cmvenable: do you like big dick yes/no
evilcoffeechick: Um, sure, why?
cmvenable: what is the bigest dick you had
evilcoffeechick: I've never owned any fat people named Richard.
cmvenable: do you give blow jobs
evilcoffeechick: Who are you. Are you with the IRS?
cmvenable: no
cmvenable: my name is chris
evilcoffeechick: I know a lot of Chris' who work for the IRS.
cmvenable: ok
cmvenable: do you have some more pics of you
evilcoffeechick: No.
cmvenable: ok
cmvenable: do you give blow jobs
evilcoffeechick: To whom?
cmvenable: can you put a 10"1/2 dick in your mouth
evilcoffeechick: Yeah, I can also bite it the fuck off. Why the fuck are you asking?
cmvenable: just asking
evilcoffeechick: And by the way, I thought you were asking about liking big dick.
cmvenable: do you like them
evilcoffeechick: Fat people named Richard? No.
evilcoffeechick: Why are you going around asking people online about whether or not they like big dick? Is it because you haven't got one, and need to pretend you do to get chicks to talk to you?