Originally posted to the gremlin.net messageboard on 19 June 2001 at 13.43.15

k_o187: hi, how are you?
evilcoffeechick: Fine.
k_o187: so whats up?
evilcoffeechick: Nothing.
k_o187: that sucks.
k_o187: got a b/f?
evilcoffeechick: Not particularly; I don't want to do anything right now.
evilcoffeechick: I'm living with someone, so likely 'yes', whatever b/f stands for.
k_o187: so do you like sex?
evilcoffeechick: Yes. But not with anyone other than him.
k_o187: so are you hot?
evilcoffeechick: Dunno.
k_o187: well what do you look like?
evilcoffeechick: 5'5", 100lbs, for all it matters.
k_o187: nice
k_o187: so have you ever had phone sex?
evilcoffeechick: No.
k_o187: would you like to?
evilcoffeechick: No. Not only would that stupid, but it'd be cheating as well.
k_o187: no it wouldn't
k_o187: it would be fun
k_o187: I think that you would like it
evilcoffeechick: Pretend all you want, but leave me out of your silly roleplaying games. Why don't you go find a real chick for yourself instead of trying to talk others that you can't have into cheating.
k_o187: you would like it
evilcoffeechick: Nope, sorry. Phonesex is nothing more than a retarded roleplaying game that really makes me question the intelligence of the participants, much like cybersex.
evilcoffeechick: Phonesex is only for those who cannot get the real thing; I'm perfectly capable of getting the real thing, as I live with the guy I'm with. If I didn't, I could simply show up in public and find someone I liked. Phonsex is generally for the unfuckable. Why not try finding someone as equally unfuckable as yourself. Good day.