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NickName: Lord Raven
UIN: 64622046
City (listed as): McIntosh
ZipCode: 87032 (New Mexico, if you're curious)
He seems to be into Games, works as "other services", and actually has written this in his little "Info/About" box:

"Looking for lady role players who aren't afraid to indulge themselves in the Gothic
realms, where magic is real and anything you can dream can happen. Ladies, be
wooed by a knight or ravaged by a warrior, the choice is yours. Let yourself be free to
Lord Raven: ifting your face up and tracing your soft full lips with my tongue..sliding my tongue inside your mouth and toying with yours..drinking deeply of you..
Hunter: I'd say that the next thing that happens would be that you wake up to find your jaw broken and your teeth missing, and that your doctor tells you that maybe a few months of reconstructive surgery will make you look vaguely human again, and oh by the way, this man here is from the police station, and he wishes to tell you that you've been charged with sexual assault, but that would be roleplayiing, and I haven't got time for that sort of pointless fucking endeavour. Good day.
Lord Raven: And are you seeking counsel for your arressive and over reactive behavior?
Hunter: Not at all. I was simply telling you what would happen if you were to walk up to me and do such a fucking stupid thing. Lesson Learned Today: Ask , don't presume
Lord Raven: No adventure there..has your self estemm always been so low? Father overly aggressive..Did you hate your mother?Don't you just hate psych majprs?
Hunter: Low self esteemers don't usually have faith in their own strength; whether I've got any complexes about my parents, be they resultant from deficiencies or anger, is none of your business.

And if you're a psych major, you're a very bad one. Typically, they can catch their typos when they type. I didn't bother with the course; I read all the books and talked to professionals about the entire thing.

If you were a psych major, you probably wouldn't be a roleplayer. Statistically, one goes to see the other later in life.
Lord Raven: OOHHHHH! So falsely confident.. Have you always displayed homosexual tendicies?
Lord Raven: Must also point out you are incorrect on psych majors and role players, you will find many becuase they feel confident they can manage and even determine the outcome of any situation..much like yourself..
Hunter: If I remember correctly, false confidence is not indicitive of homosexual tendencies. Listen man: the term 'abnormal psych' doesn't mean 'anything that just sounds really fuckin' weird is okay'.
Lord Raven: Careful..again there is no need to demostrate andger nad hostility..
Hunter: Then they realise they're living in a fucking fantasy world, and either wander off to get help, kill themselves, or find god in their cornflakes, and wander off to spread their nadaknowledge of Salvation to everyone. Attempting to belittle me gets you nowhere, by the way.
Lord Raven: Please such anger and you will notice you have already reverted to foul and abusive ;anguage..Why is that?
Hunter: Firstly, define 'adgner'. What is that? I've never seen such a thing anywhere. Is it a name? Some sort of small woodland creature? Is it perhaps a part of the transverse colon in sauropodomorphs?

And until you show me your credentials, I'm going to have to assume that you're still roleplaying, and merely trying to make yourself come off as the winner, when you really know you're not even remotely engaged in a fair fight, and are really only a sophist who can't stand to lose.
Lord Raven: Please such anger and you will notice you have already reverted to foul and abusive ;anguage..Why is that?
Hunter: I find you ammusing in a sort of disparaging, dismayed 'why does this always happen to me' sort of way.

Pardon me for taking so long to reply; I'm cataloguing this in a conversation with someone more of my intelligence.
Lord Raven:OOHH!! Thank you almost a cognisent thought with out the foolish gutter style language..and what remotely makes you think that anyone in the entire world cares one tiny miniscule iota what your opinion is formed of?
Hunter: Actually, 'foolish gutter style' is "Whassap homey cuz chicken mcbiscuit, an' I gonna go Dahmer on yo ass if you don' shaddap and gimme my food"

And y'know, the second part of that is kinda funny....

By the way: tiny miniscule iota is redundant all to hell; and the end of that sentence is grammatically dicked.
Lord Raven: Oh your are working part time in a child care center..Watch those puzzles..they are probably beyond your scope..

I think you are taking so long because it does take time to look up words in the dictionary..
Hunter: Actually, no. I had Scipionyx and Nathan to talk to, and then I had to figure out exactly how to fool a particular programme into working before I could deign to reply. I'm sorry

And by the way: I don't work, I live with a novelist.
Lord Raven: Again..relyiing on me to provide you with original thought.. becoming very boring..
Hunter:: Lemme check: nope, you never actually mentioned that before,and you've also never actually provided me with an original thought. I'm pretty sure you weren't around to tell me about how to make a virulent version of bone cancer.
Lord Raven: Low blow..I have lost several family members to cancer and I am sorry for you..
Hunter: I'm sure I was expected to know that sort of detail about you. Don't bother being sorry for me, unless you're out to pity someone more than you pity yourself.

I haven't got time to consider the feelings of someone who is desperate enough to use the internet just to get someone to pay attention to him.
Lord Raven:Not surprised.. what he he published? I am sure you are quite a trinket to display..
Hunter: I think about the most important thing right now would be 'News of the Stoopid'.

Think real hard.

Lord Raven: It's all right..I still have sympathy for you..Someone should,, you are a very angry desperate person..but now that is understandable..perhaps things will work out for the best..and you can still find some happiness in your life..
Hunter:You fancy yourself a knight and a warrior, and your only targets are women. What does that tell us...
Lord Raven: It tells us I am not homo sexual..You are having a great deal of trouble accepting the possibility of death..There is much anger in you..I feel a why me attitude from you, not me..have you seen a professional to help you deal with this?
Hunter: It tells me you're likely to be violent toward women, too. I also noticed you're fixated on homosexuality. Are you homophobic?

And you've just trapped yourself. I have been to a few professional psychologists. I'm Major Depressive. Tell me: How does someone with Suicidal ideation fear death? The entire point of suicide is escape through death. Embracing it. Of course, I'm also a sociopath, which has recently been broken down into personality disorders.

Care to try again?
Lord Raven: You are a true loser..and you might want a second opinion..Most suiside attemters fail seeking help..if you truly want to embrace death, why are still living?
Hunter: "True Loser"...must be in the DSM-V. I've never seen that diagnosis from any real psychologist.

And people who talk about killing themselves constantly are out for attention; people who don't take suicide seriously and just out and shoot themselves, or aren't meticulous enough about it to understand it.

Seriously suicidals sometimes keep quiet about it; some people can actually hide it, and sometimes they suddenly realise it. Of course, it also helps when someone else notices it before you do.
Lord Raven: Pathetic..why don't you just end it all? Why hang around and breath others air if you don't want to..I am a firm believer in people being allowed to end their own lives so don't hold back on my account..would anyone care anyway?
Hunter: Reverse psychology isn't exactly a part of the curriculum. Either that, or you just suck at it.

Why? Because that was several years ago, and because I'm more adaptable than that. I live on to spite people like you, because if you didn't care, you wouldn't be talking to me.

Please, by all means, don't care. I'll still be here tomorrow. You don't affect me. About the only thing this experience has given me is fodder for the website.
Lord Raven: Well aren't you lucky..really do it please..stop taking up valuable space..you contribute nothing..anger and bad attitude are already prevelant so who need syou? Might try working for a living..as low as your opinion of me might be at least I contribute something..do you? of course not..You ARE the true definition of LOSER!!! But don't take my word for it..I'm sure just about anyone would be happy to tell you..
Hunter: Actually, the true definition of 'loser' is someone who isn't successful. Perhaps even someone who can't figure out how to emphasise something by any means other than gluing their fucking capslock down.

Sorry I can't give you an exact definition of "Loser"; I don't have a dictionary handy.

And you're right: most people who've been bested by me would probably tell me the exact same thing that you would. Or they would say 'fuck you you fucking cunt' or something of the like. It all boils down to the same thing.
Lord Raven: Doubt that I know it is handy//too bad all that success and no happiness that is my definition of LOSER..Must go now..several real women would like attention,,thank you for wasting my time..
Hunter: Actually, it was you who wasted mine. Let he who is without anything better to do send the first bloody message.

Also: Stop using the KevStern defense....
Lord Raven: Please lol please you are killing me..so sanctimonious so successful but still enough of a putz to waste my time proving how wonderful you are..LOSER for sure..
Hunter: Not actually, no. But just so you don't die of curiosity, go ahead and bookmark gremlin.net, and watch the messageboard. I don't even care if you retaliate. Say what you will, but be sure to realise that you're dealing with years of experience in dealing with your sort.
Lord Raven: My sort..how refreshing to be bundled again into a hole..why would I bother? Why would I retaliate..you need this to fufill something your life is missing..please have fun..doesn;t sound like there is too much of that..

Hunter: Oh, but I am having fun.