Aliens Are Invading; Here's Proof; That Proof Was Fake; Search for Real Proof; Therefore, Aliens Are Invading

1:42:43 PM gremlin_net: [14] Back.
1:42:48 PM mary_was_no_virgin: you make me feel like i am young again...whenever im alone with you...
1:42:49 PM reason_over_faith: You were gone?
1:42:51 PM ooso.reticuli: Not for experimentation in a clinical setting
1:42:51 PM harold_adrian_philby* would like to experience kinaesthsia...if someone could develop a drug that does specifically that, I'd try it
1:42:55 PM mary_was_no_virgin: you make me feel like i am fun again
1:42:59 PM reason_over_faith: Mary. Great. Now bend over.
1:43:01 PM slackdrafthackdraftbackdraft: [587] or the murder
1:43:02 PM whitegriffin7: dr. pooky - pick my pineapple
1:43:07 PM slackdrafthackdraftbackdraft: [588] globalcide
1:43:08 PM truthisfalse: [4] white...i must be a shaman...i use drugs to seduce maidens
1:43:09 PM slackdrafthackdraftbackdraft: [589] is a good skill
1:43:10 PM ooso.reticuli: anticommunist, yes and psilocybin is effective against depression.
1:43:13 PM mary_was_no_virgin: hahaha
1:43:19 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i bend to sit, gumby
1:43:20 PM slackdrafthackdraftbackdraft: [590] yea
1:43:27 PM reason_over_faith: Mary, then sit on my face.
1:43:28 PM random_stupid_person: [3] alabaster, just been a bit busy
1:43:33 PM slackdrafthackdraftbackdraft: [591] yeah fuck the world
1:43:33 PM whitegriffin7: viagra is for shamans
1:43:39 PM reason_over_faith: 50, lol!
1:43:40 PM mary_was_no_virgin: dont pay my bills, last time i checked
1:43:40 PM ooso.reticuli: viagra is for idiots
1:43:40 PM dr.pooky: 50ft, it better be sweet
1:43:46 PM truthisfalse: [5]
1:43:48 PM mary_was_no_virgin: so yur face is not mah pillow
1:43:51 PM mary_was_no_virgin: which i paid for.
1:43:58 PM reason_over_faith: Mary, nor do you for mine. Still...bend over.
1:44:05 PM reason_over_faith: Hello, Rebecca.
1:44:06 PM whitegriffin7: his blood sugar is okay
1:44:09 PM misogynistic_female: [1] Hi.
1:44:09 PM truthisfalse: [6] James is can buy him for a song
1:44:14 PM reason_over_faith: Joe, shhh!
1:44:16 PM mary_was_no_virgin: the diff here is that i am not interested
1:44:20 PM truthisfalse: [7] Rebecca how you been?
1:44:26 PM misogynistic_female: [2] Joe: Good. And yourself?
1:44:31 PM reason_over_faith: Mary, I do not care what YOU want. This is all about me!!
1:44:36 PM harold_adrian_philby* respects people who use drugs for enjoyment...thinks the 'spirituality of drugs' people are jackasses
1:44:36 PM truthisfalse: [8] Rebecca...still weird...and loving the heat
1:44:44 PM long_bowe: [26] using lsd to cure alcoholism is like using a blowtorch to cure an
1:44:44 PM mary_was_no_virgin: which is why you wont lof off this night
1:44:44 PM reason_over_faith: Joe, ugh. It sucks.
1:44:49 PM mary_was_no_virgin: logg*
1:44:54 PM mary_was_no_virgin: hhah log*
1:44:55 PM truthisfalse: [9] har...i found god huffing paint
1:44:57 PM sexy666guy72: hai i am 14 female
1:44:59 PM misogynistic_female: [3] Ugh.
1:45:09 PM reason_over_faith: Ugh?
1:45:10 PM truthisfalse: [10] i'm a summer person...always have been
1:45:14 PM misogynistic_female: [4] Heat.
1:45:17 PM mary_was_no_virgin: 14 female. wtf does that mean?
1:45:19 PM reason_over_faith: Miso is de-evolving!
1:45:25 PM reason_over_faith: Oh. yeah. It sucks.
1:45:26 PM ooso.reticuli: From the profile of reason_over_faith "Hobbies: Saving the world from goodness and light. "
1:45:27 PM truthisfalse: [11] i can't stand the winter
1:45:28 PM misogynistic_female: [5] You said "ugh" in response to heat as well.
1:45:31 PM misogynistic_female: [6] Dumbass.
1:45:32 PM truthisfalse: [12] oos...ool
1:45:32 PM reason_over_faith: And I am going to NC all next week.
1:45:39 PM reason_over_faith: I know, dork. It was still fun to say.
1:45:41 PM ooso.reticuli: Hmm maybe reason is a drac, would explain a few things.
1:45:42 PM gremlin_net: [15] Mary: it means that sexy666GUY72 was a really weird typo.
1:45:45 PM harold_adrian_philby: ooso...that is a noble goal
1:45:47 PM long_bowe: [27] where in nc reason?
1:45:48 PM truthisfalse: [13] now now you two
1:45:50 PM reason_over_faith: a drab?
1:45:52 PM misogynistic_female: [7] Why are you coming here? Sucking all that is good out of the state?
1:45:53 PM reason_over_faith: *drac too
1:46:02 PM mary_was_no_virgin: they are why we have ignore. bots.
1:46:08 PM mary_was_no_virgin: and those screamy types
1:46:08 PM reason_over_faith: Miso. Actually, you do that. I am there to restore the balance.
1:46:09 PM random_stupid_person: [4] alabaster no, but i bet you and your "sacred band of thebes" have had plenty to do
1:46:12 PM waytoomuchof: [12] gremlin_net: or a real clever FBI agent
1:46:13 PM reason_over_faith: Long, outer banks.
1:46:15 PM misogynistic_female: [8] Ha.
1:46:18 PM reason_over_faith: I go every year.
1:46:22 PM mary_was_no_virgin: what like to bambard us with lines and lines of total crap
1:46:27 PM mary_was_no_virgin: bombard*
1:46:28 PM harold_adrian_philby: the people who most vocally identify themselves as being forces for 'goodness and light' almost always end up being the worst tyrants
1:46:31 PM gremlin_net: [16] waytoomuchof: Or a broken bot.
1:46:32 PM misogynistic_female: [9] Well, I'll be in Charlotte tomorrow and Monday.
1:46:36 PM misogynistic_female: [10] Rush concert.
1:46:36 PM long_bowe: [28] reason...thats great...i know it well...used to hang there
1:46:37 PM whitegriffin7: ooso - do you think there are vampires?
1:46:38 PM truthisfalse: [14] way...looks more like a barney fife fbi guy
1:46:42 PM reason_over_faith: Long, where?
1:46:43 PM random_stupid_person: [5] lol
1:46:53 PM truthisfalse: [15] Rebecca...have fun
1:46:54 PM ooso.reticuli: whitegriffin, oh yeah, seen many in this very room
1:46:58 PM misogynistic_female: [11] Joe: Lee will.
1:47:00 PM long_bowe: [29] reason..."wright shores"
1:47:00 PM reason_over_faith: Long, it is really built up now.
1:47:06 PM misogynistic_female: [12] I guess that's enough.
1:47:09 PM reason_over_faith: Rush concert. HAHAHA!
1:47:13 PM truthisfalse: [16] don't like rush?
1:47:14 PM reason_over_faith: Long, that is gone now.
1:47:20 PM harold_adrian_philby* saw Rush in concert last summer
1:47:22 PM reason_over_faith: I think it is called Southern Shores.
1:47:23 PM gremlin_net: [17] I'd allow that there could be vampires, depending on how a simple question is answered: if a vampire walks past a mirror, do his clothes show up anyway?
1:47:26 PM misogynistic_female: [13] Although he wouldn't go to one of MY concerts with ME if he didn't like the band.
1:47:26 PM reason_over_faith: Harold, I am sorry.
1:47:29 PM misogynistic_female: [14] Ass.
1:47:30 PM truthisfalse: [17] are married...yes, it's enough
1:47:32 PM dr.pooky: harold, any good?
1:47:35 PM reason_over_faith: You married him.
1:47:39 PM misogynistic_female: [15] Joe: No. I don't like Rush.
1:47:45 PM reason_over_faith: Who does?
1:47:50 PM reason_over_faith: Other than Lee and Harold.
1:47:52 PM truthisfalse: [18] Rebecca...what band would you like to see
1:47:52 PM long_bowe: [30] reason....wright shores is a developement...across from wal-mart
1:47:54 PM misogynistic_female: [16] James: None of the men I ever even dated would go to see a band he didn't like.
1:47:57 PM truthisfalse: [19] i like some of rush's stuff
1:48:01 PM harold_adrian_philby: was loud...and people were playing air drums along to the songs...that was just weird
1:48:01 PM misogynistic_female: [17] Men are just.. like that.
1:48:02 PM gremlin_net: [18] As I suspected, no one knows....
1:48:03 PM reason_over_faith: Long, that is Southern Shores.
1:48:05 PM ooso.reticuli: Strong atheists are notorious vampires, they cut themselves off from the source and instead feed on others.
1:48:07 PM whitegriffin7: a naked vampire needs more sunscreen
1:48:10 PM reason_over_faith: Mile Post 1.
1:48:17 PM highriselather: hi
1:48:20 PM truthisfalse: [20] Rebecca...well, i'm a slut...i went to a neil diamond concert once
1:48:22 PM long_bowe: [31] no wright shores...its still there...
1:48:24 PM mary_was_no_virgin: if those bands featured nekkie females on-stage...they woulda went.
1:48:26 PM mary_was_no_virgin: believe it
1:48:29 PM reason_over_faith: HAHAHA! Ooso called me a vampire. Cool!
1:48:38 PM truthisfalse: [21] just for the chance of sex...too bad she turned out to be a neil diamond groupie...sigh
1:48:40 PM gremlin_net: [19] Here's another question. If ghosts are dead, but hair is already dead, then, if you see a ghost, is it bald?
1:48:48 PM annie_pio_js: im back
1:48:49 PM ooso.reticuli: Yes reason, I called you a leech.
1:48:49 PM mary_was_no_virgin: ahahahahah grem
1:48:53 PM truthisfalse: [22] neil gets all the women
1:48:53 PM highriselather: ooso buddy hay
1:48:54 PM waytoomuchof: [13] misogynistic_female: I once went to a Gino Vanelli concert for a woman. That was the first/last time
1:48:54 PM reason_over_faith: Ooso, even better.
1:48:56 PM ooso.reticuli: I'm glad you found that amusing
1:49:00 PM mary_was_no_virgin: sounds like something one of my kids would ask
1:49:01 PM truthisfalse: [23] are you today?
1:49:04 PM ooso.reticuli: Ey Highrise
1:49:05 PM misogynistic_female: [18] Joe: There are lots of bands I'd like to see. They never play around here though.
1:49:07 PM truthisfalse: [24] gino
1:49:10 PM reason_over_faith: And you are a fucking retarded stoner, Ooso.
1:49:14 PM annie_pio_js: jjj ok, im kind of sad but ok.
1:49:14 PM truthisfalse: [25] Rebecca...ah, ok
1:49:15 PM whitegriffin7: Gremlin - things that make you go hmmmmmmmmmmmm
1:49:15 PM reason_over_faith: Everybody wins!
1:49:15 PM dr.pooky: the ghost had on a wig
1:49:16 PM gremlin_net: [20] The lunatics who believe in this stuff never know that one either.
1:49:20 PM truthisfalse: [26] annie...why sad?
1:49:22 PM ooso.reticuli: I don't smoke weed anymore reason.
1:49:23 PM long_bowe: [32] reason...i know a lot has changed.....the last time i was there was about 2000
1:49:25 PM highriselather: if it is a ghost it isnt dead
1:49:35 PM highriselather: but a living abarision
1:49:43 PM reason_over_faith: Rebecca, that is because you live in the extra Y-chromosome part of the state. DUhh.
1:49:48 PM whitegriffin7: a living who? high?
1:49:49 PM annie_pio_js: jjj i dont know, i think its because my cousin is getting married this weekend (well part 1 of 4 events) and i was just thinking of her father, my uncle
1:49:53 PM highriselather: lol
1:50:00 PM reason_over_faith: Ooso, right. You just burn out on LSD.
1:50:01 PM harold_adrian_philby* saw The Raconteurs in concert last month, and is seeing Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in September...and those are probably the only concerts I'm going to this year
1:50:02 PM truthisfalse: [27] annie...not here anymore?
1:50:03 PM misogynistic_female: [19] It's not just this state. They don't even play in neighboring states.
1:50:08 PM gremlin_net: [21] If it's partly cloudy on a night with a full moon, do warewolves just change back and forth a lot? I wonder that too.
1:50:09 PM reason_over_faith: Like where?>
1:50:10 PM annie_pio_js: he passed away about 10-12 years ago, he was such an awesome guy
1:50:13 PM reason_over_faith: Everyone comes to this state.
1:50:16 PM ooso.reticuli: Reason, I haven't done a psychadelic in 2 years now, no need
1:50:20 PM misogynistic_female: [20] That one Guster/Ben Folds/Rufus Wainwright concert in VA is the closest anyone I like has played here since I could frickin' drive.
1:50:23 PM ooso.reticuli: The ones I did served their purpose.
1:50:26 PM truthisfalse: [28] annie
1:50:26 PM whitegriffin7: high have you ever taken a photograph and seen orbs in it?
1:50:27 PM annie_pio_js: i wish he was here to watch his daughter get married.
1:50:33 PM ooso.reticuli: To abuse them would create what you assume I already have.
1:50:35 PM reason_over_faith: Hell, I got dragged to a Pat Benatar show a few weeks ago. Although I did enjoy it.
1:50:38 PM highriselather: how to spell abrision
1:50:39 PM misogynistic_female: [21] Wow.
1:50:43 PM highriselather: 50 no
1:50:45 PM slackdrafthackdraftbackdraft: [592] allah loves you alabaster
1:50:46 PM misogynistic_female: [22] Because I'm a huge Pat Benatar fan.
1:50:46 PM truthisfalse: [29] rufus wainwright Rebecca?
1:50:47 PM truthisfalse: [30] ok
1:50:48 PM annie_pio_js: yeah he was one of those uncles that NEVER EVER yelled at the kids, he'd let the kids act up.
1:50:51 PM misogynistic_female: [23] Joe: Yeah.
1:50:52 PM annie_pio_js: anyway brb
1:50:57 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i used to wonder why cars 'park' in driveways.....when yur not driving
1:51:04 PM reason_over_faith: Rebecca, since when? So am I. And so is Mash.
1:51:08 PM whitegriffin7: highrise don't you believe in ghosts?
1:51:14 PM highriselather: but i do believe in ghosts
1:51:14 PM truthisfalse: [31] carlin had an answer for that
1:51:15 PM misogynistic_female: [24] Mary: Are you a George Carlin bit from about thirty years ago?
1:51:16 PM reason_over_faith: I thought it would suck, but she can still wail.
1:51:19 PM quaint711312: [3] and why they drive on patkways
1:51:21 PM mary_was_no_virgin: am i?
1:51:21 PM gothic_vixn002: [1] james
1:51:24 PM highriselather: seen one no
1:51:25 PM gremlin_net: [22] If you get hit by a shrinkray do you keep all your molecules, so that, now that you're a millimetre tall, you still weight about 185lbs?
1:51:25 PM ooso.reticuli: I don't believe ghosts are sentient.
1:51:26 PM misogynistic_female: [25] James: I don't like Pat Benatar. That's my point.
1:51:27 PM reason_over_faith: Sabrina
1:51:30 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i dont think so. i just wonder about ghosts
1:51:30 PM dr.pooky: my friend says her daughter reminds her of the girl from that "bad seed" movie.
1:51:30 PM highriselather: felt one yes
1:51:35 PM mary_was_no_virgin: like why are there no caveman ghosts?
1:51:38 PM reason_over_faith: I did not think you did. Making sure.
1:51:44 PM truthisfalse: [32] lol dr
1:51:44 PM whitegriffin7: is it easier to believe in the parnormal than to believe in god?
1:51:52 PM long_bowe: [33] ive spent some time in the NC Smokies too - maggie valley
1:51:52 PM misogynistic_female: [26] My dad likes Pat Benatar.
1:51:53 PM reason_over_faith: But then I do not like Guster or any of those other gay bands.
1:51:53 PM whitegriffin7: are they not part of the same?
1:51:54 PM random_stupid_person: [6] lol
1:52:02 PM gremlin_net: [23] whitegriffin7: Trick question. They're the same type of myth.
1:52:07 PM reason_over_faith: I liked her when I was in Highschool.
1:52:07 PM slackdrafthackdraftbackdraft: [593] yea
1:52:08 PM mary_was_no_virgin: or ghosts of cultures we never heard of because they never wrote anything down since they were all...old and shit
1:52:08 PM harold_adrian_philby: Pat Benatar played a free concert in Detroit a few weeks ago. I might have gone, but I worked overtime instead
1:52:08 PM highriselather: its easy to believe
1:52:08 PM reason_over_faith: That was about it.
1:52:11 PM ooso.reticuli: Gremlin, like in Phantasm lol
1:52:14 PM highriselather: everyones doin it
1:52:19 PM slackdrafthackdraftbackdraft: [594] that's what its about
1:52:20 PM highriselather: no proof needed
1:52:32 PM whitegriffin7: gremlin - you are smarter than the average ranger
1:52:38 PM misogynistic_female* [27] yawns.
1:52:44 PM reason_over_faith: I also went to New York to see Iron Maiden. that was not bad.
1:52:52 PM truthisfalse: [33] James...i worry about you sometimes
1:52:53 PM gremlin_net: [24] I wonder a lot of weird things. Like, if you give the devil his due, can you write that off on your taxes?
1:52:56 PM truthisfalse: [34] well, not really
1:53:00 PM gremlin_net: [25] I think you'd have to.
1:53:03 PM harold_adrian_philby* would like to see Iron Maiden
1:53:07 PM mary_was_no_virgin: or like when you see a lil hole, that wha caves look like us to us...and does something else see caves as lil holes?
1:53:08 PM mary_was_no_virgin: etc
1:53:11 PM reason_over_faith: Harold, it was pretty cool.
1:53:17 PM ooso.reticuli: Gremlin, of course, that's how politicians get out of paying taxes.
1:53:22 PM reason_over_faith: <<< big maiden fan.
1:53:34 PM mary_was_no_virgin: or...if satan wont buy yur soul...does that proove there is no god?
1:53:35 PM highriselather: we look at clouds and see things in them
1:53:37 PM gremlin_net: [26] ooso.reticuli: It would by definition be a donation to a religious establishment.
1:53:43 PM long_bowe: [34] the first concert i saw was Three Dog Night....i was 15 i
1:53:50 PM reason_over_faith: Long, Shambala.
1:53:55 PM truthisfalse: [35] James...sigh...what little respect i had for you is gone now  :
1:53:56 PM truthisfalse: [36]
1:53:59 PM harold_adrian_philby: reason...I heard they were doing a tour where they only played stuff from their frist 6 albums or so...was that what you saw?
1:54:04 PM long_bowe: [35] reason...i was enthralled
1:54:05 PM whitegriffin7: satan has a wal-mart price point for souls
1:54:05 PM highriselather: we see things in a cheese samich if we want
1:54:05 PM knightn_armour: what things do you see in the clouds highrise?
1:54:07 PM reason_over_faith: Harold, yes.
1:54:12 PM harold_adrian_philby: cool
1:54:14 PM dr.pooky: three dog night was good
1:54:22 PM truthisfalse: [37] lol
1:54:25 PM highriselather: hi knight
1:54:29 PM reason_over_faith: They really when all out for "Aces High".
1:54:33 PM knightn_armour: hello high
1:54:37 PM highriselather: shapes
1:54:38 PM long_bowe: [36] pook...they sounded exactly like their records
1:54:45 PM gremlin_net: [27] Souls are another tricky matter. If a soul weighs twenty-one grammes, and a foetus weighs less than twenty-one grammes, is it cool to abort it?
1:54:46 PM reason_over_faith: And I also saw NiN in NYC as well.
1:54:48 PM random_stupid_person: [7] indeed
1:54:50 PM mary_was_no_virgin: merriweather post pavillion.
1:54:51 PM knightn_armour: and what does than mean
1:54:51 PM reason_over_faith: *went
1:54:56 PM whitegriffin7: my cheese samich is better than your cheese samich
1:54:58 PM dr.pooky: long yes they do
1:54:59 PM mary_was_no_virgin: iron maiden played threre like a month ago
1:54:59 PM knightn_armour: that
1:55:01 PM gremlin_net: [28] No one ever knows this shit.
1:55:01 PM gothic_vixn002: [2] james: was NIN good?
1:55:06 PM truthisfalse: [38] you are going to say you say nxync, too
1:55:07 PM highriselather: that cloud looks like the state of fla
1:55:11 PM reason_over_faith: Sabrina, he rocked.
1:55:14 PM gothic_vixn002: [3] I saw them two years ago here.
1:55:14 PM highriselather: or a horse
1:55:14 PM slackdrafthackdraftbackdraft: [595]
1:55:18 PM gothic_vixn002* [4] loved it
1:55:24 PM slackdrafthackdraftbackdraft: [596]
1:55:30 PM reason_over_faith: But it was obvious Trent was majorly juiced up.
1:55:33 PM mary_was_no_virgin: NiN plays here in like a month. 2 weeks?
1:55:35 PM reason_over_faith: Sabrina, this was last year.
1:55:38 PM mary_was_no_virgin: virgin fest
1:55:43 PM highriselather: we see a face on the moon
1:55:48 PM slackdrafthackdraftbackdraft: [597]
1:56:02 PM highriselather: we see ourselves in everything
1:56:06 PM highriselather: its ego
1:56:18 PM gothic_vixn002: [5] one of my friends is seeing them over labor day near Philly...she said I was welcome to come if I could get my own tickets
1:56:23 PM gremlin_net: [29] highriselather: I've never seen a face in the moon. I keep trying to figure out what everyone's talking about. It's not there.
1:56:26 PM reason_over_faith: Mary, you are in Maryland?
1:56:26 PM ooso.reticuli: Computers do not have ego, which is why one day they will rule us.
1:56:30 PM knightn_armour: ego, how do u come to that conclusion
1:56:30 PM highriselather: lol
1:56:34 PM highriselather: me either
1:56:35 PM mary_was_no_virgin: like 2 minutes away from it
1:56:38 PM knightn_armour: not a face
1:56:38 PM whitegriffin7: holy - can I have one of your bim hairs? just one
1:56:40 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i am in harpers ferry
1:56:54 PM reason_over_faith: Mary, I am going to that show again! My friend is coming down from NY so we can go see it.
1:56:55 PM highriselather: i cant find waldo either
1:57:04 PM reason_over_faith: Mary, HAHAHA! I was there last month.
1:57:04 PM mary_was_no_virgin: really?
1:57:07 PM mary_was_no_virgin: wow!
1:57:09 PM reason_over_faith: Really.
1:57:15 PM harold_adrian_philby* was at the concert in Omaha where NIN filmed the video for Hurt...they let people in early to form a crowd, while they shot the song a half a dozen times or so...after the last take, they played Wish just for variety, and Trent said 'now we have to stay drunk for the next 3 hours'
1:57:16 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i am right there
1:57:18 PM reason_over_faith: I live in Northern Virginia.
1:57:32 PM random_stupid_person: [8] gremlin i cant see a face on mars either
1:57:32 PM reason_over_faith: Yes, I took my daughter camping up there.
1:57:34 PM ooso.reticuli* used to love the Where's Waldo books
1:57:42 PM whitegriffin7: can I have half of your bim hairs?
1:57:49 PM reason_over_faith: Ooso, most brain-damaged druggies do.
1:57:57 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i do not agree. but then...
1:58:11 PM mary_was_no_virgin: you shouldn't fuk what you suspect is devious
1:58:17 PM highriselather: how much did that cheese samich with the image of mary sell for?
1:58:26 PM spiderz75: [17] [ great.. its the blabamaster
1:58:27 PM reason_over_faith: Are you working at one of those galleries up there, Mary?
1:58:31 PM dr.pooky: high lol
1:58:44 PM highriselather: hi dr
1:58:48 PM mary_was_no_virgin: no. not enuf monies fer the drive, yo
1:58:51 PM slackdrafthackdraftbackdraft: [598] and NINJA's
1:58:53 PM gremlin_net: [30] Martians raise more questions. Since the people claiming to have been abducted and returned to Earth are all crazy, can we assume that the aliens don't throw back the sane ones?
1:58:57 PM dr.pooky: hey there
1:59:02 PM mary_was_no_virgin: that would be like...almost an hour, with traffic.
1:59:10 PM mary_was_no_virgin: many people live here
1:59:20 PM reason_over_faith: The only thing I know about Harper'Ferry is: the history and the antique stores and galleries.
1:59:21 PM highriselather: grem maby we came from mars
1:59:25 PM random_stupid_person: [9] gremlin lol
1:59:29 PM ooso.reticuli: Gremlin, you seem to have made an assumption there.
1:59:30 PM gremlin_net: [31] highriselather: Evidently not.
1:59:35 PM reason_over_faith: I did not check. IS the road kill cafe still there?
1:59:40 PM mary_was_no_virgin: also, not enuf pay. galleries are worth shit to you if they aren't yurs.
1:59:56 PM reason_over_faith: Mary, I see.
1:59:59 PM sexy666guy72: hai 14 female
2:00:06 PM whitegriffin7: bbl
2:00:16 PM sexy666guy72: hai 14 female
2:00:20 PM random_stupid_person: [10] ooso you dont think they are crazy?
2:00:26 PM reason_over_faith: I know a lot of people moved to Jefferson County up there to get big houses cheap.
2:00:32 PM highriselather: we will jump from this planet and become aliens in the market for a new planet
2:00:38 PM mary_was_no_virgin: what is a fukfest?
2:00:42 PM mary_was_no_virgin: is that like an orgy?
2:00:45 PM reason_over_faith: Mary, okay. So the races and slot industry in Charlestown?
2:00:49 PM heroman1232000: How is the serious here?
2:00:54 PM mary_was_no_virgin: yep.
2:00:57 PM dr.pooky: mary, its what it sounds like
2:00:59 PM ooso.reticuli: random, I think some are sure, but I'm also sure many are not and assuming all abductees are insane is counter to determining the truth.
2:01:02 PM dr.pooky: a fuck fest
2:01:02 PM mary_was_no_virgin: gambling and drugs
2:01:03 PM heroman1232000: Sombody serious here?
2:01:08 PM gremlin_net: [32] heroman1232000: The serious is the good.
2:01:13 PM reason_over_faith: So that is where you work. Gotcha. Those places are dives!
2:01:14 PM reason_over_faith: LOL
2:01:21 PM sexy666guy72: hai i am female
2:01:21 PM ooso.reticuli: If we insist that all abductees are crazy the sane ones who actually experienced something won't come forward.
2:01:24 PM mary_was_no_virgin: did i say otherwise?
2:01:31 PM reason_over_faith: I never patronize them.
2:01:32 PM reason_over_faith: No.
2:01:34 PM gremlin_net: [33] ooso.reticuli: I dig this plan; let's run with it.
2:01:46 PM reason_over_faith: They are like the trailer park Vegas.
2:01:52 PM mary_was_no_virgin: guess what...we dont close even without you.
2:01:54 PM mary_was_no_virgin: go figure.
2:01:58 PM mary_was_no_virgin: dives rule all.
2:02:02 PM reason_over_faith: You should!
2:02:12 PM reason_over_faith: I tip well.
2:02:23 PM long_bowe: [37] (dr.pooky) martians hang at mobile home parks because they think they're a grounded space station
2:02:23 PM mary_was_no_virgin: mm-hmm. lke you would say otherwise.
2:02:32 PM ooso.reticuli: imho the sane abductees are the ones who don't seek anttention from sharing their experiences.
2:02:33 PM mary_was_no_virgin: but..its wha i like to do.
2:02:36 PM mary_was_no_virgin: laf away.
2:02:38 PM ooso.reticuli: attention*
2:02:41 PM random_stupid_person: [11] ooso ok
2:02:47 PM reason_over_faith: Do they make you walk around half-naked?
2:02:51 PM reason_over_faith: Like in vegas?
2:02:56 PM mary_was_no_virgin: no
2:03:02 PM reason_over_faith: Damn.
2:03:05 PM reason_over_faith: Then I would have gone!
2:03:10 PM mary_was_no_virgin: obviously you have never been here
2:03:13 PM gremlin_net: [34] ooso.reticuli: It's not about determining the truth: that's impossible; it's about exstablishing the fact, which means we need evidence.
2:03:13 PM reason_over_faith: Nope.
2:03:19 PM reason_over_faith: Not recently anyway.
2:03:22 PM mary_was_no_virgin: talked like you had been
2:03:23 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i see.
2:03:25 PM reason_over_faith: Not since they expanded.
2:03:29 PM mary_was_no_virgin: you just like to pretend at crap.
2:03:30 PM reason_over_faith: I was years ago.
2:03:34 PM reason_over_faith: And it was bad.
2:03:35 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i get it.
2:03:41 PM reason_over_faith: I am just figuring it still was.
2:03:44 PM mary_was_no_virgin: no, it's ok.
2:03:45 PM ooso.reticuli: gremlin, we have the testimonies of hundreds of thousands of people from all educational levels and walks of life.
2:03:53 PM mary_was_no_virgin: we're understanding each other now.
2:04:01 PM long_bowe: [38] they're countless possibilities for alien deny the possibility is just ignorant
2:04:03 PM ooso.reticuli: We have photo and video evidence, what exactly is it we need to make everything click?
2:04:06 PM gremlin_net: [35] ooso.reticuli: Anecdotal stories aren't evidence.
2:04:07 PM reason_over_faith: Mary, they must have you wear slut pumps and a high skirt, right?
2:04:17 PM highriselather: aliens are here ever look close at a bug
2:04:23 PM highriselather: or jellyfish
2:04:27 PM reason_over_faith: High, what?
2:04:31 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i dont think you have ever been here. now many here have ever gone about half nekkie serving food in diners.
2:04:33 PM ooso.reticuli: gremlin, in great enough number from reliable sources I think it is.
2:04:35 PM highriselather: hi reason
2:04:40 PM gremlin_net: [36] ooso.reticuli: Then you're wrong.
2:04:47 PM mary_was_no_virgin: you must have us fucked up with something you read about.
2:04:49 PM reason_over_faith: Mary, I said I was there like in..what...100`.
2:04:52 PM gremlin_net: [37] ooso.reticuli: What conclusive filmed evidence have we got?
2:04:55 PM dr.pooky: some people mistake sleep paralysis for an alien abduction as well.
2:04:56 PM sabacadula: [1] great enough number.... Elvis is alive!
2:04:59 PM reason_over_faith: I mean, 2001
2:05:00 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i mean, ever.
2:05:00 PM hi
2:05:01 PM ooso.reticuli: When professionals are willing to put their careers on the line to come forward I have to believe them.
2:05:04 PM reason_over_faith: I have been there, yes.
2:05:08 PM reason_over_faith: See above.
2:05:09 PM ooso.reticuli: They have too much to lose by lieing
2:05:12 PM reason_over_faith: No idea what it is like now.
2:05:13 PM long_bowe: [39] jellyfish are just a smucker brothers experiment gone terribly wrong
2:05:14 PM mary_was_no_virgin: no one here shclepp's food half nekkie.
2:05:15 PM gremlin_net: [38] ooso.reticuli: Sorry to hear that.
2:05:17 PM mary_was_no_virgin: ever
2:05:22 PM mary_was_no_virgin: charles town
2:05:22 PM reason_over_faith: mary, if they did, I would come.
2:05:27 PM mary_was_no_virgin: and harpers ferry
2:05:28 PM ooso.reticuli: Gremlin, what would be defined as conclusive?
2:05:38 PM reason_over_faith: Mary, I asked IF they did. Not that they do.
2:05:50 PM highriselather: trasecint light
2:05:51 PM gremlin_net: [39] ooso.reticuli: Clear evidence of alien invasion to the exclusion of terran alternatives.
2:05:53 PM reason_over_faith: Last time I was there, some woman in jeans and a few teeth took our drink orders.
2:05:53 PM mary_was_no_virgin: made the impression that you knew just what it was like here.
2:05:58 PM ooso.reticuli: We have videos of ships, alien interviews and everytime a new ones comes along people just call it fake and ignore it
2:05:59 PM reason_over_faith: This was when it was just horse racing.
2:05:59 PM mary_was_no_virgin: and you were off by like...worlds.
2:06:02 PM mary_was_no_virgin: go figure.
2:06:03 PM mary_was_no_virgin: chat
2:06:09 PM reason_over_faith: mary, no I did not. Dork.
2:06:10 PM ooso.reticuli: Which would be what Gremlin?
2:06:14 PM sabacadula: [2] we have videos of alien interviews? Where?
2:06:16 PM gremlin_net: [40] ooso.reticuli: You have alien interviews? Cool. Show me those.
2:06:31 PM sabacadula: [3] ooso, show us a video of an alien interview
2:06:32 PM reason_over_faith: Notice I asked IF it was still like it was back in 2000-2001
2:06:33 PM dr.pooky: lol alien interviews
2:06:58 PM highriselather: if humans can travel space any life form can
2:07:01 PM mary_was_no_virgin: you were here for like a minute in one of the strip clubs outside of town limits. i get it.
2:07:12 PM reason_over_faith: Mary, what casino do you work at. I will come up there drunk and harass you.
2:07:12 PM gremlin_net: [41] is about to break the exclusive on alien interviews. I can just feel it.
2:07:16 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i live here now. i know what impression some can get
2:07:18 PM mad.hatter2k: [1] ha
2:07:22 PM dr.pooky: do you mean interviews under hypnosis?
2:07:23 PM sabacadula: [4] highrise... er.. so tomatoes can travel in space?
2:07:27 PM long_bowe: [40] i always thought carrot top was an alien
2:07:36 PM reason_over_faith: No. Harper's Ferry is nice. I go there once a year.
2:07:38 PM ooso.reticuli: There ya go, two examples
2:07:40 PM highriselather: i think they do
2:07:44 PM highriselather: via uas
2:07:44 PM gremlin_net: [42] ooso.reticuli: Where?
2:07:46 PM long_bowe: [41] hey sam...welcome
2:07:50 PM sabacadula: [5] ooso, where is that alien interview?
2:07:51 PM dr.pooky: long bowe haha
2:07:58 PM mary_was_no_virgin: it is very nice, thanks. i love it here.
2:08:03 PM highriselather: we take tomatos into space yes
2:08:06 PM ooso.reticuli: I posted two youtube links, didn't you see them?
2:08:11 PM gremlin_net: [43] ooso.reticuli: Nope.
2:08:14 PM reason_over_faith: It is just that Charles Town was a real cesspool.
2:08:25 PM reason_over_faith: I figure it got worse when they legalized slots there.
2:08:25 PM mary_was_no_virgin: hmm. only if you hang with the junkies.
2:08:32 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i suggest you dont yur next visit
2:08:35 PM stoic_samsf* [1] hi way & spider & smynica & saba & render & reb & reason & rasp & random & quaint & ooso & mary & hatter & lubna & long & clip & high & harold & hal & grem & grampa & vix & gold &
2:08:37 PM mad.hatter2k: [2] Those videos ooso.reticuli posted simply make clever use of puppets and CGI.
2:08:39 PM sabacadula: [6] proof by youtube....
2:08:40 PM mary_was_no_virgin: go to a bar and nbot strip clubs
2:08:40 PM reason_over_faith: It was not as bad when it was just open track betting.
2:08:42 PM gothic_vixn002: [6] sam
2:08:43 PM mary_was_no_virgin: not*
2:08:43 PM ooso.reticuli: there
2:08:47 PM spiderz75: [18] [ hi sam
2:08:49 PM dr.pooky: carrot top is under survellience by men in black
2:08:51 PM quaint711312: [4] Hey samsf
2:08:51 PM gremlin_net: [44] mad.hatter2k: You saw links? I didn't.
2:08:52 PM mad.hatter2k: [3] nothing conclusive about them that screams "it's real"
2:08:55 PM long_bowe: [42] hiya sam...welcome
2:08:57 PM sabacadula: [7] I cannot see any links
2:08:57 PM mars_axis: [1] Ÿ <~ here once again for your chatting pleasure
2:08:58 PM harold_adrian_philby: at one of those Comedy Central Roast things, where Carrot Top was one of the participants, one of the other comics said, to Carrot Top, 'I didn't know plastic surgeons could add an extra chromosome.'
2:09:02 PM mad.hatter2k: [4] Yeah I saw them.
2:09:02 PM stoic_samsf* [2] free & candy & dr_p & duke & annie you maniac & AAL & all
2:09:04 PM sabacadula: [8] maybe YahELite hides links?
2:09:07 PM mary_was_no_virgin: you know.
2:09:09 PM dr.pooky: heya stoic
2:09:09 PM mad.hatter2k* [5] is using YahELite
2:09:11 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i dont believe you.
2:09:12 PM candycoatedmonkey: [1] Sam
2:09:13 PM stoic_samsf* [3] hi mars
2:09:17 PM long_bowe: [43] hahaha harold
2:09:18 PM mad.hatter2k: [6] here is one
2:09:18 PM ooso.reticuli: Hatter, that's my point, no amount of evidence will be enough for a skeptic.
2:09:19 PM trumpet_marcher75: i saw the liks 2 times
2:09:21 PM mary_was_no_virgin: cuz again, i live here.
2:09:25 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i know who sucks here
2:09:26 PM reason_over_faith: That I have never been to a strip club there?
2:09:39 PM reason_over_faith: Or that I thought the women might have been scary?
2:09:41 PM mars_axis: [2] Ÿ candy
2:09:41 PM gothic_vixn002: [7] that looks like a lemur
2:09:43 PM mad.hatter2k: [7] ooso.reticuli that is not necessarily true
2:09:43 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i dont work at the track
2:09:44 PM stoic_samsf: [4]
2:09:47 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i have never been there
2:09:48 PM candycoatedmonkey: [2] Mars
2:09:49 PM mary_was_no_virgin: go figure
2:09:51 PM dr.pooky: anti, true
2:09:53 PM quaint711312: [5] if people choose to deliberate ignorant - there is nothing you can do about it
2:09:58 PM quaint711312: [6] to be*
2:09:58 PM mars_axis: [3] Ÿ vixn
2:09:58 PM mad.hatter2k: [8] but you can't expect to make that point by posting YouTube videos of "aliens" in dark rooms
2:10:03 PM reason_over_faith: Mary, aha! SO YOU are talking about shit that you have never been to!
2:10:06 PM gremlin_net: [45] So, a 'telepath' is gonna tell us what the muppet is telepathing?
2:10:06 PM reason_over_faith: Dumbass.
2:10:06 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i hate noisy screamy lighty places.
2:10:09 PM mars_axis: [4] Ÿ bowe, reason
2:10:09 PM mad.hatter2k: [9] why is it that these aliens are never filmed in day light?
2:10:14 PM reason_over_faith: That is what the track is.
2:10:16 PM highriselather: which is more believable god , aliens, or peace on earth?
2:10:16 PM ooso.reticuli: anticommunist, yes which is why screen memories are often said to be used.
2:10:17 PM gothic_vixn002: [8] mars
2:10:19 PM mary_was_no_virgin: again, i live here. i am a waitress.
2:10:21 PM long_bowe: [44] mexicans in dark rooms??
2:10:22 PM reason_over_faith: Mars, what?
2:10:28 PM quaint711312: [7] deliberately ignorant = wilfully an idiot
2:10:29 PM gremlin_net: [46] And, if so: when?
2:10:30 PM mars_axis: [5] Ÿ and the rest of you sorry ass mofos
2:10:32 PM dr.pooky: they will simply claim that they were experiencing the "hag on the chest" phenomenon
2:10:32 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i have drank with almost every cop and local trooper.
2:10:38 PM sabacadula: [9] well, a youtube video must be considered absolute proof. After all, you cannot fake a video...
2:10:38 PM reason_over_faith: mary, in HF?
2:10:40 PM random_stupid_person: [12] lol
2:10:44 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i let a few paint my nails on a couple drunk nights.
2:10:45 PM mars_axis: [6] Ÿ reason, just saying hello
2:10:46 PM stoic_samsf: [5] hatter, no one is serious about that alien video, are they?
2:10:52 PM ooso.reticuli: Gremlin, like I said, nothing I show you will be acceptable evidence
2:10:53 PM mary_was_no_virgin: yes
2:10:55 PM reason_over_faith: Mars, hello.
2:10:58 PM mary_was_no_virgin: the cops here are clingy
2:11:00 PM mad.hatter2k: [10] Sam ooso.reticuli apparently is.
2:11:02 PM gothic_vixn002: [9] especially when it looks like a freaking lemur
2:11:06 PM stoic_samsf: [6] Could be a joke
2:11:06 PM mary_was_no_virgin: it works in my best interest to know them all
2:11:17 PM ooso.reticuli: Sam, yes it could it be, but I think the second is real
2:11:18 PM reason_over_faith: mary, hmm. I will show up there anonymously drunk and demand you let me paint your nails.
2:11:18 PM harold_adrian_philby: alien lemurs?
2:11:23 PM dr.pooky: lol lemur
2:11:28 PM gothic_vixn002: [10] ralph: that must be it
2:11:29 PM reason_over_faith: ALien lemurs?
2:11:29 PM mary_was_no_virgin: you better be bald and have a badge
2:11:32 PM gothic_vixn002: [11] lemurs are from mars
2:11:33 PM mary_was_no_virgin: and wicked cool eyes
2:11:37 PM gremlin_net: [47] Oh. The 'telepathy' is broken. The 'telepath' is trying to get clarification on an eariler, unfilmed interpath with the muppet.
2:11:39 PM stoic_samsf: [7] ooso, that thing looks like a child in a halloween costume
2:11:40 PM mad.hatter2k: [11] He has posted one of those videos in here before outraged that people were torturing the alien.
2:11:42 PM reason_over_faith: No badge and I stopped shaving my head.
2:11:44 PM sabacadula: [10] lol, I saw the video... is ooso THAT gullible?
2:11:45 PM harold_adrian_philby: Invasion of the Astro Lemurs
2:11:52 PM gremlin_net: [48] Oh no! The muppet is dying! Get some thread!
2:11:54 PM mary_was_no_virgin: i have to go. see ya all laters tonight, etc
2:12:01 PM mary_was_no_virgin: but this isnt so bad.
2:12:02 PM reason_over_faith: What are wicked cool eyes? My eyes are black. Does that count?
2:12:09 PM stoic_samsf: [8] well that is very silly, hatter
2:12:09 PM reason_over_faith: I just said HF is not bad!
2:12:10 PM sabacadula: [11] The muppets were more credible than that video
2:12:10 PM mary_was_no_virgin: just some parts of it. like most places.
2:12:14 PM mary_was_no_virgin: anyways. be well!
2:12:15 PM highriselather: mary
2:12:17 PM highriselather: bye
2:12:21 PM gothic_vixn002: [12] james: that's because you're satan
2:12:27 PM gremlin_net: [49] That was really, really stupid.
2:12:27 PM ooso.reticuli: Hatter, yes the second one does piss me off.
2:12:28 PM reason_over_faith: Oh, well...true...
2:12:34 PM dr.pooky: the muppets are from outer space too
2:12:44 PM reason_over_faith: And I am not kidding, Sabrina. You have to really look to see the pupils.
2:12:49 PM mars_axis: [7] Ÿ precious_pearl asked me what a "mofo" was yesterday
2:12:58 PM stoic_samsf: [9] THe voice is a typical disguiser, like "Anonymous"
2:13:04 PM mars_axis: [8] Ÿ cracked me the fuck up
2:13:05 PM ooso.reticuli: But it's one where the movement is fluent thus possibly not animatronics, and there are no signs of clipping or pixel shading so unlikely not CG.
2:13:09 PM gothic_vixn002: [13] james: yes, because you're satan
2:13:10 PM trumpet_marcher75: ooso
2:13:22 PM ooso.reticuli: Yes Trumpet?
2:13:25 PM reason_over_faith: Sabrina, yes. Come sit on one of my horns.
2:13:32 PM trumpet_marcher75: ur the mars guy?
2:13:36 PM mad.hatter2k: [13] I've seen Jim Henson and Spielburg pull off aliens just as well.
2:13:37 PM stoic_samsf: [10] THat one was made by someone who knows a little more about animation
2:13:38 PM gothic_vixn002: [14] james: um, how about no.
2:13:46 PM mars_axis: [9] Ÿ the mars guy?
2:13:46 PM gothic_vixn002: [15] hatter: uh, better
2:13:51 PM mad.hatter2k: [14] The alien in the second video sounds like Greedo.
2:13:52 PM reason_over_faith: How about there is no option!
2:13:53 PM ooso.reticuli: Trumpet, no
2:13:55 PM mars_axis: [10] Ÿ is that good?
2:13:57 PM gremlin_net: [50] There's an interview with a better muppet?
2:14:02 PM gothic_vixn002: [16] lol
2:14:07 PM stoic_samsf: [11] grem, looks like CGI
2:14:08 PM reason_over_faith:
2:14:16 PM mad.hatter2k: [15] I bet if you reversed the tape he will be speaking a human language backwards
2:14:17 PM reason_over_faith: What are you talking about, sam?
2:14:26 PM stoic_samsf: [12] The youtube link hatter posted
2:14:32 PM stoic_samsf: [13] A couple "Alien interviews"
2:14:33 PM dr.pooky: hatta, yes, jim henson was a good illusionist.
2:14:33 PM gremlin_net: [51] stoic_samsf: Where? I'm good at spotting CG, since I do that stuff.
2:14:37 PM reason_over_faith: I hate hatter on ignore.
2:14:41 PM reason_over_faith: can you repost it?
2:15:19 PM ooso.reticuli: Sam, that's no interview that's a bloody abduction
2:15:22 PM stoic_samsf: [15] The shiny head looks like typical CGI to me
2:15:27 PM gremlin_net: [52] ooso.reticuli: Anyway: in that interview with the muppet, when they necessarily tested the muppet's DNA, what were the results?
2:15:27 PM reason_over_faith: That is so fucking fake!
2:15:31 PM reason_over_faith: Who said that was real?!?
2:15:40 PM gothic_vixn002: [17] where the hell are they that it is that dark?
2:15:41 PM reason_over_faith: Oh, Ooso, does. Figures.
2:15:41 PM dr.pooky: reason lol
2:15:42 PM gremlin_net: [53] reason_over_faith: ooso.reticuli is pretending the muppet was an alien.
2:15:47 PM highriselather: if they come we will know it
2:16:00 PM stoic_samsf: [16] ooso, that stuff is just normal video-game type special effects
2:16:13 PM dr.pooky: i saw that muppet alien long ago myself.
2:16:13 PM aal_returnz: aliens so small their spaceship has flown down my urethra
2:16:21 PM ooso.reticuli: Sam, like I said, I do not see any clipping, pixel shading, or other distortion.
2:16:25 PM dr.pooky: aal ahha
2:16:27 PM mad.hatter2k: [16] I think regardless of how well the alien looks the RED FLAG is the fact that both aliens are shoot in dark rooms.
2:16:31 PM reason_over_faith: Gremlin, this is the same moron who claims that reality is perceived via the subconsious and that drugs helped him, "peel the veil" of time, space and dimensions.
2:16:37 PM gremlin_net: [54] ooso.reticuli: What were the results of the DNA tests on the muppet?
2:16:39 PM aal_returnz: Po
2:16:41 PM highriselather: if they do come you think theyll be friendly?
2:16:43 PM stoic_samsf: [17] Yes, it's done with a program like Photoshop or Poser or something like that
2:16:53 PM reason_over_faith: The fucking guys are laughing!
2:16:56 PM gremlin_net: [55] Poser kinda sucks. A lot.
2:17:05 PM aal_returnz: Pooky ...they come from a planet which is nearly all ocean ...a massive expanse of urine
2:17:12 PM reason_over_faith: AAL, lol
2:17:21 PM reason_over_faith: It is so fucking hot here today.
2:17:24 PM stoic_samsf: [18] grem, what's the best tool for that sort of stugg?
2:17:26 PM dr.pooky: lol
2:17:32 PM stoic_samsf: [19] stuff
2:17:47 PM harold_adrian_philby* is amazed that anyone would think that was real
2:17:48 PM candycoatedmonkey: [3] afk
2:17:54 PM gremlin_net: [56] One of these days--and now that I'm mentioning it, I won't be able to do it here--I'm gonna CG an alien, show it to these nuts, and let them tell me how obviously real it is.
2:18:01 PM gremlin_net: [57] Then I'll show them the wireframes.
2:18:03 PM reason_over_faith: Harold, and of course, the alien happens to sound like E.T.
2:18:05 PM reason_over_faith: Christ.
2:18:10 PM reason_over_faith: Harold, IT IS OOSO!
2:18:13 PM stoic_samsf: [20] harold, someone with no experience of modern animations might, like someone from the 1960s
2:18:13 PM random_stupid_person: [13] how does that guy conveniently have a video camera on late at night
2:18:19 PM aal_returnz: is that a real alien video ...FROM THE VERY SAME PPL WHO READ SUN_YES COMMENTS
2:18:20 PM mad.hatter2k: [17] When people are convinced videos like this are real it is no wonder that people are blowing themselves up for Allah.
2:18:28 PM ooso.reticuli: CG has obvious signs of being fake if you look at it zoomed in
2:18:29 PM gremlin_net: [58] stoic_samsf: I use LightWave. Maya's getting popular, but, while it's okay for modelling, it sucks for rendering.
2:18:39 PM stoic_samsf: [21] Grem, you could do it in here, the same day you announced you were faking it, and people would still believe it
2:18:42 PM gremlin_net: [59] ooso.reticuli: You sure about that?
2:18:45 PM harold_adrian_philby: sam...the kid in costumes in Close Encounters looked more real than that thing
2:18:48 PM ooso.reticuli: Gremlin, yes I am
2:18:51 PM harold_adrian_philby: kids
2:18:51 PM stoic_samsf: [22] Some people want to believe
2:18:54 PM long_bowe: [45] there was a movie where these giant bugs looked like guy in a long overcoat - does anyone remember this?
2:19:01 PM mad.hatter2k* [18] nods
2:19:06 PM reason_over_faith: Long, yes.
2:19:09 PM dr.pooky: long i think i saw that one
2:19:13 PM stoic_samsf: [23] Flash animation has no pixellation
2:19:16 PM highriselather: close encounters was a good movie
2:19:24 PM gremlin_net: [60] stoic_samsf: Probably. In fact, I've kinda done it before. I did a flyingsaucer in LightWave; even a couple of sceptics assumed it was a photograph of 'something'.
2:19:25 PM long_bowe: [46] shoot..i cant remember the name...a pretty good flick
2:19:26 PM mad.hatter2k: [19] ooso.reticuli for the record I believe there is a strong possibility that aliens exist
2:19:28 PM ooso.reticuli: Sam, no but the motion isn't natural
2:19:32 PM reason_over_faith: Long, Mimic.
2:19:33 PM mad.hatter2k: [20] but those videos are not convincing evidence
2:19:41 PM ooso.reticuli: mad, I never said they were.
2:19:42 PM stoic_samsf: [24] Nope ooso, it's fake
2:19:46 PM mad.hatter2k: [21] with today's technology they could easily be fakes
2:19:50 PM gremlin_net: [61] ooso.reticuli: Did you ever makebelieve the results of the DNA tests on the muppet? I didn't see you explain that.
2:19:55 PM long_bowe: [47] YES!!! mimic!!....excellent reason
2:19:56 PM ooso.reticuli: I said they were example of how no amount of evidence will be considered factual to some.
2:20:07 PM ooso.reticuli: Which as we can see by observation to be true lol
2:20:08 PM reason_over_faith: Ooso, because that is not factual!
2:20:20 PM highriselather: ooso is right
2:20:23 PM mad.hatter2k: [22] ooso.reticuli so you are posting fakes as evidence of how skeptical skeptics are?
2:20:26 PM mad.hatter2k: [23] that makes no sense
2:20:27 PM ooso.reticuli: Gremlin, I have no idea what your loaded question means.
2:20:30 PM gremlin_net: [62] ooso.reticuli: Given your claim that we've captured and interviewed aliens, all I need to be convinced is the results of the DNA tests as published in a credible journal.
2:20:37 PM reason_over_faith: Ooso, but wait. You contradicted yourself. We are not unconscious!
2:20:54 PM ooso.reticuli: Mad, no Gremlin asked for video evidence, I posted video evidence.
2:21:01 PM sabacadula: [12] gremlin... you mean you expect something more than a youtube video?
2:21:03 PM reason_over_faith: How can we see the alien if we are conscious, Ooso?
2:21:15 PM reason_over_faith: What a nutjob.
2:21:15 PM mad.hatter2k: [24] but they are not good evidence
2:21:16 PM gothic_vixn002: [18] I'm trying to figure out why the "advanced life forms" in those videos people are supposed to believe are real don't look very advanced.
2:21:16 PM gremlin_net: [63] ooso.reticuli: Or do you really think that someone could interview an alien and upload that to while forgetting to exhaustively test its biology?
2:21:19 PM stoic_samsf: [25] No amount of unverfied, obviously fake, evidence will satisfy you people. See how unreasonable you are?
2:21:24 PM ooso.reticuli: I think the second one is.
2:21:31 PM ooso.reticuli: The first I do believe is a fake
2:21:37 PM stoic_samsf: [26] I bet if I posted quotes from 100 Bibles you'd still say Jesus never existed!
2:21:44 PM reason_over_faith: What second one?
2:21:45 PM gremlin_net: [64] ooso.reticuli: The first was a fake. It was a muppet. I never saw a second one.
2:21:57 PM waytoomuchof: [14] gothic_vixn002: the aliens have figured out what to do with their homeless; put them in spaceships and send them to Earth
2:22:00 PM reason_over_faith: Sam, actually, there was an historical jesus.
2:22:04 PM reason_over_faith: Just not a divine one.
2:22:05 PM ooso.reticuli: Gremlin, people have posted it atleast three times now
2:22:14 PM sabacadula: [13] yes, there was a historical Jesus... or maybe it wasn't
2:22:22 PM reason_over_faith: Here we go..
2:22:25 PM stoic_samsf: [27] Reason, I suppose you are correct, but I don't know
2:22:29 PM sabacadula: [14] but.. who cares
2:22:38 PM gremlin_net: [65] ooso.reticuli: Not on my screen. The last one I got was the one mad.hatter2k posted.
2:22:43 PM stoic_samsf: [28] If there were only faked videos of muppet Jesus, then I could be sure
2:22:48 PM reason_over_faith: Sam, there is evidence of some moron named Jesus who got offed by pissing off the romans.
2:22:52 PM reason_over_faith: that about covers it.
2:22:54 PM gothic_vixn002: [19] way: I dunno, I guess I just figure aliens to look more like they do on Star Trek or even Star Wars then the "greys" people say are on those videos.
2:22:54 PM ooso.reticuli: Gremlin, go on youtube and search captive alien
2:22:59 PM harold_adrian_philby: sam...there's The Passion of the Christ
2:23:03 PM gremlin_net: [66] stoic_samsf: Muppet jesus unable to telepath correctly and then dying.
2:23:05 PM highriselather: if a alien smacked some in the face theyed still deny it,opting to stay safe in there ignorance
2:23:10 PM ooso.reticuli: You'll find one that is obvious CG, and another that I posted
2:23:15 PM stoic_samsf: [29] harold, good point
2:23:15 PM reason_over_faith: High, BAHAHAHA!
2:23:24 PM gremlin_net: [67] ooso.reticuli: Show me the one you think is real.
2:23:27 PM trumpet_marcher75: u got 2 b blind not 2 c the links, they r the things that say things like www. and http:
2:23:28 PM mad.hatter2k: [25] the first video that Gremlin has seen looks my a puppet
2:23:41 PM mad.hatter2k: [26] the other looks like CGI IMO
2:23:42 PM long_bowe: [48] jesus had a younger brother...i believe his name was jeremy...jeremy died trying to walk on water
2:23:48 PM mad.hatter2k: [27] thought it may be a CGI/puppet combo
2:23:51 PM sabacadula: [15] trumpet... do you have something against english?
2:23:55 PM mad.hatter2k: [28] though^
2:24:05 PM gremlin_net: [68] mad.hatter2k: Did you see this other, 'not fake' one? ooso.reticuli first bit of evidence was a fake. Apparently just to test me.
2:24:12 PM mars_axis: [11] Ÿ bowe, how tragic
2:24:23 PM long_bowe: [49] indeed mars...
2:24:46 PM reason_over_faith: LOL
2:24:50 PM reason_over_faith: That is so fucking fake.
2:25:00 PM reason_over_faith: The guys are laughing.
2:25:04 PM mars_axis: [12] Ÿ bowe, was jeremy also the son of god?
2:25:08 PM gremlin_net: [69] Argument from ooso.reticuli: 1) Aliens are invading 2) here's proof 3) that proof was fake 4) search for real proof 5) therefore, aliens are invading.
2:25:20 PM ooso.reticuli: Yes they are laughing at the alien they have tied up.. sick fucks
2:25:21 PM sabacadula: [16] lol
2:25:22 PM harold_adrian_philby: that looks like a puppet...
2:25:31 PM reason_over_faith: Ooso, I do not see it being bound.
2:25:42 PM reason_over_faith: It is fake.
2:25:43 PM gothic_vixn002: [20] wonder how much the bet their friend to dress up for that
2:25:45 PM reason_over_faith: Holy shit!
2:25:55 PM reason_over_faith: Sabrina, it is a dithered image.
2:26:02 PM stoic_samsf: [30] You can clearly see the gamma energy vortex binding the alien, if you wear your N-Ray spectacles
2:26:06 PM gothic_vixn002: [21] james: either way
2:26:40 PM random_stupid_person: [14] the guy who tied up the alien was obviously getting revenge from a previous alien butt-probe that was inflicted on him during a supposed kidnapping
2:26:57 PM long_bowe: [50] sam..the rotating blades of an egg beater works nearly as well
2:27:01 PM gremlin_net: [70] ooso.reticuli: Tell you what. Go find the unfake proof you've got at, then only post everything after the
2:27:01 PM mad.hatter2k: [30] heh
2:27:13 PM reason_over_faith: It sounds like they are talking in Portugese.
2:27:22 PM ooso.reticuli: I have several times now Gremlin.
2:27:31 PM sabacadula: [17] no ooso, you haven't
2:27:40 PM sabacadula: [18] read carefuly what gremlin just posted
2:28:01 PM gremlin_net: [71] ooso.reticuli: the one I saw was 2qYOQ-TuQQc; give me the code for the other one.
2:28:15 PM ooso.reticuli: RHy84dKPcb4
2:29:02 PM gremlin_net: [72] ooso.reticuli: Okay. So, is real? It's your conclusive evidence?
2:29:16 PM ooso.reticuli: I never said it was conclusive evidence
2:29:20 PM highriselather: you tube
2:29:31 PM trumpet_marcher75: gremlin, wuts ur deal?
2:29:35 PM gutbelching_bullfrog: Other beings besides humans do exist of course
2:29:37 PM highriselather: evidence
2:29:40 PM highriselather: no
2:29:45 PM ooso.reticuli: I never said it IS real either, I said I believed it was real based on criteria I offered.
2:29:46 PM stoic_samsf: [31] Beings like cows, for example
2:29:48 PM esmerelda_pendragon: [1] Greetings all
2:29:53 PM gremlin_net: [73] isn't even CG; it's simple anamatronics.
2:29:56 PM stoic_samsf: [32] hi esmeralda
2:30:00 PM esmerelda_pendragon: [2] Hi Baster
2:30:02 PM esmerelda_pendragon: [3] hi Stoic
2:30:10 PM sabacadula: [19] what criteria is that?
2:30:10 PM highriselather: hi esm
2:30:17 PM esmerelda_pendragon: [4] hi lather
2:30:21 PM stoic_samsf: [33] It's not real in the sense of being real, it's only real in the sense of demonstrating that people who don't accept it as real are unreasonable
2:30:26 PM gremlin_net: [74] ooso.reticuli: So, it's not conclusive; it's just the best you've got. You haven't actually got conclusive evidence?
2:30:28 PM ooso.reticuli: Gremlin, which brings us back to the original point that everyone seems to have overlooked because it's fun to laugh at talk shit.
2:30:29 PM stoic_samsf: [34] Isn't that clear?
2:30:30 PM esmerelda_pendragon: [5] hi Clip
2:30:35 PM ooso.reticuli: Which I will not repeat so don't even ask.
2:30:57 PM holy_clipjoint: [5] esma hi
2:30:58 PM dr.pooky: reasonable doubt.
2:30:58 PM gremlin_net: [75] ooso.reticuli: So, actually, it's not that you even think any of this looks real; you're just fucking around with conclusive evidence.
2:31:04 PM highriselather: point is a shapened pincel
2:31:13 PM ooso.reticuli: I never said I had conclusive evidence
2:31:30 PM esmerelda_pendragon: [6] I agree about that Baster
2:31:30 PM gremlin_net: [76] Speaking of conclusive evidence, we'll be right back after this message from

'I Will DNS Attack Your Server'

3:40:49 PM ooso.reticuli: Btw Gremlin, I accidently deleted the entire entry when I was only trying to edit the title, sorry.
3:40:52 PM skilski2003: hi clip
3:40:58 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [61] ha
3:41:02 PM gremlin_net: [42] ooso.reticuli: Not a problem.
3:41:02 PM whitegriffin7: lol ooso LOL
3:41:03 PM goddessgoldberry: [21] umm ryyne_burst.. i think, not sure..
3:41:10 PM skilski2003: no, don't know that.
3:41:11 PM goddessgoldberry: [22] it was during my hippy one with nature days
3:41:12 PM mal_lockridge: [56] you gotta url, ooso?
3:41:13 PM skilski2003: Oh well...
3:41:15 PM goddessgoldberry: [23] lol most people don't
3:41:17 PM nobiwan911: [39] Gremlin: After Chris finally read Paroxysm, I asked what he thought. His biggest critique was that you could do better with dialogue.
3:41:20 PM goddessgoldberry: [24] nice to meet you too
3:41:24 PM whitegriffin7: oopsy
3:41:24 PM ooso.reticuli: When you repost it please do not place alien and invasion in the title.
3:41:25 PM guest.haha: easy now
3:41:25 PM whitegriffin7: lol
3:41:26 PM truth_is_false: [24] were a hippy?
3:41:30 PM ooso.reticuli: I have never implied such a thing.
3:41:37 PM guest.haha: if a republican booted you you would be gone
3:41:38 PM skilski2003: I first came in here in 1997...I think.
3:41:38 PM goddessgoldberry: [25] jj, hell i wore all natural organic hemp clothes!
3:41:43 PM ooso.reticuli: mal, ask Gremlin, it's his site
3:41:52 PM goddessgoldberry: [26] skil, well, i used to do AvC, and then that closed and so we came here
3:41:53 PM skilski2003: and that December here came Digger, and brothers, ha
3:41:54 PM nobiwan911: [40] Gremlin: And he can be very critical. I've stopped showing him my papers for school.
3:42:01 PM truth_is_false: [25] i will lust...thanks a lot  ;P
3:42:01 PM truth_is_false: [26]
3:42:02 PM whitegriffin7: Ooso I thought you were mighty quiet
3:42:06 PM mal_lockridge: [57] i cant, gremlin is one of the iggied and damned
3:42:07 PM goddessgoldberry: [27] ohh fuck, ooso is still whining about making grem's idiot file?
3:42:07 PM guest.haha: wanna bet
3:42:08 PM goddessgoldberry: [28] haha
3:42:15 PM ooso.reticuli: 50ft, I was getting ready to go out for dinner
3:42:24 PM truth_is_false: [27] nobi...want to ripped to shreds? listen to a critic
3:42:25 PM rasputin_ll:
3:42:26 PM whitegriffin7: OoOooo where? ooso?
3:42:29 PM truth_is_false: [28] have to have thick skin
3:42:31 PM goddessgoldberry: [29] lol sounds like ooso made gotards
3:42:33 PM ooso.reticuli: Mal
3:42:36 PM skilski2003: I never igged anyone, always wanted to see what they said
3:42:39 PM ooso.reticuli: search ooso
3:42:44 PM truth_is_false: [29] and lots of confidence in your writing
3:42:54 PM ooso.reticuli: 50ftwoman, this small thai place I go sometimes.
3:43:00 PM stoic_samsf: [99] Failure to ignore chatters can lead to brain damage
3:43:02 PM nobiwan911: [41] Ooso: You do tend to come off a bit like a scientologist.
3:43:06 PM ooso.reticuli: Great tea and they aren't afraid to make a spicy stirfry
3:43:07 PM goddessgoldberry: [30] sam amen
3:43:08 PM skilski2003: Does anyone have a MySpace? Can be fun, depends on you subject. Mine is musically oriented toward Gary Moore and Thin Lizzy. Just curious.
3:43:15 PM goddessgoldberry: [31] no point filling my screen with nonsense
3:43:18 PM whitegriffin7: we have tex mex on sundays instead of going to church
3:43:23 PM truth_is_false: [30] sam...but if i ignored chatters i would never get any bot sex
3:43:26 PM goddessgoldberry: [32] skils, i have a myspace, but i never use it
3:43:28 PM skilski2003: So THAT'S whats wrong with me, sto
3:43:28 PM guest.haha: holy shit is clip joint ben stein?
3:43:28 PM ooso.reticuli: Nobiwan, I've never even studied scientology
3:43:30 PM goddessgoldberry: [33] it makes me feel like i am 12
3:43:36 PM mal_lockridge: [58] someone who would pay for and maintain a website just to accuse other people in chat of being a "tard" would seem to be the ultimate "tard" .. but what do i know?
3:43:36 PM stoic_samsf: [100] truth, one must accept sacrifices
3:43:36 PM waytoomuchof: [22] whitegriffin7: amen sister
3:43:38 PM skilski2003: I use mine due to the musical content.
3:43:39 PM nobiwan911: [42] Ooso: I should hope not.
3:43:43 PM skilski2003: love it..
3:43:43 PM truth_is_false: [31] sam...true
3:43:51 PM truth_is_false: [32], too
3:43:51 PM nobiwan911: [43] It's the most retarded religion ever invented. And that's saying something.
3:44:01 PM ooso.reticuli: Nobiwan, but if you're saying my beliefs are aligned with their's perhaps I should no?
3:44:02 PM goddessgoldberry: [34] lol
3:44:02 PM skilski2003: Nahh, lot's of good folks in MySpace and much older than 12, ha
*** The line is too long to send after 'INFData', make it shorter.
3:44:07 PM gremlin_net: [43] ooso.reticuli: I see what you did. You accidentally performed the Remove All Content function and gave me your IP Address.
3:44:07 PM truth_is_false: [33] some kids i worked with talked me into getting a myspace page
3:44:08 PM gremlin_net: [44] I fixed it and locked out changes so you won't do it accidentally again.
3:44:19 PM goddessgoldberry: [35] i am not a blogger, and I don't find people very interesting to myspace
3:44:28 PM whitegriffin7: awww gremlin that's no fun LOL
3:44:31 PM ooso.reticuli: Did you make the change I requested Gremlin?
3:44:31 PM skilski2003: I mean if The Stones has a space , it's not just for kids...or maybe it is...hmmmmmmm
3:44:39 PM gremlin_net: [45] whitegriffin7: It really is, if you think about it.
3:44:39 PM mal_lockridge: [59] .. what a stupid site
3:44:40 PM ooso.reticuli: That's all I wanted
3:44:46 PM skilski2003: I don't blog on MS...just keep up with my music.
3:44:56 PM skilski2003: Not sure why I don't, just don't.
3:45:01 PM gremlin_net: [46] '21:04, 19 July 2008 (Talk | block) (empty) (Removing all content from page)'
3:45:09 PM gremlin_net: [47] Musta been a pure accident.
3:45:16 PM ooso.reticuli: That's a proxy IP Gremlin.
3:45:17 PM truth_is_false: [34] lol grem
3:45:26 PM skilski2003: sure is
3:45:28 PM whitegriffin7: Ooso ssshhhhhhh
3:45:42 PM nobiwan911: [44] Ooso: I'm willing to bet five bucks you don't actually know that.
3:45:58 PM whitegriffin7: nobi LOL
3:45:59 PM whitegriffin7: lol
3:46:11 PM skilski2003: One can always say....."trap"...4:45PM..July 19, 2008...same deal
3:46:25 PM whitegriffin7: Ooso just sit there and look pretty until you go to dinner
3:46:26 PM skilski2003: All kinds of tricks and treats out there
3:46:33 PM ooso.reticuli:
3:46:41 PM goddessgoldberry: [36] ahaha i am reading ooso on gotards..
3:46:43 PM goddessgoldberry: [37] brb
3:46:44 PM skilski2003: good song free, especially sung by Armstrong
3:46:47 PM ooso.reticuli: I ain't purty
3:46:56 PM truth_is_false: [35] i listen to that song every day
3:46:58 PM whitegriffin7: yes you are
3:47:00 PM skilski2003: love it
3:47:09 PM truth_is_false: [36] my daughter bought me a musical birtday card with it on it
3:47:14 PM noor_noor200882:
3:47:21 PM chemical_genocide: [1] beny you sound kinda scared
3:47:27 PM whitegriffin7: even larry the cable guy has his pretty days
3:47:29 PM skilski2003: But..... alas...I have fallen madly in love with Gary Moore! What does a married woman do!!
3:47:43 PM akhanakhanakhan: In religious Chat one is supposed to confine to Ethics not beyond it
3:47:46 PM ooso.reticuli: I'm sorry Gremlin, but if you don't change that title I'm going to have to attack your website.
3:47:52 PM truth_is_false: [37] made your rope, hand your self with it
3:48:00 PM skilski2003: huh, jjj?
3:48:00 PM chemical_genocide: [2] I think ben is worried about Iranian Shahabs
3:48:06 PM whitegriffin7: Oh don't attack the website OOso
3:48:11 PM freedom_man_n: [26] i've got this big, fuzzy on my desk; I can't type
3:48:19 PM skilski2003: why, what on earth do you mean jj?
3:48:20 PM whitegriffin7: bad dog
3:48:33 PM truth_is_false: [38] want me to explain that?
3:48:37 PM skilski2003: yeah, I do
3:48:47 PM ooso.reticuli: I'm willing to accept that it's there, I seem to be in good company, but I will not tolerate Gremlin posting things I did not say.
3:48:53 PM annie_pio_js: hi everyone
3:48:54 PM waytoomuchof: [23] skilski2003: "hand" is probably "hang"
3:48:59 PM stoic_samsf: [101] hi annie you maniac
3:49:02 PM truth_is_false: [39] well....something are the one who is what is a married woman to do?
3:49:05 PM annie_pio_js: hi sam
3:49:08 PM goddessgoldberry: [38] grem, fuck you have to make that abortion comment into a t-shirt or a bumpersticker
3:49:11 PM goddessgoldberry: [39] you wil make the news
3:49:12 PM truth_is_false: [40] be married
3:49:26 PM truth_is_false: [41] but it was a variation of an old adage, and, once again...
3:49:36 PM skilski2003: must not know who Gary Moore is..
3:49:36 PM whitegriffin7: being married doesn't mean you are dead to desire
3:49:38 PM truth_is_false: [42] trying to explain it made it absolutely hilariouw  ;P
3:49:46 PM ooso.reticuli: anticommunist, be that as it may I do not take kindly to slander.
3:49:51 PM stoic_samsf: [102] white, I know it doesn't mean you are dead to pain
3:49:52 PM skilski2003: Do ya, do ya, do ya?
3:49:53 PM truth_is_false: [43] skil...yes...and i guess you don't like aphorisms
3:50:00 PM skilski2003: Who is he?
3:50:00 PM whitegriffin7: pain?
3:50:03 PM truth_is_false: [44] hilarious, not hilarious  ;P
3:50:16 PM truth_is_false: [45] you first...what is an aphorism?
3:50:18 PM gremlin_net: [48] goddessgoldberry: It's a thought. Though it relies on a backstory no one remembers.
3:50:30 PM goddessgoldberry: [40] which one?
3:50:39 PM ooso.reticuli: I would never imply an invasion by the aliens that were discussed in that transcript, yet that is what he claims I have said.
3:50:39 PM gremlin_net: [49] goddessgoldberry: The 21g myth.
3:50:47 PM ooso.reticuli: I find this very offensive, even personal.
3:50:54 PM goddessgoldberry: [41] ohh but the fundies love that myth, you can still find the "research" on their sites
3:50:57 PM truth_is_false: [46] skil...just chalk it up as humor that didn't work
3:50:59 PM truth_is_false: [47] sigh
3:51:00 PM whitegriffin7: it's only painful if you drag the ball and chain instead of making your spouse carry it
3:51:03 PM skilski2003: Well, it's a principle
3:51:04 PM gremlin_net: [50] goddessgoldberry: I suppose so.
3:51:07 PM annie_pio_js: i had to turn off voice
3:51:10 PM ooso.reticuli: Yes anticommunist, right in the title
3:51:13 PM truth_is_false: [48] white...are you married?
3:51:16 PM annie_pio_js: they seem to be bitching about the same things everyday.
3:51:17 PM whitegriffin7: yes
3:51:22 PM truth_is_false: [49] white...monogamous?
3:51:24 PM annie_pio_js: Muslims are evil NAY NAY NAY
3:51:26 PM skilski2003: you didn't put it very "right" jj
3:51:37 PM stoic_samsf: [103] Annie, voice is hazardous to your health
3:51:43 PM annie_pio_js: they might be jealous.
3:51:43 PM whitegriffin7: yes - but sometimes I call him harrison ford
3:51:53 PM skilski2003: While you're sighing...who is Gary Moore to you?
3:51:54 PM annie_pio_js: sam true
3:51:59 PM annie_pio_js: but so is text chat.
3:52:16 PM stoic_samsf: [104] But if you ignore enough people, text chat gets better
3:52:16 PM truth_is_false: [50] skil...well, there you go! just as i said, it's my fault...feel like talking about something else
3:52:19 PM nobiwan911: [45] Gremlin: I remember that stupid myth.
3:52:26 PM gremlin_net: [51] stoic_samsf: Typically.
3:52:26 PM annie_pio_js: maybe Sam, you MAY BE RIGHT
3:52:27 PM skilski2003: Nope, do you know who he is?
3:52:31 PM truth_is_false: [51] skil...well, i know you weren't talking about the old game show host
3:52:34 PM skilski2003: If not, that's okay...just curious.
3:52:45 PM whitegriffin7: truth - what about you?
3:52:47 PM skilski2003: No, so can ya tell me mate?
3:52:54 PM truth_is_false: [52] and i have a daughter...he is some hot musician that americans never heard of, right?
3:53:04 PM skilski2003: No, not some hot musician
3:53:11 PM skilski2003: So, you don't know who he is, right?
3:53:11 PM truth_is_false: [53] she keeps me up on all the obscure artists
3:53:18 PM whitegriffin7: you had a daughter with a hot musician?
3:53:20 PM skilski2003: He is not obscure
3:53:22 PM annie_pio_js: jjj you have children!?
3:53:31 PM truth_is_false: [54] skil...he isn't an australian musician?
3:53:38 PM skilski2003: Nope
3:53:44 PM skilski2003: I'll let ya off jj
3:54:00 PM truth_is_false: [55] skil...then there are alot of gary moores...who were you talking about?
3:54:04 PM whitegriffin7: wwjd? who would jesus doink?
3:54:17 PM skilski2003: He's..IMO...the best guitarist in the world...other than Les Paul. He's from Ireland, but live in Brighton, England. Does "Still Got The Blues" ring a bell?
3:54:24 PM truth_is_false: [56] i know a game show host, an author, musician, and actor named gary morre
3:54:31 PM truth_is_false: [57] annie...i have a daughter
3:54:35 PM waytoomuchof: [1] <<remembers a Gary Moore that was the last host of "To Tell The Truth"
3:54:36 PM skilski2003: and I am "in love" with him. wasn't a serious statement on my part.
3:54:46 PM skilski2003: See you assumed.
3:54:52 PM truth_is_false: [58] i married? no...monogamy is a sickness...i tried it
3:55:05 PM skilski2003: He also played with thin Lizzy on the album "Black Rose".
3:55:06 PM truth_is_false: [59], since when is a guitarist not a musician?
3:55:23 PM skilski2003: He's not a hot musician....he is not well known in the states.
3:55:31 PM gremlin_net: [52] ooso.reticuli stopped whimpering. I wonder whether he's off calling 1800LAWYERS and learning that text can't be slander.
3:55:36 PM skilski2003: and you assumed I was in love with someone and I'm married.
3:55:49 PM ooso.reticuli: No I'm just deleting every entry I can
3:55:50 PM skilski2003: Assuming is one of the mentioned Four Agreements.
3:55:53 PM skilski2003: Do not assume.
3:56:01 PM truth_is_false: [60]! win all the arguments with hubby, right?
3:56:01 PM truth_is_false: [61] way...yep
3:56:05 PM gremlin_net: [53] ooso.reticuli: Industrial espionage? That's so cute....
3:56:13 PM skilski2003: Just giving you a hard time jj
3:56:15 PM truth_is_false: [62] skil...i said nothing about you being in love...skil...are you reading my posts, or just trying to guess?
3:56:20 PM ooso.reticuli: I asked for one simple thing, and was denied.
3:56:22 PM skilski2003: I knew you were assuming when you posted
3:56:24 PM truth_is_false: [63] skil...impossible
3:56:24 PM annie_pio_js: i was going to start studying
3:56:31 PM annie_pio_js: and then i got so unmotivated.
3:56:38 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [62] Gremlin no your site. do you have to go through and make your text red like that post by post or do you have so easier way of doing it?
3:56:40 PM ooso.reticuli: I did not ask to be removed, I only asked that you title it correctly, and you couldn't even do that.
3:56:42 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [63] no = on
3:56:46 PM truth_is_false: [64] skil...sure, next tell me what i think ...uh, you and i aren't married
3:56:51 PM whitegriffin7: rejection is painful
3:56:59 PM nobiwan911: [46] Ooso: It's not your damned website.
3:57:08 PM skilski2003: jjj: made your rope, hand your self with it.........that's what you said
3:57:12 PM ooso.reticuli: I don't care
3:57:16 PM truth_is_false: [65] do you think it odd i have a child
3:57:17 PM ooso.reticuli: I do not tolerate slander
3:57:19 PM nobiwan911: [47] Obviously.
3:57:22 PM nobiwan911: [48] It's not slander.
3:57:26 PM truth_is_false: [66] white...something women don't handle well at all
3:57:30 PM Mad.HaTTer2K* [64] . o O ( libel )
3:57:33 PM skilski2003: There ya go darlin'...assuming is not a good thign.
3:57:36 PM nobiwan911: [49] Shush, hatter.
3:57:36 PM skilski2003: thing...even
3:57:40 PM stoic_samsf: [105] Can anyone delete stuff from gotards? Doesn't that require an administrator account or something?
3:57:49 PM truth_is_false: [67] know, people rarely realize it when they are embarrassing themselves...why is that?
3:57:50 PM truth_is_false: [68]
3:57:52 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [65] hey nobiwan911. I took you off ignore by the way.
3:57:57 PM whitegriffin7: truth or men - even puppies hate rejection
3:57:59 PM skilski2003: I'm still in love with Gary Moore...
3:58:00 PM nobiwan911: [50] Hiyas.
3:58:07 PM truth_is_false: [69] sam...what is gotards
3:58:13 PM truth_is_false: [70] white...then i'm not a man
3:58:20 PM stoic_samsf: [106] truth, it's a site where grem posts stupid stuff people say in here
3:58:21 PM skilski2003: jj, I don't know, why don't you tell me. I noticed it but wasn't going to say anything.
3:58:22 PM truth_is_false: [71] skil...right...who is not a
3:58:24 PM gremlin_net: [54] stoic_samsf: They can until I block their static IP from Cmcast Minnesota. Er..I mean, their 'proxy'.
3:58:29 PM gremlin_net: [55] Comcast*
3:58:30 PM whitegriffin7: if you tell a puppy no you hurt their self esteem so they pee even more
3:58:30 PM truth_is_false: [72] sam...i'm on it a lot, i hope
3:58:37 PM stoic_samsf: [107]
3:58:39 PM skilski2003: I never said he was not a musician. I said he was not a "hot" musician.
3:58:42 PM ooso.reticuli: Zeta, I realize that, and I am not even asking for it to be removed, but atleast get the facts straight
3:58:43 PM truth_is_false: [73] skil...because there is nothing to tell
3:58:46 PM stoic_samsf: [108] I am not on it much, I feel all neglected
3:58:54 PM nobiwan911: [51] Ooso: Did he manipulate the text in any way?
3:59:02 PM whitegriffin7: truth are you a puppy?
3:59:04 PM goddessgoldberry: [42] ahaha grem, just read your gotards.. that is fantastic
3:59:08 PM ooso.reticuli: Gremlin, my real IP is
3:59:16 PM truth_is_false: [74]'s ok...i know you married women...your husbands tired of this kind of talk a long time ago  ;P
3:59:18 PM ooso.reticuli: Might wanna block that one too before I change addresses
3:59:20 PM whitegriffin7: ooso shhhhh
3:59:26 PM skilski2003: LOL jj
3:59:32 PM skilski2003: You're cute
3:59:32 PM gremlin_net: [56] ooso.reticuli: No need. I'll wait until you do. Unless you're lying again.
3:59:34 PM truth_is_false: [75] i can always tell a married woman in chat...always looking for validation
3:59:38 PM nobiwan911: [52] Ooso: Thanks for proving you're a retard.
3:59:40 PM skilski2003: and I know you mean well
3:59:45 PM truth_is_false* [76] P...since i'm generalizing
3:59:45 PM ooso.reticuli: Or maybe I'll just do this at the library
3:59:58 PM truth_is_false: [77] sam...well, let's you and i try harder
4:00:01 PM skilski2003: A married woman in chat!!! Oh my....
4:00:02 PM nobiwan911: [53] Ooso: That important to you?
4:00:05 PM skilski2003: Yeah, let's
4:00:08 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [66] Changing the title would probably be futile.
4:00:09 PM ooso.reticuli: Nobiwan, yes it is.
4:00:10 PM skilski2003: I love you too jj
4:00:17 PM truth_is_false: [78] sam...did you hear that god bought some property in my heart?
4:00:18 PM nobiwan911: [54] Ooso: So, you have no life?
4:00:21 PM whitegriffin7: who is looking for validation?
4:00:24 PM gremlin_net: [57] nobiwan911: He's a bit stupid. He thinks text can be libel.
4:00:26 PM skilski2003: and I'm looking for a man.....just haven't told LB yet.
4:00:28 PM ooso.reticuli: Nope no life
4:00:32 PM stoic_samsf: [109] Nope truth, you were pretty foolish to sell it
4:00:36 PM truth_is_false: [79]'s still have a warm body to sleep next to
4:00:43 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [67] text can be libel . . .
4:00:47 PM truth_is_false: [80] white...the first to ask that questions...which
4:00:49 PM skilski2003: I do at that.
4:00:49 PM nobiwan911: [55] Ooso: Do you realize how incredibly stupid it is to get this upset?
4:00:56 PM truth_is_false: [81] is you! are a woman
4:01:02 PM gremlin_net: [58] Mad.HaTTer2K: Uh...yeah. He thinks it can be slander. I corrected for his idiocy.
4:01:04 PM nobiwan911: [56] Hatter: Unless it's verbatim quotation.
4:01:06 PM truth_is_false: [82] nobi...who is upset? oo?
4:01:17 PM ooso.reticuli: Who's upset, I said why I am doing this, I asked twice for a peaceful solution.
4:01:25 PM nobiwan911: [57] Yeah
4:01:32 PM gremlin_net: [59] '3:49:46 PM ooso.reticuli: anticommunist, be that as it may I do not take kindly to slander.'
4:01:32 PM skilski2003: I am woman, hear me roar....what ever happen to what's her name who sang that?
4:01:32 PM whitegriffin7: I was going to share my FREE PARKING card - but if you want to validate me, go ahead
4:01:36 PM truth_is_false: [83] sam what was that sit again? i'm going to have to see it
4:01:40 PM nobiwan911: [58] Ooso: This is violent? How did that happen?
4:01:45 PM truth_is_false: [84] skil...clever
4:01:45 PM goddessgoldberry: [43] skil, you know music, ever hear of pzychobitches?
4:01:47 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [68] ooso.reticuli if you change the title he will just change it back.
4:01:52 PM xevildouble102x: Question about southern baptist church: if it's on an apt complex primarily for military personnel and their families; like I guess being brought up catholic I don't know the difference as far as... do I bring an offering per se? What is appropriate to wear or not wear?
4:01:54 PM truth_is_false: [85], you validate your self
4:01:55 PM stoic_samsf: [110]
4:02:03 PM skilski2003: Nope, goddess, I'm happy to say I have not.
4:02:04 PM whitegriffin7: helen keller er I mean helen ready
4:02:13 PM truth_is_false: [86] i used to validate married woman, but they kept leaving home and moving in
4:02:19 PM ooso.reticuli: Mad, yes I know, which means if this is really that important to me I'll have to take an arm for an eye so to speak.
4:02:20 PM whitegriffin7: truth LOL
4:02:22 PM gremlin_net: [60] If ooso.reticuli had just changed the title, I'd probably never have noticed. Instead, he deleted the whole entry, and then bragged about it.
4:02:24 PM stoic_samsf: [111] xevil, you should try Christian Chat, they might have more answers
4:02:27 PM skilski2003: jj...can LB and I move in with you darlin'?
4:02:33 PM whitegriffin7: i like my house I have it just the way I want it
4:02:36 PM xevildouble102x: thanks
4:02:37 PM truth_is_false: [87] thanks sam
4:02:38 PM ooso.reticuli: Gremlin, I tried to IM you about it
4:02:40 PM gremlin_net: [61] Now he's plotting to get to a new static IP 'proxy' and do it again.
4:02:43 PM truth_is_false: [88] skil...and lb is code for?
4:02:49 PM ooso.reticuli: It was an accident, I hit select all in the wrong box
4:02:49 PM stoic_samsf: [112] Grem, that seems like a poor security model to let people delete stuff
4:02:55 PM gremlin_net: [62] I should probably .htaccess out unregistered trolls.
4:03:02 PM truth_is_false: [89] in all of them?
4:03:14 PM goddessgoldberry: [44] he deleted the whole entry? I just read it
4:03:23 PM ooso.reticuli: anticommunist, he's not worth that much effort.
4:03:27 PM stoic_samsf: [113] hi mind
4:03:28 PM gremlin_net: [63] stoic_samsf: I can prevent it. There are a few ways to do it. I just haven't bothered. This is the first gotard to notice it could do this. Think about that for a moment.
4:03:33 PM skilski2003: Larry Bob, me hubby
4:03:35 PM whitegriffin7: let's all validate each other - orgy style
4:03:40 PM goddessgoldberry: [45] lol grem
4:03:47 PM stoic_samsf: [114] Grem, that is humorous in its own way, you have a point
4:03:56 PM goddessgoldberry: [46] ohh ooso, it was an accident.. cute
4:03:58 PM skilski2003: LB, Puddin'....
4:04:01 PM truth_is_false: [90] my brother used to tell me stuff like that when a virus would be on our porn and say, "i just clicked the mouse, by accident...fourteen times"
4:04:08 PM skilski2003: haha
4:04:16 PM whitegriffin7: LOL @14 times
4:04:19 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [69] LOL
4:04:23 PM goddessgoldberry: [47] hmm i have a friend who likes pzychobitches.. but i can't find anything on them
4:04:25 PM skilski2003: well, jj...I like you cuz you can keep a conversation going
4:04:44 PM stoic_samsf: [115] truth, I think that was a reference to squeaky fromme (I may have the name wrong)
4:04:53 PM gremlin_net: [64] has existed since 7th November 2002. On 19th November 2008, a gotard proved smart enough to delete an entry. And people say Darwin was wrong....
4:05:00 PM truth_is_false: [91] there?
4:05:07 PM stoic_samsf: [116] There was a woman in the 1960s who shot her husband 14 times with a six-shot revolver, and claimed it went off by accident
4:05:09 PM truth_is_false: [92] sam...ah
4:05:09 PM whitegriffin7: gremlin LOL
4:05:12 PM skilski2003: goddess, I do not prefer "girl" bands but I can't find anything on them either. I do like Chrissie Hyde, etc. but not those today. they can't sing, have no talent
4:05:18 PM hyinramal: anyone knows what kind of drug is given to a youngster who beats up his parents? haldol?
4:05:27 PM truth_is_false: [93] sam...sure...especially when she accidently re loaded it
4:05:31 PM stoic_samsf: [117] yes
4:05:33 PM hyinramal: risperdal?
4:05:45 PM ooso.reticuli: I'm sorry Gremlin, but there will be no more accidents.
4:05:59 PM skilski2003: Why the question hy?
4:06:04 PM gremlin_net: [65] The 'accident': ' Ooso.reticuli?; 21:04 . . (-65,339) . . (Talk | block) (Removing all content from page)'
4:06:07 PM qlinqz: who got pics?
4:06:20 PM hyinramal: private reasons. cannot disclose.
4:06:20 PM gremlin_net: [66] Not 'edited', but 'removed all content'. Entirely different function.
4:06:23 PM ooso.reticuli: Right, and now I'm going to delete your whole site.
4:06:33 PM ooso.reticuli: And if you back it up again I will dns attack your server
4:06:34 PM truth_is_false: [94]'m in there, but nothing is funny that i typed
4:06:35 PM truth_is_false: [95]
4:06:42 PM gremlin_net: [67] ooso.reticuli: Right now? This minute. Let's all watch that flunk out....
4:06:46 PM stoic_samsf: [118] ooso, you are now entering felony territory
4:06:55 PM goddessgoldberry: [48] skil ohh ok
4:07:03 PM skilski2003: Ooops, what's going on with Ooso?
4:07:04 PM gremlin_net: [68] stoic_samsf: Entering? He jumped that shark about five minutes ago.
4:07:06 PM goddessgoldberry: [49] skils, my friend wants their album for his b-day
4:07:07 PM whitegriffin7: LOOK it's a nerd pissing contest
4:07:13 PM goddessgoldberry: [50] and i don't know anything about them, trying to find them
4:07:16 PM qlinqz: weeeee hey hey guys!
4:07:19 PM stoic_samsf: [119] This was one lesson the Forensics teacher pointed out several times "Don't commit a felony while investigating a misdemeanor"
4:07:22 PM skilski2003: yeah, god, I just don't care for them today. Well, check out all avenues to find them
4:07:33 PM skilski2003: exactly sto!
4:07:34 PM truth_is_false: [96] lol sam...i actually like that
4:07:40 PM goddessgoldberry: [51] ok thanks
4:07:41 PM skilski2003: and don't advertise it either
4:07:42 PM gremlin_net: [69] On the bright side, ooso.reticuli just gained a few more categories, like Feckless Terrorist.
4:07:43 PM freedom_man_n: [28] *** qlinqz will be ignored for 9999 days.
4:07:46 PM stoic_samsf: [120] grem, if you allow visitors to access the "delete" button and he clicks it, I think he has some defense
4:08:02 PM stoic_samsf: [121] But if he tried to poison your DNS records, he is certainly a felon
4:08:05 PM skilski2003: Hang on a sec...see if I can find something on them...brb
4:08:08 PM freedom_man_n: [29] I'm sick as a dog
4:08:29 PM stoic_samsf: [122] Free, admitting the problem is the first step
4:08:34 PM whitegriffin7: lol mindblank LOL
4:08:35 PM goddessgoldberry: [52] lol.. i put it into google, and i keep getting porn sites
4:08:36 PM freedom_man_n: [30] I had this kidney stone removed, now I've got a nylon string hanging out of my schwanze to pull out a big stent in my ureter.
4:08:38 PM hyinramal: skilski, you know the answer?
4:08:45 PM esmerelda_pendragon: [17] a bong at a yard sale
4:08:46 PM stoic_samsf: [123] Mind, several of us who failed to become registered gotards have complained of neglect
4:08:48 PM goddessgoldberry: [53] lol they are a girl band? hehe that is funny
4:08:59 PM esmerelda_pendragon: [18] did it come clean or complete with resin?
4:09:00 PM skilski2003: god, here's a website I found:
4:09:01 PM freedom_man_n: [31] I can't begin to imagine what it will be like to have the stent pulled out by this string next week!
4:09:04 PM goddessgoldberry: [54] mind no.. it bothers anti too
4:09:12 PM whitegriffin7: I asked to be placed in a gotard category - I was told I could add myself , but I'm too lazy
4:09:17 PM goddessgoldberry: [55] mind, anticommunist_freedom_fighter is the one who claimed to have sent gotards to the FBI for being a "hit list"
4:09:19 PM stoic_samsf: [124] free, that gives you something to look forward to
4:09:23 PM spiderz75: [19] [ zeta u r lagging bad
4:09:26 PM ooso.reticuli: mindblank, I do not like false information being posted about me.
4:09:33 PM ooso.reticuli: Especially blatantly false info
4:09:35 PM goddessgoldberry: [56] ooso, what was false about the info?
4:09:39 PM goddessgoldberry: [57] skils ok thanks
4:09:46 PM spiderz75: [20] [ and stepping on reb
4:09:51 PM freedom_man_n: [32] Yeah, stoic_samsf. Also, this was a bad time to have all this work done; i wished they'd done it when I was in the hospital a month ago and they did NOTHING
4:09:54 PM stoic_samsf: [125] But I am unwilling to cheat, mind
4:10:12 PM gremlin_net: [70] ooso.reticuli's minute is up; remains.
4:10:17 PM freedom_man_n: [33] stoic_samsf, You shoulda been there when they took out the foley catheter. it was GROSS
4:10:29 PM skilski2003: oh gosh free, ouch!
4:10:30 PM ooso.reticuli: Gremlin, you really think I'm stupid enough to do it now?
4:10:30 PM stoic_samsf: [126] Free, did you post a youtube video?
4:10:38 PM skilski2003: haha, but that hurts!
4:10:40 PM gremlin_net: [71] ooso.reticuli: You're stupid enough to confess to it now.
4:10:40 PM ooso.reticuli: Hell what makes you think I'm the one who will do it?
4:10:50 PM ooso.reticuli: Gremlin, oh I want you to know.
4:10:52 PM freedom_man_n: [34] stoic_samsf, I should have . . .
4:10:55 PM skilski2003: hy, what are you speaking of?
4:10:58 PM stoic_samsf: [127] It would be wise to post ooso's threats of criminal behavior on the site
4:11:09 PM skilski2003: I was looking for goddess andmust have missed something from you
4:11:13 PM gremlin_net: [72] ooso.reticuli: I do. I'll add it to your file. Then you can whimper that it's ASCII slander some more.
4:11:23 PM ooso.reticuli: lol mindblank
4:11:26 PM goddessgoldberry: [58] skils that link is not loading
4:11:38 PM soylent_green_1973: perverts
4:11:48 PM freedom_man_n: [36] We're all perverts
4:11:50 PM freedom_man_n: [37] in here
4:11:51 PM long_bowe: [1] freedom...surely they will put you out to remove that stint....come on
4:11:56 PM stoic_samsf: [128] ooso, you are placing yourself at risk of hard time, to avenge a silly imaginary insult
4:12:03 PM soylent_green_1973: it was a general greeting
4:12:04 PM skilski2003: Well, let me try another one...hmmmmm
4:12:11 PM freedom_man_n: [38] long_bowe, I'm not so sure; check out some websites on "ureter stents."
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4:12:15 PM stoic_samsf: [129] I have not, mind, I hear a lot of good stuff about it
4:12:19 PM gremlin_net: [73] ooso.reticuli: I'll also get it to the serverdroids,
4:12:20 PM gremlin_net: [74] just for the unlikely event that you actually take down a serverbank for collective charges of several hundred years in federal prison.
4:12:22 PM ooso.reticuli: Sam, you seriously think the fbi is gonna give a rat's ass about some website designed to antagonize and insult others?
4:12:32 PM skilski2003: hy, first of all, I don't know why parents allow a child to abuse them.
4:12:37 PM freedom_man_n: [39] long_bowe,
4:12:38 PM freedom_man_n: [40]
4:12:39 PM ooso.reticuli: Killing Gremlin's site would be on par with screwing around with geocities
4:12:42 PM skilski2003: Second of all, I don't know why parents allow a child to abuse them.
4:12:44 PM stoic_samsf: [130] NOt at all, ooso, but they do care about criminal hacking such as taking down the site with DNS poisoning
4:12:51 PM ooso.reticuli: At worst I'll be on a watch list as capable of doing such
4:12:55 PM long_bowe: [2] freedom...i'd put MYSELF out...i cant imagine they will just yank it out...oy
4:12:57 PM skilski2003: BRB...looking for psycho stuff
4:13:01 PM gremlin_net: [75] ooso.reticuli: It's not a website you're threatening to take down; it's the fourth largest serverbank in the fucking galaxy, you uninformed little felon.
4:13:15 PM stoic_samsf: [131] ooso, you are indeed a criminal. Far worse than anything Gremlin has done
4:13:28 PM sabacadula: [1] lol, ooso tried to destroy the gotard site?
4:13:29 PM ooso.reticuli: I haven't done a thing yet, I am not a criminal
4:13:35 PM stoic_samsf: [132] You don't care that you are wrong, or illegal, you just think you won't get caught
4:13:45 PM ooso.reticuli: Sam, I'm not wrong
4:13:46 PM sabacadula: [2] ooso, why would you try to sabotage a web site?
4:13:58 PM gremlin_net: [76] sabacadula: Yeah. He flunked. I banned his IP. Or, you know, his proxy...which he still has because it's a Static Fucking IP.
4:13:59 PM whitegriffin7: Ooso you should do something more constructive - like adopt a gotard
4:14:02 PM stoic_samsf: [133] Every way of man is right in his own eyes
4:14:03 PM skilski2003: goddess....they are all over YouTube...go there
4:14:04 PM whitegriffin7: that's positive
4:14:04 PM qlinqz: trade only
4:14:06 PM soylent_green_1973: Gremlin, you have no evidence that it's the 4th largest serverbank in the galaxy. You're engaging in hyperbole.
4:14:07 PM ooso.reticuli: lol 50
4:14:09 PM goddessgoldberry: [59] ok thanks i will
4:14:26 PM skilski2003: Well, hy, what is your point on this child beating parents thing?
4:14:36 PM annie_pio_js: i hate doing my hair
4:14:37 PM gremlin_net: [77] soylent_green_1973: Actually, I have total evidence. Though, to be fair, I haven't confirmed it today. It could be third or fifth, for all I know.
4:14:39 PM nobiwan911: [59] Soylent: Actually it is, I have an account there as well.
4:14:43 PM sabacadula: [3] ooso, did the alien invaders command you to destroy the gotard site?
4:14:53 PM hyinramal: what type of medicine is given to that child?
4:14:57 PM gremlin_net: [78] sabacadula: Muppets in Space.
4:15:00 PM stoic_samsf: [134] Annie, weddings are an annoyance
4:15:13 PM skilski2003: Grem, Soylent Green always reminded me of that breakfast bar, forgot the name now.
4:15:16 PM stoic_samsf: [135] I don't like dressing up for weddings, but the dancing afterwards is the worst part
4:15:35 PM soylent_green_1973: Gremlin, you haven't included serverbanks on other planets
4:15:39 PM stoic_samsf: [136] The church services are often painful as well
4:15:39 PM skilski2003: <<don't like weddings, don't like funerals...enjoy wakes
4:15:44 PM ooso.reticuli: He said the entire galaxy lol
4:15:44 PM soylent_green_1973: so nuts to you
4:15:52 PM whitegriffin7: i got married on an airport shuttle bus by the airport chaplain
4:15:56 PM gremlin_net: [79] soylent_green_1973: In fact, there aren't serverbanks on other planets; outside of fact, who cares.
4:16:08 PM skilski2003: hy, are you asking for a medical response?
4:16:11 PM annie_pio_js: mindblank no im vain(sp?) about my hair
4:16:16 PM stoic_samsf: [137] mind, I don't mind the food, I mind the predatory women
4:16:19 PM freedom_man_n: [41] I only like the food; everything else is a waste
4:16:19 PM annie_pio_js: sam i hate getting ready for weddings
4:16:22 PM soylent_green_1973: Gremlin...that's the sort of claim that will bite your ass
4:16:23 PM annie_pio_js: and i dont dance.
4:16:25 PM annie_pio_js: so i watch others
4:16:29 PM whitegriffin7: that's where I met my husband on the airport shuttle
4:16:31 PM freedom_man_n: [42] stoic_samsf, What predatory women? Doing WHAT?
4:16:32 PM soylent_green_1973: you don't know that
4:16:37 PM hyinramal: yes
4:16:37 PM gremlin_net: [80] soylent_green_1973: Let me know when that happens. But, you know, in fact.
4:16:40 PM long_bowe: [3] freedom...i read that removal procedure - i'd ask to be put out....i'm not that
4:16:41 PM annie_pio_js: sam do you notice the women who come on to you?
4:16:41 PM goddessgoldberry: [60] skil, greek weddings are fun
4:16:47 PM soylent_green_1973: so keep your serverbank ratings earthbound
4:16:48 PM annie_pio_js: or are you totally oblivious
4:16:49 PM stoic_samsf: [138] Entering a dance after a wedding is like jumping into a shark tank 5 minutes after they have finished devouring the last victim
4:16:50 PM skilski2003: well, yeah, so I've heard
4:16:57 PM freedom_man_n: [43] long_bowe, yOU Went to the link I posted?
4:17:02 PM annie_pio_js: indian and paki weddings get too loud
4:17:11 PM long_bowe: [4] freedom..yes..i read it
4:17:12 PM soylent_green_1973: i find your serverbank ratings system as offensive as the "miss universe" contest
4:17:14 PM freedom_man_n: [44] Lovely!
4:17:14 PM gremlin_net: [81] soylent_green_1973: You're being obtuse. And ooso.reticuli is falling for it. And possibly his muppet invaders.
4:17:19 PM aal_returnz: man ..that is a tragedy ...that i spend my time in chat is a tragedy ...but that i spend my time in chat collecting transcripts and posting them with highlights ....that's tragique
4:17:20 PM skilski2003: But I went to a Catholic wedding once and will never do that again. Way too many ups and knees hurt.
4:17:20 PM ooso.reticuli: lol soy
4:17:37 PM goddessgoldberry: [61] lol skils
4:17:37 PM ooso.reticuli* doubts a human would win a real Miss Universe contest
4:17:41 PM annie_pio_js: i not only have to go to the wedding, but i had to prepare for it, i had to go in the morning to help set up
4:17:48 PM goddessgoldberry: [62] skils, but atleast the catholics get their money worth
4:17:52 PM soylent_green_1973: okau...enough of playing with're right
4:17:54 PM stoic_samsf: [139] annie, that part would not bother me much
4:17:55 PM soylent_green_1973: okay
4:18:02 PM annie_pio_js: and then i let my cousin use my car and some how the rear view mirror broke off
4:18:03 PM gremlin_net: [82] Okay. ooso.reticuli seems to be momentarily done going batshit. I'll go update the site he failed to destroy....

Apparently, the New Plan Is to Break the Server by Having Its Entry Explode into the Petabytes

4:18:03 PM gremlin_net: [82] Okay. ooso.reticuli seems to be momentarily done going batshit. I'll go update the site he failed to destroy....
4:18:07 PM goddessgoldberry: [63] i mean, a protestant wedding is over so fast.. what is the point of buying such an expensive gown for 2 hrs?
4:18:40 PM annie_pio_js: and then the car wouldnt start, like the key doesnt turn, it is stuck
4:18:40 PM stoic_samsf: [140] Anything resembling actual work is ok. It's just entering the savage political scheming that scares me
4:18:40 PM freedom_man_n: [45] And I thought Jews were cheap!
4:18:40 PM annie_pio_js: and i just took a shower and now im doing my hair.
4:18:40 PM nobiwan911: [60] Goldie: the six hour party that follows.
4:18:40 PM skilski2003: hy, please quit IMing me and just put it in the chat room, thanks.
4:18:40 PM annie_pio_js: sam i didnt mind the labor, but they cut everything so short
4:18:42 PM ooso.reticuli: hmm, touche zeta
4:20:14 PM goddessgoldberry: [64] grem, lol good thing you didn't mention his flouride paranoia
4:20:14 PM stoic_samsf: [141] Annie, you wanted a longer party?
4:20:14 PM annie_pio_js: i had other errands to run and i needed to shop for jewelry to match my clothes tonight and i didnt get to do that
4:20:14 PM freedom_man_n: [46] goddessgoldberry, Because of YOU, I now have this horrible stent in me that has to come out next week or so!
4:20:14 PM annie_pio_js: sam the party hasnt started
4:20:14 PM goddessgoldberry: [65] freedom good
4:20:14 PM annie_pio_js: it starts at 7pm
4:20:14 PM freedom_man_n: [47]
4:20:14 PM annie_pio_js: i had to go in the morning/afternoon to help
4:20:14 PM stoic_samsf: [142] Mind, he instead announced his intention to form a conspiracy to attack it later, placing him in an even worse position
4:20:14 PM annie_pio_js: set up for the party
4:20:14 PM alcyonian* (idle)
4:20:14 PM qlinqz: ahaha
4:20:14 PM skilski2003: hy, if there is a problem in your life with this, get some outside help
4:20:14 PM stoic_samsf: [143] Now he has made himself a suspect when anyone attacks it
4:20:14 PM freedom_man_n: [48] I haven't bathed nor shaved since I showered before the procedure, last Wed. morning!
4:20:14 PM hyinramal: this is outside, no?
4:20:17 PM freedom_man_n: [49] The guy next to me had no lower legs; he shit BIG TIME right in his bed!
4:20:21 PM stoic_samsf: [144] Well, if he has the skill to do any harm, attacking now would be worse
4:20:27 PM goddessgoldberry: [66] fredom why?
4:20:33 PM freedom_man_n: [50] goddessgoldberry, I didn't ask him
4:20:33 PM goddessgoldberry: [67] freedom, you can tke a bath
4:20:44 PM stoic_samsf: [145] But making a pathetic, harmless, attack now that just bounces off the firewall would cause little notice, and be ignored
4:20:56 PM goddessgoldberry: [68] freedom, you stayed in the hosptial for how long?
4:20:59 PM qlinqz: oh..its puff the magic dragon
4:21:00 PM freedom_man_n: [51] goddessgoldberry, Will you soap me up all over in a nurse's uniform? (I don't want you wearing "scrubs.")
4:21:06 PM freedom_man_n: [52] two days
4:21:14 PM freedom_man_n: [53] Two days and six hours
4:21:21 PM goddessgoldberry: [69] freedom only if i get to use lye soap and wax your balls before i touch them
4:21:21 PM stoic_samsf: [146] HOwever, you are correct, any attack at all accompanied with threats in a chat room is outrageously foolish
4:21:30 PM goddessgoldberry: [70] freedom so why didn't you bathe?
4:21:36 PM freedom_man_n: [54] goddessgoldberry, Sounds good!
4:21:37 PM qlinqz: hey look..its boobear surprise
4:21:40 PM stoic_samsf: [147] That's how all the big-name criminal hackers went down in the early days, bragging
4:21:48 PM soylent_green_1973: freedom man wants to wear a nurse's uniform while gooseberry soaps him up?
4:21:48 PM freedom_man_n: [55] I'm too depressed; I'm in pain; I'm not eating
4:21:51 PM stoic_samsf: [148] now they catch them by following the money
4:21:56 PM goddessgoldberry: [71] freedom awww poor baby
4:22:04 PM qlinqz: comes the pink fridgey
4:22:15 PM goddessgoldberry: [72] freedom, look, i pushed out a 10lb baby with no meds, and took a shower like an hour later
4:22:16 PM freedom_man_n: [56] Even the oxycodone doesn't get me high
4:22:21 PM goddessgoldberry: [73] freedom stop being such a fucking pussy
4:22:30 PM qlinqz: LOL @ plastic bag lady
4:22:31 PM stoic_samsf: [149] Only if he managed to harm it, mind
4:22:42 PM peacemaker_p: hello
4:22:48 PM soylent_green_1973: heath ledger looks hot in a nurse's uniform
4:22:49 PM stoic_samsf: [150] But he is certainly on the wrong side of ethics and the law, and utterly heedless of it
4:22:59 PM lubnut786: [1] hi roooooooom
4:23:01 PM lubnut786: [2] hi zaydah
4:23:02 PM lubnut786: [3]
4:23:03 PM freedom_man_n: [57] goddessgoldberry, Weren't you worried that your uterus would fall out? Also, such a big baby, coupled with your other health issues shows a pre-disposition to diabetes . . .
4:23:06 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [70] Hello Lubna.
4:23:09 PM ooso.reticuli: lol @ ethics and law
4:23:11 PM lubnut786: [4] hi hatter
4:23:12 PM skilski2003: <<brb, time for a piece of cheese
4:23:15 PM goddessgoldberry: [74] freedom, no.. i wanted to get clean and feel better
4:23:22 PM goddessgoldberry: [75] you can't feel better while dirty and stinky
4:23:23 PM stoic_samsf: [151] Yes, and that is his defense. His illegal and immoral act may go unnoticed in the culture of constant evil deeds.
4:23:30 PM lubnut786: [5] hi bb
4:23:30 PM stoic_samsf: [152] It is a poor moral position
4:23:33 PM lubnut786: [6] hi sam
4:23:35 PM ooso.reticuli: You think posting transcripts of other people without their permission in itself is ethical Sam?
4:23:36 PM goddessgoldberry: [76] freedom i didn't have other health issues
4:23:39 PM freedom_man_n: [58] goddessgoldberry, You were a lot younger than I am now
4:23:40 PM goddessgoldberry: [77] i just had a baby..
4:23:44 PM freedom_man_n: [59] you could do such stuff
4:23:50 PM goddessgoldberry: [78] freedom no, you are being a pussy .. grow some balls
4:23:52 PM freedom_man_n: [60] The first or second?
4:23:54 PM peacemaker_p: anyone for decent chat?
4:23:55 PM stoic_samsf: [153] Yes, ooso, it is. Once you post text in a chat room you have trumpeted it to the world
4:23:59 PM stoic_samsf: [154] there is no expectation of privacy here
4:24:00 PM waytoomuchof: [2] ooso.reticuli: you are in a public forum
4:24:06 PM stoic_samsf: [155] Grem did nothing illegal
4:24:22 PM ooso.reticuli: corect anticommunist
4:24:26 PM freedom_man_n: [61] peacemaker_p, I'll give you some decent chat. There is no God. Jesus nor Moses never lived on this earth; there is no Heaven nor a Hell
4:24:28 PM goddessgoldberry: [79] how did he doctor the transcripts?
4:24:35 PM lubnut786: [7] zaydah did i tell you i bought a car?
4:24:36 PM stoic_samsf: [156] He added a title to the transcript
4:24:42 PM freedom_man_n: [62] lubnut786, Does it RUN?
4:24:53 PM lubnut786: [8] freedom yes, i just have to push it!
4:24:57 PM goddessgoldberry: [80] lubs, wow. you must be rolling in the methwhore money
4:25:02 PM lubnut786: [9] lmao
4:25:03 PM stoic_samsf: [157] Mind, the ethical judgment varies. Every way of man seems right in his own eyes.
4:25:06 PM lubnut786: [10] a suzuki aerio
4:25:07 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [71] "alien invasion" . . "alien's are here on earth" seems to more or less be the same thing IMO
4:25:07 PM annie_pio_js: Sam and mindblank, who are you two talking about?
4:25:08 PM freedom_man_n: [63] wELL, lubnut786, You should be rather strong from all that ramen!
4:25:08 PM quaint711312: [17] there is no expectation of privacy that goes along with posting stuff in a PUBLIC chat room
4:25:13 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [72] I don't see much of a case for libel
4:25:16 PM stoic_samsf: [158] Many people feel justified to use violence to silence their critics
4:25:23 PM freedom_man_n: [64] stoic_samsf, I know I do
4:25:23 PM lubnut786: [11] yup
4:25:35 PM stoic_samsf: [159] ooso regards posting his transcript accurately as slander.
4:25:38 PM lubnut786: [12] its reliable and cheap and its in excellent condition
4:25:49 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [73] I'd love to see a case like this actually go to court though
4:25:52 PM ooso.reticuli: It was not posted accurately, that is the point
4:25:53 PM freedom_man_n: [65] Yeah, lubnut786. That sounds like good ramen to me!
4:25:58 PM stoic_samsf: [160] annie, ooso won a page at gotards claiming that some youtube videos were real aliens
4:25:58 PM lubnut786: [13] lmao
4:25:59 PM skilski2003: What happen to you Ooso?
4:26:04 PM freedom_man_n: [66] No one wants soggy and mouldy ramen
4:26:08 PM lubnut786: [14]
4:26:10 PM skilski2003: Seems to be a "biggy".
4:26:11 PM whitegriffin7: ooso will you add me to a gotard category? please and thank you
4:26:11 PM stoic_samsf: [161] Mind, a title was added
4:26:19 PM waytoomuchof: [3] stoic_samsf: Terryeo claims the same thing. I usually laugh for about 5 minutes
4:26:19 PM stoic_samsf: [162] Grem's act is well within fair use
4:26:24 PM lubnut786: [15] today blackwell went to work so freaking tired
4:26:26 PM lubnut786: [16] i felt so bad
4:26:28 PM irreligious_one: i think I saw that alien invasion movie
4:26:30 PM goddessgoldberry: [81] ooso, what part was not accurate?
4:26:35 PM freedom_man_n: [67] If gremlin_net did it, odds are it's okay and legal
4:26:48 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [74] "Then your honor he posted a number of YouTube videos that at no time appeared to be taking plcae on the Moon, Mars or any other heavenly body desides the Earth."
4:26:49 PM freedom_man_n: [68] lubnut786, Did you two do something realy WILD last nite?
4:26:53 PM stoic_samsf: [163] It isn't, mind
4:26:58 PM stoic_samsf: [164] His reaction is the crime here
4:26:59 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [75] besides^
4:27:08 PM lubnut786: [18] freedom we went to his brother's house because his brother was really really lonely
4:27:10 PM irreligious_one: starred Roddy Piper and they had cool tom cruise risky business glasses that could see throught the charade, mad.hatter2k
4:27:16 PM waytoomuchof: [4] mr_mindblank: you have an entry there too
4:27:21 PM ooso.reticuli:
4:27:21 PM freedom_man_n: [69] Aw, that's so sweet 'n' precious, lubnut786
4:27:25 PM lubnut786: [19] because his wife and kids went on a mini vacation to see her side of the family
4:27:28 PM ooso.reticuli: You can't block me Gremlin
4:27:41 PM lubnut786: [20] and he's one of those guys that wouldnt outright tell you he's lonely but he was
4:27:46 PM goddessgoldberry: [82] aww now he is bragging about his cyber terrorism
4:27:47 PM lubnut786: [21] zaydah!! he was being a nice brother!
4:27:47 PM goddessgoldberry: [83] cute
4:27:49 PM be_the_meme: And The Adventure Begins!
4:27:49 PM stoic_samsf* [165] Although as long as ooso just makes threats and does not follow through, he will be innocent of an actual crime. But he has made himself a likely suspect to be blamed for others' crimes
4:27:51 PM freedom_man_n: [70] lubnut786, Few menfolk will
4:27:51 PM skilski2003: Is Osso talking about someone copying their post and posting it somewhere else? This is a chat room. Anyone can do that.
4:27:57 PM Mad.HaTTer2K* [76] . o O ( They Live )
4:27:57 PM freedom_man_n: [71] Hi, be_the_meme
4:28:01 PM freedom_man_n: [72] Welcome back!
4:28:04 PM be_the_meme: HI Free
4:28:05 PM be_the_meme: ty ty
4:28:06 PM stoic_samsf: [166] That is exactly the situation, skil
4:28:08 PM skilski2003: know that don't you?
4:28:13 PM ooso.reticuli: Sam, yes and you enjoy perpetuating that don't you
4:28:24 PM irreligious_one: holy fuck...a wombat left a poo in the room.
4:28:28 PM skilski2003: Oh for heaven's sake, sto, anyone can do that. It's an open chat room. You post, you take your chances.
4:28:28 PM lubnut786: [22] what was said?
4:28:32 PM freedom_man_n: [73] be_the_meme, Some shithead in here, earlier, was cussing you out. Of course, I've had that peabrain on iggy for ages; he's a sickola
4:28:34 PM stoic_samsf: [167] I do, ooso. I am in the business of opposing criminals like you.
4:28:38 PM goddessgoldberry: [84] umm posting a link, and saying "you can't stop me" is pretty much admiting to fucking around with something
4:28:38 PM ooso.reticuli: No skilski
4:28:39 PM be_the_meme: I don't think the TOS says anything about recording chat text
4:28:39 PM irreligious_one: come back wombat
4:28:43 PM irreligious_one: come back!
4:28:45 PM lubnut786: [23] sam what was said?
4:28:48 PM ooso.reticuli: Sam, ah so you're thought police
4:28:52 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [77] editing a wiki site isn't really cyber terrorism
4:28:56 PM stoic_samsf: [168] No, ooso, I am in network security
4:28:59 PM skilski2003: God only knows what's been posted about me back in the Digger and John days, ha.
4:29:02 PM skilski2003: I could give a shit.
4:29:06 PM stoic_samsf: [169] You are the one attempting to poison DNS records and bring down a site
4:29:09 PM be_the_meme: Free, ah that's OK, if whom ever was talking about me atleast the topic was a worthy one
4:29:13 PM stoic_samsf: [170] You are the criminal here
4:29:14 PM skilski2003: So Ooso, what was posted? I've asked you several times.
4:29:21 PM ooso.reticuli: I never said I AM doing that Sam.
4:29:29 PM nikki2gr8: sweet finally got in
4:29:29 PM freedom_man_n: [74] be_the_meme, Now that's the spirit! (malockridge.)
4:29:32 PM ooso.reticuli: You're just like Gremlin, saying I said things I never said
4:29:39 PM lubnut786: [24] hatter what was posted? what did he say?
4:29:39 PM stoic_samsf: [171] No, you threatened to do it, and to conspire with others to do it
4:29:42 PM lubnut786* [25] is curious
4:29:46 PM be_the_meme: Free, ah yeah, he's is a whiney lil bitchtard isn't he
4:29:48 PM skilski2003: What was posted Ooso?
4:29:51 PM stoic_samsf: [172] I am proud to be incuded with gremlin in your thinking
4:29:54 PM annie_pio_js: I am really confused
4:29:57 PM ooso.reticuli: skilski, some alien stuff
4:29:59 PM be_the_meme: Annie
4:30:00 PM nikki2gr8: me to annie
4:30:05 PM skilski2003: Alien???
4:30:13 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [78] Lubna is all goes back to this:
4:30:15 PM nikki2gr8: ouch free
4:30:15 PM be_the_meme:
4:30:19 PM annie_pio_js: dink
4:30:19 PM skilski2003: What on earth do you mean by alien? No pun intended.
4:30:21 PM annie_pio_js: hi nikki!
4:30:24 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [79] ooso.reticuli takes offense to the title on the transcript
4:30:25 PM ooso.reticuli: yeah, I was trying to prove that no amount of evidence can be seen as accurate by a skeptic.
4:30:25 PM nikki2gr8: hi annie
4:30:26 PM whitegriffin7: string in your dinkle?
4:30:29 PM skilski2003: You can't post in here and expect it to be private.
4:30:34 PM ooso.reticuli: That was twisted into me trying to prove aliens exsist.
4:30:37 PM lubnut786: [26] ok
4:30:38 PM stoic_samsf: [173] Gremlin is rude and provocative, but his acts were entirely legal.
4:30:40 PM lubnut786: [27] thanks
4:30:40 PM freedom_man_n: [76] Yes, be_the_meme. He's not only as you described him, he's also indicative of what the average left-wing european is
4:30:43 PM skilski2003: I think they do
4:30:49 PM skilski2003: I think aliens
4:30:52 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [80] he then allegedly attempted to edit the title but ended up deleting the entire thing
4:31:00 PM ooso.reticuli: So do I, but I would never attempt to prove such a thing in a chatroom.
4:31:01 PM annie_pio_js: sam i have a question regarding legalities here.
4:31:01 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [81] this prompted Gremlin to block his IP address
4:31:02 PM freedom_man_n: [77] stoic_samsf, I find gremlin_net to be a stand-up guy. He just has too much time on his hands
4:31:09 PM skilski2003: I would, if I could.
4:31:09 PM stoic_samsf: [174] He only posted your own words as you said them
4:31:11 PM ooso.reticuli: ty Hatter
4:31:12 PM skilski2003: So?
4:31:16 PM be_the_meme: And The Adventure Begins!
4:31:17 PM nikki2gr8: yep gremlin is an awesome God
4:31:19 PM be_the_meme:
4:31:19 PM stoic_samsf: [175] You cannot call that twisting things
4:31:19 PM ooso.reticuli: He did not Sam, and that's the point
4:31:25 PM lubnut786: [28] lmao
4:31:25 PM skilski2003: It's a chat room.....state your claim and go with it.
4:31:27 PM annie_pio_js: If you do not have the permisson of the individual of posting comments you have made in other areas of the internet, is it considered copyright infringement?
4:31:27 PM ooso.reticuli: The title is inaccurate
4:31:29 PM freedom_man_n: [78] be_the_meme, Some shithead in here, earlier, was cussing you out. Of course, I've had that peabrain on iggy for ages; he's a sickola
4:31:31 PM irreligious_one: it's only good if you have a reasonable expectation that such a task could be committed by ooso.reticuli as well as form a conspiracy to commit the task and that the conspirators are established under the same reasonable expectation.
4:31:36 PM freedom_man_n: [79] Yes, be_the_meme. He's not only as you described him, he's also indicative of what the average left-wing european is
4:31:39 PM lubnut786: [29] ty hatter im reading it now
4:31:43 PM freedom_man_n: [80] i HAVE TO PEE!
4:31:45 PM whitegriffin7: irreligious LOL
4:31:46 PM be_the_meme: Free, LOL
4:31:47 PM ooso.reticuli: minblank that I believe aliens are invading lol
4:31:50 PM ooso.reticuli: I do not believe this
4:31:51 PM skilski2003: Anyone can copy and paste what you post.
4:32:02 PM nikki2gr8: yep saved conversations
4:32:05 PM skilski2003: I think aliens are invading Richardson. You should see my block!
4:32:07 PM be_the_meme: Skilski, and take a still picture
4:32:07 PM ooso.reticuli: And I find it offensive that I have been publicly documented as supposedly saying this
4:32:08 PM freedom_man_n: [81] When this is over, I'll still ask folks if they peed! someone else told Me I'm getting JUSTICE in all this!
4:32:09 PM irreligious_one: i don't think ooso.reticuli has enough "powah" to commit such an act.
4:32:21 PM stoic_samsf: [176] More than that, fair use allows anyone to copy what you say here, and to add a title and commentary to it
4:32:24 PM skilski2003: And Al Gore knows it!
4:32:25 PM whitegriffin7: what does powah mean?
4:32:33 PM nikki2gr8: princess
4:32:36 PM be_the_meme: BRB
4:32:39 PM freedom_man_n: [82] I have such a fetish about pee and now I "got what I deserved."
4:32:43 PM skilski2003: Now, see....if someone copyied and pasted that..would I care? No. It's chat.
4:32:43 PM lubnut786: [30] freedom_man_n do you have a pee fetish
4:32:44 PM lubnut786: [31] oh
4:32:52 PM lubnut786: [32]
4:32:52 PM gremlin_net: [83] Back.
4:32:57 PM freedom_man_n: [83] yes, lubnut786. And by the way, do you pee? And does Dane pee?
4:33:00 PM annie_pio_js: sam so it isnt illegal?
4:33:03 PM skilski2003: There are two things you DON'T want to post in chat are say out loud in this country.
4:33:05 PM stoic_samsf: [177] Not at all, annie
4:33:11 PM ooso.reticuli: hmm, that's an idea, I'll find out his service provider and than anyone on his site can file a complaint.
4:33:17 PM gremlin_net: [84] Updated with a second entry, it's title in quotes to imply that the 'tard actually said it.
4:33:18 PM ooso.reticuli: Maybe if they get enough the whole site will be pulled
4:33:20 PM skilski2003: Or anywhere else that is public for that matter...everything else is free choice.
4:33:21 PM stoic_samsf: [178] You can quote things for the purpose of review, satire, or research
4:33:21 PM goddessgoldberry: [85] can people still see me?
4:33:23 PM nikki2gr8: what are the 2 things?
4:33:23 PM freedom_man_n: [84] lubnut786, Does Dane's brother pee?
4:33:26 PM lubnut786: [33] freedom yes, does that make you horny?!
4:33:29 PM nikki2gr8: yes Godds
4:33:31 PM quaint711312: [18] yes Goddess
4:33:31 PM freedom_man_n: [85] goddessgoldberry, We can see you only when you pee
4:33:31 PM annie_pio_js: Sam, ok, but you can't do that if you write an article in a paper and copy it and put it on the internet or in other ways.
4:33:34 PM goddessgoldberry: [86] ok good
4:33:35 PM stoic_samsf: [179] ooso, that would be a legal reaction
4:33:38 PM goddessgoldberry: [87] freedom shut up
4:33:41 PM goddessgoldberry* [88] licks mind
4:33:44 PM waytoomuchof: [5] ooso.reticuli: you have no case. Nobody knows who you really are, for starters
4:33:47 PM ooso.reticuli: Sam, yes but not an effective one
4:33:49 PM skilski2003: Did he copy and paste Ooso? If so, you can't do anything about it.
4:33:55 PM lubnut786: [34] freedom_man_n yes does it turn you on?!
4:33:58 PM stoic_samsf: [180] Annie, if you copy a whole newspaper article, you exceed fair use
4:34:00 PM whitegriffin7: Nerds gone WILD
4:34:01 PM goddessgoldberry: [89] ooso, the idea that aliens are abducting humans would be an "invasion" of sorts
4:34:09 PM stoic_samsf: [181] You can quote some percentage of it, something like 10%
4:34:10 PM freedom_man_n: [86] lubnut786, I'm fat, diabetic, have high blood pressure, am 53 years old and have a stent in my left ureter. I don't get horny
4:34:10 PM gremlin_net: [85] stoic_samsf: Legal departments totally cave to the requests of slefproclaimed hackers threatening to DDoS their servers, too.
4:34:14 PM annie_pio_js: sam so then is fair use subjective?
4:34:18 PM lubnut786: [35]
4:34:20 PM whitegriffin7: i'm here for the IT on IT action
4:34:24 PM annie_pio_js: Im just trying to figure out what is considered "legal" and what is considered "illegal"
4:34:26 PM ooso.reticuli: anticommunist, it's not a yahoo website
4:34:28 PM stoic_samsf: [182] No, annie, there are legal precedents that define it
4:34:35 PM stoic_samsf: [183] It gets complex, however
4:34:45 PM freedom_man_n: [87] Getting horny is for young people; I'm too old for that
4:34:47 PM stoic_samsf: [184] But stuff in a chat room is not even subject to that sort of copyright
4:34:52 PM annie_pio_js: ok and is that something that is used nationwide? is there regional variations?
4:34:54 PM gremlin_net: [86] Now the gotard's whimpering that I DID quote it? What the hell did I miss....
4:34:56 PM stoic_samsf: [185] This is all public domain, because people post it in a public place
4:34:57 PM annie_pio_js: sam, why not?
4:35:01 PM rbe_1490b: [1] free put horns on your head
4:35:16 PM rbe_1490b: [2] free then you will be horny
4:35:21 PM stoic_samsf: [186] By putting statements in the chat room, you willingly give them to the whole world
4:35:22 PM ooso.reticuli: anticommunist, he's using a website that is not tied into Yahoo.
4:35:24 PM irreligious_one: yahoo terms of service
4:35:24 PM goddessgoldberry: [90] grem, he posted chips gotard and said "you can't stop him" from fucking around you site
4:35:26 PM skilski2003: Aliens might be abducting humans, who knows.
4:35:26 PM annie_pio_js: but people post things in "real life" in public places.
4:35:30 PM waytoomuchof: [6] gremlin_net: he thinks he has a case to take to your service provider and "everyone" will complain with him
4:35:31 PM annie_pio_js: and there are copyright laws protecting that.
4:35:34 PM ooso.reticuli: Besides what would Yahoo do even if it was a tos violation.
4:35:34 PM whitegriffin7: gremlin I'm lazy to add myself as a gotard - will you do it for me?
4:35:35 PM stoic_samsf: [187] Yes, mind, Yahoo can terminate your account for violating the TOS
4:35:40 PM skilski2003: can post that anywhere
4:35:41 PM ooso.reticuli: They can't even keep a program out of their rooms
4:35:56 PM annie_pio_js: ok is it against TOS to take information here and use it for personal use?
4:36:02 PM nikki2gr8:
4:36:11 PM ooso.reticuli: good question annie
4:36:12 PM stoic_samsf: [188] Annie, those are good questions, I don't know what the limit is
4:36:17 PM rbe_1490b: [3] all my posts are copy-right
4:36:23 PM whitegriffin7: rbe LOL
4:36:25 PM skilski2003: It's called the 1st Amendment. What is the problem here?
4:36:25 PM rbe_1490b: [4] the right to copy applies
4:36:26 PM stoic_samsf: [189] But I think the whole point of chat is to get a response
4:36:27 PM irreligious_one: Copyright (C)irreligious_one(TM) 2008: Screw you.
4:36:44 PM ooso.reticuli: What do ya say Gremlin, should we just remove me from your site and let this go, or should we make this a legal battle?
4:36:45 PM stoic_samsf: [190] If someone posts a web page with a response, I don't think you would have any leg to stand on saying you didn't expect that
4:36:52 PM annie_pio_js: im just trying to figure it all out, i just think that there is some sort of legal precedence in taking information in a public setting like a chatroom and misusing it.
4:36:53 PM goddessgoldberry: [91] anti, probably?
4:37:02 PM whitegriffin7: I want to be a gotard spokesperson
4:37:03 PM stoic_samsf: [191] wb grampa
4:37:05 PM goddessgoldberry: [92] anti, quote the part of the TOS that he is violating
4:37:05 PM skilski2003: Ooso, did you post it freely?
4:37:08 PM irreligious_one: sue. if you lose you're wrong...and that much poorer
4:37:09 PM ooso.reticuli: If I do have legal grounds I can afford to keep you paying lots of lawyer fees for a very long time Gremlin.
4:37:13 PM annie_pio_js: im not saying there is something specifically in the lawbooks that protects chatters
4:37:15 PM goddessgoldberry: [93] anti, i think you aer just pulling things out of your ass now
4:37:17 PM reb3163student: [1] « hey pony
4:37:19 PM nobiwan911* [61] snickers
4:37:19 PM rbe_1490b: [5] chatroom is like chatting in a room... you hear it and you can use it
4:37:22 PM nobiwan911: [62] Back.
4:37:22 PM nikki2gr8: yep if you go to you can find anyones information , its made public
4:37:23 PM annie_pio_js: im saying that i am sure the law can be twisted that way
4:37:23 PM be_the_meme: ahkay
4:37:25 PM grampa_goat: [1] howdy howdy
4:37:29 PM ooso.reticuli: skilski, not the part in question no
4:37:29 PM irreligious_one: if you get to attach the wages of a guy who works at Burger King for life
4:37:31 PM skilski2003: hi gramps
4:37:32 PM nobiwan911: [63] Mindblank.
4:37:36 PM nikki2gr8: poni hello
4:37:41 PM lubnut786: [36] im back
4:37:41 PM whitegriffin7: irreligious LOL
4:37:41 PM skilski2003: Then how did he/she see it?
4:37:42 PM stoic_samsf: [192] Annie, I don't think anyone could claim that they want to limit publication of anything they say here
4:37:43 PM nobiwan911: [64] ©
4:37:50 PM goddessgoldberry: [94] lol ooso, he can title it anything he wants..
4:37:53 PM skilski2003: Where did Grem see it, if not in here?
4:37:53 PM candycoatedmonkey: [3] Grampa
4:37:53 PM stoic_samsf: [193] Statements made here could be subject to libel laws
4:37:54 PM be_the_meme: ooso.reticuli, look, it's a chat room, no one has a gun to your head to be here, if they did, that would be a crime
4:37:54 PM annie_pio_js: mindblank you're a dork (d)
4:37:56 PM rbe_1490b: [6] it seems common sense to me.... no copyright here
4:38:00 PM grampa_goat: [2] Candy
4:38:02 PM waytoomuchof: [7] ooso.reticuli: that's the emptiest threat I've heard in here, next to "God will burn you forever in hell"
4:38:04 PM irreligious_one: your lawyer should receive his last payment by the year 2040.
4:38:04 PM goddessgoldberry: [95] skils, he is just whining about the title
4:38:11 PM stoic_samsf: [194] But there is zero chance that ooso can claim posting a transcript of what he really said is libel
4:38:16 PM skilski2003: Oh, it's a he...thanks goddess
4:38:16 PM rbe_1490b: [7] sam but you would have to refer to real people
4:38:20 PM annie_pio_js: sam right, but im sure that what is ALSO posted here is the property of Yahoo to a certain extent
4:38:25 PM skilski2003: Osi, what is this person's problem?
4:38:27 PM nobiwan911: [65] Annie
4:38:32 PM nikki2gr8: In 10 years i have never heard of anyone getting in trouble for what gremlin post or copies < he bought the web site
4:38:32 PM rbe_1490b: [8] sam most people here don't use their real ID
4:38:32 PM annie_pio_js: so if Yahoo wanted to go and take legal action, they might be able to?
4:38:36 PM annie_pio_js: Hi nobiwan!
4:38:36 PM nobiwan911: [66] Annie: Not really.
4:38:41 PM annie_pio_js: mindblank will do (d)
4:38:42 PM goddessgoldberry: [96] ooso, umm 1. you have no job , 2. you live off your aunt.. 3. how the hell could you keep him tied up in legal fees?
4:38:43 PM nikki2gr8: rights
4:38:44 PM stoic_samsf: [195] Annie, Yahoo is liable for what we do, to some extent.
4:38:46 PM skilski2003: You come in here, you post your thoughts, etc....someone copies it and you get all bent out of shape.
4:38:48 PM goddessgoldberry: [97] you can't even afford a lawyer
4:38:55 PM irreligious_one: ooso.reticuli is > than be_the_meme
4:38:58 PM ooso.reticuli: Yahoo TOS says they are not responcible for any information posted, and used by anyone not employed by them
4:38:59 PM irreligious_one* All the useless people, where do they all come from. All the useless people, where do they all belong? Into the killfile goes be_the_meme.
4:39:00 PM stoic_samsf: [196] Yahoo has a legal obligation to stop some crimes, such as the child sex user rooms
4:39:04 PM nobiwan911: [67] Annie: If I were to come in here reciting poetry, it doesn't then belong to Yahoo.
4:39:05 PM annie_pio_js: sam right, which means that yahoo may be able to go after third party sites that misuses posts.
4:39:20 PM nobiwan911: [68] Annie: Direct quotation isn't misuse.
4:39:24 PM nikki2gr8: Its a greqat thing we can all hide behind our computers
4:39:25 PM rbe_1490b: [9] that is different...
4:39:27 PM stoic_samsf: [197] If Grem's site slanders Yahoo and harms their business, Yahoo could sue him, I suppose
4:39:32 PM skilski2003: sto, only if it is threatening someone's life, or goverment or our Pres. Other than that, you can pretty much post what you feel.
4:39:33 PM nobiwan911: [69] Sam: yep.
4:39:35 PM nikki2gr8: great
4:39:37 PM annie_pio_js: nobiwan, im not saying it is or isnt, im trying to figure out what is legal or illegal.
4:39:38 PM stoic_samsf: [198] But free speech would protect him very far, in America
4:39:41 PM nobiwan911: [70] Sam: Libel, rather.
4:39:42 PM be_the_meme: Skilski, I think his eyes have been open to what the net really is, it happens, allot of people get the sense that when they are in a chat room they are anonymous and no one can infringe on them and become disturbed when they find out they can be infringed upon
4:39:43 PM irreligious_one: yahoo wouldn't go after anyone for using YOUR text on another site, annie_pio_js.
4:39:46 PM gremlin_net: [87] Fucking hell. I go off to add ooso.reticuli latest criminal disastermind bullshit, and it adds a whole new entry's worth of laughable terrorism in here while I'm gone.
4:39:50 PM stoic_samsf: [199] YEs, libel, not slander
4:39:52 PM annie_pio_js: sam exactly, that is what I am trying to say.
4:39:54 PM gremlin_net: [88] Be back in another minute, I guess....
4:39:55 PM skilski2003: You don't want to threaten our government or our President....that will get you into deep shit.
4:40:01 PM goddessgoldberry: [98] lol grem hehehe
4:40:07 PM irreligious_one: yahoo puts the onus completely on the those who post the content and yahoo will not assume any liability.
4:40:08 PM nikki2gr8: gremlin you know your loved in my world
4:40:09 PM kris2887: grem
4:40:10 PM nobiwan911: [71] Gremlin: I say you hang out for a while and do all the work at once later on.
4:40:15 PM nikki2gr8: Your going to make me famous
4:40:24 PM stoic_samsf: [200] Annie, posting what really happens here could not be considered a crime by anyone, not this sort of stuff
4:40:52 PM rbe_1490b: [10] if i type 'death to Bush' the FBI will be after me?
4:40:52 PM waytoomuchof: [8] nobiwan911
4:40:52 PM annie_pio_js: sam ok, well what if someoen here threatens another person?
4:40:52 PM nobiwan911: [72] RBE: No, the Secret Service.
4:40:52 PM stoic_samsf: [201] Perhaps if someone were posting nuclear secrets in here, or a plot to commit a terrorist act, or something...
4:40:52 PM rbe_1490b: [11] wait.. .they are after me
4:40:52 PM grampa_goat: [3] This conversation is a crime
4:40:53 PM annie_pio_js: there are laws in some states that protect people from that.
4:40:54 PM irreligious_one: the only way yahoo gets involved is if its interests are appreciably compromised and cannot be solved by severing the relationships between the interested parties.
4:40:58 PM annie_pio_js: sam right.
4:40:58 PM be_the_meme: heh I remember when I was green in chat and Z had saved me and killallthehumans conversation heh I was picking boogers and whiping them on him, in text, and he was freaking out, I was disturbed because I didn't even know you could copy and paste things let alone save what someone else says
4:40:59 PM nobiwan911: [73] The FBI doesn't investigate threats to the president.
4:41:05 PM rbe_1490b: [12] nobi these days i guess they might
4:41:06 PM irreligious_one: yahoo is under no legal compulsion to provide you service.
4:41:07 PM stoic_samsf: [202] Annie, threatening a person is assault, and it's a crime
4:41:08 PM nikki2gr8: yes words can hit harder than fist
4:41:11 PM annie_pio_js: some "freedom of speech" isnt protected always.
4:41:16 PM lubnut786: [37] im sure sam knows his laws very well since he's in network security
4:41:18 PM stoic_samsf: [203] I think threats here are as criminal as threats elsewhere
4:41:19 PM rbe_1490b: [13] nobi ah.. the CIA
4:41:28 PM annie_pio_js: i just think there are a lot of fine lines in this sort of issues
4:41:31 PM skilski2003: Oo...let it go, you're fighting a windmill. It's a chat room...and I do think aliens have abducted us. Digger was one of them, eh Osi?
4:41:32 PM be_the_meme: now it's like beh
4:41:33 PM nobiwan911: [74] RBE: No. The Secret Service. Pay attention, will you?
4:41:34 PM stoic_samsf: [204] And lubna, I am not a lawyer, so I am not empowered to give legal advice
4:41:43 PM stoic_samsf: [205] But this is a topic of importance to me
4:41:43 PM annie_pio_js: and im sure it can be possible for someone to sue someone else for misuses of quotes.
4:41:43 PM be_the_meme: save what I type man, you should its some killer shit
4:41:49 PM rbe_1490b: [14] nobi you have 3 services?
4:41:50 PM be_the_meme: I should do stand up really
4:41:55 PM nikki2gr8: yes if they can prrove it .
4:42:06 PM nobiwan911: [75] RBE: Hardly, we have far more. The Secret Service is charged with the safety of the President.
4:42:10 PM lubnut786: [38] i know, but i know you know your laws
4:42:11 PM stoic_samsf: [206] Annie, if the quotes were altered, and real harm resulted, there could be grounds for a lawsuit
4:42:13 PM ooso.reticuli: Here is what I am going to do for public record before all present... I am going to continue to delete all information concerning me from Gremlin's website as long as I am able to.
4:42:20 PM lubnut786: [39] or, you're a very good liar
4:42:21 PM lubnut786: [40]
4:42:21 PM annie_pio_js: sam yeah.
4:42:24 PM rbe_1490b: [15] nobi ah... Special Branch
4:42:26 PM kris2887:
4:42:30 PM nikki2gr8: You bring your grades up, study your Bible a little, get your hair cut, and then we'll talk."
4:42:33 PM ooso.reticuli: I will not mess with any other part of the website, or the servers it is hosted on.
4:42:35 PM be_the_meme: ooso.reticuli, awe, I find your paranoia endearing
4:42:39 PM ooso.reticuli: There is my legal disclaimer.
4:42:45 PM waytoomuchof: [9] ooso.reticuli: nobody cares
4:42:48 PM stoic_samsf: [207] But accurate transcripts are little more than server logs, no one could possibly prosecute that
4:42:49 PM sabacadula: [1] lol ooso, afraid of something?
4:42:51 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [82] ooso.reticuli I thought you only cared about the title?
4:42:52 PM annie_pio_js: ooso, how can you delete something off of someone's website?
4:42:53 PM skilski2003: Ooso, why does this bother you so much? That Grem posted that you think we are being abducted by aliens or am I missing the whole thing?
4:42:55 PM stoic_samsf: [208] ooso, that is a far better response
4:42:57 PM nobiwan911: [76] Ooso: You're a moron.
4:42:58 PM kris2887: ooso- libertarian?
4:43:01 PM irreligious_one: yes. but yahoo will not involve itself unless subpoenaed and if their interests are not compromised they have no reason for voluntary involvement.
4:43:03 PM skilski2003: If I'm not......what in the world is the problem?
4:43:12 PM ooso.reticuli: waytoomuchof, probably not but since everything I've said today has been used against me so far I feel like I have to cover my ass this way.
4:43:13 PM kris2887: lol mind
4:43:20 PM stoic_samsf: [209] Nobi, he is, but now he has decreased the criminal intent of his moron's plan
4:43:28 PM chemical_genocide: [3] women definatly reacte to a man on a motorcycle
4:43:30 PM be_the_meme: ooso.reticuli, at any given time various people in chat record it, so does Yahoo, yes Yahoo is also recoding your text and your text can be found on any number of personal sites that you'll probly never even know about
4:43:31 PM irreligious_one: maybe if your dad is the CEO of yahoo you might get a hand up/
4:43:40 PM chemical_genocide: [4] it's pretty universal
4:43:40 PM waytoomuchof: [10] ooso.reticuli: used against you? You're the one that keeps whining about it.
4:43:41 PM ooso.reticuli: meme, those are private records
4:43:42 PM kris2887: caffiene- i was totally kidding
4:43:47 PM rbe_1490b: [16] yahoo... ebay... etc... they don't bother until it's brought to them
4:43:50 PM nobiwan911: [77] Ooso: this is a public chat.
4:43:54 PM chemical_genocide: [5] i think women get turned on watching a man ride something
4:43:55 PM nobiwan911: [78] Ooso: It's not private at all
4:43:56 PM stoic_samsf: [210] Annie, gremlin failed to secure stuff, so he could just click a delete button
4:43:59 PM goddessgoldberry: [99] ooso, nothing private about public chat
4:44:00 PM waytoomuchof: [11] ooso.reticuli: quoting exactly what you said isn't a crim
4:44:01 PM lubnut786: [41] i should donate a dollar to gremlin's cause
4:44:03 PM waytoomuchof: [12] *crime
4:44:04 PM lubnut786: [42]
4:44:04 PM annie_pio_js: oh.
4:44:06 PM chemical_genocide: [6] they imagine themselves as the motor cycle
4:44:09 PM be_the_meme: ooso.reticuli, no, a PM is a private record, this is a "public" chat room that no one is forcing you to text in
4:44:10 PM nobiwan911: [79] Sam: Still funny he's the first one to figure it out.
4:44:15 PM stoic_samsf: [211] In this case, Gremlin has the high ground
4:44:19 PM nikki2gr8: All thehyprocrites are gone."
4:44:27 PM stoic_samsf: [212] Which is, as mind pointed out, an absurd situation
4:44:28 PM goddessgoldberry: [100] lol sam
4:44:30 PM lubnut786: [43] gremlin_net is that the original chat? or was he able to alter it?
4:44:35 PM ooso.reticuli: meme, when people make logs of rooms most people don't post those logs to websites.
4:44:40 PM nobiwan911: [80] Lubna
4:44:41 PM ooso.reticuli: That is what I mean't by private
4:44:46 PM nikki2gr8: Whoever is not willing to take a bulletfor Jesus better leave now."
4:44:49 PM irreligious_one: IMs nor chat are private records. privacy of your information is a responsibility not a guarantee of the internet service providers.
4:44:49 PM stoic_samsf: [213] Grem has a real talent for provoking situations of outrageous, twisted absurdity
4:44:51 PM lubnut786: [44] hi nobiwan!
4:44:53 PM be_the_meme: ooso.reticuli, no one can force you to text anything here infact one could take your "legal disclaimer" as an incrimination to your guilt of something yet to be recorded
4:44:55 PM kris2887* is excited to eat Vietnamese food
4:44:58 PM nobiwan911: [81] Ooso: Then you misunderstand what privacy is, retard.
4:45:01 PM waytoomuchof: [13] ooso.reticuli: you don't know that, you're making an assumption
4:45:08 PM goddessgoldberry: [101] ooso, yes, other people post the logs too.. it is public.. this is like going out to have coffee with 50 friends
4:45:08 PM nikki2gr8: vietmanes eat dogs
4:45:11 PM irreligious_one: unless they are in the business of guaranteeing your privacy.
4:45:19 PM stoic_samsf: [214] Actually, AOL got in trouble for posting their server logs
4:45:22 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [83] privacy is not saying something in a public place for all to hear and then expecting no one to repeat it
4:45:23 PM sabacadula: [2] ooso, why are you afraid of other people reading what you posted? Are you ashamed?
4:45:35 PM kris2887: nikki- ME TOO!
4:45:41 PM stoic_samsf: [215] But posting stuff from a chat room is very different
4:45:42 PM nikki2gr8: A Friend's PrayerMay the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of the person whoscrews up your day and may their arms be too short to scratch.Amen
4:45:47 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [84] why is posting the exact text a bigger crime that saying "he believes that video is of a real alien"?
4:45:47 PM nobiwan911: [82] I've posted chat logs before. Many people I know have. Duke has some very good logs on and MSN group from that chat, for example.
4:45:52 PM kris2887: posting stuff in a chat room is fair game. duh.
4:45:57 PM stoic_samsf: [216] Everything said here was INTENDED to be seen by chatters and commented upon
4:46:10 PM irreligious_one: yahoo can sever its relationship for you for collecting personal information about another user
4:46:14 PM stoic_samsf: [217] mind, that was a very good explanation
4:46:16 PM nobiwan911: [83] an*
4:46:19 PM skilski2003: Chat is NOT private.
4:46:19 PM irreligious_one: but can you sue? probably not.
4:46:26 PM skilski2003: No
4:46:29 PM be_the_meme: Hatter, it isn't as long as you quote the author so the worse you could do would be plagerism
4:46:44 PM rbe_1490b: [17] i hope they post my posts in as many places as possible... good for the spirits
4:46:45 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [85] if the transcript were from a private message then maybe you'd have a case not not for stuff posted in the room itself.
4:47:17 PM be_the_meme: nods
4:47:17 PM nikki2gr8: who cares what people post unless they have commited a crime of violence then thet=y are not guilty of tos
4:47:17 PM nikki2gr8: rules
4:47:17 PM ooso.reticuli: vergessen
4:47:17 PM stoic_samsf: [218] Correct, hatter, the essential thing is expectation of privacy
4:47:17 PM irreligious_one: mad.hatter2k> that would be a case of an oral contract at best
4:47:17 PM kris2887: anti- what if you flick him? is that different?
4:47:17 PM irreligious_one: and those aren't easy to prove.
4:47:17 PM nobiwan911: [84] Osi: It's not plaigarism if you give credit.
4:47:17 PM skilski2003: I hope all of my posts have been saved so they can be read at my wake...whooooooo hooooooo!
4:47:17 PM be_the_meme: MIs, exactly
4:47:18 PM nobiwan911: [85] plagiarism?
4:47:20 PM nobiwan911: [86] Whatever.
4:47:26 PM kris2887: i'm gonna go to jail for flicking people
4:47:28 PM gremlin_net: [89] Back. Updated again.
4:47:31 PM nobiwan911: [87] I've been victim of that, Osi. This is nothing.
4:47:32 PM irreligious_one: an oral contract in type...ol.
4:47:35 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [86] is there a reason zeta needs 10 names in the room?
4:47:35 PM irreligious_one: lol*
4:47:36 PM goddessgoldberry: [102] grem, scroll up you keep missing good stuff
4:47:40 PM nobiwan911: [88] Grem Stay
4:47:42 PM stoic_samsf: [219] hatter, to fill the bin!
4:47:45 PM be_the_meme: MIs, me too by atomicattacktwat
4:47:46 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [87] heh
4:47:50 PM rbe_1490b: [18] i am right in usually not indulging in chatting about my private beliefs then,..... someone could post them
4:47:52 PM goddessgoldberry: [103] grem, now he just admited that he will keep deleting his stuff from your website..
4:48:04 PM skilski2003: Ooso, do you believe what you posted? If so, then forget it and move on.
4:48:08 PM nobiwan911: [89] Osi: It was on the MSN user groups, I did a big long thing about energy manipulation, and this jackass swiped it.
4:48:16 PM be_the_meme: someone is recording this
4:48:19 PM kris2887: lol
4:48:20 PM be_the_meme: giggled
*** The line is too long to send after 'INFData', make it shorter.
4:48:23 PM gremlin_net: [90] goddessgoldberry: I know. I see it when I'm formatting the gotard's lines into its colour. Now, after going to prison for centuries for failing to kill the server, it's gonna sue.
4:48:23 PM gremlin_net: [91] That usually works.
4:48:28 PM stoic_samsf: [220] Gold, that is a whole lot better than using DNS poisoning as he originally threatened
4:48:28 PM be_the_meme: MIs, whoa!
4:48:33 PM annie_pio_js: im beginning to feel depressed/
4:48:42 PM be_the_meme: Annie
4:48:45 PM nobiwan911: [90] Osi: What made it copyright infringement is that he put his name on it. On top of that, was trying to charge people for his 'lessons'
4:48:46 PM annie_pio_js: dink
4:48:47 PM goddessgoldberry: [104] lol sam hahaha
4:48:53 PM stoic_samsf: [221] Annie, to alleviate depression, ignore more chatters
4:48:56 PM annie_pio_js: mindblank the lights are on and i dont want an apple
4:48:59 PM gremlin_net: [92] stoic_samsf: It already threatened the DDoS. Whether it ever finds someone able to do that or not, that crime's already out there.
4:49:02 PM kris2887: mind- ha. that's the best advice i've ever heard on yahoo
4:49:03 PM annie_pio_js: im just so uncertain about my future.
4:49:08 PM skilski2003: Well, copywright is something else. LB won't put his photography up on MySpace because he's afraid someone might "steel" them. That is just good sense....because someone might.
4:49:10 PM rbe_1490b: [19] plagiarism is rife on the internet
4:49:19 PM stoic_samsf: [222] Grem, the threat is out there. If he does nothing, it's not yet a crime
4:49:27 PM ooso.reticuli: I said I would dns attack your server Gremlin.
4:49:34 PM ooso.reticuli: I did not say I would dns attack anyone else's server.
4:49:36 PM stoic_samsf: [223] But it is very stupid to threaten things like that. It makes him a suspect when anyone does
4:49:38 PM skilski2003: I guess I'm not going to get an answer from Ooso, so good luck.
4:49:42 PM ooso.reticuli: If you do not own a server, that statement was moot
4:49:48 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [88] I don't think Gremlin has a private server.
4:49:49 PM goddessgoldberry: [105] skils, i think he is pretending to ignore you
4:49:53 PM skilski2003: haha
4:49:56 PM nobiwan911: [91] Ooso: How the fuck would you know of he owned it or not?
4:49:57 PM skilski2003: yeah, figures
4:50:04 PM ooso.reticuli: Hatter, than it's a moot point
4:50:04 PM stoic_samsf: [224] It doesn't matter who owns the server
4:50:15 PM whitegriffin7: I can't wait to tell my husband I spent the afternoon with criminals and retards
4:50:16 PM goddessgoldberry: [106] hmm so my guy friend has a think for a german girl band
4:50:17 PM skilski2003: I wouldn't say I was going to "attack" anyone's server. Careful with that.
4:50:18 PM goddessgoldberry: [107] cute
4:50:21 PM skilski2003: <brb
4:50:21 PM stoic_samsf: [225] That would only change the magnitude of the crime
4:50:24 PM kris2887: mind- you need to move up in the world
4:50:24 PM ooso.reticuli: Nobiwan, because his website says who owns the server at the bottom....
4:50:25 PM lubnut786: [45] zaydah
4:50:26 PM soylent_green_1973: i want gremlin and Ooso to start wearing in The Venture Bros
4:50:31 PM nobiwan911: [92] Ooso: It does?
4:50:38 PM rbe_1490b: [20] premeditation changes the nature of the crime
4:50:38 PM ooso.reticuli: It does.
4:50:44 PM gremlin_net: [93] Mad.HaTTer2K: I might have a private server. Hell: I MIGHT have a private INVADING ALIEN ARMADA BAH HAH HAH!!!1
4:50:50 PM lubnut786: [46] zeta_punjabi you there?
4:50:56 PM lubnut786: [47] hahahahaha gremlin
4:50:57 PM lubnut786: [48] hahahaha
4:51:03 PM nobiwan911: [93] Ooso: Gotards?
4:51:05 PM goddessgoldberry: [108] ahah grem
4:51:10 PM whitegriffin7: soylent LOL
4:51:10 PM ooso.reticuli: Yes
4:51:10 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [89] mediawiki?
4:51:15 PM stoic_samsf: [226] mediawiki is software, not a server host
4:51:15 PM ooso.reticuli: mediawiki
4:51:16 PM lubnut786: [49] gremlin_net was he able to alter your logs?
4:51:28 PM be_the_meme:
4:51:32 PM nobiwan911: [94] Ooso: *groan* it's an application, fucktard.
4:51:33 PM stoic_samsf: [227] ooso, your ignorance is shameful
4:51:37 PM goddessgoldberry: [109] ooso, you are just digging a hole..
4:51:38 PM gremlin_net: [94] My potential INVADING ALIEN ARMADA potentially has INVADING ALIEN PROBES for a certain gotard. Potentially. Perhaps. Maybe. Yeah. That's it. Maybe.
4:51:40 PM lubnut786: [50] lol sam
4:51:44 PM lubnut786: [51] LOL
4:51:51 PM nobiwan911: [95] Gremlin: Did you know mediawiki owns your site?
4:51:51 PM goddessgoldberry* [110] clicks
4:51:53 PM ooso.reticuli: I saw powered by mediawiki at the bottom, I assume that's the provider.
4:51:55 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [90] ooso.reticuli I'd just change the subject if I were you
4:51:57 PM nobiwan911: [96] Hiya Tom
4:52:00 PM gremlin_net: [95] lubnut786: Nah. I locked out his IP. Because he lied about being on a proxy, see.
4:52:03 PM kris2887: ooso- i think you're totally right
4:52:07 PM lubnut786: [52] lol iarwain_ben_adar2003 got auto iggied
4:52:13 PM ooso.reticuli: If I'm wrong so what, I think we've established it is not Gremlin's server thus my previous statement is moot.
4:52:14 PM stoic_samsf: [228] If I were ooso, I'd change my nick and switch to AOL
4:52:14 PM lubnut786: [53] i see gremlin, smart
4:52:23 PM goddessgoldberry: [111] wow.. is this the old one?
4:52:30 PM be_the_meme: someone is recording this
4:52:30 PM braided_rose_wyld: [1] Plugged into the MAtrix
4:52:37 PM braided_rose_wyld: [2] bout time
4:52:40 PM esmerelda_pendragon: [19] hi Rose
4:52:41 PM nobiwan911: [97] Ooso: Mediawiki is an application you can install on any website.
4:52:41 PM goddessgoldberry: [112] ahh ok
4:52:43 PM gremlin_net: [96] Oh no. ooso.reticuli has learned that he has to DDoS and then sue My potential ALIEN FUCKING ARMADA is potentially displeased.
4:52:49 PM irreligious_one: powered by mediawiki?
4:52:50 PM ooso.reticuli: Sam, yeah funny how one simple debate can blow up into all this.
4:52:50 PM braided_rose_wyld: [3] Esme
4:52:55 PM esmerelda_pendragon: [20]
4:52:58 PM ooso.reticuli: It started out as such a civil debate too
4:53:06 PM goddessgoldberry: [113] ahaha fabio
4:53:10 PM annie_pio_js: ew its TOM and Goldberry.
4:53:15 PM goddessgoldberry: [114] hugh annie!
4:53:19 PM irreligious_one: mediawiki is software jackass.
4:53:23 PM soylent_green_1973: minion!
4:53:25 PM nobiwan911: [98] Ooso: You threated to attack his website. How the fuck is that civil?
4:53:33 PM kris2887: ooso- when people aren't willing to open their minds to what some people have to say, it can get pretty heated. i'm sorry you ran up against so many closed-minded schmucks. it's not right.
4:53:35 PM ooso.reticuli: Nobiwan, before that, way before that.
4:53:36 PM be_the_meme: someone is recording this
4:53:42 PM annie_pio_js: lol tom
4:53:44 PM braided_rose_wyld: [4] hey clippy
4:53:45 PM gremlin_net: [97] nobiwan911: He's in Minnesota; the serverbank's in California; it's a civil war.
4:53:45 PM skilski2003: Ooso, what state do you live in?
4:53:46 PM reb3163student: [2] «
4:53:46 PM irreligious_one: "powered by" is a label applied to the brand of software you are using.
4:53:46 PM lubnut786: [54] alien armada
4:53:50 PM ooso.reticuli: You guys who arrived late don't know anything, you're just a peanut galler
4:53:51 PM be_the_meme:
4:53:52 PM ooso.reticuli: y
4:53:56 PM goddessgoldberry: [115] hush*
4:53:58 PM rbe_1490b: [21] if someone wanted to attack a website i reckon he would do it and then boast about it
4:54:05 PM irreligious_one* has been online for 00:29:23
4:54:07 PM annie_pio_js: Mindblank Welcome to Religion 1!
4:54:09 PM be_the_meme: ooso.reticuli, late? I've been here dewd
4:54:16 PM nikki2gr8: hi sdan
4:54:16 PM waytoomuchof: [14] mr_mindblank: the sand box is at the cleaners
4:54:18 PM irreligious_one: 30 minutes of your banter.
4:54:20 PM gremlin_net: [98] You guys who arrived late can catch up at if this idiot ever stops breaking laws long enough to get away and read it.
4:54:20 PM stoic_samsf: [229] rbe, hacking is like sex, the ones who talk about it aren't doing it
4:54:21 PM skilski2003: I've been here
4:54:21 PM goddessgoldberry: [116] ooso, everyone has been watching .. we didn't arrive late, you just didn't respond do anyone
4:54:23 PM kris2887: ooso- actually, we know everything, it's on gotard
4:54:23 PM ooso.reticuli: meme, I said people who arrived late...
4:54:27 PM soylent_green_1973: <<<laughs at Ooso's peanut
4:54:28 PM lubnut786: [55] i've just read the log and i dont see what the problem is, are you regretting what you said?
4:54:30 PM rbe_1490b: [22] sam it seems so
4:54:33 PM ooso.reticuli: This twisting things I say is starting to get annoying
4:54:35 PM nobiwan911: [99] Ooso: I happen to know Gremlin. Met several times, had coffee, etc. You have no idea what the hell you're talking about, Gremlin doesn't make that mistake.
4:54:48 PM ooso.reticuli: Kris, you know what Gremlin posted, nothing more
4:54:49 PM gremlin_net: [99] nobiwan911: Also, I'm tall. And reportedly yummy.
4:55:03 PM goddessgoldberry: [117] ooso, which part is twisting ? where you thought mediawiki was a server? or where you claimed puppets were aliens?
4:55:04 PM annie_pio_js: i never had an apple, just like there was never a spoon,
4:55:05 PM nobiwan911: [100] Tall, yes. I can't comment on the yummy, as I have yet to lick you.
4:55:08 PM ooso.reticuli: And this whole issue is because what Gremlin posted was not accurate
4:55:11 PM braided_rose_wyld: [5] grrr
4:55:12 PM gremlin_net: [100] nobiwan911: And I might just maybe have an INVADING ALIEN ARMADA!!!1
4:55:18 PM soylent_green_1973: spark said you weren't THAT yummy
4:55:21 PM nobiwan911: [101] LOL
4:55:35 PM be_the_meme: Hey Everyone I'm on Gotards! 4:37:54 PM be_the_meme: ooso.reticuli, look, it's a chat room, no one has a gun to your head to be here, if they did, that would be a crime
4:55:36 PM kris2887: ooso- but i'm on your side
4:55:37 PM nobiwan911: [102] Ooso: How was it not accurate?
4:55:40 PM gremlin_net: [101] nobiwan911: Fair enough. But I reportedly LOOK yummy. Ish. Possibly to people as crazy as Ford Prefect here.
4:55:44 PM irreligious_one: by using yahoo, ooso.reticuli, you have to recognize than content you provide to the network may be used on other networks. consult proviso #6 of the yahoo terms of service.
4:55:45 PM ooso.reticuli: Nobiwan, I could care less what you're biased mind knows
4:55:47 PM sdan2d: [1] what's wrong with simply taking a shot of vodka every 10 minutes?
4:55:50 PM goddessgoldberry: [118] iar, i am listening ot the new one right now
4:55:55 PM whitegriffin7: Yummy is in the taste buds of the beholder
4:55:58 PM ooso.reticuli: ty kris, it's good to hear that/
4:56:05 PM gremlin_net: [102] sdan2d: After about seventy-two hours, you'll wish you'd stopped for a nap.
4:56:06 PM goddessgoldberry: [119] lol funny, i like the music of the old one, and the voice of the new one
4:56:11 PM annie_pio_js: im on it too Dink look...
4:56:11 PM nobiwan911: [103] ooso.reticuli: How was what he posted not accurate?
4:56:13 PM annie_pio_js: " 1:48:48 PM annie_pio_js: im back"
4:56:14 PM lubnut786: [56] i dont see why ooso.reticuli would change anything anyway, im sure gremlin_net has the transcript saved other than whats on that website
4:56:15 PM lubnut786: [57] lol
4:56:18 PM stoic_samsf: [230] mind, you should make a locust costume and go fight crime
4:56:22 PM be_the_meme: LOL! YaY!
4:56:23 PM sdan2d: [2] lol, so true gremlin
4:56:26 PM ooso.reticuli: Nobiwan, I am not going to repeat myself
4:56:27 PM irreligious_one: that you'll end up drowning in your own vomit in about 80 minutes.
4:56:31 PM whitegriffin7: if I invented chocolate covered men - I'd be rich
4:56:32 PM nikki2gr8: by the time we are in our 70's we loose half our tatste buds
4:56:41 PM nobiwan911: [104] Ooso: So you refuse to back up that accusation?
4:56:45 PM sdan2d: [3] gremlin, do you take any supplements?
4:56:47 PM skilski2003: Jesus fucking christ...get over yourself.
4:56:48 PM waytoomuchof: [15] mr_mindblank: ah, locust infestation must really have messed with you
4:56:49 PM Mad.HaTTer2K* [91] yawns
4:56:53 PM ooso.reticuli: Nobiwan, I have backed it up several times already
4:57:02 PM kris2887: ooso- don't bother with these guys, they're a bunch of bandwagonners
4:57:05 PM ooso.reticuli: Ask Gremlin, he's recording everything
*** The line is too long to send after 'INFData', make it shorter.
4:57:09 PM stoic_samsf: [231] afk
4:57:12 PM nobiwan911: [105] Ooso: the conversation, it's directly copied and pasted, word for word, from the chat log.
4:57:12 PM gremlin_net: [103] For those wondering why ooso.reticuli is a fucking idiot, I quoted MY LINE in the title, never suggesting it was his.
4:57:13 PM gremlin_net: [104] Thus, he'll be DDoSing my server, which he thinks is, and then suing all of us.
4:57:16 PM skilski2003: I'm not a guy and this person is an idiot.
4:57:27 PM irreligious_one: backed up over it and run it over again and again, guys
4:57:27 PM ooso.reticuli: Kris, it's my critical fault, I get suckered into manipulative bullshit too easily.
4:57:31 PM gremlin_net: [105] sdan2d: I take nicotine and caffeine.
4:57:31 PM be_the_meme: someone better be recording this
4:57:35 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [92] nobiwan911 he took offense to the title Gremlin put on the page.
4:57:41 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [93] ooso.reticuli did not type the title.
4:57:50 PM ooso.reticuli: correct
4:57:56 PM goddessgoldberry: [120] iarwain, learn to play the guitar and i will sing it
4:57:58 PM goddessgoldberry: [121]
4:57:58 PM ooso.reticuli: And when I asked for the title to be changed I was ignored
4:58:09 PM nobiwan911: [106] Ooso: It's not your website.
4:58:12 PM lubnut786* [58] sues gremlin_net for not making transcripts of her
4:58:12 PM be_the_meme: ooso.reticuli, no one is forcing you to stay here, you seem pretty confortable knowing you are being recorded so why keep harping on it...why stomp on a dead fish... gets fish guts every where...maggots and shit...
4:58:12 PM ooso.reticuli: And when I attempted to change it myself I made an honest mistake and that too was used against me.
4:58:13 PM irreligious_one: being manipulated into finding what you think is wrong, ooso.reticuli...that's not so bad. in some places they call that englightenment.
4:58:14 PM waytoomuchof: [16] <<takes offense to the title "Playboy" because it's all about women
4:58:21 PM nobiwan911: [107] Ooso: You have no right to have the title changed on anything.
4:58:26 PM goddessgoldberry: [122] ohh now ooso was manipulated..
4:58:28 PM lubnut786: [59] lmao waytoomuchof
4:58:38 PM gremlin_net: [106] goddessgoldberry: It's a trap!!!1
4:58:42 PM rbe_1490b: [23] irre lol
4:58:43 PM ooso.reticuli: Nobiwan, I don't believe you would say the same if the roles were reversed.
4:58:44 PM goddessgoldberry: [123] ooso, grow some balls, take responsiblity for your own stupidity
4:58:49 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [94] ooso.reticuli argument is that the title is making it look like he was saying he wasn't.
4:58:52 PM nikki2gr8: How are twisters (tornadoes) and marriage alike? They both begin with a lot of blowing and sucking, and in the end youlose your house.
4:58:58 PM nobiwan911: [108] Ooso: I don't make a jackass of myself in chat with stupid claims like you made.
4:58:58 PM whitegriffin7: Gremlin - can I adopt a gotard?
4:58:59 PM gremlin_net: [107] Wait. Who said that. Was it INVADING ALIEN ADMIRAL ACKBAR BAH HAH HAH HAH HAH....
4:59:00 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [95] however I don't "alien invasion" is that big of a stretch
4:59:05 PM goddessgoldberry: [124] iarwain, gee. that was so last month
4:59:06 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [96] don't think^
4:59:12 PM lubnut786: [60] lmao gremlin
4:59:13 PM irreligious_one: this site so I can see what all the crying is over.
4:59:15 PM annie_pio_js: i make a jackass of myself all the time
4:59:16 PM Mad.HaTTer2K* [97] can't type
4:59:21 PM skilski2003: Ooso, why don't you chat with me? Whatcha afraid of, eh?
4:59:22 PM annie_pio_js: Now its all over the internet
4:59:24 PM soylent_green_1973: if alien abduction doesn't occur, how do you explain the drac claw marks around my anus?
4:59:25 PM braided_rose_wyld: [6]
4:59:27 PM stoic_samsf: [232] He thinks there are real aliens leaving videos on youtube. Invasion is not unreasonable
4:59:35 PM ooso.reticuli: skilski, I shouldn't even be here.
4:59:38 PM stoic_samsf: [233] Annie, are you a gotard?
4:59:44 PM reb3163student: [3] «
4:59:45 PM be_the_meme: soylent_green_1973, a late night colonoscopy?
4:59:45 PM ooso.reticuli: But for some reason I am finding it difficult to leave
4:59:46 PM nobiwan911: [109] Ooso: Smartest thing you've said all day.
4:59:46 PM skilski2003: You can't do anything and you know it. Let it go, go have fun in another chat room, etc. and move on with your life.
4:59:48 PM stoic_samsf: [234] All the COOL kids are gotards
4:59:49 PM whitegriffin7: Ooso is it time for dinner?
4:59:49 PM annie_pio_js: sam i dont know, i havent been on the website
4:59:52 PM kris2887: ooso- wait, don't kill yourself!!
5:00:00 PM whitegriffin7: kris LOL
5:00:01 PM goddessgoldberry: [125] i haven't made gotards yet.. i am still trying
5:00:11 PM ooso.reticuli: lol Kris, don't say that, they'll start saying I'm suicidal.
5:00:13 PM be_the_meme: I was abducted by a gastrointestinal physician!
5:00:16 PM kris2887: .... maybe.
5:00:20 PM gremlin_net: [108] goddessgoldberry: Not very hard. You're not locked out of posting. Only Mork is locked out of posting.
5:00:22 PM braided_rose_wyld: [7]
5:00:27 PM skilski2003: Ooso...are you??? Hmmmmmmm.
5:00:33 PM stoic_samsf: [235] Annie, you seem to have been neglected, like me
5:00:35 PM annie_pio_js: oh i just did a search for "annie" on gotards, im on 13 different sections.
5:00:39 PM skilski2003: Now, let's see you take that and make something out of it.
5:00:43 PM stoic_samsf: [236] Yes, but only as a bit player
5:00:43 PM skilski2003: You gonna sue me?
5:00:45 PM Mad.HaTTer2K: [98] what does "gotard" mean exactly?
5:00:48 PM goddessgoldberry: [126] lol @ mork
5:00:49 PM stoic_samsf: [237] You are never the star
5:00:50 PM skilski2003: I just copied and pasted it.
5:00:52 PM ooso.reticuli: And you're ok with that Annie?
5:01:01 PM whitegriffin7: madhatter - i dunno but it's cute
5:01:08 PM nikki2gr8: yes what does it mean?
5:01:08 PM ooso.reticuli: Hatter, I'm assuming it's a play on retard and gobot
5:01:10 PM skilski2003: Where...won't tell ya...and now the horror music starts.
5:01:11 PM goddessgoldberry: [127] ahah annie
5:01:13 PM goddessgoldberry: [128] really?
5:01:27 PM gremlin_net: [109] Mad.HaTTer2K: Initially, it meant a retard so stupid that it was confined to a motorised wheelchair. Which, to be fair, sounds a lot like the twits we get in here most days.
5:01:28 PM nobiwan911: [110] Annie: It's chatscript. You just happened to have posted during conversations later copied onto the site.
5:01:30 PM annie_pio_js: Sam you have 16 hits!
5:01:31 PM goddessgoldberry: [129] grem you really need a master list
5:01:33 PM annie_pio_js: nobiwan right.
5:01:35 PM nobiwan911: [111] Annie: Try searching for me.
5:01:36 PM stoic_samsf: [238] It would be pretty easy to make a program that collected chat and posted it
5:01:38 PM irreligious_one: Jean Paul Gotard.
5:01:39 PM annie_pio_js: i dont have my own personal section
5:01:40 PM goddessgoldberry: [130] i hate have to guess what catagory people are going to be in
5:01:42 PM annie_pio_js: let me check you nobiwan
5:01:49 PM whitegriffin7: irreligious LOL
5:01:50 PM whitegriffin7: lol
5:01:54 PM annie_pio_js: nobiwna you've got 4
5:01:58 PM nikki2gr8: Does it prove that life is hard by the fact that no-body gets out of it alive?
5:01:58 PM nobiwan911: [112] That's all?
5:01:59 PM annie_pio_js: let's check mindblank and goldberry
5:02:00 PM nobiwan911: [113] Wow
5:02:01 PM gremlin_net: [110] goddessgoldberry: That's kinda what the categories are for. And the searchbox. And the Random Gotard link.
5:02:01 PM stoic_samsf: [239] A far more interesting challenge would be to make an artificially intelligent stupidity filter to label the chat
5:02:02 PM goddessgoldberry: [131] iarwain yes it has!
5:02:02 PM annie_pio_js: yeah nobi
5:02:07 PM be_the_meme: ooso.reticuli, there you go, you can have Gotards shut down because it is degrading to people in motorized wheel chairs
5:02:09 PM whitegriffin7: annie what about me?
5:02:16 PM ooso.reticuli: mindblank is on there, I doubt goldberry will be on there
5:02:17 PM irreligious_one: the gotards are cheap versions of the tardformers
5:02:19 PM annie_pio_js: WHOA mindblank has his OWN PAGE!
5:02:20 PM be_the_meme: oh eyah, and shut the FUCK up about it
5:02:22 PM goddessgoldberry: [132] grem you make me work to hard.. you are so off my xmas card list
5:02:27 PM nobiwan911: [114] Yeah, he does.
5:02:32 PM nobiwan911: [115] I actually knew that.
5:02:34 PM stoic_samsf: [240] There have been serious efforts to develop a stupidity detector, to filter email and chat
5:02:35 PM annie_pio_js: goldberry has 6.
5:02:36 PM braided_rose_wyld: [8]
5:02:38 PM skilski2003: Grem, don't you DARE talk about motorized wheel chairs!! I have one and I've ran over many a school mistake
5:02:40 PM goddessgoldberry: [133] ooso, i don't say stupid shit
5:02:43 PM annie_pio_js: how the fuck do i have 13 hits?!
5:02:46 PM ooso.reticuli: Yes you do
5:02:48 PM annie_pio_js: im not even here that often.
5:02:51 PM ooso.reticuli: You're a suck up too
5:02:51 PM goddessgoldberry: [134] annie, lol awesome!
5:02:54 PM ooso.reticuli: Damn brown noser
5:02:58 PM nobiwan911: [116] Ooso: I don't suck up.
5:03:00 PM goddessgoldberry: [135] ooso, brown noser? where?
5:03:07 PM skilski2003: Oh wait, not true, but Grem could copy and paste that somewhere else and it's perfectly legal.
5:03:12 PM stoic_samsf: [241] brown_noser would be a good chat nick
5:03:15 PM nobiwan911: [117] Heh
5:03:21 PM irreligious_one: oh maybe dink can help you with that by being a living example, sam.
5:03:21 PM nikki2gr8: lol sam yep
5:03:22 PM goddessgoldberry: [136] hehe
5:03:24 PM annie_pio_js: 50ftwoman
5:03:26 PM annie_pio_js: you have 1 hit
5:03:29 PM rbe_1490b: [24] i just had a peep at the 'gotard' site... that is strange
5:03:29 PM annie_pio_js: today's page.
5:03:33 PM goddessgoldberry: [137] ooso, you love to say things you cannot provide evidence for
5:03:34 PM goddessgoldberry: [138] good job
5:03:49 PM goddessgoldberry: [139] tom.. guess what?
5:03:50 PM gremlin_net: [111] You realise, of course, that, given all this psychofuckingbullshit, my next move is to clone the entry into a book no one can DDoS.
5:03:56 PM ooso.reticuli: GG, this is chat, no amount of evidence is enough for a skeptic here.
5:03:58 PM rbe_1490b: [25] i had no idea some people would log all the posts in chat and then post them on their website
5:04:04 PM ooso.reticuli: I think we've already established that.
5:04:06 PM goddessgoldberry: [140] lol grem,
5:04:08 PM stoic_samsf: [242] Grem, backups are always good
5:04:15 PM singlemaleteddybear: [1] Hello everyone
5:04:18 PM rbe_1490b: [26] grem are my posts in that web site as well?
5:04:18 PM stoic_samsf: [243] hi single
5:04:21 PM stoic_samsf: [244] Flee this evil place
5:04:22 PM braided_rose_wyld: [9] LOL
5:04:22 PM ooso.reticuli: rbe, unsettling isn't it.
5:04:23 PM singlemaleteddybear: [2] hi
5:04:24 PM whitegriffin7: a book for kindle!
5:04:30 PM rbe_1490b: [27] ooso very
5:04:35 PM goddessgoldberry: [141] ooso, you are basing this assumption purely off of chat, it would seem to be easy to provide evidence of brown nosing in chat
5:04:36 PM gremlin_net: [112] rbe_1490b: I dunno. Go find out.
5:04:37 PM nikki2gr8: mine are in gremlins web site But he will make you famous
5:04:52 PM rbe_1490b: [28] grem do you log all the chats you have and post them?
5:04:53 PM goddessgoldberry: [142] grem awesome coffee table book
5:04:56 PM whitegriffin7: kindle a gotard
5:04:58 PM gremlin_net: [113] stoic_samsf: Yeah. The backups are close to instant, and laughably redundant.
5:05:06 PM annie_pio_js: mindblank, you got your own page
5:05:06 PM stoic_samsf: [245] rbe, you don't have your own section, which is clearly unjust. You deserve your own page for the ghost hunting stuff, at least
5:05:07 PM braided_rose_wyld: [10]
5:05:12 PM gremlin_net: [114] rbe_1490b: Not all. Only the funny bits.
5:05:14 PM stoic_samsf: [246] I think you should protest and demand your own gotard page
5:05:24 PM rbe_1490b: [29] grem ah ok,,, my posts are not funny
5:05:29 PM irreligious_one: ooso.reticuli> face it're someone's bitch and you're getting fucked...and it's harder and harder to stand after each session.
5:05:30 PM nikki2gr8: sseing your words posted on someones site is like hearing your voice on a recorder ,
5:05:35 PM whitegriffin7: i'm funny! I want my own page
5:05:38 PM rbe_1490b: [30] sam i shoudl really
5:05:40 PM be_the_meme: fondles nasal cavity while reading chat text thats being recorded
5:05:46 PM goddessgoldberry: [143] tom, youz cute
5:05:58 PM kris2887: grem- you're an asshole
5:06:00 PM annie_pio_js: oh mindblank lol
5:06:00 PM be_the_meme: look I picked a winner
5:06:05 PM goddessgoldberry: [144]
5:06:18 PM annie_pio_js: goldberry/tom i want to ask you two a personal question.
5:06:18 PM be_the_meme:
5:06:21 PM rbe_1490b: [31] <<<can see a lot more insults being thrown.. in the hope that they are recorded and posted
5:06:26 PM gremlin_net: [115] kris2887: Actually, it's spelled 'bastard'. Which is similar in function, but smarter overall.
5:06:27 PM goddessgoldberry: [145] iawain, yes. but this way made me laugh
5:06:30 PM whitegriffin7: Ooso did you delete me from the gotards?
5:06:33 PM be_the_meme: Goddess, is iarwain_ben_adar2003 your other half?
5:06:37 PM goddessgoldberry: [146] osi yes
5:06:39 PM annie_pio_js: how long have you two been married?
5:06:43 PM goddessgoldberry: [147] i know
5:06:49 PM goddessgoldberry: [148] annie, umm 13 yrs
5:06:53 PM be_the_meme: iarwain_ben_adar2003, so how do you like them fun bags of hers?
5:06:55 PM whitegriffin7: i don't want to be deleted
5:06:56 PM goddessgoldberry: [149] almost 14
5:06:57 PM annie_pio_js: yes tom thanks goldberry
5:07:03 PM annie_pio_js: wow that's awesome
5:07:07 PM braided_rose_wyld: [11] obviously
5:07:11 PM whitegriffin7: i have a special gotard purpose
5:07:12 PM stoic_samsf: [247] I have been through all this before, with
5:07:18 PM goddessgoldberry: [150] osi, tom doesn't recognize you.. you changed your handle
5:07:19 PM stoic_samsf: [248] And ratemyprofessor,com
5:07:23 PM annie_pio_js: mindblank i'd read it, but im too lazy, you know me and reading
5:07:24 PM goddessgoldberry: [151] what were you before?
5:07:37 PM annie_pio_js: I wonder how the fuck i scored in the 98th percentile on the MCAT in the writing section
5:07:38 PM stoic_samsf: [249] Teachers who object to being the subject of online reviews are in the wrong business
5:07:40 PM whitegriffin7: i'm picking out a thermos for you, not an ordinary thermos will do
5:07:50 PM be_the_meme: iarwain_ben_adar2003, HA!
5:07:50 PM goddessgoldberry: [152] lol tom, i don't think those are the bags she was talking about
5:07:50 PM gremlin_net: [116] whitegriffin7: Heh. We could be democratic about this. Anyone in ooso.reticuli's entry who wants his lines deleted?
5:08:17 PM nikki2gr8: gremlin can you delete lines in your site of whats already applied?
5:08:24 PM be_the_meme: ( Y )
5:08:27 PM annie_pio_js: mindblank too bad medical schoosl dont care how to score inthe writing section
5:08:29 PM nobiwan911: [118] Sam: I like sites like that, because it is true that not all professors are great at what they do, no matter what they think.
5:08:45 PM nikki2gr8: Its merly blogging
5:08:47 PM nobiwan911: [119] Gremlin: Nah, I'm good. Thanks.