Here are two nice chat transcripts involving qwerty5200, one from myself, and one from Gremlin.

I'm being lazy about the formatting.

qwerty5200: do you believe in God?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: No.
qwerty5200: May I ask why?
qwerty5200: Just wondering
qwerty5200: ?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: I see no need to just think that something exists without evidence?
qwerty5200: ah
qwerty5200: but are you a sweet person
qwerty5200: and caring
qwerty5200: humanist?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Not particularly. I find it hard to be 'sweet and caring' to most people.
qwerty5200: really?
qwerty5200: :O
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Um, yeah.
qwerty5200: that is sad
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: If you say so. It's hard to be both nice and honest.
qwerty5200: but how can you not care about people
qwerty5200: god or no god?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: What reason have I to care about people?
qwerty5200: um
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: I haven't found a good reason to just care about 'people' in general. I've been watching; I haven't seen one yet. Unless you're one of those who th inks I should even care about the person who is responsible for the slow death my cat is dying.
qwerty5200: I think we are intelligent people
qwerty5200: we are capable of understanding human emotion
qwerty5200: why wouldn't you care
qwerty5200: if you knew somebody was in pain
qwerty5200: and you just be like
qwerty5200: who cares
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Why should I care if someone's in pain. There's nothing I can do about it, so why should it trouble me?
qwerty5200: how about if you caused it?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: It also has no direct effect on me, if anyone's in pain. There are millions of people in pain right now, all thinking that theirs is the worst pain anyone's ever felt. And I don't care.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: If I caused it, i still wouldn't care. If I hurt them, it'd be their fault. They did something to get me to hurt them.
qwerty5200: really
qwerty5200: so, if you hit somebody in your car
qwerty5200: you wouldn't do a thing
qwerty5200: cause you just don't care
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: I don't have a car; I don't drive, and the only way I'd hit someone, if I did have a car, and was driving, is if the idiot ran out in front of me. IN which case, it'd be their fault.
qwerty5200: so you wouldn't do anything to help them
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Do you really wanna play with hypothetical bullshit? If so, find someone else to play with, because I haven't got time to soothe your feelings through roleplaying.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: I wouldn't care? You know why? Because it's fucking fiction. That's why.
qwerty5200: Well I just want too tell you, that you are sick and represent the real evil in this world. What goes around, comes around.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Right then; thanks for passing judgement. If you have anything else to say,please say it at the messageboard, because I have no further time to spend with you, you fuckin' LARPer.
qwerty5200: You deserve it bitch
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Tell me, how can anything happen to me if I haven't done anything. Or are you passing judgement and intending to act upon your judgement?
qwerty5200: intending too act?
qwerty5200: You just messed
qwerty5200: I couldn't see how anybody could love you
qwerty5200: you have no compasion for humans
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: And why should I?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Why should I care about people like you?
qwerty5200: If everybody in the world was like you, then we would all be dead
qwerty5200: Yeah, well, why should people become doctors
qwerty5200: policemen
qwerty5200: firemen
qwerty5200: Cause they fucking care
qwerty5200: unlike you
qwerty5200: no wonder you serve coffee
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: And tell me again, why should I care about people like you?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Oops, you fucked up; I don't serve coffee, you idiot.
qwerty5200: I wouldn't want somebody like you, caring about me
qwerty5200: you have the same traits as hitler
qwerty5200: your sick
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: And I wouldn't want to think that someone like /you/ would care about others. Because yours is a hypocritical caring. Y ours is a judgemental caring. You, my friend, are exactly why I don't care about people.
qwerty5200: you don't make sense
qwerty5200: I'm on the fucking internet
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Oops. False. I don't have the same traits as Hitler, unless you'd care to prove that I'm a great politician, good at speeches, and addicted to meth.
qwerty5200: of course it is going too be hypothetical
qwerty5200: Hitler didn't care about people
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Wow, you're really fucking slow, too....
qwerty5200: in the slightest bit
qwerty5200: Why, cause I have a life
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: And I'm sure you got that directly from him? Tell me, when did you talk to him last....
qwerty5200: I don't sit on the internet
qwerty5200: give me a break
qwerty5200: sicko
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Would you care to publish your accusations in a public forum, or would you rather sit here and make them in private, where you feel safe, you little coward?
qwerty5200: I'm no coward
qwerty5200: I just don't have friends like you who have no lives
qwerty5200: that will back me up on the internet
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Then post all you've 'ascertained' about me at and find out whether you're right or wrong.
qwerty5200: I'm not faling for your little trap
qwerty5200: How can I be wrong
qwerty5200: are you stupid
qwerty5200: yes
qwerty5200: you must be
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Why? Because you know you're wrong about me; and since you know you're wrong, you won't actually commit libel where it can be prosecuted.
qwerty5200: yeah
qwerty5200: by your friends
qwerty5200: who are just as fucked up as you
qwerty5200: I study Psych at university, and you have problems
qwerty5200: I'd say your boarder line sociopath
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Oooh, a pseudopsychologist now? How wonderful of you.
qwerty5200: give me a break
qwerty5200: bitch
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Tell you what, when you learn how to spell, you can try that act again.
qwerty5200: when I learn how too spell
qwerty5200: you have made more mistakes then a first grader
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: And perhaps you should learn the difference between too and to.
qwerty5200: your such a hypocrit
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: And your and you're.
qwerty5200: huh
qwerty5200: and your and you're
qwerty5200: that doesn't make sense
qwerty5200: stupid
qwerty5200: so shut the fuck up
qwerty5200: what university do you attend
qwerty5200: bitch
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Of course it doesn't. Because you're an idiot. Notice, ,I used the proper form of 'you're'. You are an idiot. Not the posessive 'your'.
qwerty5200: shut up
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Don't like being wrong, do you?
qwerty5200: you said, and your and you're
qwerty5200: that doesn't make sense
qwerty5200: I'm not wrong
qwerty5200: your just stupid
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Again, with the your/you're. Are you incapable of learning?
qwerty5200: ignorant, like most fucking atheists
qwerty5200: I know what it is
qwerty5200: I was typing what you wrote
qwerty5200: if you could read
qwerty5200: and isn't it you
qwerty5200: not y
qwerty5200: ou
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Your attempts at an ad hominem are failing miserably. Perhaps you should try to find out the truth about a person before you attempt personal attacks.
qwerty5200: faili ing?
qwerty5200: t he?
qwerty5200: per?
qwerty5200: what does per mean
qwerty5200: And so should you
qwerty5200: fucking hypocit
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Tell me, what school lets a person in that can't even form a full sentence? You're in a special education college, aren't you?
qwerty5200: ina?
qwerty5200: your such a hypocit
qwerty5200: ina, that isn't a word
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: You're, you idiot. And you can most certainly stop attempting to make up typos.
qwerty5200: make up
qwerty5200: your fucking dumb
qwerty5200: I can still see it
qwerty5200: scroll up you dumb bitch
qwerty5200: your also a fucking lier
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Of course you can. You can see things that aren't there. You see deities, too, don't you?
qwerty5200: your so stupid
qwerty5200: STUPID
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: 'your also a fucking lier'. Lacks punctuation and capitalisation. Wrong homonym. Misspelled 'liar'.
qwerty5200: your resorting too lying now
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Shall I go on, or can I just publicly humiliate you with the transcript now.
qwerty5200: really
qwerty5200: I missp elled?
qwerty5200: Your mispelled, missp elled
qwerty5200: you*
qwerty5200: missp elled isn't a word
qwerty5200: what transcript you dumb bitch
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Since you're sitting over there dealing with fiction, I'm going to just publicly humiliate you with the transcript. Do us all a favour, and kill yourself.
qwerty5200: are you going too make one up?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick Nope. I'm going to save this one, and post it, word for word.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick If you want to refute it, you know where to find it.
qwerty5200: where
qwerty5200: dumb btich
qwerty5200: on your stupid message board
Hunter_the_CrazyChick Not my messageboard. I'm not Gremlin.
qwerty5200: It won't have any truth
qwerty5200: you'll have too, will have to cover you mistakes
Hunter_the_CrazyChick Well then, if you want to prove that, you're going to have to refute it, aren't you.
qwerty5200: so there won't be any truth too it
qwerty5200: I'm not going on your sitting little message board
qwerty5200: that is full of bull shit
qwerty5200: you don't even know who I truely am
qwerty5200: so, what do I give a shit if you make up lies
qwerty5200: about somebody you don't know
qwerty5200: get a fucking life
qwerty5200: you loser
Hunter_the_CrazyChick And yet, you're all upset about it. I wonder why.
qwerty5200: upset about what?
qwerty5200: can you see me
qwerty5200: can you tell what I'm feeling?
qwerty5200: no
qwerty5200: stop making up lies
qwerty5200: you have shown no intelligence
qwerty5200: just a bunch of lies too back up your false claims
Hunter_the_CrazyChick Keep talking; you just keep making the transcript more interesting....
qwerty5200: no wonder your not in university
qwerty5200: oohhhh
qwerty5200: you have a life
qwerty5200: the internet
qwerty5200: ooohhh no
qwerty5200: I'm scared
Hunter_the_CrazyChick Keep presuming; it's quite amusing. People will enjoy this, particularly the people who know me, and work with me.
qwerty5200: I know it won't even be the real transcipt
qwerty5200: because I know your just a lying little bitch
qwerty5200: ha ha ha
Hunter_the_CrazyChick And if you care to prove that, you know where to post your proof.
qwerty5200: I have a life
Hunter_the_CrazyChick Go ahead. If you really want to hurt people, why not prove to the /world/ that I'm 'not' what I say I am, in front of all my friends.
qwerty5200: not worth my effort
qwerty5200: yeah, there your friends
qwerty5200: they are going too have baised opinions
qwerty5200: your stupid
qwerty5200: and sound bitter because you are not in university
Hunter_the_CrazyChick In translation, qwerty is really trying to say "I know I'm wrong, and I'm a fucking idiot, and even though I'm utterly retarded, I know if I post lies about the person I'm talking to, I can get sued, and lose my little computer and trailer...."
qwerty5200: what?
qwerty5200: there is one big lie
qwerty5200: by you
qwerty5200: I could sue you
Hunter_the_CrazyChick How do you know I'm 'not in university'. Show me records that state that I'm 'not in university'.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick qwerty: Go for it.
qwerty5200: unive rsity'
qwerty5200: what is that?
qwerty5200: I have heard of University
Hunter_the_CrazyChick Making up typos again, are we? Come on. Try harder.
qwerty5200: I'm making up typos
qwerty5200: ?????????
qwerty5200: I don't think so
Hunter_the_CrazyChick Yes, you are. Perhaps if you were to expand your chatscreen a little, you wouldn't be seeing these typos, because your shit computer wouldn't have to split up words. Getting away from your 800x600 resolution might also help you a little.
qwerty5200: you know what, I think you have realized that what ever stance you held, you have now lost. You are making up bull shit and you can't even cover your tracks. You also are going too post some made up transcript, in front of your internet friends who are 30 years old and still live with their parents.
qwerty5200: I don't care
qwerty5200: you are not worth my time
qwerty5200: get some fucking intelligence
Hunter_the_CrazyChick Translation: qwerty is trying to say 'ow, you hurt my feelings, I have to go cry now'
qwerty5200: your going on ignore
qwerty5200: for being so stupid
qwerty5200: why don't you do yourself a favor, you dumb bitch
qwerty5200: get some real friends
qwerty5200: bye
qwerty5200: ignore
Hunter_the_CrazyChick qwerty is also saying 'I'm sitting here on [as evidenced by my ip stamp] and crying, waiting for this transcript to show up, ,which I know won't be falsified, so I can cry some more'

Is it just me, or did he sound a lot like BangBang mated with cockafella_30?

Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Die: maybe; things have been kinda busy up here, but it's a possibility. Have you seen the new shirts?
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, shut up bernad,,,,,cool that is my dog, name haha
arwen485 says, Why did you doubt Gremlin?
nieva_deceiva scaring is fun
PoeticHeteroSapien says, And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. (Romans 1:28)
PoeticHeteroSapien says, You sick FUCK
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: where's Simon Fraser University? I've never heard of it.
PoeticHeteroSapien says, you STILL think AIDS has ANYTHING to do with gays?!
Die_Allebeste says, Hunter: No, I haven't...
qwerty5200 says, It is in BC
PoeticHeteroSapien says, In America ONLY did gays get HIV first... adn only because patient zero was gay.
hot_guy_857 says, SO THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Die: Hit and have a look around.
bernarddebourges says, Romans 1:27 clearly condemns homosexual acts
arwen485 says, They used to call it "Gay Cancer"
GremlinDotNet says, BC? British Columbia, or Before Cognition?
jwbgotw says, who thinks before they speak anymore? That's so 20th century
Die_Allebeste says, Hunter: Any time I click on a link I get booted. :(
qwerty5200 says, British Columbia
god_is_dead_evolve says, hey qwerty, I also reside in the lower mainland.
qwerty5200 says, really
threeelevencenter enters
qwerty5200 says, cool
god_is_dead_evolve says, yup
nieva_deceiva says, hehehehe
bernarddebourges says, Sexual Immorality Adultery Fornication Sodomy
god_is_dead_evolve says, small world
nieva_deceiva says, Can't we just talk about sodomy again?
qwerty5200 says, I guess
PoeticHeteroSapien says, Arwen - that was a misnomer. It was originally called GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency) but that was (again) because Patient Zero was gay.
bernarddebourges says, It's no wonder straight people get AIDS just as easily
arwen485 says, thanks poetic
PoeticHeteroSapien says, And, only in america
bernarddebourges says, It should be called the Punishment of the Sexually Immoral
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) bernard, and Timothy also clearly condemns women teaching or having any sort of authority over men. Guess what? Half my college professors have been women, so do you want to fire them from their jobs?
GremlinDotNet says, Simon Fraser hasn't got a .edu?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Die: Ew. Um....
arwen485 says, weren't MOST of the early patients gay?
lazarus_pontifex enters
qwerty5200 says, Yeah, in Canada we don't have that
Die_Allebeste says, bernarddebourges: You do realise that sex is not the /only/ way to get AIDS, right?
ms_pattianne is away (Auto-Away)
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) bernard, only in your encapsulated, warped world would that be the case!
qwerty5200 says,
bernarddebourges says, And Drug Users
brngreenback says, Qwerty, gonna work for a telephone company then... well. That's fascinating. Really. Now about this whole athiest christian debate?
qwerty5200 says,
relatheist says, lev 21-23 reference to locust and opther insects having "four legs"
brngreenback says, I care, qwerty.
bernarddebourges says, And the Innocent who get AIDS from the first ones who spread it
spkelly1977 enters
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) bernard, and people who have received blood tranfusions in the eighties.
arwen485 says, I remember some beat poets talking about "people they knew were getting this.."
PoeticHeteroSapien says, Arwen - only in America did that phenomenon happen. A gay flight attendanet who was very promiscuous brought it tothe gay community where it spread, eventually getting into straight populations via straight immigrants and good old fashioned bisexuality.
GremlinDotNet says, Someone should reconfigure the server to allow
djstiff69 enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Gremlin: not everyone can have a good sysop....
brngreenback says, ahh nevermind.
threeelevencenter says, So who will be attending a church tommrow
arwen485 says, how do you figure poetic?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Erm, sysadmin.
PoeticHeteroSapien says, Arwen - I can find you an article on it, if you wish.
nieva_deceiva says, Its all a fucking coincidence.... I mean it used to be STDs.. and now its AIDS.. it will be something else EBOLA or fucking whats that new one with the birds?
bernarddebourges says, Deuteronomy 28:58-61!!!
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: which programme are you in?
arwen485 says, sure
PoeticHeteroSapien says, Arwen- one sec
arwen485 says, I'd read it
jwbgotw says, now ebola is a hell of a disease
thespeedyproton says, who thinks gays ccaused aids?
a_atheist says, EBOLA rocks!
brngreenback says, Back in a sec, program's about done compiling.
qwerty5200 says, Ats
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qwerty5200 says, Arts
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jwbgotw says, I think HIV caused AIDS
the_schizo_that_could says, Ebola is scary
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Ebola is one of my favourites.
the_schizo_that_could says, Heh
qwerty5200 says, Pyschology
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) Which says precisely zip about the specific diseases, and rather opts for a general threat. It's no different than saying
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) 'A pox upon you!'
bernarddebourges says, Amen
jennifer_jennifer72 leaves
nieva_deceiva says, West Nile virus
arwen485 says, what about psychology qwerty?
qwerty5200 says, Psychology*
bernarddebourges says, Chose a blessing, chose a curse.
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, NNNNNNNNN GOD IS?????????
lazarus_pontifex says, ebola is cool
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, A STORY
Naturyl says, Who thinks that fis
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, FOR KIDS
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) bernard, and what choice caused me to be cursed with your presence?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Ebola was what got me to join the military as a virologist.
PoeticHeteroSapien says, <--- first thing I could find, tells the guy's name bt isn't informative. I'll get you something better in a second
nieva_deceiva says, It all comes from some other fucking place.. Some scanks from ELSEWHERE are bringing it HERE
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Well, Ebola and a deathwish.
GremlinDotNet says, General psychology?
jwbgotw says, having a disease isn't all that bad......I mean, I live every day with elephantitis of the ballsac
lulu_ism enters
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qwerty5200 says, right now
qwerty5200 says, at the moment
Sophia_Skeptesthai is back.
Sophia_Skeptesthai says, Back:X
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dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, SEAMONKEY....DID YOU REED ,,,( LITTLE BASTER CHILD,,,,))
blueyes_78374 says, lol
arwen485 says, thanks
Die_Allebeste says, Has anyone seen my buddy Simple?
Naturyl says, Shiver me timbers!!!@jwbgotw
arwen485 says, reads with alacrity
GremlinDotNet says, This website has had 156881 hits since 26th June 1997? I get that in a month. Or less.
seamonkey24_7 says, did you spell, little BASTARD CHILD
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, ITS IS A GOOD BOOK
GremlinDotNet says, On occasion, I get that in a day.
ZenPunk enters
jwbgotw says, wow this is a tough crowd....I got one whole laugh
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Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Gremlin: you wouldn't expect a second rate Canadian university to like, get webtraffic, now would you?
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, DORRY
bernarddebourges says, I have never seen so many open minded people so closed minded.
qwerty5200 says, what are you talking about Gremlin
nieva_deceiva says, And I'm FINE
Sophia_Skeptesthai says, Still waiting for someone to explain the concept of (( Nothing ))
seamonkey24_7 says, no, i havent
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, SORRY
seamonkey24_7 says, oh
jwbgotw says, glad I ain't up on stage
nieva_deceiva says, hehehehe
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, YES
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, CANT SPELL
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, ITS GOOD
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, LOOK IT UP
ms_pattianne is away (Auto-Away)
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: just that the school's website doesn't get any traffic. Is it a secret?
qwerty5200 says, Where is the hit counter?
GremlinDotNet says,
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Die_Allebeste says, Oh, let me tell ya'! I went to buy beer tonight and I was carded. Hehehe I was thrilled.
qwerty5200 says, There is about 20,000 people who attend SFU
bernarddebourges says, I am the Counter-Revolutionary of your world Athos Parthos Non Cogitamus
Sophia_Skeptesthai says, " What is Nothing ?"
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Small school....
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, CHRISTIAN THINK I HAVE SATAN IN MY LIFE,,,NO ITS IN MY SOUL.............LOL
PoeticHeteroSapien says, Here you go, a good, conclusive article on it:
ZenPunk says, got a nice beer buzz, created zenpunks room in voice chat category, gonna butcher some great music with my guitar and voice jus tin case any one is really really really bored :)
Hunter_the_CrazyChick laughs at Die.
qwerty5200 says, No, it isn't a secret
freedomtoexplore enters
GremlinDotNet says, Twenty thousand? That's the regulars to my site >:)
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, That must make you feel young, or something.
ZenPunk leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, So now that we've ascertained that Gremlin is known by more people than that school is...let's move on.
jwbgotw says, my website has like, a hundred total hits or something....I like to think of it as the unpaved outer road somewhere a few miles from the information superhighway
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qwerty5200 says, yeah I sure
qwerty5200 says, could you be any more full of youself
qwerty5200 says, and your little internet world
GremlinDotNet says, I feel better now. Banned or not, I have more fans than this school has students >:)
Die_Allebeste says, Hunter: It did! I smiled at the girl and handed her my ID. She was relieved because she said it usually pisses people off. HA!
bernarddebourges says, And embracing love for all religions and ideas is a thin cover for a fierce hatred of Christianity.
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) In other words, you'd be the person standing in front of progress.
lulu_ism enters
arwen485 says, do hits constitute fans?
freedomtoexplore says, you all dont mind if turn the sound off, do ya?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Die: Cool. Yeah, it usually pisses me off, ,because they typically tell me that 'military ID are not valid', ,as if it's faked, or something.
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Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) Sure it is, bernard. I guess a love of Christianity requires, in your mind, a petty bigotry, like the one you've evinced today.
Die_Allebeste says, Hunter: GAH! As if...
PoeticHeteroSapien says, Bernard - I don't hate christians or christianity at all. I just hate self-righteous pricks who think that viruses are here because of "immorality" and not because of reality.
bernarddebourges says, I'd be the person standing in front of your Legion of Immorality.
GremlinDotNet says, arwen485: not as such. Individual IPs kinda do, I suppose. I'm just factoring people who like the books.
Die_Allebeste says, DAMN! I can't wait for Teuf to get here.
freedomtoexplore leaves
qwerty5200 says, By the way, the counter on the Psych page doesn't work
arwen485 says, ah, what are IP's?
PoeticHeteroSapien says, Bernard I'd be the person beating you to within an inch of your life for disrespecting my dead friends.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Die: Here as in the room, or 'here' as in /there/?
Naturyl says, :>
qwerty5200 says, it hasn't been counting for a long time
bernarddebourges says, Well the Bible told me I guess you think the Bible lies.
PoeticHeteroSapien says, And everyone else who died of this epidemic your god created (RECENTLY) for us.
GremlinDotNet says, IPs are computer numbers. Every computer on the 'net has a specific number.
lissianthus enters
bernarddebourges says, Is it a crime to believe the Bible?
Die_Allebeste says, No here as in HERE! :)
bernarddebourges says, In your world it is. LOL
lissianthus says, DIE!!!!!
Creepy_Chica enters
Die_Allebeste says, LISS!!!!!
lissianthus says, oh my word!
bluezzz2002 leaves
Die_Allebeste says, Yay!
arwen485 says, so these numbers are fans?
lissianthus says, youre alive!!!
Creepy_Chica says, OK who's the Xian?
qwerty5200 says, Grem what does IP stand for
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, WAKE UP............GOD IS A FUCKING STORY FOR STUPID KIDS.,......
Die_Allebeste hugs Liss...
Hunter_the_CrazyChick notes that the counter works.
the_schizo_that_could knows someone whose brother died from AIDS. He was a dentist, I think.
lissianthus says, yay!
GremlinDotNet says, bernarddebourges: not in the US. Congress shall pass no law respecting an establishment of religion. That's for or against.
qwerty5200 says, I'll give you 5 secs
PoeticHeteroSapien says, Chica - Bernard here, who asserts to us that AIDS is sent by god to punish the wicked. How cute huh?
GremlinDotNet says, bernarddebourges: unless it's in Waco, anyway.
qwerty5200 says, too late
lissianthus says, hey die i want to call you sometime
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, GOD IS A STORY,,,,,,A ATHEIST,,,,,,,,,,,,
PoeticHeteroSapien says, Schizo - I have lost two good close friends and a cousin.
bernarddebourges says, Everyone dies you should be thankful they are with the Lord instead of down here with people like me.
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) Hmmm, I don't think I have a legion of immorality. What I do have is a sense of morality, and a fierce anger to those people who would hate others for something that is not any of their business.
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, WAKE UP
horny_for_him leaves
Creepy_Chica says, Oh I suppose ALL the diseases of the world would fall under that ctagory then bernard?
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: what's in five seconds?
PoeticHeteroSapien highfives CESAa
jwbgotw says, I've never known anyone with AIDS but I went to one of those orphanages in Romania once.....that was fucked up
qwerty5200 says, nevermind
Die_Allebeste says, Liss: Teuf will be moving here in about a month. :)
Creepy_Chica says, What happened to good old Pestilence taking the rap?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick points at qwerty, laughs. Idiot.
Die_Allebeste says, For good!
lissianthus says, oh wowowowowow
the_schizo_that_could says, Poe - I'm sorry to hear that. :(.
bernarddebourges says, How can you hate a person with AIDS?
Die_Allebeste says, Woooo Hoooooo!
lissianthus says, for good??????
Die_Allebeste says, Yep!
bernarddebourges says, except that he spreads it on purpose
lissianthus says, no more school?
PoeticHeteroSapien says, Bernard - you disrespect them every time you say what you sa.
PoeticHeteroSapien says, say*
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) bernard, nobody should be anywhere with you. I fear for your neighbours and (although I hope this is not the case) your possible children,.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Grem: The counter works; I sat here and reloaded it; it actually doubles the hits. Every reload gives it two impressions.
GremlinDotNet says, I wouldn't hate a person for having AIDS; I might hate a person who happened to have AIDS.
terry_allen_99 enters
Die_Allebeste says, He's figured a way to finish early and continue his studies here. Yay!
reptylinin is back.
reptylinin says, terry!
lissianthus says, oh man thats great
bernarddebourges says, I don't hate anyone. Hatred is a sign of ignorance.
terry_allen_99 says, repty
Die_Allebeste says, Yep!
Stormy_September enters
PoeticHeteroSapien says, Bernard - but you said AIDS is here to punish us for immorality.
GremlinDotNet says, Must be Netscape; Exploder only adds one hit.
arwen485 says, ah
Creepy_Chica says, I thought ignorance was bliss to all good xians?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Unfortunate....
Die_Allebeste says, We were tired of being apart.
hot_guy_857 leaves
bernarddebourges says, Hatred is also and expression of fear.
lissianthus says, where have you 2 been?
dont_ask_me_ask_satan says, WELL GOD IS A KILLER
PoeticHeteroSapien says, So aren't they being punished for their immorality?
reptylinin says, terry I need a woman :(
PoeticHeteroSapien says, How is that non-hateful
PoeticHeteroSapien says, ?
jwbgotw leaves
qwerty5200 says, Oh Grem, I forgot too mention, in the chat, which you claim is real, did you happen to read the part where Hunter says for me too kill myself, cause it would be a favour for her.
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) bernard, case in point. You are incredibly ignorant.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick pokes Die.
Naturyl says, This is just a test
lissianthus says, why have you not been here?
arwen485 says, Bernard, to look down on someone with contempt is to hate them
Die_Allebeste says, Just sort of focusing on... us... y'know>
bernarddebourges says, Perhaps they are suffering punishment due to AIDS though they are innocent.
qwerty5200 says, That just goes too show how fucked up you two are
Die_Allebeste says, ?
lissianthus says, i see
PoeticHeteroSapien says, To even SAY that makes me want to beta you within an inch of your life. I'd rather you disrespect my mother than my dead frinds.
bernarddebourges says, The Innocent suffer all the time.
troutk13 leaves
terry_allen_99 says, repty, you don't need a woman until you can afford to keep a Lawyer on retainer.
PoeticHeteroSapien says, friends*
Creepy_Chica agrees with Cogito
forman4002002 enters
bernarddebourges says, Christ, the most innocent suffered crucifixion.
Die_Allebeste hugs Hunter.
reptylinin says, damnit terry.
dont_ask_me_ask_satan leaves
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: yeah. I saw it. And?
lissianthus says, like you could focus on anyone else in here anyway when you were both here!
Hunter_the_CrazyChick hugs Die.
PoeticHeteroSapien says, gotta go, my baby is on the phone.
GremlinDotNet says, Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Since you're sitting over there dealing with fiction, I'm going to just publicly humiliate you with the transcript. Do us all a favour, and kill yourself.
forman4002002 leaves
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) Ta ta for now, mon ami. :D
qwerty5200 says, My point exactly
PoeticHeteroSapien leaves
reptylinin says, terry, fly me down a pretty little lady.
the_schizo_that_could says, Bern - Or maybe this whole idea of your's is stupid, and God is non-existant.
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush is back.
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, Back. I was watching "Top Gun."
webster_trey enters
bernarddebourges says, I don't know your friends. How could I hate them?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Do us all a favour. Not me personally.
lissianthus says, sure you were chain
Your buddy knight_of_baawa is on pager
lissianthus says, ha
bernarddebourges says, I have said nothing against your friends.
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, hey liss
Die_Allebeste says, Liss: For sure! We just wanted to make sure that 'this' wasn't all there was, if that makes any sense...
arwen485 says, Gremlin, you're a little cruel for your reputation
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) ^^^that was not for you. I would never call you mon ami. I would, probably, be inclined to call you a hateful and bigoted asshole instead.
the_schizo_that_could says, Bern - You said they were immoral, indirectly, didn't you?
misogynist23 says, you don't really "die" from die from the crap that you get from having a shitty immune system because you have AIDS...and most of the people who have it, have it because they fucked up and I don't really feel sorry for them at all
GremlinDotNet says, I could post a few things from the transcript, if everyone hadn't already gone off and read it.
qwerty5200 says, yeah
lissianthus says, yeah it does die, so now that you know it is, will you be on more ?
terry_allen_99 says, bernarddebourges, are you an ignorant bigot?
GremlinDotNet says, Well, everyone but qwerty5200, who seems to be afraid to.
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) bernard, you say thihngs against his friends by making bigoted generalizations.
Die_Allebeste says, Liss: I think so! yay!
qwerty5200 says, but the only part that is true is where she tells me too kill myself
lissianthus says, oh good!
bernarddebourges says, You should have anger rather at those immoral people who spread the disease to begin with by not following the Commandments of God then your friends would never have died.
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, Grem: Maybe you could synthesize qwerty's voice.
lissianthus says, i was really worried
Creepy_Chica says, bernard you are saying that every 1 out of ten people (statistically speaking) Deserves a life of suffering and the hellfire and brimstone that comes after it as their sins call for by the judgement of your Loving GOD
qwerty5200 says, I don't know what kind of human being would say that
plankeye_020 enters
plankeye_020 says, hey people
lissianthus says, hey
arwen485 says, Bernard, to look down on someone with contempt is to hate them
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) bernard, I have the anger with you when you call them immoral though they're clearly not.
djstiff69 leaves
killa6_6_6 enters
the_schizo_that_could says, Bern - You're not very welcome here. Have you noticed, yet?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick is the kind of human who would say that to someone who is harassing her.
GremlinDotNet says, Wolfe: I doubt it would work very well....
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, qwerty: Kill yourself.
god_is_dead_evolve is away (Auto-Away)
plankeye_020 says, how is everyone?
qwerty5200 says, Tell me Grem, what kind of person would say that?
misogynist23 says, I mean...if some poor shmuck goes to a hospital and gets a blood transfusion that's infected...then I'll have a bit of pity...but everyone else is on their own...they won't get any flowers from me
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) Please don't ever breed./
Die_Allebeste says, Liss: We even took a break from... each other to make sure... It lasted about two days. We couldn't stand it.
webster_trey says, WUZUP!!!
GremlinDotNet says, 'Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Tell me, what school lets a person in that can't even form a full sentence? You're in a special education college, aren't you?'
lissianthus says, haha
qwerty5200 says, What kind of person would ask that.
kryssanne enters
god_is_dead_evolve is back.
GremlinDotNet says, 'qwerty5200: ina?'
god_is_dead_evolve says, god is a pez dispenser!
terry_allen_99 says, misognyist, if a dumn bigot. Of course, my the name we should know him.
lissianthus says, musta been a long 2 days
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, Gremlin: Can you make a synthesized voice that sounds female, to reply?
GremlinDotNet says, 'qwerty5200: your such a hypocit'
god_is_dead_evolve says, lol
Die_Allebeste says, An eternity...
Sophia_Skeptesthai says, pre matter
GremlinDotNet says, 'qwerty5200: ina, that isn't a word'
qwerty5200 says, Anwser my quesiton grem
relatheist says, evolve, what did it have on the head?
killa6_6_6 says, you suck
Sophia_Skeptesthai says, ?
GremlinDotNet says, 'Hunter_the_CrazyChick: You're, you idiot. And you can most certainly stop attempting to make up typos.'
Die_Allebeste says, Both of us were miserable.
lissianthus says, i understand eternity, my dad is here for 3 weeks
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: what question?
the_schizo_that_could says, Yes..Don't breed. I hate to think what the world would be like with people like you flourishing in it.
Die_Allebeste says, Liss: How's that going?
Stormy_September says, Looks like alot of pissed people in this room.....
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, Alright, it's dinnertime. I'm afraid I have to leave. I can only hope bernard will be gone by the time I get back, but just to make sure.... *click*
lissianthus says, slowly
bernarddebourges says, Deuteronomy 28:58-61!!!
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, To answer his question: The sort that is being harassed.
bernarddebourges says, Why do you hate me, I'm just telling you what the Bible says.
Die_Allebeste says, I bet!
ghost_of_chaka leaves
misogynist23 says, terry>>>had a few beers tonight huh?
qwerty5200 says, oh I remember that. But now I know for sure she changed it because you didn't actually post what she wrote too me
killa6_6_6 says, any girls in here with pics press 666
bernarddebourges says, Oh sorry, you hate the Bible. I see.
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) Your cite means NOTHING, moron! Why don't you realize that?
bernarddebourges says, LOL
Die_Allebeste needs the loo.. Brb...
Creepy_Chica says, schizo look around.. I mean they are all sheep
arwen485 leaves
Creepy_Chica says, Not these people here but certainly MY neighbors
terry_allen_99 says, No, Just typing while watching TV.
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: and I've already told you who to dispute it.
qwerty5200 says, So grem you have proved too me
GremlinDotNet says, how*
god_is_dead_evolve says, a great lizard that spake in many tounges, and yea, it did dispense the tasty pez
the_schizo_that_could says, Bern - You are a waste of space. A bigot. Insensitive bigot. There are so many people in the world more deserving to live than you.
kryssanne leaves
qwerty5200 says, your both liers
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) bernard, because you aren't saying what the Bible says. If you were, it would be as contemptible as you are.
relatheist says, dumbass quote of the day "what did you evidence?"
qwerty5200 says, Now, anwser my question
the_schizo_that_could says, Poe's friends, for instance.
lissianthus says, ha relath!
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, Qwerty: You're a tad goofy, aren't you?
qwerty5200 says, What kind of person tells somebody too go and kill theirself
webster_trey says, Check this site out: Chinese guy w/ some interesting ideas
qwerty5200 says, ?
misogynist23 says, terry>>>and where do you get bigot from...I didn't say anything about hate...I just said that I didn't feel pity
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: right. And once it's proved 'too' you, it's all over; because you're the only one in your little world.
Stormy_September says, The bible is a collection of fantastical stories, not too different than cinderella or sleeping beauty
bernarddebourges says, In your world it is a crime for one to believe the Bible.
webster_trey says, Do you athiest believe in ALIENS>??????????
Creepy_Chica says, maybe its the name thing misogynist?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, To correct qwerty the 'genious': *You're. *Answer *to.
lissianthus says, has never seen aliens
Creepy_Chica says, I do webster
qwerty5200 says, Grem, I'll ask you again, What kind of person tells another human being too go and kill theirself?
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: what kind of person tells somebody too go and kill theirself? who uses English as a second language, I'd think.
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) Bullshit, bernard. You are telling lies.
a_atheist says, liss is a alien
Stormy_September says, Im sure some people beleive in cinderella too, whatever floats your boat
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, Hunter: And *liars.
lissianthus says, hey a a
misogynist23 says, terry>>>every person I've slept with has been driven to the clinic by me to be tested for all STD's before sleeping with me...there is no excuse for "not knowing"
lissianthus says, ill kick your ass
a_atheist says, hiya liss :)
qwerty5200 says, Just anwser the questoin
qwerty5200 says, question
lissianthus says, hiya
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Chainsaw: oops. I overlooked that.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Looks like qwerty wants to play 'trial'.
terry_allen_99 says, It is uncertain whether most of the persons that got AID's got it from "fucking up". It is clear that the fastest growing population of AID's sufferers did nothing to deserve it.
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: state your question in English first.
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) It is no crime to believe the Bible for me, but what is criminal is to twist and exploit the Bible to shore up your bigoted opinion.
misogynist23 says, Terry>>>and as far as needles can get free needles at clinics and hospitals
Creepy_Chica says, Who deserves plague?
plankeye_020 says, god exists yo
a_atheist says, runs away from a allpowerful ass kicking liaa
a_atheist says, liss
Naturyl is away (busy)
killa6_6_6 leaves
plankeye_020 says, hehe
lissianthus says, hahaha
princessdracos enters
Creepy_Chica says, thats such an outdated form of thinking its.. retarded
lissianthus says, hey dracos
qwerty5200 says, What kind of person would tell another human being to kill themself.
princessdracos says, hiya liss
Naturyl is back.
bernarddebourges says, What is it then?
bernarddebourges says, Ok AIDS is not a punishment
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: better yet, post your question on the board; then I'll answer it.
qwerty5200 says, No, do it now
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) Here;s my previous response about the Deuteronomy cite, which Bernard blithely ignored: Which says precisely zip about the specific diseases, and rather opts for a general threat. It's no different than saying, 'A pox upon you!'
a_atheist says, lady dracos!
qwerty5200 says, are you afriad
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: or what?
terry_allen_99 says, Then did you wait for the 6 months for standard incubation. Try condoms instead.
Die_Allebeste says, Liss: Were you here when I was talking about our flat? :)
qwerty5200 says, afraid
princessdracos says, hi a_a:)
lissianthus says, nope
qwerty5200 says, come on
bernarddebourges says, Disease doesn't punish, then what is it?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick thinks that qwerty is afraid of the board.
princessdracos says, how was the show?
walkerm474 enters
Stormy_September says, Who is God? Ive never seen him....
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Who else thinks that qwerty is afraid of the board?
nyc12002 enters
qwerty5200 says, What are you afriad of?
soul_decisions21 enters
knight_of_baawa enters
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, Hunter: I was only half right. "Liers" is a word. It's people who are lie prostrate.
lissianthus says, knightian
Creepy_Chica says, Well if I were a Christian I would blame the DEVIL for Pestilence and plague... becuase He is the big scapegoat of your culture right?
soul_decisions21 says, howdy folks
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: fine. My official answer. The sort of person who would tell you to kill yourself is the sort who has met you.
knight_of_baawa says, lissian
Your buddy trillibird is on pager
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) It's a disease. It has no purpose except to replicate itself. Unfortunately, some, in the act of replication, kill us.
webster_trey says, hey, why did the sound stop?
the_schizo_that_could says, There isn't a sinister motive behind disease, dimwit.
god_i_hate_you leaves
Die_Allebeste says, I'm getting one so I won't be bothered (you know what I mean) and then Teuf is coming over.
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, Hunter: Qwerty is obviously afraid of the board, like all the other trolls.
plankeye_020 says, god puts us through trials, sometimes making us sick
lissianthus says, good die!
soul_decisions21 says, god puts us through trials?
Sophia_Skeptesthai says, Humans are a highly hybridized virus
Stormy_September says, Although there have been sightings of the Vigin Mary
misogynist23 says, terry>>>condoms are a given...but they don't always work either
princessdracos says, that good, eh?
plankeye_020 says, yes soul
GremlinDotNet says, Wolfe: it's possible that she doesn't understand how to post to it.
bernarddebourges says, So it would be a crime to erradicate the AIDS virus?
princessdracos says, hmmmm...bbl, maybe
Creepy_Chica says, Yes plank God makes ME sick
Creepy_Chica says, hehehehe
Die_Allebeste says, Hunter: I think he probably is...
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, Gremlin: Qwerty is female?
bernarddebourges says, We should protect all living things even the things which might kill us?
princessdracos leaves
plankeye_020 says, he tests our faith
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) bernard, no, and I cannot see how you could jump to that idiotic conclusion from my words.
GremlinDotNet says, Wolfe: how many males would call themselves 'qwerty'?
bernarddebourges says, We should serve Viruses and let them flourish?
Die_Allebeste says, Liss: Are we still on for what we talked about before?
webster_trey says, hello??
the_schizo_that_could says, Bern seems confused. Very very confused.
soul_decisions21 says, we are luckily on top of the food chain
terry_allen_99 says, The condom failure rate is lower than the number of false negatives for AID's. And the number of false positives is higher still.
qwerty5200 says, Gremlin thank you for your anwser. Now I know that you too, are a bastard.
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) bernard, stop misrepresenting my words. If you cannot debate honestly, go away.
lissianthus says, i sure hope so!
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: you're learning.
Die_Allebeste says, YAY!
the_schizo_that_could says, Strawman.
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, Gremlin: Maybe the same amount that wear boas?
lissianthus says, hahaha, yay is right
robndrew enters
ItzJustMeSandy enters
GremlinDotNet says, Wolfe: um...ick.
lissianthus says, hey sandy
Hunter_the_CrazyChick always knew Gremlin was a bastard, but always preferred to refer to him as the 'antichrist'....
Stormy_September wonders what aids has to do with religion?
Creepy_Chica says, hi Sandy
Die_Allebeste says, Do Libra and Despot still come here?
ItzJustMeSandy says, liss :)
ItzJustMeSandy says, Creepy :)
the_schizo_that_could says, Sandy! Quick! Ignore Bernard!
knight_of_baawa says, Yes Charly
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) bernard, you goddamned asshole, I have already said what I thought. If you cannot debate without misrepresentation, it is because your position is flawed.
Die_Allebeste grins at Hunter.
Stormy_September says, So is the Plague Walker
misogynist23 says, terry>>>AIDS is a bit smaller than sperm...and I know a few people who have babies now because of the one that got through
ItzJustMeSandy says, schizo!!!
the_schizo_that_could says, Before his stupidity seeps into your brain and drives you insane!
Die_Allebeste says, Knight!
Sophia_Skeptesthai says, hmmmmmmmmm atlas was not holding a s plate
lissianthus says, despot is now with libra
walkerm474 says, YEA I KNOW
qwerty5200 says, How about this: Gremlin tell Hunter, that she can take her depressed self, and jump of a bridge onto a bunch of jagged rocks because nobody will ever love her.
qwerty5200 says, :P
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) So why don't you dump your bigotry and actually LEARN some things about the world?
Naturyl says, Lot of bullshit in voice tonite
lissianthus says, i havent seen them in several days
Die_Allebeste says, Physically? Ha!
knight_of_baawa says, Despot was here yesterday
bernarddebourges says, What is bigotry?
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, Qwerty: That was kind of lame.
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: tell her yourself; she's in the room, Idiot.
Creepy_Chica says, hi Stormy
qwerty5200 says, unless it is somebody fucked up like you
qwerty5200 says, Gremlin
knight_of_baawa says, Libra was here two days ago
terry_allen_99 says, Condoms are not one of those products you buy the cheapest lot from
Creepy_Chica says, Got anything to ad to the berating of Bernard?
ItzJustMeSandy says, Anyone own a Gateway?
lazarus_pontifex says, lotta a fuckos around that day?
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) bernard, calling people with HIV immoral is bigotry.
GremlinDotNet says, Love is a chemical imbalance.
lissianthus says, are they still on the honeymoon?
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, hehehehehe
Creepy_Chica says, Yeah I do Sandy it sucks ass
qwerty5200 says, and you too can also jump off that same bridge, but you can land on a spike
walkerm474 says, ME
robndrew says, Hello room, whats up tonight?
ItzJustMeSandy says, lol
Stormy_September says, wow lots of good rooms tonight!
soul_decisions21 says, or maybe saying love is a chemical imbalance is an imbalance
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: I've already done that. 1984.
Naturyl says, Hello everyone
ItzJustMeSandy says, Having a problem getting headphones to work..
the_schizo_that_could wishes many bad things to befall Bern
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, Qwerty: When do you graduate grade school?
Creepy_Chica says, hi Naturyl
bernarddebourges says, Did I say that people with HIV are immoral?
plankeye_020 says, im not going to shove christianity in anyones faces but if anyone has any questions just ask me
qwerty5200 says, too bad you didn't succeed
Die_Allebeste says, Wow! They are together... like in the flesh? Wooo hooo!
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) Yes, you did.
the_schizo_that_could says, Bern - Yes.
relatheist is away (be right back)
lissianthus says, yup
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: yes; too bad.
Die_Allebeste says, Yay!
lazarus_pontifex says, hi Naturyl
Hunter_the_CrazyChick is loved by quite a few people, actually.
qwerty5200 says, Now I have suck to your depths Gremlin
Creepy_Chica says, Don't backpedal bernard its lame
the_schizo_that_could says, Bern - Idiot. You don't know what you're even saying?
nyc12002 leaves
qwerty5200 says, I can be a bastard like you
Die_Allebeste says, Damn that girl for not telling me.
Die_Allebeste says, ha
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: could you rephrase that in English?
Naturyl says, test
Stormy_September is away (potty break brb)
Creepy_Chica says, Walkerm... relax
knight_of_baawa says, 4,895
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, Qwerty: Buy a gun, and kill yourself.
terry_allen_99 says, Don't ask plankeye about Christianity. Asking a fundie about Chrisitanity is like asking a hotdog vendor about cooking.
Naturyl says, /anon
lissianthus says, 4837
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (the_schizo_that_could) I assume he's had some sort of psychotic break. It would explain his chatroom behaviour.
the_schizo_that_could says, Walker - Bats rely on other senses to manage their survival.
GremlinDotNet says, We could vote on this....
qwerty5200 says, Gremlin, can you shut the fuck up cause I don't care
walkerm474 says, I AM
Die_Allebeste loves Hunter lots...
soul_decisions21 says, Jesus was a lot like Gary Coleman......"Watchoo talkin bout Judas"
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, Qwerty: Don't forget to load the gun, first.
Naturyl says, /help
qwerty5200 says, an I'l write tha way I fuckin want to
the_schizo_that_could says, Cogito - Hehe :P
Naturyl says, fuck
qwerty5200 says, so fuck you
the_schizo_that_could hands Bern some Valium.
lissianthus says, oh god chain, load the gun made me think of tonites activities
the_schizo_that_could lots of Valium.
lissianthus says, we got one skunk last nite
robndrew says, wow, I can feel the love just oozing tonight
lissianthus says, and going for more tonite
Sophia_Skeptesthai says, :))
GremlinDotNet says, Those who want qwerty5200 to kill herself, press Alt-F3; those opposed press Alt-F4.
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, liss: Tonights activites?
soul_decisions21 says, robn, that isn't love.....
soul_decisions21 says, lol
lazarus_pontifex leaves
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, activities*
Creepy_Chica says, Don't get your "Christ of the looms" in a bunch
lissianthus says, skunkshoot
Naturyl says, /reset
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, liss: You finally got them?
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (the_schizo_that_could) The hell with Valium, he needs a lobotomy. On second thought, just take the whole thing out; he's not using it. ;)
Naturyl says, /anon
bernarddebourges says, I said AIDS is a punishment for immoral behavior
atheist_freethinker enters
Creepy_Chica says, Don't count you Fundies before they hatch
lissianthus says, only one
Naturyl says, god damn it
Naturyl says, BRB
Naturyl leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, qwerty seems to be harassing me in PM....
Creepy_Chica says, chayyaaaaa!!!
lissianthus says, one down, 40 to go
GremlinDotNet says, Again?
the_schizo_that_could says, Cogito - Whatever you say, boss.
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) You also called people with AIDS immoral.
the_schizo_that_could Gets out a big, rusty saw.
GremlinDotNet says, Kill the PMs.
Stormy_September is back.
Stormy_September says, So
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, liss: Good shot.
knight_of_baawa says, Even if people get HIV from a blood transfusion, bernard?
qwerty5200 says, Hey Grem
lissianthus says, not me
soul_decisions21 says, aids is a punishment? I suppose natural selection is a punishment as well
walkerm474 leaves
the_schizo_that_could says, ;)
qwerty5200 says, is you ever come up too SFU
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: what.
qwerty5200 says, That would be great
bernarddebourges says, Many people with AIDS are immoral
lissianthus says, hubby got him, but badly
GremlinDotNet says, Is I ever? plans for it.
qwerty5200 says, cause if I ever see you in person
Creepy_Chica says, Hey bernard try this "think 2001"
qwerty5200 says, you will not walk again
lissianthus says, hes a lousy shot it seems
Creepy_Chica says, EVOLVE
qwerty5200 says, ever
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: is that a threat?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, IN PM TO ME qwerty5200: you ugly slut
Creepy_Chica says, Its time.. don't hold back
qwerty5200 says, yes it is
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) But I suppose if you've misrepresented my words, you're not above misrepresenting your own.
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, qwerty: SFU? Are you a janitor there?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, IN PM TO ME: qwerty5200: I have seen your pics
GremlinDotNet says, qwerty5200: excellent. You're guilty of violating USCode 18.875.
drakeness_baby enters
Stormy_September says, I dont know what all the fuss is about, its common knowledge that the crux of the christian religion today comes from a variety of Pagan rites and rituals
atheist_freethinker says, Many babies have AIDS. Are they being punished for immorality?
Naturyl enters
lissianthus says, oh no, not again
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) Bullshit, bernard. Don't try to spin this. You said people with HIV are immoral. That's it, no clauses.
reptylinin says, baawa, you know those blood transfusion junkies are all immoral hateful bastards!
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, IN PM TO ME: qwerty5200: your an ugly slut
knight_of_baawa says, Oh yeah repty
Naturyl says, Haysoos
GremlinDotNet says, Hunter: just turn off PMs; I did.
robndrew says, back in the day of knights and swords did there be immorality you mean it's still around?
bernarddebourges says, Ok I'm guilty of generalization
Creepy_Chica says, Cogito he's just backpedalling his lil ass to prove he can show emotion and compassion like his God wants
lissianthus says, die can i pm you?
soul_decisions21 says, stormy, does christianity having a basis in previous rituals negate its relevance though
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Gremlin: Then I wouldn't have this to post on the board.
Die_Allebeste says, liss: Yep!
Dr_Chainsaw_Skullcrush says, Set the autoresponse to "qwerty is an impotent bastard."
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, It's funny how someone who's ignored me can somehow PM me.
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (Creepy_Chica) I think he had his emotion and compassion removed at Confirmation.
GremlinDotNet says, I'm just posting qwerty5200's threat to the board....
Creepy_Chica says, Prolly Cogito
Creepy_Chica says, teehee
candleheart22 enters
Die_Allebeste says, qwerty5200: Take my advice and stop!
wjeangel12000 enters
Stormy_September says, No it doesnt, actually I beleive that everyone has a right to beleive what they want
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, He really thinks he has a chance against you? He /really/ thinks that not only can he threaten you, ,but like, actually /touch/ you?
Angelica_Of_Avalon_Mists enters
bernarddebourges says, I am guilty of whatever crime I have committed against whatever laws you have made for this chat room Cogito
Cogito_Ergo_Sum_Atheos says, (bernarddebourges) You're guilty of a hell of a lot more than that. You've been a poor witness, a liar (misrepresenting others and yourself), you
qwerty5200 leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, qwerty ran away.
Creepy_Chica says, Get him COG!
GremlinDotNet says, Hunter: I doubt it; it's just another geek who whimpers IRL and posts threats in American chatrooms.