joooeeeeblack: 20 m denver
joooeeeeblack: what areyou doing tonight
joooeeeeblack: ?
joooeeeeblack: your crazy i look at your geocites once i got so limp once i saw that shit
joooeeeeblack: scary
joooeeeeblack: nevermind i was just going to try to trick you in to comiing over so i could have sex with you there must be something wrong with me
evilcoffeechick: Yeah; you're desperate enough to look for chicks online, and you're stupid enough to think that you can trick me into having sex with you.
evilcoffeechick: But thanks for blathering at me; I'll enjoy posting it....
joooeeeeblack: cool youll do that just for me
joooeeeeblack: i feel so special
joooeeeeblack: i want some coffee
joooeeeeblack: hmm
joooeeeeblack: coffee
evilcoffeechick: So go get it yourself.
joooeeeeblack: i need to get a coffee girl of my own
joooeeeeblack: where can i get a coffee girl
joooeeeeblack: ]and evil coffee girl even
evilcoffeechick: Try a starbucks. It's not my gig. I'm a coffeechick; I have nothing to do with coffee.
joooeeeeblack: wow that amazes me
evilcoffeechick: Does it hurt....
joooeeeeblack: no
joooeeeeblack: why
evilcoffeechick: Glad to know you enjoy being so stupid.
joooeeeeblack: your not stupid
joooeeeeblack: ]don't tell your self that kind of shit
joooeeeeblack: it will stick with you 4 life
joooeeeeblack: i have to go
joooeeeeblack: bye
joooeeeeblack: bye
joooeeeeblack: bye
evilcoffeechick: You're the best example I've seen so far....
joooeeeeblack: aslkjhdas
joooeeeeblack: i have big trouble understaning you
joooeeeeblack: good bye
evilcoffeechick: Of course you do; you're an idiot.
joooeeeeblack: no comprendie
evilcoffeechick: I'm terribly sorry I can't dumb this down better for you, but we're too busy laughing at you....
joooeeeeblack: me speaky espanyola
evilcoffeechick: No, you don't habla espanol, you fucking tard. Nice try.
joooeeeeblack: sorry
joooeeeeblack: no speeky
evilcoffeechick: Uh huh. Sure.
joooeeeeblack: no comprendie
joooeeeeblack: sody
evilcoffeechick: Comprende, you 'tard.
joooeeeeblack: tard no compredie
joooeeeeblack: sody
evilcoffeechick: Stop trying to mix spanish with a misguided attempt at a Korean sterotype.
evilcoffeechick: It was fun hurting you though. Thanks for botheirng me.
joooeeeeblack: me no no sterotype me typen faster
joooeeeeblack: se
joooeeeeblack: no [problemo kemo
joooeeeeblack: can i see your ass hole now
joooeeeeblack: no comprende
joooeeeeblack: sody
joooeeeeblack: lmaoau
joooeeeeblack: dacgsdsbafh
joooeeeeblack: eheheehh
joooeeeeblack: your dumb=in
joooeeeeblack: your dumbn
evilcoffeechick: You clicked it....
joooeeeeblack: hell yeah your wonderfull thanks
evilcoffeechick: Dumbass....
joooeeeeblack: fuck that what the hell are you talking about
joooeeeeblack: supercalafragilistretard
evilcoffeechick: ...I got you to click it. Hah.
joooeeeeblack: sure
joooeeeeblack: ya did
joooeeeeblack: you got one over on me
joooeeeeblack: didnt you
evilcoffeechick: Hey, you should've been watching what you typed after I posted the link, you idiot....
joooeeeeblack: ha ha
joooeeeeblack: inside joke
joooeeeeblack: i get it
joooeeeeblack: he he
evilcoffeechick: Uh huh. Sure you do.
joooeeeeblack: your funny
joooeeeeblack: not really
evilcoffeechick: You homonymically challenged fucktard....
joooeeeeblack: you can't spell
joooeeeeblack: your problem
joooeeeeblack: not mine
joooeeeeblack: he he haha
joooeeeeblack: ok
joooeeeeblack: what ever
evilcoffeechick: I can't spell? That's funny; I don't seem to have misspelled a damned thing; you, however, don't even know the difference between 'your' and 'you're'.
joooeeeeblack: ok
joooeeeeblack: what ever
joooeeeeblack: you need hooked on phonics but dont worry it is ok
evilcoffeechick: You can just go ahead and sit here and blather to yourself though. I've got stuff to do....
joooeeeeblack: sure
joooeeeeblack: make me a cup tooo.....
evilcoffeechick: Or you can just save me the time and go blather on the board where I'll eventually post this:
joooeeeeblack: what ever
joooeeeeblack: you need internet freaks help prevention classes
evilcoffeechick: Oh wait; that's right; you'd never figure out the posting mechanism. Nevermind. Go back to blathering.
joooeeeeblack: immidiataly
evilcoffeechick: I've got work to do elsewheres. Work that wouldn't involve getting you a 'cup', even if it did involve coffee.
joooeeeeblack: you are a good reverse psycologist
joooeeeeblack: i know big deal
joooeeeeblack: what ever
joooeeeeblack: your actually more intellagent then most of the internet freaks out here
joooeeeeblack: i like you
joooeeeeblack: alot
joooeeeeblack: i am
joooeeeeblack: in
joooeeeeblack: love
joooeeeeblack: oh my god
joooeeeeblack: i can't
joooeeeeblack: belive
joooeeeeblack: it
joooeeeeblack: i fell in love with pam anderson on the net
joooeeeeblack: that was crazey i have to go
joooeeeeblack: dumb+in=dumb n
joooeeeeblack: thats what you are