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UIN: 123619293
First Name: jim
Last Name: hauser
Nickname: jim
Primary Email: jimhauser3232@yahoo.com
Zip: 80014
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Birthdate: February 8 1976

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jim 8/4/01 2:36 AM hey its that guy again who keeps hitting on you, are u interested yet????
Hunter8/4/012:37 AMI'm with someone; I've been with him for over a year; why would I up and leave him for someone who hits on me over ICQ?
jim8/4/012:38 AMwell u don't have to do that, just don't tell him
Hunter8/4/012:39 AMWhy would I do that?
Hunter8/4/012:42 AMNo answer for that one, huh? Didn't think so.
jim8/4/012:42 AMwell its funny but when people are cheating ,it is ten times funner, as long as it doesn't get out of hand
Hunter8/4/012:43 AMWell, I think it's retarded and particularly dishonest; if you wanna be with someone else, then you should leave them and be with someone else.
jim8/4/012:44 AMthere is always someone else, haven't you ever looked around
Hunter8/4/012:47 AMNot with the intent to be the sort of dishonest wench I'd like to kill, but I have been self aware enough to notice that 99.99% of all males do not fit my critera for 'tolerable', and they certainly don't rank even remotely near let alone above the person I'm with now.

I wouldn't touch most of society; I certainly wouldn't have sex with them.

jim8/4/012:48 AMwell, unfortunatly your smarter than most, so take care, and have a good one
Hunter8/4/012:50 AMNoticed that did you? Sorry, peer pressure doesn't work on me.