Posted by Gremlin [ -] on 22 February 2003 at 14.48.06 ZuluTime:
It's a late entry, but AgeingTard has just moved into the field.
I'll let you read this for yourselves to estimate his chances at winning....
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 06:58:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
earthcare61 : Being Homo is a matter of choosing
tswonderwoman : sex is whats between your legs, gender is whats between your ears.
earthcare61 : Hi candice
gremlin_net : swyndle: there are better ones; that one just came to mind....
quiet_voiced_psycho : lol true ts
mirialeme : Ts, I was just pointing out something to earthcare.
candice2027 : :)
jellowfever : most people have sex because it gives them pleasure or they make money from it (which is another form of pleasure)
AgingYoung : and if you think you're a sheep you are?
AgingYoung : lol
blackheartedprofit : a couple of my mates got caught that way last uyear in thailand, holy
swyndle : is a closet lesbian.
holy_sins : fucking hell my cheek is flaming.
holy_sins : heh, sucks to be them, black.
swyndle : Black, why does that not surprise me?
gremlin_net : swyndle:
earthcare61 : Is a male lesbian
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 06:59:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
really_david : >>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<< WORLDS SEXIEST MAN :x:x:x
quiet_voiced_psycho : earth unless u r gay how do u know whether or not it is a choice?
earthcare61 : prefers women
swyndle : Grem, heh.
blackheartedprofit : they were on a rugby tour
holy_sins : bleh.
holy_sins : i wanna play rugby
jellowfever : swyndle, for countless years I have prayed to an unknown god that I wake up reincarnated as a lesbian: thus far... nothing has happened
AgingYoung : you don't have to be something to vicariously know, Quiet.
tswonderwoman : prefers men.. other women are ok, for a diversion
blackheartedprofit : we have womens rugby here, holy
mirialeme : I think of the whole thing this way......Transexuals, just have problems with the bodies they were born in....homosexuals just have problems with the opposite sex..and bisexual...they just have a hell of alot of fun. :D
blackheartedprofit : in perth anyway
cerridwen0 : john youre a real jerk
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:00:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
earthcare61 : faggots do not have to do sex - neither do straight people
gremlin_net : Here's the one I tend to wear a lot:
holy_sins : yeah but isn't womens rugby touch rugby>?
holy_sins : i like to tackle.
swyndle : Jellow, that's why I quit deities.
blackheartedprofit : no
johnrw1979 : lol
cerridwen0 : A REAL JERK JOHN
blackheartedprofit : full rugby
johnrw1979 : hi cerrid
blackheartedprofit : them bitches go hard
earthcare61 : everyone is born a virgin
mirialeme : them bitches
mirialeme :
cerridwen0 : im going back to my room but i just wanted to say that
holy_sins : hehe
quiet_voiced_psycho : anyway transexuality isnt really about being gay. ts is obviously a woman in every way except for parts
swyndle : Grem, yeah.
mirialeme : Earthcare, We know that we're born virgins, do you have a point?
earthcare61 : sex is choosing who you will be with
really_david : lie to him candice!!!! :((
really_david : hehehehehe
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:01:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
blackheartedprofit : and they are dirty ho's after the game at the pub
quiet_voiced_psycho : earth youre misinformed
if_i_was_dumberer_id_be_normal : u like to tackle the mens tackle !! bet
tswonderwoman : earth is right.. nobody is born a man or a woman.. youre born a baby..
gremlin_net : swyndle: I wore that one to a staffed mortuary in Fairmount a couple of weeks ago for a shoot. They, ah...disliked it.
earthcare61 : gays change
swyndle : Earth, don't quit your day job.
mirialeme : Actually, I htink he is slightly retarded.
really_david : she's all your sjohn
earthcare61 : as messiah?
swyndle : Grem, go fig.
quiet_voiced_psycho : earth is half right ts
johnrw1979 : lold avey
johnrw1979 : ok
johnrw1979 : ill ask
swyndle : I was born a goofball.
tswonderwoman : gays change?? huh earthcare?
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:02:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
blackheartedprofit : heya cockaman
creedomac2003 : right, no one is born an adult
cockafella_30 : swyndle youre a degenerate
gremlin_net : hasn't got a 'goofball' shirt yet....
mirialeme : I just don't like one word I use to describe a person being taken out of context that way.
holy_sins : hello adam :X
cockafella_30 : blackie hello
quiet_voiced_psycho : There are many gay people who choose hetero sex. They are still gay
earthcare61 : gays can like women also
really_david : no - we are both gonna lose her to wask's millions john :((
swyndle : Cocka is here?
cockafella_30 : Mindy!1
tswonderwoman : youre right he is sligtly tarded
gremlin_net : cockafella_30's shirt:
mirialeme : lmao
earthcare61 : gay means happy queers are not happy people
blackheartedprofit : i'm still trying to get her to do a cam show, cocka
jellowfever : most people are born, dull and celebate...obtain a peak of sexual activity...which tapers off into dull celebacy and aging
creedomac2003 : yes, their called bisexuals
candice2027 : :((
really_david : hehehehehe
swyndle : Most homosexuals I know are happy.
really_david : shakes head
holy_sins : no shows, sorry.
AgingYoung : if people are born gay why does the gay movement recruit?
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:03:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
earthcare61 : homo sexuals want someone to rule over them in sex
really_david : awwwwww :">
tswonderwoman : earth, thoe agys yuore talking about are reeally bisexuals.. nor really hard core homos. real homos dont change.. ever.
swyndle : Shows?
quiet_voiced_psycho : gays who have to fight their nature cuz of asses like u arent happy earth
mirialeme : Oh, and TS, I was just curious about what I asked, I do applaud your decision.
gremlin_net : Homosexuals are usually happy. Hell: most of them are downright gay.
holy_sins : if i'm gonna show for anyone other than my significant other, i want to get paid large amounts for it.
holy_sins : i don't come cheap.
really_david : he does
AgingYoung : most gay activists know that kids can be talked into anything.
johnrw1979 : lol
holy_sins : (no pun intended)
really_david : it's soooo sweet :">
johnrw1979 : :)
swyndle : takes the pun anyway.
swyndle : is a bastard.
creedomac2003 : because they are an extension of the military
blackheartedprofit : no, i bet you cum just fine, holy
holy_sins : lol
childofchrist15 : hey room
earthcare61 : homosexuals (hard core) just wants it upp their ass
mirialeme : Gremlin, that was a horrid pun.
tswonderwoman : miri thanks! dont worry sweety, i know an honset question from an insult :)) :-*
really_david : is REALLY GOing outside
really_david : bbl
quiet_voiced_psycho : aging gay movement recruits gay people
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:04:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
really_david : :X
johnrw1979 : bye davey
swyndle : Agedbung is here?
gremlin_net : creedomac2003: homosexuals are an extension of the military? What?
earthcare61 : women can preform that with plastic for those guys
AgingYoung : they recurit kids that don't have a clue, quiet.
holy_sins : if you know an honest question from an insult, how come you snapped at me for asking something?
tswonderwoman : lol how in the fuck do you recruit people to be gay??
holy_sins : geeze
quiet_voiced_psycho : Obviously u feel u yourself can be succeptible to recruitment. Maybe you should ponder your sexuality aging
quiet_voiced_psycho : you may be happier for it
earthcare61 : being gay is just a matter of lust
mirialeme : Ok, I need a smoke...this is all too much right now...gays are recruiting kiddies...they are part of a military conspiracy.....
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:05:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
earthcare61 : a choice
AgingYoung : are you in recuriting mode, Quiet? lol.
swyndle : wonsers what's wrong with lust
jellowfever : I once watched a video of hard-core gay porn: I didn't find it "repulsive" per se, but I viewed it with detached intrest, like watching the discovery channel
AgingYoung : you need to focus on kids and not adults, Quiet.
swyndle : Wonders even
cockafella_30 : tswonder just go to the blue oyster bar and see
AgingYoung : kids will believe anything.
quiet_voiced_psycho : earth do u want sex with men when u are horny?
holy_sins : Joe:X
deadman_932 : mindy:x
tswonderwoman : recruiting someone to be gay is kind of like recruiting dwarfs.. "You can be a dwarf! Sign up today!!
blackheartedprofit : i won't even fuck a woman in the ass, so there is no way on earth i would fuck a guy in the ass, it's just fucking sick
quiet_voiced_psycho : lol ts
gremlin_net : Homos: Greek: thyself; phobos: Greek: intense hatred; homophobia: Greek derivative: intense self-hatred.
quiet_voiced_psycho : good one
earthcare61 : when would any want something up their arse?
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:06:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
AgingYoung : sexuality is a choice and kids haven't given the matter too much thought can persuade them.
cockafella_30 : blacky i have no problem with reaming a womans ass
swyndle : When I get horny I want women.
swyndle : Either that or I want to know where the horns came from.
blackheartedprofit : thats gross, cocka
cockafella_30 : why?
jellowfever : swyndle: I notice the use of the plural
quiet_voiced_psycho : well then earth how do u figure others might like gay sex just cuz theyre horny?
earthcare61 : I have had one one woman ever
blackheartedprofit : sticking your tounge in anythings ass is gross
quiet_voiced_psycho : U have a double standard
swyndle : Jellow, keen eye you have there.
cockafella_30 : not if its the right box!
gremlin_net : earthcare61: how *is* Mum doing, anyway?
quiet_voiced_psycho : unless u think u are just better
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:07:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
quiet_voiced_psycho : maybe yer sex drive is lower
zombie_hates_you : looks at Grem.
swyndle : laughs at earth
zombie_hates_you : waits to see if the dude got it...
gremlin_net : Zombie: it could take a while....
swyndle : wanders upstairs to see about breakfast.
blackheartedprofit : quiet_voiced_psycho, two sexy good looking lesbians are fine, bull dykes and fags are sick
zombie_hates_you : sets a clock
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:08:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gremlin_net : sets a calendar.
tswonderwoman : black, umm sure anal sex is sooooooooo horibly painfull and disgusting that people have done it for thousands of years. actualy gays have anal sex simply to make you feel queazy
quiet_voiced_psycho : Thats ridiculous black
jellowfever : most men are polygamous -- homosexuals have this advantage over hetrosexual men: it is perfectly acceptable in gay culture to have multiple relationships on the go at once
mirialeme : Black , I got a question for you...what is so big a difference between women who take it anally and a man who does?
zombie_hates_you : Grem: "Two months later in earthcare's house.... 'Heeeeeey!' "
earthcare61 : sexuality is a choice
blackheartedprofit : one is a woman at least
earthcare61 : one does not have to have sex to live
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:09:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
mirialeme : But, the difference?
blackheartedprofit : but in any case i think they are both sick
gremlin_net : Zombie: which follows the question 'Mum, what's it mean when someone asks me this?'
tswonderwoman : jellow, thats NOT so.. monogamy is just as important to gays as heteros..
souless_embodiment : lifes just a curse....
AgingYoung : that's execellent behaviour for spreading disease, Jellow.
quiet_voiced_psycho : earth u said yourself u cant understand why someone would choose it!!!!!!!!!!!
AgingYoung : most gays aren't monogamous.
zombie_hates_you : Grem: "Honey, I told you not to tell the rest of the world about our Special Love. They won't understand."
quiet_voiced_psycho : most heteros arent monogamous
earthcare61 : Most gays are periphiles
mirialeme : Young, neither are most heterosexuals.
earthcare61 : pediphiles
blackheartedprofit : gays hang around public parks and train and bus stations
really_david : good nite all
really_david : :X
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:10:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
jellowfever : tswondewoman, it has been proven statistically that homosexual men have more relationships of this type
blackheartedprofit : the dirty bastards
quiet_voiced_psycho : earth thats crap
tswonderwoman : ageing knows all abnut gays because rush told himm..
AgingYoung : Homosexual males have anything but loving, monogamous long-term relationships. In fact the more society affirms their behavior, the worst it gets.
quiet_voiced_psycho : most pedophiles are hetero
gremlin_net : earthcare61: most? Like 'over fifty percent'? Based on what evidence?
earthcare61 : who trained young people to be gay?
tswonderwoman : black is confuseing gays with hare Krishnas.
AgingYoung : there have been a lot of studies on the matter, Ts.
jellowfever : the term for gay pedophile is "pedorast"
mirialeme : Gay men are just like hewtero women, all out to find Mr Right, and having alot of fun on the trip.
zombie_hates_you : Earthcare: Bzzt. Wrong. The most pedophiles are heterosexual, if memory serves me correctly. :)
creedomac2003 : quiet should know.
mirialeme : I can't spell hetero.
mirialeme : Jeez.
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:11:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
swyndle : Breakfast and the wife are here.
swyndle : Gotta roll.
quiet_voiced_psycho : true zombie
swyndle : Later, thinkers.
zombie_hates_you : The most?
zombie_hates_you : Most^
earthcare61 : women are attracted to men, likewise men are attracted to women because of procreation
swyndle : Laugh at Cocka for me.
zombie_hates_you : I have no cigarettes and no Coke, and I am about ready to smash something.
objectivist2000 : :p
gremlin_net : earthcare61: not among homosapiens.
mirialeme : Zombie, go to the store.
blackheartedprofit : if women didn't have pussies and tits, i wouldn't even bother talking to them
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:12:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
cockafella_30 : blacky, hmmmm
cockafella_30 : mouths too?
cockafella_30 : gullets
blackheartedprofit : not for speaking, cocka
jellowfever : earthcare, most of us differ in what is attractive to us; but I agree that hetrosexuality is the most common form of attraction
earthcare61 : gays are an abomination to life
tswonderwoman : gay men are just men.. men like to fuck around.. so when you have two men in arelationship, a lot ofthem will be fuciking around.. but as they age they settle down with one person.. just like any other men... gay women are the opposite.. they dont tend to fuck around.. the longest lived relationships ive ever knon have been lesbian copuples
mirialeme : Blakc, as a woman, I am damn glad there aren't many men like you that I know.
zombie_hates_you : Miri: I can't. The kids are awake and stuff. I really really don't want to attempt to drag two small children down the street in the's hard to walk with them like that.
mirialeme : Zombie, sorry. :(
zombie_hates_you : will survive.
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:13:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
AgingYoung : lol
jellowfever : tswnderwomen -- I agree with you about lesbian couples
zombie_hates_you : For at least another hour....
quiet_voiced_psycho : ok earth. If same sex isnt attracted to same sex why do they still have gay sex. Ask any woman. Gay men are often attractive. Why would they have sex repulsive to them if they have other options?
zombie_hates_you : Then...I keel everyone.
mirialeme : I'll email ya some.
blackheartedprofit : gays are like christians to me, as long as they stay the fuck away from me, i have no problem with them
souless_embodiment : is this accpetance of gay relationships a form of population control?
AgingYoung : <-- has coke and cigarettes
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:14:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
mirialeme : I only have pepsi.
mirialeme : And smokes.
zombie_hates_you : Pepsi bad.
zombie_hates_you : Smokes good.
blackheartedprofit : i have coke and smokes as well
zombie_hates_you : Give to me.
zombie_hates_you : cries
mirialeme : Wild Cherry Pepsi rocks on toast.
zombie_hates_you : You're all saying this to torture me.
quiet_voiced_psycho : Unless u r sexually harassed by a gay why care what they do?
blackheartedprofit : now you bastards are making me want one
earthcare61 : Gay sex is a matter of choice only, not some genetic offense,
gremlin_net : souless_embodiment: no. The acceptance is a symptom of the acceptance that homosexuality occurs in nature.
jellowfever : blackheartedprofit, I find it hard to form "good" friendships with gay men, but I can at least deal with them in conversations when the need arises
mirialeme : No, making a point. Buy your smokes in cartons and buy loooots of pop.
blackheartedprofit : i am coke brainwashed
tswonderwoman : waskaly, contraryto what you say.. gay peopel dont give off ultra high frequencybat squeeks.
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:15:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
mirialeme : LOL@bat squeaks.
gremlin_net : earthcare61: gay sex is a choice; homosexual tendencies are genetic.
souless_embodiment : hmmm were the bees and bees haveing a break or did they eat the birds?
zombie_hates_you : Miri: I do buy them by the carton. My roomie was to bring me a carton home last night and he did not, the lazy bitch.
AgingYoung : because of their agenda, Quiet.
blackheartedprofit : i have no interest whatsoever in talking to fags, jellowfever
quiet_voiced_psycho : earth u keep sayin that over and over but offer no logical reason.Saying it doesnt make it true. Answer some of my questions please
mirialeme : Beat him when he gets home.
quiet_voiced_psycho : if u can
quiet_voiced_psycho : Agenda?
candice2027 : :))
quiet_voiced_psycho : Fuck
mirialeme : Black, how do you KNOW if you are talking to a gay man?
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:16:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
zombie_hates_you : Naw. I am going to go in there and wake his ass up and make him go to the store in about 5 minutes...
earthcare61 : I guy That grew up in my home town was not gay, he was always told he was, he ran away to get away from the people to be straight,
mirialeme : For all you know, this whole room could be gay men.
quiet_voiced_psycho : homophobe conspiracy theorist
candice2027 : san fransico....gaysssssssssssss
quiet_voiced_psycho : wtf is next?
jellowfever : quiet_voiced_psycho, most people lead dull, uninteresting sex lives and get jealous of others, those that fulfill their desires adequetly usually don't care what others do
blackheartedprofit : ok then, someone that i know is a fag
candice2027 : fransisco
gremlin_net : earthcare61: huh?
quiet_voiced_psycho : true jellow
zombie_hates_you : Grem: I see that as making a very odd After School Special..
earthcare61 : He chose to become gay when he returned because of other people saying he was gay
AgingYoung : gay activists are on record saying they are trying to persuade and recurit children ....there are several reasons why that's unacceptable, Quiet.
mirialeme : Quiet....midget lesbian puerto ricans and their meglomania.
mirialeme : That's next.
earthcare61 : and killed himself with disease
gremlin_net : Zombie: heh.
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:17:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
blackheartedprofit : if i find out someone that i assumed was straight , turns out to be a fag, i have no further interest in communicating with them
quiet_voiced_psycho : LMAO miri
powerpuffgirrly : Aging Young: do you have a source on that you can share?
tswonderwoman : ageing, which gay activists have said they want to recruit hetero kids? prove that retarded claim
gremlin_net : earthcare61: nice story. Especially the part where--if any of it were true--it would rely completely on your personal conjecture.
jellowfever : older women in particular, are apt to condemn the sex lives of younger women -- jealousy is almost certainly their motivation
zombie_hates_you : "None of you accept me for being heterosexual! You all just want me to be gay to make *you* happy! Well, what about me?! What about how I feel?!" *sheds angry tear, flings self face down onto bed*
quiet_voiced_psycho : earth if I tell u over and over u should kill yerself would you? Sadly no.
earthcare61 : being gay is a matter of choice, not genetic, just lust, just wrong
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:18:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
AgingYoung : brb TS.
candice2027 : :O
mirialeme : What I find is most people who have a real problem with homosexuals are really just scared of their own feelings that they had when they were younger and explored their best friens weewee.
OrianaHerbst : hi room
gremlin_net : earthcare61: being gay is genetic. Practising gay sex is a matter of choice.
zombie_hates_you : Alcy:X
blackheartedprofit : mirialeme, don't start that bullshit theory
cockafella_30 : vulp my thought
blackheartedprofit : it just ain't true
Alcyonian : Pretty-Zombie :X
mirialeme : Bullshit?
quiet_voiced_psycho : ahhhhhhhhhhh so u admit there is lust. Lust is attraction. Care to backpedal now earth?
Alcyonian : Some cunt crashed into my ISP
mirialeme : Not bullshit.
earthcare61 : being gay is a choice, practicing gay is a choice, everyone is born virgin
Alcyonian : I dont mean hack, I mean drove into my isp
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:19:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
mirialeme : How can a CUNT crash inot your ISP? I think that would be rather.....wet.
OrianaHerbst : anyone from france?
cockafella_30 : was it a philapino?
powerpuffgirrly : Earthcare: if being gay is a choice, so is heterosexuality
Alcyonian : I dont know, but I was on the phone with Fastillion for hours.
mirialeme : Earth, you really have no point. Now go play in traffic..that's a good choice for you.
gremlin_net : earthcare61: yet, here in reality, the fact is that homosexuality is a genetic condition. The only choice is whether you act on your idiosyncratic impulses.
earthcare61 : it is a matter of a procreation drive that heterosexuals choose sex
Alcyonian : bullshit
jellowfever : mirialeme - perhaps, I dislike talking to gay people for more "psychological" reasons than any personal sexual deficiency as a motive
quiet_voiced_psycho : earth according to your theory we must all be bi sexual
Alcyonian : Not all who fuck, procreate
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:20:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
OrianaHerbst : has anyone seen the movie I Spy?
gremlin_net : earthcare61: no it's not. I have sex a lot. I have no interest in reproduction.
blackheartedprofit : i hope science finds the homosexual gene one day , so they can reverse it
powerpuffgirrly : Earthcare if you only have sex to make babies, your siginifigant other must be quite hard up.
earthcare61 : we are all virgins until traained right and wrong
gremlin_net : blackheartedprofit: we have.
mirialeme : Jellow, think every homosexual you talk to or ran into wants to whip his wang out and shove it in your ass?
quiet_voiced_psycho : earth u contradict yourself
candice2027 : #-o
blackheartedprofit : not"we" gremlin, "they"
mirialeme : Quiet..don't talk to'll make your brain bleed.
earthcare61 : have not had one contradiction
quiet_voiced_psycho : u said lust drives homosexuality
billy_cann : even fags deserve love
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:21:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gremlin_net : earthcare61: and you're a fraudulent moron until you're trained to be correct.
OrianaHerbst : i just can't build a homepage, can someone help? Whisper me
quiet_voiced_psycho : lust is a procreative drive too
earthcare61 : lust drives adultery
tswonderwoman : black, arent you in mortal dread of scientists finding the fucktard gene??
jellowfever : mirialeme, it is hard for hetrosexual men to build a rapore with gay men -- why is this a surprise?
gremlin_net : blackheartedprofit: the royal we. We in the scientific community.
Alcyonian : Damien: They have found it.
Alcyonian : the X gene.
blackheartedprofit : not at all, tswonderwoman,
Alcyonian : Xq28 or some such shit.
billy_cann : genetic disposition is an accident
mirialeme : Jellow, then you know what you are going at with that statement? That's the same as saying Women and Men cannot have a platonic relationship.
quiet_voiced_psycho : earth was in over his fool head
quiet_voiced_psycho : brb
blackheartedprofit : ahh, i just fuckin love genetic engineering
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:22:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
billy_cann : I have many women friends
jellowfever : mirialeme, some can't
OrianaHerbst : you guys have been great ;-) but i must go now
billy_cann : most platonic
blackheartedprofit : we will be able to build superhumans one day
Alcyonian : The gene isn't engineered.
billy_cann : I prefer women to men
mirialeme : Ok..
mirialeme : Now look at that statement.
blackheartedprofit : the royal "we" of course
mirialeme : You are admitting that SOME can.
gremlin_net : blackheartedprofit: we're getting there. Albeit in countries were the fucking christians aren't doing everything they can to prevent applied everlasting life.
mirialeme : So, it's safe to say SOME hetero and homo men can have the same platonic relationship?
gremlin_net : where*
jellowfever : mirialeme, of course
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:23:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
mirialeme : Ok, as long sa you admit that.
mirialeme : :)
billy_cann : everlasting life would be boring
Alcyonian : Ah Damien, you should read Polim/Polins? (sp?) research into the Intelligent gene.
quiet_voiced_psycho : ya miri
billy_cann : death is required for life to continue
gremlin_net : I know a number of gay guys who all know each other on a purely social level.
jellowfever : mirialeme, that is always the danger of generalisations
blackheartedprofit : well in australia the christian opposition to stem cell research got defeated in the high court, gremlin
candice2027 : :O
Alcyonian : And the moralists are protesting about the research because they believe a superhuman will be engineered.
billy_cann : even planets die
gremlin_net : billy_cann: not it's not.
gremlin_net : billy_cann: have you got any kids?
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:24:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
mirialeme : My whole point with that was...Don't rule out a friend on the basis of their sexuality.
billy_cann : just imagine if nothing on earth had ever died
billy_cann : it would be horrific
gremlin_net : billy_cann: answer the question, Troll.
jellowfever : <-- engineered "ubermensch"
AgingYoung : SAN FRANCISCO°™Spokespersons for the National Gay & Lesbian Recruitment Task Force announced Monday that more than 288,000 straights have been converted to homosexuality since Jan. 1, 1998, putting the group well on pace to reach its goal of 350,000 conversions by the end of the year.
blackheartedprofit : thats the whole point og genetic engineering, vulpine
billy_cann : troll???
blackheartedprofit : of'
quiet_voiced_psycho : death is required for the life of future generations and other living creatures.But not our own
gremlin_net : billy_cann: Yes or No. Have you got any kids?
tswonderwoman : ageing do you have a LINK
billy_cann : I have no children
AgingYoung :
billy_cann : I never felt the need
powerpuffgirrly : AgingYoung: what news source is this?
zombie_hates_you : LOL
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:25:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
zombie_hates_you : falls over
gremlin_net : billy_cann: if you had a kid tomorrow, would you be dead the next day?
tswonderwoman : ageing!! the onion isnt a real paper , its a comedy site!!
powerpuffgirrly : AgingYoung: The onion is POLITICAL SATIRE. Not real!!!
zombie_hates_you : giggles madly
billy_cann : and Gremlin?? dont resort to what your small brain percieves as an insult
jellowfever : aging_young -- most were probably closet homosexuals
mirialeme : Powerpuff, prolly from the Christian Broadcast Network, lol.
mirialeme : The Onion?
mirialeme : LMAO!!!!!
gremlin_net : AgeingTard is citing the fucking Onion for 'facts'? I knew he was dumb, but....
AgingYoung : The American Homosexual Recruitment Agency announced a major overhaul of it incentives for homosexual conversions on Thursday, marking the beginning of a renewed "open season" on unsuspecting heterosexuals just in time for summer.
tswonderwoman : jesus ageing youre dimwitted..
zombie_hates_you : Wait wait...Did he really give The Onion as a real source for facts?
mirialeme : Yes, he did.
zombie_hates_you : Or is he just joking?
mirialeme : lmao
heavenly_rocker : hi wask
zombie_hates_you : Please tell me he's joking.
zombie_hates_you : Please...
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:26:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
powerpuffgirrly : AgingYoung: The onion is POLITICAL SATIRE. Not real!!!
billy_cann : if all me predecessors were still alive the planet would be so overcrowded nothing would live
mirialeme : Young...are you serious?
tswonderwoman : ageing, that site isnta real,, its satire.. its delibratly written as comedy..
AgingYoung :
gremlin_net : Zombie: he's not joking. He's that fucking retarded.
quiet_voiced_psycho : whats so surprising. We often see bible quoted as a source here
AgingYoung : :)
zombie_hates_you : Grem: My gawd. Kill me.
mirialeme : The Bible is real? I thought the Onion guys wrote that too....
gremlin_net : billy_cann: are your parents both dead?
blackheartedprofit : next they will be quoting landover baptist as proof for something
quiet_voiced_psycho : Might as well have miri
billy_cann : yes
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:27:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
billy_cann : and my grandparents
jellowfever : I wonder when the "politically correct" (gay rights, etc) bible will be published?
billy_cann : and some of my siblings
mirialeme : I know the real scoop on the bible...but ya can't tell anyone.
gremlin_net : billy_cann: how old were you when your parents died?
mirialeme : Anyone want to know?
quiet_voiced_psycho : I do i do
blackheartedprofit : it will happen, jellowfever
billy_cann : 21
jellowfever : indeed
gremlin_net : billy_cann: so your birth wasn't dependent on their deaths?
powerpuffgirrly : AgingYoung InQueer is again satire. Not real
heavenly_rocker : mirialeme you mean that is all one big fairy tale most of us are aware of that
mirialeme : The Bible is actually a roleplaying game that was written in the 14th got a WEE bit out of hand....
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:28:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
billy_cann : the bible is a fairy story
tswonderwoman : contains content that should probably only be viewed by intelligent adults with a sense of humor. Do not proceed if you: Are under 18 Do not have a sense of humor Think cruising involves the ocean and an endless buffet
gremlin_net : Christians are just more LARPer geeks without dice.
mirialeme : Yup.
mirialeme : I wanna be the Jew!!!!!!!!
tswonderwoman : inqueer is gay comedy..ageing.. do you have any connection with reality, however tennuous
heavenly_rocker : lol
mirialeme : Soeone roll up my character....
quiet_voiced_psycho : hey! Im a geek!
billy_cann : there is so much inbreeding in the bible it makes Bama look normal
quiet_voiced_psycho : That hurt
jellowfever : mirialeme, I honestly prefer to read Machiavelli to the Bible
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:29:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
heavenly_rocker : why does that no surprise me in the least
gremlin_net : I'll take billy_cann's evasion as the troll's typical accidental concession of the point.
powerpuffgirrly : It's amazing how people are so easily duped by what they read.
mirialeme : Jellow, just don't say after that ..that you mean Tupac.
tswonderwoman : ag
billy_cann : gremlin? are you american?
gremlin_net : billy_cann: nope.
billy_cann : thats a shame
gremlin_net : billy_cann: not for me, it's not.
blackheartedprofit : now theres a good idea for a board game, "Heaven Points"
billy_cann : you would make an excellent yank
mirialeme : Whoa...
tswonderwoman : ageing, im still waitng for you to prove your asertion athat gay activists plan to recruit hetero kids.
gremlin_net : billy_cann: can't; my IQ's too high.
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:30:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
billy_cann : you have a small mind and a large mouth
mirialeme : Who's cracking on Americans?
mirialeme : Excuse me?
billy_cann : you could make president
www_mushukyou_com : americans are stupid, everyone knows that.
billy_cann : gremlin for president
www_mushukyou_com : well, most of them.
mirialeme : Oh, really. What statement have I said that proves I am stupid?
billy_cann : he gets my vote
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:31:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
www_mushukyou_com : We could replace bush with a pet monkey and get more done.
zombie_hates_you : Well, the very few smart Americans know that the Americans are stupid...
AgingYoung : W e shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, in your dormitories, in your gymnasiums, in your locker rooms, in your sports arenas, in your seminaries, in your youth groups, in your movie theater bathrooms, in your army bunkhouses, in your <-- from congressional record.
mirialeme : I think your statement of generalism makes you look stupid, Mush.
gremlin_net : billy_cann: possibly. If I were old enough. And if I faked citisenship. And if I wanted a job with nearly the importance of the Royals'
billy_cann : not all americans are stupid
AgingYoung : is the congressional record political satyre?
jellowfever : I think america would do much better for itself if it had free education, like in Sweden and Germany
billy_cann : like not all from iraq are terrorists
www_mushukyou_com : mirial.. it's kinda true.
www_mushukyou_com : mirial.. Not really.
gremlin_net : jellowfever: it would help./
blackheartedprofit : the thing is , if you made a derogatory to christians baord game, and released it in america, you would get millions of dollars worth of free advertising, from the irate christians
quiet_voiced_psycho : grem can i be secratary in charge of fundy "relocation"
tswonderwoman : age, do you have a lINK?
zombie_hates_you : Aging: You've already proven yourself to be way out in left field on this one. You should just stop talking now.
mirialeme : I don't appreciate the sentiment.
quiet_voiced_psycho : miri yer smart
billy_cann : Americans are to sensitive
gremlin_net : jellowfever: but I know a few teachers in the US; it's not the availability of education; it's the apathy of the students.
AgingYoung :
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:32:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
quiet_voiced_psycho : specially for a yank
quiet_voiced_psycho : lol
www_mushukyou_com : Welp, you must be living in a box if you don't realize that most americans are stupid sheep.
quiet_voiced_psycho : jk
tswonderwoman : age dont get snippy just cause you dont know comedy from reaal life.
mirialeme : Billy, I didn't used to be.
billy_cann : and have no sense of self depreciation
zombie_hates_you : Swyn
AgingYoung : baseless assertion, TS.
AgingYoung : beb
AgingYoung : brb
swyndle : dle.
swyndle : Zom
quiet_voiced_psycho : dont hb ageing
jellowfever : gremlin, television has provided an easy alternative as a cop-out
mirialeme : No, a bit more patriotic now. Hard not to be.
zombie_hates_you : bie.
billy_cann : mirialeme? what changed you?
swyndle : :D
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:33:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gremlin_net : billy_cann: if you must know, I'm English. Londonish. Knightsbridgish. Which is immaterial, except that it trumps your next attempted ad hominem.
billy_cann : OH
billy_cann : A londoner
billy_cann : that explains a lot
quiet_voiced_psycho : miri even if i disagree with your leader I dont hold it against American people
billy_cann : you could be the next PM
mirialeme : The fact that when i lived in NY, a bunch of idiots flew a few planes into buildings and killed Americans. Stupid ones, I guess.
AgingYoung : its obvious (in as much as homosexuality is a choice) that they have to recurit to maintain a population.
gremlin_net : billy_cann: yup. Intelligent *and* affluent. Sucks, huh....
mirialeme : Queit, thank you..I don't like Bush either.
billy_cann : I just do the intelligence
www_mushukyou_com : quiet.. Well, our masses *did* elect and opt for the leader, so feel free.
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:34:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
billy_cann : affluence dont matter
gremlin_net : billy_cann: although not very well.
billy_cann : gremlin
gremlin_net : What.
www_mushukyou_com : We deserved what happened Sept. 11th
mirialeme : I did vote for the Warmongering bastard.
billy_cann : for a brit you have few manners
craftywitch71 : mm all
mirialeme : Mush, you a a nut.
www_mushukyou_com : mirial.. how so?
tjrw2099 : lolz
swyndle : For twit you have a few misconceptions.
gremlin_net : billy_cann: not true. I have scads of manners. They're just unusual.
billy_cann : they say britain always follows america
quiet_voiced_psycho : ageing your theory is solid..if u can prove homosexuality is choice and not nature. The evidence is against u
tswonderwoman : In 1987, Michael Swift was asked to contribute an editorial piece to GCN, an important gay community magazine, although well to the left of most American gay and lesbian opinion. A decade later this text, printed in the Congressional Record is repeatedly cited, apparently verbatim, by the religious right as evidence of the "Gay Agenda". The video Gay Rights, Special Rights, put out by Lou Sheldon's Traditional Values Coalition cites it with ominous music and picture of children. But when the religious rights cites this text, they always omit, as does the Congressional record, the vital first line, which sets the context for the piece. In other words, every other version of this found on the net is part of the radical right's great lie about gay people. For a discussion of the whole "Gay vs
AgingYoung : we know you don't have a choice when it comes to your parents, Mirialeme.
billy_cann : Im ignoring you now
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:35:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
mirialeme : We deserved it? Might as well say that all people who a attacked all ove rthe world by terroists deserve it.
billy_cann : you are a n oaf
gremlin_net : billy_cann: ironic, since the UK are five hours ahead....
tswonderwoman :
swyndle : Ah, forced a retreat did you, Grem?
billy_cann : no he didnt
gremlin_net : swyndle: it happens.
tswonderwoman : This essay is an outr??, madness, a tragic, cruel fantasy, an eruption of inner rage, on how the oppressed desperately dream of being the oppressor.
quiet_voiced_psycho : who said u deserved it?
billy_cann : if i want to argue with morons I will go into politics
tjrw2099 : the thing is people that Noah died at the age of about 930, thats what it comes down to
www_mushukyou_com : Mirial.. don't you know anything? We built bases when we were told to leave, taking up their sacred land.. we have done many things, broken words, if you knew half the shit our government did you wouldn't be so supportive.. Sept. 11th was nothing.
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:36:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
swyndle : Yeah, Grem, it happens alot.
AgingYoung : lol
swyndle : How'd this one start?
www_mushukyou_com : mirial... When you stop listening to CNN you might be worth talking to.
gremlin_net : swyndle: the basic breakdown is that a UK hillbilly tried to assert that I was a yank; then he found out I'm from Knightsbridge; then his position went all wonky; then he fled.
mirialeme : Mush, then why not just fly the planes into Washington, and NOT the Twin Towers?
billy_cann : I have yet to find a good reason for bad manners
jellowfever : tswonderwoman, may I inquire how to use diacritical marks in chat? last time I tried, yahoo filtered them out when I posted my statements
billy_cann : except ignorance
www_mushukyou_com : mirial... They did try to take one into the Pentagon.
swyndle : Grem, right, figures.
www_mushukyou_com : er, well, they did.
www_mushukyou_com : And where the other one was going? :)
quiet_voiced_psycho : Attacks on civilians are never ever deserved
AgingYoung : that link appears to be some spin on the matter and an attempt not to take responsibility for what mike said.
zombie_hates_you : Chain:X
mirialeme : Thank you, Quiet.
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:37:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
claytablets20022002 : never watches the clinton news network
www_mushukyou_com : yea, well, we aer the only place that bombed a civilian population
tjrw2099 : im not being a bastard, but america did kinda bring it on them selves
the_chainsawpsycho : Zombie :X
swyndle : That's like a souterner trying me as a french until they find out I'm originally from Tennessee.
mirialeme : I see absolutley no value i nthis debate.
www_mushukyou_com : We are a shitty country.
billy_cann : I think America has got to arrogant
swyndle : Southerener even.
billy_cann : they think MIGHT is RIGHT
gremlin_net : swyndle: the most important thing you missed, though, was AgeingTard's 'evidence' for his latest assertion. He pulled out the big guns, and cited the Onion to support his point >:)
mirialeme : Billy, not all of us.
www_mushukyou_com : American government thinks they can play big brother, they think their way is always the right way.
AgingYoung : yep, they as got to arrogant, Billy bob.
tswonderwoman : jellow, i dont know how, I just coppied the paragraph.. perhaps its a setting i have??
swyndle : Might *is* right.
www_mushukyou_com : It's fuckin stupid.
swyndle : Grem, he didn't.
g_wing19 : hi room
mirialeme : But I will point out one thing....
zombie_hates_you : Grem: I think that was the funniest thing I've seen in a while.
gremlin_net : swyndle: he did.
zombie_hates_you : Swyn: Oh, he did.
billy_cann : they never learnt from Vietnam
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:38:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gaychick_03 : 666
swyndle : OH my fucking (place deity here), what a fucking retard.
tjrw2099 : it wasnt just Osama'z fault
zombie_hates_you : giggles
gremlin_net : AgeingTard, with a single fucking post, may have just beat out brenton_spears for February's Idiot of the Month.
maynstrain : 6 protons 6 neutrons 6 electrons
AgingYoung : <--notes as gem swollowed the onion ...wonder what eles they'd swallow.
billy_cann : Osama is NOT from Iraq
zombie_hates_you : laughs
AgingYoung : grem
gremlin_net : What.
maynstrain : Osama is not an Atheist
swyndle : Grem, too bad I missed it, I never get to see his afbrications anymore what with the iggy and all.
tjrw2099 : it was heaps of peoples fault even thou i just joined in and am prolly wrong about what im saying :-p
mirialeme : Who said Osama was from Iraq? That's just moronic.
billy_cann : so why is Iraq the target???
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:39:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
billy_cann : OIL
mirialeme : Billy, of course. Bush and his flunkies want all the oil they can get.
quiet_voiced_psycho : iraq is about sadam
gremlin_net : AgeingTard: you didn't site the Onion as a joke. You really meant it. You didn't even notice we were laughing at you for five minutes. You're a fraud and a troll. And, it appears, the Global Village Idiot.
quiet_voiced_psycho : and oil
quiet_voiced_psycho : lol
gremlin_net : cite*
claytablets20022002 : Osama gets his money from Iraq
billy_cann : Mirialeme? why is making a statement of fact moronic?
jellowfever : billy_cann, something for US government to do when they get bored of killing their own people?
swyndle : Yes Billy, oil. because in more than a hundred years the automobile has not changed at all and we want oil.
tjrw2099 : if Bill was President this would of been over long ago :-D
billy_cann : Osama and Saddam HATE each other
zombie_hates_you : brb
mirialeme : NO, you misunderstood me.
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:40:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
tjrw2099 : yes but Osama and Gadafi are good buddys
maynstrain : And The Bushes 10m years ago made oil agreements, together
AgingYoung : lol @ Grem ....grem are you the one that stated that homosexuality was genetic?
mirialeme : I said that whoever said Osama was FROM Iraq made a moronic comment.
gremlin_net : Osama bin Laden reportedly supports Hussein's position.
swyndle : Billy, good, maybe they'll kill each other for us.
jellowfever : Eminem likes bin Laden
billy_cann : but they use Islam as an excuse to attack the west
quiet_voiced_psycho : Ageing your credibility here seems non existant now. Youll only be typing for our amusement now
claytablets20022002 : Saddam said he would take the war to America
gremlin_net : AgeingTard: one of them.
mirialeme : See?
AgingYoung : you make me laugh as much as its a choice recuritment is the only alternative.
maynstrain : Yeaaaaaa
billy_cann : OK
www_mushukyou_com : Aging.. Homosexuality is biological.
swyndle : Why are we debating the situation with the middle east?
tjrw2099 : ummm
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:41:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
AgingYoung : that's a basless assertion, mushukyou
mirialeme : Sorry if I didn't make that clear.
tjrw2099 : cause we are cheeseballs
quiet_voiced_psycho : Young u have yet to show that it is a choice
gremlin_net : AgeingTard: alternatives notwithstanding, homosexuality has been proved to be genetic.
swyndle : Toodles, oh.
www_mushukyou_com : Aging... no, it happens to be fact.
billy_cann : because its basic cause is religion
www_mushukyou_com : Aging.. sorry.
billy_cann : its hidden cause is OIL
claytablets20022002 : sometimes enamies will unite for a bigger cause
jellowfever : swyndle, the lord controls the minds of fundies in mysterious ways
mirialeme : Oil=power
tjrw2099 : no war is going to take place
nutcasenumber1 : good, i hope we get more oil then
billy_cann : Reigion is basically evil
mirialeme : Power=Bush ego trip.
billy_cann : religion
swyndle : Jellow, that it does.
www_mushukyou_com : Aging... You can't choose your desires of sexuality.. they are pre-programmed.
maynstrain : Religion technically means....reli on
tjrw2099 : Gandalf is going to stop it
mirialeme : lol
maynstrain : Rely upon
quiet_voiced_psycho : I would congratulate u on convincing yourself ageing but u are dumb and easily duped so its a dubious achievement.
www_mushukyou_com : Aging... If you think otherwise, you should be taken out to a field, and shot.
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:42:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
mirialeme : Well, it's been,,interesting.
AgingYoung : that's a lie, germlin
claytablets20022002 : a war will not give us any more oil
billy_cann : is shooting people a Christian thing?
swyndle : breaks out his great axe +2
gremlin_net : AgeingTard: we'll let that be your little secret....
mirialeme : I'm taking my ignorant American ass out of here. :)
nutcasenumber1 : if its for oio then why fight a war about oil
AgingYoung : do that, germ lin
AgingYoung : lol
maynstrain : Saddam feeds christians to lions.
tjrw2099 : therez fucking oil everywhere on this planet and many more, we just too fucking lazy to mine for it
billy_cann : bye Mirealme,its a pity,you seem intelligent
quiet_voiced_psycho : My sword of vorpal goes snicker snockkkkk
tjrw2099 : of whatever you do to get it
quiet_voiced_psycho : i think its broke
tswonderwoman : ageing , saying that people choose to be gay is like saying that you choose to be stupid.
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:43:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1
gremlin_net : I'll be back in a minute. I have to go submit AgeingTard as the potential Idiot of the Month....
nutcasenumber1 : not too lazy, tyhe environmentaliast wont let us drill for it
claytablets20022002 : it is not about oil it's about the threat of being attacted
maynstrain : Actually, Saudi and Afghani have the Largest untouched supply of oil
www_mushukyou_com : I hate losers that try to say homosexuality is a choice, they are the stupidest mother fuckers.
swyndle : Quiet, get that looked at.
tjrw2099 : umm whats up with tha gay stuff?
maynstrain : Isnt it a choice?
www_mushukyou_com : gremlin, send a link after :)
www_mushukyou_com : maynstrain.. No, it's not.
claytablets20022002 : we got russia to back off
gremlin_net : Mush: it'll be at
tjrw2099 : dude therez heaps of planets with it
www_mushukyou_com : aight
AgingYoung : there's no reason to think its biological, Ts.
tjrw2099 : go get it from another planet DUH!
jellowfever : when will Texas' supply run out?
AgingYoung : cite one if there is.
maynstrain : Dont 2 guys choose to get in bed togerther?
quiet_voiced_psycho : if gay is a choice then so is heterosexuality
LOG DATA Sat, 22 Feb 2003 07:44:45 gremlin_net, ATHEIST vs. CHRISTIAN CHAT:1