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UIN: 133851506
First Name: richard
Last Name: lion heart
Nickname: Richard
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ZIP: 80302
Gender: Male
Age: 26

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133851506 Richard
Started on Thu Oct 04 17:52:52 2001
Richard 10/4/01 4:32 PM Hallo
Hunter 10/4/01 4:34 PM Hello.
Richard 10/4/01 4:34 PM hey what is up . how re you?
Hunter 10/4/01 4:35 PM I'm alright.
Richard 10/4/01 4:35 PM could you give me your a/s/l plz?
Hunter 10/4/01 4:37 PM It's in my profile....
Richard 10/4/01 4:38 PM Is that the true details or!!!!!!!
Hunter 10/4/01 4:39 PM Yes, ,it's the true details; thanks for accusing me of lying.
Richard 10/4/01 4:39 PM Nooo I don't mean that . really I am sorry.
Hunter 10/4/01 4:40 PM I'm working on my website....
Richard 10/4/01 4:41 PM What is the name of your Website
Hunter 10/4/01 4:41 PM
Richard 10/4/01 4:43 PM But why you have chosen Evil . Can't you choose ? I think it is more convenient
Hunter 10/4/01 4:44 PM 'Convenient'? What, precisely, does 'convenience' have anything to do with which website I currently own?
Richard 10/4/01 4:45 PM Okkky but could you let me know a little bit what is the goal and objective of your site plz?
Hunter 10/4/01 4:46 PM It's my site. The goal of my site is to be my site. The objective of my site is to be my fuckin' site.
Richard 10/4/01 4:47 PM waaaw what a wonderful and amaizing site . So do I need permission from you to go through your website and can I see your pic in your site as well?
Hunter 10/4/01 4:48 PM If I had my site set up on a permissions only basis, there would be a 'username and password' request at the beginning, and a signup form.
Richard 10/4/01 4:49 PM Waaw . What about your picture. Does the site contain pics for you
Hunter 10/4/01 4:50 PM Why should I tell you? You're supposedly sitting there looking at my site. You should be smart enough to browse it for yourself.
Richard 10/4/01 4:50 PM But do you know I love everything fast. So . I am so ruch always
Hunter 10/4/01 4:51 PM Well hey, I'm not here to give shit to you; stop wasting time asking and find out for yourself, becasue I"m busy.
Richard 10/4/01 4:52 PM Okkkky don't be angry. what is your name youngy?
Hunter 10/4/01 4:53 PM 1. youngy is not a word.
2. My name is exactly as it states it is.
Richard 10/4/01 4:55 PM So your name is Hunter. This means you hunt people or animals or what does that mean?
Hunter 10/4/01 4:57 PM I don't know about you, but I don't seem to be living in a fantasy realm based in, what was it? Feudal England? My name is not my job. Thank you....
Richard 10/4/01 4:57 PM Hay you . I have visited your site . but still you should improve it. It is still premative
Hunter 10/4/01 5:00 PM 'premative'? Your grasp of english is 'premative'.
Richard 10/4/01 5:00 PM Hay . Mr. Hunter where are you? I love to talk to you man
Hunter 10/4/01 5:01 PM My, but you're a special one, aren't you? Taking cues from that other twit who thinks I'm male?
Richard 10/4/01 5:03 PM Are,nt you male. ohhhh. so 1+1=2 then you are Female which = hole= ass= fuck Waaaaaw. I like it
Hunter 10/4/01 5:04 PM Except you're an idiot, and you wouldn't have a chance in hell, even if I were single.
Richard 10/4/01 5:06 PM But why ? I love females especially licking their pussies. By the way I have invented a special method of fucking. It is a maizing. It is published on my site
Hunter 10/4/01 5:07 PM Wow, but you're a pathetic geek, aren't you. Forgot to remember to mention your website in your profile before lying about it, eh?
Hunter 10/4/01 5:08 PM Sorry, I don't do pityfucks.
Richard 10/4/01 5:11 PM I do really have awebsit . It is on my 18 inches penus. If you have the honor to touch and suck my penus then you will have the honor to see my site "hole"
Hunter 10/4/01 5:12 PM Welcome to the idiot archive....
Richard 10/4/01 5:13 PM The idiot archive is especially designed for female who are fucked daily from tha ass and the hole with 18 inches pic. Do you agree?
Hunter 10/4/01 5:15 PM Incorrect. Considering I'm the owner and administrator of the idiot archive, I know exactly what it's designed for -- posting the conversations between myself and prevaricative idiots such as yourself who are obsessed with their inadequacies in real life, thus requiring them to make themselves seem bigger in a severely fictional way online. Now, I do not care about your tiny, disused penis. You haven't got a chance in hell with me.
Richard 10/4/01 5:18 PM I am sure now that you are 100% wrong . first I really have 18 inch pic. my problem is that no women wants to come and sleep with me . All women are afraid of my fuckin penis. I don't know why. could you explain that to me knowledge?
Hunter10/4/015:19 PM1. I don't know. Try bathing more often, and get an education. 2. stop lying about your dick. It doesn't impress me.
Hunter 10/4/01 5:20 PM Also, I don't care how big a 'picture' is [the abbreviation for picture, online, is pic.]. I realise already you'd have to magnify your penis a great deal to make it show up online. Now shut up and go away.
Richard 10/4/01 5:21 PM If you don't believe me come and see my penis. And I promis to pay you 100$ if any word I said is not correct. by the way you didn't tell me about your hole? Is it tighty or large?
Hunter 10/4/01 5:23 PM Has it not gotten through to your disused brain that I don't talk about sexual matters, particularly to idiots who can't get laid, and have to go looking for it online?
My time is worth far more than $100.
Richard 10/4/01 5:23 PM Really. But you can get more than that if you suck my penis or work as a hore?
Hunter 10/4/01 5:25 PM 1. You misspelled 'whore', you insufferable retard. 2. I have no need to work as a whore, nor do I want to.
Richard 10/4/01 5:26 PM Really you don't know what is meant by hard fuck. that is me who can give it to you lady. Just get your pussy ready and try mine. I am sure 100% you will never forget it.
Richard 10/4/01 5:27 PM Ther is example in America that says " if you try a black you never go back"
Hunter 10/4/01 5:28 PM How does that help; are you black?
Richard 10/4/01 5:29 PM Yab .
Richard 10/4/01 5:30 PM Are you shocked now because I am a black or because you don't wanna try me?
Hunter 10/4/01 5:30 PM I have no desire to view your bacterial little reproductive organs, let alone go near them. Even if I were paid.
Hunter 10/4/01 5:31 PM I'm not shocked by either. I never wanted to go near you. I get propositioned more times a day than I care to think of, both online and offline. The answer is NO. No matter what you try to do to sell yourself. Now go back to your porn, you horrid, lonely, pathetic little creature.
Richard 10/4/01 5:34 PM Men don't sell them. It is well known all over the world that female always sell their verginity and get fucked for nothing. You Females are very cheap. Very very cheap and you are another cheap women. Go and work in a sex market or go and try to suck a black pic cheapy.
Hunter 10/4/01 5:35 PM You're quite the idiot, aren't you? You're just another 'she won't sleep with me, so she must be a whore' idiot. Come up with better insults, really....
Richard 10/4/01 5:36 PM I am sure that you are an old desgustive women that I don't want to discrate my holly penis in her dirty hole
Hunter 10/4/01 5:37 PM Just as I thought. It hurts you that a 21 year old attractive female won't leave the only person she's ever been with just for you, doesn't it?
Grow the fuck up. Realise that I deal with thirty of your sort every day, and you all get told 'absolutely not'. You're all the same. You're all disgusting. You revere your miniscule manhood as 'holy', disregard all realms of education, and get at least three venereal diseases a month. You idiot.
Richard 10/4/01 5:39 PM I think you have been hammered by more than 100 men . So this means you are cheap. You are open for all men. All men fuck you and see your dirty pussy whore. Also I wanna say something which is that I know the guy who fucked you last month. He told me how disgudtive your hole was. You should wash yyour hole every day otherwise you will get sick
Richard 10/4/01 5:40 PM Bye Bye whore and cheap pichyyyyyyyyyy
Hunter 10/4/01 5:40 PM That's funny; the only guy who ever 'fucked' me is sitting next to me, and he's never spoken to you. Go cry over your diseased little penis to someone else.
Richard 10/4/01 5:41 PM Tell him to fuck you well and so hard whore.
Hunter 10/4/01 5:41 PM Aw, so sad that you got turned down. Cry for me, bitch....
Richard 10/4/01 5:42 PM You are a fraid and not confident of yourself otherwise you would have seen mu pic and get astonished. you and the asshole who is sitting besides you
Hunter 10/4/01 5:43 PM Y'know, it's amazing that you, who brags so openly about his penis, is so terrified of ever sending out a picture. If you wanna prove yourself, post this picture of yours to
Richard 10/4/01 5:44 PM Now I am going to fuck another whore like you. I called her and she is comming after 15 minutes
Hunter 10/4/01 5:44 PM But see, I don't believe you, and that's why you're on ignore -- because anyone as braggartly as you would've sent his picture -- several rolls of them -- already. Lying little fuck.

Also, I know for a fact you didn't hit my website, otherwise you'd have seen the pictures of me there. Too bad you missed out on that....

Richard 10/4/01 5:46 PM As I told you my holly penus never shage a whore who have a dirty pussy like you sick hole
Hunter 10/4/01 5:47 PM I see you still haven't posted it; that means you don't have any pictures, or are you busily photoshopping one right now?
Richard 10/4/01 5:50 PM Ok whore I have to go . It is time to fuck now bye whore. go and find another ass hole like you and let him fuck you hard but don't take too much money from him just 10$ because you are very cheap and you are a whore for the public. All people even AIDS people have experienced you and your dirty hole which you should clean every day. Bye American pitchy