A little background information, before you read the 96 messages involved in this one....

First, his yahoo profiles.

Yahoo! ID: snake11215
Real Name: john
Location: brooklyn,new york city,u.s.a.
Age: 45
Marital Status: Divorced
Gender: Male
Occupation: legal assistant,warrior,student of motion.

More About Me

Hobbies: sports(baseball,soccer,hockey,women's basketball),martial arts,skating,movies-especially sci-fi,philosophy(looking for answer to the question"why?"),music(rock,reggae),model trains,snakes(for real).

Latest News: still trying to convince people that i'm actually from this planet.

Favorite Quote
"gravity-it's not just a good idea-it's the law."

Now that you've read that, you know a little bit about this guy.

Beyond that, this guy decided to threaten myself and several of my acquaintances with everything from lawyers to the New York mafia to streetgangs, just because we pointed out that he was very wrong about his ideas on snakes.

What follows is the entire thread, sans the outside threats, since i didn't actually save them, for some reason. If I find them [or get any more], I'll post them here.

So, click here for page one.