shabdavan says, ghee tastes better
beckett1779 says, hi hunter
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Hi beckett.
evolutionisaaafact says, what r we hunting this morn?
Vulpine_Arcadia says, Hi ECC
beckett1779 says, damn, good to see you hunter. You missed the idiot muslim yesterday screaming "are you CLEAN"
beckett1779 says, :D
wiggy_4_2_0 enters
shabdavan says, that was me
shabdavan says, wally
evolutionisaaafact says, lol
beckett1779 says, 0h, he's HERE
shabdavan says, and i'm not muslim
beckett1779 says, shab is the idiot from yesterday, vulp, with the junk physics.
evolutionisaaafact says, lolol
shabdavan yawns
shabdavan says, I asked a very good question
shabdavan says, and got no answer
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Hi Vulpine_Arcadia.
wiggy_4_2_0 says, hello
shabdavan says, I said
beckett1779 says, no, your bipolar condition revved up to 5600 rpm and you were babbling nonstop.
shabdavan says, how does a universe come from nothing?
beckett1779 says, you're mentally ill, shabbie, and you need serious medication.
beckett1779 says, Poor man.
evolutionisaaafact says, are u "clean" then shab?
shabdavan says, all you can do is insult
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Paranoid moment. I wonder if eating potatochips an hour or so after wiping down ones keyboard with chlorhexadine would cause you to ingest enough to hurt you....
Vulpine_Arcadia says, Am just reading about "usability" of "hellenistic greek" back in it's time (re: Septuagint)
beckett1779 says, hunter: nah
wiggy_4_2_0 says, thats an unanswerable question by anyones means - your delving into faith now
shabdavan says, yes but whose faith is it?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, beckett1779: Oh good. I've had a nasty taste in my mouth since then, and it's been upsetting me.
shabdavan says, not mine
Hunter_the_CrazyChick finishes a tiny update of her site.....
shabdavan says, who has faith that the universe comes from a singularity here?
wiggy_4_2_0 says, thats fine -- but its someones
evolutionisaaafact says, clean faith huh?
Vulpine_Arcadia says, shab: a sub-singularity
shabdavan says, whatever
Hunter_the_CrazyChick has no faith; holds no beleifs....
shabdavan says, a point if infinitesimal size and infinite density
Vulpine_Arcadia says, I tend to agree, in hindsight, with Ekpyrotic model definition
evolutionisaaafact says, it sure came from no gawd
shabdavan says, who believes the universe came from this?
Vulpine_Arcadia says, it's consistant, in part, with MWI of Quantum Mechanics
shabdavan says, that's wank
wiggy_4_2_0 says, lol
shabdavan says, here's logic
Vulpine_Arcadia says, shab: are you trying to define the "cosmic egg"?
shabdavan says, something cannot come from nothing
Vulpine_Arcadia says, who said it did?
beckett1779 says, :D here we go.
evolutionisaaafact says, right so god cant be
shabdavan says, God is always there
Vulpine_Arcadia says, evo: logically, that is correct
shabdavan says, He doesn't come into existence
salient2 enters
evolutionisaaafact says, gawd cant come from nothing
Vulpine_Arcadia says, NO, you just attacked you're own comment
shabdavan says, He doesn't
Vulpine_Arcadia says, (something from nothing)
shabdavan says, God always exists
shabdavan says, He doesn't come into existence
Vulpine_Arcadia says, NOPE
beckett1779 says, *chuckles*
shabdavan says, what do you mean nope
Vulpine_Arcadia says, again, "something from nothing"
Vulpine_Arcadia says, how can you be selective?
wiggy_4_2_0 says, version of god??????????
evolutionisaaafact says, well sinularitys exsit then
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, shabdavan: If a deity does not come into existance, then he doesn't exist.
shabdavan says, you guys are irrational
wiggy_4_2_0 says, enrgy ------ ill agree with that
beckett1779 says, :D
Vulpine_Arcadia says, No, you just have NO idead what you're saying
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, If that which exists requires creation, then your deity, in order to exist, requires a creator.
shabdavan says, God never comes into existence
shabdavan says, He always exists
beckett1779 says, no
shabdavan says, He has not come into being at any time in the past
wiggy_4_2_0 says, prove it
shabdavan says, He is unborn
evolutionisaaafact says, right
shabdavan says, this is the nature of the absolute truth
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Error: contradiction. He either never comes into existance, or he exists. You cannot have both.
beckett1779 says, true, never was, never will be
wiggy_4_2_0 says, lol
shabdavan says, yes if you worship God you will have proof
evolutionisaaafact says, lol
evolutionisaaafact says, warship
shabdavan says, wrong hunter
Vulpine_Arcadia says, shabdavan : something cannot come from nothing (god is supposedly SOMETHING, so how could it come from nothing also - you apply something for everything else, yet segregate it's creator, into different frames? sheesh)
wiggy_4_2_0 says, for yourself- nothing tangeble
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, You cannot have an uncreated creator in a situation where all that which is requires creation.
shabdavan says, your mundane conception cannot be applied to God
evolutionisaaafact says, right
shabdavan says, there is nothing preventing God from eternally existing without limitation
beckett1779 says, sure there is.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, shabdavan: My 'mundane conception' applies to reality as it stands right now.
shabdavan says, I'll repeat again
beckett1779 says, and that is reality.
evolutionisaaafact says, right god is nothing,a vacum
beckett1779 says, ooops, hunter beat me to it.
shabdavan says, God does not come into existence at any time
shabdavan says, He has always existed
wiggy_4_2_0 says, depends on what your perception of "god" is
beckett1779 says, right, because there is NO god.
Vulpine_Arcadia says, sure sure
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, If your deity exists, it's a part of reality, therefore, my 'mundane conception' is applied. If he is not a part of reality, he does not exists.
shabdavan says, God is eternal you idiots
Vulpine_Arcadia says, wiggy: I agree with you
shabdavan says, so are we by the way
Vulpine_Arcadia says, wow..INSULTS!
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, We win. shabdavan is resorting to insults.
Vulpine_Arcadia says, must be the burnt chips
beckett1779 says, no, too many words: god is eternal to idiots.
shabdavan says, ha
evolutionisaaafact says, or the ghee
Vulpine_Arcadia says, weren't you jumping on beck for being rude?
Vulpine_Arcadia says, now WE get called IDIOTS?
Vulpine_Arcadia says, hypocracy
shabdavan says, I am just being honest
shabdavan says, you are idiots
evolutionisaaafact says, hes clean after all
beckett1779 says, he started the namecalling yesterday and tried claiming the moral high ground then, too.
Vulpine_Arcadia says, No, you think you're the Messiah with answers, then have a hissy fit when no one complies
beckett1779 says, you are the idiot, but we don't really need to point that out.
shabdavan says, no I'm simply stating a fact
beckett1779 says, You're quite the self evident idiot.
shabdavan says, you are all idiots
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, shabdavan: It's simple English. "God does not come into existance at any time" contradicts "He has always existed", regardless of whether or not "everything requires creation" or not.
wiggy_4_2_0 says, fact for yourself
Vulpine_Arcadia says, YOU made the original COMMENT of "something cannot come from NOTHING"
Vulpine_Arcadia says, so it's YOU that is "erred" by you're own definition
beckett1779 says, shabby, why did you stop taking the medication?
shabdavan says, I don't see a contradiction
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Not even FACTORING that, in order to exist, according to your standards, he would have to be created, your statements cancel him out.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, You've proved deities false.
beckett1779 says, if you don't see a contradiction, you are an idiot.
wiggy_4_2_0 says, give me the "tangeble " proof and you can call me an idiot all day
shabdavan says, you are the one saying that for God to exist He must have come into existence at some time
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, shabdavan: Then you don't understand English, and have no right to be calling me an idiot.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, shabdavan: Duh.
shabdavan says, I am saying that God is eternal
shabdavan says, He has always existed
shabdavan says, He doesn't come into being
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, To exist requires that one comes into existance.
wiggy_4_2_0 says, show me
shabdavan says, He is always extant
evolutionisaaafact says, no im saying he dont exist
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, shabdavan: Contradiction #2. Existance requires creator, according to you. Deity exists. Deity requires creator.
shabdavan says, no
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Yes....
Vulpine_Arcadia says, shab: YOU made the comment "something cannot come from nothing" then added "god is always" you make an assertion, then attribute a different equation to god? Wow you must know its total composition to make an open comment like that lol
shabdavan says, consciousness is eternal
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, shabdavan: Prove it.
shabdavan says, something can come from something
wiggy_4_2_0 says, show me
shabdavan says, disprove it
shabdavan says, worship God
evolutionisaaafact says, lol
beckett1779 says, ah, he retreats.
beckett1779 says, typical.
Vulpine_Arcadia says, how is consciousness separate from human-mind?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, shabdavan: How can consciousness be eternal if 'something' cannot come from 'nothing'. How can something exist without being created if 'something' cannot come from 'nothing'. Who created your deity. Who created consciousness.
wiggy_4_2_0 says, cant disprove it but also not making arrogant statements
Vulpine_Arcadia says, synapses of the brain.. DIES!
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Everything has to have a beginning according to these rules; everything has to have a creator.
shabdavan says, consciousness is the entity of perception
Vulpine_Arcadia says, oh gees
shabdavan says, God has no creator
beckett1779 says, He's reading chopra again
evolutionisaaafact says, oh ghees even
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, shabdavan: Quit contradicting yourself.
Vulpine_Arcadia says, which ever, this is too funny lol
evolutionisaaafact says, poor god was never created
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, shabdavan: If your deity has no creator, then by your logic, he doesn't exist. Existance requires creation.
wiggy_4_2_0 says, man i almost thought this room was about science
shabdavan says, no you fool
beckett1779 says, wiggy it is until a madman shows up
wiggy_4_2_0 says, lol
shabdavan says, listen carefully again
salient2 says, what is the total information content of your god, how many bits of information?
Vulpine_Arcadia says, wow..IDIOT and now fool
shabdavan says, God has no origin
shabdavan says, He is the origin of all
wiggy_4_2_0 says, teach us shab teach us
shabdavan says, period
beckett1779 says, i bet shabby got the shit kicked out of him in grade school for being so pushy and ignorant
evolutionisaaafact says, uh huh what ever u say
wiggy_4_2_0 says, lol
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, shabdavan: Impossibility.
shabdavan says, existence is already impossible
Vulpine_Arcadia not going to follow Shabs deity if it means calling anyone idiot and fools
shabdavan says, therefore nothing is impossible
evolutionisaaafact says, what ever u say shab
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, shabdavan: By your logic, everything needs an origin. "Something" cannot come from "nothing". What created your deity.
Vulpine_Arcadia says, and hey there Salient
beckett1779 says, yes, this creator requires a creator.
shabdavan says, you are thick hunter
salient2 says, hi vulp, our muslim friend shab is here, it looks like
Vulpine_Arcadia says, Hunter is making MORE sense, then YOU
evolutionisaaafact says, so the big bang isnt impossible well shab thank u
wiggy_4_2_0 says, word
shabdavan says, i told you already
shabdavan says, God does not come into being
shabdavan says, at any time
Vulpine_Arcadia says, revise you're "fool, idiot and thick" comments, shab.. because only ONE in this room is displaying all those self-sanctimonious traits hahaha
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, shabdavan: Personal attack.
beckett1779 says, where is your proof?
evolutionisaaafact says, we know we know we know
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, shabdavan: Then said deity does not exist. If said deity does not 'come into being', then he does not exist.
wiggy_4_2_0 says, shab is teaching us from his extensive experience as being a god
shabdavan says, I dislike all of you
jessicatho97 enters
jessicatho97 leaves
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Don't you realise how utterly retarded everything you've said thus far /sounds/?
evolutionisaaafact says, we know
wiggy_4_2_0 says, lol
beckett1779 says, we loathe you equally
Vulpine_Arcadia says, Salient: Yup. Am just giggling at the illogical assertions, back-tracking, and insults it's making
beckett1779 says, there would be no war if there were less idiots like you, shabby.
Vulpine_Arcadia says, shab: and that should bother me.... HOW?
shabdavan says, that's better
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, I certainly do. And unless Vulpine_Arcadia gets to it first, I'm going to post it at and let other people see how utterly retarded this sounds.
evolutionisaaafact says, lol
djwxci enters
Vulpine_Arcadia says, :)):)) now that is FUNDEMENTALISM at it's SCARIEST lol
beckett1779 says, he argues in circles
beckett1779 says, what a fuckwit. Someone had to say it.
djwxci leaves
beckett1779 says, he ignored me yesterday too. I'm so proud!
evolutionisaaafact says, he darent leave the room i guess
Vulpine_Arcadia says, go for it ECC.. I'll jump over and read it after :)
evolutionisaaafact says, he iggied the room
Vulpine_Arcadia says, I have a reboot on the way in a few minutes
djwxci enters
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Vulpine_Arcadia: Alright. You'll have more from earlier, most likely, but I've got all this, so....
wiggy_4_2_0 says, i guess hes one of those ppl ---- who enjoys to hear himself talk
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, I mean, it's enough to demonstrate the point, but....
wiggy_4_2_0 says, lol
Vulpine_Arcadia says, Wiggy: LOL
djwxci leaves
shabdavan leaves
evolutionisaaafact says, poor shab sitting in the corner
Vulpine_Arcadia says, Hunter: He opened up after you were here. Before that he/she was talking about burnt chips
salient2 says, shab iggied all of us, he must be here for the porn bots
Hunter_the_CrazyChick says, Oh. Alright.