plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx* <:arrives> Male
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: ...why the hell did I buy house plants....
carl_python: its not a prob
gremlin_net: Hunter: Visa.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: hi hunter
chainsaw_juggernaut: Fake plants are better.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Fake plants don't do that whole breathing thing.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:10:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
carl_python: in my youth i was blond my drafy card said blond
gremlin_net: Wolfe: there's no air in my office. I keep the door closed and the heat high. It's all CO2 and smoke in here.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Also, way too many of them cost more and are ugly.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: That pic you have on your profiloe is sooo old!
sillysinger4u: this chat is best when people use it like they are a dj at a radio station
karma_es_aqua: The glue on Israeli postage stamps is certified kosher.
theblackhand73* <leaves the room>
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: So?
chainsaw_juggernaut: The only bad thing about fake plants is that they probably won't poison a cat as easily.
deahca2: heard that Os. too funny. picky picky or what?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:11:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
carl_python: now im lt brown stiill i gess its beeter then being white
plus_bus* <:arrives> Male 32 from Toronto, Canada
waytoomuchof: gremlin_net: weird. You're one of the very few other people I know of with grey eyes
karma_es_aqua: LOL!
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter, I bet you're like 45, and using a apic of when you were 20 years younger.
gremlin_net: Most of what I buy is useless. Especially over time. Food, petrol, cigarettes....
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: yeah. Webcams existed twenty years ago, didn't they?
karma_es_aqua: read this one----George Carlin said it best about Martha Stewart .. "Boy, I feel a lot safer now that she's behind bars. O. J. Simpson and Kobe Bryant are still walking around; Osama Bin Laden too, but they take the ONE woman in America willing to cook, clean, and work in the yard, and they haul her fanny off to jail."
carl_python: my hair i mean
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Prolly
deahca2: lol os. good quote
karma_es_aqua: =))
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: *shrugs
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:12:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gr1m_zero* still dislikes George Carlin with a serious passion
deahca2: why grim?
plus_bus: I've got to get a new picture up. I've had the same one for 2 years
gremlin_net: At least once, my irises have gone black.
sillysinger4u:twicthes face back and forth
carl_python: who is this george guy
sillysinger4u: twitches
sillysinger4u: hmm
plus_bus: Anybody a football fan
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: So Hunter, did you get my IM?
deahca2: funny funny comic, carl
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite* <leaves the room>
mou_haam* <:arrives>
karma_es_aqua: plus_bus, that means you have to go full frontal nude
carl_python: ohh ic
sillysinger4u:twitches face cheeks back and forth
gr1m_zero: Deah, I don't find the man funny, peroid. If I wanted someone to curse and state (yell) the obvious at me, I'd look into a mirror and talk to myself.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:13:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: of course not.
gr1m_zero: period
plus_bus: Osirian, lol
deahca2: loves that he has a gay dog that shags his cat
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: All IMs are blocked.
karma_es_aqua: :D
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Don't worry about Hunter she's just a bitter old woman who has no sense of humor.
christian_hillbilly_ky1* <leaves the room>
intelligent_christian* <:arrives> Male 45 from Jeffersonville, IN alias Christian Hillbilly
gremlin_net: Carlin is fairly funny. The trouble starts when people take him seriously.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter I said this to you: I'm 22 M pic in profile and cam, in USA for the last 2 yrs (overstayed my visa :P). I have to marry a US citizen for six months so I can get a green card. I'm planning to do this sometime October. Would you be interested? [-O< Please say yes... [-O<
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:14:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gremlin_net: Functionally, Carlin's ideas are pretty unworkable.
plus_bus: I'm 33 and all my cousins, and brothers are married. I hate going to family weddings.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: He's a comedian you dolt...comedians' ideas are not supposed to be practical.
carl_python: im married
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: They're for HUMOR!
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Granted. But some people take him seriously anyway.
deahca2: who?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:15:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
deahca2: you'd have to be nuts to take Carlin seriously
gremlin_net: Also, Ben Stein is a comedian; but he's also a lawyer. So you can be both.
plus_bus: vox, I haven't found the right person, yet
deahca2: laughing all the way to bank
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: yeah man now that you mention that DOES look like some cheap 2 for 99 cents bra
annie_pio_jsh: i didnt know that
men_r_sleazy_dickless_aszh0les* <leaves the room>
joedavidcent* <:arrives> Male from lagos alias joedmx
gr1m_zero: Gremlin, I don't take him serious.. I was just sitting in my living room, watching TV and I noticed that.. why would I want someone cussing at me? How could someone thinkt hat yelling at them in a very rude manner is funny? He states the obvious and throws in "fuck" every other word.
attheist* <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:16:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gremlin_net: Hunter is property of
dodosdead* <:arrives> Male from somewhere in America
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: why don't you marry vox instead, since you seem to share his obsessions.
gremlin_net: She made the mistake of playing Truth or Dare with me. I won.
plus_bus: lol. I just think it's a huge committment.
deahca2: I s uppose you didn't like Cheech and Chong either, grim?
annie_pio_jsh: gr1m_zero GO FUCK YOURSELF!
deahca2: can I watch?
gr1m_zero: See, exactly.
intelligent_christian* <leaves the room>
gremlin_net: I didn't like Cheech&Chong much, actually.
christian_borg_1_of_5_ky* <:arrives> Male 45 from Jeffersonville, IN alias Christian_Borg_1_of_5
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I didn't pay attention to the bra, I just tried to look through them.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:17:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
annie_pio_jsh: lol
carl_python: i lkike all humor...
deahca2: has a really childish sense of humour. I think they're funny and Carlin too
gremlin_net: I think you have to be a certain age to like Cheech&Chong. I wasn't old enough. And it's too late now.
karma_es_aqua: there is no bra
alienlost1970* <leaves the room>
gr1m_zero: .. I love Cheech and Chong, personally.
bigsam1965* <:arrives> Male
deahca2: I guess, I was a flower child. Maybe that's why
carl_python: if someone can laff at it i will
annie_pio_jsh: gr1m you are a cheech
gr1m_zero: Funny motherfuckers, I even have one of my dad's 8 tracks with them on it..
plus_bus: Gremlin, I grew up in my teens during the 80's. Cheech and Chong was huge among teens
gremlin_net: deahca2: About all I remember about the seventies was that they shouldn't have happened again in the nineties.
joedavidcent: Hello room any girl care to chat with me..............................................................
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:18:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
deahca2: LOL grem. I guess i missed the nineties when it happened.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: So Hunter, lets cam2cam. I have a pic in my profile too
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: no.
christian_borg_1_of_5_ky* <leaves the room>
deahca2: prolly still recovering from the sixties
christian_businessman* <:arrives> Male 45 from Jeffersonville, IN alias Christian Hillbilly KY
gremlin_net: deahca2: The clothing styles. If you're generous enough to call them styles.
waytoomuchof: gremlin_net: that's very true. In the 70s I was into them. Now I look at the movies and listen to the albums and don't find them as amusing. That being said, the 16 year-old step daughter finds them amusing now
plus_bus: Chong or Cheech went to jail for a year I think
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:19:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gremlin_net: waytoomuchof: It was always a bit too dumb for me, I guess. Like everything Mel Brooks has done in the last twenty years.
gr1m_zero: Way, that's because the sixteen year old smokes pot..
annie_pio_jsh: waytoomuch i love how you phrased it as "the 16 year old step daughter"
waytoomuchof: plus_bus: TOmmy Chong was persecuted for selling bongs he hand makes himself. God bless 'merica
carl_python: id smoke pot if i had some
deahca2: me too carl
mou_haam* <leaves the room>
bong_dude4* <:arrives>
deahca2: but we're old, so we can yell " medical reasons"
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter, I'm a guy, and I'll tell you the facts...Austin is saying all that in hopes that you'll fall in love with him and give him some cam flashes.
carl_python: but japan is not pot friendly
plus_bus: WayTooMuch, YES. He said jail time was the best thing that happened to him. He was treated like royalty.
gremlin_net: I'm in Denver. Technically, I could smoke weed every day. Which is half the reason I don't bother.
waytoomuchof: Gr1m_Zero: so do I. So what?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:20:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gremlin_net: Legalise a thing, and it gets boring fast.
gr1m_zero: Way, I'm just sayin', that's why.
bong_dude4: hello room
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I don't see anything called 'austin'.
deahca2: HI bong
carl_python: although japanese youth get it.
vampyrexheart666* <:arrives> Female 28 from Pittsburgh, PA
gr1m_zero: Gremlin wouldn't be the funny pothead, he'd be the take a couple hits and pass out pothead.
gr1m_zero: Or so I'd imagine.
carl_python: prolly from n korea
bong_dude4: like two chat
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Gremlin: well, you're not actually within the 'legal zone', and it's not actually 'legal', because the state laws [which they're trying to fix] say it's not legal.
deahca2: oh those evil koreans
waytoomuchof: deahca2: I'll check into the same home as you. We'll fade away partying
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:21:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
deahca2: lol deal, waytoo
carl_python: lots of meth here from nortyh korea too
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Umm...weed is legal in Denver? No way!
deahca2: grabs Os and makes a party out of the seniors home.
annie_pio_jsh: i feel old
vampyrexheart666: hello ppl
deahca2: hi vamp
toast_er_man* is away (Auto-Away)
joedavidcent* <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:22:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Gr1m_Zero: he isn't a 'funny pothead' and he isn't one who passes out, either. I didn't see any actual outward signs of stereotypical 'high' behaviour that one time....
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Yup. Weed is legal in Denver. In the city. In the state and country, it's outlawed. So, technically, a Denver cop won't care, but State Patrol will.
baa_20062002* <:arrives>
plus_bus: Anyways , I have to go. Seeya laters
plus_bus* <leaves the room>
ehab_fatota* <:arrives>
waytoomuchof: annie_pio_jsh: sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you. I have a 16 year-old step daughter, yes.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: A Denver cop would care, and does care, because the Denver cop is allowed to haul you in for doing something that's illegal in the state now.
gremlin_net: Hunter's seen me on weed once. The last time I had any. Six years ago.
bong_dude4* <leaves the room>
glaz_zawatta* <:arrives> Male
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:23:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
vampyrexheart666* <leaves the room>
annie_pio_jsh: its ok waytoomuch, that's good to hear, i didnt think you were that old.
gremlin_net: Hunter: Yeah. They are technically deputised into the state level.
annie_pio_jsh: no offense :|
Hunter_the_CrazyChick* has never touched the stuff.
christian_businessman* <leaves the room>
ehab_fatota* <leaves the room>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: So in other's really illegal.
christian_hillbilly_ky1* <:arrives> Male 45 from Jeffersonville, IN
elprns_amir* <:arrives>
gr1m_zero: Hunter, so he was like.. just sitting back, chilling, listening to some music, all chink eyed, not sayin' anything..
deahca2: lol grim
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Gr1m_Zero:, he was just pretty much himself.
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: It's legal on paper. In practise, some cops suck.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter, do you realize the only reason people are talking to you, is because of your boob pic?
moses_t_blackwell* <:arrives> Male 21
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: That's the only reason I'm talking to you.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:24:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: and notice how seriously I'm not taking you....
gremlin_net: Gr1m_Zero: I did way too many drugs in the eighties. Weed doesn't do dick to my system.
gr1m_zero: Gremlin, what else did you do?
annie_pio_jsh: i think the only thing i have ever tried is alcohol
gremlin_net: Gr1m_Zero: Just about everything available. Curiously, I quit and walked away the week before crack really hit the streets.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:25:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter, I'm a Muslim, and I can prove to you that my religion is correct.
deahca2: lucky, grem
gr1m_zero: Hey, I like Hunter's breasts as much as the next guy, but that ain't the reason I talk to her. She's cool people.. very helpful when you need to her be, there to talk to, but get on her bad side and god damn just watch out..
annie_pio_jsh: holy crapola.
christian_hillbilly_ky1* <leaves the room>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I can accomplish this in under 10 sentences, using pure logic.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: wow. I really care. Can't you see how much I care? This is my 'I care' face. Don't be fooled by the fact that it looks exactly like my 'I'm not taking you seriously at all' face.
elprns_amir: hi
karma_es_aqua: allot of white out will correct anything.......%-(
gremlin_net: deahca2: Kinda. In retrospect, it wouldn't have mattered much. Remember all the adverts promising that, if you smoked crack once, you'd die instantly? They were lying, it seems.
deahca2: hi elprns
night.wing* <:arrives> Male 23 from appalachia virginia alias Brandon
carl_python: hey i saw whrere the discoverer of LSD hit 100
elprns_amir: I-)
gr1m_zero: Gremlin, ... I don't understand why someone would do something that "hard", I guess.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I read your profile, and it says that you care.
deahca2: the worst thing you can do to a kid is lie about drugs.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:26:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gremlin_net: Gr1m_Zero: Why not? That was my general excuse.
toast_er_man* <leaves the room>
night.wing: i don't understand why people lie abour religion =))
dodosdead* <leaves the room>
dodosdead* <leaves the room>
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: does it really? It says that, in those words? "I care." Funny, I don't remember putting that there....
deahca2: me either night
annie_pio_jsh: deah i agree
night.wing: about*
christian_hillbilly_ky1* <:arrives> Male 45 from Jeffersonville, IN
christian_freemason* <:arrives> Male 43 from Southern California
lover_zadde2005* <leaves the room>
deahca2: why do you think they do that?
gr1m_zero: Gremlin, maybe you're blessed with a non-addictive personalitiy.
annie_pio_jsh: like they use to say that marijuana can kill you
annie_pio_jsh: and really it does
christian_freemason: Afternoon All
elprns_amir* <leaves the room>
jatsunrise* <:arrives> Male 46 from On a small planet, orbiting a h
gr1m_zero: personality..
gremlin_net: Gr1m_Zero: Basically, I did it because grownups told me not to, I had the money, and it didn't kill me.
night.wing: i don't believe in praying to fairies like god and mohammed =))
gr1m_zero: One of those.
deahca2: it does?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: really says that...don't you remember what you put in your profile?
carl_python: pot dint lkill me
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: If your proof involves a book, please send a copy to me at PO BOX 441755 Aurora CO 80044
deahca2: erm, I'm an old lady annie, believe me, pot will NOT kill you. lol
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:27:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: So is that your address?
gremlin_net: Gr1m_Zero: I don't really develop addictions. The closest I get to 'needing' something is caffeine and nicotine.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I don't see the words "I care" in that sentence.
annie_pio_jsh: deah oh i know that
christian_freemason* <leaves the room>
kellydarwin55* <:arrives> Male
gr1m_zero: Gremlin, I'm sayin'.. If you knew you wouldn't get addicted, it's fine. But for those who know they can get addicted to something easily, it's best to stay away. Ya know?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: PO box huh? I'm going to hang out in front of that Post Office.
jatsunrise: Hi, annie.
deahca2: but crack sounds bad.
annie_pio_jsh: hey jatsun :(
deahca2: Hi jats
night.wing: what is god and what is mohammed and what the fuck they ever done for me =))
gremlin_net: deahca2: It might be. I couldn't tell you personally.
jatsunrise: Hi, deah
carl_python: now when i danced in the street i cud have been hit by a car
deahca2: me either, grem.
karma_es_aqua: why not suck you on?
jatsunrise: Why the frown, annie?
gremlin_net: deahca2: I can tell you that, for me, LSD isn't the best idea.
night.wing: hey dinker LOL
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:28:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
annie_pio_jsh: just not having a good week that's all
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: There, it says it... right... there. ^^^
deahca2: never did it, grem. My brother did, and said it was no biggy
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: have fun dying of exposure. Unless, of course, the cops pick you up for being a vagrant. And then you can have fun being locked up.
jatsunrise: Sorry to hear that.
gremlin_net: deahca2: And angeldust is potentially bad too.
carl_python: but the pot was ok
annie_pio_jsh: thanks
sillysinger4u: the solution is is sobriety
deahca2: that stuff is horrible, grem
night.wing: whats an angel ?
sillysinger4u: and stop fucking and masterbating
sillysinger4u: go jogging
gremlin_net: Heroin is mostly boring. It only starts to matter once it wears off again.
sillysinger4u: and look at your dreaming more'
night.wing: LOL
deahca2: we have recently discovers that angels are storks
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter, can you view my cam?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:29:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I printed out your picture in your profile...and cummed on it. I want to show it to you.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: no. The overwhelming apathy that disallows me from even being disinterested makes my computer incapable of viewing your cam.
night.wing: i have recently discover are religions are stupid and unreliable
gr1m_zero: Hunter, you should totally put this on your webpage..
christian_hillbilly_ky1* <leaves the room>
night.wing: atheist
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Gr1m_Zero: if my computer doesn't lock up, I probably will.
night.wing: =))
kellydarwin55: hello my name darwin just lost my job but been hell in back and still look GOOD
the_scorpion202* <:arrives> Male 23 from jordan alias golden_eyes
gr1m_zero: Hunter, good, I wanna read it later. :D
night.wing: i don't believe in praying to fairies
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I'm going to take a snapshot of your cum-filled pic and put it on my profile.
waytoomuchof: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: yup, you're a muslim alright. Zero self-control, woman crazy, no respect, mental case
the_scorpion202: hi alllllllllllllllllllll
gr1m_zero: Gremlin, I don't bite, man..
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:30:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gremlin_net: waytoomuchof: And a confessed stalker.
sillysinger4u: 70's
carl_python: bye
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: It's the American society that has plagued my mind.
gremlin_net: Gr1m_Zero: Look at the books I write. Then understand that I imagine worse things. The trouble is that we haven't yet got words for most of them.
night.wing: i don't think thier is any thing to believe in really
waytoomuchof: gremlin_net: it's no wonder they dress their women up in bee-keeper suits
annie_pio_jsh: waytoomuch let's not stereotype muslims...that's all men :|
annie_pio_jsh: correction: that's MANY MEN.
deahca2: I think we got that when you announced you were an atheist, night. thanx for the input
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: waytoomuchof: maybe the world will get lucky and he'll accidentally blow himself up on the way to the bathroom.
gremlin_net: waytoomuchof: Maybe it's the women's idea....
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:31:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
night.wing: if there was a god or a mohammed u think people would be less stupid
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter, I'm taking you down with me.
the_scorpion202* <leaves the room>
akashapeace3* <:arrives> Female 31 from England
annie_pio_jsh: yikes
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: for that to happen, I'd actually have to be somewhere near you when you fucked up your bomb-building.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Post office
waytoomuchof: annie_pio_jsh: I've been a man for a long time and while I have a lengthy history with women, I can/do control myself around them
night.wing: god and mohammed were made up by people on dope in the old days =))
gremlin_net: So, plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx is a muslim and a confessed stalker, making open threats across interstate communications. Isn't there a word for that?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:32:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Gremlin: "Troll."
gremlin_net: Oh yeah....
annie_pio_jsh: waytoomuch...i wasnt talking in specifics..i was talking in general terms
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I didn't make any terrorist threats.
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Here you go:
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I just said "I'm taking you down with me." I meant, in bed, after we're married, with mutual consent.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx has never heard of 'context'.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Quit taking my words out of context.
kellydarwin55* <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:33:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
night.wing: once there was a jew who was on dope and saw mohammed in his mind saying =)) get screwed
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: holy cow that is so awsome I'm gonna buy one of those
deahca2: jew?
jsrparam* <:arrives>
deahca2: are you on drugs?
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Go ahead.
deahca2: mohammed and jew do not mix.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I'll gave it to my uncle he's illiterate in English.
night.wing: once there was a christian who took hallucinage and said theres a god LOL
deahca2: and you call US stupid? lol
jsrparam* <leaves the room>
gremlin_net: Weirdly, most of the more detrimental shirts sell better than the good ones. No idea why.
night.wing: like i said i don't care about religion
night.wing: LOL
laura_u9an* <:arrives>
gr1m_zero: Gremlin, ... what are the kinds of XTC you've done?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:34:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
night.wing: or do islams believe in mohammed ?
sillysinger4u: only may 4 people in room with 5 or 6 names each
sillysinger4u: fuck it
deahca2: night wing, go clean your room or tell your mommy she wants you
annie_pio_jsh: want to know about Islam? Because it seems you are asking alot of questions regarding Islam.
night.wing: jews and islam both are sand niggers =))
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Annie Po are you Muslim?
deahca2: another one bites the dust. another one bites the dust. and another gone and another gone. CLICK
gremlin_net: Gr1m_Zero: That I remember? Um...dancing skeletons...probably twenty or thirty brands. It's been a long time.
waytoomuchof: annie_pio_jsh: fundamentalist muslims take the position that women's hair, bodies, arms, skin, faces, necks, ankles etc must be covered so men talking to them are not distracted by "lust". Clearly, this is the logic of insane males that cannot control themselves. It makes only themselves look bad and innocent women suffer needlessly
annie_pio_jsh: plz...yes I am muslim
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I'm from India, but I look arab.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Indian people are ugly, but arabs are hot. Thank God I look arab.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:35:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
night.wing: christians are just stupid republicans
gr1m_zero: Gremlin, Dancing Skeletons are the name?
moses_t_blackwell: im going to rebuild the motor to produce 215bhp @ 7600 rpms
Hunter_the_CrazyChick* thought X was fairly new.
annie_pio_jsh: waytoomuch its not about control, you may perceive that way, but its more about being modest if anything.
gr1m_zero: Gremlin, double-stacked? Triple?
night.wing: i hate jews christians catholics muslims islams pagans idiots who believe and pray to fairies or magical creatures theyve never even seen before =))
gr1m_zero: No, Hunter. It was legal until 1985, actually.
deahca2: Don't worry about Annie. She's a smart sophisticated Western Muslim woman. She won't have any part of fundamental nuts
gr1m_zero: Hunter, now they cut it with a bunch of stuff like caffine and heroin instead of the original MDMA (the good stuff)
night.wing: deah is a retard praying to something that ain't real
gremlin_net: Gr1m_Zero: I've been out of that scene since about 1986.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: But I think I still look hotter than Hunter.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:36:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
annie_pio_jsh: deah i dont know about smart or sophisticated :-S
night.wing: have u ever seen god ?
jatsunrise: recalls when a bottle of 1000 pharmaceutical grade caps of XTC went for $200, legally.
waytoomuchof: annie_pio_jsh: not according to the muslims I talk to. Worse, the muslim women I talk to go along with it wether they're coerced or actually believe the bullshit
gr1m_zero: Gremlin, have you ever heard of triple-stacked Christmas Trees, Batman, Motorollas?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter do you think I look hotter than you?
night.wing: have u ever seen what ever jewish sand nigerrs believe in ?
gr1m_zero: Gremlin, the year after it became illegal! :))
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: d
night.wing: niggers LOL
gremlin_net: Gr1m_Zero: Nope. They're probably newer than my habits.
gremlin_net: Gr1m_Zero: I was more into coke and whitecrosses and uppers anyway.
sillysinger4u: happy new century
night.wing: i've seen a nigger but i've never seen a god
annie_pio_jsh: waytoomuch well then that is misrepresenting Islam now isnt it? Waytoomuch you seem to be pretty intelligent, and you should know that there is a HUGE difference between people who practice the religion and the religion itself.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:37:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
night.wing: =))
deahca2: many different branchs of Islam as well.
night.wing: islams are stupid fuckers too
deahca2: Some more strict, others more liberal
night.wing: muslims are retards
Hunter_the_CrazyChick* sighs.
gr1m_zero: I need to take that shower, I'll be back.
night.wing: christians are republicans =))
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: The seeking of my attention is going beyond pathetic.
gremlin_net: Oddly, I've never had meth either. It was kinda around at the time, but coke was pretty cheap then. I went with the good stuff.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter can you see my text or did I get text banned
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:38:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
night.wing: jews are sand niggers
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter I'll only seek your attention until I see a hotter chick talking in the main
zen_tarded* <leaves the room>
night.wing: vox can u prove to me god exists ?
zeus_thundercock* <:arrives> Male 25 from Eire
night.wing: until u can shut up =))
waytoomuchof: annie_pio_jsh: indeed. I'm well aware that making women dress up in this "aparrell" isn't even in the quran, but is the ravings of some obsessed clerics yet is practiced by most muslims. They are simply falling into the same bad, dogmatic practices of christianity. Another good reason to steer clear of islam
deahca2: If women believe in it, they will do it because of THEIR wishes, however, waytoo. Can't knock them for that
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:39:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
night.wing: god or mohammed or allah isn't real u dumb asses
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Gremlin: want to watch the rest of that movie?
night.wing: thats like believing the tooth fairy =))
gremlin_net: Hunter's Idiot Archive is about to gain some bytes, I think....
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hello can anyone see my text
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Gremlin: most likely, yes.
zeus_thundercock: austin, for enough money...I will do ANYTHING
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Darn I hate chatting in the main I always get text banned
gremlin_net: Hunter: Maybe in a bit. Lemee even out on all the painkillers before I induce narcolepsy.
zeus_thundercock: austin, why?
akashapeace3: aal.. are you pleased that BattleStar Gal. is back on TV?
night.wing: yes i am gay =))
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Gremlin: it's the third one. The third one isn't narcolepsy-inducing.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:40:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gremlin_net: Hunter: Right now, breathing is narcoleptic.
sillysinger4u: why can't we have more crazy lesbians complaining
sillysinger4u: what the fuck
sillysinger4u: lol
chainsaw_juggernaut: Hunter: Which film?
laura_u9an* <leaves the room>
jenna_icebabe* <:arrives> Female 18 alias Jenna Icebabe
night.wing: atheist rock
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: chain: Return of the King.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: ok
steudent* <leaves the room>
steudent* <leaves the room>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Good, I didn't get text banned yet
steudent* <:arrives> Male
night.wing: women are nasty bleedin cunt rags
candycoatedmonkey* <leaves the room>
candycoatedmonkey* <leaves the room>
jethrobodiene55* <:arrives> Male 55 from no answer alias jethrobodiene55
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: yeah that's so gross isn't it night wing?
annie_pio_jsh: waytoomuch again, how would you know what the Quran says or doesnt say. The Quran can be transliterated in many ways...there are some sects of Islam that dont BELIEVE in wearing hijab while other sects do. True, Sunni muslims (the largest of the sects) believe that a woman has the right to cover and it may not directly say that in the Quran but it does say implicitly (if you want verses you will have to give me some time to look it up) and Sunni muslims also follow the Sunnah aka The hadiths which are based on the Life of Prophet Mohammad(pbuh) and the hadiths say that a woman should be covered up.
sillysinger4u: wish we all came from
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:41:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Annie Po, just put him on ignore.
sillysinger4u: all from that bloody pussy kids
chainsaw_juggernaut: Ah, ok.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: I know, I already spent an entire day watching all three, but now I'm trying very hard to get Gremlin to watch them.
night.wing: annie i think you are stupid for believing in something u can't see
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: ...also, I've just started reading the book.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: It's not worth spending your time to convince people whore are too stubbornly opinionated to listen.
akashapeace3: AAL I dunno
annie_pio_jsh: Brandon well that is your opinion of me.
sillysinger4u: wich we all came from crying
deahca2: HI aka
zeus_thundercock: austin, yes...I do like sexual intercourse
akashapeace3: I just that it was advertised on Sky One again
night.wing: i think anyone is stupid for praying to something they can't see
sillysinger4u: well some didn't cry about it
annie_pio_jsh: I think you are stupid for making racist comments for attention.
gremlin_net: Hunter: I'm just about offline. Everything's either sharp pain or coldly numb.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter, what are you talking about, lord of the rings?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:42:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gremlin_net: vox_speaks_2u: Nope.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Whoa you STILL haven't seen those movies? They're like the best trilogy of all time.
night.wing: air is breathe and wind blows =))
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Gremlin: sitting up here and staring at the TV would probably be the best thing for you, then.
gremlin_net: Hunter: C'mere for a minute.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: you should pay attention. I said I'd already spent a day watching all three. And I only have the extended editions.
night.wing: why do u all believe in something to pray to thats like cults or something
zeus_thundercock: the world is round? what century are you living in!
deahca2: You know, Annie, there are some Christian sects that will not allow their women to cut their hair or wear trousers. NO different to some Muslims sects, I don't imagine. Just different takes on scriptures
jethrobodiene55* <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:43:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
akashapeace3: hunter..... wow, long day then
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: OH MAN I wish I had the extended editions!
steudent: night; Why should we?
carlrove_sucksass* <:arrives>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: You saw all three at once?
gremlin_net: vox_speaks_2u: I don't believe in things. I get that air exists and wind occurs, as supported by the facts. I've explained this to you before. Lemee know when it gets from your eyes to your brain.
night.wing: jews and christians are cults =))
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: That's like...overdoing it. You should've split it up.
deahca2: that picture is of a model for the picture, not Jesus.
night.wing: carl are u atheist ?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:44:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
deahca2: Want a pic of Jesus, masturbate to one of Bin Ladin. that's closer
moses_t_blackwell* <leaves the room>
moses_t_blackwell* <leaves the room>
carlrove_sucksass: Brandon.. No, but I believe in the bok of Mormon
waytoomuchof: annie_pio_jsh: again, most of the opinions I have formed by speaking to muslims. I have spoken to muslims, have listened to muslims on TV and here on the internet and they all have concurred that the burka (or however it's spelled) is not any type of clothing commanded to be worn in the quran. Historically, especially in countries like Afghanistan before the Taliban, women dressed very contemporarily
sillysinger4u: lol you prove open chat is fucked
night.wing: atheist =))
flutterby442003* <leaves the room>
scroogesflat* <leaves the room>
zeus_thundercock* sings "how many doors must a toilet have, before you can no longer hear?...the answer my friend, is blowing in the wind"
night.wing: everyone who prays to something is a fairy lol
carlrove_sucksass: I can tell Brandon has taken a few trips up Brokeback Mountain
flutterby442003* <:arrives> Female 999 alias FlutterBytch
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Way Too Much, Muslims are idiots.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: It was only about twelve hours. It wasn't that bad. Star Wars takes longer.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:45:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
night.wing: well quit lookin at my profile u perve =))
p678uk* <:arrives> Female 35 from uk
waled_com99* <:arrives>
gremlin_net: StarWars is close to fifteen hours.
night.wing: star wars is gay
akashapeace3: hunter.. the Revenge of the Sith, I only watched that to see Anakin transform into Darth Vader.
annie_pio_jsh: waytoomuch who said anything about the burqa? I didnt say that it was a mandatory piece of clothing a woman should wear..Im saying that according to some Islamic teachings and the teachings of hadiths, a woman should be covered, whether its by a bed sheets or a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I'm a Muslim, and I admit it. Just read the source, Quran, Hadith, and legitimate books which were followed by most of the scholars by consensus.
carlrove_sucksass: Brandon... Can I lick your balls ?
akashapeace3: In fact, I even fast forwarded in some places heh
gremlin_net: I finally got round to watching all six in order. It did actually make a little more sense that way.
night.wing: no i get another man to do that for me
annie_pio_jsh: plzmarry i guess you ARE NOT muslim
sillysinger4u: takes me weeks to rewatch star wars movies over and over till I feel like a lost soul on this world again
waled_com99* <leaves the room>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I am.
zeus_thundercock: darth vader was anakin?
quaint711312* <:arrives> Female 51 from Bellingham, WA, USA alias VelVet Maid
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:46:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: But Muslims don't really follow Islam.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: akashapeace3: before I settled on [finally] watching all three LotR films, Gremlin and I watched all six Star Wars films. There was more than one stretch of 'sleep' in there.
carlrove_sucksass: I'd bang C-3PO
night.wing: muslims islams and jews are sand niggers
quaint711312: hey folks
annie_pio_jsh: plzmarry...yeah so jews must be the one who follow Islam then
night.wing: LOL
akashapeace3: hunter.. lol I can imagine.
deahca2: hugs quaint, gropes her, blames grem
night.wing: christians are republicans
akashapeace3: Although I remain a fan of the original 3 films
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter, you met Gremlin in real life?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Sith was lovely, though.
gremlin_net: In the final film, when Vader suddenly goes all good, it seemed way to instantaneous. Now, having the history on it, it made more sense.
quaint711312: Hey deah
annie_pio_jsh: deah :O
night.wing: mormons have more than one wife
akashapeace3: The recent 3 were a disappointment to me
gremlin_net: Hunter lives with me.
deahca2: we follow Islam? lol
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter, if I lived in Denver, would you meet me as well?
p678uk: hello
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: no.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:47:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
steudent* <leaves the room>
carlrove_sucksass: Brandon.. how bout we go out and find a couple of young wet bitches to bang
godslitdrummer* <:arrives> Male 20 from oklahoma alias drummer boy
p678uk: would anyone like to chat?
sillysinger4u: that's star wars movie is still the best
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: I don't randomly meet chatters. I live with Gremlin. His office is downstairs.
zeus_thundercock: I still have to watch the epsiode of battlestar
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: awww why not I'm a cool guy b-)
sillysinger4u: but guess what
night.wing: i hate women =))
night.wing: damn it
quaint711312: p67 about what?
annie_pio_jsh: deah well according to plzmarry muslims dont follow Islam, so I guess it has to be jews :|
deahca2: why the remark about Jews, annie?
atomic_attack_hamster: they fallow islum straight into a shitty life
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Serious? Did you meet through online?
night.wing: women are of the devil
carlrove_sucksass: Brandon.. Can I give you a rimmer ?
night.wing: =))
deahca2: could be christians, or Buddhist, or Hindus
night.wing: no i have a boyfriend
akashapeace3: One would think that Darth would have shown anger in the original films towards the Emporer for lying about Luke's Mom dying the way she did
night.wing: LOL
deahca2: why Jews?
sillysinger4u: the dvd collection of all the movies set comes with 15 hours of other scenes not in the movies at the theatres
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: It always amazes me when people meet others from online.
p678uk: what ever velv
sillysinger4u: I'll check that out
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Man, I would NEVER do that.
carlrove_sucksass: Brandon.. Can I give you an angry walrus ?
gremlin_net: In point of fact, plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx isn't a muslim. Page One of the quran shows that true muslims ask only Al'lah for help. plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx is asking everyone else for it.
jatsunrise: Jews, Jews, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot...
annie_pio_jsh: deah i dont know, it was just the first one that came to my mind
night.wing: pagans are retards i bet thats what deah is
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:48:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
quaint711312: p67 - not here to entertain you
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Unelss it's' for a green card of course.
deahca2: lol jats
p678uk: i mean anything
annie_pio_jsh: jatsun :|
p678uk: you are here for?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Gremlin, I'm not a true Muslim as a Muslim should be.
annie_pio_jsh: you've got a sweet tooth.
deahca2: we debate in her about religions, p67. Got a topic to debate? Name the religion
sillysinger4u: something like 15 hours
night.wing: deah is a pagan whore =))
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: However, I believe in the teachings of Islam. Beliefs and Actions are two different things.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: akashapeace3: he didn't really lie. Technically. There was a whole lot of not-actually-lying going on in that film, and the emperor did very little of it. [by 'that film' I mean the entire series].
quaint711312: p67 for ME - not to entertain YOU
annie_pio_jsh: gremlin lol
sillysinger4u: I'm full of shit and blabber crap here too
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:49:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
night.wing: gawd damn how many times i gotta say religion ain't real
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: So Hunter, how long did you talk with Gremlin before he actually convinced you to meet him in real life?
gremlin_net: Convinced?
gremlin_net: Let.
quaint711312: night unfortunately it's very real
akashapeace3: aal... I think it's because George had to rely more on character development in the first 3 films because of the lack of technology. I found the recent 3 relied too much on technology and not enough on character development
sillysinger4u: religion is beliefs and guess what
carlrove_sucksass* <leaves the room>
night.wing: the hell it =))
yaskan14* <leaves the room>
sillysinger4u: we humans got heads packed with beliefs
night.wing: velvet can u prove to me one fake god exists
sillysinger4u: guess why
sillysinger4u: cause we really don'
Hunter_the_CrazyChick* wasn't 'convinced' of anything. Question invalid; rephrase.
sillysinger4u: t don't know shit
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I'm guessing that whatever time he got, I could do the same with only a fraction of it. :>
deahca2: Being a REform Jew, I don't go by dress codes or restrictions on clothing. Do you annie, in your branch of Islam?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:50:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
figuring_out_my_ra* <:arrives>
gremlin_net: Meeting me was Hunter's idea.
doubting_tomas* <:arrives> Male 39 from Texas
p678uk: God's redemptive plan is salvation
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: You guess wrong.
chainsaw_juggernaut: I suggest aborting the chatter.
night.wing: allah and god have sex togheter =)
deahca2: which G-d, p67?
figuring_out_my_ra: Anyone familiar with RA?
sillysinger4u: lol
gremlin_net: figuring_out_my_ra: Somewhat.
sillysinger4u: smack your small mind open
deahca2: so many gods, p67, you'll have to be more specific.
quaint711312: night that's the specifics - but *religion* exists - it's used as an excuse to be really nasty to your fellow human beings
deahca2: Is it the Christian god?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Really? You must be a hot looking guy.
janosplaya* <leaves the room>
p678uk: God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
akashapeace3: hunter.. I have heard that in the final scenes of Return of the Jedi, the scene where the ghost of Obi Wan, Yoda and Anakin are together, George has replaced the original actor with the younger version from the recent films. Is this true?
matrixofpower* <:arrives> Male 39 from in this state
sillysinger4u: drop your dense crazy beliefs
sillysinger4u: all of them
night.wing: i hate everyone LOL
deahca2: OH the JUdaic G-d. Okay, I'm a Jew. Yes, G-d is our salvation.
jenna_icebabe: Dude...this is my other screen name cuz I got text banned a lot.
annie_pio_jsh: deah yes and no, I dont wear a hijab or a burqa. I do however cover myself...i dont wear skirts unless they cover my legs up entirely, i dont wear sleeveless, backless stuff either
sillysinger4u* <leaves the room>
sillysinger4u* <:arrives>
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:51:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
night.wing: deah is a pagan
night.wing: i knew it
deahca2: nods to annie.
p678uk: Jesus came that we might have life
jenna_icebabe: This person keeps IMing me, I never answered him. He must have sent me like 50 posts, literally, in under 20 minutes.
sillysinger4u: check
deahca2: Jesus is dead, too late.
zeus_thundercock: akasha, I think george bought into his delusion that what made the first trilogy was simply his use of technology...since all the actors told him his script was shit. This deeply effected george who went on to believe that actors werent needed...but the fact was, he had great actors in the first trilogy, and actors who had enough balls to act
annie_pio_jsh: lol
gremlin_net: jenna_icebabe: Which one?
figuring_out_my_ra: I'm hoping to find someone with direct experience or knowledge.
jatsunrise: annie wears nothing but a smile in my dreams.
night.wing: pagans believe in fairies =))
p678uk: He is risen
quaint711312: p67 I have life now - never been a believer
annie_pio_jsh: aww jatsun :(
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: How do you cover your hair annie?
p678uk: He lives
sillysinger4u: You are in "Religion:1" ( For spirited debate (no pun intended).** )
jatsunrise: More frowns?
annie_pio_jsh: you know jatsun, you are so nice to me, i want to thank you for being nice.
quaint711312: p67 why are you lying?
deahca2: The G-d of Avram Ysek and Yakov didn't know Jesus
jenna_icebabe: His name is sagedellackany
waytoomuchof: p678uk: jesus is a myth, like leprechauns
sillysinger4u: or total complete shit like al other chat rooms
deahca2: where does he live/
deahca2: got an address?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:52:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
night.wing: muslims are fuck nuts
zeus_thundercock: austin, hehe
deahca2: or is he dead in heaven ?
night.wing: islams are sand niggers
sillysinger4u: this chat system has been fucked dead
p678uk: The fool said in his heart there is no God
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Annie, how do you cover your hair?
night.wing: jews are retards
waytoomuchof: p678uk: prove your god is real
deahca2: Is he a zombie or a vampire?
night.wing: catholics are child molesters
figuring_out_my_ra* <leaves the room>
quaint711312: p67 *God Is A Myth* - now prove me wrong
karma_es_aqua* <leaves the room>
karma_es_aqua* <:arrives> alias Dinker
karma_es_aqua: And The Adventure Begins!
annie_pio_jsh: and no he's with another woman :|
deahca2: lol annie
flutterby442003: wb osi :x
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: If you don't wear a hijab...I don't see how you can cover your hair, and females MUST cover their hair in Islam.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: akashapeace3: sorry. Running around the house a bit. Yes, it's true. The oldguy Anakin has been replaced with Episode 3 Anakin.
annie_pio_jsh: now*
lamboi_trinh* <:arrives>
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:53:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
akashapeace3: hunter.. wow
lamboi_trinh* <leaves the room>
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite* <:arrives> Male 34 from NYC alias Ductape N Shovel 4Date 2Nite
deahca2: no they don't have to plz. I have Muslims friends and in THEIR branch of Islam, they don't
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: So Gremlin, tell me, how long did you know hunter before meeting her in real life?
sillysinger4u: do we know what humans are?
annie_pio_jsh: i cried for 2 days straight
atomic_attack_hamster: LOL jesus on forgiveness and life. Infancy of Thomas 1:14 Jesus said to him: If thou art really a teacher, and art well acquainted with the letters, tell me the power of the Alpha, and I will tell thee the power of the Beta. And the teacher was enraged at this, and struck Him on the head. And the child, being in pain, cursed him. and immediately he swooned away, and fell to the ground on his face. And the child returned to Joseph's house, and Joseph was grieved, and gave orders to His mother, saying. Do not let him go outside of the door, because those that make him angry die.
matrixofpower* <leaves the room>
zeus_thundercock: austin, I cant remember
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Since hutner doesn't answer me
gremlin_net: With StarWars, I'm less upset by the stuff Lucas updated, and more upset by the stuff he left alone.
deahca2: and THEY are as Muslim as any other Muslim
sillysinger4u: what are humans on this world?
enrycorla* <leaves the room>
gremlin_net: Stopmotion tauntauns are kinda silly.
sillysinger4u: spit your shit
p678uk: Well for start pray in Your heart for God to save you
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: me a favor
goerge83* <:arrives>
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: akashapeace3: it's really...obvious and annoying if you're a fan of the originals, but not as annoying as certain other things.
deahca2: I'll NEVER pray to dead Jesus
deahca2: not a farkin chance
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Admit you're Muslim, but please DO NOT admit you are what a true Muslim should be like.
zeus_thundercock* sings "they are terribly terribly terribly moody, human behaviour...and then all of a sudden turn happy"
night.wing: i never pray to anything =))
sillysinger4u: spit your shit of what you think humans are on this world in the universe
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:54:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
sillysinger4u: come on!!!
HeathenHellion* <:arrives> Female
deahca2: G-d will save me without dead jesus
carl_python* <leaves the room>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: If you're on Yahoo, especially in a chatroom, you're not what a true Muslim should be like.
zeus_thundercock: there is no doubt about it in my mind
annie_pio_jsh: plz i am a muslim and yes I am a true muslim, why would I not be?
gremlin_net: I should write up a helpful little list of stuff still awaiting updates in StarWars. It would be long.
goerge83* <leaves the room>
night.wing: god is fake fake fake
night.wing: satan is fake fake fake
atomic_attack_hamster: the sacrifice of jesus is rejected by god. Deu 12:31 You shall not do unto the LORD GOD. Any Abominations they do to THEIR GODS, which I YOUR GOD HATE. Whatever they do before their Gods. ESPECIALLY if they have their Sons or Daughters SACRIFICED before their Gods. }so Jesus SACRIFICE is INVALID.{
sillysinger4u: ghosts
night.wing: allah and mohammed are fake fake fake
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: You morn annie, that's what I hate about people...self righteousness.
HeathenHellion: lolol plz, and why is that?
annie_pio_jsh: what does me being in a chatroom have to do with my faith?
p678uk: Jesus is God
richardinmaine* <:arrives> Male from Maine, U.S.A. alias richie
deahca2: Jesus is a dead jew
zeus_thundercock: brandon, why are you saying fake three times?
deahca2: get over it
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Annie, you're not supposed to talk to men unless it's for a specific cause.
night.wing: so people will learn to trust atheist =))
zeus_thundercock: you secretely believe in the trinity of god
deahca2: by the way that is YESHUA is a dead jew
stevemcduffie* <:arrives> Male 38 from Pueblo alias Gigantopithecus Erectus
atomic_attack_hamster: deacha a dead jew on a roman stick
godslitdrummer* <leaves the room>
waytoomuchof: p678uk: how about proving some of the bullshit you're claiming?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:55:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
deahca2: jesus kabob?
annie_pio_jsh: plz this is coming from someone who said muslims are idiots but considers himself one and has been hitting on a woman online for the last hour.
night.wing: =)) laughs at deah for that one
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I know, Muslims are idiots, you prove my point Annie.
night.wing: jews are fuck nuts
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: three years. Possibly a little longer.
sillysinger4u: have I been fucked and am typing to fuckin chat propgrams here or what?
sillysinger4u: wtf
annie_pio_jsh: plz, first off, i can talk to whoever i want.
stevemcduffie: Hey there hunter
sillysinger4u: go eat shit
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Fred.
cheap_easy_and_drunk_blonde* <:arrives> Female
annie_pio_jsh: and secondly i will practice my faith without you questioning me, because you mean nothing.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: However, Islam is not a religion for Idiots. If you follow Islam as it should be followed, you would be a force to be reckoned with...but it's just too hard.
quaint711312: p67 - then you just made a liar of Jesus Christ - because it's claimed that he said *I am not my father but I go before to my father's mansion, and in his mansion are many many rooms* (they also made a hymn of that passage)
stevemcduffie: How was the weather while I was in Mexico?
HeathenHellion: go annie go
cheap_easy_and_drunk_blonde: Chatters!
sillysinger4u: welcome to the fight room
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Fred: Colorado-like.
ondoher1: OMG FRED IZ A DUMEDUM!!!
sillysinger4u: all this chat set up is
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Annie, you just said so many things that are contrary to Islam.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:56:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
sillysinger4u: you suck
annie_pio_jsh: heathenhellion :P
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: They are contrary to Islamic teachings.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Warm, cold, wet, dry, windy as hell.
night.wing: all u all fairy believin retards make my head hurt =))
stevemcduffie: OMG!!!!!!1
quaint711312: before you*
gremlin_net: annie_pio_jsh really isn't an idiot. Theistic or not, she knows better than to try to convince people that myths are real.
stevemcduffie: ONDOHIM IS GHEY
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: annie_pio_jsh: gr1m_zero GO FUCK YOURSELF!
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: ondo: I found your name.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Does Islam condone those words Annie?
annie_pio_jsh: plz and yet you are STILL TALKING and acting out which are VERY contradicting to Islamic ways
zeus_thundercock: austin, its the tree of life you see...its a play on words...or woods...or whatever. Jesus was bound to the tere of life, its a terrible revelation, or revolution...whatever it is, I could go in circles for horus...(I make this shit up as I go along!!!) :D
richardinmaine* <leaves the room>
night.wing: deah why do u believe in god u can't see him =))
annie_pio_jsh: so why dont you CHANGE YOURSELF FIRST.
matrixofpower* <:arrives> Male 39 from in this state
annie_pio_jsh: and then come speak to me.
p678uk: I do not need to prove anything God's word speaks for itself
matrixofpower* <leaves the room>
stevemcduffie: I am wondering why the word "ondobot" occurs in an Oregon college website
ondoher1: hunter: found it where?
HeathenHellion: plz, every religion has it's idiosyncracies (sp). If any follower of any religion followed every damned stupid rule in their holy book they'd close themselves in a closet and never come out.
sillysinger4u: shoot your shit
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: i dont know my favorite religion to rip apart (at the moment) Is the jehovahs Witness (cult)
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: ;))
sillysinger4u: spit it all out
gremlin_net: Hunter is finally reading Lord of the Twelve Hundred Boring Pages.
ondoher1: fred: it does? :O
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I know, my actions are against Islam. I admit it. The difference between me and you is that you claim to follow Islam. I don't.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:57:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
stevemcduffie: p678uk :))
ondoher1: got a link?
sillysinger4u: get it out of your system
jatsunrise: Provide evidence it's "God's" word.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: annie_pio_jsh: gr1m_zero GO FUCK YOURSELF! <<< Is that Islamic?
stevemcduffie: oh wait, you were serious
deahca2: jesus doesn't say a word for over 1000 years. I suggest you emulate him and stfu
quaint711312: p67 if you are claiming there is such a critter - then yes - you do need to back it up
stevemcduffie: nevermind
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Ondo: in the back of my copy of Lord of the Rings. It's got this bigass section of like, dates and timelines and family trees and shit.
night.wing: show me god is real?
sillysinger4u: you all suck shit
HeathenHellion: plz, you're about the most arrogant, self righteous prick I've met in here in a long time. Into the ignorant bin you asshole.
zeus_thundercock: tera ble...or terror balls, great balls of fire, or fairies, or pharoahs...back to horus again
ondoher1: hunter: yes, the appendix is the only place it appears, and it doesn't say much
cheap_easy_and_drunk_blonde: lol Deah
quaint711312: p67 because I have no reason to take your word for it
deahca2: hugs blondie
zeus_thundercock: I still think bjork would be happier if I was an intimate part of her life
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: How am I self righteous? I don't claim to be a good Muslim, a follower of Islam. ANNIE DOES!
annie_pio_jsh: plz...umm WHERE did i say that?
night.wing: just cause its in the that learther piece of crap the bible don't mean i believe it =))
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I copy-pasted it.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:58:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: You claim to be interesting enough to stalk Hunter.
sillysinger4u: some idiots think this system is supposed to be better if mature people came to it
sillysinger4u: well guess what
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Gremlin, you seem like a smart guy, don't you see my point?
night.wing* <leaves the room>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: It's crystal clear... I'm sure Hunter should be able to see my point.
sillysinger4u: it ain't gonna happen with doors open for crazy shitters and dumb kids with no rules
HeathenHellion: p67, god's word may speak for itself, but YOUR word doesn't mean diddly squat. Unless you have evidence to prove what you claim then your version of god is simply your opinion and no more valid than anyone elses.
muslim_arabian1423* <:arrives> from Arab countries alias Arabian_Muslim
ondoher1: steve: that must be some of lemme's work. or fbisearchbot
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: It's all 'daughter of' and then 'Ondoher falls in battle'. And that's all I could find.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 13:59:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
HeathenHellion: Until p67, you have evidence to support your claims you are doing nothing but stating your opinion
quaint711312: brb - grabbing coffee
stevemcduffie: ah, yes of course
deahca2: goes to get some more juice
cheap_easy_and_drunk_blonde: sillysinger, are you on some sort of prison-punishment that keeps you in this room? If you are so unhappy, maybe you should find a different room that caters to your needs ;)
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: It's very simple and clear. If someone makes a CLAIM to follow Islam, their actions should be within the folds of Islam. Annie, you made that claim, but your actions are contrary to Islam.
p678uk: Read Genesis 14:17-22; psalms 18:30 ps 78:35 Isaiah. God is the most high exalted one
floyd_hp* <:arrives>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: It's a very dangerous claim to make.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: ...and so far, the book seems a hell of a lot easier to read now that I've seen the movies.
stevemcduffie: I found some LotR fan fic that had Ondoher involved in a gay threesome
gremlin_net: Everyone's actions are contrary to islam. It's unavoidable.
stevemcduffie: Ondoher swallowed
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Even the great religious scholars were afraid to make that claim, and thought they were hyprocrites.
annie_pio_jsh: plzmarry...somewhere in this world your mother must wonder why she isnt pro choice.
HeathenHellion: silly, you got an attitude problem because you're a kid eh?
sillysinger4u: doors wide open and only dumb booters that can be weak with a better chat porgram like yazak used correctly for this shit
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:00:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
muslim_arabian1423* <leaves the room>
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: ...or it could just be that I'm going into it straight from Invisible Man.
waytoomuchof: p678uk: I do not accept the bible as anything more than a book of fairy tales. You said "god said". I didn't hear god say a thing
annie_pio_jsh: i guess you're going to hell as well.
sillysinger4u: you are deaf dumb and blind
gremlin_net: stevemcduffie: Oh yeah. Did I tell you that the new novel is out?
zeus_thundercock: gigan, is a gay three some when three people of the same sex have sex with three people of the same sex as those three?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Annie, listen, I'm glad you're Muslim.
sillysinger4u: all a fuckin kid hear
sillysinger4u: here
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: But, Annie, just don't say you're a "TRUE MUSLIM".
annie_pio_jsh: and yet you are acting like a total bastard.
stevemcduffie: that is fucking great news
sillysinger4u: all a fuckin kid on this world
quaint711312: p67 - fiction from fiction is still fiction
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Annie, you can say "I try to be a true muslim, but I make mistakes."
sillysinger4u: you ain't shit
sillysinger4u: never will be here
sillysinger4u: boot me
gremlin_net: stevemcduffie: It's relieving. I don't know how good it really is. But it's finally fucking finished.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:01:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
demrald* <:arrives> Male 25 from Liverpool, England alias Demrald
sillysinger4u: or try
zeus_thundercock* thunder, thunder, thunder, thundercock hoooooo!
cheap_easy_and_drunk_blonde: silly should shoot itself in the head if chat affects them this much
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: That's a lot safer. Why? Because if you say you're a true muslim, then people will take your mistakes and attribute it to the teachings of Islam.
stevemcduffie: zeus_thundercock is zed?
ondoher1: hunter: so, you're maikng your way through LOTR now?
HeathenHellion: okay silly, you little cry baby whiner, into the iggy bin for being a disgusting asshole
sillysinger4u: lost kids fuckin 50 or 60
sillysinger4u: same shit
ondoher1: steve: no
zeus_thundercock: lol austin
annie_pio_jsh: plzmarry i think im going to stop having this conversation with you, i feel like my IQ is dropping as i continue this conversation with you
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: ondo: yeah. I'm about 40 pages in.
ondoher1: steve: download the new bot yet?
sillysinger4u: idiots
gremlin_net: stevemcduffie: Actually, it must be good. Hunter actually liked it. And that's roughly impossible.
sillysinger4u: lost
sillysinger4u: confused
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: And, like you said, we ahve to differentiate between Muslims and the religion, Islam.
ondoher1: hunteR: oh. you got a LONG way to go yet :))
sillysinger4u: not seeing shit
zeus_thundercock: zed is dead
stevemcduffie: gremlin_net sounds encouraging
demrald: ZID
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: ondo: I know. It's not the longest book I've ever read, though. I once read Les Miserables.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:02:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Anyway, on to a new topic.
HeathenHellion: what a moron, that silly kid is. Thinks we can't get rid of him. LOL thank goodness for the iggy button
stevemcduffie: Les Mis
gremlin_net: stevemcduffie: Granting that it's about at least three subjects she knows far too much about....
akashapeace3* <leaves the room>
akashapeace3* <leaves the room>
christian_hillbilly_ky* <:arrives> Male 44 from Jeffersonville, IN alias Christian Hillbilly KY
spirit_of_envy* <:arrives> Male 18 from In my own little world
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: You were chatting with hunter for 3 years?
sillysinger4u:stretches his arms on both walls of the room and pushes them out
sillysinger4u: ahhh the room is bigger now
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: That's too much of a time investment for me.
stevemcduffie: gremlin_net is it available at
stevemcduffie: or were you having problems with them?
gremlin_net: stevemcduffie: Anyway, the hardcover's at and the softcover is at
cheap_easy_and_drunk_blonde: silly is a guy? With all the whining, I thought it was a pre-teen girlie girl
floyd_hp* <leaves the room>
sillysinger4u: lol
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:03:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
strang_true* <:arrives>
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Les Mis is actually a really bood book, if you can get past the long, boring several hundred pages on the living habits of a character that only has a small part in the story....
gremlin_net: stevemcduffie: I'm not real happy with at the moment. They've been weird about royalty cheques.
sillysinger4u: you wanna fight?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I'd spend like...2 most.
sillysinger4u: let's go fucker
stevemcduffie: ondoher1 I tried to, but high winds knocked me offline
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: fight on the internet?
ondoher1: steve: sucks to be you
sillysinger4u: I ate you momma last night
sillysinger4u: lol
sillysinger4u: dene shit
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: *good.
sillysinger4u: dense
sillysinger4u: she was good
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Goddamn you laptop keyboard.
zeus_thundercock: my brother flew to italy today to play headline a gig that paddy casey was supposed to be headlining
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I think I read the biggest book...Atlas Shrugged.
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: your* momma
stevemcduffie: we have radio wave high speed and when the winds blow, sometimes I get knocked offline
HeathenHellion: where's the fight ductape?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: It's like...over 1,100 pages.
zeus_thundercock: the lucky bastard
sillysinger4u: typing fast
HeathenHellion: lol steve, now that's funny
sillysinger4u: who gives a fuck
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: seems silly wants to "fight" someone :))
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: And the text is REAL SMALL! If it was standard-sized text, it would probably be about 1,500 pages.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:04:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
sillysinger4u: why am I not booted and banned from the room?
cheap_easy_and_drunk_blonde: wow, silly sure is a good fighter. I am so scared and offended. Really.
sillysinger4u: why?
gremlin_net: stevemcduffie: Also,'s markup is insane. I wouldn't pay as much as they'd charge for the pagecount.
sillysinger4u: because the program is not changing
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: banned from the room?
sillysinger4u: it's a fuckin shit
stevemcduffie: HeathenHellion well, it's my only choice aside from dial-up and satellite. And satellite is literally twice as expensive and literally half as fast
HeathenHellion: lol duct, he's been in iggy becuase of his whining and crying, he's just a retarded little kid playing in the adult rooms
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Damn, I've been here a real long time.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: sillysinger4u: because this isn't IRC or MSN. This is yahoo. You must not be paying attention to where you're chatting....
sillysinger4u: all the fight room
quaint711312: silly personally I don't boot anyone - if you annoy me I have an ignore button - that makes you *go away* just as well
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:05:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
stevemcduffie: I lost 8 lbs working on that freaking rig
HeathenHellion: I didn't know they had air wave internet. I don't think it;s available out here on the west coast. Never heard of it.
sillysinger4u: I'm talking about the room operater having that ability
ondoher1: stevemcduffie: cool. maybe i need a new career
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: sillysinger4u: what room operator, dummy?
HeathenHellion: Hey my satelite is so fast I can't imagine anything being faster.
stevemcduffie: HeathenHellion it's not bad.
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: well hellion they took away the teen rooms so the lil fuckers have to go somewhere
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Well...if you enter too many posts I think you get auto-iggied.
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: :))
cheap_easy_and_drunk_blonde: lol at room operator. What a tard!
sillysinger4u: but there is no room operaqter with this set up
sillysinger4u: it's my room
sillysinger4u: my room
sillysinger4u: all my room
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: hehe
rendermaster: well, silly goes "bye-bye"
quaint711312: silly I don't think yahoo! has *room operators* - you are from either AOL or MSN chat right?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Someone boot this guy
gremlin_net: I'm getting way too fluttery now.
sillysinger4u: lol
stevemcduffie: the rig makes $60K per day no matter how many people are working on it
HeathenHellion: hunter, I put silly in my iggy bin, I think he thinks theres a room moderator. Poor kid, he's really made a fool of himself in here today.
sillysinger4u: you don't it
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: sillysinger4u: oh, really? You've got some sort of magical 'ops' that nobody else can have? Do something, lameass.
stevemcduffie: so the less people working, the better
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:06:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
sillysinger4u: someone boot me
sillysinger4u: I got yazak anti-boot ready for that lame fight
rendermaster: ignore is such a wonderful feature - no need for a room moderator
HeathenHellion: lol steve.
stevemcduffie: hi rendermaster
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: So which chicks have pics in here?
stevemcduffie: shalom
quaint711312: silly again - doesn't work that way on yahoo! chat
cheap_easy_and_drunk_blonde: the only room silly is used to is the secret backroom where he goes to "be alone" and whack off to the back of cereal boxes.
goddess_demonberry: awww is silly being paranoid?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Oh silly singer is a female
stevemcduffie: hey there Jen
gremlin_net: Render: Judaism online: selfmoderation. Fun.
rendermaster: fred! LTNS! how was the work on the rig?
rendermaster: lol grem
goddess_demonberry: no matter the "anti boot" prgrm.. someone can still be booted
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:07:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
opiate_mu: hunter_the_crazychick> apparently owning the room means not being booted from it. or something.
sillysinger4u* <leaves the room>
opiate_mu: hah
HeathenHellion: poor little silly. He must be about a pre teen, you know all mouth and no brain
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Damn this sucks...they took out the Teen Chat rooms.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick* laughs.
baa_20062002* <leaves the room>
goddess_demonberry: that is like saying there is a security code that an't be cracked
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hutner is like the youngest chick in here.
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: goldie actually i only know of one program that boots YahELite
stevemcduffie: rendermaster better than last time. I am a better caliber technician this time than I was when I was employed by them 6 years ago
stevemcduffie: same company, in fact the same rig
reason_over_faith* <:arrives> Male
sillysinger4u* <:arrives>
gremlin_net: I can't be booted. I've got a bootproofed method. First sign of a booter, I shoot my computer with my Uzi. Works every time.
reason_over_faith: COCKSUCKERS!!
goddess_demonberry: duct.. well, they have used it on me.. i know that :P
cheap_easy_and_drunk_blonde: oh good, silly came back
goddess_demonberry: james !! :X
rendermaster: james :)
stevemcduffie: reason_over_faith
stevemcduffie: goddess_demonberry
reason_over_faith: Hello all.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Must've been booted, or something.
cheap_easy_and_drunk_blonde: lol grem
reason_over_faith: Steveie.
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: lol goldie .. havent gotten booted yet in elite
goddess_demonberry: i think we need a virus that infects the booter
jatsunrise: reason - Au @ 540.00. Hubba Hubba.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:08:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: So Hunter, view my cam, don't worry your boyfriend is no longer here.
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: booting is for the kids in high school that got pushed into lockers getting some small sense of revenge ;)
reason_over_faith: jat, can I say I told you so now?
zeus_thundercock: vox, abortion is illegal in should move to country that still believs in god, insteadt of living in the great satan
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: goddess_demonberry: they already exist. It's called 'whatever they get when they download those stupid apps.
gremlin_net: See? Booter. Ready...aim--
gremlin_net* leaves the room, in a fireball.
goddess_demonberry: sure.. go ahead and boot me.. and you will get a nasty CSTD (computer sexually transmitted disease)
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: oh crap he's here
jatsunrise: reason - I was buying gold all year long last year,
goddess_demonberry: lol hunter hehe
cheap_easy_and_drunk_blonde: ok, back to work. Bye folk
stevemcduffie: until they were left with NOTHING
rendermaster: vox is a wonderful reason to support retroactive abortion
goddess_demonberry: lol duct
reason_over_faith: Jat, liar.
zeus_thundercock: vox, it must erk you to know that the Irish have retained their souls, whil you americans are falling into the abyss
rendermaster: bye, cheap
stevemcduffie: BWAH HAHAHAHAHA
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: ;))
goddess_demonberry: hehe zues
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:09:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
reason_over_faith: It will hit 600.
jatsunrise: Bought fifty roosters at an average $78.00
reason_over_faith: Watch.
goddess_demonberry: james ye
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: Ireland :))
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Vox, I'll buy your granddaughter.
goddess_demonberry: eek.. why did i type that?
reason_over_faith: Do not fuck with Ireland bitch.
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: man they irish take a beating in Europe
goddess_demonberry: brain burp
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: the&
gremlin_net: vox_speaks_2u's grandkid is going to hell. Whee.
chainsaw_juggernaut: Vox: hopefully she'll get knocked up soon.
zeus_thundercock: vox, our economy is also on the up up up, we are the 3 richest country in the world per head of population!
goddess_demonberry: == fucks with james
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:10:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
reason_over_faith: Zeus, not so. We are actually heading below 10th once you factor in debt vs. GDP.
sillysinger4u* <leaves the room>
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite: zues do you have an oversized pair of wellies so the sheep cant get away when you are having "relations"?
reason_over_faith: jennifer, I WISH!!
sillysinger4u* <:arrives>
goddess_demonberry: lol hehehe
goddess_demonberry: gee.. silly.. is someone booting you?
zeus_thundercock: vox, its not to late...god saved ireland last time...he will do it again!
reason_over_faith: I do not care if you are married Jennifer. All I ask is one good night...
strang_true* <leaves the room>
death_0f_morticide* <:arrives>
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: sillysinger4u got what it asked for.
ondoher1: is reason here, i have that dude on ignore
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I'm reading this book called "lolita" by Valdimir Nabakhov. I was never a pedophile, but now I'm really curious about having a preteen playmate.
goddess_demonberry: james. and that is all the hubby asks of you too :D
reason_over_faith: Ondo, harr.
chainsaw_juggernaut: Vox: Maybe she's already had an abortion.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: They should really ban that book. It gives you illegal desires.
reason_over_faith: Jennifer, not happening.
goddess_demonberry: lol heheh
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:11:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
reason_over_faith: Jennifer, you or Gia.
reason_over_faith: I will not talk.
goddess_demonberry: i get gia before you do
goddess_demonberry: girls always win
reason_over_faith: Bullshit.
zeus_thundercock: austin, we have loads of gas out in the irish sea we havent told anyone about
goddess_demonberry: hey , she has a dick at home.. what she doesn't have are tits to play with..
rendermaster: lol goddess
goddess_demonberry: thus.. i win
zeus_thundercock: basically, we will use that when all the hceap stuff that is bought uner the guise of "free market" has been used...basically the free market is a tool to get other nations resources before we use our own
goddess_demonberry: :P
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: ok im out
zeus_thundercock: its genius
rendermaster: she has her own, goddess, which are rather lovelyh ;)
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:12:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: oh gremlin are you officially hunter's boyfriend?
reason_over_faith: Wow, I wish I could remember my birthday.
ductape_n_shovel_4date_2nite* <leaves the room>
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Not exactly.
reason_over_faith: Render, like you have ever seen them!!
death_0f_morticide: "Wow now men is here to suck me off!!" - reason_over_faith
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I wanted to hit on her in front of her boyfriend
gremlin_net: Officially, I'm more like Hunter's owner.
rendermaster: I've seen them in a tiny bikini
reason_over_faith: plz, psst, they live together, I would say, YES!!
stevemcduffie: I am afraid that I have concluded that Canadians are assholes.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: You're married?
reason_over_faith: Render, I have seen them au naturale, as she lost a bet.
zeus_thundercock: austin, england wil be destroyed when europe is hit by a metoerite...only ireland will survive, and the scandanvian countries
reason_over_faith: :D
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Nope. Just sinister.
stevemcduffie: At least the one who work for Nabors Drilling International are
stevemcduffie: they suck ass
goddess_demonberry: and gods little irony.. they get bigger when i am on my period.. which doesn't seem quite fair
reason_over_faith: render, and yes, they ARE spectacular.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:13:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
death_0f_morticide* punches stevemcduffie in his repaired hymen
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Oh that's just crazy. I was thinking about meeting someone from Online, but I would never forgive myself if I did.
stevemcduffie: Hey death_0f_morticide
death_0f_morticide: yo.
reason_over_faith: Steve are you back to being stateside?
gremlin_net: Hunter played Truth or Dare with me in 1999. I dared her to do whatever I ordered, for the rest of eternity.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I mean...there's a taboo of just going ON yahoo, let alone MEETING someone from there.
reason_over_faith: Jennifer, you missed my b-day!!
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: I'm sure whoever it was would never meet you anyway.
zeus_thundercock: vox, its funyn, for all of bush's talk...all he ever manages to do is start guys still have must feel like a right fool, but that is how everyone feels when they finally realise they have made a deal with SATAN
death_0f_morticide: steve: a friend of mine that's stuck in toronto at the moment says they're all polite dickheads.
goddess_demonberry: james.. yes.. i am bad.. spank me
reason_over_faith: You wish..
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I just come in here for the porn.
goddess_demonberry: should be there any day
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:14:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
zeus_thundercock: lol austin
goddess_demonberry: damn that slow post
sillysinger4u* <leaves the room>
stevemcduffie: Yeah, I am back in the states
stevemcduffie: got back last night
death_0f_morticide: stevemcduffie: want to hear a chunk of our latest song?
stevemcduffie: not one
ondoher1: steve, erik has be sorely missed :))
stevemcduffie: death_0f_morticide yes I do
stevemcduffie: ondoher1 oh?
goddess_demonberry: zeus. . ohh the irish have abortions too
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Good news and bad news. The good news is that I've got DigiCam snaps of Hunter naked at
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I'll give you 10 bucks through Pay Pal if you dare Hunter to have intercourse with you on cam.
ondoher1: well, maybe not
zeus_thundercock: goldie, we do the decent thing...we go abroad
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:15:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
yazaker9* <:arrives>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Log in password?
gremlin_net: ...the bad news is that I'm not posting the URLs to them.
yazaker9: fuck check
goddess_demonberry: zeus.. no.. its called a hot bath and a bottle of whiskey
zeus_thundercock: that way all the negative karma goes two fold onto the countries that allow it
death_0f_morticide: stevemcduffie: all the other ones are available from the main site.
yazaker9: ok right back
goddess_demonberry: been used for hundreds of years
goddess_demonberry: lol zeus hehehe
zeus_thundercock: and we avoid having to make the hard decisions
yazaker9: ok
yazaker9: I leave
yazaker9* <leaves the room>
stevemcduffie: did you cover it?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: So, if I search, ti's SOMEWHERE in that site?
jatsunrise: Gremlin - couldn't somebody use a spider program to find them?
deahca2: nobody is cuter than brad pitt
goddess_demonberry: james.. you really missed a great moses story.. and nancy believed him
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:16:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
goddess_demonberry: which was even funnier
gremlin_net: Ondo might still have a shot of Hunter naked and oiled somewhere, too....
zeus_thundercock: goldie, wow...whiskey is amazing
ondoher1: gremlin :))
death_0f_morticide: stevemcduffie: no... we jsut messed around with recording to see what we'd sound like with a rhythm guitarist.
goddess_demonberry: zeus.. yes.. it is
rendermaster: someone believed moses?
gremlin_net: jatsunrise: I doubt it.
death_0f_morticide: we also have a bassist now :D
goddess_demonberry: we should give all teens free whiskey
fractatious: Fred!
stevemcduffie: JO?
stevemcduffie: Jo, how is Joe?
fractatious: He's great :D
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: whoa
fractatious: Hello, vox_speaks_2u.
fractatious: Fred: AvC email has been fair packed.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:17:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I was reading some of the posts in
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Who actually reads that crap?
goddess_demonberry: render.. then he found out later that she had been abused by her father
stevemcduffie: has it? I should check it out
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I mean why would someone read another person's blog?
fractatious: vox_speaks_2u: Deadman is Joseph too.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: They suck
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Regulars, lurkers, and visitors.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I have an online journal as well :)
virgin_clip_joint* <:arrives> Male 666 from virgin city
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: People who can read in general. If you know anyone like that, it'll help
fractatious: Steve: I've been having to field people in personal email from the list.
stevemcduffie: fractatious wow!
rendermaster: brb - phone call
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:18:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
stevemcduffie: Sounds like too much work
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: But it's only because if it was offline I'm sure my parents would rummage through it every few days.
zeus_thundercock: vox, why havent you left a nation that openly commits abortion...every prophecy ever written makes it clear that nations that allow free abortion have become degraded to the lowest level...yet you freely stay in america, does your soul not churn and you not feel yourself with each passing day you take the easy path of security and easy living in the great satan...dont you see where you are headed, leave now...come back to gods country and you might have a chance!
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: My parents were going to abort me.
opiate_mu: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx if you were reading the posts on, then YOU are the kind of person who reads that crap.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: So you keep it online, where your parents will find it without you knowing. Wow, you're just brilliant.
stevemcduffie: I think my wife is going to let me ass fuck her tonight
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: But the doctor said it would be a danger to my mom's life.
stevemcduffie: that's all the news I have
stevemcduffie: film at 11
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter, I keep all the posts "Private".
zeus_thundercock: austin, lol
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Only I can read them, I have the password.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Your parents should've aborted you, especially if anything that spawned you could've died.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:19:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
fractatious: Fred: Joseph came over in November, then flew home. He has his ticket to fly back in March, then he flies back home and heads back here for good in June/July.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: No, if she aborted me, she might have died.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: That's why they kept me.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Learn to read.
stevemcduffie: Jo wow!
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I should bust a cap in both of them.
stevemcduffie: I wonder how much it costs to fly there?
atomic_attack_hamster: fred_flintstonensis fears this little fact... the study that shows Public schools out performs Private. this is just US public VS US private. this also shows he is a dishonest liar. when he is cornered with this fact he runs like a cowered he is.
gremlin_net: Sadly, I can just about imagine plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx's blogue: Day 1298: still haven't conned any chicks into giving a damn about me. Posted a few threats of stalking them onto federal property. Cried self to sleep.
stevemcduffie: It's about 1300 to fly to mexico round trip
fractatious: Few thousand.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:20:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Gremlin, that went into YahELite's auto-iggy...repost it.
goddess_demonberry* <leaves the room>
goddess_demonberry* <leaves the room>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: So Hunter
candy_cane15136* <:arrives> Female 20 from mckees rocks, pa alias candy
goddess_demonberry* <:arrives> Female
fractatious: The last trip is going ot cost the most because he'll be shipping shit over - probably by boat and buying a container.
zeus_thundercock: austin, in what context?
goddess_demonberry: dammit . yahoo went invis
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Did you see my profile picture yet? Who do you think is hotter, Gremlin or me?
fractatious: *to
goddess_demonberry: fred.. yes. . AvC orgie at jo's house
death_0f_morticide: really horrible smelling farts prove that a benevolent god cannot exist.
goddess_demonberry: we are going to party like a hobbit!
stevemcduffie: gremlin_net like my stepdaughter's husband. He gets laid a lot but he has never gotten any pussy from a woman that he hasn't gotten drunk first, and then whined to until she relents
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:21:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
stevemcduffie: I would rather not get laid ever than to have a record like his
gremlin_net: stevemcduffie: Sad.
fractatious: Fred: Scary.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I'd rather get laid with a drunk chick.
death_0f_morticide: amen, fred.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Than never get laid at all.
jatsunrise: Ah pity. Where would my love life be without it?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx actually thinks I think of it as being worth enough to bother looking at its profile. Quaint, really....
christian_hillbilly_ky* <leaves the room>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hey, who gives a fck if she wines?
kannur_13* <:arrives>
death_0f_morticide: fred: that said, i well missed a prime opportunity last saturday. i was punching the bed when i got home.
stevemcduffie: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx no, HE whines
kannur_13* <leaves the room>
stevemcduffie: he whines until she gives in
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:22:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
toast_er_man* <:arrives>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter, just click here it's easy:
reason_over_faith: HUNTER!! SHO US UR TITZERS!!
virgin_clip_joint: quaint has a fucked up family
gremlin_net: Hunter: I looked at it. Cross Moe Howard with the standard CamaroMullet roofer.
jatsunrise: Good imagry, Grem.
jatsunrise: lol
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: reason: OMG UR HAWT OK ASL?
stevemcduffie: Rye the last time I talked to you, you missed another opportunity
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Whoever Moe Howard is, he must be a hot guy.
stevemcduffie: what gives?
reason_over_faith: :))
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I never said you're hot.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I said your boobs are hot.
death_0f_morticide: steve: ah, a female friend of mine felt like shit and had to be taken home
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plz shows, once again, that it can't fucking *read*.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:23:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: hahahaha Moe howard
zeus_thundercock: austin, there is parallel projection and another one...the name has escaped me, it will come to me in a sec
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I jus tlooked him up, three stooges
gremlin_net: Hunter's tits are around ninety-five degrees. I guess that's kinda hot.
stevemcduffie: When I was in a band, our singer was a really handsome guy. Girls used to go apeshit over him
reason_over_faith: Plz, dood. FYI, hunter and grem are surgically joined at the hips ( pun intended), move on.
zeus_thundercock: orthogrpahic ,maybe
reason_over_faith: Really.
stevemcduffie: I tell you, I lost a lot of respect for women during the time I was in a working band
death_0f_morticide: plz is like 14, right?
virgin_clip_joint* <leaves the room>
virgin_clip_joint* <leaves the room>
xn--0kxxx-xx0k* <:arrives>
gr1m_zero: I know someone said my name.. but who? I didn't see it. Maybe I'm just going insane-ane-ane-ane-ane..
reason_over_faith: Rye, dunno.
demrald: AAL, have you considered doing a research project on Internet pornography with vox?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:24:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
reason_over_faith: Gr1m, I said your name.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: That would be messed up if Hunter finds another guy through online and leaves Grim for him.
gremlin_net: I didn't actually test Hunter's tits with a thermometer, but my dick is a pretty good judge of temperature.
atomic_attack_hamster: well gremlin i knew that laser themamator would come in handy Eh?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Grim I mean Gremlin.
xn--0kxxx-xx0k* <leaves the room>
death_0f_morticide: steve: what did they do?
raid_992003* <:arrives>
death_0f_morticide: steve: and did you like the song snippet, btw? :D
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: So Gremlin...another question...
gr1m_zero: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx, wtf.. don't bring me in this.
stevemcduffie: death_0f_morticide they just have no fucking sense of decency
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Yes: the haircut makes you look gay.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:25:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: You said you met her after 3 years of chatting (Whew, long ass time)
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: I really should've thought about where I was going to put these plants before I bought them.
goddess_demonberry* <leaves the room>
stevemcduffie: one girl threw her panties onstage with her phone number scrawled on them
goddess_demonberry* <:arrives> Female
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: No I didn't.
goddess_demonberry: ok.. back
reason_over_faith: steve!!
death_0f_morticide: stevemcduffie: quality!
zeus_thundercock: austin, well the screen itself is a monitor...which is eithe aa cathode ray tube, or flat screen monitor...
goddess_demonberry: can anyone see me
stevemcduffie: JAMES
reason_over_faith: Steve, answer me you fucking cock.
reason_over_faith: Or come to voice.
gremlin_net: goddess_demonberry: the shadows...move closer to the window.
waytoomuchof: goddess_demonberry: no. Try taking your clothes off
stevemcduffie: I musta missed the q
atomic_attack_hamster: I cam with my Yelite not in my ymlite
stevemcduffie: what is is?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: So, after you met her, how long did you have to hang out with her after she finally gave up her cameltoe?
stevemcduffie: it?
death_0f_morticide: stevemcduffie: okay, i've got to find a load of those kinds of women when i start touring, get some boobies on show.
reason_over_faith: Steve, I am moving from press to power squating now.
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: About an hour, maybe.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:26:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
reason_over_faith: Goal is 1000.
reason_over_faith: If my knees hold out.
goddess_demonberry* <leaves the room>
stevemcduffie: YIKES! you probably have the build for it
death_0f_morticide: that sounds horrid, reason
zeus_thundercock: its been a while since I read this stuff, so this is off memory
stevemcduffie: I am too light boned
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: So after you met her, was it like the first date? Second?
stevemcduffie: I could probably never do any more than 600 under the best of conditions
reason_over_faith: Most irish are pretty much neanderthal in build.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:27:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
reason_over_faith: Steve, that is my goal.
gr1m_zero: Reason, so.. did you just wanna say what's up?
stevemcduffie: Good goal
zeus_thundercock: austin, as I have always said...the future of computer graphics are the manipulation of infinitly thin strings of energy, which then virbrate in ten dimensions
stevemcduffie: I know a guy who recently squatted a 1000
stevemcduffie: Rocky Tilson
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: No. She flew a thousand miles to meet me, not knowing what I looked like; then it was pretty much a matter of getting back to my house from the aeroport.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I wish they make those suits which allows you to feel the interactivity of what's on-screen. Porn would be awsome.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: thousand miles? So she wasn't from denver?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:28:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
reason_over_faith: Steve, but the record is like......I want to say 1400 somethint.
reason_over_faith: g
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Nope. She was in the army.
death_0f_morticide: stevemcduffie: did you like the song, anyway?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: She didn't know what you looked like?!?!?! HUnter, is that true?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: I knew what you looked like, and there was more than an hour, because there was all that hanging out with other people, and Nyberg's little project that he just couldn't do without you.
stevemcduffie: James, I don't think it's that high
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: so after that she just slept with you?
reason_over_faith: Just to start getting ready.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: What a slut
zeus_thundercock: austin, I can find you something to read on it if you like
death_0f_morticide* <leaves the room>
stevemcduffie: I think a guy cracked 1100 at the world in europe last year
mr_mindblank* <:arrives>
gremlin_net: Hunter: You didn't know what I looked like before you got into the car.
stevemcduffie: Rye yeah
stevemcduffie: I listened twice
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Gremlin: yes. I did. I had a picture.
raid_992003* <leaves the room>
gremlin_net: I forgot about the Nyberg thing though. That was kinda on the way home, I suppose.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Gremlin, show me your pic.
aprioriantisupernaturalbias* <:arrives>
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:29:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: No.
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: fucknig yahoo
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: ing*
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter, is he some fat fck?
reason_over_faith: oops, I meant 1100.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: If he is, damn, he's freaking lucky
reason_over_faith: 1104 to be exact.
zeus_thundercock: austin, well, in perspectic projections there is a focal point
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Cuz most people on Yahoo look ugly.
reason_over_faith: Steve, I figure it will be about a year if I could even get close.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Oh yeah. He's totally obese, just like I am....
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Moron.
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: steve: did you like the song?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:30:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
jatsunrise: Moron is right.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter, so you SAW what he looked like before flying those miles?
stevemcduffie: James, as of last year, Power Lifting USA (magazine) said there were only about who cracked 1000 in competition
jatsunrise: This guy's more a waste of bandwidth than Poni.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: That would be so awsome if you went to him without knowing what he looked like
reason_over_faith: Steve, I could never do that.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I would sorta respect you for that
stevemcduffie: shit
reason_over_faith: I would be lucky to make 1000.
stevemcduffie: I left out the number
stevemcduffie: I think it was about 10 or 12 guys who cracked 1000
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: i'm guessing the number was "two"
stevemcduffie: in competition
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: awww
waytoomuchof* <leaves the room>
waytoomuchof* <leaves the room>
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Strange, how you think I'd actually care if some chat-twit 'respected' me, especially after they called me a 'slut'.
may_you_be* <:arrives>
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: "two" looks like it would fit better.
reason_over_faith: My all time best now is 740.
toast_er_man* <leaves the room>
toast_er_man* <leaves the room>
stevemcduffie: I know Steve Goggins is one of them, but I saw his squat and it was a fucking good morning
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:31:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
stevemcduffie: I don't really count his
zeus_thundercock: austin, games would use perspective projections
reason_over_faith: steve, that cheating bitch.
stevemcduffie: the judges must have been paid off
reason_over_faith: Steve, and they still counted it?
mr_mindblank: Reason: Is that your credit score?
zeus_thundercock: there is a technical name for it, I just cant remember
stevemcduffie: yeah
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: So all I have to do is make a great Yahoo Personality, find a chick like Hunter, and seduce her...and within a few months, she'll fly those thousand miles for my green card!
may_you_be* <leaves the room>
reason_over_faith: That is bullshit.
virgin_clip_joint* <:arrives> Male 666 from virgin city
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Sounds easy. ;)
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I doubt it.
reason_over_faith: Hell, even I can do almost 800 on a good morning I bet.
jatsunrise: plz - the difference is Gremlin has many positive qualities, and you have none.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: You'll never find someone like me and seduce them. Someone like me would think you're a moron, just like I do, and not be interested in morons.
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I used a secret weapon you can't wield: intelligence.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:32:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
reason_over_faith: Good mornings= bruce lee's fav weight exercise.
mr_mindblank: Jatsunrise has a cruch on Gremlin?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Awww, it's just Yahoo, he fakes them.
mr_mindblank: crush*
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I can fake them too.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Here goes.
smitten_sdt* <:arrives> Male 35 from TR
mr_mindblank: Dangit, I always make typos in jokes.
sagedellackany* <leaves the room>
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx is gonna fake some intelligence. This should be amusing....
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hello. My name is John. How is everyone today? :) I hope you are all in the best of health my good friends! >:D<
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: mindblank: it's so cute how you write "dangit" :x
virgin_clip_joint: hey ears today or are you sick of these fuckheads
mary_was_no_virgin: hello again peoples
stevemcduffie: James, here's the video
stevemcduffie: 1102 lbs
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: watchmen are for morons. Try again, Dummy.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:33:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: "well gonsarnit, i can't get the ball off the danged roof!"
mr_mindblank: Apriori: Shucks. -kicks dirt-
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: shut up im being cool
reason_over_faith: steve, I did not see a link.
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Not on my end.
stevemcduffie: reason_over_faith not only that, he did not walk it out
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hello Spirit! Hello Steve! Hello Hunter! Hello Ondoher!
jatsunrise: Unctuousness is not a positive trait.
mary_was_no_virgin: so wassa happenin'?
reason_over_faith: mary!
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Actually, you're being gay. Maybe that's best for you.
mr_mindblank: Dangit is better than "gosh dernit," "fetchin'," and "oh my heck."
mary_was_no_virgin: yay!
reason_over_faith: Are you still in philly?
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: From here, you're being illiterate and boring. Are you on a dialup or something?
zeus_thundercock: I am currently trying to create a unified context ontology...
mary_was_no_virgin: nope
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Notice, how I put Hunter in the middle, so she wouldn't realize I only greeted the others to capture her attention.
reason_over_faith: How is the gallery?
reason_over_faith: Oh.
mary_was_no_virgin: i'm everywhere, yo
zeus_thundercock* which is fun
reason_over_faith: Did it fall through>?
stevemcduffie: Hatfield did 1014 with less equipment, better form, and he walked it out AND he weighed 40 lbs less than Goggins
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:34:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
kinge_2005* <:arrives>
stevemcduffie:,March1,WPOFinals-1102lbSQ@275.Angle2.mpg James do you see this link?
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx is a threat to optimism.
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: "fetchin" is one letter away from "felchin"
mary_was_no_virgin: for real is a long story.
stevemcduffie* remembers that James can't always see links
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I have a different plan
mary_was_no_virgin: give or take a thousand
kinge_2005* <leaves the room>
zeus_thundercock: the things I am working on tday, will make the things we do today obsolete
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I'll go to another room...on my other name, and copy-paste what a cool person is saying to this room, so everyone will think that I'm original.
bron_mac_fionne* <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:35:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Copypaste this: 'Illiterate muslims are gay'.
riymo_riymo* <:arrives>
zeus_thundercock: the best one can hope for is that they contribute to the greater good...but I am sure the guy who invented the nuke thought he was doing that too
mr_mindblank: Don't hate the player; hate the game.
raven65az* <:arrives> Male 40 from Tucson, AZ alias Raven (seriously)
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I'm cybering with Hunter in PMs
jatsunrise: plz - Better yet, why don't you shut down your computer, waddle over to the 7-11, get an expired burrito and Big Gulp, and leave us alone?
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Not on her end.
raven65az: hello all
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: She says she's really into me but she can't express her feelings here in the main because you're here, and she needs you to pay the rent etc.
reason_over_faith: mary, I am sorry it did not work out. Philly is a neat place.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:36:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
riymo_riymo* <leaves the room>
stevemcduffie: reason_over_faith did you get the link?
zeus_thundercock: austin, I have a pretty huge ontology
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter's PMs are shut off, Liar.
mary_was_no_virgin: it is cool as all hell.
mr_mindblank: I get Big Gulps all the time. Where else can you get 64 ounces of Gatorade for 84 cents?
raven65az: better than a huge oncology, eh?
reason_over_faith: Steve!! Someone broke the 500 on bench?!
reason_over_faith: Mary, It is a neat town, and not a bad drive for me.
reason_over_faith: less than 3 hours.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick* can't imagine ever wanting that much gatorade.
stevemcduffie: reason_over_faith um... well, Kaz benched 661 when I was in high school
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Don't worry about it Hunter, no longer shall we hide our loves any longer! We shall express our heart's desire, for I shall come to Denver and save my princess from the claws of this horrible Gremlin!
zeus_thundercock: austin, well, of course you would say that
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:37:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Also, I wouldn't actually care if Hunter liked someone in the room. It doesn't affect me.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: And yeah I'll pay the rent for you as well
zeus_thundercock: :D
brad_crawford_27* <:arrives>
reason_over_faith: hunter, same here. I would pee like the Trevi fountain drinking that much.
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: BWAHAHA
mr_mindblank: Hunter: Better too much than not enough. Plus, other than water, Gatorade is about the only thing I drink.
karma_es_aqua* <leaves the room>
reason_over_faith: Mary, anyway, that sucks. Do you have a new gig?
sabry_ahmed2002* <:arrives> Male 42 alias basha29
raven65az: nice
mr_mindblank: I sweat orange pellets.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Did you hear that Hunter?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: He's okay with polyandry!
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Well, it's nice to see that yet another fan has constructed an imaginary relationship.
gremlin_net: Unless homeowner's insurance somehow counts as rent now.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: We're safe!
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:38:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
mary_was_no_virgin: hah, yeah. and until it works out, imma zippin mah lipski's
p678uk* <leaves the room>
reason_over_faith: Hunter, it is not imaginary!! WE HAVE CHILDREN!!
raven65az* <leaves the room>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: So Hunter, call my cell phone we'll have phone sex
proftokar* <:arrives>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: 646-552-7170
reason_over_faith: Mary, fair enough.
jimbeam_n_coke* <:arrives>
mary_was_no_virgin: but on the side there, i went to baltimore last weekend and while there went to find poe's house....and holy shit!
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Write it down hunter, scratch it in your inner body so Gremlin won't see it
reason_over_faith: mary, perhaps if you pray to the god that is Google....
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:39:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
reason_over_faith: mary, is that cool or what!!
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Seriously come no hot girls come in this room?
sabry_ahmed2002* <leaves the room>
a_grain_of_salt* <:arrives>
mary_was_no_virgin: talk about fucked up....crack out whore bags looking for a place to suck a dick for some rock in the smow wouldn't use that place to bunk in
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: reason: not anymore. I killed them and ate them. Sorry.
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: They do. They just don't talk to you.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: holy cow mary is hot too :O
reason_over_faith: LOL!! mary, you did not go to the harbor front I take it.
mr_mindblank: Hunter: Do you have a photo gallery or something that has a magnetic effect on the partially formed male mind?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hey Mary asl
mary_was_no_virgin: i almost cried and junk
reason_over_faith: Inner city there sucks.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:40:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: mr_mindblank: there's only that one on my profile. The gallery on my website is full of pictures of trees and my cat....
zeus_thundercock: austin, check this out
mary_was_no_virgin: all these 'poe house' house guide signs...and then to see it...wows
gremlin_net: And plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx leaps from Hunter to Mary. This won't end well either.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Mary's even hotter than hunter! :O
deahca2* <leaves the room>
deahca2* <leaves the room>
jimbeam_n_coke: cheers
mr_mindblank: Hunter: Trees? Oo la la.
reason_over_faith: Mary, anticlimactic.
mr_mindblank: Sensual trees?
zeus_thundercock* I will ge to mess aournd with one of those
cheap_easy_and_drunk_blonde* <leaves the room>
quaint711312: mary I already knew it was a shack in Poe's day - can't expect that it got any better with the passage of time
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: mr_mindblank: and clouds. Sunrises.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:41:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
mr_mindblank: The word "sensual" reminds me of Zap Brannigan.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: mary talk to me i love u!
mary_was_no_virgin: but his grave still looks spec.
jatsunrise* <leaves the room>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: what's mary talking about anyway
reason_over_faith: Hunter used to have a pic of her vagina on her profile. But everyone thought she had a picture of Sasquatch, so she took it down.
ahmed_sayyyd* <:arrives>
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: " *Tissa*-Starla Girl : anal is no fun! dont ask..'s Friend Space"
reason_over_faith: mary, it is attended to everyday.
mary_was_no_virgin: i am not shitting you one ounce....the place is trash
gr1m_zero: Reason, dude, that's gross even for me..* <:arrives> Female 40 from oklahoma usa alias nikki Here we go again!
zeus_thundercock: In my experience, women are far more concerned with the sensual...because they dont have a penis
gr1m_zero: Hi, Nikki.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: ahh forget you mary you suck
jimbeam_n_coke* <leaves the room> finally got in
mr_mindblank: Greetings, Grim Zero.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hunter you're cooler than Mary she sucks
reason_over_faith: mary, I know. My cousin was a homicide cop there. hiya gr1m
ahmed_sayyyd* <leaves the room>
gremlin_net: Reason: Actually, that was your mother's. She took it down after selling the rights to a cryptozoologist.
reason_over_faith: Gr1m, stop I am blushing!
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:42:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
zeus_thundercock: austin, yup
rlsuber* <:arrives>
abo_habiba99* <:arrives> seems that yahlite gets me in her btter than messenger
stevemcduffie: maybe nikki is an exception yahelite
quaint711312: nikki and best part? no ads with YahELite
reason_over_faith: Grem, I know your mother had to shave her back to avoid being tranqued, tagged and sent back into the wild. Shut up bitch. i need to go back to school my typos suck
proftokar* <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:43:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gremlin_net: reason_over_faith: I'll get back to you. I'm tranqued at the moment myself.
erik_klafshenkel* <:arrives> Male
rlsuber* <leaves the room>
rlsuber* <leaves the room> grem hey you babe you
reason_over_faith: Mary, the only nice part of Baltimore is the harborfront. Honest.
dodosdead* <:arrives> Male from somewhere in America
reason_over_faith: Grem, hah!!
mmm_mmm19722006* <:arrives>
gremlin_net: reason_over_faith: You know how you shouldn't mix prescribed painkillers?
mmm_mmm19722006* <leaves the room>
boat4everus* <:arrives> Female i am so glad my brothet in law is dead at the age of 39 ,im so releived
gremlin_net: reason_over_faith: Next time, remind me before I do.
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: nikki is a sesquapidalean.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: hunter
quaint711312: grem? my advice - don't talk to any telephone soliciators while on cold medication
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: talk to me
abo_habiba99* <leaves the room>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: or else i'm leaving
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Reason's the secret love-child of the chupacabra and that guy that bangbang looked like.
reason_over_faith: grem, says who? I do that all the time and drive into schoolyards. lol aprior ok
mary_was_no_virgin: i like baltimore. i like even the very scary places...which now that i think about it happens to be almost the entire fucking city... :-??
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:44:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
reason_over_faith: Hunter, you met dad?!?!
mary_was_no_virgin: but hey, auto lock the doors and run the lights
HeathenHellion* <leaves the room>
stevemcduffie: Erik you
gremlin_net: quaint711312: Bah. This is codeine and vicodin. I'm beyond NyQuil here.
stevemcduffie: Erik you Erik you Erik you Erik you Erik you Erik you Erik you Erik you Erik you
mr_mindblank: Reason is half Mexican goat-sucker?
boat4everus* <leaves the room>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: hunter, why don't you takea more recent pic
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: I'm Erik? :(
gr1m_zero: Mary, ... fuck West BMore.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: mr_mindblank: yeah. Isn't it neat?
reason_over_faith: mary, HAHA! Did you go to DC?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Hey Gremlin, does Hunter look as hot as her profile pic?
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: I bet she doesn't it's so old isn't it
mary_was_no_virgin: cha...yes.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: promise you're leaving?
ahmad_taher2002* <:arrives> this man molested my kids about 12 years ago and i wanted to kill him then ,, finally my wish as come true ..he died from his asthma which collapsed his lung
reason_over_faith: Gr1m, that was the precinct where my cousin worked!
zeus_thundercock* afk
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: not anymore :*
demrald: It's a good thing I don't live 17 miles away from nikki anymore.
reason_over_faith: Westside.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:45:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
munkee_princess5* <:arrives> lol dem hey how ya been married and all .
gremlin_net: I was actually thinking about getting a recent shot of Hunter a few hours ago. She's almost wearing this stupidly tight shirt. Things are escaping at the neckline.
mr_mindblank: Better than the lovechild of Gozer and Cthulhu.
reema_giggle* <:arrives>
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: little known fact, when paedophiles contact one another via text messages, "Baltimora" is code for "I have my pants down and I'm running at the children."
reason_over_faith: LOL!!
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: haha
reason_over_faith: Nice.
munkee_princess5: wtf i just entered this room an im freaked of the talk with peados
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: that's the only joke i laughed at
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: other than my own jokes of course
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: mr_mindblank: hey now, I'm a distant relative of Cthulhu....
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:46:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: hunter your jokes suck
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: munkee_princess5: if I give you some sweets, will you lift your skirt?
munkee_princess5: anyone heres spiritualists
gr1m_zero: Reason, "was".. Let me guess, he was shot?
quaint711312: munkee actually we were talking about various cities
reason_over_faith: Save yourself the time.
gremlin_net: Hunter's wearing this kinda midcoloured spaghettitank thing. It's stretched white at her nipples. Interesting, in a way.
reason_over_faith: Gr1m, no!! HAHAHA!! he moved "up"
quaint711312: munkee I doubt it dem you have moved so far away wow ,, i hope your wife and you are very happy in life ,i wish you both the best
mr_mindblank: Hunter: You have to at least be 1/16th Cthulhu in order to be considered a tentacular horror by the government.
reason_over_faith: He is now on the anti-gang task force in DC!!
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: turn on ur cam hunter
quaint711312: munkee most died (spiritialists) in the early 1900's
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: "spaghetti tank" is a design i can't properly envisage, gremlin.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:47:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: mr_mindblank: or I just have to have enough of the power to drive people mad....
munkee_princess5: ok well anyone here from cardiff or barry
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: does it bother you that i jerked off to hunter's pic gremlin?
gr1m_zero: Reason, I'm just saying.. don't go there unless you have a gun held at your head. If not, it will be in a couple minutes anyway.
quaint711312: spiritualists*
demrald: I miss Cthulhu. lol plz
reason_over_faith: Gr1m, indeed.
mary_was_no_virgin: it should bother you, plz
mary_was_no_virgin: eek
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: we all miss cthulhu.
demrald: If you're putting out, I can be in Cardiff or Barry in hours. that georgian got a life sentence for trying to blow up bush
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: i'd jerk off to yours if you wore scanty clothes as well mary
munkee_princess5: lol
stevemcduffie* <leaves the room>
stevemcduffie* <leaves the room>
quaint711312: Demrald - counties in ireland - right?
deity_of_atheism* <:arrives> Male 21 from Columbus, OH alias Deity_of_Atheism
gremlin_net: aprioriantisupernaturalbias: Lemee find a shot of one....
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:48:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
munkee_princess5: no just a general wondering demrald
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: it means going to wales.
mr_mindblank: Pentex, Inc. sells baby Cthulhus that swim in radioactive sludge like sea monkeys.
demrald: No, cities in Wales.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Rye: it's a sleeveless shirt with very thin shoulder straps.
reason_over_faith: My daughter's Cthulhu back pack is already fraying. :(
mary_was_no_virgin: why not just get a porn you socially retarded fuckwit?
demrald: Oh, wait. There's no trains in Wales!
quaint711312: Demrald Oh thanks
virgin_clip_joint: giving bush a blow job should not be a life sentence
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: hey it's not like i act like this in REAL life
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Reason: that's so sad. I feel sorry for her.
mary_was_no_virgin: i hope not
reason_over_faith: hunter, cheap material. :-??
reema_giggle* <leaves the room>
mama_pajama_1* <:arrives> Female 46 from Arkansas
reason_over_faith: Although she uses it all the time.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: No, of course not. Acting like this in real life would get you beaten up even more than usual....
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: hunter: oooooh, i was thinking that on it there was a picture of a tank covered in spaghetti or made from spaghetti or something
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: i just act like this here since i can't act like this inr eal life brb kids are home from school ,, got to hear about their day
reason_over_faith: Never shove library books into Cthulhu... and get my hugs
mama_pajama_1: Shalom y'all
mary_was_no_virgin: i mean...christ..if you jerk to hunter's bra pic i'd hate to see you on a summer's day on the beach
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: It's like an escape from reality
mary_was_no_virgin: christ
munkee_princess5: velvet maid you seem to b the only person who answered my questions lol do you bleve in ghosts .... had any experiences urself??
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:49:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Rye: you have the same problem I do.... bbs
smitten_sdt* <leaves the room> 8->
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: WTF is a cthulhu?
demrald: According to The Guardian, Cardiff was made cool by Charlotte Church.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: Is that like a native american tribe?
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: yes.
mary_was_no_virgin: plz lovecraft
mary_was_no_virgin: w00t
reason_over_faith: Hunter, I will have to buy her a new one. I else can I send her to see my fundie ex in-laws and piss them off?
munkee_princess5: what the fuck charlotte church is a bitch
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Mary: beach nothing. Grocery store in August. People wandering aroud in shorts an a swim-top of some sorts.
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: used to war with the Azathoth tribe all the time.
gremlin_net: aprioriantisupernaturalbias:
mary_was_no_virgin: hahah hunter!
demrald: Charlotte Church is a bitch! She gave me blue balls!
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: is that her?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Reason's such a good father.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:50:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: gremlin?
quaint711312: munkee nope - I am not a follower of the anything within the spiritualist movement - which in my opinion died out in the early 1900's and today's version is just a joke on that
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: whoa that is sooo hot!!!
munkee_princess5: what?? demrald
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: that's not hunter is it
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: gremlin: that's a nice rack you have there.
ssbb_ssbb2002* <:arrives>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: i am sooo jerking off to that
quaint711312: munkee - who were the two sisters that started that in the 1800's? I have blanked on their names
ssbb_ssbb2002* <leaves the room>
reason_over_faith: plz is one classy motherfucker.
dodosdead: are a doozie
munkee_princess5: velvet in a way i agree but im studyin to b a medium myself and have had a number of experiences
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:51:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gremlin_net: Hunter's tits are bigger though.
ahmad_taher2002* <leaves the room>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: darn, show me one of her boobs hots
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: *shots
gremlin_net: plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: No.
demrald: I'm studying to be an extra-large.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: I wonder where my copy of "Baby's First Mythos" is.
vinud_z* <:arrives>
quaint711312: Bird? Bell? - something like that
dukeofomnium* <:arrives> Male
munkee_princess5: mmm dont really kno
mary_was_no_virgin: smoke break!
munkee_princess5: and demrald has everything that comes out of ur mind b dirty l;ol
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:52:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: munkee_princess5: wow, great, another mystic ghosthunter to take money from grief stricken vulnerable people. i don't know if it makes it worse that you believe it or not.
dodosdead: put hunter in photoshop
mr_mindblank: Munkee: Just remember, never cross the beams!
munkee_princess5: lol i wudnt take money i dont even tell pppl bout it it was for my own proof that i started taking it up
demrald: WAs that dirty?
quaint711312: munkee - they started the whole *I'm a medium* crap back in the 1800's - turns out they were cracking their toes and using a code based on those to *communicate* with the dead - it was all a scam
munkee_princess5: mr mind blank what do u mean never cross the beams
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: man, yahoo is NEAT tonight
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:53:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
mama_pajama_1: munkee..go rent " Ghostbusters" as your homework tonight
munkee_princess5: very interesting velvet
mr_mindblank: Munkee: It's a saying from Ghostbusters.. about never letting their guns cross beams.
reason_over_faith: Ryewhore, did you see the new Superman trailer?
zeus_thundercock* sings "she lone you her toothbrush, she'll bartend your party"
opiate_mu: don't cross the streams, that would be bad.
munkee_princess5: lol will do* -Xmama
munkee_princess5: oh right lol silly me!!
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: munkee_princess5: okay, give a falsifiable prediction of what you say is true. something to distinguish it from cold reading. :-X
virgin_clip_joint: munkee..pick the winning lottery numbers as part of your spiritual assignment
mama_pajama_1: hi nikkimoods
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: nope, reason
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:54:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
reason_over_faith: Rye, it actually looks not bad.
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: i've heard a lot of efort was going into it.
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: effort*
munkee_princess5: hey i tried the other day actually and won a tenner lol peace out room and always remember you will live forever* <leaves the room>
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: b ut i've never been keen on superman. too wankishly powerful.
reason_over_faith: Rye, yeah. Even CGI clips of pre-fat brando from the first movie.
kingt24* <:arrives> Male 30 from Greenwood, IN. alias kingt24
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: cool.
demrald* imagines what would happen if Superman wanked.
demrald* . o O ( That's powerful. )
zeus_thundercock: and yet...they did cross th ebeams
ondoher1: the new superman was directed by Bryan Singer. right away that's a good start
reason_over_faith: Rye, I think it will be another Batman Begins.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:55:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
mr_mindblank: Faster than a speeding bullet.
reason_over_faith: Quality wise.
munkee_princess5: ll
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: dem: what do you think the tunguska blast of 1914 was?
munkee_princess5: lol
gremlin_net: Found a shot of Hunter's tits:
reason_over_faith: Figures, only a fucking brit can now do a decent batman.
ondoher1: he also ignored all by the first two superman movies, and got the original director's aproval of his script
ondoher1: all but*
munkee_princess5* <leaves the room>
aintihertaint* <:arrives> Male 40 from wherever you can find candice alias AintIHerTaint
mama_pajama_1:'re seriously posting a shot of your girls' tits on the internet for everyone?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:56:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
zeus_thundercock: I wish superman had blonde hair...that would have been believable
gremlin_net: mama_pajama_1: Apparently.
reason_over_faith: I think it is only fair: a british batman, so we should have an american James Bond.
aintihertaint: HELLO CANDICE
dodosdead: the temp. tattoo is cute grem
mama_pajama_1: with her approval?
mr_mindblank: When I saw the new Superman trailer, I said to myself.. that's what the world's missing: another Superman movie.
gremlin_net: dodosdead: It's not actually a tattoo. I CGd it.
reason_over_faith: The new James Bond has blonde hair. That is SACRILAGE!!
ondoher1: mr_mindblank: well, it has been a while
zeus_thundercock: if the nazis had won...we would all be supermen by now
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: we had that reason, it was called Austin Powers.
ondoher1: if you're a sups fan, that might be too long
gr1m_zero: HAH! Nice...
gr1m_zero: Hi, Ondo.
mama_pajama_1: as long as you two are in agreement about it, who am I to say anything.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:57:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gremlin_net: dodosdead: I just jammed a DigiCam into her shirt and hit the button.
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: he might dye it, reason
mr_mindblank: I wonder if the movie makes Smallville nervous.
reason_over_faith: I do not care if the guy doing bond now is british...HE IS BLONDE!!
madicegnome* <:arrives> Male 241 from Edmonton Alberta
dodosdead: it worked grem..well done.
aintihertaint: bill wants to know when jewel is coming by
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: he was good in Layer Cake, too.
men_r_sleazy_dickless_aszh0les* <:arrives> Female alias MEN R SUBHUMAN FREAKS OF NATURE
ondoher1: i kinda linkes pierce brosnan <sic> as bond
reason_over_faith: Fleming made it clear: blue eyes, dark hair.
virgin_clip_joint: reason...why not a gay superman
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: yep
khaled_elvis2000* <:arrives>
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: i'm thinking they will dye ihis hair.
gr1m_zero: Agreed, Dodo.
reason_over_faith: clip, stop sharing your fantasies...
mr_mindblank: Ondoher: I wish he would have continued. I think Bond should be an older man.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:58:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
reason_over_faith: Rye, they better. Casion Royale is already filming.
ondoher1: mr_mindblank: he seemed appropriately aged
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: ondo: pierce was great in goldeneye, and he worked iwth the poor material of the sequels.
virgin_clip_joint: reason he could mate with batman
reason_over_faith: *Casino.
deity_of_atheism: aprioriantisupernaturalbias, femme_politik, gremlin_net, ondoher1, opiate_mu and reason_over_faith.
zeus_thundercock: austin, nice
ondoher1: Deity_of_Atheism
reason_over_faith: Clip, SHUSH!! NO DISSING BOND!!!
reason_over_faith: Hey kru.
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: reason: even if they didn't, they could colourise it in post production, now.
ondoher1: i need to get a lunch
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: Deity_of_AtheismT
reason_over_faith: Rye, not the same though....
mr_mindblank: I like Jason Bourne better than Bond.
femme_politik: FRESNO, Calif. - A rural high school teaching a religion-based alternative to evolution was sued Tuesday by a group of parents who said the class should be stopped because it violates the U.S. Constitution. Frazier Mountain High in Lebec violated the separation of church and state while attempting to legitimize the theory of "intelligent design" by introducing it as a philosophy class, according to the federal lawsuit filed by parents of 13 students. The teacher is also a minister's wife.
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:59:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
zeus_thundercock: austin, do you think the first robots we make will be cute and child like...just like chidlren, of course...then they will begin to grow up, and shortly after that, the human race will be destroyed
ondoher1: femme_politik: yep, heard about that earlier
reason_over_faith: New Bourne movie comes out this summer.
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: mindblank: that's only because Jason Bourne was a Mormon
aintihertaint* <leaves the room>
zeus_thundercock: a chilling look at things to come
mr_mojo_risin_2* <:arrives>
mr_mindblank: Femme: Was it a public or private school?
reason_over_faith: I liked both Bourne movies.
mr_mojo_risin_2* <leaves the room>
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 15:00:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
gr1m_zero: RX-7 vs. RX-8
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: at the start of the bourne identity: "we took the genes of joseph smith and implanted them in a strong mother"
reason_over_faith: I hate to admit it, but matt damon did a good job.
mr_mindblank: I like Jack Bauer too, from 24. What's with the initials J.B.?
zeus_thundercock: austin, where?
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: matt damon!
ammar_salam* <:arrives> Male 24 from jordan
reason_over_faith: He studed Hap Ki Do for the fight scenes.
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: Jack Bauer is great.
zeus_thundercock: lol apriori
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: whoa
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: i can't wait for the new 24
ondoher1: mr_mindblank: public. they are trying to pass it off as an elective philosophy course. but the teacher is basically showing a bunch of creationist videos and providing creationists arguments.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: sorry hunter
zeus_thundercock: poor matt damon
brad_crawford_27: *pokes ondo with sticks*
reason_over_faith: I cannot wait for the new Doctor.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: i was a bit busy
reason_over_faith: It better not suck.
men_r_sleazy_dickless_aszh0les* <leaves the room>
khaled_elvis2000* <leaves the room>
ondoher1* pokes back
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 15:01:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
madicegnome: afternoon folks
brad_crawford_27* dodge poke back xD
mr_mojo_risin_2* <:arrives>
mama_pajama_1* <leaves the room>
mama_pajama_1* <:arrives> Female 46 from Arkansas
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: reason: well, coupling had at least 2 series before it went bad (And even then it was only bad because a main character had to leave, the writing was still quite funny)
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: i find a site in which you can view mad videos, no logins required
reason_over_faith: How do you change status messages in YahELite?
ondoher1: i wanns go see kong again
mr_mindblank: We'll take the DNA of Joseph Smith and fuse them with Jason Bourne.. he'll be fitter, faster, stronger than ever before..
demrald: The Six Million Dollar Mormon
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: this is it:
ondoher1: wanna*
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: mindblank: jason bourne was joseph smith's clone
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: it's in the extended dvd
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: man...that's sooo hot
mama_pajama_1: glad to hear someone else admit it
zen_tarded* <:arrives>
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 15:02:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: ondo likes looknig at the giant animal balls in kong
reason_over_faith: Does someone know how?
mama_pajama_1: I tried to talk my husband into going with me to see it ..I really didn't want to go the first time..but did it for my son's birthday
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: it supports his athiest faith
ondoher1: admit what?
mr_mojo_risin_2* <leaves the room>
reason_over_faith: lol
ondoher1: mama: did you see kong?
mama_pajama_1: yes!
ondoher1: liked it?
brad_crawford_27* gives ondo a giant monkey to marry
mr_mindblank: Ondoher: I don't see what the legal problem is in that case, if it's a philosophy elective. I think philosophy is a little weighty for highschoolers, though.
mama_pajama_1: the special effects were awesome
ammar_salam* <leaves the room>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: hey
ondoher1: mr_mindblank: it is being presented as if it were true and proper science
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: the special effects weren't just awesome, they were rawesome.
eudaimonia44* <:arrives> Female 17 from Madison, AL
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 15:03:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: did gremlin and the other girl leave
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: hold on, that doesn't make sense
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: nevermind
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: i bet they're having sex
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: lucky bastard
mr_mindblank: Ondoher: But it's taught in a philosophy class, not a science class?
ondoher1: mama_pajama_1: i liked the connection between anne and kong. it really gave the story weight. making the end very emotional
eudaimonia44: Howdy Folks
brad_crawford_27: I don't get the dinosaurs meets kong D:
zeus_thundercock: I think the problem is, some people would rather trade truth for certainty
mama_pajama_1: I agree ondoher
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: the argument from design is presented and refuted in philosophy anyway.
mama_pajama_1: and Jack Black was the weakest link..
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: joseph smith? was that his name? the mormon leader?
ondoher1: they did a great job giving kong emotions
heytoo* <:arrives>
ondoher1: mama: we was...but he was acceptable
mama_pajama_1: ondoher..I think Kong was the best " actor" in the movie
ondoher1: he*
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: next, they wil lgive reason emotions, ondo
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: i heard joseph smith found some gold tablets and translated them
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 15:04:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: but when people asked him where the tablets where, he said that God wouldnt allow him to show it to them
ondoher1: mama: it would be nice to see andy sirkis get something
mama_pajama_1: yes, he didn't screw the movie up really, but he did throw a kink in it
ondoher1: that's a lot of his work there
zeus_thundercock: I listen to the the monkeys theme tune on loop ad infinitum
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: they will get the guy that played kong and gollum to move like reason does.
zeus_thundercock: (we're all monkeys!)
demrald: Well, just because a course is elective doesn't mean the teacher doesn't have responsibilities and limitations.
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: though the wooden leg will be difficult to replicate
mama_pajama_1: If they don't get an academy award for special effects something is wrong!
zeus_thundercock: the 12 monkeys
reason_over_faith: ONDO!! How do you change your status in YahELite.
ondoher1: mama: i want sirkis to get an acting award
brad_crawford_27: monkey see monkey do
mama_pajama_1: which one was sirkis?
LOG DATA Wed, 11 Jan 2006 15:05:30 Hunter_the_CrazyChick, Religion:1
eudaimonia44* <leaves the room>
lilstarleaf* <arrives> Female 28 from Sacramento
ondoher1: reason_over_faith: from your buddies list
demrald: I don't know who's right, but a supposed philosophy course that's just a veil for pushing creationism is misleading, at best.
mary_was_no_virgin: hello again then
reason_over_faith: Splain.
ondoher1: mama: he did the mo cap for Kong
ondoher1: he also played lumpy
reason_over_faith* <leaves the room>
reason_over_faith* <leaves the room>
deity_of_atheism: Heh.
mama_pajama_1: he did the what for Kong?
chainsaw_juggernaut: lil bean :X
ondoher1: reason, toolKit, budis/away
aprioriantisupernaturalbias: dem: they had that here recently in the churches, it was called "the alpha course"
reason_over_faith* <:arrives> Male
deity_of_atheism: Looks like reason messed up.
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx: u guys suck im going to room 2
heytoo* <leaves the room>
heytoo* <leaves the room>
plzmarrymecuzineedagreencardkthx* <leaves the room>