batangberjasa: hi evil
evilcoffeechick: Hello.
batangberjasa: hello
batangberjasa: how are u
evilcoffeechick: Fine. You?
batangberjasa: also fine
evilcoffeechick: That's good....
batangberjasa: evil
evilcoffeechick: What.
batangberjasa: Is it you in the picture
evilcoffeechick: Yes.
batangberjasa: in your profile
evilcoffeechick: Yes.
batangberjasa: wow..
batangberjasa: very preety
batangberjasa: sweet
batangberjasa: you body is pretty
evilcoffeechick: Thanks.
batangberjasa: yeah
evilcoffeechick: Was that all you wanted....
batangberjasa: yes,,,,I like the lady like u
evilcoffeechick: to her?
batangberjasa: hehe
batangberjasa: I like your butt
batangberjasa: because your butt is pretty
batangberjasa: I expected you are a pretty girl
batangberjasa: Can you send me your picture
evilcoffeechick: Only if you'll send me your head....
batangberjasa: what head?
batangberjasa: my penis mean
evilcoffeechick: Whichever one the scissors will fit around.
batangberjasa: hehehe
batangberjasa: you send me your picture
batangberjasa: I mean your sexy picture
batangberjasa: I like you
evilcoffeechick: I have no sexy pictures; theonly two pictures in existance of me are the ones on my yahoo profiles.
batangberjasa: Can you send me another
batangberjasa: because in your profile is not clearly
evilcoffeechick: Have you seen that one?
batangberjasa: not yet
evilcoffeechick: That one, and the one on this profile are the [allow me to emphasise:] ONLY TWO PICTURES OF ME IN EXISTANCE.
batangberjasa: oh I see
evilcoffeechick: If you want something roughly based upon me, you can look at the GremlinChick at
batangberjasa: Did you have sex before this evil?
evilcoffeechick: Before what.
batangberjasa: before 20
evilcoffeechick: Yes.
batangberjasa: what happen...during the first coitus?
evilcoffeechick: Someone set us up the sex....
evilcoffeechick: We get tired.
evilcoffeechick: Ha ha ha ha.
batangberjasa: I mean
batangberjasa: you climb your partner ..or your partner climb you
batangberjasa: evil
batangberjasa: can you tell me...about the coitus
batangberjasa: I mean about sexual
batangberjasa: becau se I like vagina
batangberjasa: but no experience
evilcoffeechick: Ah. Um, no.
batangberjasa: wow
evilcoffeechick: I don't do sexchats.
batangberjasa: I like you soung like that
batangberjasa: why?
evilcoffeechick: Familiarity, eh? Used to hearing 'no'....
batangberjasa: so..
evilcoffeechick: Why? Because I don't.
batangberjasa: you like sex real
batangberjasa: so..I want to be your husband one day
batangberjasa: can I
batangberjasa: I can do sex real with you
batangberjasa: evil
batangberjasa: actually
evilcoffeechick: Uh, actually, no, probably not.
batangberjasa: I want to know more about woman high tease
batangberjasa: about vagina kegel exercise
batangberjasa: about clotoris and g spot zone
evilcoffeechick: So, um, go learn.
batangberjasa: I want to learn with you
evilcoffeechick: Sorry; I don't have a teaching lisence.
batangberjasa: :))
batangberjasa: ish
batangberjasa: teach me about the clitoris massaging
batangberjasa: and G spot zone
batangberjasa: How can I search the G spot zone?
evilcoffeechick: Try a search engine?
batangberjasa: Can you one day allow me to play your clitoris
evilcoffeechick: Is that anything like a tuba....
batangberjasa: what tuba
batangberjasa: evil
batangberjasa: actually I like u
batangberjasa: interested u
evilcoffeechick: Oh. Kay.
batangberjasa: so I want you teach me a bit of sexual
evilcoffeechick: Sorry. I don't have a teaching lisence.
batangberjasa: so can I will reperform the sexual
batangberjasa: do you have the technic2
evilcoffeechick: Got English?
batangberjasa: evil
batangberjasa: my penis is 5 inches
batangberjasa: can I give the saisfaction to lady or woman
evilcoffeechick: I don't know, tiny.
batangberjasa: do you have the bigger clitoris?
evilcoffeechick: Bigger than what?
batangberjasa: bigger that finger
evilcoffeechick: I'm not sure that happens in nature....
batangberjasa: you try open the vagina
batangberjasa: and look at i with mirror
evilcoffeechick: Um, why?
batangberjasa: what happen is my penis head..touch your clitoris?
evilcoffeechick: You die.
evilcoffeechick: You probably died long before that, but you die.
batangberjasa: ish
batangberjasa: ish
batangberjasa: :))
batangberjasa: I want to try touch your clitoris
batangberjasa: with my penis one day
evilcoffeechick: Suicidal, huh?
batangberjasa: :)
batangberjasa: I like you evil
batangberjasa: evil
batangberjasa: I hope you one day...allow me insert my penis in your vagina
evilcoffeechick: Hope all you like, if it makes you happy. Believe in fantasies and deities. I prefer reality, where something like that will never happen.
batangberjasa: I hope I and you happen reality
batangberjasa: because i want do the coitus with you
evilcoffeechick: It's good to want things.
evilcoffeechick: But it's not going to happen; you're beneath me.
evilcoffeechick: You are, quite honestly, 'substandard'.
batangberjasa: I beneath you
batangberjasa: no problem
batangberjasa: I want you do any thing to me
batangberjasa: during I beneath you
batangberjasa: actually I want to feel your hot vagina
evilcoffeechick: What you want and what you're going to GET are two different things.
batangberjasa: I want your vagina eat my penis many time
batangberjasa: I want to sleep on your breast
evilcoffeechick: What you're going to GET is a sexual harassment charge if you don't get what NO means soon.
batangberjasa: I hope u not charge me
evilcoffeechick: You *are* harassing me.
batangberjasa: yeah
batangberjasa: I harrase you
batangberjasa: yeah
batangberjasa: evil
batangberjasa: my penis is harden
batangberjasa: right now
evilcoffeechick: Okay, chapstickman.
batangberjasa: yeah evil
batangberjasa: if you my wife
batangberjasa: I harrase you in our room
batangberjasa: evil
batangberjasa: sorry
batangberjasa: disconnected just now
evilcoffeechick: Harassment isn't exactly a joke, y'know....
batangberjasa: yeah
batangberjasa: harrasement will happen until us climax
evilcoffeechick: So you're threatening to rape me now. That's nice.
evilcoffeechick: Keep going. The more bullshit you spew, the more I have to report.
batangberjasa: bull shit what
evilcoffeechick: I am *not* your wife, nor will I ever will be. Harassment is not a euphemism for anything, and it's not legal, in or out of marriage.
batangberjasa: oo..okay
batangberjasa: soory ya
batangberjasa: sorry
batangberjasa: bye
evilcoffeechick: Finally;y ou fucking got it. But thanks; I'll be posting this later.