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94273398 8/2/01 4:58 AM do u talk sex thought hi hi
94273398 8/2/01 4:59 AM im bobby im 22 male
Hunter 8/2/01 4:59 AM No.
94273398 8/2/01 4:59 AM come on Hunter try it with me ok
94273398 8/2/01 4:59 AM ull injoy me ok
Hunter 8/2/01 4:59 AM Sorry. It's not a matter of 'trying'. I'm not interested in roleplaying of any sort.
Hunter 8/2/01 5:00 AM What makes you think I'd enjoy someone who can't even spell 'enjoy'?
94273398 8/2/01 5:00 AM do u have a nice body
Hunter 8/2/01 5:00 AM And why would I need to 'talk sex' online if I can go into my bedroom, wake up the guy I'm living with, and get real live sex, without paying for it?
Hunter 8/2/01 5:00 AM I'm a design model; judge from that.
94273398 8/2/01 5:00 AM sorry do u make mistakes to or are u perfect ok sorry
94273398 8/2/01 5:01 AM so hell let u in anny time right
Hunter 8/2/01 5:01 AM Get the point: the answer is no. The answer is preemptively no. Go find someone who advertises that they're retarded enough to see a point in cybersex, and hideous enough to need it.
Hunter 8/2/01 5:02 AM And, Hey, if you wanna bitch about it, bitch about it to him. He's the one in your way.
94273398 8/2/01 5:02 AM ok cunt see u ass hole go get fucked bye ur dog bye
Hunter 8/2/01 5:03 AM Very, very clever. "she turns me down she must be a whore". Go nurse your wounded self esteem and your small dick complex elsewheres, kid.
94273398 8/2/01 5:03 AM u probley dont even no how to fuck hahahahah up the ass only bye cunt bitch
94273398 8/2/01 5:04 AM ok cunt ill get back to u watch me ok im not stupid thought ull see ok
Hunter 8/2/01 5:04 AM Come on; try harder; I know it makes you feel better about the fact that you're a hideous freak of nature who can only get sex over ICQ. Whassamatter? Doesn't /beer/ even help you get laid? Can't anyone get that drunk without dying? Sorry, so sorry, but I don't do pityfucks.
Hunter 8/2/01 5:04 AM I severely doubt it. But really, do get back to me; I intend to post ths at the gremlin.net messageboard, since, y'know, the guy I'm with runs the board and will think it's quite funny; perhaps you should get back to me there.
94273398 8/2/01 5:05 AM u dont no how go fuck ur dog if u no how hahahaahahah fuck off bitch ok ass hole
Hunter 8/2/01 5:05 AM I don't own a dog. Care to try for the truth?
94273398 8/2/01 5:06 AM i couldnt waste my time getting back to u u are a cunt and thats sick hahahaha
94273398 8/2/01 5:06 AM u probley find one in the gutter and fuck it ok dose bye
Hunter 8/2/01 5:07 AM Nope. Sorry; keep digging for the truth. I already told it to you -- you're a substandard roleplayer who isn't allowed to join in real roleplaying games because you lower /their/ chances of getting laid with your seeping funk of repugnance.
Hunter 8/2/01 5:08 AM THat, and the fact that the other special education children kicked you off the bus pretty much tells us exactly where you are in the socioeconomic foodchain.
94273398 8/2/01 5:08 AM watch me trash u ok its verry quick trash u is a pleasure ur fuck all for me ok ass hole hahahahahah bye cunt ull see ok
Hunter 8/2/01 5:08 AM Sorry; that wasn't quite a trashing or a thrashing; that was more like you having an epileptic seizure on your keyboard. Did little spedboy forget his meds?
94273398 8/2/01 5:09 AM suck ur ass hahahahah ur so lost now and u need a brain to use ill send u one shortley ok use it ull feel better ok
Hunter 8/2/01 5:10 AM You're really going to have to get better at this if you really want to play this game. Your playground insults didn't work on the playground; what makes you think they'll work against someone far more intelligent than you?
94273398 8/2/01 5:11 AM thats ok so im glad i got u going so got to go ur wasting my precious time ur fucking lost dont forget to except the brain ur missing because u cant get along like that in life ur brain washed now hahahaahah fuck u i got to go u wasted to much of my time ass hole bye
Hunter 8/2/01 5:12 AM Here, y'know what? I'll make it terribly easy for you to 'get back at me'. The guy I'm with has ICQ. His number is 14981588. PM him. Bug him. Accuse me of all manner of shit to him. His messageboard, one of the most popular on the net, is at http://gremlin.net -- accuse me of shit there. Come on, SuperSped.
94273398 8/2/01 5:12 AM they have a new thing on here now its called move to repair brain ill send u there maybe some day ull be ok hahahahahahahahahah
Hunter 8/2/01 5:13 AM Wow, you really think you've won, don't you? Aren't you 'thpethial'....
94273398 8/2/01 5:13 AM sorry dont talk to brain loss sorry bye got to go nice talking with u ass hole hahahahaahah
Hunter 8/2/01 5:14 AM Funny, you seem to be talking to yourself quite proficiently. Tell me, would you continue to PM me in Ignore, even after I reported you for a Terms of Service violation?
94273398 8/2/01 5:14 AM im always a winner ur a fucking looser u no why u dont have anny brains ok fuck go get some ok please ull never make it ass hole ok
94273398 8/2/01 5:15 AM hay go for it watch me ok ill send u something except it ok
94273398 8/2/01 5:15 AM ill see if ur a smart girl then ok
Hunter 8/2/01 5:15 AM I've already made it, and I'm doing quite well at what I do. I've also already won. I won the instant you PMed me like the sped that you are, insisting that I cyber with you, ,attempting to commit cyberrape. How could anyone win if they can't even /spell/? What sort of fuckin' sped has to abbreviate a three letter word into one letter?
94273398 8/2/01 5:16 AM JUST WATCH ME CUNT OK
Hunter 8/2/01 5:16 AM Shut the fuck up and go away. The answer was 'no'. And I'm beginning to understand why you rejects are online looking for sex, if this is the way you act every time you get turned down.
Hunter 8/2/01 5:17 AM I'm watching you, Magnificent Retardo....
Hunter 8/2/01 5:17 AM Do you scream like this when your sister tells you no?