User Information: UIN: 123520906
First Name: Jack
Last Name: Martin
Nick: man in love
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Zip: 12111
Country: Egypt
Gender: Male
Age: 25

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123520906 man in love
Started on Fri Dec 07 01:54:58 2001

man in 12/6/01 11:15 PM tits
Hunter 12/6/01 11:16 PM Last word on the Carlin list. So?
man in 12/6/01 11:16 PM i need ur ti.......
Hunter 12/6/01 11:17 PM Good for you, it's good to want things.
man in 12/6/01 11:17 PM may i .....
Hunter 12/6/01 11:17 PM May you what?
man in 12/6/01 11:18 PM touch ur .....
Hunter 12/6/01 11:18 PM No, you may not. And it's not really a matter of whether you may or not, there's no chance in hell of physical contact over the internet anyway.
man in 12/6/01 11:18 PM we can arrange something for real
Hunter 12/6/01 11:19 PM You can arrange all you want, the answer's still no.
Hunter 12/6/01 11:19 PM Or, well, the answer could be yes; you just have to get permission from Gremlin.
man in 12/6/01 11:19 PM who is that?
Hunter 12/6/01 11:20 PM Gremlin's the guy I'm with. In order to even begin to think about anything you first have to go and get exlpicit written permission from him regarding anything you're looking to do. After he gives permission, then I'll think about it.
man in 12/6/01 11:21 PM ok is there an application i must fill first?
Hunter 12/6/01 11:22 PM Just go to and post a message there to Gremlin. That's the only way you're going to be able to get in touch with him and have him see it.
man in 12/6/01 11:22 PM ok ill think about it bye
Hunter 12/6/01 11:23 PM Heh; you can't fool me. You can't think....
man in 12/6/01 11:23 PM i dont care
Hunter 12/6/01 11:24 PM I'm sure you don't. I'll be posting this there, though. You fucking tard; don't you read profiles?
man in 12/6/01 11:24 PM still i dont care
Hunter 12/6/01 11:25 PM Okay kid; whatever you say....
man in 12/6/01 11:25 PM go do me a favor and finger urself
man in 12/6/01 11:25 PM u r a waste of time smart ass
Hunter 12/6/01 11:26 PM I don't do favours, especially not pityfucks, and particularly not over the 'net. How desperate do you have to be to message someone who explicitly says 'I'm not single; I don't cyber'. Did even the really fat prostitutes turn you down?
Hunter 12/6/01 11:26 PM Yes, I am smart, and if I'm such a waste of time, why did you message me first?
man in 12/6/01 11:27 PM thought u were worthied bitch
Hunter 12/6/01 11:27 PM You thought I was some idiot who'd cyber with you. Nope; I've got standards. I'm not desperate.
man in 12/6/01 11:27 PM so do i
man in 12/6/01 11:28 PM i ve fucked models
Hunter 12/6/01 11:28 PM I doubt it. I sincerely doubt it.
Hunter 12/6/01 11:28 PM Wait, models? Like, model aeroplanes? That I don't doubt. Or is 'model' a euphemism for 'blow up doll'
man in 12/6/01 11:28 PM who cares what u think
man in 12/6/01 11:28 PM i am too handsome to fuck someone like u lady
Hunter 12/6/01 11:29 PM Plenty of people like to read what I've done to today's idiot....
man in 12/6/01 11:29 PM bravo
Hunter 12/6/01 11:29 PM I sincerely doubt that. You, who messaged me, desperate to touch me, sight unseen, have no standards. And you're far below mine, no matter what you look like, because you're an idiot.
man in 12/6/01 11:29 PM i am hurt
Hunter 12/6/01 11:30 PM I doubt it; you have to have a modicum of intelligence to recognise pain.