teachers/lecturers exist.. is that preaching?
uper_dhghem : ok... so... let's give this Yahoo! Chat a shot then... let's mes tests thes waters.
biensky19 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: my website? Which one?
uper_dhghem : the
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:50:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
pamala910 : up came in to judge everybody! how nice!
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: okay. And can you tell me where on that site it is stated that the site will be, wholly and completely, about me and every aspect of my life?
virtuosinthemist : a subtle form of brainwashing
chickendra : <leaves the room>
eat_me_lyncaeus : <arrives>
uper_dhghem : i'm not judging individuals as a whole - just this practice of online... attacking, preaching, pretending... not healthy.
virtuosinthemist : like some offsets of a thing called christianity.
pamala910 : up you mean debating??
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:51:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
uper_dhghem : debating can be very healthy... but not with dubious online identities and dubious people.
virtuosinthemist : :))
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: I would assume, then, that you're working on tending to your own problem with coming into rooms and attacking...correct?
gf_walrus : <leaves the room>
gf_walrus : <arrives> Male from Australia
gf_walrus : again, damn
the_chainsawpsycho : notes that uper has taken to the attacking portion
uper_dhghem : virtuosinthemist - are you saying univeristies are in the business of brainwashing?
pamala910 : talking to others learning?? thats realy messed up huh?
kyjahlin : <leaves the room>
gf_walrus : jo, are you in?
eat_me_lyncaeus : uper: have you any idea of what ur talking about
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:52:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
pamala910 : up are you saying american history is true???
gf_walrus : I mean at the keyboard
darque_cyde : <arrives> Male 22 from Pennsylvania alias Edge
hunter_the_crazychick : . o O (Matt 7:5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.)
darque_cyde : <leaves the room>
eat_me_lyncaeus : its hardly brainwashing if the other person doesnt want to know
savin_pvt_pitts : <arrives> Male
virtuosinthemist : Universities are in the business of developing sole interest in making money - they do anything for money - they are fascist money takers
non_american2000 : <arrives> Male 32 from UK alias xenophobic
xiphoid_thanatos : is back
xiphoid_thanatos : uper_dhghem : so, i'm told this is where people who are too... how should one put it... intellectually devoid...? to discuss such issues in real life, with real people, at real academic institutions... and spend their lives, under their online Yahoo!, denigrating poor little brainwashed christians.... is this accurate at all?<---This was the first thing you posted in this room. You were exploring that 'online practice' of attacking etc for yourself, perhaps?
pamala910 : virtu fascists money making liers!!!
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:53:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
besides_the_point_220 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : points xiph to what she just said.
gf_walrus : wb xiph, got booted?
scotsmanmatt : <arrives> Male
xiphoid_thanatos : walrus: Nope. I was using my other name. (minacious)
hunter_the_crazychick : used the bible and EVERYTHING! I'm so fuckin' Christian....
xiphoid_thanatos : chain: Agreed.
gremlin_net : is back
gremlin_net : Okay. Wrote today's What's New.
non_american2000 : You may mean liars pamala
the1andon7y : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:54:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
pamala910 : right sorry LOL
zenpunk : <arrives> Male 39 from Clearwater, FL
uper_dhghem : virtousinthemist - maybe your experience has been of that... but trust me, our Unis, where you can study philosophy, mathematics, and other thigns that don't make money, and where the Unis are government-run, not for profit, you'll see things differently.
gf_walrus : what course are you taking, uper?
hunter_the_crazychick : frowns and waves byebye to her What's New.
zenpunk : hell o
uper_dhghem : look, all i'm asking is, why are you talking with plebians, when you could be talking with highly intellectually competent persons?
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: frankly, I don't know *why* we're talking to you....
zenpunk : hello muthaFUCKERS??!?!?!
hunter_the_crazychick : zen.
gremlin_net : Hunter: your What's New is still there. In fact, it's clickable from the top of the page now.
zenpunk : hi hunter
virtuosinthemist : My uni was government uni
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:55:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : Spiffy.
non_american2000 : Nice pussy you have there pamala:-)
pamala910 : hunter i was just thinking that! LOL
scotsmanmatt : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : pamala910: I have no tact.
uper_dhghem : the _accessible_ intellectual elite, reside at Universities... so, why debate in Yahoo! Chat?
pamala910 : thank you i love him!
virtuosinthemist : They specialise in areas, consider creative arts as lesser
gremlin_net : Hunter: at some point, I might go through the first 120 What's News and link to them all by title, too. Not that I'm in a big hurry to do that at the moment.
xiphoid_thanatos : uper: You haven't been keeping up with the news much have you?
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: really? You're awfully deluded, aren't you. Those aren't the intellecutally elite; those are the intellectually /pretentious/. There's a difference.
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin doesn't hang out at universities.
non_american2000 : I like pussies tooO:-)
eat_me_lyncaeus : because its funny.... ppl argue bout the stupidest of things
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin's pretty fuckin' smart.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:56:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: that would kinda hurt.
virtuosinthemist : Art students are asked to give their paintings to the university to make money
gremlin_net : is really smart
iamyourgod_666 : <arrives>
virtuosinthemist : Actually the university owns everything you do there
gremlin_net : got a perfect score of '100' on the IQ test
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: not enough impact. It should be 'iz rilly smert'
uper_dhghem : Hunter, i can guarantee that not only myself, but many people, ugrads and pgrads, that i know, would exceed this Gremlin character's intelliegence.
virtuosinthemist : Its a form of enslavement
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:57:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
celestial_zephyr : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : uper: WRong. Ther are numerous usenet groups full of intellectuals (real ones, not 19 year old wannabes). There are as I pointed out earlier, professionals from 'intellectual' fields that frequent this chat room. Very few intellectuals base their entire lives around a university.
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: your guarantee is about as good as a RonCo guarantee....
julio1016210 : <arrives>
savin_pvt_pitts : <leaves the room>
zenpunk : this room just aint the same without someone telling you yo are going to hell
gremlin_net : uper_dhghem: you're smarter than I am? Cool. I wonder why I've never heard of you before....
xiphoid_thanatos : uper: And you would be wrong.
uper_dhghem : well, let's see...
non_american2000 : lol too rifgt zen
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: you make leaps of faith based upon your own deluded impression of yourself, without even bothering to know anything about the people you're discussing.
gf_walrus : actually, uni's are an elitist club arranged to secure the best jobs for the lackeys who pay them huge amounts of money
king_rick25244 : <arrives> Male 32 from Ripley
non_american2000 : right even
xiphoid_thanatos : is sickened at what our universities are churning out
iamyourgod_666 : GOD IS NOT REAL
uper_dhghem : name a topic in philosophy, and we'll debate...
hunter_the_crazychick : laughs.
gremlin_net : iamyourgod_666: stop that
hunter_the_crazychick : Oh so intellectual. Why not discuss a real science.
virtuosinthemist : It is people with ideas of power who indoctrinate it
zenpunk : haha, auto iggy
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:58:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gremlin_net : iamyourgod_666: you were warned. Here's your shirt:
uper_dhghem : philosophy is not a science at all, let alone your conception of a "real science" (no doubt an empiricist ideal)
uper_dhghem : Gremlin...
virtuosinthemist : you are more a slave than you realise
king_rick25244 : who put him on auto igggy
asianmale74 : <arrives>
shlomo61752 : <arrives> Male 64 from Illinois (The land of Pork &amp
gremlin_net : uper_dhghem: you were misinformed. Intelligence isn't measured by philosophical debate.
hunter_the_crazychick : dies laughing.
non_american2000 : zen you are gonna burn foe eternity
petter125 : <arrives>
uper_dhghem : i'm challenging you in front of your girlfriend -- whatcha gonna do punk?
zenpunk : thanks zeno, I needed that
hunter_the_crazychick : Scorn for empiricism, yet dicksucking of Universities.
petter125 : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:59:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : That's ironic.
non_american2000 : :-) welcome
gremlin_net : uper_dhghem: before or after I'm done laughing at you?
pamala910 : ok up! mr smarty pants!! is american history accurate??
uper_dhghem : who's scorning empiricism?
hunter_the_crazychick : laughs.
georgejones1980 : <arrives> Male
asianmale74 : <leaves the room>
eat_me_lyncaeus : uper: nk of sumthing and well discuss it then...
eat_me_lyncaeus : *think
xiphoid_thanatos : uper: I willadd to gremlin's comment and say; Knowing the words of a philosopher does not aphilosopher make.
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: okay, smokey....
gremlin_net : xiphoid_thanatos: it a sophist makes >:)
iamyourgod_666 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : smirks.
non_american2000 : Dont the americans write history to fit in to the facts?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:00:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
xiphoid_thanatos : * a philosopher
hunter_the_crazychick : Farking soda cans always ending up empty....
uper_dhghem : sophistry - that detestable lecheoury
uper_dhghem : ok....ummm... lets mes sees....
virtuosinthemist : I spent 4 years at university trying to figure out if my lecturer was insane or amazing
eat_me_lyncaeus : american history? nah, no history is accurate un less its ur own
gremlin_net : non_american2000: the Duhmericans will have to exist long enough to have a history before we find that out.
pamala910 : right x and mr smarty pants wont answer my question
virtuosinthemist : Now i just think, stupid bitch
xiphoid_thanatos : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : <arrives> Female 28 from au
hunter_the_crazychick : History class isn't so much inaccurate as...not complete.
son_of_zeus78 : <arrives>
uper_dhghem : pamela, what was your question?
georgejones1980 : the winners write the facts to fit thenselvs
xiphoid_thanatos : pamala? What question?
hunter_the_crazychick : And teachers have to be *really* careful.
gremlin_net : uper_dhghem: take your time; get back to us when you come up with an example of your superior intellect. Until then, you're very boring.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:01:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
georgejones1980 : <leaves the room>
pamala910 : is american history as taught in schools accurate?
king_rick25244 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : gremlin: I'll bet his intellect is such that it outdoes even vos Savant!
uper_dhghem : Gremlin, most people can relate something another person does not know...
hunter_the_crazychick : points.
eat_me_lyncaeus : i got a D in history coz i used the wrong books for refs. shows just how fucked up history is
gf_walrus : is grem in voice, hunter?
xiphoid_thanatos : uper: What university do you attend?
hunter_the_crazychick : gf: no.
uper_dhghem : i'd prefer to find some common ground..
the_chainsawpsycho : "History is the lie we all agree upon."
gremlin_net : Hunter: I've known about this twit's existence for two minutes now. You wanna know why he thinks he's smart?
gf_walrus : I can't see his posts
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:02:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
eat_me_lyncaeus : common ground like what?
celestial_zephyr : <arrives> Female 777
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: mummy said so?
uper_dhghem : pamela, i have no idea, i sincerely doubt it.
uper_dhghem : anyways..
uper_dhghem : Gremlin, what do you consider your forte?
hunter_the_crazychick : gf: he just said "Hunter: I've known about this twit's existence for two minutes now. You wanna know why he thinks he's smart?"
gf_walrus : hi goddess
king_rick25244 : <arrives> Male 32 from Ripley
xiphoid_thanatos : notes that it would be lecherousness btw, not lecheoury (which I'm not even sure is a word)
hunter_the_crazychick : . o O (aside from knowing how to pronounce forte...?)
pamala910 : then why the big push to go to school??
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:03:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : thanks hunter
weirdmike16 : <arrives> Male 16
shlomo61752 : <leaves the room>
eat_me_lyncaeus : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : pamala: Why would Australian schools teach American History?
lil_kim84 : <arrives>
bluejene : <arrives> Female 36 from My Computer Desk
the_chainsawpsycho : thinks uper needs to take Humility: 101
bluejene : mornin ppl
sabbath_keeper2003 : <arrives>
xiphoid_thanatos : blue:D
gf_walrus : uper is an aussie, i think
hunter_the_crazychick : pamala910: I've got a friend who teaches American History in a public school here. I think I've heard him go off on accuracy and having to make sure you don't dance outside of the PC bullshit standards they've set....
pamala910 : x? wonder if there telling the truth??LOL
the_chainsawpsycho : Hey blue
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:04:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
pamala910 : morning blue!!
sabbath_keeper2003 : <leaves the room>
non_american2000 : America has no history. You wiped out the indigenous population ripped down the tee-pees and built trailer parks oh yeah and invaded several minor countries. END of story
xiphoid_thanatos : walrus: He is Australia according to his profile
gf_walrus : as is xiph
xiphoid_thanatos : *is in
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: I'm so sorry.
virtuosinthemist : They killed the buffalo
gf_walrus : yes, it's aussies who call universities unis
hunter_the_crazychick : virtuosinthemist: but they're yummy!
virtuosinthemist : Made fortunes
uper_dhghem : big push to go to school? there is none. look, if i wanted to learn about Cosmology in antiquity, i'm going to want to ask an expert in that field, rather than Gremlin..
non_american2000 : SHIT I totally forgot about those poor buffalos
king_rick25244 : gm all
daphne_nik : lol blue...jesus loves me because the bible says so
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:05:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
daphne_nik : how ridiculous is that
xiphoid_thanatos : hunter: So am I . AS I said, I am sickened by what our universities are turning out.
weirdmike16 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: but then, you don't know whether or not he knows anything about Cosmology in antiquity; you, oddly, are not 'the expert' in the field of 'Gremlin'.
xiphoid_thanatos : chain :))
virtuosinthemist : Those buffalos could run, did you see em'
hunter_the_crazychick : Buffalo = yummy.
uper_dhghem : Gremlin, firstly, i'm a certified member of a High IQ soceity, secondly, it;s impossible to accurately measure intelligence presently..
pamala910 : good for you honey!!LOL
zenpunk : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : Uh oh. I really feel an LOL coming on.
uper_dhghem : Gremlin, it was an example.
zenpunk : <arrives> Male 39 from Clearwater, FL
hunter_the_crazychick : He's in a CLUB!
begs_to_be_sodomized : is back
begs_to_be_sodomized : High I.Q Society?
gf_walrus : but uper, i am not here to bloofy learn, i am here because i like some of the people here
hunter_the_crazychick : A FUCKING CLUB for SMART PEOPLES!
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:06:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_chainsawpsycho : giggles upon mention of a high IQ society/circlejerk
begs_to_be_sodomized : Whatever happened to MENSA?
poor1stephen : <arrives> Male 39 from here alias poor
begs_to_be_sodomized : :))
hunter_the_crazychick : TO HO HYUCK!
gremlin_net : uper_dhghem: And I'm certified as telling Mensa to go bother dumb people. WhooptyShit.
gf_walrus : simple
son_of_zeus78 : X-(
xiphoid_thanatos : uper: Which society is that? And you still haven't answered what university you go to?
non_american2000 : They had to run. the yanks realised that could not revert them to religion so they killed and ate them:-)
zenpunk : jesus loves me so much my balls fell off
uper_dhghem : Sodomize_Me? there are many others besides MENSA..
begs_to_be_sodomized : Xiphoid: I think it forgot the name MENSA.
zenpunk : now THAT'S love
xiphoid_thanatos : Jo :))
gf_walrus : jo! we hhave an elitist aussie who scorns us for frequenting a 'plebian' chat room
hunter_the_crazychick : There are quite a few, but they're all laughable clubs.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Actually, MENSA was the Society that approached me when I was 16.
son_of_zeus78 : <leaves the room>
non_american2000 : Was not jesus zen, you have no balls because you are a pussy m8
begs_to_be_sodomized : What other is THEIR do tell?
hunter_the_crazychick : MENSA probably approached most of us.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:07:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
bluejene : :)) allc
begs_to_be_sodomized : ECC: They're running out of members.
bluejene : alc too
virtuosinthemist : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : Vulp: That's because the Trekkies are slowly dying off. Don't ask me why....
xiphoid_thanatos : walrus: You forgot, 'claims ot be a member of a high IQ society but can't spell simple words like "whom", and invents words on the spot'. :))
begs_to_be_sodomized : We're all becoming scientists. And the mensanites are still intellectualising of that.
hunter_the_crazychick : I'm innocent, I tell you....
begs_to_be_sodomized : :))
gremlin_net : Jo: ironic, since Mensa will allow anyone in the top two percent to join.
smokey0384 : :D
begs_to_be_sodomized : *over.
goddess_goldberry : ok.. i am trying to figure out what m8 means
goddess_goldberry : fucking jailbait code
zenpunk : you shouldnt make fun of the man with no balls or god will send she-bears to fuck you up
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:08:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : Here's a partial list:
non_american2000 : mate english term goddess
poor1stephen : <leaves the room>
bluejene : :)) goddess.. m8 = mate
begs_to_be_sodomized : Grem: I think they're a bunch of elitist fuddy-duds.
goddess_goldberry : ahhhhh
pamala910 : people put alot into there iq score, well in my opinion if your an egotist dickhead, i dont care how smart you are, i dont want to talk to you!! LOL
begs_to_be_sodomized : Yes I said 'fuddy-duds'
gf_walrus : yes, xiph, hehe
hunter_the_crazychick : Vulpy made cute words. Awww.
thane_mawr2001 : <arrives>
goddess_goldberry : how is it easier to find a fucking number on the keyboard than to type two extra letters?
goddess_goldberry : fuck
gremlin_net : Jo: they are. They've just started making comprimises. Now they're elitists who will mingle with anyone.
Mister_Frownz : <arrives>
bluejene : :))
non_american2000 : And unlike you goddess I have never been to jail so would not know thier slang:-)
begs_to_be_sodomized : And dislocate themselves from the rest of society. I do that naturally, hence, I don't need them.
gremlin_net : compromises*
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:09:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : goes with the 'wouldn't want to be a member of a club that'd have me' mentality.
bluejene : dduuuhhhhh... he is ollie i am sven
xiphoid_thanatos : notes uper is being very quiet.
bluejene : :D
goddess_goldberry : lol jailbait=under the age of consent..
wrecklessdivinyl : <arrives> Female 555 from Windowframe alias DeVinyl
hunter_the_crazychick : That, and, my *god* what losers.
uper_dhghem : xiphoid - University of Melbourne.... and the society is UltraHIQ.
goddess_goldberry : meaning if I fucked you, i would go to jail...
non_american2000 : AH! as in pubeless
zenpunk : stan and josh schmenge, yaaa
goddess_goldberry : yep
gremlin_net : Jo: that was my thinking. Well, that, and it was a bit insulting to have a guy with a 150ish IQ tell me he could 'help' me to use my 'gift'.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Anyway, what happened to the person who belongs to the "High I.Q Society"? Reminds me of some weird Harry Potter term, that.
xiphoid_thanatos : uper: Monash has a better Philosophy program.
goddess_goldberry : well.. 18 is consent here.. most have pubes by then
bluejene : :))
goddess_goldberry : what is it here? 13?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:10:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
non_american2000 : 16 over here much more fun
king_rick25244 : hello every one
hunter_the_crazychick : UltraHIQ is a part of the MegaFoundation, which, oddly enough, appears to be the Elite of the MensaElitist fucktards
zenpunk : old enough to bleed, old enough to breed, AND if you can't lick it, dont stick it
smokey0384 : mensa!?
uper_dhghem : xipoid - depends on your focus. my main determing factor was the College i was accepted to. monash has no colleges to speak of.
goddess_goldberry : non.. usually funky codes are reserved for the teenie boppers
begs_to_be_sodomized : knows a biologist from the University of Melbourne.
the_chainsawpsycho : Elitism always smells bad, to me.
begs_to_be_sodomized : I'll ask him when I see him on Tuesday.
goddess_goldberry : lol zen ewwww
xiphoid_thanatos : lol Jo, I haven't heard that one before. I think this one that uper is on about is probably a Uni campus one.
gf_walrus : well, uper, i was expecting you to say 'Oxford', or some really hot philosophy uni
Mister_Frownz : sounds like an evil organization bent on world domination
Mister_Frownz : MEGA FounDation
fiercedogc2003 : <arrives>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:11:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
bluejene : looks like it's gonna be one hell of a mornin
the_chainsawpsycho : High IQ Society/ Dr. Evil thinktank
goddess_goldberry : high iq society sounds like the people who couldn't make into mensa..made their own group....
xiphoid_thanatos : And which "college" was that uper?
fiercedogc2003 : WHAT IS THIS ROOM ABOUT?
gf_walrus : perhaps even cambridge in the russell wittgenstein tradition
pamala910 : hey brb
begs_to_be_sodomized : Cassie: I have a friend I worked with while doing dendro. I am suppose to meet him on Tuesday, he's from the university of melbourne.
hunter_the_crazychick : It's just another 99th percentile thing.
non_american2000 : uper is too dumb for our univercities
gremlin_net : uper_dhghem: the problem is that you're actually dealing with a few intelligent, educated people in here. We're not going to drool over your unfounded assertions like the kids in the coffeeshop/GothPoet centre will. You're out of your league.
uper_dhghem : now xiphoid, that WOULD be dilvugin too much...
zenpunk : fiercedog, this room is about god's love and how he will roast you alive for eternity if you dont believe me :D
uper_dhghem : 99.997th percentile actually Hunter...
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:12:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: aww, po' baby. Didn't qualify for the 99.999 percentile club?
xiphoid_thanatos : notes that in Australia 'college' is used for primary/secondary combined schools, and RARELY for university FACULTIES.
uper_dhghem : anyways.. Gremlin are you actually going to brother to shoot a topic?
begs_to_be_sodomized : Oh that's like getting touchy with "pi" haha.
zenpunk : not me, go
zenpunk : god
gf_walrus : not to denigrate university of melbourne
goddess_goldberry : hmm i can't see uper
zenpunk : believe or burn baby
uper_dhghem : or, are you oh-so-afraid of defeat in front of your fav Yahoo! chat room?! :-D
fiercedogc2003 : BELIEVE ? BELIEVE WHAT?
zenpunk : I did say - he
begs_to_be_sodomized : Grem: He's also dealing with two people from Australia.
bluejene : pplleeaassseee no pi in the face today...#-o
Mister_Frownz : <leaves the room>
begs_to_be_sodomized : So this could get interesting.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:13:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
zenpunk : the christian mythology, of course, see the room title?
begs_to_be_sodomized : Though I will say, UoM is advancing in genetic research.
the_chainsawpsycho : wonders if there is a Crocodile Hunter's High IQ Society
gremlin_net : Jo: he's claiming to be one of the top twenty million minds on the planet. How could we ever compete....
fiercedogc2003 : CHRISTIAN MYTHOLOGY?
uper_dhghem : lol@Chainsaw
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: yeah. That's easy to get into. "You didn't die; you're in."
non_american2000 : Simple as this. If you are too unintelligent to get into uni in your own country move to australia they do degrees in bbqing and beer drinking
begs_to_be_sodomized : Grem: Oh but that's the fun part. Don't you think?
gf_walrus : take him apart on prescriptive morals, gremlin
gremlin_net : uper_dhghem: I have no reference for defeat; what's to fear? Is it bad?
begs_to_be_sodomized : Not competing, just yabbering.
zenpunk : yea, you know, god making man from mud and clay, mister bleedy jesus' suicided etc etc
prew123123 : <arrives> Male
begs_to_be_sodomized : Yes, I said "yabbering".
zenpunk : its all about love
gf_walrus : lol
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:14:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fiercedogc2003 : GOD MAN MADE FROM MUD?
prew123123 : <leaves the room>
non_american2000 : dirt not mud
hunter_the_crazychick : gets the feeling that if anything were brought up, it'd result in a tantrum from the emotionally retarded one.
uper_dhghem : Gremlin, i would never claim such a thing... in my chosen field, i could only confidently claim to be in the top... say... one or, maybe one... minds on the planet :-D
begs_to_be_sodomized : I am doing a thesis on fucking psychology. I'll get concerned when I start chanting "actualisation tendency"
zenpunk : wow fiercedog, you dont know shit do ya? where you from? Jersey?
fiercedogc2003 : JERSEY?
zenpunk : hahaha
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:15:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
uper_dhghem : there, there's a topic, prescriptive morals... does that suit you Gremlin??????
gremlin_net : uper_dhghem: you claimed to be a member of a club allowing only the top .003% of humanity. I'll give you a few hours to do that math on that, Dummy.
hunter_the_crazychick : Actualisation tendency. Ooh, vulp, you talk sexay.
fiercedogc2003 : WHERES THAT?
zenpunk : fierce dog rocks :)
essam_gh2007 : <arrives>
zenpunk : rocks?
begs_to_be_sodomized : I have all these weird words, not cacography, not neology, but ebonics, floating around in my head.
gf_walrus : my goodness, you must have competed in the channel nine 'National IQ test', uper
non_american2000 : is jersey the suburb where they all eat hotdogs
fiercedogc2003 : EBONICS?
king_rick25244 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : Vulp: actually, I don't think those were ebonics; they were more like OldSpeak.
bluejene : /:)
essam_gh2007 : hi
hunter_the_crazychick : Words that the elder grownups use over here.
gf_walrus : lol
begs_to_be_sodomized : uper_dhghem: Oh I'll take to you about perscriptive models. What basis are you using?
fiercedogc2003 : IZ BE GONNA KICK YO ASS MO FO
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:16:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
zenpunk : the four main food groups in ne jersey are: your canned good, frozen goods, instand powdered stuff, and aerosol cheese spreads
non_american2000 : I think you mean lick fierce
anx1ety666 : <arrives> Male
knotttomorrowtoday : <leaves the room>
uper_dhghem : Gremlin???
bluejene : zen.. you forgot cheese steaks and pizza
gf_walrus : yes, how about something straight-forward, something relevant?
non_american2000 : lol true then even us brits know not to go to jersey
hunter_the_crazychick : contemplates delving deep into the psychology of fetishism.
gremlin_net : What.
the_chainsawpsycho : The li'l baby Jesus convinced me that I should go score some breakfast at McDonald's. I'll be back after a bit.
begs_to_be_sodomized : fiercedogc2003: Yes, originally, a nonstandard form of American English devised by African American's. But because of the internet, has gone world-wide.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:17:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
begs_to_be_sodomized : Pun not intended.
pamala910 : yum aerosol cheese spreads!
bluejene : lol
uper_dhghem : prescriptivism - does that suit you?
gf_walrus : that'sa good topic, hunter
non_american2000 : <leaves the room>
gremlin_net : uper_dhghem: y'know, using three questionmarks in a row is not a good way to convince people that you're smarter than any other illiterate moron we get in here.
hunter_the_crazychick : gf: yeah. It's starting to interest me; I'm not sure, though....
uper_dhghem : (moral\ethical\metaethical that is)
gf_walrus : ethics might not be everyone's taste, uper
begs_to_be_sodomized : knows the neuropsychological side of fetishism.
santomis : <arrives>
begs_to_be_sodomized : uper_dhghem: I'll discuss it with you.
gf_walrus : i like the topic
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:18:53 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
begs_to_be_sodomized : Now, what basis are you using?
gremlin_net : uper_dhghem: what's your chosen field, in which you're one of the top minds on the planet?
uper_dhghem : well, then get him to bring up a topic gf!
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: not one of. THE!
begs_to_be_sodomized : I would assume you are going to apply a humanistic derived model?
hunter_the_crazychick : He said THE!
begs_to_be_sodomized : Is uper_dhghem IGNORING me?
fiercedogc2003 : WHAT IS THIS ROOM ABOUT?
hunter_the_crazychick : Vulp: probably.
bluejene : /:)
sara2smile2 : <arrives> Female from South alias sara2
fiercedogc2003 : WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?
hunter_the_crazychick : Vulp: I think he might have figured out that Gremlin's male. You know how it is with some of these guys...
gf_walrus : I can't see grem, let alone convince him to discuss something, uper
gremlin_net : Jo: if he ignores you, he can go back to pretending that he's the top mind in the field.
hunter_the_crazychick : Latent homosexuality and intellectual fetishes and....
fiercedogc2003 : BABIES?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:19:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
uper_dhghem : Sodomize_Me - one person at a time... but "a humanistic derived model" is not enough to entice me to your direction...
fiercedogc2003 : EATING BABIES?
begs_to_be_sodomized : Grem: Ahh.
begs_to_be_sodomized : uper_dhghem: It applies everything you just stated.
hunter_the_crazychick : He won't even name the field.
bluejene : (pictures a brain in a meadow)
julio1016210 : <leaves the room>
begs_to_be_sodomized : And was widely used in a religious sense.
begs_to_be_sodomized : And thus, apt for a discussion, yes?
uper_dhghem : my chosen field?
fiercedogc2003 : BRAINS, YOU EAT BRAINS?
gremlin_net : Personally, I don't see a need for expertise in ethics. Ethics are subjective. They're whatever you prefer.
ashraf_walaa : <arrives>
hunter_the_crazychick : uper_dhghem: yes. The one you've chosen to hold yourself out as the 'top mind' in.
ashraf_walaa : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:20:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
zenpunk : jesus said - eat my body and drink my blood, do this in remembrance of me
gf_walrus : yes, you might suggest something topical and relevant, uper, let's see what they're teaching in uni these days?
a_atheist : <arrives> Male
zenpunk : never heard of it
santomis : male 30 kerala
uper_dhghem : incommensurability between manners of interpreting phenomena.
a_atheist : yo
begs_to_be_sodomized : Also, I am the only one that has said they'll discuss this with you.
xiphoid_thanatos : is reminded of the young lion trying to take on the older lion and getting eaten, oddly enough :))
begs_to_be_sodomized : Phenomenology?
begs_to_be_sodomized : Great. Let's talk.
gf_walrus : methods?
begs_to_be_sodomized : That is a humanistic psychology method.
uper_dhghem : no, not phenomenology.
begs_to_be_sodomized : So I was correct in my application.
the_hero571 : <arrives>
hunter_the_crazychick : laughs.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Yes it is.
gremlin_net : As for philosophy in general, it's a favourite topic among pseudointellectuals. There's no technical way to be wrong. You can only disagree on perceptions. It's perfect for a group of morons all trying to be smarter than each other.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:21:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_hero571 : <leaves the room>
uper_dhghem : phenomenology is not necessarily humanistic.
bluejene : lol
xiphoid_thanatos : uper: Are you doing a BA or a BA/Bsc or a DipA?
uper_dhghem : do you even no who began the discipline?
hunter_the_crazychick : copypastes for gf_walrus's sake:
gf_walrus : lol, xiph
begs_to_be_sodomized : "interpreting phenomena" is used by Carl Rogers.
xiphoid_thanatos : Or are you not studying philosophy formally at all?
begs_to_be_sodomized : The father of client based therapy and a force of Humanistic Psychology.
fiercedogc2003 : DOES KICKING A BABY....IS THAT FUN?
gremlin_net : uper_dhghem: 'no' is a determiner, Dummy.
begs_to_be_sodomized : I am correct in my usage.
gf_walrus : ty hunter
santomis : <leaves the room>
crystalcastle_ : <arrives> Male 23 from The Moon alias oracle_of_wicca
uper_dhghem : "interpreting phenomena" is also used by the writers of Newsradio.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:22:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
king_rick25244 : <arrives> Male 32 from Ripley
hunter_the_crazychick : walrus: gremlin_net : Personally, I don't see a need for expertise in ethics. Ethics are subjective. They're whatever you prefer.
hunter_the_crazychick : "gremlin_net : As for philosophy in general, it's a favourite topic among pseudointellectuals. There's no technical way to be wrong. You can only disagree on perceptions. It's perfect for a group of morons all trying to be smarter than each other."
begs_to_be_sodomized : Semantics.
xiphoid_thanatos : uper: Great you are familiar with Eliade then?
gremlin_net : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : And Kirk?
gremlin_net : <arrives> Male
fiercedogc2003 : BUT.....YOUR A BABY
gremlin_net : ping
asianmale74 : <arrives>
uper_dhghem : wait, wait, wait -- you're saying that Carl Rogers invented phenomenology?????
king_rick25244 : hhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeellllllllooooooooo
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin.
asianmale74 : <leaves the room>
begs_to_be_sodomized : Humanistic psychology, whilst optimistic, Rogers has aptly applied phenomenology in his theory of personal development.
fiercedogc2003 : SO IS THIS A HOBBY?
begs_to_be_sodomized : That of an interpretive nature.
lil_kim84 : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : And Billias?
begs_to_be_sodomized : uper_dhghem: Where did I say that?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:23:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
begs_to_be_sodomized : Stop hedging.
hunter_the_crazychick : chortles.
xiphoid_thanatos : waits....
a_atheist : FISTs for jesus!
uper_dhghem : so Sodomize, who invented phenomenology?
gremlin_net : I'm just not seeing many people buy into uper_dhghem's baseless claim that he's a genius here....
begs_to_be_sodomized : (lines 1 to 4) begs_to_be_sodomized : "interpreting phenomena" is used by Carl Rogers. gf_walrus : lol, xiph xiphoid_thanatos : Or are you not studying philosophy formally at all? begs_to_be_sodomized : The father of client based therapy and a force of Humanistic Psychology.
fiercedogc2003 : WHAT IF SOMEONE KICKED YOU?
begs_to_be_sodomized : Don't try to misquote me. I'm eidetic. I know exactly what I have said.
uper_dhghem : Hunter, Science = observation, where interpretation begins, so does philosophy.
uper_dhghem : Sodomize, who invented phenomenology?
pamala910 : grem usually when someone has to tell you there smart.......
begs_to_be_sodomized : Edmund Husserl.
djaires2002 : <arrives> Male 26 from brooklyn ny alias jouby
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:24:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
crystalcastle_ : <leaves the room>
uper_dhghem : <leaves the room>
bg104halo : <arrives> Male from UK
essam_gh2007 : hi all
xiphoid_thanatos : How about Sharpe?
begs_to_be_sodomized : Now, do I get a cookie? Or are you ready to TALK?
king_rick25244 : <leaves the room>
begs_to_be_sodomized : I'll take that as NO.
gremlin_net : Jo: you realise that he's begging the question. ologies aren't invented; they're founded based on discoveries.
fiercedogc2003 : GAY PORN?
djaires2002 : <leaves the room>
thefirstman_99 : <arrives> Male
begs_to_be_sodomized : he left after I said Edmund's name.
fiercedogc2003 : WHAT IS GAY PORN?
begs_to_be_sodomized : I should say it more often.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:25:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
bluejene : :))
gremlin_net : He fled? Fucking moron.
gf_walrus : lol, jo
fiercedogc2003 : CAN YOU DEFINE PLEASE?
hunter_the_crazychick : gf: can you see Gremlin yet?
begs_to_be_sodomized : (lines 1 to 5) uper_dhghem : Sodomize, who invented phenomenology? pamala910 : grem usually when someone has to tell you there smart....... begs_to_be_sodomized : Edmund Husserl. djaires2002 * <arrives> Male 26 from brooklyn ny alias jouby crystalcastle_ * <leaves the room>
fiercedogc2003 : GAY PORN?
gf_walrus : not yet hunter, i might come back in msgr, hang on
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:26:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gf_walrus : <leaves the room>
begs_to_be_sodomized : uper_dhghem * <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : Alright.
gremlin_net : I'd have to look it up, but someone claiming to be smarter than I am, and then using 'no' as a verb, might constitute an act of war.
hunter_the_crazychick : nods.
pamala910 : the up guy left?? LOL
begs_to_be_sodomized : Maybe he got booted.
hunter_the_crazychick : Yup.
begs_to_be_sodomized : May come back.
hunter_the_crazychick : He left after telling /me/ something for no apparent reason.
zenpunk : I like femdom porn
thefirstman_99 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: we'll have to drive over and get more soda today, won't we?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:27:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fiercedogc2003 : REALLY?, ARENT THERE GAY JAPS?
sara2smile2 : hey zenpunk
zenpunk : hi sara
begs_to_be_sodomized : Grem: Someone wanting to discuss moral's and then claim it's out of the bounds of humanistic psychology? hehe. Or that "interpreting phenomena" is not a part of phenomenology? Bah.
bg104halo : <leaves the room>
begs_to_be_sodomized : Must of thought I fell off his "High I.Q Society" Truck.
hunter_the_crazychick : Wait a minute....
gremlin_net : He stated that science was observation, where interpretation begins, [and] so does philosophy. I observe that he then fled; I interpret that he's a cowardly sophist of a troll who was hoping the 'net would prove to be devoid of people with IQs above 110.
a_atheist : word up to my homeless mother
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:28:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
xiphoid_thanatos : Jo: Bet you anything you like he would have claimed Husserl "invented" phenomenology :))
bluejene : brb
hunter_the_crazychick : Vulp: I think that 'member of a high IQ society' for him means 'I get to bring the punch! Gee!"
xiphoid_thanatos : lmao hunter
eviltruitt : <leaves the room>
begs_to_be_sodomized : It was a philosophical doctrine proposed by Edmund Husserl.
fiercedogc2003 : GOD....
begs_to_be_sodomized : Actually, I used part of it in my thesis.
hunter_the_crazychick : "uper_dhghem : Hunter, Science = observation, where interpretation begins, so does philosophy."
fiercedogc2003 : HELL?
xiphoid_thanatos : lol gremlin
sara2smile2 : how can there be a double standard between Creator and Creation?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:29:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
over_sees : <arrives> Male 39 from au
hunter_the_crazychick : sounds like one of those people who just wants to pretend that everything is how he decides it is, and nothing more.
fiercedogc2003 : HEAVEN?
gremlin_net : In my experience, the geek in charge of the high school AV Room is not, by default, a genius.
begs_to_be_sodomized : I have an I.Q of 0.
sara2smile2 : 8-|
fiercedogc2003 : DEFINE
wrecklessdivinyl : ask your child sara
xiphoid_thanatos : Jo: In modern times yes, but earlier than that it had been used by Brentano and Mach etc
begs_to_be_sodomized : But I seem to have an excellent 'actualization tendency" haha.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:30:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : I know when I'm out of soda; I' know when I'm tired. I know when I need to pee. I'm pretty smart, by normal standards.
fiercedogc2003 : ACUALIZATION?
pamala910 : right on hunter!LOl
essam_gh2007 : <leaves the room>
sara2smile2 : wreckless, I am not God ..nor did I design the human body or earth
gremlin_net : I don't think of myself as being particularly smart. I just notice that I'm surrounded by fucking idiots.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Rogers spells it "actualization" UK/AU/NZ is spelt "actualisation".
fiercedogc2003 : STAR TREK
begs_to_be_sodomized : Rogers is American-born.
xiphoid_thanatos : doesn't think the new toy is coming back :(
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:31:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fiercedogc2003 : WAS IT A GAY BATTLESHIP?
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: mummy made him go set the table for dinner.
gremlin_net : xiphoid_thanatos: the coffeeshop musta opened. Now he's back in his element.
trish_shhhhhhh : <arrives> Female
fiercedogc2003 : CLOSET?
xiphoid_thanatos : lmao @ hunter & gremlin
fiercedogc2003 : CLOSET WHAT?
hunter_the_crazychick : He thought that being goth meant 'going to a club'. Pretty much tells you what he's all about.
trish_shhhhhhh : anyone I know in this morning
bluejene : and 'spelt' is 'spelled' here, too
gremlin_net : Pseudointellectuals hate me. I don't play their reindeer games. I expose them for what they are.
xiphoid_thanatos : It is after 11pm here, he was probably told to go to bed :))
fiercedogc2003 : WHAT?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:32:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : He's just like the guys who've read Philosophy for Dummies and hangs out at the Onyx wearing a polyester cape and white face makeup.
fiercedogc2003 : HOMOSEXUAL?
fiercedogc2003 : DEFINE
xiphoid_thanatos : has gigglefits @ hunter
pelloquin13 : <arrives>
sara2smile2 : every once in awhile a voice chatter comes along that must be ignored before I lose brain cells by association
hunter_the_crazychick : Yes. Yes I have been to a goth club.
hunter_the_crazychick : No. I don't recommend the experience.
pelloquin13 : hey slut lady
minacious_hellcat : <leaves the room>
pelloquin13 : whats happening
fiercedogc2003 : asking questions is helpfull
minacious_hellcat : <arrives> Female 28 from au alias Menacious Biatch
bluejene : lol.. mornin pell..
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:33:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
bluejene : just walin up
whereintheworldiscarmansandiego : <arrives>
bluejene : wakin too
pelloquin13 : mornin ??? .. its evenin where i is
fiercedogc2003 : thumbs?
pelloquin13 : its the land down under
bluejene : here is 9:33 am
gremlin_net : Hunter: he's one of those squeeky little 'tards who starts sentences with things like 'I feel...' because he thinks it sounds smart.
eviltruitt : <arrives>
begs_to_be_sodomized : Cassie: I remember Brentano. He scrutinised the being as such. He used a completely different meaning, if I remember right, as opposed to Husserl. But granted, he found scientific psychology and taught Husserl and Husserl laied the stage when he laid the foundations for transcendental phenomenology.
pelloquin13 : kangaroos and shit
trish_shhhhhhh : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : nods to Jo
begs_to_be_sodomized : *laid
fiercedogc2003 : would that be like the thumb wars?
hunter_the_crazychick : Unless you happen to like clubs where they serve reddish fluid that failed the 'is this wine or is this coloured watery shit' test served in silly plastic 'gothy' wine glasses....
blako_wobble : <leaves the room>
salient2 : <arrives> Male 51 from New Berlin, Wisconsin alias Salient
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: that's about it.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:34:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
pelloquin13 : shit head?
fiercedogc2003 : zen?
gremlin_net : I'm from England; I know half a million words in English. I see no need to leap into the capricious, bombastic motif just to pontificate immaterial bullshit at people.
zenpunk : lol pell
xiphoid_thanatos : The meaning has changed, but he actually seemed quite fuzzy as to which 'phenomenology' he meant. He didn't recognize any of the names I threw at him
over_sees : <leaves the room>
pelloquin13 : whos a shit head?
hunter_the_crazychick : Oh yeah, and that fluid is /free/. Because you paid twelve bucks to get in. But the Coke will still cost you 1.25 per glass.
hunter_the_crazychick : And it's served in little plastic dixie cups.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:35:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
sara2smile2 : ignores a_atheist quickly in case idiocy is audibly contagious
zenpunk : idiot?
disgruntled_stick_figure : <arrives>
fiercedogc2003 : wouldnt you agree that asking questions is helpfull?
disgruntled_stick_figure : There's an invisible man up in an invisible world, he watches you every second of every day, he has a list of ten things he doesn't want you to do, if youdo one of them, he'l lsend you tell hell to burn and suffer for eternity. But he loves you... --George Carlin.
pelloquin13 : probably
zenpunk : lol fiercedog
pelloquin13 : hahahaha
pelloquin13 : you suck
begs_to_be_sodomized : Then came Gurvitch and Heidegger. Gurvitch was a help towards Gestalt Psychology by formulating phenomenology in relation to dynamic fields that surround both the foreground and background of perceptual moments. (I did my paper of Gestalt Therapy and Client-centered Therapy) hehe.
pelloquin13 : <leaves the room>
gremlin_net : Hunter: and whaddaya wanna bet the guy is a flaming fucking trekkie, too....
fiercedogc2003 : couldnt you say......that there are many answers to some questions?
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: closet trekkie; open flame.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:36:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
eviltruitt : <leaves the room>
zenpunk : questions?
non_american2000 : <arrives> Male 32 from UK alias xenophobic
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: no self-respecting goth would /ever/ admit an interest in the sci-fi culture like that.
xiphoid_thanatos : Mach and Pfander (and Brentano to a point) used it for analysis of phenomena as opposed to 'trying to describe our experience directly'.
hunter_the_crazychick : They, of course, only go to the cons to make fun of the lesser beings.
non_american2000 : OK. Just got off the phone from god(satellite phone) and he reckons that LIFE is the miracle and you peeps need to chill,He said he does not care if you do not take him into your hearts because he loves you all except zen)I don't swear so I will not repeat what he said about him. Blue he likes you lots and wants more children by you and rep he said please could you shut your gob because you do not converse on the mike you rant like an old lady
stanton30001 : <arrives> Female
gremlin_net : StarTrek: the fucking bible of the pseudointellectual.
xiphoid_thanatos : Subtle difference that doesn't reallyshow up until you hit "the deep end" as it were
eviltruitt : <arrives>
xiphoid_thanatos : *really show
fiercedogc2003 : a response......depends , on the types of questions asked
begs_to_be_sodomized : Well that would be defeating trying to locate the isolated part of cognition that they were striving for.
agn0stic_and_atheist : <arrives> Male 36 from England
fiercedogc2003 : for example
bluejene : <thwapps the BEJESUS outta non american>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:37:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
non_american2000 : :-)
begs_to_be_sodomized : Or trying to 'define' in a way that they could 'isolate' the philosophy I think hehe.
zenpunk : xeno :)
daphne_nik : <leaves the room>
yathui : <arrives> Male
stanton30001 : <leaves the room>
sara2smile2 : <leaves the room>
yathui : Hello.
xiphoid_thanatos : nods
fiercedogc2003 : if i said you were a fat lonely bastard, with sagging tits, what kind of respose would one get?
zenpunk : oh yea rep, the holy ghost came to me in a vision and told me to tell you to shut the fuck up! :S
hunter_the_crazychick : is still trying to get her mind around the 'philosophy' behind seeing where a muscle attaches on a bone.
disgruntled_stick_figure : <leaves the room>
fiercedogc2003 : lol
gremlin_net : This is odd.
agn0stic_and_atheist : hi yathui
bluejene : lol well i'm namin the baby jesus if i get pregnant.. 1. cause i aint gettin laid and 2. i'm FIXED and 3. 2 lil monsters is enough for me
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:38:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin?
begs_to_be_sodomized : Now you have all that weird post-modernist stuff.
fiercedogc2003 : opinion?
non_american2000 : I think that is the first time anyone has ever thwapped me:-)
begs_to_be_sodomized : Bah. where is the Tardis when I want it.
xiphoid_thanatos : To go beyond direct experience...which gives me a headache
begs_to_be_sodomized : sighs.
zenpunk : and a penis :)
xiphoid_thanatos : oo a Tardis
xiphoid_thanatos : drools
fiercedogc2003 : are you saying , opinions, cant be in question form?
gremlin_net : You know that weird feeling you get when you jump out of a plane and freefall for a few minutes and then suddenly realise you forgot the parachute? I feel like that right now. Maybe I'm hungry.
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: could be.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Cassie: Are you a Dr Who fan?
fiercedogc2003 : for example
zenpunk : a atheist has small yet firm tits which most men seem to go for.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:39:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
xiphoid_thanatos : Jo: I haven't seen it for years, but I used to love it
bluejene : or the world's gonna end, gremmy.. lol
begs_to_be_sodomized : Oh I think I.. I.. love you :X
non_american2000 : I can understand why he chose you Blue. To me you are already a godess:-)
fiercedogc2003 : it is my opinion, that is in question. right?
xiphoid_thanatos : aww :x
agn0stic_and_atheist : I have small yet firm tits too, unless I run for the bus, then they don't feel so firm.
begs_to_be_sodomized : sighs
bluejene : lol and you're a nut.. i AM god lol
am_pontiac : <arrives> Male
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: what're you hungry for?
non_american2000 : How can anyone question someones opinion?
xiphoid_thanatos : is getting Xena season 3 on dvd
bluejene : this is silly
xiphoid_thanatos : And before anyone says anything: chup
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:40:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
begs_to_be_sodomized : has met Lucy Lawless.
agn0stic_and_atheist : non_american2000 - you've never done that?
yathui : No Christians, eh?
begs_to_be_sodomized : And I must say, her tits are awesome.
gremlin_net : Hunter: I'm not sure. Not airline food, though.
fiercedogc2003 : define christian
xiphoid_thanatos : Jo :))
zenpunk : yea vulp? was she nice?
magic_stick2020 : <arrives> Male 20 from K.C.
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: I figured as much.
xiphoid_thanatos : Was she as nice as she was made out to be?
non_american2000 : No I assumed opinion s were everyones choice
begs_to_be_sodomized : Very. But I was eye-level with her breasts. If she said anything profound, I didn't catch it.
hunter_the_crazychick : I'm tempted to just get a jar of standard 'brown gravy' and live off of gravy-covered bread for a week.
xiphoid_thanatos : lmao Jo
bluejene : lol
yathui : Holy crapI didn´t realize she was that tall
hunter_the_crazychick : Vulp: I heard she was tall.I've never heard much else about her.
gremlin_net : There's a word which bugs me. Airline. Aeroplane; aeroport; aeronautics; airline. It's just not fair.
zenpunk : big girl , eh
hunter_the_crazychick : Just 'woah. Tall. Damn'
xiphoid_thanatos : yathui: Apparently she is almost 6 foot or something
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:41:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fiercedogc2003 : define
a_atheist : <leaves the room>
fiercedogc2003 : theist
begs_to_be_sodomized : I'm 5'6. I could fit my nose snuggly between that cleavage.
yathui : what is it about breasts?
hunter_the_crazychick : blinks.
begs_to_be_sodomized : And don't think I was NOT tempted.
hunter_the_crazychick : I always assumed you were much taller than me, Vulp.
enkidu_ak : <arrives> Male
xiphoid_thanatos : hahaha
zenpunk : yath, pendulous orbs of joy.....
yathui : begs: nahh. Six inches would be her upper lip
begs_to_be_sodomized : She was in heels. But I can't remember how big they were.
fiercedogc2003 : there are 2 forms of acquiring knowledge
begs_to_be_sodomized : Hell, I can't remember much except her tits.
xiphoid_thanatos : would like to see Lucy Lawless get the Wonder Woman part for the remake they are threatening to do
non_american2000 : faints on bluejene
agn0stic_and_atheist : non_american2000 - sure, but if you come into a debating forum you will find people questioning the reasoning behind your opinions, it comes with the territory.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:42:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
begs_to_be_sodomized : ECC: I'm tiny :((
zenpunk : so vulp, she made quite an impression on you
fiercedogc2003 : reasoning, and experience.......
yathui : an Asian-American Wonder Woman?
begs_to_be_sodomized : Zen: Her tits are imprinted in my mind.
the_chainsawpsycho : <arrives> Male
yathui : she doesn´t even have the build
xiphoid_thanatos : <--is about 5'7", 5'8"
murfmustang : <arrives>
fiercedogc2003 : so you will have to define christian, and theist
ideanaut : <arrives> Male 35 from Singapore
the_chainsawpsycho : Damn. Uper must have gotten spanked and ran away.
hunter_the_crazychick : doesn't know why she thought vulp was tall.
zenpunk : define - define
xiphoid_thanatos : You aren't that tiny Jo. 5'1" is tiny hehe
pamala910 : <leaves the room>
gremlin_net : is 6'4" to 6'5"
yathui : same here
agn0stic_and_atheist : is 6ft and 170 Ibs(ish)
begs_to_be_sodomized : ECC: It's ok. I often wonder why I'm a woman.
xiphoid_thanatos : chain: He was sent to bed without super
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:43:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
yathui : although I am bent so i seem shorter
fiercedogc2003 : the conclusion, is not certain......
hunter_the_crazychick : Vulp: because men can't deal with a uterus?
the_chainsawpsycho : awwwwwww ... poor lad.
xiphoid_thanatos : hunter: How tall are you? ( I missed it if you said earlier)
non_american2000 : Can we stop with the titties already. they only have one purpose and that is to feed little brats, they do not even look nice
begs_to_be_sodomized : The fun I could have if I had a penis permanently attached to me.
zenpunk : I am 5' 6 but more than make up for my lack of stature by my hacking cough
begs_to_be_sodomized : would be a male whore
whereintheworldiscarmansandiego : <leaves the room>
zenpunk : ??!?!!?
gremlin_net : I'm about 6'5" and I weigh about 135lbs. I'm what doctors like to call 'scary'.
yathui : actually, breasts have a distinctly erotic function
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: I'm 5'5.5". Five foot six, if you want to round it in my favour.
xiphoid_thanatos : lol zen
yathui : Gremlin: only 135?
gremlin_net : yathui: yup.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:44:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : Vulp: and then, of course, you'd want boobs....
the_chainsawpsycho : Begs: I would be a male whore, if it weren't for the fat chicks.
begs_to_be_sodomized : seen a large portion of Grem's body
non_american2000 : Not thier purpose though just an added attraction is all
begs_to_be_sodomized : Looks fine from where I was sitting.
agn0stic_and_atheist : gremlin_net - wow, you prefer a smoke to a pizza? lol
xiphoid_thanatos : hunter: Ahh, I thought you were like 5'9"/10" for some reason.
yathui : in other words, I am your height but I have 80 pounds on you.
yathui : aggh
fiercedogc2003 : man excepts conclusion, without any answers
bluejene : breasts were made to look like asses so men would quit fukkin us doggie style.. lol
gremlin_net : agn0stic_and_atheist: I prefer both.
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: I *wish*
begs_to_be_sodomized : Chain" Great what a paper bag can do for some people.
murfmustang : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : gremlin_net - cool.
bluejene : ...don't ask me where i got that from.. divine knowlwdge
bluejene : lolo
gremlin_net : agn0stic_and_atheist: it's not me. I can literally eat three pizzas for lunch. They evaporate instantly.
yathui : I have to wonder what you look like
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:45:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
non_american2000 : lol@blue. I have heard of tits wanks but I assumed they were a myth like god
hunter_the_crazychick : yathui: you can have a look at his profile....
the_chainsawpsycho : A paper bag helps with looks, sure, but it can't hide hideously large body size.
zenpunk : i love doggy style but my wife is too inhibited to fuck on the front lawn
wrecklessdivinyl : lol zen
begs_to_be_sodomized : Chain: Turn the lights off.
non_american2000 : lol@zen
hunter_the_crazychick : Vulp: you can still feel it.
eviltruitt : Actually, primates are attracted to the cleavage of the buttox, so when we started walking upright, something had to evolve closer to eye level, so women have breasts
agn0stic_and_atheist : gremlin_net - when I was a teenager I was like that, super skinny and could eat fat and sugar all day long, then I turned 30 and it all started to change, lol
the_chainsawpsycho : Begs: Even that wouldn't help.
gremlin_net : I drink an average of twenty-four sodas per day. I should weigh four hundred pounds, according to the idiots all suing each other for making them fat.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Touch the bare minimum. And practice visualisation.
bluejene : LOL see evil agrees.. hahaha i'm right!!
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:46:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_chainsawpsycho : The only real way to conceal large body size is with lost of booze.
xiphoid_thanatos : notes that she has never seen a picture of gremlin's face....
gremlin_net : agn0stic_and_atheist: me too. Except for the part where it changed.
the_chainsawpsycho : lots*
agn0stic_and_atheist : lol
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: nobody has.
yathui : You should sell your metabolism on TV
iworion : <arrives> Male 31 from Alabama
begs_to_be_sodomized : Chain: My brothers use what you just said and some instances, when the booze starts to wear off, what I just said.
begs_to_be_sodomized : is how she knows all that shit
gremlin_net : I don't even look that thin. I've met people shorter than I am who weighed more, and looked thinner.
hunter_the_crazychick : Well, I think one person has, besides me. I showed Zombie a shot of him from a few years ago at Eldorado here in CO. She said she could sorta make out his face.
the_chainsawpsycho : "The booze isn't for you, honey, it's for me."
fiercedogc2003 : jesus was actually an altruist
yathui : some day, they will isolate that metabolism genetically and people will be able to choose the weight of their offspring
xiphoid_thanatos : <leaves the room>
xiphoid_thanatos : <arrives> Female 28 from au
thane_mawr2001 : <leaves the room>
gremlin_net : xiphoid_thanatos: no one ever sees me.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Enki :)
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:47:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
iworion :
xiphoid_thanatos : Yah it has nothing to do with full breasts (full of milk) being representitive of fertility (always pregnant)....
begs_to_be_sodomized : Chain: My brothers come crawling home.
enkidu_ak : :-D
non_american2000 : Blue are you really only 36?
begs_to_be_sodomized : I usually have to clean them up before returning them to their wives.
bluejene : yyeess...
iworion : <leaves the room>
zenpunk : jesus was actually a one armed albino midget but over the centuries, this has been changed.
the_chainsawpsycho : hehehehehehe
bluejene : 37 in sept
bluejene : mmppff
enkidu_ak : Don't mind me, I'm just lurking
yathui : if breasts weren´t erotic the nipples wouldn´t be so sensitive
xiphoid_thanatos : Or the fact that females in the early days were almost always pregnant or breast feeding
eviltruitt : Jesus, doesn't he work at Taco Bell?
ronbamia : <arrives> 19
non_american2000 : WOW. I have heard you on the mike, very nice but I thought much older
xiphoid_thanatos : gremlin: Why not?
xiphoid_thanatos : pouts
bluejene : i feel older
begs_to_be_sodomized : Yathui: I hate when my nipples get played with.
ronbamia : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:48:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
yathui : why'?'?
begs_to_be_sodomized : They are over-sensative to the point of "turn off"
yathui : ahh
wrecklessdivinyl : not if i did it Me .
gremlin_net : xiphoid_thanatos: lots of dying reasons. At this point, it's just a matter of tradition.
begs_to_be_sodomized : *sensetive.
wrecklessdivinyl : you would like it
eviltruitt : Then they haven't been played with properly
non_american2000 : I was thinking like 60/75 range
celestial_zephyr : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: zombie saw that Eldorado snap, and said she could *almost* make out your face. "Good looking", or something.
xiphoid_thanatos : pouts again
bluejene : :P
yathui : you blow on them, you cum, something like that
gremlin_net : Hunter: I get that a lot.
agn0stic_and_atheist : my current g/f likes nipple play, but some ladies just don't like em being touched.
fiercedogc2003 : it is not true , that ignorant persons have no notion of the advantages of truth and knowledge.
the_chainsawpsycho : puts some candle wax on his nipple for Begs
begs_to_be_sodomized : Yathui: No. The whole feeling bit is uncomfortable, not orgasmic.
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: especially when you shave.
yathui : anyway... no religious debating.
agn0stic_and_atheist : ice-cubes on the nipples is better.
yathui : man, begs, that sucks
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:49:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : Ice. *giggles*
wrecklessdivinyl : see how guys want to do . put ice cubes on them .
begs_to_be_sodomized : Yathui. That's not the end of it. I dislike penetration too.
the_chainsawpsycho : Agnostic: Ice cubes might numb her up well.
yathui : so.... what are you left with?
agn0stic_and_atheist : chain - lol
wrecklessdivinyl : ok im too bored .
begs_to_be_sodomized : should become a nun if I didn't like oral sex so much.
gremlin_net : xiphoid_thanatos: look at it this way. If you don't actually know what I look like, you have to make it up for yourself. Ans you won't be disappointed.
yathui : ah. Oral.
gremlin_net : And*
xiphoid_thanatos : lol gremlin
salubriciousness : <arrives>
fiercedogc2003 : they see and confess those advantages in the conduct, the immunities, and the superior powers of the possessors....
non_american2000 : nipples snipples go to a sex room
begs_to_be_sodomized : Yathui: Yes. But I dont like recieving it.
xiphoid_thanatos : I prefer to know what people look like, regardless of what htey actually look like:P
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:50:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
xiphoid_thanatos : *they
agn0stic_and_atheist : erm...
the_chainsawpsycho : Gremlin: I think that's why some people intentionally never reveal what they look like, online.
yathui : how do you attain orgasm - if I may ask?
begs_to_be_sodomized : realises she has a lot of "dont like" when it comes to sex.
xiphoid_thanatos : agnostic:D
begs_to_be_sodomized : giggling
begs_to_be_sodomized : Oh well.
yathui : (it is like you don´t want to be touched at all.)
salubriciousness : it is better to give than receive
zenpunk : I believe people should always be sincere, even if you dont really mean it.
gremlin_net : xiphoid_thanatos: also, of those people who do know what I look like, they tend to compare me to famous people who are actually kinda ugly.
hunter_the_crazychick : yathui: penetration isn't 'required' for orgasm.
xiphoid_thanatos : gremlin :))
yathui : I know that.
yathui : geesh
xiphoid_thanatos : Fair enough then.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Yathui: Sometimes I get like that.
non_american2000 : Not for a gayman salubricious
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:51:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
preachingchristnhimcrucified : <arrives> Female 38 from Goldcoast Aus alias wendywoo
eat_me_lyncaeus : <arrives> Female 18 from lyncaeus bedroom
salubriciousness : lol
yathui : gayman and robin?
begs_to_be_sodomized : But, I can cum when giving a blow job. And I get told continously that that's weird.
bluejene : oooo one xtian dodging church
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: he occasionally gets compared to...who the fuck was that guy in Bringing out the Dead?
skechersgrl2000 : <arrives> Female from USA alias Leigha
bluejene : ohhh man
zenpunk : hahaha, welcome to the idiot hour
agn0stic_and_atheist : I don't look like anyone famous, superficially that bodes well for when *I* become famous....
minacious_hellcat : *** preachingchristnhimcrucified will be ignored.
hunter_the_crazychick : He was also in Face Off.
hunter_the_crazychick : And a couple of others....
wrecklessdivinyl : mmmmm
wrecklessdivinyl : damn
zenpunk : first idioot up is preaching :))
begs_to_be_sodomized : But for me, I feed off the reaction of my partner and like that's really exciting..for me.
gremlin_net : I usually hear that I look like A) Jeff Goldblum, B) Nick Cage, C) Eric Stoltz, D) Brendon Frasier, and E) John Cusack.
minacious_hellcat : hunter: Nick Cage?
transam19771978 : <arrives> Male 666 from Pa. alias Trans_Am
hunter_the_crazychick : Nick Cage. Yeah.
christian_stunder : <arrives> Male 35 from North Carolina
skechersgrl2000 : Hey
bluejene : * preachingchristnhimcrucified will be ignored. for singin ...badly
yathui : interesting
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:52:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
agn0stic_and_atheist : Nick Cage looks scary.
hunter_the_crazychick : Except Gremlin has hair; and Nick Cage looks weird with hair.
ank_ank2001 : <arrives>
non_american2000 : Preaching christ can you whistle?
ank_ank2001 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : And Cage, while not fat, looks like he has a little more weight, visibly, than Gremlin.
minacious_hellcat : gremlin: And you think those people are ugly?! Most women drool over them
agn0stic_and_atheist : Vincent Price - now you're talking, he was great.
yathui : Ah, I can pictur eyou now, gremlin
salient2 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : But they've got the same broken-nose point....
salient2 : <arrives> Male 51 from New Berlin, Wisconsin alias Salient
enkidu_ak : Ah, he must be on voice chat...
hunter_the_crazychick : giggles.
gremlin_net : minacious_hellcat: that doesn't mean much to me.
begs_to_be_sodomized : It's an interesting.. and I've found out over the last few years.. very big and diverse world.
christian_stunder : Ok notta problem
fiercedogc2003 : as a fruit tree, is more valuable than any one of its fruits singly, or even than all its fruits of a single season, so the noblest object of reflection is the mind itself, by which we reflect....
agn0stic_and_atheist : America's answer to Christopher Lee (kinda).
non_american2000 : I would like to wake up with you blue
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: Gremlin has a broken nose?
xiphoid_thanatos : gremlin: No, I suppose it doesn't :))
yathui : uh-huh
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:53:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gremlin_net : I found out recently that Vincent Price was actually American. He was from Saint Louis, I think.
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: has anyone ever gotten through life without breaking their nose at least once?
islamicgirl2310 : <arrives>
yathui : I am more like John Goodman, I suppose
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: I have.
eat_me_lyncaeus : just thought id let everyone know that i got my profile working... it has a picture now... its realy kool
agn0stic_and_atheist : gremlin_net - you didn't thin he was before?
hunter_the_crazychick : Weird.
yathui : I have never broken anything at all
alcyonian : <arrives> Female from New Zealand alias Alcyonian
hunter_the_crazychick : How'd you manage?
gremlin_net : Wolfe: I've broken my nose a dozen times.
salubriciousness : <leaves the room>
thane_mawr2001 : <arrives>
xiphoid_thanatos : hunter: So far so good. I have broken other things though:(
begs_to_be_sodomized : Ahh I have ears.
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: I beat up other people before they could hit me. It's easy. hehehehehehe
goddess_goldberry : dammit.. i hate it when they feel guilty for not going to church and take it out on us
xiphoid_thanatos : gremlin: How do you keep breaking it?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:54:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
yathui : I can´t hear him and I wish i could
gremlin_net : agn0stic_and_atheist: I never thought of his accent as American. It was pretty minimal.
eat_me_lyncaeus : the onlything iv broken is my knuckles
the_unbootable_buddha : <arrives> Male 29 from Lexington, KY
non_american2000 : Do you go to church godess?
wrecklessdivinyl : well i have to go becuase goddess is a mornon
wrecklessdivinyl : good bye all
skechersgrl2000 : lyncaeus love the picture
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: ankle, jaw, nose here.
goddess_goldberry : nope
goddess_goldberry : loll
wrecklessdivinyl : MORON
agn0stic_and_atheist : 'old-money' American families do seem to have slightly English sounding American accents (to my English ear).
gremlin_net : xiphoid_thanatos: doing various dumb things. Usually, someone punches me.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Aussie you twat.
wrecklessdivinyl : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : And the first two happened in the military.
goddess_goldberry : someone thinks I am a moron
islamicgirl2310 : ghfgh
wheesledeek : <arrives> Male
eat_me_lyncaeus : weel at least sum one likes it
minacious_hellcat : lol gremlin
scifinbible : <arrives> Female
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: good idea, letting them hit you first.
non_american2000 : Someone lied to me then. they said you were always on your knees
hunter_the_crazychick : Makes it all justifiable and shit.
eat_me_lyncaeus : figures... its me with long black hair... lol
begs_to_be_sodomized : Shut up cunt, you can't sing
eviltruitt : I like the pic too. Did you draw that?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:55:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
minacious_hellcat : hunter: Ribs, wrists, dis'd shoulders
begs_to_be_sodomized : Or play the guitar either.
yathui : I´ll be back later.
yathui : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : xiph: oh yeah. Ribs too.
zenpunk : preaching = wendymoo
minacious_hellcat : collar bone once
hunter_the_crazychick : Done the ribs thing.
hunter_the_crazychick : Not fun.
minacious_hellcat : Not fun
the_unbootable_buddha : that is an oxy moron
goddess_goldberry : lol american.. i dont' stoop that low.. i make them come to me :P
gremlin_net : agn0stic_and_atheist: it's possible. I've been in the colonies for decades now. Before that, I was in Knightsbridge, which has its own casual sound.
eat_me_lyncaeus : nah my b/f got it from sum site
zenpunk : wendywoo will be ignored.
the_chainsawpsycho : It might be because I've worn glasses for a long time. I'm naturally protective of my face, now.
non_american2000 : :-)
salient2 : *** preachingchristnhimcrucified will be ignored. for bad singing, and bad songs
islamicgirl2310 : <leaves the room>
eat_me_lyncaeus : cud draw it tho
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: probably.
goddess_goldberry : dammit preach can't sing
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:56:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gremlin_net : agn0stic_and_atheist: in the case of Price, he left the US for England and lived there for years. That could be what I'm hearing.
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: I don't get why there's such a pride-thing surrounding not ever getting hit. It's a good way to get in trouble for superior force, and make people think that maybe you started it, anyway.
fiercedogc2003 : to illustrate illustrious virtue, to renovate the people, and to rest in the highest excellence, the point where to rest in the highest excellence, and the point where to rest being known the object of pursuit is then determined.....
bluejene : brb
begs_to_be_sodomized : Goddess: It's on ignore for horrific music
agn0stic_and_atheist : gremlin_net - yeah, I know what you mean about Price, a kind of poshed-up American, lol
skechersgrl2000 : im glad i cant hear lol
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:57:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
non_american2000 : As it goes godess a friend of mine told me about this room he reckons you are an ok type of person
begs_to_be_sodomized : It's a HE?
preachingchristnhimcrucified : <leaves the room>
wheesledeek : <leaves the room>
begs_to_be_sodomized : Sounds like a SHE
the_chainsawpsycho : In fact, I would say that my nose borders on being perfectly straight.
the_unbootable_buddha : Its Pat!
minacious_hellcat : I'm ashamed to say that that sorry sod with the guitar claims to be from the same state as me :((
very_big85100 : <arrives> Male
bluejene : back
agn0stic_and_atheist : my nose is crooked and didn't even get broken, my teeth too, but then I'm English, what do you expect.
non_american2000 : wb beautiful blue
bluejene : /:)
hunter_the_crazychick : laughs.
gremlin_net : agn0stic_and_atheist: yeah. Although a lot of Americans sounded like that back then. Cary Grant, Judy Garland...they all had a sort of unamerican enunciation to them.
christian_stunder : lmao
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:58:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
aussiesugarglider : <arrives>
begs_to_be_sodomized : fuck off bitch
zenpunk : hahaha the devil :))
begs_to_be_sodomized : fucking cunt
non_american2000 : Dont enforce thier belief that we all had bad teeth in england agnostic
agn0stic_and_atheist : gremlin_net - yeah, Cary Grant is really funny to listen to, it's an accent from the middle of the Atlantic or something, really strange.
fiercedogc2003 : free action, is a phenomenon which contains several different elements combined together.
zenpunk : devil = boogie man
goddess_goldberry : lol who the fuck is this?
very_big85100 : <leaves the room>
the_unbootable_buddha : I would prefer that you not put blood all over me thank you
lionsblade1 : Shaddup you christer dicklicker *click*
begs_to_be_sodomized : its a SHE
begs_to_be_sodomized : Lying cunt.
hunter_the_crazychick : agn0stic_and_atheist: are you perpetuating that stereotype in the hopes that chicks will throw themselves at you in the great Austin Powers tradition of suction?
begs_to_be_sodomized : hold it Jene
the_chainsawpsycho : I'm trying to find a good pic that shows off my 'schnoz'.
begs_to_be_sodomized : its a she
begs_to_be_sodomized : jene, its a SHE
gremlin_net : Most Americans now sound like the incomprensible guy from King of the Hill. I can't make out half of what they say.
begs_to_be_sodomized : And a lying fucking twat.
agn0stic_and_atheist : hunter_the_crazychick, erm, yes.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 07:59:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
salient2 : I ignore aussiesugar glider in the name of jesus
zenpunk : aussiesugarglider will be ignored.for sucking christs dick
begs_to_be_sodomized : She said i pm'd' her when I didnt.
goddess_goldberry : aussie is a she?
goddess_goldberry : fuck
eat_me_lyncaeus : <leaves the room>
begs_to_be_sodomized : When I busted her geriatric ass she then threatened to kill me.
christian_stunder : OoOOoOoZenpunk!
begs_to_be_sodomized : Fucking old bitch.
hunter_the_crazychick : snorts.
goddess_goldberry : lol jo hehehe
enkidu_ak : Unamerican enunciation? You should head to Waterville, Maine. You would think you were on the shore of the Thames by the sound.
bluejene : :))
agn0stic_and_atheist : yeah baby, shagadelic (I can actually do that accent quite well, even though it isn't mine).
hunter_the_crazychick : agn0stic_and_atheist: please. No.
begs_to_be_sodomized : She KNOWS that.
aussiesugarglider : :))
begs_to_be_sodomized : She does it on purpose.
gremlin_net : enkidu_ak: yeah. New England still has a bit of the oldworld accent left.
aussiesugarglider : LOL
zenpunk : when I get to heaven I want jesus to blow me :)
begs_to_be_sodomized : The fucking cunt.
ideanaut : <leaves the room>
aussiesugarglider : OH YES THEY DO
hunter_the_crazychick : agn0stic_and_atheist:I hear it too much in restaurants.
bluejene : lol
aussiesugarglider : THIS IS THE RIGHT ROOM LOL
begs_to_be_sodomized : Yes aussiesugarglider you're an evil satanistiic TWAT.
gremlin_net : Maine sounds awfully cockney though.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:00:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
aussiesugarglider : BELIEVE ME
aussiesugarglider : THIS ROOM IS FULL OF THEM
non_american2000 : I am a hovis witness I bake bread and watch it rise
bobwar69 : <arrives> Male 41 from windsor,vt
begs_to_be_sodomized : You moronic fucking BITCH
goddess_goldberry : STUNDER.. exactly.. get them while they are down
begs_to_be_sodomized : LYING sack of shit.
aussiesugarglider : You rae Lost
minacious_hellcat : has sugarglider on iggy where it belongs
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: I posted an old pic of me on my profile that shows it off really well.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Fucking CUNT.
bobwar69 : good morning all
begs_to_be_sodomized : And you KNOW it, you lying sack of shit
knowledge_309 : <arrives> Male 20 from IL
minacious_hellcat : Hi bobwar:)
enkidu_ak : What I must be missing over voice...
the_unbootable_buddha : I actually feel pretty non-lost because there is nothing to find...its already all there
minacious_hellcat : Oh damn
hunter_the_crazychick : Yeah.
minacious_hellcat : <--is xiphoid
aussiesugarglider : If you havent received Jesus as your Lord and saviour you are lost
the_chainsawpsycho : That was back in my "pseudo Frenchman" days.
goddess_goldberry : stunder.. no point converting healthy person, go to the people who think they are going to die
bluejene : ok.. wb xi
fiercedogc2003 : to act freely,is to perform an action with the consciousness of being able not to perform it, now, to perform an action with the consciousness of being able not to it...
begs_to_be_sodomized : Bullshit. You bullshitting bitch.
hunter_the_crazychick : The problem is, the break-point-thing looks /good/ on Gremlin.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:01:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
knowledge_309 : Aussie, you've lost your mind..Thats the only thing that is lost.
non_american2000 : lol@godess
gremlin_net : Hunter: the what?
begs_to_be_sodomized : oops
the_chainsawpsycho : "Chainsaw DeGaul"
begs_to_be_sodomized : Bob ;x
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: the thing about your nose that bothers you.
begs_to_be_sodomized : oh hehe
agn0stic_and_atheist : < Is a Geordie, this accent grows primarily out of a Scandinavian heritage from 7th to 10th century settlement, Americans tend to think either Irish, Scottish or Welsh...
enkidu_ak : Oh, just more preaching... From the way Jo was going off, I thought it was something else.
non_american2000 : alcy did you swear?
skechersgrl2000 : im outta here bye
gremlin_net : Hunter: oh that. Maybe.
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: it does.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Aussie should stop breathing.
minacious_hellcat : ack it's midnight, I really have to go soon
christian_stunder : Well the whole reason for it was supposedly to witniss to the spiritually sick.If they read thier bible they would know that "Not everyone who worshipps Him will be Admitted"
begs_to_be_sodomized : You piece of regurgitated twat waste.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:02:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gremlin_net : Hunter: fifty years ago it woulda looked good. Today...there's a focus on looking faultless.
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: it doesn't look like a flaw.
eat_me_lyncaeus : <arrives> Female 18 from lyncaeus bedroom
eviltruitt : Wow, begs really doesn't like Aussie
the_unbootable_buddha : If that is the case Christain then why should one worship...if there is no gaurentee?
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: it's not as if you've got Quinn's nose.
gremlin_net : Hunter: the point is that everyone optimally has rulerstraight noses these days. The Vincent Price profile is out of style.
non_american2000 : Does a twat regurgitate?
hunter_the_crazychick : I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Or her ass.
bluejene : lol
minacious_hellcat : evil: That is because sugarglider is lying, sanctimonious piece of gutter trash.
cyrilstill : <arrives>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:03:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_chainsawpsycho : I don't really miss looking French.
asprinter8 : <arrives> Male 35 from Nashville, TN
c_aurora777 : <arrives>
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: your nose isn't exactly crooked.
enkidu_ak : <leaves the room>
enkidu_ak : <arrives> Male from Alaska
c_aurora777 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : It's still straight.
agn0stic_and_atheist : likes the "oym enry th' ayth, oy am oy am.." pseudo-Cockney-cum-English found in American musicals, great fun.
hunter_the_crazychick : It's just not militaristic....
eat_me_lyncaeus : hey got a new one might not like this one as much tho,..... the other one is on my other profile
begs_to_be_sodomized : non_american2000: it regurgitates semon.
gremlin_net : Hunter: right. It's not crooked. It's just...there's a topography to it.
begs_to_be_sodomized : its a SHE
begs_to_be_sodomized : SHE
minacious_hellcat : bob: It would be aussiesugarglider
begs_to_be_sodomized : Or a drag queen
fiercedogc2003 : now, to prefer supposes that we had motives for preferring, for action and motives for not preferring, that we were acquainted with these motives, and that we have preferred a part of them to rest, preference supposes the knowledge of motives for and against.....
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:04:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
non_american2000 : ok too much info there begs:-)
goddess_goldberry : lol bob
deathangel_1369 : <arrives> Male 18 from virginia alias worlock13
hu_taishan : <arrives>
hunter_the_crazychick : agn0stic_and_atheist: please don't do that. Not ever again. I had to read it over four times before I understood what it said, and then I wished it'd been something a little less tacky, like Ha><0r sp33k.
enkidu_ak : You need an apology?
knowledge_309 : aussie, you are a moron.
minacious_hellcat : bob: I have seen them circle through about 40 names in an hour
eat_me_lyncaeus : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : hunter_the_crazychick, lol, sorry, won't happen again...giggles.
gremlin_net : agn0stic_and_atheist: that's how Americans trying to sound English tend to sound. It's painful.
non_american2000 : He is the first aussie fanatic I have ever heard
deathangel_1369 : fuck you
the_chainsawpsycho : Overall, I'm pretty happy with my nose. It's got size, yet it's not too big.
bobwar69 : yes mina and I have all of them on iggy
hunter_the_crazychick : agn0stic_and_atheist: next time, do it in haxorspeek....
hunter_the_crazychick : giggles.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:05:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
skechersgrl2000 : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : erm...ok
deathangel_1369 : jesus was a hippie
bluejene : lol
h_h_y2k1 : <arrives> Female 18 from Bedroom (boyfriends)
enkidu_ak : I had forgoten how your voice sounded, Jo.
minacious_hellcat : lmao Jo
hunter_the_crazychick : PseudoCockneyl337sp33k.
non_american2000 : Someone give him a few beers and a bbq, he'll soon stop the god thing
agn0stic_and_atheist : lol
minacious_hellcat : <--is an Aussie
deathangel_1369 : fuck u
non_american2000 : :-) oops sorry
gremlin_net : I can't handle cockney. Anything beyond about Montford starts sounding alien.
agn0stic_and_atheist : Aussies sound like Cockneys on acid.
xiphoid_thanatos : Damn straight bob
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:06:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
xiphoid_thanatos : agnostic :o
fiercedogc2003 : whether these motives are passions or ideas, errors or truths, this or that, is of no consequence, it is important only to ascertain with faculty is here in operation, this is to say, what is that recognizes these motives....
hu_taishan : <leaves the room>
minacious_hellcat : I'm only using this name for voice
agn0stic_and_atheist : :-)
h_h_y2k1 : hey im back
the_chainsawpsycho : blames xiphoid for aussiesugarglider being a moron
agn0stic_and_atheist : just kidding, aussies are great.
deathangel_1369 : <leaves the room>
minacious_hellcat : bob: Ther aren't many fundies here. Most of them are pretty middle of the road
hunter_the_crazychick : wishes her source for music were online.
non_american2000 : You are a nice aussie though minacious
enkidu_ak : Thank you for the wonderful news, now run along.
minacious_hellcat : *there
filthy_j_mcnasty69 : <arrives> Male 29
gremlin_net : About the time I hit Yorkshire, I'm ready to switch over to signlanguage.
xtreme_threshold : <arrives> Male 22 from Always moving, better just ask. alias Xtreme Insanity
knowledge_309 : Where I live is full of fundies.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:07:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
minacious_hellcat : aww thanks non:)
xtreme_threshold : <leaves the room>
goddess_goldberry : minacious.. i live in the bible belt.. there are TONS of fundies
aussiesugarglider : <leaves the room>
magic_stick2020 : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : gets this awful image of accents being translated into sign language.
the_unbootable_buddha : Vermont has many Buddhist retreats
hunter_the_crazychick : wants to kill.
bobwar69 : true buddha
agn0stic_and_atheist : gremlin_net - you ever met Geordies?
knowledge_309 : goddess, where do you live?
the_unbootable_buddha : nice state vermont
goddess_goldberry : texas
gremlin_net : agn0stic_and_atheist: nope.
h_h_y2k1 : i have
the_chainsawpsycho : Hunter: I wonder if fundies would spell horribly with sign language, too.
non_american2000 : bible belt? is that a fashion accessory?
fiercedogc2003 : Now , what is it that examines, what is it that doubts, what is that judges that we should not yet judge in order to judge better?
knowledge_309 : oh, I see!
h_h_y2k1 : geordies are the best ppl
the_unbootable_buddha : I should move to Vermont
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: it'd probably look a lotlike a retarded child trying to mock sign language.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:08:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_chainsawpsycho : signs out U R DUM HAHAHAHAHA!
eviltruitt : <leaves the room>
goddess_goldberry : lol american.. no.. it is a southern "belt" of land where the fundies breed
non_american2000 : AH!
gremlin_net : Wolfe: they'd just wander around with their fingers crossed to ward of, you know, vampires.
agn0stic_and_atheist : gremlin_net - imagine Yorkshire being blended with Scottish and you are 50% there, lol
hunter_the_crazychick : chain: you gotta get the classic hand-bent-chest-thumping thing going too.
goddess_goldberry : i happen to live in the belt buckle
minacious_hellcat : lol chain
non_american2000 : lol
christian_stunder : lol@ goddess
filthy_j_mcnasty69 : and vermont has gay marriage if you wanna lic=ve in a state that condones men sucking dick sure great state that vermont --a bunch of panty wearing pansy faggot bitches i say
gremlin_net : agn0stic_and_atheist: and they say there are no transitional forms....
the_chainsawpsycho : hehehehehehehe
knowledge_309 : I think Cleveland Tenn. has the most fundies per square mile..
goddess_goldberry : where the penacostals, southern baptists, and evil methodidst come together
filthy_j_mcnasty69 : hows that for free thinking?
h_h_y2k1 : hey..... thats not it at all
bluejene : in 96
bluejene : lol
the_unbootable_buddha : where is the belt buckle goddess?
h_h_y2k1 : scottish no....
goddess_goldberry : this is where all the storys about killing gays comes from
goddess_goldberry : texas.. ft. worth fucking texas
begs_to_be_sodomized : no.. its the first time i heard your voice
fiercedogc2003 : lol filthy
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: how are you on soda?
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:09:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gremlin_net : Hunter: I've got a bit.
hunter_the_crazychick : Alright.
fiercedogc2003 : vermonts slogan? "come here to pack fudge"
non_american2000 : filthy you need to get with the programe m8 gaymen/lesbians are here to stay plus they have attitude now so be nice
bluejene : <leaves the room>
h_h_y2k1 : agn0stic: u geordie?
bluejene : <arrives> Female 36 from My Computer Desk
fiercedogc2003 : lol
hunter_the_crazychick : Thinking about it, we should probably wait until we notice that everyone's left before we go get soda.
gremlin_net : Of course, I have to avoid sounding at all English. Otherwise, Hunter gets all gropey on me.
agn0stic_and_atheist : h_h_y2k1 - yep.
minacious_hellcat : <leaves the room>
hunter_the_crazychick : THat way we can come back and get prime parking.
enkidu_ak : No, I was talking with you and Sarynx, I'm pretty sure, anyway. We were talking about COBE and RHIC, though you weren't on voice.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:10:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
xiphoid_thanatos : bah messenger just died
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: oh come on....
begs_to_be_sodomized : Yes Bob. Your children were immaculately conceived.
christian_stunder : Right on Bob
fiercedogc2003 : vermonts full of gay priest, and sodomites, lol
zenpunk : filthy is overly concerned with other men's homosexuality, why would that be? any ideas?
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: you don't avoid sounding English for that.
gremlin_net : agn0stic_and_atheist: oh. Sorry. Did I just insult you to hell and back?
h_h_y2k1 : well then you shud know never to discribe them 25% scottish
agn0stic_and_atheist : it's hard to describe how Geordie really sounds, Scottish people don't understand us, Yorkshire people don't either.
the_unbootable_buddha : sounds like filthy has homosexual thoughts
knowledge_309 : Who cares who is gay?
fiercedogc2003 : lol
agn0stic_and_atheist : gremlin_net - not that I noticed, lol
the_unbootable_buddha : filthy has a lisp
smokey0384 : knowledge, why do you care who is gay?
non_american2000 : I am having homosexual thought about you as we speak filth
whereintheworldiscarmansandiego : <arrives>
coyote494 : <arrives> Male 33 from FLORIDA alias TERMINATOR666
zenpunk : filthy is repressing his homsexual inclinations by this attack?
christian_stunder : Filthy is trying to convert him
fiercedogc2003 : oooB-)
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:11:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : Gremlin: was that an autocomplete fuckup?
knowledge_309 : lol christian
xiphoid_thanatos : Time for me to go. Have fun all
gremlin_net : Hunter: it's one of the reasons. That, and I don't like the Duhmericans, who talk slowly and dogmatically enough already, slowing down even more and asking whether I like it in their country.
xiphoid_thanatos : Jo:x
scifinbible : <leaves the room>
christian_stunder : :D
h_h_y2k1 : try... byker grove but with better less annoying voices
xiphoid_thanatos : <leaves the room>
cyrilstill : <leaves the room>
cyrilstill : <arrives>
knowledge_309 : bob, ignor-RAY-mus
bluejene : :))
salient2 : filthy_j_mcnasty69 has been placed into the Y!TunnelPro Super Iggy Bin!
greentreefrog38 : <arrives>
agn0stic_and_atheist : h_h_y2k1 - you're right, I was generalising, in many respects Geordie sounds like Welsh, especially the way be both pronounce vowels.
begs_to_be_sodomized : ;))
non_american2000 : Why do non gays have issues with gays?
skilet_head_jr2002 : <arrives> Male 18 from THE GUILD OF CHAOS alias ODIN ALL FATHER
gremlin_net : agn0stic_and_atheist: that sort of Ewan MacGregor sound?
zenpunk : filthy_j_mcnasty69 will be ignored. for being a repressed homosexual and refusing to accept this about himself
enkidu_ak : Hey look, Aussie came back
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:12:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
bluejene : * greentreefrog38 will be ignored.
h_h_y2k1 : were bouts in n/e do u live?
knowledge_309 : green, blah blah blah...
lionsblade1 : ignores another jesus pimping moron *click*
hunter_the_crazychick : That might've been an insult....
begs_to_be_sodomized : I was number ONE Stunder.
salient2 : *** greentreefrog38 will be ignored.
begs_to_be_sodomized : Me ME me
zenpunk : greentreefrog
christian_stunder : I know dude lol
fiercedogc2003 : mcnasty is a free thinker, lol
zenpunk : greentreefrog STOP SUCKING JESUS' DICK
agn0stic_and_atheist : gremlin_net - no, if you've ever heard Sting giving an interview, he has a very soft Geordie accent (he's a posh Geordie - which is an oxymoron I'll admit).
filthy_j_mcnasty69 : the ones who condone male homosexuality are the repressed closet dwellers baby
knowledge_309 : green, Your Jesus is dead and your god doesn't exist.
knowledge_309 : give it up.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:13:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
filthy_j_mcnasty69 : <leaves the room>
non_american2000 : No filthy the ones who shout the loudest about how wrong it is are closets
gremlin_net : agn0stic_and_atheist: oh. Okay. I can follow along with that, as long as it stays under ten words per second.
bluejene : lol
bluejene :
knowledge_309 : filthy, more like the ones who condemn it.
scifinbible : <arrives> Female
agn0stic_and_atheist : :-)
the_unbootable_buddha : psychological studys show that those who actually violently oppose homosexuality are the ones most likely to be repressing homosexual feelings
h_h_y2k1 : agn0stic: u near newcastle or more towards gateshead?
knowledge_309 : green, prove that he exist.
rev_maynard_2004 : <arrives> Male 32
non_american2000 : that is so true unbootable
agn0stic_and_atheist : h_h_y2k1 - I'm in Walker (pronounced wa-a-ka, lol).
latinka27 : <arrives> Female
salient2 : <leaves the room>
salient2 : <arrives> Male 51 from New Berlin, Wisconsin alias Salient
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:14:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gremlin_net : I guess I always assumed Sting was from around Yorkshire.
fiercedogc2003 : greentree is talking absolutes.......
zenpunk : greentreefrog38 will be ignored.
goddess_goldberry : i would talk to greentree if he would shut up for 3 sec
duckdogers87 : <arrives> Male
hunter_the_crazychick : needs more music.
bluejene : lol
non_american2000 : I dont usually pick up in a chatroom filthy but if you wanna explore who you are and wanna take it like a bitch private me:-)
begs_to_be_sodomized : homophobes spend their times watching gays, that's why they know about their sexuality better then anyone else
knowledge_309 : wow, green is preaching a sermon..what a fucking idiot.
salient2 : <leaves the room>
the_unbootable_buddha : are you all insane?!?!?!?!?
salient2 : <arrives> Male 51 from New Berlin, Wisconsin alias Salient
h_h_y2k1 : i know how it pronouced, (and its wa-a-ka if a charva is pronouncing it)
knowledge_309 : green, *click*
christian_stunder : No such thing as homophobia.Thats a made up word
h_h_y2k1 : lol
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:15:54 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fiercedogc2003 : after all , we were talking about gay porn earlier, i feel vermont ties into this story
skilet_head_jr2002 : FUCKA YOU ALLA
zenpunk : greentreefrog38 will be ignored. - an' i hepped wif da placenta :)
skilet_head_jr2002 : <leaves the room>
salient2 : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : < is a charva
h_h_y2k1 : ok then
non_american2000 : Prejudice against (fear or dislike of) homosexual people and homosexuality=homophobia
gremlin_net : I happened to catch Sting on Saturday Night Live once. He pulled off an Alabama accent pretty well. That's not easy to do. For anyone.
agn0stic_and_atheist : < but I don't steal hub-caps.
salient2 : <arrives> Male 51 from New Berlin, Wisconsin alias Salient
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:16:26 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : <arrives> Female 22 from Denver, CO alias Hunter
lionsblade1 : I live across the Lake from Vermont, they do get alot of crap for living there.
agn0stic_and_atheist : Alabama - that's the scary deep south accent?
salient2 : hi vulpie
hunter_the_crazychick : Bleh.
zenpunk : stunder, you shoud answer them - "are YOU?"
hunter_the_crazychick : agn0stic_and_atheist: Somethin' like that.
asprinter8 : Do any of you people read the bible??....Yes even us people who try to stay close to the Word- - do struggle, but my gosh theres a lot of hatred in here....whts up with that??...I respect the opinins Ive heard in here...but truly I think alot of you dont come to terms with Gods Word, because of guilt- and quite possibly - change your life- - the life of Me Me Me....!....Idol worshipping comes in the form of are always looking at yourself as #1..and what satisfies yourself----When you learn that the Lord comes first--and get in HIS WORD, then HE changes lets stop the fingerpointing and hatred and have anOPEN dicussion...all those you wanna sling mud...this isnt your room....(maybe thats 80% of the room--i hope not! )
bluejene : ny city.. right??
rev_maynard_2004 : shut the fuck up, treefrog, you goddamn idiot.......
h_h_y2k1 : one question... what wud you define as a goth?
fiercedogc2003 : vermount, the only state that promotes gay porn, with its log cabin syrup, lol
agn0stic_and_atheist : lol
enkidu_ak : is away (Away)
knowledge_309 : asp, Yes, I've read the Bible. Only a fool would be it to be literal truth.
salient2 : greentreefrog38 has been placed into the Y!TunnelPro Super Iggy Bin! for being a total moron
hunter_the_crazychick : agn0stic_and_atheist: certain Texas accents are scarier, but only if you understand what Texas is.
chimpfinger2000 : <arrives>
begs_to_be_sodomized : A Goth is a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement.
coyote494 : <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:17:39 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
the_unbootable_buddha : Asprinter that is the best thing I have heard all day
fiercedogc2003 : tad to steve" could you please pass the maple syrup, i need you to lick it off my nads"
bluejene : assprint???i became free when i quit depending on your god.. i rose OUT of hell..
begs_to_be_sodomized : And also one of the Teutonic people who invaded the Roman Empire in the 3rd to 5th centuries.
duckdogers87 : Sodomize
asprinter8 : true..Green
bobwar69 : asprinter>>.most of us HAVE read the bible,more then once in most cases
non_american2000 : Because we dont give a shit as a rule as long as we are not attacked persoaly
chimpfinger2000 : hey green shut it ok!!
duckdogers87 : That's a very untrue statement
knowledge_309 : <leaves the room>
non_american2000 : personally
fiercedogc2003 : sodomizer's?, lol.....
hunter_the_crazychick : Vulp: the first definition sounds like 'most southern people in America'....
begs_to_be_sodomized : No, it's not.
lionsblade1 : < reading the bible was the best reason I became atheist lol
agn0stic_and_atheist : hunter_the_crazychick, I hear you, I think of Dolly Parton and J.R. Ewing when people say 'Texas' - sad stereotyping I know, but that's TV for you.
gremlin_net : In a way, Alabama and cockney are similar, thinking about it. Just the vowels shift a bit.
begs_to_be_sodomized : It's dictorially correct.
duckdogers87 : Not that. The Goth one
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:18:39 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : agn0stic_and_atheist: GW is from Texas.
bobwar69 : same here lions
hunter_the_crazychick : At least, I *think* he is.
christian_stunder : Understandable gremlin
chimpfinger2000 : hey green shut it u muppet!!!
begs_to_be_sodomized : i know. And I defined it twice.
rev_maynard_2004 : hey frog, there are two kinds of people in here..... believers and non-believers, so shut your fuckin trap......
hunter_the_crazychick : I'm not sure if he's /from/ anywhere, really. He might just be a direct clone of daddy.
bobwar69 : chimp just iggy him
rev_maynard_2004 : you asswipe
h_h_y2k1 : i had quite a few pppl in this room saying they loved my pic... how wud you describe that? (my pic that is)
sir_henrysmith : <arrives>
cyrilstill : <leaves the room>
the_unbootable_buddha : I'm actaully quite peaceful
fiercedogc2003 : get this.....a gay marriage...."do you steve, take steve, as your?
lionsblade1 : cool Bob, I'm not far from you, Across the 'lake champlain' puddle :)
gremlin_net : What's cockney for 'writing paper'? 'roitin pappih'? Something like that....
begs_to_be_sodomized : (lines 1 to 12) Goth ( P ) Pronunciation Key (gth) n. A member of a Germanic people who invaded the Roman Empire in the early centuries of the Christian era. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [From Middle English Gothes, Goths, from Late Latin Goth, of Germanic origin; akin to Old English Gota, and Old Norse Goti, Goth.] Source: The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition Copyright 2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:19:39 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
chimpfinger2000 : smell my religious text!!! it stinks!!!
christian_stunder : lol
salient2 : sir_henrysmith has been placed into the Y!TunnelPro Super Iggy Bin!
duckdogers87 : What do you have againts gays, dog
agn0stic_and_atheist : h_h_y2k1- the pic is interesting and a little scary, but then I'm middle-aged.
non_american2000 : I think we are more reserved/cultured, americans seem to think someone disageeing with them is a challenge, you rant we discuss
bluejene : *** sir_henrysmith will be ignored
the_chainsawpsycho : Where the Vandals Goth?
h_h_y2k1 : mah
the_chainsawpsycho : Were*
bobwar69 : Im down in the upper conn.river valley 2 hours from champlain
begs_to_be_sodomized : (lines 1 to 7) goth n 1: a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement [syn: peasant, barbarian, boor, churl, Goth, tyke, tike] 2: one of the Teutonic people who invaded the Roman Empire in the 3rd to 5th centuries [syn: Goth] Source: WordNet 1.6, 1997 Princeton University
bluejene : the vandals... lol i used to go see em...
zenpunk : *** sir_henrysmith will be ignored.
lionsblade1 : Nice Bob, I'm from Fort Ti on the NY State side :D
bluejene : i worked w/ friends of theirs, helpless dancer
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:20:39 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
rev_maynard_2004 : <leaves the room>
lionsblade1 : Yep I am lol
the_chainsawpsycho : Vandal: a member of a Germanic people who lived in the area south of the Baltic between the Vistula and the Oder, overran Gaul, Spain, and northern Africa in the 4th and 5th centuries A.D., and in 455 sacked Rome
bluejene : i wouldn't call the vandals goth... bauhaus was goth
the_unbootable_buddha : I have a lot of patience but if Greentree doesn't take a breather he may be the first in my iggy bin
zenpunk : later on
zenpunk : <leaves the room>
h_h_y2k1 : was in earlier under a diff name for those who think i stole the pic
christian_stunder : Yeah non american the average USA citizen has a "RIGHT"streak down their back a mile wide.We are a proud nation and that CAn be a problem when carried to an extreme
chimpfinger2000 : how about u do ur god a favour and shut it ok??? if not go back to sleep. stay off the trucker speed!!
non_american2000 : lol unbootable do it. everyonev else has
agn0stic_and_atheist : Cockney "git yer lawfin geeah rand this darlin'.." translation "kindly place your mouth over my erect penis."
the_unbootable_buddha : born in an aircraft carrier?
fiercedogc2003 : vermont boast gay bed & breakfast.....i could see the ad," sodomize your gay lover, then smear log cabin syrup on their anus".........
fiercedogc2003 : lool
begs_to_be_sodomized : still waiting to see how she was incorrect
hunter_the_crazychick : laughs.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:21:39 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
greentreefrog38 : :O oh no I m so sorry we are having trouble with the communication
hunter_the_crazychick : agn0stic_and_atheist: how terribly romantic.
cyrosimmortal : <arrives> Male
greentreefrog38 : will come on again as soon as it goes green
greentreefrog38 : there we go
eviltruitt : <arrives>
fiercedogc2003 : hawaii, lol...another gay state......
chimpfinger2000 : peace at last green frog! thanx 666
agn0stic_and_atheist : hunter_the_crazychick - yeah, but we Geordies are romantic, we always put our pint down to make love, well, if we are asked to...
hunter_the_crazychick : laughs.
bobwar69 : fierce>>youve been looking into those bed and breakfasts spots then,looking for a place to come out??
duckdogers87 : I think fierce dog is a Nazi
gremlin_net : And when in hell did people in England start saying 'skedyul'? I've heard a few different people say that on the BBC recently.
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:22:39 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
hunter_the_crazychick : agn0stic_and_atheist: do you set it on her back and tell her 'now hold still; don't spill it'?
sir_henrysmith : <leaves the room>
the_unbootable_buddha : well I am absolutely exhausted from this room
the_unbootable_buddha : bye
h_h_y2k1 : agn0stic: im glad you do... i finish my drink first
agn0stic_and_atheist : hunter_the_crazychick - I prefer for her to hold it, that way there's less chance of spillage...
asprinter8 : .....hes trying to save you- thats all
the_unbootable_buddha : <leaves the room>
duckdogers87 : Who's trying to save who
LOG DATA Sun, 13 Jul 2003 08:23:39 hunter_the_crazychick, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
fiercedogc2003 : bob, probably own a faggot bed and breakfast
chimpfinger2000 : hey green do ur god and the rest of us a big favour and stay off the trucker speed and go back to sleep!!
the_chainsawpsycho : (lines 1 to 2) Under the reign of Valens, they took possession of Dacia (the modern Transylvania and the adjoining regions), and came to be known as Ostrogoths and Visigoths, or East and West Goths; the former inhabiting countries on the Black Sea up to the Danube, and the latter on this river generally. Some of them took possession of the province of Moesia, and hence were called Moesogoths. Others, who made their way to Scandinavia, at a time unknown to history, are sometimes styled Suiogoths.
agn0stic_and_atheist : <leaves the room>
agn0stic_and_atheist : <arrives> Male 36 from England
cyrosimmortal : The only reason people create these topics is because they want people to "diss" eachother...and Im here to watch the insults
bluejene : back
agn0stic_and_atheist : I'd say "sked-jual"
fiercedogc2003 : lmao
lionsblade1 : wb bluejene
smokey0384 : <leaves the room>