chlamydia_lydia enters
princessdracos says, lol, zen!
turkgunner says, please be more descriptive.
brngreenback says, turkgunner, you bought your computer what, yesterday?
chlamydia_lydia says, greetings all!!!
DarK_RiTuaL_GhoST enters
turkgunner says, brn - no.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Shall I now state the obvious? "Homosexual", in the context it was used, was hardly 'namecalling'. It was an almost obvious response to brn's previous dig.
princessdracos says, just 600?
brngreenback says, Right after getting after prison, I'm guessing?
your_god_is_fictional leaves
brngreenback says, Well, turk my lad, the world has changed
justme9369 enters
ondoher2 says, useless--inability to contribute anything of worth. troll--one who enters a chat room intending only to illicit responses.
princessdracos says, wendy!!!!!!!!
there_is_no_god6969 leaves
zenpunk says, hi wendy
FuckNut_ leaves
turkgunner says, brn - what makes you think I've been to prison?
there_is_no_god6969 enters
chlamydia_lydia says, im not wnedy
there_is_no_god6969 leaves
chlamydia_lydia says, or wendy :p
justme9369 says, princess:XX:X:X:X:X
brngreenback says, turk, or under a rock or something.
justme9369 says, zenpunk, hey you:D
DarK_RiTuaL_GhoST leaves
turkgunner says, ondoher - interesting.
brngreenback says, turk, the question "what is a useless troll"...
justme9369 says, is wendy:D
justme9369 says, licks ondoher.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, turkgunner: Why yes, I am intelligent. Moreso than you, at least. Why do I come to that conclusion? Simple: because I don't prattle on about things I know nothing about, or use false generalisations.
brngreenback says, But, at least you had the balls to ask.
ondoher2 says, wendy :x
justme9369 says, radar:X
turkgunner says, crazychick - no I don't think so.
brngreenback says, Which you no doubt intend on revealing...
turkgunner says, You can affirm all you want though.
justme9369 says, :X@ondoher.
ignorant_ape leaves
ignorant_ape enters
princessdracos says, wendy...i decided to make my wedding dress
chlamydia_lydia says, turk is gremlin
brngreenback says, Due to insecurities in your freudian misconceptions
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, turkgunner: You're half right. You /don't/ think....
justme9369 says, princess, awesome , got a diagram?
turkgunner says, brn - misconceptions concerning what exactly? be specific in your assessment
chainsaw_lunatic says, "turk: U R dumb HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!"
turkgunner says, Freud did not postulate defense mechanisms?
selephie says, lol@chain,cant help but love ya man
selephie says, lmao
justme9369 says, hey chain.
brngreenback says, Turk, what's your opinion on sarcasm as a humor form?
turkgunner says, crazychick - nice comeback.
chupacabraman2002 says, freud did too much coke
ignorant_ape enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Turk =/= Gremlin. Gremlin is asleep; brn is on Gremlin's computer. Turk, thus, cannot possibly be Gremlin.
salient2 leaves
justme9369 says, ape:D
brngreenback says, Turk, would you say it was easily recognized by the target?
zenpunk says, justme, a diaphram is a very pesonal object and I think your putting princess on the spot by asking to borrow it
turkgunner says, brn - sometimes "sarcasm" is just stupid ...
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hello, justme.
brngreenback says, I see. Thank you.
zenpunk says, oh DIAGRAM
chlamydia_lydia says, hmmm i guess there are 2 people in this world who use the word 'affirm' hehe
zenpunk says, sorry
KidCinna enters
justme9369 says, zenpunk, lmao:))
princessdracos says, lmao
ignorant_ape leaves
ondoher2 says, affirm is a perfectly nice word
justme9369 says, that was funny as shit, and I was expecting it from someone, glad it was you.
chlamydia_lydia says, oh i agree
turkgunner says, perfectly nice ...
princessdracos says, wendy...i'll have to email it...messenger won't complete file tranfers for me
turkgunner says, what a nerd...
turkgunner says, perfectly nice day today isn't it ondoher?
tim_so_fine leaves
tim_so_fine enters
chlamydia_lydia says, spiffingly fine day whawhat
nettie42uk says, back
chlamydia_lydia says, ;)
ondoher2 says, turkgunner: no, it is a little cold for my liking
justme9369 says, ok,
brngreenback says, I a got me a PHD and an MBA and an NRA in Psychology!
chupacabraman2002 says, yeah.nerds suck
princessdracos says, kk
chlamydia_lydia says, brn, why did you waste your time?
turkgunner says, brn - in Somalia?
tim_so_fine leaves
ondoher2 says, nra :)
chupacabraman2002 says, n'stuff
Zedechiah_the_Messiah haw. but so do chupacabras
selephie leaves
KidCinna says, hello people
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Moreover, Gremlin 1. doesn't generally forget to find his shift key; 2. doesn't misuse elipses, 3. wouldn't have that name, 4. wouldn't be acting quite so...retarded.
zenpunk says, everyday is a fine day - buddist saying (too bad buddists dont know shit)
chainsaw_lunatic says, I have an NRA in ten different things. ;)
htl01 enters
chupacabraman2002 says, means goatsucker
brngreenback says, Ondo, turk's mighty perceptive. He probably has ten NRAs.
ondoher2 says, baron: metter than an MRE
ondoher2 says, *better
Zedechiah_the_Messiah suckgoat
brngreenback says, HA
otaku_faith enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick has a whole box of MREs.
turkgunner says, crazychick - do not call anybody a retard. You should go and see little retarded kids --nothing to joke about.
ondoher2 says, hunter: why?
chupacabraman2002 says, mre's suck
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, So there, neener!
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: Awesome.
chlamydia_lydia says, turk, well, they are humorous to a degree
chupacabraman2002 says, i know these things
turkgunner says, It is quite sad--do not make of it.
brngreenback says, Chain, did you purchase the folding stock option ;)
justme9369 says, zed has a whole lot of nothing to say today.
Zedechiah_the_Messiah transliteration. chupa = suck. cabrone = goat (or "kid")
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, turkgunner: I've seen retarded kids. They're funny.
chlamydia_lydia says, my personal favorites are the mongoloids
ondoher2 says, what's better than wining a medal at the special olympics?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, They're /absolutely/ something to joke about.
bradley_2003 enters
chainsaw_lunatic says, Baron: Nah, the trailer trash model doesn't come with that.
ondoher2 says, not being retarded!
chupacabraman2002 says, exactly.fear the chupacabra
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, They're even better to run over with cars.
turkgunner says, crazychick - wow - I would like to kick your ass then.
brngreenback says, hehehe
bradley_2003 says, what the hell is the point of this room?
turkgunner says, That would be funny to me now.'
chlamydia_lydia says, turk, dont you find mongols laughable?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, turkgunner: Try it.
turkgunner says, damn muts
otaku_faith leaves
htl01 is away (Auto-Away)
zenpunk says, bradley I dont know but the teenage wiccan lesbian chat room was full
brngreenback says, Turk, please do. It's funny watching people with parkinsons fight with hunter.
turkgunner says, crazychick - hope I see yuh someday.
chupacabraman2002 says, somebody likes God,somebody hates'll all come out in the wash
ondoher2 says, "bow wow"
chainsaw_lunatic says, I laugh at the little kids that wear helmets all day, but only when they fall down.
brngreenback says, She has an NRA.'
Zedechiah_the_Messiah Turk = swell guy that everyone seens to love
Zedechiah_the_Messiah seems
david_uk_nice_bloke enters
zenpunk says, zed you crack me up
bradley_2003 says, cree is a christian rock band
princessdracos says, no shit.
ondoher2 says, turk is a perfectly nice gentleman
chainsaw_lunatic says, Creed = icky
chlamydia_lydia says, of course they are
turkgunner says, I feel the love in this room.
bradley_2003 says, creed
Zedechiah_the_Messiah messiahs are 100% serious all the time
ornamentalmind enters
chupacabraman2002 says, no,cree is an indian tribe
bradley_2003 says, lol
chupacabraman2002 says, im part cree
bradley_2003 says, ur an indian
iron_cross66106 enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, turkgunner: Hey, try to find me. I'm in Denver. You're not going to get too far on the 'ugly, insecure 'crazychick'' description you've set up for yourself though.
ghrib123 says, you must feel the love in alot of rooms then i would guess
bradley_2003 says, a drunkin one atthat
turkgunner says, This room just emanates with righteousness.
turkgunner says, lol
chlamydia_lydia says, princess, ive watched you for several minutes and your only contribution seems to be 'no shit'
chupacabraman2002 says, but i walk like an egyptian
turkgunner says, so stupid
ornamentalmind laughs at
chlamydia_lydia waits for the obvious
zenpunk says, ive walked with an erection
justme9369 says, ornamental:X
princessdracos says, lydia: i've been in voice.
persistenceof_loss says, no shit ?
chlamydia_lydia says, hehe
zenpunk says, but never like an egyptian
turkgunner says, Denver is actually not far.
chlamydia_lydia says, since when is being in voice an excuse for only saying 'no shit'
bradley_2003 leaves
brngreenback says, She lives off arapahoe...
turkgunner says, I can get a hold of your name ... then go from there.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Hehehe.
chupacabraman2002 says, its only hard when you're sober
ondoher2 says, turkgunner: perhaps you shuld have comehere with a different intent than slamming the regulars
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, turkgunner: Go for it. Let me know when you've got my name....
turkgunner says, crazychick - I prefer surprise.
ghrib123 says, pussy
iron_cross66106 says, what is the reason for debate? i am a believer, if you do not, i know it's your free will choice. so why debate?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, turkgunner: Coward.
ghrib123 says, big pussy
ignorant_ape enters
turkgunner says, crazychick - it's more fun for me.
brngreenback says, Oh stop it Linda McDuffy. He'll find your name soon enough
ornamentalmind leaves
chainsaw_lunatic says, zen: Walking with an erection takes a lot of skill to remain unnoticed.
ghrib123 says, like i said
ghrib123 says, pig pussy
zenpunk says, iron cross I have no choice in what maks sense to me
chlamydia_lydia says, to debate the validity of your claim ironcross
Hunter_the_CrazyChick dies laughing.
KidCinna is away (Auto-Away)
justme9369 says, agrees with chain, but not from experience.
justme9369 says, :))
chlamydia_lydia says, or you theirs
ondoher2 says, iron_cross66106: because some people want to teach their religion to our children as if it were science
david_uk_nice_bloke says, chain hahahaha stoop alot
zenpunk says, taking the bible seriously makes no sense to me
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, turkgunner: Probably; it's the only way you'll be able to think you'll win.
ugly_little_hate_machine enters
zenpunk says, there is no reason to take the bible seriously
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, But hey, go for it. It's your funeral....
ondoher2 says, chains not for all of us :((
ugly_little_hate_machine leaves
turkgunner says, crazychick - if it's one thing I've learned from not underestimate a person's potential.
lissianthus enters
zenpunk says, it is a matter of faith same as any hindu, or muslim.
chainsaw_lunatic says, David: Carrying a book helps. I think that's why most preachers put a bible in front of it. ;)
justme9369 says, liss:)
princessdracos says, lissi!!!!:X
chupacabraman2002 says, some people want to teach their science as if it were religion
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, turkgunner: You're a very slow learner, then, aren't you?
ondoher2 says, liss
ignorant_ape enters
lissianthus says, just, dracos
justme9369 says, chain:O
lissianthus says, ondo
brngreenback says, Gullibility: Because someone, somewhere, has a bridge they need to get rid of for a twenty
lissianthus says, hello hello
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, You haven't learned your /own/ lessons very well, have you?
david_uk_nice_bloke says, chain:))
turkgunner says, crazychick - actually no. I've been said to be a fast learner.
brngreenback says, Hey liss
nettie42uk says, Hi liss :)
chainsaw_lunatic says, hey liss
lissianthus says, baron
lissianthus says, neetie
lissianthus says, chain
lissianthus says, heh, nettie
lissianthus says, neet nettie
tim_so_fine enters
salient2 enters
demiurgent2000 enters
david_uk_nice_bloke says, hello liss:)
zenpunk says, iron cross,
ghrib123 says, hi liss
brngreenback says, turk, you're pure comic genius.
lissianthus says, david
chlamydia_lydia says, turk getting defensive aww
persistenceof_loss says, loln
justme9369 says, demi:D;)
lissianthus says, wow
nettie42uk says, lol liss
princessdracos says, wendy: cancel that one and download mine.
lissianthus says, grip
iron_cross66106 says, see i know it to be truth, and i also know in these days truth is not a popular thing, but you all must decide for yourselves, and you, and you alone will be responsable for that choice.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, turkgunner actually thinks he's going to be able to find me and hurt me.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, How cute.
silver_queen85 enters
lissianthus says, jon boy, mary ellen
zenpunk says, iron cross do you have any reason to suppose the bible is inspired by god?
chlamydia_lydia says, iron, truth is very popular. why else are these people here
turkgunner says, crazychick - nahhh I wouldn't hurt you.
KidCinna leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Should we tell him about the last guys who've tried that? Or should we just tell him what cemetaries they're buried in?
ghrib123 says, you just stated you wanted to kick her ass
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, turkgunner: You're right; you're not fast enough.
chainsaw_lunatic says, Silver!
silver_queen85 says, brn, hunter, to a lesser extent chain
satanic_beings enters
silver_queen85 says, hehe
ondoher2 says, lydia: because some people want to teach their religion as if it were science. i do what i can to educate on that issue
brngreenback says, Hey silv
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, ghrib123: So he's a lying hypocrite. Or he has no shortterm memory. Pick one.
chainsaw_lunatic says, Silver: Damn you
satanic_beings says, a nice little debate room
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter......i could find you. click start/run/ then type winipcfg
chlamydia_lydia says, and give me your IP
Zedechiah_the_Messiah Iron, we've gone over your "truth" in detail. You remember. several times. It turned out to be false
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Either way, he's of little consequence.
chlamydia_lydia says, then i can :D
chainsaw_lunatic says, hehehehehe
brngreenback steals all silv's yellow jelly babies
salient2 says, iron bin laden said he knew truth as well, do you guys talk
ghrib123 says, agreed
satanic_beings says, HEY ALL
silver_queen85 says, has no jelly babies
satanic_beings says, HOW IS EVERYONE TONIGHT
lissianthus says, satanic
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia:
brngreenback says, do'h
silver_queen85 says, wouls stoop to yellow jelly babies
silver_queen85 says, would
moopy777 enters
satanic_beings says, what?
nettie42uk says, Hey brn I thought green was to your
You tell chlamydia_lydia I'm not here. Or, you're one of the people not allowed to PM me. If you really want to talk to me, find me here:
brngreenback says, ha nattie
tim_so_fine says, Jesus is Lord
moopy777 says, zenprince
turkgunner says, crazychick - what is it that they say? leave vengeance to God?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, And chlamydia_lydia hits my autoresponder.
brngreenback says, silv, oy. That low?
silver_queen85 says, im waiting for san to get ready, so i can go and get fitted for my blasted senior uniform
david_uk_nice_bloke says, tim!:D
satanic_beings says, jesus is lord
sky_toilet_horror leaves
silver_queen85 says, brn: yeah.
satanic_beings says, ???
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Aw, turkey's scared....
turkgunner says, not applicable here at least in the mind ... but surprise is always the best
satanic_beings says, hmm
chupacabraman2002 says, zen if you can give me a good reason why people would die for a lie they know as a lie,i'll give up my faith
silver_queen85 says, no one buys them for me. and i don't get payed till' friday.
satanic_beings says, a wonder how we came to that conclusion
zenpunk says, sir moopington of cockinburg
satanic_beings says, i*
brngreenback says, dang
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter, why do you tell the room?
moopy777 says, lol
demiurgent2000 says, chupa: give up your faith!
silver_queen85 says, tome doesn't mind stealing them, though.
silver_queen85 says, bastard.
ondoher2 says, chupacabraman2002: fanatical belief in a lie does not make it truth
chupacabraman2002 says, the apostle knew better...still died proclaiming Christ
zenpunk says, we all say so, so it must be true
silver_queen85 says, would get a bruise if she called tome, tome.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Because I'm not stupid. That's a fucking masque, and there's no way you could find me anyway. My IP is public as all hell, if you know where to look, but you'll never find me by it.
BOBREBER says, The Theory of Evolution was wrong and still is.. see or
salient2 says, why do so many christians hate cats?
turkgunner says, crazychick - you'd be surprised what a hacker can do.
htl01 is back.
htl01 says, ondo, fanatic unbelief in truth doesnt make it a lie
chlamydia_lydia says, you told the room because you are not stupid?
lissianthus says, they do sal?
satanic_beings leaves
chupacabraman2002 says, painfully,i might add
justme9369 says, says
zenpunk is real sexy, so it must be so;)
sphinx1ar enters
silver_queen85 says, cries because she has to get her tonsils out for sure now
zenpunk says, BOBREBER, if evolution is wrong does this mean that the christian god is the only other possible explanation???
salient2 says, liss it sure seems like it
moopy777 says, when wendy speaks people listen
brngreenback says, turk, you're a psychologist with an NRA and a l337 h@}{0r too now?
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: so, you are able to refute all the evidence in favor of it, then?
brngreenback says, man, where do you find the time?
Zedechiah_the_Messiah Chupa, we dont know anything about the death of any apostles, save on in the New Testament
nettie42uk says, lol
tim_so_fine do you get anywhere with such bad pick uo lines as on your
chainsaw_lunatic says, silver: That's too bad. :p
tim_so_fine says, Jesus is Lord
Zedechiah_the_Messiah one
justme9369 says, sorry Kerry, lag
salient2 says, In 1484 Pope Innocent VIII officially ordered pet cats to be burned together with witches. a practice which continued though out the centuries of witch hunting.
BOBREBER says, ondoher.. you're back....
lissianthus says, oh yah
zenpunk says, tim is parrot
nettie42uk says, uo =on
sphinx1ar leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, turkgunner: Not really; I know a few. I'm also rarely surprised at what a /cracker/ can do....
silver_queen85 says, god it's hot. im in the lighest material clothes and i'm still clammy. ugh.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick . o O ( dipshit. )
silver_queen85 says, shutup chain.
lissianthus says, stupid papists
ondoher2 says, htl01: i am open to truth, just present the evidence that establishes it as such
moopy777 says, lissy!
chlamydia_lydia says, im wondering why you felt the need to tell the room about 'hitting the auto-responder' hunter?
BOBREBER says, good to see you... I'll have you know, that the Paluxy River thing really isn't over yet..
chupacabraman2002 says, we know about a generation of persecution starting with them...see Josephus
silver_queen85 says, i don't like having parts of myself removed.
lissianthus says, poopy
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: I tell the room whenever anyone hits my autoresponder.
zenpunk says, papists :))
moopy777 says, X-(
justme9369 says, lmao @ Kerry
chlamydia_lydia says, what for though
justme9369 says, :))
moopy777 says, :x
Zedechiah_the_Messiah no CHupa, we dont.
tim_so_fine says, asdfjkl;l;kjdaasdfjkl;l;kjfdsaasdfjkl;;lkjdfsasdfjkl;;lkjfdsasaLord is Jesus
silver_queen85 says, hahaha steve irwin used frozen crocs in his new movie
lissianthus says, cripes
corner_of_eden enters
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: the prints have been demonstrated as either misinterpreted, or worse, a fabrication
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Why the hell not? Hopefully, eventually, people will get it through their fucking heads that they can't PM me.
Zedechiah_the_Messiah we have very late traditions ascribing deaths to the apostles. But thats it
ignorant_ape says, bobreb - paluxy river is a brain dead none starter
demiurgent2000 leaves
BOBREBER says, I wrote the scientists there, and they claimed that no debunking of the Paluxy River thing happened.. Ondo.. any other place for this information, besides talkorigins????
lissianthus says, wonders what zed thought of chrono and atheo's little joke
chlamydia_lydia says, isnt that what the auto responder is for? why tell the room also
silver_queen85 says, i don't want to be measured.
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: talk origins has socumented its sources, you may go to the primary literature to validate it
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Because I can.
turkgunner says, ondoher - do you get your philosophy from Carl Sagan or science?
BOBREBER says, ignorant.. Where is there some other evidence against Paluxy River.. I'm asking...
Zedechiah_the_Messiah Liss, i didnt know it was a "joke". thats quite unamusing
justme9369 says, Zedechiah, and what exactly do you want from that time that is not any different from any other accounts of deaths from that time?
sphinx1ar enters
urafraid2002 enters
lissianthus says, yah dumb prank, but im too glad hes ok to be mad
ondoher2 says, turkgunner: i like to think i have developed my outlook based on experience. but i am sure that my influences are many
corner_of_eden leaves
zenpunk says, bbl
BOBREBER says, ondo.. any other place besides a site owned by the NCSE?????? I mean please... what do you think they'd say..
zenpunk leaves
mmmmmyid enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: And no, that's *not* what the autoresponder is for. The autoresponder doesn't tell /everyone/ that they can't PM me; it tells certain people they can't PM me. The people who don't ask, usually. And I let everyone know because 1. it's funny, 2. it serves as my 'first warning'.
iron_cross66106 says, zen i have lot's of proof, but you as a non believer i know you have the bible which is the word of god, it is truth, and you are looking to a man to prove truth, i can only give you truth, but im a man so i can make mistakes, but GOD cannot, that's why when looking for truth, you don't look to man, you look to GOD.
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: i'd expect them to report the evidence
BOBREBER says, Didn't any other people check it out..
chainsaw_lunatic says, liss: I find it to be one of the lowest things a person can do.
ignorant_ape says, bobreb - creationist web sites even unwitingly show the fallacy of paluxy river
chlamydia_lydia says, is it funny?
justme9369 says, oral tradition and documentation of the 1st century history is just as valid from scripture as any other historical evidence!
chupacabraman2002 says, the apostles individually,perhaps.but the Jews themselves sought their lives,and that is well established
turkgunner says, ondoher2 - experience is not reliable .... surely the state of humanity shows us this?
silver_queen85 says, what's low, chain?
BOBREBER says, ondo.. yeah.. but this one is pretty big...
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: even prominent creationsist sites disown the whole paluxy issue
BOBREBER says, ignorant.. like???
Zedechiah_the_Messiah no Chupa, its not
BOBREBER says, ondo.. like??
turkgunner says, "my experience points me to the truth" - yeah you and billions of others
demiurgent2000 enters
urafraid2002 says, you sexy thang
chainsaw_lunatic says, silver: Faking someone's death for a joke.
david_uk_nice_bloke leaves
ondoher2 says, turkgunner: you asked where i got my philodophy, not where i got my beliefs
lissianthus says, sit still demi
BOBREBER says, And I want the page... don't just say AIG.. because they don't have anything on it, that I could find...
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: To me, yes. To you, it was obviously an embarrassment.
turkgunner says, ondoher2 - not philodophy - philosophy.
mmmmmyid leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, I don't apologise though.
silver_queen85 says, chain: oh, yeah that's kinda cruel.
chupacabraman2002 says, what part of Neros own claims to use chrisitans for candles didn't you read?
turkgunner says, ondoher - come on. Nerds should spell correctly.
BOBREBER says, Just someplace other than aig, and the Paluxy dude's own site..
Zedechiah_the_Messiah says,
chlamydia_lydia says, not embarrassing at all. unless i overlooked something which obviously stated that i shouldnt pm
sphinx1ar leaves
chlamydia_lydia says, but there is no such signal.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: The last few times I've announced my autoresponder, and common courtesy.
brngreenback says, The jews can be documented as being a nomadic tribe competing with the assyrians, egyptians, and to a lesser extent, the persians. That's about all that's historically corroberatable
htl01 leaves
BOBREBER says, I mean, other than Talkorigins and there
silver_queen85 says, i went to my friend's house yesterday evening, only to find out his friend's fater died. t'was like a wake
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: AiG for one:
brngreenback says, Hebrews, rather, not jews
XombieWire leaves
turkgunner says, crazychick - nobody cares. Shutup.
silver_queen85 says, father
ondoher2 says, turkgunner: yes, we call those typos
BOBREBER says, ondo.. thanks.. I'm checking it out...
princessdracos says, ugh, silver
silver_queen85 says, hmm
urafraid2002 says, who created god?
silver_queen85 leaves
chlamydia_lydia says, so you tell the room its funny? seems you must think others find it amusing
chupacabraman2002 says, brn,you have missed abut two millenia of history...before christ that is
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, turkey: If nobody cares, then why are you reading it?
turkgunner says, laughing at "crazychick"
BOBREBER says, ondo. and ignorant.. while I'm gone to check the Paluxy River situation...
sphinx1ar enters
Zedechiah_the_Messiah Chupa 1) that doesnt say anything about apostles. 2) Nero killed a LOT of people, not just christians. So to say that only christians were his focal point would be incorrect 3) at that point christians were still considered a subsect of jews.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: I know a few people in here think it's funny.
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: typos do not demonstrate ignorance, they demonstrate the ability to make mistakes
chlamydia_lydia says, why would that be funny?>
urafraid2002 leaves
turkgunner says, crazychick - it's funny how I can get on your nerves. You are such a shallow person. Chill out.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: If you don't get it, then you don't get it; there's no point in explaining it to you.
sundevil90 enters
sphinx1ar leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, turkey: Eh? Were you speaking?
BOBREBER says, you guys figure out what valid transitions have to occur to change something from cold-blooded to warm-blooded, from 4 footed to 2 footed, from scales to wings, from 2 way breather to one way breather, and from toothed to toothless (reptile to bird transition).... I'm sure the answer will be most humorous..
turkgunner says, no - just typing.
chlamydia_lydia says, i get it, just not why you try to embarrass
dh4uok7 enters
brngreenback says, chup, the christian religion as we know it today is subject to an excessive amount of political influence from the Holy Roman Empire on forward. The christian religion, however, has it's origins in Rome. Christ can be likened to Robin Hood in that respect; he was made legendary several years after defying his government, and there's little evidence he exists or was one person.
turkgunner says, laughing at "crazychick"
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, I don't try to, but obviously the lack of effort worked on you; you're making an awfully big deal out of it.
demiurgent2000 says, BOBREBER: From cold blooded to warm blooded? Where did you get this ridiculous hypothesis?
chainsaw_lunatic does the Nelson laugh: "ha-HA!"
chupacabraman2002 says, never said nero didn't kill many,but christians were in there,but it was soon enough after the fact that first gen (ie:eyewitnesses)were in the mix
sundevil90 says, bob, most of those are tremendously easy
princessdracos says, what is it with all these fucking kids in the room today?
turkgunner says, English please "crazychick."
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, And all you're really doing is calling attention to your lack of common netiquette.
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: yes, evolution proceeds in stages. four limbed creatures came before two legged creatures
turkgunner says, English please "crazychick."
blessed_be_the_goddess enters
chupacabraman2002 says, and He is spoken of from contemporary scources
lissianthus says, what kids dracos?
chlamydia_lydia says, since when is it bad netiquette to pm someone?
musashi_of_rocketto_dan enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Did you /ask/?
ondoher2 says, stages was the wrong word
brngreenback says, chup, if you're talking about the hebrews, though, they weren't the hottest culture on the planet. If it weren't for the demonization of them in the second world war, we might not even know as much about them today
blessed_be_the_goddess is back.
blessed_be_the_goddess says, Merry meet all :)
chlamydia_lydia says, do i need to ask permission to talk?
chlamydia_lydia says, lol corner_of_eden says, hi chris dh4uok7 leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: You need permission to PM.
blessed_be_the_goddess says, Hi Gremlin :) chupacabraman2002 says, oh whatever...see albert einstein sky_toilet_horror enters
princessdracos says, lissi: the room has been full of booters, trolls, and other assorted jerkoffs today.
chlamydia_lydia says, not at all persistenceof_loss says, :))
sundevil90 says, in hominids you are not transitioning from a pure quadruped to a biped
BOBREBER says, demi.. to go from reptile to bird.. it's a transition of cold-blooded to warm-blooded...
justme9369 says, snuggles acid:X
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Then you have no manners. That's not my problem.
chainsaw_lunatic says, dracos: I agree.
lissianthus says, oh
justme9369 says, licks princess:P
ondoher2 says, no, apes tend to be knuckle walkers
Zedechiah_the_Messiah but Chupa, thats not what you were saying earlier. You were speaking definatevly about the martyrdoms of the apostles, and how they died for the truth that they knew. Now youre saying that because Nero killed some people, christians among them, then therefore Nero executed the apostes. So therefore we know the apostles were martyred
justme9369 leaves
Zedechiah_the_Messiah ...and that just doesnt follow
demiurgent2000 says, BOBEBER: Reptile to bird??? The dinosaurs were not reptiles!
princessdracos says, :O
BOBREBER says, ondo... I checked the AIG site.. thanks!!!!!!! That's enough for me.. I'll take it that Paluxy is not valid
sundevil90 says, bob, false - try again
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: any ability to maintain body temperature would potentially be of benefit
tim_so_fine leaves
BOBREBER says, demi.... evolution claims reptiles became birds....
tim_so_fine enters ikon2u2002 enters
sundevil90 says, knuckle walking is a secondary to quadramanous climbing as bipedalism is
demiurgent2000 says, BOBREBER: Where does it make this claim?
turkgunner says, Even though some of you have some educational background and intelligence, your beliefs simply color your perception too much to allow for a rational debate on your part. Objectivity is lacking severely however your much you suggest "scientific" aspirations.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, brn: If you must do that, can you do that in a way that isn't making my monitor dance?
brngreenback says, Chupa...what dig are you referencing when you state the apostles were martyred, anyway?
ondoher2 says, bobrebar: there is evidence that dinosaurs were at least partually warm blooded. the trait is not a boolean function
BOBREBER says, demi... any basic evolution class...
brngreenback says, huh?
brngreenback says, oh
lissianthus says, what are your beliefs turk?
turkgunner says, I did enjoy messing with some of you though. points at "crazychick" ugaleader enters ikon2u2002 leaves chupacabraman2002 says, actually,thats not what im saying.i say the persecution accounts are consistent with external,verifiable scources and so at least deserve the benefit of the doubt,as it was a widely held understanding at the time
ondoher2 says, turkgunner: and you figured that out from just this little conversation?
demiurgent2000 says, BOBREBER: Try taking Ondoher said, common theory now is that dinosaurs(some of them anyway) were warm blooded.
turkgunner says, I'm still working on my beliefs.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, ondo: Actually, that's likely his preconcieved notion of others. He doesn't realise how transparent he's being.
princessdracos says, methinks i'll go elsewhere for awhile...the children are grating on my nerves. take care, all. yeticock leaves
ondoher2 says, later dracos
BOBREBER says, ondo.. is it possible for something to have both a mix of constant temperature of blood (warm-blooded) and environmental temperature of blood (cold-blooded)?? godzlilchik619 enters
princessdracos leaves
lissianthus says, bye dracos
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: yes
Zedechiah_the_Messiah says, Chupa 1) there are no "persecution accounts". There are late legends. 2) There are no external verifiable sources. So we cant make any assumptions there.
brngreenback says, chupacabraman, it's documented in several folk stories. Are you telling me there was no dig providing evidence that the apostles were martyred?
sundevil90 says, boberer, absolutely]
demiurgent2000 says, BOBREBER: Possible? Yes Probable? I don't know
turkgunner says, Perhaps if you were an agnostic or reasonable weak atheist ... there could be some rational debate. nettie42uk says, bye dracos
BOBREBER says, ondo.. ane what's inbetween variable and constant??
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: and ability to maintain temperature woul dbe of an advantage
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, BOBREBER: I'm not sure if this is what you're thinking of, but once certain reptiles reach a certain size [aligators, for example], they can hold their temperature.
salient2 says, bob surely you realize temperature is analog ghrib123 is away (Auto-Away)
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: incomplete regulation sky_toilet_horror leaves bward72 enters persistenceof_loss leaves
ondoher2 says, hunter: like giant sea turtles
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, There's an Aligator farm in Colorado Springs. The big ones are outside all winter.... chupacabraman2002 says, so you say a dig is the only way to prove history?
lissianthus says, are you a reasonable weak christian?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, ondo: Yeah, those too. bward72 enters bward72 enters
brngreenback says, Chupa, what you just said can be likened to "Robin of Locksley, Little john, and Will Scarlett existed, because we have stories about them", or "Ulyssys really did travel the medeterianian, because Homer wrote the Oddesy for theatre"
turkgunner says, atheist v. christian just discourages any kind of rational debate. It's all a bunch of assumptions and emotion.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Gigantothermic, or something like that...
demiurgent2000 says, liss: reasonable Christian?
tim_so_fine says, Jesus is Lord
lissianthus says, heh
lissianthus says, well...
BOBREBER says, hunter.. Alligators are purely cold blooded and even rest in the sun to heat up..... they are not able to hold their own temperature.. unless you are talking a matter of minutes only..
brngreenback says, chupa, a dig is a reliable way, but I suppose not the only way You tell godsgift2usa_jesus I'm not here. Or, you're one of the people not allowed to PM me. If you really want to talk to me, find me here:
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, your lord tim mike_perry76 enters
chainsaw_lunatic says, turkey: Only when stoopid people like you show up.
lissianthus says, some are, demi
ondoher2 has not presented any assumptions nor any emotions driven_lost_soul enters
ondoher2 is in fact, rather emotionless
turkgunner says, lunatic - yes thankyou.
demiurgent2000 says, turk: Yep, as tim here so eloquently proves
Zedechiah_the_Messiah to establish based upon good evidence. to make a firm conclusion Chupa, yes. hard evidence is best. We are dealing with the area of traditions, and thats a matter of reasonable or unreasonable assumption. Its far less firm
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, BOBREBER: How much personal experience do you have with A.mississippiensis? mike_perry76 leaves
turkgunner says, and scientific materialism of course has no assumptions ondoher
lissianthus says, I use to be a christian chupacabraman2002 says, not at all.if ther were actions independently verifiable as being similar to theirs and tradition ascribed those names to them,id at least put it as possible
tim_so_fine says, God spoke and the universe leaped into existence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! godzlilchik619 leaves
salient2 says, warm blooded dino?
turkgunner says, neither does the assumption of knowledge through scientific means.
BOBREBER says, hunter about as much as you have with with the coelecanth
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: being large is a good way to maintain internal temperature. large objects will hold their temerature longer
tim_so_fine says, Creationism is FACT :D:D:d iron_cross66106 agrees with
turkgunner says, no assumptions whatsoever...
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, BOBREBER: That much, eh?
turkgunner says, all "facts" nettie42uk says, tim open his mouth and rubbish shot forth
lissianthus says, you have facts turk?
turkgunner says, "Facts" often tend to be firmly believed assumptions
turkgunner says, lol ugaleader says, lol nettie
turkgunner says, some cannot tell the difference
lissianthus says, do you have proof of god, turk?
Zedechiah_the_Messiah Chupa all we have about martydoms of apostles is the account of James Zebedee being beheaded, and that Josephus tells us a particularly nasty priest had James the brother of Jesus executed. We dont know exactly why. Josephus isnt makng a christian testimony
turkgunner says, lissianthus - in my pocket.
ondoher2 says, turkgunner: science only addresses that which can be observed and measured. it does not rule it out, simply ignores it. that is not an assumption, it is a limitation
tim_so_fine says, Show me evidence of NO GOD Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :|
lissianthus says, ok turk doesnt wanna debate
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, BOBREBER: Then why don't you know that, once they reach a certain size, they're capable of sustaining their temperature -- not in the way that you're thinking, though. They're so large that they actually hold the temperature. It takes too long for them to cool down for it to matter anymore.
lissianthus says, click
BOBREBER says, saliet... alright.. I understand folks.. you are saying dinos were warmblooded.... warm blooded birds or reptiles, or do you think they were a mid-point???
brngreenback says, chupacabra, George washington is said to have cut down a cherry tree on Royal property at the age of eight, and then told the truth about it. This story is not taken as seriously as the Revolutionary war happening. Do you know what the main difference is?
chlamydia_lydia says, i do like your large unsexy panties at hunter lol
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, tim, show me evidence of a god lightpiercingthedark enters
turkgunner says, ondoher2 - science is not so objective.
chlamydia_lydia says, are you anorexic?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Those are shorts. nettie42uk says, tim what evidence it doesn't exist! jesusscrewedmywife enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: No. Nice presumption.
sundevil90 says, science is not objective?
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: dinosaurs were likley only partially warm blooded
demiurgent2000 says, liss: I've tried various times to get turk to debate intelligently. All he/she seems to want is to rant and attempt to get people pissed enough to respond.
BOBREBER says, hunter... a piece of iron can do that too..... that's not exactly a point on the reptile to bird transition.. chupacabraman2002 says, we dont need him to.we just need to establish that such thing went on at the time .it is reasonable to assume that the very leaders of such a movement would have been at risk
turkgunner says, sundevil - the scientist is never objective.
chlamydia_lydia says, are you sure? your wrists are like twigs
brngreenback says, The cherry tree incident has no documentable evidence, and unlike things that actually happened, there is a moral lesson involved. Incidents that seem designed to teach moral lessons are usually false.
turkgunner says, b/c the scientist is human
ondoher2 says, turkgunner: science is, individual scientists will vary jesusscrewedmywife leaves ugaleader leaves
lissianthus says, looks like it demi, so he no longer takes up space on my screen iron_cross66106 says, NETTE have you noticed that in this world right now, all those who do good things are attacked, and those who do evil things are accepted? if you haven't noticed this, there might be a reason. mytmouse57 leaves
Zedechiah_the_Messiah Chup, at risk for what?
salient2 says,
brngreenback says, The war, meanwhile, has pamphlets written by Thomas Paine, newsletters about the Boston Massacre...
lissianthus says, doesnt seem like he wants to answer any questions
brngreenback says, Hard evidence ugaleader enters
turkgunner says, science is nothing without the scientist ondoher
turkgunner says, practically speaking
BOBREBER says, ondo.. I see.. so the body may started to try to regulate it's blood temperature, while allowing the environment to effect it too? Is this your point?
ondoher2 says, turkgunner: but it is the method that promotes and enforces the objectivity insyght enters
turkgunner says, promotes perhaps - but does not assure in any way
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: yes, imperfect, but adaptive regulation
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Being anorexic would require me to not eat, and to think that I'm grossly overweight, even though I'm not. I'm well aware that I'm quite thin, and on the occasions that doctors have urged me to gain weight, I've tried. My metabolism, however, does not allow for it, and I feel much better at the weight I"m currently at than anything higher than, oh, say, 105 nettie42uk says, Tim do something special and prove that your god exists....without quoting from the bible which was written by man
ondoher2 says, turkgunner: over time, any particular bias should be worked out ignorant_ape leaves
salient2 says, yes many animals are able to only partually regulate their body temperatures cutebella_26 enters
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter, sounds like the defences of an anorexic You tell cutebella_28 I'm not here. Or, you're one of the people not allowed to PM me. If you really want to talk to me, find me here: cutebella_26 leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, And cutebella_26 hits my autoresponder.
lissianthus says, dimbass cam bitch chupacabraman2002 says, but if there were a verifiable rash of cherry tree assaults at the time,would it not be reasonable to think that george did it too?especially if he were the one leading the bandwagon?
chainsaw_lunatic says, An end-times preacher. Yay.
silver_queen85 enters
moopy777 says, be reminded she takes prozac
brngreenback says, chlamydia, anorexics are usually trying to lose more weight. It's an addiction. Hunter tries to eat more.
sundevil90 leaves
chainsaw_lunatic says, wb, silv
chlamydia_lydia says, maybe she doesnt
silver_queen85 says, sandra is a bitch
silver_queen85 says, thanks chain
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: I'm sure you're quite te expert on Anorexia nervosa.
chlamydia_lydia says, maybe she professes to
tim_so_fine says, Ok well if there is NO GOD then why do people say GOD DAMMIT.......i mean you don't hear people saying SANTA DAMMIT or MICKEY MOUSE DAMMIT :)):)):))
chlamydia_lydia says, actually, i am :D
BOBREBER says, ondo.. I do not believe that could happen through evolution, but I'll need to read up on what is required, in our body, to regulate blood temperature.. I haven't read details... the details that I know will surely make this fantasy, and not science...
silver_queen85 says, she just said that my tonsils looked like testicles, and laughed hysterically.
silver_queen85 says, die
chainsaw_lunatic says, iron: You could say that same thing has been happening for hundreds of years.
chlamydia_lydia says, your wrists are bones
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, tim, that was really stupid
chlamydia_lydia says, and your knees are nobbly ugaleader says, tim: who says everyone says god dammit
chlamydia_lydia says, theres more to it than your metabolism manlift2001 enters
ondoher2 says, tim_so_fine:it is a learned expression. i also say "holy fuck," i guesss that would be belief in the virgin birth?
BOBREBER says, ondo.. please.. kymmycocopop enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: All wrists are bones, and your opinions of my knees, while not shared by everyone, make sense, since, by that time, I'd done quite a bit of damage to my knees.
Zedechiah_the_Messiah Chupa, do you know the story of Peters martydom? manlift2001 leaves
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: you are trying to propose IC, but all such attempts inevitibly boil down to argument from incredulty
chlamydia_lydia says, no, you cant hide boniness bward72 leaves
chainsaw_lunatic says, iron: Where do you think the whore of babylon is?
chlamydia_lydia says, there a difference between thin
tim_so_fine says, NOT STUPID- :| WHY DO PEOPLE SAY GOD DAMMIT blessed_be_the_goddess leaves
BOBREBER says, ondo... IC?? blessed_be_the_goddess enters lightpiercingthedark says, tim..because evil enjoys it.
demiurgent2000 says, BOBREBER: You know that the details will make it fantasy before even reading them? You sound like a fundie chupacabraman2002 says, anyway...duty calls.must go.heh,he...i said duty
ondoher2 says, tim_so_fine: it is a learned expression
chlamydia_lydia says, supermodels are thin, on the verge of a problem
brngreenback says, Chlamydia, she's one of my roommates. I've seen her make concious efforts to eat more, even though it's obvious her appetite is dead. The problem seems to be biochemical; its difficult for her to get nutrition, and she's anemic. nettie42uk says, Iron if you were speaking to me...I see lots of good things done by people and lots of hate spead by fundies!
chlamydia_lydia says, you are beyond that it seems ugaleader says, then i'm blind
Zedechiah_the_Messiah bye Chupa
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: irreducable complexity
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Not particularly.
chlamydia_lydia says, brn, they are good at hiding
silver_queen85 says, is moopy cool or weird?
chainsaw_lunatic says, We are years away from a chasless society, one world government, and one world economy. insyght says, zz
chainsaw_lunatic says, cashless*
BOBREBER says, ondo.. I love the argument, myself...
salient2 says, tim_so_fine didn't I give you a time out? what are you doing out of the corner?
brngreenback says, chlamydia, they aren't good at putting away an entire pizza...
silver_queen85 says, ignores moopy
Hunter_the_CrazyChick laughs.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Hey man.... chupacabraman2002 leaves
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: well, it has been discredited
chainsaw_lunatic says, Yes. The Euro isn't everywhere.
brngreenback says, sorry
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, S'alright.
moopy777 says, lollol booger_pickin_man enters
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, tim, not everyone says it, and those that do are most likely not professing a belief in god, and even if they did that does not prove his existence
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, I haven't done that for a while, but then, I haven't quite had the time.... kymmycocopop leaves
demiurgent2000 leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Or the interest. Maybe the B12 injections will fix that.
salient2 leaves
BOBREBER says, ondo.. not by anyone that understands that all of the systems are inter-dependent.. ghrib123 is back. ghrib123 says, what B12?
silver_queen85 says, hunter: sounds painful
brngreenback says, ghrib, a vitamin
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: yes, it has. interdependant systems do not mean that htey cannot have evolved
chainsaw_lunatic says, iron: What country do you think is the whore of babylon?
silver_queen85 says, oh...duh. taunt202 enters
chlamydia_lydia leaves
chlamydia_lydia enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, ghrib123: Vitamin B12. A lot of people, apparently, have absorption problems with it, or something.
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: evolution is perfectly capable of building such systems
salient2 enters lightpiercingthedark says, I have added new pictures if anyone wants to see, right click on my name and then click on profile and then the link at the bottom.
chlamydia_lydia enters ghrib123 says, is it good for you?
chainsaw_lunatic says, I think it's the U.S., while I've spoken with some who feel it's a European thing.
silver_queen85 says, sits on chain because crus isn't here.
Zedechiah_the_Messiah leaves
brngreenback says, lightpiercingthedark, did you find more demons (tm) (c) (r) Jason_9669 enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, ghrib123: Um, deficiency causes pernicious anemia, and spinal degeneration.... lightpiercingthedark leaves
chainsaw_lunatic says, silv: Well, I'm glad I'm your second choice. rosie4real enters rosie4real says, hi room jiatsen leaves ghrib123 says, i guess it is then eh?
silver_queen85 says, chain: brn's head is pointy.
chainsaw_lunatic says, silv: You can't sit on me, as there is already someone sitting on me that I like more than you.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, ghrib123: Yeah. I guess so.
lissianthus says, hi rosie butterfly_dontknow enters
brngreenback says, pointy?
BOBREBER says, ondo.. For instance.. to go from invertebrate to vertebrate seems.. welll irreducibly complex, since once something has a skeleton, it also seems to already have everything built quite nicely around it... muscles, veins, etc.. nettie42uk says, Good grief light give it a rest will you rosie4real says, :D
silver_queen85 says, heh
chlamydia_lydia leaves
chlamydia_lydia enters
BOBREBER says, Things are attached to the skeleton and need it for support...
silver_queen85 says, chain: shutup
ondoher2 says, BOBREBAR: the spine originally developed as a resevoir of calcium rosie4real leaves
silver_queen85 says, kicks the other person off
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Are you through trying desperately to find ways to get back at me, or can I go ahead and disregard you entirely. If you like, I'll mention your concerns to my therapist, but I'm sure she'll have approximately the same reaction I did. corner_of_eden says, hi tent lightpiercingthedark enters
salient2 says, BOBREBER not at all
ondoher2 says, BOBREBAR: only larer was it adapted for structural reasons reverend_donkey enters
chlamydia_lydia says, brn, perhaps the gorge you witnessed was her binge, as is common with bulimics lightpiercingthedark says, I have added new pictures if anyone wants to see, right click on my name and then click on profile and then the link at the bottom.
chlamydia_lydia says, she has a therapist, that explains much ;)
BOBREBER says, For it to "evolve" slowly would also require all weight-bearing bones in place first --- but even that won't work... there really is no way to slowly evolve a skeleton....
chainsaw_lunatic shows silv a picture of crus I use on my dartboard
salient2 says, ic arguments are almost always just due to a lack of understanding
silver_queen85 says, ooh, where?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Of course I do. I'm a disabled veteran.
silver_queen85 says, dartboard?
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: again, the spine originaly evolved as a calcium resevoir ares_athena enters
brngreenback says, chlamydia, bulemia implys vomiting. And yes, she has a therapist. For psychiatric problems. That aren't anorexia.
silver_queen85 says, ..
chlamydia_lydia says, anorexia IS a psychiatric problem
brngreenback says, And, chlamydia, she pays this person, because they're certified. ugaleader is away (Auto-Away) Jason_9669 leaves
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, Bob, you know that the basic skeletal form of fish is also the basic form of almost all animals
chlamydia_lydia says, and bulemia implies the binge, and then the vomiting ares_athena leaves
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: only later did it take on its current strcutural role ugaleader leaves
chlamydia_lydia says, just so you know
chlamydia_lydia says, :)
BOBREBER says, See... For a skeleton to develop slowly, requires also, starting from the middle point of balance (midsection).. but that can't work, because you also would have to start with what bears the weight first.. (feet) redeyedfrogman enters
ondoher2 says, except lapries which have no jaws
chlamydia_lydia says, skeleton? bob r u talking about hunter?
chlamydia_lydia says, lol justmyth enters
blessed_be_the_goddess says, detects jealousy directed toward hunter blessed_be_the_goddess is back.
brngreenback says, chlamydia, right. Her psychiatric problems are post traumatic stress disorder. Her physical problems are vitamin absorbtion problems.
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: do you ever pay attention
silver_queen85 says, hahahaha kaila is gonna get fired hahaha
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, I also have a [gasp] General Praticioner, and [gasp] an optometrist, and I'm [gasp] looking into getting a neurologist.
BOBREBER says, ondo.. explain a what first 4 steps would be possible for the reservoir purpose to change to a structure purpose..
ondoher2 says, *lampries
silver_queen85 says, chain what picture christian_hillbilly_ky enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, And none of my physical problems are my weight. That's been overanalysed, and determined.
chainsaw_lunatic says, silv: Yeah, you can work more hours. ;)
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, blessed_be_the_goddess: Just a little....
BOBREBER says, ondo.. just give me a stinkin' second please...
lissianthus says, ok lydia, its all becoming tiresome now
silver_queen85 says, hunter: being light is bad?
brngreenback says, chlamydia, and several doctors, that have seen her in real life, have determined this. Unlike your sage over-the-net look at a font advice
blessed_be_the_goddess says, lol hunter
BOBREBER says, Why don't we PM??
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, silver: According to
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: first, there may be a benefit to a stiffening of the body. perhaps improved locamotion
ondoher2 says, *locomotion
turkgunner leaves
silver_queen85 says, i've never heard of that. oh, excluding the obvious that is.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, brn: She's determining all this from my evilcoffeechick photo. It'd probably disturb her to know that I weighed 130 -- the most I've /ever/ weighed -- in that photo.
BOBREBER says, in what, and in what way??
chlamydia_lydia leaves
chlamydia_lydia enters
BOBREBER says, The invertebrates don't seem to be immobile
chainsaw_lunatic says, awwwwwwww turk left.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Of course, she also thought the shorts [the ones I"m currently wearing, in fact], were 'unsexy panties', or something.
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: a stiffer form will potentially be faster, especially if there is any spring in the proto-spine
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter, are you still whining?
brngreenback says, Hunter, I guess a picture is worth a thousand dollars. You should definately pay this person for all your medical needs.
chlamydia_lydia says, lol ive been in and out
salient2 says, Bob when you consider that bone uses calcium phosphate instead of calcium carbonate it's evolution makes more sense
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter, physical and psychological problems?
chainsaw_lunatic says, lydia reminds me of inga.
silver_queen85 says, chain: your fuck buddy? lightpiercingthedark says, lol
silver_queen85 says, can i get of brn's pointy disfigured head now?
chlamydia_lydia says, it seems you are in a fix. and explains much about your attitude and behavior
blessed_be_the_goddess says, its what you think of yourself that counts
blessed_be_the_goddess says, :)
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: In a matter of three seconds, and I don't really classify anything I've done thus far as 'whining'. Are you qutie over your desperate attempts at retalliation, or are you going to continue to make really bad personal attacs?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, *attacks.
BOBREBER says, It's not a stiffer form, may also adjatate the innards, as if I stick a board in an Octopus to make it stronger, it doesn't help
chlamydia_lydia says, she doesnt think much blessed otaku_faith enters gangsta_guy_6969 enters
brngreenback pokes silv with his pointy disfigured head
silver_queen85 says, bleeds
blessed_be_the_goddess says, and you do ?
chlamydia_lydia says, calm down hunter, dont get mad :) i was just pointing out some observations that you would do well to investigate.
BOBREBER says, bones, without other connections, end up ripping up the innards, is my point
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, Bob, the octupus' environment does not require a stiff form for a better chance at survivng
brngreenback sucks her brain out with a tentacle while he's at it
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: If I were in a fix, I wouldn't be recieving medical care. If I didn't think much of myself, I wouldn't /care/ about recieving medical care.
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: an octopus does have the same general shape as a proto-fish. it also does not use body motion as a form of locomotion
BOBREBER says, Doesn't make you faster.. makes you hemmorrage
chainsaw_lunatic says, silver: If I remember right, you have a very flat head...too flat.
silver_queen85 says, rude. booger_pickin_man leaves booger_pickin_man enters lightpiercingthedark says, lol
chlamydia_lydia says, laughs at the ironic timing at the 'bone conversation'
silver_queen85 says, flat?
silver_queen85 says, what?
silver_queen85 says, who said so otaku_faith leaves
salient2 says, bob that is why bones contain organic collagen fibers in addition to calcium phosphste gangsta_guy_6969 leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: If you really think you matter enough to get mad at, you have a high opinion of yourself. You're attempting to anger me with bullshit I've heard thousands of times over. And you're getting laughed at for it.
chainsaw_lunatic says, silver: I remember seeing a pic a long time ago.
salient2 says, phosphate yeticock enters
chlamydia_lydia says, but hunter, im not attempting anything
silver_queen85 says, no, you don't.
BOBREBER says, ondo.. bones slowly growing in animals over time, adds to their internal bleeding if the bones aren't connected right? no??
blessed_be_the_goddess says, whats your prob about hunter .. lydia ? lightpiercingthedark says, :D
brngreenback says, chlamydia, you are an excelent argument for why people should not accept over-the-iternet medical advice.
brngreenback says, internet
chlamydia_lydia says, brn, im not giving medical advice taunt202 leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Of course not. You're failing.
chlamydia_lydia says, any fool can see she is skin and bone lightpiercingthedark says, :))
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, Bob, who said that the bones wouldn't connect as they evolve? yeticock leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, 'anorexia', 'bulemia', 'binge'. Medical terms. Oddly enough.
chlamydia_lydia says, but not medical advice
chlamydia_lydia says, :)
chlamydia_lydia says, see the subtle distinction? joemerrick2000 enters
blessed_be_the_goddess says, and that affects yYOU in what way ?
BOBREBER says, salient.. bone chips hurt.. that's what I'm saying.. incomplete bones, in different places, unattached correctly, would be like having a board in your back.. lightpiercingthedark says, :))
brngreenback says, chlamydia, you could have fooled me. Seems like you were trying to be not just a doctor, but an old jewish mother, for chrissakes
silver_queen85 says, uggers captain italy
silver_queen85 says, leaves
silver_queen85 leaves
chlamydia_lydia says, no, im not the jew, am i?
lissianthus says, hey joe
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: There is no distinction. The 'are you sure' put it past 'advise' and into 'unfounded diagnosis'.
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: here is a bit more information about it:
chainsaw_lunatic says, Damned Captain Italy.... ignorant_ape enters lightpiercingthedark leaves
lissianthus says, ape joemerrick2000 says, hello liss
chlamydia_lydia says, lol hunter, i dont remember giving you ANY medical advice
brngreenback says, chlamydia, it's a stereotype, for people that think they know what's best for other people and offer their advice wether or not it's welcome.
BOBREBER says, musa.. if the ankle connects to the knee that 's great... but only if the knee is already connected to the hip bone.. right??
chlamydia_lydia says, seems strange that you would. perhaps your medication is kicking in
ondoher2 says, jojo! ignorant_ape says, lissi - hey hon :x joemerrick2000 says, hello ondo joemerrick2000 says, hey ape
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, yes, and? alwznlove01 enters
brngreenback says, and chlamydia, even if you don't call "you're anorexic and need help" medical advice, it is undeniably unwelcome advice all the same. _Raistlinn_ enters ignorant_ape says, joem - hi booger_pickin_man leaves _Raistlinn_ leaves
chlamydia_lydia says, brn, calm yourself
salient2 says, bob bones mayoriginally have been a source of phosphate reserves - phosphate is a necessary nutrient but it is often in short supply in nature. Initially bones were likely external scales which may have been an emergency supply
BOBREBER says, ondo.. kewl.. you always come through with at least your best shot... I appreciate it.. and your also honest, which is a nice change of pace christian_hillbilly_ky leaves
chlamydia_lydia says, stating that someone is skeletal is a far cry from giving medical advice nettie42uk says, Hi joe & ape :)
ondoher2 says, more info:
BOBREBER says, salient.. and then the external skeleton became internal, without turning the animal inside-out??
chlamydia_lydia says, <-- still finds the timing of the bone chat amusing ;)
brngreenback says, chlamydia, stating "you should get some help because you may have anorexia and are likely hiding it" is most definately medical advice
BOBREBER says, or shredding them to bits?
chlamydia_lydia says, not at all
brngreenback says, chlamydia, I could quote you...
chlamydia_lydia says, you are confused brn alwznlove01 leaves
brngreenback says, chlamydia, so are the people who made up the legal term then, I guess
chlamydia_lydia says, hush brn
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia says, are you anorexic?
chlamydia_lydia says, are you sure? your wrists are like twigs
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter, sounds like the defences of an anorexic
chlamydia_lydia says, your wrists are bones
chlamydia_lydia says, and your knees are nobbly
chlamydia_lydia says, theres more to it than your metabolism
BOBREBER says, ondo.. so far this site is not helping... maybe that last site....
brngreenback says, hush?
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, BOBREBER, it didn't happen all at once, like a lobsters skeleton sudenly going on the inside
chlamydia_lydia says, lmao@hunter
chlamydia_lydia says, calm yourself
brngreenback says, I suppose I should speak to the hand as well.
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck enters
brngreenback says, yo yo.
chainsaw_lunatic says, I think lydia is just a lame cockafella/moopy alias.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Question, requestion, and diagnosis, further diagnosis, further diagnosis, identification of 'symptom', 'advise'.
blessed_be_the_goddess says, I think one should be careful about personal remarks if someone is obviously unattractive (in ones own opionon)do we tell them to get cosmetic surgery?
chlamydia_lydia says, for what reason? that someone looks like a skeleton!?
brngreenback says, Chain may have a point...
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Oops. Did I catch you?
salient2 says, bob maybe the structures which evolved to bones were not a complete covering but more like an external spine which later softer material grew around
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: the thing is, you are asking questions that already have answers. i do my best trying to remember them, but i can't hold all the detils in my head.
chlamydia_lydia says, obviously unattarctive lmao
blessed_be_the_goddess says, hardly...
chainsaw_lunatic says, The only difference is better spelling....
chlamydia_lydia says, i didnt say it
chlamydia_lydia says, ;)
Hunter_the_CrazyChick obviously doesn't look like a skeleton.
brngreenback says, chlamydia, what do you care anyway? Are you trying to sleep with her? justmyth leaves moone12000 enters
chainsaw_lunatic says, Well, not too much better....
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, brn: She /did/ PM me. radardog leaves
blessed_be_the_goddess says, lol chainsaw
brngreenback says, oy
chlamydia_lydia says, but you do hunter, thats the point
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, She /did/ try to get me to give her my IP address so she can find me.
kysoti28 enters
chlamydia_lydia says, and your problem is hiding it from you
BOBREBER says, musash.. the slower that kind of change, the more likely, it couldn't happen.. you can't have bones on your outside slowly go through your heart and innards and attach themselves as ribs.. even in the most primitive fish..
blessed_be_the_goddess says, lol
chlamydia_lydia says, no hunter, i just showed how one CAN find you
salient2 says, bob look at the human skull, not external, but nearly so
chainsaw_lunatic says, lydia/moopy is stalking Hunter. How sweet.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Do I look like a skeleton? Prove that assertion.
chlamydia_lydia says, it was turk that wanted to 'get 'you if im not mistaken
chlamydia_lydia says, prove it by going to your profile
chlamydia_lydia says, no idea who that is
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: I see no proof there; I see a picture of me that was taken when I weigh more than I do now, and I don't currently look like a skeleton.
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, the bones slowly grew on the inside while the exoskeleton slowly disappeared, to improve survival chanses
BOBREBER says, ondo.. again.. both sites ignore what is painfully obvious... that something has to occur in steps..
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, chances*
brngreenback says, chlamydia, okay. So you aren't giving medical advice. And you didn't diagnose that because she's thin, she must have anorexia. And you didn't state that she might also have bulemia when I made a comment about pizza.
chlamydia_lydia says, skeleton, i mean hunter, i hope you dont weigh less than you do now
chlamydia_lydia says, seriously
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, My current profile picture would also demonstrate as much.
brngreenback says, And I'm Rudolph Guliani
kysoti28 leaves
BOBREBER says, Bones slowly growing inside or on the outside of a body, don't seem like a competetive advantage trait to pass on, unless there's a full skeleton..
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia: Try reprhasing that to reflect what I said.
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: yes, the development of the notochord as a calcium reservoir was the first step
a_insane2002 enters
brngreenback says, I'm calling bullshit.
BOBREBER says, ondo.. I'm with you.. and the reservoir slowly grew from where... midsection or extremities??
go_blue1972 enters sdsclarinet enters
chlamydia_lydia says, its obviously a problem. do you go tot he childen's section when you buy clothes. no offence, but do you
a_insane2002 leaves
go_blue1972 leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, In the picture on, I weighed 130lbs -- the most I've ever weighed. I /currently/ weigh 98lbs, and I'm at my healthiest, as determined by my doctors. ghrib123 is away (Auto-Away)
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Nope.
brngreenback says, I suppose if I mention I have carpal tunnel syndrome and nerve damage in both hands, you're going to accuse me of being a secretary as well.
chlamydia_lydia says, how tall are you hunter moone12000 leaves
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Hunter, wow. How tall are you?
chlamydia_lydia says, brn, it is possible
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: 5'6".
brngreenback says, I rest my case. nebby56 enters corner_of_eden enters
chlamydia_lydia says, how many pounds forward have you set the scales mzombie123 enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, And oddly, I'm not skeletal. I'm wearing little enough that brn, who is sitting next to me, could look over and determine that.
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Uhm xrazychick, isn't that a bit low?
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, If an exoskeleton is causing an organism to have a less chance of survival, an endoskeleton would evolve to take its place
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Hospitals don't set scales foreward.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck: For me, no.
BOBREBER says, ondo.. I want you to just think for yourself.. help me out here.. what possible step by step way could there be of going from no bones to bones, while being advantageous every step of the way, to the being that has it's skeleton forming??
ondoher2 says, i don't honestly know. i don't know that it had to develope from any direction.
chlamydia_lydia says, so i hate to think what you look like now
brngreenback says, Wow, a free look I won't get bitch slapped for!
chainsaw_lunatic leaves
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, I see.
chlamydia_lydia says, and drawn
Hunter_the_CrazyChick laughs.
chlamydia_lydia says, your picture that you claim was taken when you were heavier looks skeletal youthpastor74 enters
BOBREBER says, ondo.. you know "it had to", why????
chlamydia_lydia says, brn, withoutt he makeup, does she?
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, My Mother has some sort of problem with my weight. I'm 5'11
Hunter_the_CrazyChick doesn't wear makeup.
BOBREBER says, Why did the skeleton "have to" develop slowly???
chlamydia_lydia says, lol ghrib123 is back. ghrib123 says, im 5' 11
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, I'm 5'11, weigh 170 lbs, and have little fat ghrib123 says, and weigh 135
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, And she says that I'm underweight
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: i have told you. the ability to store a calcium reservoir was the first step. how it evolved to also serve the dual purpose of the notochord is another question
BOBREBER says, Evidence?? reality???? no.. it's because Evolution demands the belief..
brngreenback says, chlamydia, she doesn't wear make-up. She also has a boyfriend that's a good foot taller than I am, so I won't say anything one way or the other about her appearance blessed_be_the_goddess leaves blessed_be_the_goddess enters lashes53 enters
BOBREBER says, ondo... it's a pretty important question.. ghrib123 says, i get told im underwight too
Hunter_the_CrazyChick laughs.
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: actually, no, it isn't ghrib123 says, my dad was as skinny as i was and now hes over weight corner_of_eden leaves
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, I'm not extremely muscular, but I'd say that I'm average or better, and my family thinks that I'm weak or something
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Said 'boyfriend' is also only 40 or so lbs heavier.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Than me. ghrib123 says, i dont wanna get big :p
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, He's not exactly 'skeletal', though. nebby56 leaves
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Well actually, since most people are fat in america, I'm better than average
chlamydia_lydia says, not like you
BOBREBER says, There are a lot of vertebrates.. and here's the even crazier part.. once you have one type of skeleton.. the chance of mutating another type is just mind-blowinly impossible.. for example..
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: The aforementioned 'boyfriend' is 6'5" and 135lbs. cinnamon_gurl_30 enters its_all_in_myhead enters
blessed_be_the_goddess says, I dont think it really matters about weight..als long as you feel happy about yourself
brngreenback says, okay, half a foot lashes53 leaves
BOBREBER says, For a mutation to allow the curvature, and change in bone structure that it does, is simply of the miraculous...
salient2 says, bob another early use of bone may have been as teeth, we haven't mentioned that either
chlamydia_lydia says, blessed, how you feel has little to do with actual health
blessed_be_the_goddess says, people do tend to put too much emphasis on physical apperance...
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, And he's not skeletal. Medium frame, no bodyfat percentage, not exactly a lot of extreme muscle mass, but he's not someone I'd ever fuck with. I'm glad he's on my size.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, *side.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Ugh.
brngreenback says, chlamydia, I'm sure you're an expert on modern health.
chlamydia_lydia says, actually brn... mzombie123 leaves ghrib123 says, humans are very visualy orented beings blessed...its just the way it is
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Aside from my B12 deficiency and the migraines, I'm fairly healthy. And neither have anything to do with my weight.
brngreenback says, Tell me, chlamydia, what would you reccomend I do about my carpal tunnel? Eat more? Binge and purge less?
blessed_be_the_goddess says, yes..I think it does...a positive attitde affects your health
BOBREBER says, saliet.. what came first then.. the head, then the jaw, then the teeth.. oh wait.. can't have the head without the spine first... oh, but what about bearing weight and ribs to keep the heart in....
salient2 says, bob not one mutation, likely many over time, it would hardly be miraculous, rather quite expected
blessed_be_the_goddess says, attitude
BOBREBER says, I hope you're seeing my point here..
brngreenback says, Because, chlamydia, that advice is exactly as applicable and usefull as telling someone with absorbtion problems and anemia that they should do the same. lisasimpson812 enters
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: the notocord was not really bone, it was closer to cartalage. it was stiff, but flexible
blessed_be_the_goddess says, do you have a weight problem lydia?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Huh. Seems that
chlamydia_lydia doesn't have a picture on her profile.
BOBREBER says, Guys.. you're really reaching here.. the only advantageous skeleton is a full skeleton... and I mean full, right to the fingers and toes..
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Come on,
chlamydia_lydia, show us what a pinnacle of health and attractiveness /you/ are....
blessed_be_the_goddess says, is it because of your chlamydia?
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: we can see the evolution of the vertibrates in the fossil record and infer that they came from such early creatures
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, Bob, look at sharks for what came between no bones and bones cinnamon_gurl_30 says, lol Hunter
blessed_be_the_goddess says, diet can help with that I have read
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter, you sound bitter because you are found neither attractive or healthy
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Let's not forget that the first chordate arose during the cambrian explosion, along with all other phylum
BOBREBER says, ondo.. I understand the notochord as the 1st step.. let's go on.. to 2,3,4,5, and any possilbe transitions...
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, and that is not true, not all animals have fingers and toes
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: we don't necessarily have to have answered every question about the evolution to understand that it happened ghrib123 leaves
BOBREBER says, Let's follow the logic..
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, phyla^
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: And yet, oddly, you're wrong.
salient2 says, bob many creatures have much simpler more limited bone structures
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Again!
chlamydia_lydia says, lol
chlamydia_lydia says, why then lisasimpson812 leaves
chlamydia_lydia says, ;)
BOBREBER says, ondo.. this one should be answerable, simply due to the amount of vertebrates that scour the earth...
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: we know that creatures exist with only a notochord because we have their fossils, and i believe some are still extant today
salient2 says, bob and we have given you many possible answers
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Your perception of the way I 'sound' is driven solely by what you want to 'hear', as is your perception of what you want me to be. cinnamon_gurl_30 says, well.acually I have to disagree.Hunter is very atractive.......lydia
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Just because you think it, doesn't make it reality.
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: so you cannot claim that step is impossible
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, ondoher, yea, they do. Strange little bastards
chlamydia_lydia says, well i must go. i hope you get better, both mentally and physically hunter :)
blessed_be_the_goddess says, lydia are you a christian?
ondoher2 says, thanks duck
chlamydia_lydia says, good luck with your doctors
salient2 says, in fact there is likely more than one answer
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Try not to spread your disease, whore.
BOBREBER says, My feeling is.. if a cartoonist couldn't even draw a 1/3 skeleton that is useful to something, and works with all the innards, then searching for it's fossil may just be a waste of time..
chlamydia_lydia says, with 'all' your doctors ;)
brngreenback says, Go save all the cripples by telling them to eat less, chlamydia.
chlamydia_lydia says, LOL@whore how bitter mutantfungus enters
BOBREBER says, Ondo.. the notochord is fine.. let's pretend that's step 1 and move on...
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: do you deny the facility of just a notochord?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: And try not to break your 0 win streak.
blessed_be_the_goddess says, obviously christian :)
Hunter_the_CrazyChick isn't the one who's bitter.
brngreenback says, Got a broken bone? It's gotta be a big mac deficiency.
chlamydia_lydia says, win streak? lol daughterof_darklord enters
chlamydia_lydia says, please dont tell me you sit in here and try and 'win' arguments
chlamydia_lydia says, lol
Hunter_the_CrazyChick isn't the one who's attacking false perceptions of a person because said person humiliated her. cinnamon_gurl_30 says, ONDOHER....!
BOBREBER says, ondo.. I just said that the notochord is fine.. let's use it.. let's go for it... what's the next step??
chlamydia_lydia says, not false
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: fine, then any other protective bones would also be beneficial. did the ribs come next, i don't know
chlamydia_lydia says, very real
ondoher2 says, happy!
chlamydia_lydia says, and im sorry you feel hurt by them
ondoher2 says, :x
brngreenback says, Lost a spleen? Some pork rinds will clear that right up
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: So substantiate them. cinnamon_gurl_30 says, :D
chlamydia_lydia says, but you should know how you appear to others
blessed_be_the_goddess says, lol gremlin
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, Bob, where are you getting this partial skeleton, there was not something with half of a skeleton, however, the skeleton has changed over time
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Bob, the next step is jawless, cateledge fish
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: And please, do so publicly. I'll be sure to post the transcript, thus far, on -- please, go there and prove your claims.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, blessed_be_the_goddess: That's not Gremlin.
salient2 says, I do think phosphorous is more likely the critical repository rather than calcium, as calcium is much more common in the environment
chlamydia_lydia says, no, im not gremlin
brngreenback says, blessed, close. I'm on his laptop mutantfungus leaves youthpastor74 says, are there any parents in here
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: You're obviously not Gremlin.
chlamydia_lydia says, brn is a female? lol
lissianthus says, lots of parents here
brngreenback says, chlamydia, I'm male...
lissianthus says, well ok, a few daughterof_darklord leaves
brngreenback says, Last time I checked, anyway
chlamydia_lydia says, homosexual? or is gremlin female
blessed_be_the_goddess says, sorry was distracted by the logo cinnamon_gurl_30 says, umm yes I am a parent..what does that have to do with anything?
brngreenback says, chlamydia, I'm not dating anyone... youthpastor74 says, what can you give someone to make them go to the bathroom?
blessed_be_the_goddess says, oops...sorry :)
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: here is an excellent discussion on the evolutionary origin of the chrodates
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Gremlin = Male; Hunter = female. Brn = male and single.
brngreenback says, chlamydia, I'm borrowing a computer
BOBREBER says, ondo.. dude.. the point is.. noone knows.. invertebrates are just assumed to have become vertebrates and noone can even draw the possibility of what the 1/40th, 1/20th, 1/10th, and 1/2 skeleton could have looked like, while still being a beneficial trait to pass on..
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Brn = not part of the couple.
brngreenback says, blessed, it's cool
lissianthus says, youth pastor, spinach cinnamon_gurl_30 says, ummmm,,,,,a finger up the ass.. cinnamon_gurl_30 says, really tifa_girl50 enters
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, BOBREBER, wrong.
brngreenback says, And glad at that, hunter... youthpastor74 says, don't have any of that
lissianthus says, how old pastor?
blessed_be_the_goddess says, oh okay phew!
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER:
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Likewise. Ew.
lissianthus says, how old?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, No offense, but.... cinnamon_gurl_30 says, baby? youthpastor74 says, 3 years
chlamydia_lydia says, joemerrick2000: you fucker raymondsklar enters
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Jawless Catiledge fish came after the organisms with the nonchord
BOBREBER says, Even a cartoonist can't come up with a 1/2 skeleton that is beneficial that can then become a full skeleton.. cinnamon_gurl_30 says, don't wanna do the finger then
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, notochord^
chlamydia_lydia says, lol
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Seriously though, I'll be waiting for you to demonstrate precisely how your diagnoses and opinions are, indeed, factual. youthpastor74 says, I have tried everything I know
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says,
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: no, just because i cannot recite all the steps for you does not mean it has not been studied, the fact is it has. that last link i gave you has a good discussion on it
salient2 says, but a repository of calcium is necessary as well
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Do it in front of everyone who knows me, /please/....
blessed_be_the_goddess says, oops! I read that as orgasms unsinkable...
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter, can i paste pictures at your website?
chlamydia_lydia says, lol
chlamydia_lydia says, thats all thats necessary cinnamon_gurl_30 says, wow.this is chat today?
chlamydia_lydia says, joe merrick has gone quiet
chlamydia_lydia says, lol
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, its not a half skeleton, it was cartalige, then cartalige w/ jawbone, then slowly other bones took the place of the cartalige
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: we have fossil examples of the evolution of the vertibrate body plan
lissianthus says, pastor, call a pharmacist
BOBREBER says, ondo.. I'm reading it.. Early on in Chordate evolution, the notochord provides structural support, which later on becomes part of the spinal column.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: 'paste'? At 'my' website? That's not my website, first of all, and you don't 'paste' pictures. You have to know how to do the coding. youthpastor74 says, I did he gave me Milk of Magnessium K_Leee enters
chlamydia_lydia says, lol @ arguing over semantics now
chlamydia_lydia says, so bitter youthpastor74 says, did not work
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: And no, that's not all that's necessary. The photographs aren't evidence of any medical disorder; you're going to be required to provide every detail.
blessed_be_the_goddess says, that told her :0 raymondsklar leaves
chlamydia_lydia says, must you try and argue everything hunter?
brngreenback says, chlamydia, weren't you leaving
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, BOBREBER, after we have organisms with the notochord, we have the jawless fish, which have a skeleton of carteledge, and not bone tifa_girl50 leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: We'll be waiting for your proof.
chlamydia_lydia says, you are the proof
chlamydia_lydia says, just turn up lol
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: And yet, I'm not.
brngreenback says, chlamydia, funny how those better things to do just evaporated
chlamydia_lydia says, and stand full on, standing sideways we may not see you
blessed_be_the_goddess says, hasnt she gone yet? I thought she was leaving....
brngreenback says, Me too, blessed
BOBREBER says, ondo and unsinkable... yes.. I'm reading that on the site.. I'm waiting for the skull part.. still going..
blessed_be_the_goddess says, lol brn K_Leee leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Are you really that uncomfortable about your own weight that you feel you have to make fun of those who are more ideal than you?
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter, your first problem is to overcome accepting your disorder and not getting mad at everyone who sees you as a skeleton
chlamydia_lydia says, say 'yes i am boney and anorexic'
BOBREBER says, You know.. bone growing around our brains, and it not hurting the animal and all.. K_Leee enters cinnamon_gurl_30 says, nothing is more important than chat Brn.don't you know that..?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Why should I lie? alaesalt enters
chlamydia_lydia says, lol@ideal
lissianthus says, chlamydia, this is getting old
brngreenback says, I really miss not seeing you, chlamydia. You should leave now. I want to forget you just the way you are. cinnamon_gurl_30 says, :)) cinnamon_gurl_30 leaves
brngreenback says, Oh, yeah, I keep forgetting cinnamon
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: "brains" are remarkably absent in primitive chordates
blessed_be_the_goddess says, yep,agrees with liss
brngreenback says, ah man happygrl_30 enters
blessed_be_the_goddess says, lol brn nettie42uk says, liss it's very sad isn't it!
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: As I've repeated multiple times: go prove it. Go prove your stance. dreamer42411 enters happygrl_30 says, Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Ondoher, correct. They simply has a mass of nerves at one end tireless_2001 enters happygrl_30 says, Hey liss!
brngreenback says, welcome back cin-er-happy
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, a concentration of nerves, I mean
BOBREBER says, ondo.. no brains?? what ran their nervous system??
chlamydia_lydia says, you are living proof hunter, im afraid happygrl_30 says, heh.ty Brn
lissianthus says, why cant i see joes posts?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Oh, hey happygrl_30.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: And yet, I'm not. K_Leee leaves
blessed_be_the_goddess says, yawns
lissianthus says, i see her name but it says shes offline happygrl_30 says, Hey Hunter!
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Bob, a concentration of nerves is not a brain
chlamydia_lydia says, and yet, you are
chlamydia_lydia says, look in the mirror ;) don_music_2000 enters nettie42uk says, Liss I can't see her either
lissianthus says, hey happy happygrl_30 says, :D don_music_2000 says, HEY don_music_2000 says, Atheists RULE!
lissianthus says, it says shes offline and has for along time tireless_2001 leaves dreamer42411 leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: I did, just this morning. I see no 'skeletal' person; I do not 'disappear' whe I turn sideways. I don't see 'anorexic' on my diagnostics; I don't see 'unhealthily underweight' on my diagnostics, either. Nor do I see 'ugly' in anyone else's opinion. happygrl_30 says, maybee her name is just stuck in here,liss
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Uhm no, we suck actually
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Unless they're trying to get back at me for, say, humiliating them.... capt_willie_1957 enters nettie42uk says, Is she in voice Liss?
BOBREBER says, unsinkable.. no.. but the brain runs the house.. which chordate doesn't have it's nervoussystem run by the brain?? there_is_no_god6969 enters
lissianthus says, no, shes been offline for a half hour
brngreenback says, Or not sleeping with them, hunter... happygrl_30 says, hhmmm
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck gets trusty biologyn textbook
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, brn: Yeah, that too.
brngreenback says, She may /*like*/ you...
chlamydia_lydia says, brn, if i wanted that i would break a branch off my tree ;) and sleep with that
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Funny, you don't act like this....
blessed_be_the_goddess says, everyone now is developing an unhealthy obsession with their current weight/body image due to lydia.....:( your_god_is_fictional enters
brngreenback says, Thanks, chlamydia, but I don't need to hear about your Saturdays. I don't even remember asking... don_music_2000 says, somebody say something in the mic
chlamydia_lydia says, blessed, not everyone has reason to happygrl_30 says, is chunky..doesn't care:p EmbracingDestiny enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, blessed_be_the_goddess: Except for the person she's trying to cause an obsession in. there_is_no_god6969 says, There you go, don. joemerrick2000 leaves youthpastor74 says, alright have to go he just got sick all over Daddy poor little guy iron_cross66106 leaves
blessed_be_the_goddess says, yes but YOU would give them reason...wouldnt you....
chlamydia_lydia says, not at all
BOBREBER says, ondo.. the site is a nice site.. but still no detail.. I'm not even asking for proof of the detail, that's the funny part.. I just want one plausible path that invertebrates could use to become vertebrates.. you don't even have to give examples from real life..
chlamydia_lydia says, unless it seemed prudent to do so
blessed_be_the_goddess says, hmmmm
ondoher2 says, happy! you are NOT chunky! christian_hillbilly_ky enters
lissianthus says, pastor, call a doctor or pharmacist happygrl_30 says, haha havn't seen my ass;)
blessed_be_the_goddess says, are you playing 'God'? EmbracingDestiny leaves
chainsaw_lunatic enters
lissianthus says, sounds like he has the flu
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: that site even explains the kinds of mutations that would lead to the various body plans
lissianthus says, but you never know
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, A tunicate, also known as a "sea squirt", does not have a true brain
chlamydia_lydia says, how is stating an observation playing god?
brngreenback says, chlamydia, is there anything else you would like to talk about? Anything remotely on topic? happygrl_30 says, chain:D don_music_2000 says, I'm an Athiest from wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back MOTHA FUCKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BOBREBER says, Mid-section first or weight-bearing items first?? According to this site.. I believe they went mid-section..
ondoher2 says, happy: you haven't posted a very good picture of it :) youthpastor74 says, I called the pharmacist he told me to do what I have already done
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: I repeat, yet again -- go prove your point. Don't cop out and say 'you're living proof'. You've got to give exact measurements, and show how they correlate to unhealthiness. Give documentation; medical journals. Doctor's reports....
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, there's your example dreamer42411 enters youthpastor74 says, it might be the flue happygrl_30 says, hhmm no you know why..doher
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter, joe merrick among others seems to agree
lissianthus says, yah
moopy777 leaves happygrl_30 says, ;)
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, blessed_be_the_goddess: No, she's just being theistic in her beliefs. don_music_2000 says, FUCKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ondoher2 says, happy: come on, just one ;)
chlamydia_lydia says, isnt that enough to try and help yourself? worth a shot at least happygrl_30 says, no!
BOBREBER says, ondo.. mutations cause 5000 diseases.. they're not exactly "new body" engineers..
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, don_music, you have also shown how atheists can be idiots, like anyone else alaesalt leaves happygrl_30 says, :-&
salient2 says, bob all members of the Subphylum Urochordata have no brain and no heart
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Nobody's seen joe say anything. I certainly haven't.
BOBREBER says, well... in humans, 5000 diseases..
chlamydia_lydia says, lol
lissianthus says, joe merrick has been gone far longer than that phoney thing you put up earlier, lydia
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: mutations maybe neurtal, beneficial or negative youthpastor74 says, bye everyone have a great day and maybe tomarrow will be better for us
brngreenback says, Joe's not in here...
chlamydia_lydia says, but he was
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, ahh here we go
lissianthus says, bye pastor
ondoher2 says, *nutral
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, Bob, actually, mutations are the reason that we adapt to our environment don_music_2000 says, SOMEBODY SAY SOMETHING IN THE MIC TO ME, JUST FOR FUN
brngreenback says, chlamydia, she. Joe is a she.
BOBREBER says, salient.. thanks.. what is an example of one.. I'm not familiar with these animals, I don't believe nettie42uk says, lol HE!!! youthpastor74 leaves
musashi_of_rocketto_dan says, neutral*
brngreenback says, chlamydia, of course, you already knew that, right? WonderingDeath enters
ondoher2 says, thanks
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, joe is 'she', and 'she' has never indicated to me that 'she' thinks I'm anorexic or unattractive.
ondoher2 says, i forgot the e
chlamydia_lydia says, im not a regular in here, i have no idea of the gender mistere_777 enters
lissianthus says, chamydia, joe is on my friend list, she wasnt even online at that time WonderingDeath leaves dreamer42411 says, jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee chronokhan enters
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter, she wouldnt, due to the politics or whatever she said
brngreenback says, of course you don't chlamydia. don_music_2000 says, SOMEBODY SAY SOMETHING IN THE MIC TO ME JUST FOR FUN
chlamydia_lydia says, but i as a free spirit may say what i see
salient2 says, Sea Squirts
chlamydia_lydia says, :) dreamer42411 leaves
tim_so_fine leaves
BOBREBER says, musashit.. not really.. adaptation using the programming that is already in the alleles is.. In other words ... is a mutation a line-item substitution of DNA or not?? don_music_2000 says, SOMEBODY SAY SOMETHING IN THE MIC TO ME JUST FOR FUN
chainsaw_lunatic says, What the
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Whatever you /wish/ to see, in order to attempt to retaliate.
brngreenback says, Anyway don_music_2000 says, SOMEBODY SAY SOMETHING IN THE MIC TO ME JUST FOR FUN
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: And joe isn't much for politics.
brngreenback says, chain?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, *That* I know.
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter, let me see a recent picture
lissianthus says, you picked a name out of the list to help your cause dumbass
salient2 says, bob ---
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Have a look at my profile.
BOBREBER says, oNDO.. I have to go...
chainsaw_lunatic says, Baron: I'm wondering what medication dreamer forgot to take....
lissianthus says, joe would never do that
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: random genetic varibility is the source of material upon which natural selection operates. this IS evolution don_music_2000 says, FUCK THE ROOM, FUCK EVERYONE IN THIS ROOM
chlamydia_lydia says, liss, i dont know whos regular or not
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Y'know, the one for the screenname I'm using now.
BOBREBER says, salient.. thanks.. I'll check that out..
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: this is how it works
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, In early chordates, their notochord ran below their nerve cord, which had a collection of nerves at one end. (They didn't have a fully differentiated, true brain, basaically a thick bart of the nerve chord)\
lissianthus says, e tu driven_lost_soul leaves
brngreenback says, oh heh
chlamydia_lydia says, but liss, she did ;) don_music_2000 says, m don_music_2000 says, gh don_music_2000 says, ghhg don_music_2000 says, gh don_music_2000 says, h don_music_2000 autoignored
chlamydia_lydia says, surprising what people REALLY think about others
lissianthus says, no way chlamydia dark_khedlar enters
lissianthus says, she wasnt even online
brngreenback says, liss, we'll ask her next time we see her.
chlamydia_lydia says, liss, want me to screen shot the pm? i can email it to you ?
ondoher2 says, later then,
brngreenback says, She IS a regular mistere_777 leaves there_is_no_god6969 leaves your_god_is_fictional leaves
lissianthus says, i saw it chlamydia
chlamydia_lydia says, but actt phoney
chainsaw_lunatic pokes happy
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Screenshot the PM, and post it to
BOBREBER says, ondo.. or, as I would say.. that's how evolution would love it to work..
ondoher2 says, happy: so, not ass pictures then?
lissianthus says, and if she had really done that, well how nice of you
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says,
BOBREBER says, Thanks again!!
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Hardly skeletal.
lissianthus says, says a lot about it
lissianthus says, about you
chlamydia_lydia says, liss, i dont claim to be 'nice' just truthful
musashi_of_rocketto_dan leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick . o O ( In a lying sort of way )
brngreenback says, (in pm)
chlamydia_lydia: Want to see my web cam horny college xxx
lissianthus says, youre more of a bitch id say
zenpunk enters
BOBREBER says, Ondo.. by the way... I never invited you to check out my paper... happygrl_30 says, sheehs lydia ..or *still* here
lissianthus says, ha baron!
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Hunter,t hat gator is blocking the best parts though.
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Like your face, I san't see all of it
chlamydia_lydia says, brn, screen shot the pm plz
BOBREBER says, I don't know if you'll be so surprised by the info.. but check it out.. \ chronokhan throws up thinking about
BOBREBER says, Take Care..
zenpunk says, hello
ondoher2 says, lydia: how is harping on hunter about a medical condition she is fully aware of and currentlyt seeking help for being 'truthful' in any way
lissianthus says, hey chrono
brngreenback says, chlamydia, no prob. Let me fire up photoshop really quick
brngreenback says, THINK smack17ca enters
chlamydia_lydia Want to see my webcam? 18/f/Fl horny college xxx
chlamydia_lydia says, ah, she IS aware of it? then she isnt anorexic
brngreenback says, hahaha
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, chronokhan, try It's darwin porn!
ondoher2 says, BOB, bookmarked uwantapeace enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck: Yeah. That's a little intentional. I've got other shots; lemme dig one up.... bella6_22 enters
chainsaw_lunatic says, hehehehehe happygrl_30 says, hehehehe smack17ca says, fuck up!!
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Hunter, how old are you?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck: 21. chronokhan says, Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck, lol
chainsaw_lunatic chronokhan, have you always wanted to check out some XXX barnyard action with trailer trash? Well, just click for a good time. :X:X:X
ondoher2 says, lydia: as has been said. she is currently trying to find out why it is she gets sick when she eats and why she seems unable tomaintain an appetite
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Int hat picture for some reason you look much younger happygrl_30 says, eeww chain
salient2 leaves chronokhan says, Dr Dino, lol
BOBREBER says, ondo.. if you want to send any comments.. I'm at
chainsaw_lunatic says, hehehehehehe
Hunter_the_CrazyChick doesn't get sick when she eats, just doesn't enjoy eating quite as much as usual.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick still eats quite a bit.
BOBREBER says, Bye.. once again.
ondoher2 says, BOBREBER: alright
ondoher2 says, later bella6_22 leaves
chlamydia_lydia says, liss, accept file transfer.......heres the screen shot ;)
ondoher2 says, hunter: okay, i thought you did that. i take it back
lissianthus says, nope bruce_al_osis enters
zenpunk leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, ondo: I actually haven't had one of those painful episodes for a while. But I've been sticking to breads.
lissianthus says, i wont accept files
ondoher2 says, hunter: interesting
chainsaw_lunatic says, liss: It gives away your IP. happygrl_30 says, What kind of painful episodes do you get Hunter?
brngreenback says, chlamydia, here's a screen shot I took a while ago that proves an interesting and little known fact
lissianthus says, wouldnt trust you farther than i could fart, chlamydia
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, ondoher2: I'm fully aware of the B12 deficiency thing, and that's most likely the cause of my problems. Even though most of what I eat has a bunch of b12 in it....
brngreenback says, chlamydia, do you get the point yet?
chainsaw_lunatic says, Lydia could post it on her profile, or something. smack17ca leaves bruce_al_osis leaves bruce_al_osis enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, happygrl_30: Just intestinal pain after eating. It's very, very occasional, though.
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Robocop is satan?
chlamydia_lydia says, ah, good idea chainsaw
brngreenback says, Shhhhh unsinkable
salient2 enters happygrl_30 says, oh....I get bad stomache pains in the morn...
lissianthus says, how could joe be offline and still send a pm?
blessed_be_the_goddess says, often has no appetite....
brngreenback says, Don't let word get out ;) jesus_can_eat_me enters
chainsaw_lunatic says, I'd vote for RoboCop as speaker of the house....
blessed_be_the_goddess says, and eats very little dove1_2001 enters
chlamydia_lydia says, then she ran away
chlamydia_lydia says, let me upload it to the profile ;)
blessed_be_the_goddess says, always been the same...
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, "Veto this, motherfucker"
blessed_be_the_goddess says, :)
brngreenback says, chlamydia, after putting up with a two hour conversation with you, who wouldn't run away?
chainsaw_lunatic says, "You have ten seconds to comply" ignorant_ape leaves
brngreenback says, HAHA happygrl_30 says, And when I am going thru alot of stress.I get stomache pains....:(
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, "I have majority control now that the others are dead BWAHAHAHA"
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Gah. The underwear snap!
brngreenback says, Chain, he'd definately get a lot of bills passed...
chlamydia_lydia says, ;)
chlamydia_lydia says, its done dove1_2001 leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Brn probably remembers that night. If he was still sober....
chainsaw_lunatic says, lydia: What's done?
brngreenback says, Chlamydia, did you click on my evidence yet?
brngreenback says, uwantapeace leaves blessed_be_the_goddess is away (be right back)
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, I wonder if robocop has a toaster fetish blessed_be_the_goddess leaves capt_willie_1957 says, it seems as tho this bebate fourm is trouble to a fact of understanding love needs to be in all and we not war with one anthor.... for out of misunderstanding of one anthor id fruitless omes no point of debate.... [[ for to debate should shed imformation of understanding.... for both to take home ..................
ondoher2 hahey happy, i like that librarian look :) bruce_al_osis enters happy_atheist2002 enters
chlamydia_lydia says, liss, do you still deny joe merrick said that?
chlamydia_lydia says, lol
chlamydia_lydia says, i wonder who else feels the same 'in private'
chlamydia_lydia says, or anyone else happygrl_30 says, hehe..its my all the time look doher.I needs them there reading glasses
lissianthus says, chlamydia, i cant even see it
happy_atheist2002 says, Hi room happy_atheist2002 is back. jesus_can_eat_me says, wow, and you're a friend of joemerrick's? nettie42uk says, chlamydia_lydia if you are sure Hunter is having weight problems WHY are you trying to make them worse...are you that bored you have to make things up or just nasty?
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Well, I haven't had a cigarette in 18 hours. I'm a damn mess. I'm about to go smoke one meowmeowkittie enters happygrl_30 says, but ty..sweetie.anywho jesus_can_eat_me says, I don't think so...
chainsaw_lunatic says, lydia: I can't read that shit, it's too small. jesus_can_eat_me says, she'd like to see that, I'm sure.
brngreenback says, Good idea, unsinkable
chainsaw_lunatic says, Let me try busting out the Windoze magnifier....
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, I hate computers jesus_can_eat_me says, it's a private message between her and joemerrick, lydia, you and your vagina have issues. jesus_can_eat_me says, many happygrl_30 leaves arizona_good_fella enters capt_willie_1957 leaves
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, My other computer is messes up, and I have no idea what's wrong. Most likely a hardware thing
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, christian, are you a creationist? lestat_delioncourt7 enters oceans1967 enters butterfly_dontknow leaves annericefan2002 enters
lissianthus leaves
brngreenback says, chlamydia, I believe you now. On a side note, this proves Micheal Jackson wasn't telling us everything he was up to in WWII...
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, If you are, I have a really hilarious site for you
brngreenback says, christian_hillbilly_ky says, yes, very much so vkmn25 enters
chainsaw_lunatic Hey christian_hillbilly_ky Looking for a good time but don't have a credit card? Click on for live XXX action annericefan2002 says, hi pplB-)
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, " reverend_donkey leaves
chainsaw_lunatic leaves
brngreenback chuckles
ondoher2 says, man, that site gets a lot of traffic
brngreenback says, ondo, SA? christian_hillbilly_ky Jesus Christ the Creator, though totally sinless, suffered, on behalf of mankind, the penalty of mankinds sin, which is death and separation from God. He did this to satisfy the righteous demands of the holiness and justice of God, His Father.
ondoher2 says, baron; no, meowmeowkittie says, Christian, SAVE the preaching, okay?
brngreenback says, oh, definately. kevin_kkk2001 enters alaesalt enters annericefan2002 says, hey unsinable----nice name:))
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, "Addy Hitler is not my lover, he's just a man, that says I am the one, but the fuhrer is not my son
brngreenback says, ondo, I've singlehandly added 94 "virgins" myself...I'm a part of the problem... arizona_good_fella leaves meowmeowkittie says, lol @ BRN kevin_kkk2001 leaves redeyedfrogman leaves
ondoher2 says, baron: if loving goatse.cs is a problem, i don't want to be cured!
brngreenback says, ha!
ondoher2 says, *cx angelofsnow81 enters alaesalt leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Hah. Think I found one.... angelofsnow81 leaves
salient2 says, Christian I thought you said Jesus was god now you say god was his father, which is it? christian_hillbilly_ky says, Both
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, is better for creationists though. It features a drawing of the stretched anus of some sort of alien. And it shows a dragona nd a gryphon having sex lestat_delioncourt7 leaves
brngreenback says, Unsinkable, I just shudder at the thought of all those moonwalking jews... meowmeowkittie says, Jesus is not the creator. Jesus was the SON of God.
chlamydia_lydia leaves stochastic_rebel enters christian_hillbilly_ky AMEN, oceans1967! AMEN! :)) stochastic_rebel leaves tyedyeuk enters annericefan2002 leaves
salient2 says, christian_hillbilly_ky sounds like incest kill_rabbits enters
brngreenback says, Great site, unsinkable
poeticheterosapien enters bruce_al_osis leaves
brngreenback says, poetic
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, brn, your not supposed to look at it yourself
poeticheterosapien says, Hey guys. Yes, I know.
a_insane2002 enters oceans1967 is away (Auto-Away)
ondoher2 says, poeticheterosapien
salient2 says, so if Jesus was god then Jesus had sex with Jesus's Mother?
brngreenback says, unsinkable, I figured as much... nettie42uk says, Hi poet pyrosylph enters kill_rabbits says, Why does it bother you so much, Oceans? meowmeowkittie says, I am in the spirit, but not the Christian sprit. I follow a different path. godsgift2usa_jesus enters
poeticheterosapien says, Thus the two meows, instead of one. ;)
chainsaw_lunatic enters
poeticheterosapien says, Heya Chain pennywise384642001 enters
poeticheterosapien says, and nettie and baron.
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, meowmeow, lemmie guess. The Wiccan Pathİ*? meowmeowkittie says, Rubber, yeah.
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hey are things? happy_atheist2002 leaves
brngreenback says, wow, you're good duck meowmeowkittie says, It's satisfying to me.
salient2 says, Christian excuse me if I find your beliefs hard to understand otaku_faith enters kill_rabbits says, Kill Kittens!
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, brnback, I'm psychic*
poeticheterosapien says, Chain - I'm finding humanity harder and harder to trust, fathom, or stomach.
brngreenback says, ha christian_hillbilly_ky **== Applauds oceans1967
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, *Or I just use commons ense
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, sense
chainsaw_lunatic says, It's sad how many people are whining about Al Qaeda prisoners.... meowmeowkittie says, lol @ Rubber meowmeowkittie says, yeppers Lunatic
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Heh heh. Blurry:
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, brn probably remembers that night too. meowmeowkittie says, I prefer the company of the Great Mother, the unjudgemental, the nourishing.
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, (look at my magickal path! I'ma witch! I can use magickckckckckc!~"
chainsaw_lunatic says, poetic: I feel that way a lot. I hope it passes quickly.
brngreenback says, I arm!
poeticheterosapien says, Chain - amazing, isn't it? As long as they were "over there" we wanted to blow them into the stone age. Now we have the guys we KNOW did it, and they are all concerned about them. I just don't get it. ares_athena enters
brngreenback says, I think
Hunter_the_CrazyChick laughs. meowmeowkittie says, Rubber, what?
poeticheterosapien says, well, further into the stone age anyway ares_athena says, hi ondo indondasani enters jack_ripper98654 enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, I just don't show up in pictures....
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Meowmeow, do you want to drink from the breat of the mother gaia?
ondoher2 says, ares_athena meowmeowkittie says, lol @ Poetic
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, breast^ happy_atheist2002 enters pyrosylph leaves
chainsaw_lunatic says, poetic: It's mainly the goofy Europeans whining about it. meowmeowkittie says, Rubber, um I don't do breast milk. indondasani says, greetings, all! [section likely missing] kill_rabbits leaves ares_athena says, sapien, salient
poeticheterosapien nods
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, meowmeow, isn oceans1967 is back jesus_can_eat_me says, yo, where'd the chlamydia girl go?
salient2 says, hi
sundevil90 enters
happy_atheist2002 says, hello room (again) ares_athena says, hi sun
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, I really hate this now keyboard meowmeowkittie says, Hey Atheist
sundevil90 says, hi ares christian_hillbilly_ky :) gives everyone a big hug :)
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Aw, I go through all that trouble to find a picture, and chlamydia ran away.... ares_athena says, i just wanna go to sleep
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, That's alright; I saved the transcript.
chainsaw_lunatic says, I'm pretty sure chlamydia is just a lame cockafella/moopy clone. carlamonster332 enters
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, meowmeow, isn't it obvious that your goddess is human? She has a human emotions, she even has a vagina, evidently, for you to call he a goddess christian_hillbilly_ky :)) sings, "Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so!" You tell carlieray223 I'm not here. Or, you're one of the people not allowed to PM me. If you really want to talk to me, find me here: carlamonster332 leaves ares_athena says, <-- looks at hillbilly as tho s/he has leprosy meowmeowkittie says, Rubber, what are you talking about? nettie42uk says, lol hunter I agree with chain about the clone meowmeowkittie says, lol @ vagina
happy_atheist2002 says, lol ares jack_ripper98654 leaves
salient2 says, christian_hillbilly_ky you didn't answer my question, are Jesus and God the same entity or not
chainsaw_lunatic says, nettie: Moopy gives it away by his fixation on Hunter. It's above and beyond that of most trolls.
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, meowmeow, your goddess is an extension of your own humanity ares_athena says, teehee, thank you atheist
poeticheterosapien says, Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Though it's wrong and kinda sick, he will bounce them on his dick. Jesus loves the little children of the world. meowmeowkittie says, just look at the vagina on that goddess! meowmeowkittie says, Rubber, God is an extension of humanity. So? ares_athena says, salient: according to me, no. indondasani says, Jesus could heal leprosy. Healing fundamentalism requires power beyond that even God can bring to bear... nettie42uk says, Yes he is a very sick puppy...where is the nearest pound!
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, So? It's an extension of our own wants and desires, made by us
happy_atheist2002 says, what is God ? ares_athena says, jesus was an actual human being. meowmeowkittie says, Rubber, so is God. So?
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, God is The Easter Bunny meowmeowkittie says, lol
chainsaw_lunatic says, nettie: I wish I knew....LOL christian_hillbilly_ky Jesus was the perfect sacrifice; He died on a cross, but on the third day, He rose again, conquering death, so that all who truly believe in Him, repent of their sin and trust in Him (rather than their own merit), are able to come back to God and live for eternity with their Creator.
poeticheterosapien says, It's not a schooner, it's a sailboat!! indondasani says, if one worships a phallus, does that make for an extention?
happy_atheist2002 says, no really .. what is God ? ares_athena says, i guess to put it in the most comprehensive way possible, indondasani begins formulating a plan... indondasani chuckles.
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, meow, I know that God is. Your Goddess is no different from God, in terms of method of belief, and nonexistence
salient2 says, christian_hillbilly_ky gues you arre not going to answer any questions
chainsaw_lunatic says, indon: Being an evil mastermind is hip. ;) otaku_faith says, not, duh... Vulpine_Arcadia enters meowmeowkittie says, ok, I'm not sure I understand your point Rubber nettie42uk says, Mind you I think they would be frightened ...rabid animals can be dangerous....hehehe phillip_1on1 enters jesus_can_eat_me says, what's wrong with people?
poeticheterosapien says, No no no Hillybilly... Jesus was an imperfect sacrifice... had he been PERFECT he'd have lived 2000 years and continued to spread his word until modern times when the whole world could be reached by television, THEN been sacrificed. As it is, there were 75 generations of Incas who died without hearing about Jesus. Oops. ares_athena says, God is supposed to be the all-powerful version of jesus.
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Damn... I'm sitting here thinking of cigarettes constantly... Quitting is horrible indondasani says, chainsaw; except for all the requirements you have to keep up to stay in the Union. jesus_can_eat_me says, why in hell would that lydia bitch cause drama?
ondoher2 says, "mind you, moose bites can be nasty" Vulpine_Arcadia is away (Auto-Away) pennywise384642001 leaves ares_athena says, lol @ ondo Vulpine_Arcadia leaves
poeticheterosapien says, A moose once bit my sister... nettie42uk says, lol
chainsaw_lunatic says, indon: Well, we all have our cross to bear.... jesus_can_eat_me says, what's her beef? ares_athena says, <-- sacks sapien jesus_can_eat_me says, why would anyone wanna do that to someone in chat? indondasani says, you know, minions who cant shoot, foolproof doomsday devices with a single flaw... man...
poeticheterosapien says, Those who have been hired to sack Poet... have been sacked. indondasani says, it makes life hard.
ondoher2 says, finaly a pythin crowd meowmeowkittie says, Is not seeking salvation.
chainsaw_lunatic says, "'s a shame that so many died on that island without ever knowing there was a hell." -Mark Twain
ondoher2 says, *python
happy_atheist2002 says, but what is God exactly, in the eyes of a christian ? .. matter ? anti-matter ? pure energy ? ares_athena says, ondo: we should make a room about the evolution of monty python
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, meowmeow, because your idea of goddess, much like god, is laced with human traits and attributes, and obvious subjective desires of yourself, it's meaningless as a truth claim.
ondoher2 says, hehe oceans1967 is away (Auto-Away) nettie42uk says, Poet who was out to get you? meowmeowkittie says, Rubber, to you. I am fine with it. indondasani says, To a christian, God is nothing in particular. To an athiest, the 'in particular' part is omitted. meowmeowkittie says, Wicca is not Satan worship. christian_hillbilly_ky agrees jesus_can_eat_me says, It's a sad day when people live for ruining relationships in *chat*. christian_hillbilly_ky AMEN, oceans1967! AMEN! :))
poeticheterosapien says, Ares was, Nettie :D
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Meow, nope, but it's bunk, like christianity
happy_atheist2002 says, so God is nothing in particular ? meowmeowkittie says, Rubber, well, to you. sure.
poeticheterosapien laughs ares_athena says, atheist & dasani: gimme a minute
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, God is a fairly large squid living in bolivia meowmeowkittie says, I don't really care if you think it's bunk Rubber.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Ow.
chainsaw_lunatic says, I love the taste of squid. sdsclarinet leaves nettie42uk says, :) phillip_1on1 says, I want to be a part of wicca, anyone willing to teach me?
poeticheterosapien says, What the hell did Oceans say? Josh_the_Christian enters
sundevil90 leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, That was just...wrong. Josh_the_Christian says, Hello all Jesu sloves you!
poeticheterosapien says, I still want that preacher's take on this
salient2 leaves ares_athena says, to quote Homer, "oh, well, he's always happy. {pause} no, wait, he's always mad."
poeticheterosapien says, No no no Hillybilly... Jesus was an imperfect sacrifice... had he been PERFECT he'd have lived 2000 years and continued to spread his word until modern times when the whole world could be reached by television, THEN been sacrificed. As it is, there were 75 generations of Incas who died without hearing about Jesus. Oops.
chainsaw_lunatic says, phillip:
XombieWire is the resident expert on wicca...he should be here sometime.
brngreenback says, back tireless_2001 enters
ondoher2 says, 'look, if he was dying, he woudn't bother to carve "arrrrrrrgh," he'd just say it' indondasani says, part of wicca? you wish to join with a group of concepts and ideas? ares_athena says, josh: i know jesus loves me meowmeowkittie says, is he CHainsww?
happy_atheist2002 says, so is God nothing in particular ?
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, Phillip, just believe in irrational postmodernism, chant, play with crystals, and wear cloaks ares_athena says, lol @ ondo
Hunter_the_CrazyChick . o O ( That's funny; I thought he didn't want any roommates right now.... ) Josh_the_Christian says, I'm just listening to my favorite group, Mormon Tabernacle Choir.
poeticheterosapien says, Ondo - no no, more at the back of the throat...
brngreenback says, phillip, first sell all your possesions for a dollar. Josh_the_Christian :))
ondoher2 says, "maybe he was dictatin" ares_athena says, mormon? phillip_1on1 says, good i will
brngreenback says, wait meowmeowkittie says, :doesn't wear cloaks and play with crystals, thanks for the generalization Rubber :D Your buddy wildside20012001 is on pager
brngreenback says, er okay nettie42uk says, As hillbilly is Amening him...not much that makes sense I'm sure
chainsaw_lunatic says, Josh: Mormons are evil, remember. ares_athena says, psh, totally meowmeowkittie says, lol @ Chainsaw dark_khedlar is back. dark_khedlar says, phill everything you need to know is here
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, meowmeow, your we;come otaku_faith leaves moone12000 enters meowmeowkittie says, Rubber, well, that's fine.
poeticheterosapien says, All I know about wiccans is the females are usually hot, and promiscuous, but bad in bed. Oh, and they like to drink a lot. That pretty much sums up all the ones I've known. phillip_1on1 says, please stochastic_rebel enters
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, I used to be a part of all the "new age" crap, untill Reason hit me in the face. I still have the mark. ares_athena says, three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. phillip_1on1 says, i going to find another room with less hostility!!!!!!!! meowmeowkittie says, Poetic, well, that doesn't describe me at all. I'm great in bed, AND I'm hot, and I drink tea. So :p
poeticheterosapien says, I much prefer young Christian gals, just hitting college. Hit 'em with a bit of philosophy and a touch of human sexual biology, and they wail in the sack like a banshee jesus_can_eat_me says, so anyway, lydia is still here under another name..
brngreenback says, QT, that's...about...acurate actually Josh_the_Christian says, I actually found time to come in here Josh_the_Christian says, I know you all miss me and stuff ignorant_ape enters
happy_atheist2002 says, what are you a part of now rubber? darkedestruction enters indondasani says, unsinkable; doesnt sound like the Reason i know... ares_athena says, sapien: i'm gonna not take offense to tat. meowmeowkittie says, lol @ Poetic tommie2322 enters
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, atheist, nothing
ondoher2 says, "four shallt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three"
poeticheterosapien says, Oh, I forgot that part, Meow. Those wiccan gals all claimed to be good in bed, too jesus_can_eat_me says, watching everything I've written in response to her scene of unmitigated need for attention
Hunter_the_CrazyChick begins scaring people. indondasani says, five is out of the question.
ondoher2 says, "five is right out!" jesus_can_eat_me says, I think I'll save this retarded pm
poeticheterosapien says, Five is right out!
poeticheterosapien grins ares_athena says, FIVE IS RIGHT OUT! indondasani says, bah. stochastic_rebel says, poet do you slam alot of freshman? meowmeowkittie says, Poetic, well, yeah, you would say that. I'm sure they did. Are you sure it wasn't YOU who really was bad in bed? ares_athena says, :D nettie42uk says, Josh like a boil we do miss you with relief when you are not here! indondasani needs to watch Holy Grail again. Your buddy wildside20012001 has gone off pager
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, YAY!
poeticheterosapien says, Stoch - well not so much anymore, but I made it a hobby for a while
brngreenback says, phillip, sorry. It's just that asking an atheist to teach someone wicca is like asking Rodney King what kind of gift you should get a police officor
brngreenback says, officer
Hunter_the_CrazyChick made him go right back offline. meowmeowkittie says, no kidding Green moone12000 says, Hey tireless....I believe you are referring to the AntiChrist!
ondoher2 says, "after reaching three, being the third number be reached. takes thou then the holy hand grenade of antioch, and lob it at thine foe. who, being naughty in mine sight, shall sbuff it" jesus_can_eat_me says, so hunter... meowmeowkittie says, lol @ Ondoher jesus_can_eat_me says, what's the problem with you and lydia?
ondoher2 says, (snuff stochastic_rebel says, do you ask them to wail or do they do it naturally Josh_the_Christian says, Ohhh, shucks thanks nettie42uk. oceans1967 is back jesus_can_eat_me says, why the fuck is she talking about you in pm's to everyone?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, jesus_can_eat_me: Ask lydia. She's the one who had the problem. ear082 enters its_all_in_myhead leaves jesus_can_eat_me says, I did, just now..
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, jesus_can_eat_me: did she? jesus_can_eat_me says, she won't reply
poeticheterosapien says, Meow - maybe it was me. *shrug* You're not gonna change your mind whatever I say so think what you want. It makes little difference in my life... but if you need to think I'm bad in bed to protect your own self-image, by all means, enjoy your quiet little delusions. phillip_1on1 says, I know there is life and energy all around us. I'm hoping to learn how to use these energies for good.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, jesus_can_eat_me: How cute. Yes, do please save it, and post it to Josh_the_Christian says, But between school, church and my knew found hobby (my piano) I odn't have much time. nettie42uk says, You're welcome Josh ares_athena says, always look on the bright side of death meowmeowkittie says, Poetic, whoah, did you forget your Valium today?
poeticheterosapien whistles along with Ares ares_athena says, lol jesus_can_eat_me says, ok meowmeowkittie says, some people are TOUCHY, and bad in bed :p
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: Lydia/moopy/loser/whatever is still in the room, under a different name.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, jesus_can_eat_me: Basically, I humiliated her somehow, and she's attempting to get me back.
brngreenback says, phillip, honestly, if you're worrying about using energies for good, volunteer at a hospital.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chainsaw_lunatic: Aw, how cute. It's hiding. ares_athena says, <-- dances while hanging on a cross
brngreenback says, You don't need a hokey religion for that...
ondoher2 says, "life's a piece of shit, when you look at it, but alwasy remmeber to laugh and smile and sing" phillip_1on1 says, to busy making money for that
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: It's very childish. It pm'ed me to let me know that it was not a moppy clone.
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, meowmeow, actually he's right on. The whole new-age thing is a load of horse crap, put on an unsuspecting generation.
poeticheterosapien says, I'm certainly touchy. Maybe I'm bad in bed.
chainsaw_lunatic says, moopy*
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chainsaw: Huh. Odd. How would she know what that was? meowmeowkittie says, Rubber, this is a free forum, and you are free to believe what you want. ares_athena says, i love that part, just cuz of the way they say "at it"
happy_atheist2002 says, would sir like a wafer thin mint ? meowmeowkittie says, You would say that Poetic.
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, meowmeowkittie, thanks for stating the obvious
poeticheterosapien says, NOW what? I simply agreed with you jesus_can_eat_me says, she/he is not saying anything....
brngreenback says, philip, nothing wrong with making money :) meowmeowkittie says, Rubber, you are most welcome :p
ondoher2 has holy grail, life of brian and meaning of life on dvd phillip_1on1 says, tooo many know-it-alls in here
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, jesus_can_eat_me: Of course not. Probably because you mentioned it in here. meowmeowkittie says, Now what what Poetic? ares_athena says, <-- is jealous of ondo tommie2322 enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chainsaw: What alias is it under? jesus_can_eat_me says, anyway... lydia, just so you know, I forwarded that pic on your profile to joemerrick...
poeticheterosapien says, "you would say that"
poeticheterosapien says, What's that supposed to mean meowmeowkittie says, Phillip and you know this how? indondasani says, phillip; didnt you know? we gather in herds! jesus_can_eat_me says, I hope you didn't really think you and she were friends. meowmeowkittie says, Thought you were being sarcastic Poetic. :D jesus_can_eat_me says, I know she doesn't chronokhan leaves moone12000 says, What an interesting room.....zzzzzzzzzzzzz phillip_1on1 says, by the hostility ares_athena says, <-- baaaaaaa
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, jesus_can_eat_me: Can you fwd it to me, too? ares_athena says, :-& meowmeowkittie says, Phillip I'm not being hostile. I'm amused, no doubt. indondasani says, know-it-alls are hostile? jesus_can_eat_me says, she's finally responding.. moone12000 says, lol@ares phillip_1on1 says, bye jesus_can_eat_me says, sure hunter ear082 leaves meowmeowkittie says, I dunno, are they Indond? indondasani says, i thought hostility was an indication of hostile people! meowmeowkittie says, lol darkedestruction leaves
brngreenback says, indon, know it alls gather in gangs and take people's money. happy_atheist2002 leaves
brngreenback says, Now you know. moone12000 says, well, hmmmmmmmm
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, jesus_can_eat_me: Alright. Just like, go ahead and send everything to me, or post it all at -- whichever you want. I'll likely be good for a laugh. phillip_1on1 leaves
poeticheterosapien says, I tried pointing out that christian gals were far squirmier in bed than wiccans, though wiccans are easier to get into that "position" and she got all miffy and accusatory with me. I must have hit a nerve. jesus_can_eat_me says, wouldn't I like to know what lydia? jesus_can_eat_me says, who you are? jesus_can_eat_me says, NO indondasani says, lol brn... wait... that isnt a joke...
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: Lydia is to pathetic to be good for a's rather dull. meowmeowkittie says, Poetic, I got all miffy? LMFAO, you are hysterical! indondasani chuckles. jesus_can_eat_me says, I don't care who the fuck you are..
brngreenback says, ha jesus_can_eat_me says, just stop fucking with people.. meowmeowkittie says, I'm chatting and now I'm miffy :)) meowmeowkittie says, lol jesus_can_eat_me says, skank moone12000 leaves
chainsaw_lunatic says, too*
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chainsaw: Eh, yeah, I guess so. Not that I'm seeing anything from her.... Josh_the_Christian sings some songs meowmeowkittie says, Thanks for being so funny Poetic. I really appreciate it. I do. tommie2322 leaves
poeticheterosapien says, You called me bad in bed without even knowing who or what I am... I suppose there may be other ways to view that, but *shrug* they're beyond me. stewskyis43 enters evilcoffeechick enters jesus_can_eat_me says, ok hunter... I'll send what I have' stochastic_rebel says, poet do they wail by request or do they wail naturally
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, jesus_can_eat_me: Alright; do you know where to send it...? ares_athena says, kill all humans... kill all humans... must kill alllll huuuuu... Bender, wake up! hmm? oh, i was having the most wonderful dream; i think u were in it. meowmeowkittie says, Poetic, I supposed that you might be, since several women with whom you lain were bad.
poeticheterosapien says, Stoc - they usually don't start until you reach the Skeines gland. oceans1967 is away (Auto-Away) indondasani says, lol ares!
brngreenback says, poetic, I've found that, for christian gals, I end up feeling like I'm being used to fight back against their own ethical system. Not that I mind... jesus_can_eat_me says, no stewskyis43 leaves
ondoher2 says, i'm pretty good in bed. i can fal; asleep in mere seconds
a_insane2002 says, :O
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, jesus_can_eat_me: works ares_athena says, lol @ ondo meowmeowkittie says, lol @ Andoher stochastic_rebel says, g-spot? christian_hillbilly_ky :)) sings, "Jesus loves me this I know, for the bible tells me so!"
Hunter_the_CrazyChick doesn't bother hiding her email address; there's no point. meowmeowkittie says, But nice try Poetic. Really. indondasani says, ondo; damn, it takes me more than a minute!
brngreenback says, But wiccans? I'll never date one of those again...
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, poetic's being all technical....
poeticheterosapien says, Baron- precisely. It's fun to take advantage of all that energy. If you learn to channel some of that emotional energy, it can be quite a fulfilling experience, if you'll pardon the pun.
ondoher2 says, indondasani: hehe, practice, man, practice meowmeowkittie says, I would never date a Born Again Christian again. Ugh kenboyred enters
brngreenback says, heh indondasani wonders if ondo will speak at any sleeping seminars in the future. kenboyred says, God is Real, Says so in the Bible, The Bible is Truth, God Says so meowmeowkittie says, good, say it enough times Ken. Maybe it'll come true. :D You tell jesus_can_eat_me I'm not here. Or, you're one of the people not allowed to PM me. If you really want to talk to me, find me here:
brngreenback says, Wiccans have a remarkable ability to destroy my income
poeticheterosapien grins kenboyred says, meow, ya think
ondoher2 says, nah, the sleep circuit isn'tall it's cracked up to be. just a lot of napping meowmeowkittie says, that sucks Green indondasani says, brn; its magic! indondasani chuckles. You tell jesus_can_eat_me I'm not here. Or, you're one of the people not allowed to PM me. If you really want to talk to me, find me here:
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, jesus_can_eat_me, meet my autoresopnder. Autoresponder, meet jesus_can_eat_me.
brngreenback says, ha, that it is indon scott_th_man enters You tell jesus_can_eat_me I'm not here. Or, you're one of the people not allowed to PM me. If you really want to talk to me, find me here: ares_athena says, :)) sings "erev shel shoshanim, ne t'se el nu habustan!..." meowmeowkittie says, Ken, not for me. I ain't Christian. jesus_can_eat_me says, i saw jesus_can_eat_me says, thanks kenboyred says, meow........then why say it?
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: It's funny how often people hit that....I miss my autoresponder....
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck says, hey christian_hillbilly, what is your thoughts on hot, gay anal sex?
brngreenback says, they work in mysterious ways. Buying two hundred dollars in incence is definately mysterious... scott_th_man says, ugh! meowmeowkittie says, I don't Ken. Have you noticed? jesus_can_eat_me says, hunter I sent the file
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chainsaw: Yeah, I know. They often do it multiple times in a row. meowmeowkittie says, Green, these chicks don't work?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, jesus_can_eat_me: To my Email account? Okay, I'll check....
brngreenback says, meow, not for me so far
poeticheterosapien says, Baron - I never have had that problem. Maybe it's because I'm bad in bed ;) kenboyred says, meowmeowkittie : good, say it enough times Ken. Maybe it'll come true. N jesus_can_eat_me says, and she's commenting on how amusing it is that chainsaw thinks I'm lydia
brngreenback says, ha ha poetic dark_khedlar is away (Auto-Away)
salient2 enters jesus_can_eat_me says, ok hunter meowmeowkittie says, Green, you ain't looking in the right areas. I make more than most men with MBA's! indondasani says, what happens if one autoresponse hits another autoresponse? do they just... bounce? christian_hillbilly_ky says, Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck, i would pray for anyone involved in that stuff indondasani says, ...endlessly?
chainsaw_lunatic says, jesus: It really doesn't matter to me. ares_athena says, <-- is catholic and proud of it. oh, and INTELLIGENT! rammstein_tx enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Nope. meowmeowkittie says, Ken, I have no interest in saying it. meowmeowkittie says, what stuff CHristian?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Not recieved. kenboyred says, meow, you just said it...... jesus_can_eat_me says, so hunter, did you get those pm's? Josh_the_Christian says, Well I think that I have had enough boardem for today so I will be heading on out. meowmeowkittie says, Ken, said what?
brngreenback says, meow, that /*is*/ attractive...
Unsinkable_Rubber_Duck leaves ares_athena says, bye josh indondasani says, ares; you arent a TRUE christian! christian_hillbilly_ky says, i wont repeat it meowmeowkittie says, what is GreeN? kenboyred says, that if it is said enough times, maybe it'll come true
poeticheterosapien says, what the hell is boardem? Is it like per diem? meowmeowkittie says, ok, then don't Christian. indondasani says, youre one of those satan-worshipping christians! Josh_the_Christian says, I hope you all have a great day knowing that Jesus loves you!!! Bye!!
chainsaw_lunatic says, There are two kinds of people: Those that are worth talking to, and those that aren't. Guess which category dear lydia is in. indondasani says, :)
brngreenback says, "I make more tham most men with MBAs"
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, jesus_can_eat_me: Of course not. I don't recieve PMs; I recieve notice that someone's hitting my autoresponder, and a prompt to ignore them. ares_athena says, dasani: why, cuz i'm catholic? :p Josh_the_Christian leaves meowmeowkittie says, oh ok Green. Hey, I work for a living, durnit.
a_insane2002 leaves jesus_can_eat_me says, apparently it does chainsaw or your nose wouldn't be in it... indondasani says, ares; yeah. everyone knows catholics are evil. just ask a True Christian!
brngreenback says, cool... jesus_can_eat_me says, I'm only concerned for nancy's sake.. indondasani chuckles. rammstein_tx leaves jesus_can_eat_me says, if you don't know who that is...
poeticheterosapien says, you have to admit, Baron, most professional escorts and exotic dancers ARE pretty well-paid halfqueer_girl enters jesus_can_eat_me says, then it truly isn't your matter
chainsaw_lunatic says, Who is nancy? christian_hillbilly_ky leaves jesus_can_eat_me says, exactly meowmeowkittie says, Who's a hooker?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Nancy?
brngreenback says, hahaha
poeticheterosapien blows Halfie a smewch ares_athena says, "you know how they have the reformed Jews? well i'm reformed reformed." --Auerbach
chainsaw_lunatic says, Good. Die in a fire. goju_dog enters halfqueer_girl says, Poetic :) jesus_can_eat_me says, aka joemerrick
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: they think your name is nancy. oceans1967 is back
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Ah.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Joe.
brngreenback says, Afternoon half
poeticheterosapien says, Halfie - guess what? I'm bad in bed! Just found otu.
poeticheterosapien says, out* meowmeowkittie says, I go to strip clubs, take my husband all the time to one. I let the girls dance all over him.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chainsaw: If they did, that's be laughable. meowmeowkittie says, you did Poetic? meowmeowkittie says, Who told you?
poeticheterosapien says, Yeah, Kittie, you did kenboyred says, meowmeow......will you marry ME? halfqueer_girl says, lol@poetic
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: It's just the kind of retarded thing other script kiddeis come up with. indondasani says, poetic; what, did you test it?
chainsaw_lunatic says, kiddies* meowmeowkittie says, No Poetic, I SUPPOSED, but since you don't understand English, I can understand how my statement might confuse you. ares_athena says, if beckett asks, it wasn't with me. indondasani says, i think chatting counts as a handicap in bed. meowmeowkittie says, lol @ Ken
poeticheterosapien says, Nice try, kittie halfqueer_girl says, I wouldn't know poetic indondasani says, that is, the activity.
poeticheterosapien says, Sorry halfie, you're married
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: godsgift2usa_jesus is a lydia clone. meowmeowkittie says, Poetic, oh, so was yours, but a failed one. halfqueer_girl says, yep scott_th_man leaves meowmeowkittie says, you guys are great! I love this room! halfqueer_girl says, what?
poeticheterosapien says, Back off, Goju. I might be pissed off at this gal, but I don't let people use that phrase EVER... least of all, YOU
chainsaw_lunatic says, With that gay red white and blue fonyt in pm....
chainsaw_lunatic says, font* indondasani says, goju; its a matter of buying milk or owning the cow, i guess. jesus_can_eat_me says, is it red light blue and blue? meowmeowkittie says, Poetic, you don't even know me. Why waste all that energy being pissed about something I never said? kenboyred says, goju.......was kidding first of all, as I am married........secondly.......just cuz she is willing to let her hubby go to strip bars, does not make here a slut you ignorant fuck.....
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chainsaw_lunatic: Ah. I haven't seen it say anything yet. meowmeowkittie says, Right Ken. Thanks meowmeowkittie says, But thanks for the defense anyway Poetic
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: It pm'ed me with a gay pride font fade. godsgift2usa_jesus leaves for_safe_surfing enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, How cute.
ondoher2 says, my wife lets m go to strip clubs. of course, i really don't enjoy it much meowmeowkittie says, Goju, who's atheist? super_fundie enters
salient2 says, goju_dog goju dog is a troll who has claimed to beat up atheists
brngreenback says, I guess I'm lucky I haven't gotten a PM
poeticheterosapien says, Kittie- the implication was there, directed or not. The same applies to my hookers and strippers comment. I didn't even say your name in the message anywhere... do you see how these things are applied as personal?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, brn: You wouldn't; it'd hit Gremlin's autoresponder. jesus_can_eat_me says, chainsaw, is godsgift's font red, light blue and blue?
chainsaw_lunatic says, poetic: She's rather defensive. indondasani says, goju; yeah. damn our lack of tolerance for total ignorance!
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, By the way, can I see Gremlin's inbox.... jesus_can_eat_me says, because that's lydia's in my pm. tireless_2001 leaves kenboyred says, <-----is not an atheists, and only a minor egomaniac banditdiva enters
poeticheterosapien says, But then again, I'd have to learn english to know that, right?
brngreenback says, Ondo, I've been taken to a few of those by my friends. It would have been better if I had something in my a laptop meowmeowkittie says, Poetic, it was assumed that the convo was directed at me. You take it FAR too personal. I don't know you, nor do I care one whit about you. I chat here because I enjoy the postings. Your sensitivity, to me, is irrelevant super_fundie says, merry christmas every one:D indondasani says, greetings, super. kenboyred says, you tell 'em kittie
ondoher2 says, baron: staring down a stranger's "thoat" just isn't very appealing to me super_fundie says, isnt it another beautiful day of the lord jesus
brngreenback says, Oh yeah hunter
poeticheterosapien says, Your lack of caring speaks volumes about you then, Kitie. Enjoy your cats. jesus_can_eat_me says, great, no answer. meowmeowkittie says, So lighten up, may I suggest, Poetic? If you insinuated an insult in my postings, you might consider some stress relief! :D
brngreenback says, Ondo, it's like porn spam you can't delete
ondoher2 says, baron: hehe banditdiva leaves super_fundie says, hi salient;) for_safe_surfing leaves
chlamydia_lydia enters meowmeowkittie says, Poetic, volumes eh? So you now presume to make a huge value judgment on me? indondasani says, what is the point of something speaking 'volumes'?
salient2 says, hi meowmeowkittie says, dunno INDOND ironee enters indondasani says, is it a matter of dictionary volumes, or sound intensity? oceans1967 is away (Auto-Away) ares_athena says, beep beep ba-deep i'm showing off my acceptance! where's the purple?! stupid colors! meowmeowkittie says, moral volumes, I guess ignorant_ape leaves super_fundie says, has the lord bestowed upon you his wisdom yet?
ondoher2 is considering seeing lotr again tonight meowmeowkittie says, the warlord?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, ondo: Fangeek.
chlamydia_lydia leaves
chlamydia_lydia enters
ondoher2 says, hunteR: yes
ondoher2 says, hunter: i mseem to have some spare time kenboyred says, aren't the kittie I know, are ya?
ondoher2 says, (seem
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Hah. meowmeowkittie says, which kittie?! fnoigy enters
ondoher2 says, grrrrr goju_dog enters
chlamydia_lydia says, what's lydia's beef with hunter? and where is nancy? super_fundie says, the lord .............jesus christ
poeticheterosapien says, Lord Shiva?
poeticheterosapien says, Lord Ganesha? kenboyred says, guess not.......
brngreenback says, chlam...uh...
poeticheterosapien says, damn, so many lords meowmeowkittie says, lol indondasani says, loudness, rather. kenboyred says, Lord Vader
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Andchlamydia_lydia fucked up. super_fundie says, our savour
brngreenback says, psst change your screenname meowmeowkittie says, um, sorry no Fundie, I'm trying to cut down :p
ondoher2 says, Lord Sauron
brngreenback says, don't tell anyone
Hunter_the_CrazyChick laughs. ares_athena says, ooh ooh ooh! i wanna deal with this!
poeticheterosapien says, Oh yes, can't forget Lord Vader. He finds our lack of faith "disturbing" jeffmantis enters
ondoher2 says, Lord Melkor meowmeowkittie says, lol banditdiva enters indondasani says, super: you mean youre REALLY a fundie?
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: It's rather comical.
brngreenback says, chlamydia, hurry, before someone notices!
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chainsaw_lunatic: See? Told you.... ares_athena says, jesus loves me and i know it, so i don't have to be bugged by you, ok super_fundie?
chlamydia_lydia says, is jesus_can_eat_me me?
chlamydia_lydia says, lol super_fundie says, of course 0:)
brngreenback says, They're gaining on you... indondasani says, ondo; just started reading the Silmarillion. it reads like a religious book.
chainsaw_lunatic says, A second rate comedian. super_fundie says, jesus is the most awesome halfqueer_girl says, It has to be a troll...
chlamydia_lydia says, jesus? lets fight ;)
poeticheterosapien says, Indon - I hope you have a REALLY long attention span meowmeowkittie says, Well, remember INDOND, JRR Tolkien WAS religious jeffmantis leaves indondasani says, except that unlike in most religious books, EVERYTHING has more than one name.
ondoher2 says, indondasani: yes, it contains the creation myth and many stories involving the valar and mair indondasani says, ...and some have more names than can be counted. oceans1967 leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chainsaw_lunatic: funny, in a 'wow, look at that bus accident' sort of way.
chainsaw_lunatic says, lydia: Get a life.
chlamydia_lydia says, use my real ID chainsaw
chlamydia_lydia says, ;) meowmeowkittie says, I'm happy for you Fundie banditdiva says, I'll take "Famous Dead Guys" for $600, Alex super_fundie says, who else can walk on the land water and fly? meowmeowkittie says, lol @ Bandit
brngreenback says, Robocop! ares_athena says, since when could jesus fly?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chainsaw_lunatic: She can't. All she can do is sit over there and be jealous of others. indondasani says, and then Eru, who is called Ilathir by the Order of the Seventh Book, blah, blah, blah for about a paragraph... ares_athena says, lol @ greenback
salient2 says, still don't understand this jesus, thing. Jesus is god, but jesus is the son of god, god raped jesus's mother and begat Jesus, so Jesus raped his own mother. This is really a hard religion to understand
ondoher2 says, indondasani: i can only recall morgoth/melkor having multiple names meowmeowkittie says, Athena, who knows? super_fundie says, and he was very smart
chlamydia_lydia says, jealous of skeletor? dont be so silly!
brngreenback says, Yeah he was! indondasani says, ondo; lol!
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: It'd be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. meowmeowkittie says, lmao @ Salient kenboyred says, goju.......1. I am not an atheist...2. kinda hard to hug online.....3. you have anything of value to contribute.....feel free ares_athena says, <-- smacks salient
ondoher2 says, eRu/Illuvatar, true
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Keep trying, you'll eventually get it right. redleg662001 enters ares_athena says, salient: watch out or i'll bombard you with alpha particles. fnoigy leaves super_fundie says, at 12 he confounded the pharisees
chlamydia_lydia says, jesus, why so quiet?lol indondasani says, not all that many things had multiple names; most just had 2. meowmeowkittie says, Yeah, what Ken said halfqueer_girl is not an atheist either
salient2 says, ares_athena I just don't understand it all I guess. indondasani says, but apparently, the elves are big on polynaming.
brngreenback says, At 34 he died and came back mechanically augmented, to take no shit off of anyone! meowmeowkittie is not an atheist either
poeticheterosapien says, Salient - Heinlein said (before I forgot how to read), "Anyone who tells you the worship one god, then proceeds to tell you about the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, can justify anything- just give them sufficient time to come up with it." evil_pot_smokin_witch enters
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter, did you enjoy my posts? ;)
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: The average weight of an american woman is something like 140 pounds. It figures that many would be jealous of 'slim' women. super_fundie says, salient say thes words abbyj20012002 enters
ondoher2 says, indondasani: i enjoyed it, but it is not a simple read banditdiva says, jesus was nothing more than a political dissident who was betrayed by his own people can executed by the ruling regime of the day ares_athena says, super_fundie: don't tell salient what to do
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chainsaw_lunatic: Quite. indondasani weighs as much as an average american woman!
chlamydia_lydia says, chainsaw, are you he-man? that would make hunter...
chlamydia_lydia says, ;) super_fundie says, may the lord christ dwell in my heart
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: What posts? meowmeowkittie isn't jealous of beautiful and slim women. banditdiva says, whoopdeedoo
ondoher2 weights as much as two average american women halfqueer_girl says, 140 pounds is not that heavy kenboyred says, *weighs almost as much as two average american women halfqueer_girl says, geesh
chlamydia_lydia says, my posts hunter!
brngreenback says, That would make chlamydia she-male ares_athena says, <-- is an average american woman
ondoher2 says, ken! beat ya! indondasani says, jeez, thats what i get for being so short.
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: She was probably having a conversation with your autoresponder.
chlamydia_lydia says, she-ra ;) nolwennthelickable enters kenboyred says, ondo, ya fat jew ya jesus_can_eat_me leaves jesus_can_eat_me enters meowmeowkittie leaves nolwennthelickable leaves ares_athena says, ondo, you're jewish? kenboyred says, 6'
chlamydia_lydia says, board posts
chlamydia_lydia says, ;) halfqueer_girl is not American...and it is none of your damn business how much I weigh! :P ares_athena says, 115! jesus_can_eat_me says, hunter, did you get it?
chainsaw_lunatic says, half: It's not bad in my opinion, but as far as averages go.... abbyj20012002 enters evil_pot_smokin_witch says, =; evil_pot_smokin_witch says, :)) ironee says, you tell em half kenboyred says, halfqueer, then you shouldn't have had your camera up a couple of months ago so i could;-)
brngreenback weighs as much as he did five minutes ago, minus a few smokes saintcyprian1967 enters
salient2 says, super_fundie sorry I only let qualified cardiac specialists place things in my heart ares_athena says, <-- starts dancing due to the joys of being average and gorgeous
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Again: What posts?
poeticheterosapien says, Goju- are you fucked in the head?! You do more for the atheist cause by coming here than we could hope to accomplish in our lifetimes- you show us WHY we gave up Xianity, and show others why they should too... by your example.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, jesus_can_eat_me: Yes.
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter, dont look for posts by lydia,,,,;) jesus_can_eat_me says, ok blueyes_78374 enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: There are no new posts on the board.
chlamydia_lydia says, who said they were new
poeticheterosapien smewches Blue too jesus_can_eat_me says, oh hunter.. if you have any questions, let me know. ironee says, blue - peace blueyes_78374 says, poet
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: What a twit.... indondasani says, poetic; people who leave xianity become muslim anyway. we need a muslim fundie in here to really complete the circle. blueyes_78374 says, irony
brngreenback says, chlamydia, did you dye a cat or something? nettie42uk says, Hi blue :X banditdiva leaves blueyes_78374 says, oops
chlamydia_lydia says, chainsaw, you could probably work it out...if you thought hard enough blueyes_78374 says, nettie :x ironee says, :) kenboyred says, Hi Melissa.....*'s the little Blue doing?
poeticheterosapien says, we had one for a while I think, Indon
chainsaw_lunatic says, Baron: It wouldn't surprise me....
chlamydia_lydia says, but then again, maybe not ;)
salient2 says, quote from goju_dog: "i kick athiest ass left and right verbally intellictually and sometimes physically" ares_athena says, dasani & sapien: that would be interesting.
poeticheterosapien is athier than Goju jennifers21fmle enters blueyes_78374 says, the fetus is fine
brngreenback says, Chain, I'll take "Objection: I never said that" for a thousand...
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Nobody I don't know hasn't posted anything.... You tell jennifer_0114 I'm not here. Or, you're one of the people not allowed to PM me. If you really want to talk to me, find me here: jennifers21fmle leaves
chlamydia_lydia says, correct...
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, *has posted super_fundie says, dont you guys think theres something special about jesus ares_athena says, athier?
chlamydia_lydia says, lol ares_athena says, super_fundie, yes, i do. super_fundie says, he did all thes miracles
poeticheterosapien says, Yeah. I may even be the athiest person he's ever met. :D kenboyred says, lol Mellisa, and the Fetus's house?
chainsaw_lunatic says, There is one woman that stands out in my mind, when it comes to being jealous of Hunter. Last I knew, Chastity was being deported from Ireland.... kenboyred says, i.e. YOU
chlamydia_lydia says, rather slow arent you hunter lol indondasani says, super; no. Siddartha beat him out on every count. halfqueer_girl says, kenboyred: got one of the webcam shows, huh? indondasani says, he was a better teacher, too. ares_athena says, jesus was like 10 martin luther king juniors.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chainsaw_lunatic: Oh yeah, her. The fuckwit who threatened to kill me because Gremlin didn't want her. indondasani doesnt know why he said 'too'.
brngreenback says, Hunter, I think miss douglass has returned. kenboyred says, halfqueer......yeah baby.........when's the next jesus_can_eat_me says, wow, lydia, don't you have a voo doo doll to make or something?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: Not even a little.
chlamydia_lydia says, wrong! jesus_can_eat_me says, damn you're pathetic... indondasani says, but jesus was half a Mahatma Gandhi.
salient2 says, super_fundie anybody begatting himself by raping his mother is a mirical in my book
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, brn: Could be.
poeticheterosapien says, interesting point Ares- makes you wonder if MLKJ will be worshipped in 2000 years from now
chlamydia_lydia says, nice try brn jesus_can_eat_me says, go antagonize someone else.. abbyj20012002 leaves super_fundie says, imagine if every one followedchrist
brngreenback says, chlam, who was I reffering to? ares_athena says, sapien: that would be awesome hermaphrodite_chicken enters blueyes_78374 leaves
chlamydia_lydia says, back in a while ;) or maybe right away ;)
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, If it were Mrs Mighan, she'd /certainly/ have reason to be jealous of me. Fughly.... siannaskye enters super_fundie says, wouldnt this world be a joyous place
chlamydia_lydia leaves for_safe_surfing enters ironee says, super - that would be a long followth eleader indondasani says, and probably about a third of a buddhist who sets himself on fire in order to protest. fred_flinstonensis enters siannaskye says, greetings all
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: Aren't they all?
brngreenback says, fred indondasani says, super; a world full of buddhists would be much better.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chainsaw: Usually. hermaphrodite_chicken leaves ares_athena says, dasani: i mostly agree indondasani says, or a world full of muslims, even. saintcyprian1967 leaves
poeticheterosapien says, Actually if the message Jesus brought earth got so perverted when they conferred "god" status on him, then the message of MLK is just as likely to get warped by future followers. He'd probably spin in his grave indondasani says, at least muslims feed the poor. evil_pot_smokin_witch leaves ares_athena says, hey
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Going over this month's posters..... siannaskye leaves super_fundie says, if we were all christ like ther would be no terrorism ironee leaves super_fundie says, no wars
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: I think women have something against other women who can be models....It's a sad facet of modern society..... ares_athena says, true ares_athena says, no one would have any problems with each other rosie4real enters super_fundie says, we would all live without wants and needs super_fundie says, no pressures ares_athena says, um, no, that's a contradiction rosie4real says, hi room blue_too_uk enters
chainsaw_lunatic says, This ideal standard is shown, and when they can't achieve it because they are too heavy, they lash out at all who can. ares_athena says, you can't live without needs fred_flinstonensis says, super_fundie so in other wordds, if we all threaten people to believe in our status as god or be forever burned in hell, then there would be no terrorism fred_flinstonensis says, ???? fred_flinstonensis says, that seems really strange indondasani says, super; living without wants or needs is being dead. halfqueer_girl says, kenboyred: well....from the cam, how much do you think I weigh? blue_too_uk leaves fred_flinstonensis says, halfqueer_girl you are a cool chick for_safe_surfing leaves
chlamydia_lydia enters indondasani says, fred; if we bombed all the abortion clinics there wouldnt be any more terrorism! fred_flinstonensis says, my wife would dig you super_fundie says, living without wants or needs is enlightenment la_donna27 enters ares_athena says, jesus ate. rosie4real says, bloody hell............. fred_flinstonensis says, I took her to a topless club and bought her a lapdance for her birthday super_fundie says, we are social creatures rosie4real says, lol
chainsaw_lunatic says, lydia: Are you a 'heavy woman?' indondasani says, there is only no more conflict when a side has won. doesnt matter which side.
chlamydia_lydia leaves
chlamydia_lydia enters ares_athena says, jesus drank -- sometimes not just water. kenboyred says, I'd have to have another show to be sure halfqueer
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, 1. Xombie isn't that dumb; 2. 'Freak isn't that dumb. 3. Jurassosaurus isn't that dumb. [moreover, both are working right now] 4. Vulpine doesn't act like that. 5. Trillian isn't online. 6. Rick isn't online. 7. SC isn't online.
salient2 says, living without wants or needs is poverty super_fundie says, if others were more giving................. halfqueer_girl says, ummm ty fred_ indondasani says, of course, if everyone was christian, the christians would turn on each other.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, brn's right here; Gremlin's asleep, Andchlamydia_lydia isn't me.... rosie4real says, christianity is the biggest con ever
chlamydia_lydia laughs at hunter, you are a dangling little fishy halfqueer_girl says, not tonight
brngreenback says, Hunter, what about that one post by some "vyki" person...
chainsaw_lunatic says, It's been awhile since I've posted something on the board.... indondasani says, and this would be the "CATHOLIC VS. PROTESTANT DEBATE" room.
brngreenback says, I can't remember ever seing them before super_fundie says, then we would all share the greatness within friendship
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Vyki isn't online either. fred_flinstonensis leaves
brngreenback says, Chain, back when all your base belonged to us
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter, you are a foolish fish who bites at the bait
poeticheterosapien says, ALL your base are belong to us! super_fundie says, everything would be available for all to enjoy kenboyred leaves kenboyred enters indondasani makes his time. truthseeker_16 enters
chlamydia_lydia says, ahh, how refreshing to say that with complete anonymity
chlamydia_lydia says, lol kenboyred says, God is Real, Says so in the Bible, The Bible is Truth, God Says so
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Oh I get it,
chlamydia_lydia must be Andrew. ares_athena says, all your base... base... base... indondasani says, what you say?
chainsaw_lunatic says, Baron: I've posted things since then, just not much. jesus_can_eat_me says, hunter, I'd hit ignore if I were you redleg662001 leaves
brngreenback says, Hunter... jesus_can_eat_me says, not worth your time hiawathakin enters Gazerusa enters
chlamydia_lydia says, joemerrick wishes she had been anonymous lol who else does i wonder
brngreenback says, I'm gonna vomit... not_sekzi_bbw_wht_trsh19 enters
Gazerusa says, hello christians hairball_69_98 enters
chainsaw_lunatic says, Who cares, lydia? truthseeker_16 says, hello ares_athena says, hi
chlamydia_lydia says, hunter obviously blueyes_78374 enters
Gazerusa says, and fellow americans
chainsaw_lunatic says, Sure.... not_sekzi_bbw_wht_trsh19 says, Hello ........ People
brngreenback says, /ignore add chlamydia
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, chlamydia_lydia: When you've said something that /isn't/ a lie, it'll be lovely.... truthseeker_16 says, whats everyone talking about?
chainsaw_lunatic says, She gets little trolls like you all the time, lydia. kenboyred says, halfqueer girl..........? Theophage enters
brngreenback says, damn space key cosmic_destiny2002 enters
chlamydia_lydia says, lol@her studying last month's posts ;) not_sekzi_bbw_wht_trsh19 says, How are we all doing today?
brngreenback says, there
Hunter_the_CrazyChick didn't have to study. hiawathakin says, hello all not_sekzi_bbw_wht_trsh19 says, hmm That go0d eh? cosmic_destiny2002 says, just fine not_sekzi_bbw_wht_trsh19 says, thats nice to hear kenboyred says, <---is always wonderful....... halfqueer_girl says, kenboyred: yes? did I miss a reply? blueyes_78374 says, riight indondasani says, im good. indondasani says, in fact, i have to go. la_donna27 leaves not_sekzi_bbw_wht_trsh19 says, LOL that soundz like a personal problem u should get that checked out hun indondasani says, bye, all! ares_athena says, bye
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, brn: Yeah. The spacekey gets in the way on that thing sometimes.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Damned laptops. jesus_can_eat_me leaves kenboyred says, halfqueer girl, I'd need another show to be sure is what I said ares_athena waves at indondasani not_sekzi_bbw_wht_trsh19 says, gtg have fun >:) not_sekzi_bbw_wht_trsh19 leaves
chlamydia_lydia says, goodbye little fishy, ill be back later ;) as myself :D indondasani says, bye, false christian! :) Theophage says, stupid yahoo....who else gets this? sometimes when I click on chagne room....I get an old room list that doesn't go to the rooms they are supposed to and had the wrong number of chatters in them? indondasani says, ;)
chlamydia_lydia leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick watches the coward run.
chainsaw_lunatic says, Hunter: A RHPS freak?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Y'know, people who actually /have/ to make up screennames to tell me something they /could/ tell me to my face are almost too pathetic to live.
brngreenback says, Chain yeah