jason_5377: hi whats up?
evilcoffeechick: Um, not much. Just going through Email.
jason_5377: cool
jason_5377: why arn't u out partying
evilcoffeechick: Because I don't want to.
evilcoffeechick: I see no point to partying.
jason_5377: okay sorry for asking
jason_5377: so what do u do for fun
evilcoffeechick: Typically, whatever I want.
jason_5377: okay
jason_5377: and that would be
jason_5377: ????????
evilcoffeechick: Reading. Playing with the V.indicus I own. Writing. Whatever I damned well please.
jason_5377: okay
jason_5377: you have a lot of built up anger
evilcoffeechick: Not particularly. Although,it's quite cute of you to conjecture that.
jason_5377: why is it cute
evilcoffeechick: Because I tend to get about twenty different people per day attempting to psychoanalyse me, and they're all different, and they're all wrong.
jason_5377: so what are u really like
jason_5377: since i'm wrong
jason_5377: you just act like u are mad
evilcoffeechick: If you say so; think what you want. You'll never know what I'm like, because all you're going to get are whatever words I happen to feel like throwing at you in order to get back to my EMails.
jason_5377: sorry just trying to be nice i'll leave u alone now