greenskylite: Hi there...and female friend and I are getting together tonight and I wondered if you might like to join us....
evilcoffeechick: Um, what?
evilcoffeechick: Um, no. Mostly becaus I'm not hoping a plane to California just to 'join' someone.
greenskylite: I am going to be in a hotel room in Denver with my friend tonight....
evilcoffeechick: Ah.
greenskylite: Does that change things?
evilcoffeechick: And what are you asking me to 'join you' for?
greenskylite: a FFM 3some
evilcoffeechick: I'm with someone.
greenskylite: And...?
evilcoffeechick: What do you mean 'and'?
greenskylite: That would stop you?
evilcoffeechick: Of course it would; I'm with him. Or am I the only one who doesn't cheat on someone anymore? That, and the fact that I don't run off and fuck strange people....
evilcoffeechick: That, and there's nothing on earth that would convince me to fuck something that looks like you.