Originally posted to the gremlin.net messageboard on 23 July 2001 at 16.48.12

moon_nymphe: hey can i fuck start you dumb head
moon_nymphe: you there coffee flavor chick
moon_nymphe: what the fuck is eveil about fucking coffee
EvilCoffeeChick: Who the fuck are you, and who do you think you're trying to get in touch with?
moon_nymphe: im fucking me
moon_nymphe: who the fuck are you
moon_nymphe: some little kid who thinks coffee is fucking evil. lol
moon_nymphe: hey whore im talking to ya
moon_nymphe: dont fucking ignore me
moon_nymphe: you rat assed little wannabe slut
moon_nymphe: bet your cunt stinks like all fuck
moon_nymphe: i hear you fucking suck rats ass's
moon_nymphe: you dirty little cunt
EvilCoffeeChick: And I bet it hurts you to not have someone retalliate when you spam them with second-grade insults. Sorry; work is more important than paying attention to someone who desperately needs it. Perhaps you might get more attention if you posted your insults at gremlin.net
moon_nymphe: im gonna report you to animal cruelty
moon_nymphe: what the fuck is gremlin net you fucking loser
moon_nymphe: there is nothing second grade about my insults.... you fuck with my boyfirend the other night you slut
moon_nymphe: dirty litle whorebag
moon_nymphe: you can ignore im going to foloow you all over the net and shout it all out for people to know your a rat ass licking whore
moon_nymphe: strating in the clubs your in
moon_nymphe: seeing as you wont have it out with me here... let the fun begin
moon_nymphe: your choice slut

Originally posted to the gremlin.net messageboard on 23 July 2001 at 17.15.05

moon_nymphe:: ohh yeah i know... you fucking with my man
EvilCoffeeChick: Your profile says your single, but I'll humour you. Who in hell is 'your man'?
moon_nymphe:: im single i never said i was married
EvilCoffeeChick: Single = not married/ not with anyone. Single=no man. Next?
moon_nymphe:: you know who he is i was with him when you were slutting your stuff
EvilCoffeeChick: In that case, you have the wrong person, because I don't 'slut my stuff'. Particularly with someone who'd be with something like you.
moon_nymphe:: single might mean no man in your demented head but not in mine
moon_nymphe:: lmfao..you have no fucken idea who i might be
EvilCoffeeChick: I suggest you inform me as to who in hell you think I am, and who in hell you think I was 'slutting my stuff' with immediately.
moon_nymphe:: and yes you were slutting
moon_nymphe:: fuck off i dont do what im told
EvilCoffeeChick: Full information; refresh my memory. Names, dates, locations. Come on. Try real hard, or are you just making shit up, kid?
moon_nymphe:: i have your name down in the archives so i have the right person
EvilCoffeeChick: What 'archives'?
moon_nymphe:: messengers archives loser
EvilCoffeeChick: Ah. How utterly clever of you. Now, what screenname was I talking to. Do your archives match my archives? Come on; try real hard.
moon_nymphe:: im not giving you his name so you can try fucking with him again... but to jog your memory his 1st name is peter
moon_nymphe:: you lick rats ass's
moon_nymphe:: ????
EvilCoffeeChick: Nope. Don't know anyone by that name. Come on; try harder.
moon_nymphe:: you are working for and fucking some guy
EvilCoffeeChick: I'm not working for anyone.
moon_nymphe:: gremlin
moon_nymphe:: hes your fuck buddy
EvilCoffeeChick: I'm not working for him; I live with him; there's a difference between 'working for' and 'living with'.
EvilCoffeeChick: There's a difference between 'working for' and 'in a committed relationship with'.
moon_nymphe:: funny how i know your fucking him tho eh
EvilCoffeeChick: Not particularly; it's no secret.
moon_nymphe:: ohhhh i just imagined it
EvilCoffeeChick: Hell, I mentioned his website; it's quite easy to find out just by going there.
moon_nymphe:: i imagined your name as well
moon_nymphe:: i havent been there
EvilCoffeeChick: Good for you, and since you don't intend to go there, you won't mind me posting this there. Or would you like to try to defame me there yourself, since they're all my friends?
moon_nymphe:: you told pete, i was sitting with him, that you like tosuck rats ass's
EvilCoffeeChick: I'm sure you could prove that, then, couldn't you? Because I've never spoken to anyone named 'pete', to the best of my knowledge.
moon_nymphe:: hell yeah i will go and mouth off. i might evcen post the conversation too the one you had with pete
EvilCoffeeChick: Go for it.
moon_nymphe:: sure your gremlin would like that
EvilCoffeeChick: It's good for you to have something to fill your time, since you obviously have no life. I'm sure he will like it. I hope you intend to include time and IP stamps.
moon_nymphe:: ip.fuck off
moon_nymphe:: time yeah
EvilCoffeeChick: Try your damndest to ruin my life; come on. Try real hard. Give your life a purpose.
moon_nymphe:: i dont want to ruin your life you wouldnt answer me
moon_nymphe:: i just dont want you fucking with pete
EvilCoffeeChick: Awww..poor wittle baby doesn't like people not paying attention to her....
moon_nymphe:: not losers like you no i dont.
EvilCoffeeChick: I've never spoken to anyone named 'pete'. I don't fuck with people. I don't have the fucking time to 'fuck with' people, so grow the bloody fuck up.
moon_nymphe:: rat sucking whores
moon_nymphe:: ooooooooooo
moon_nymphe:: so frigtening
EvilCoffeeChick: Fucking go for it; fucking post the conversation. Timestamps, dates, everything, and prove that it's fucking true. Come on, little one. Make yourself famous; ruin my life.
moon_nymphe:: dont tempt me with the luttle one shit you cunt
EvilCoffeeChick: You haven't got shit.
moon_nymphe:: rats ass's taste like applesauce you said
EvilCoffeeChick: So come on, post your little lies. Come on, kiddo. Try it.
moon_nymphe:: lol....
moon_nymphe:: you know they are not lies
EvilCoffeeChick: Actually, I know for a fact they are lies.
moon_nymphe:: your fucking trying to pull a bluff.
moon_nymphe:: no they are not...
EvilCoffeeChick: So call my bluff. Fucking do it, you cowardly little liar. Come on. Or am I right; are you just another incarnation of 'Jillian'.
moon_nymphe:: anyway dont fuck about with pete... of who
EvilCoffeeChick: Prove that I ever fucked with anyone named pete.
moon_nymphe:: ooo cowardly and liar those big fighting words for a matress back whore
moon_nymphe:: go lick your rats ass's its why you smell and sound like shit
EvilCoffeeChick: Give me his fucking screenname. Or post the fucking conversation, I don't fucking care which, but just fucking do it and shut up. I'm not going to fucking put up with pathetic little children like you interrupting me.
moon_nymphe:: you messaged me back
moon_nymphe:: and you can acll me what you like it dosnt fucking phase me..
EvilCoffeeChick: You're so fucking boring; you're going to sit here and make empty threats. Go find your fucking attention elsewheres, or prove that I fucking did anything. And you better make your fake evidence fuckin' good.
moon_nymphe:: ohh i will
EvilCoffeeChick: Of course it doesn't fucking phase you; you'd have to have an intellect to be phased.
moon_nymphe:: coz its not fake
moon_nymphe:: lmfao
moon_nymphe:: an insult
moon_nymphe:: wooo
EvilCoffeeChick: Prove it's not. Fucking prove it. Come on, little one. Fucking attentioncraving little child.
moon_nymphe:: just dohnt fuck with me or you will be sorry
moon_nymphe:: rather be called a child than a fucking stinking cunt whore
EvilCoffeeChick: You're the one in over your head this time. Post your fake evidence. Go for it. Better people than you have tried.
EvilCoffeeChick: And is your best attempt at an insult 'fucking stinking cunt whore'? You really are second grade....
moon_nymphe:: your ignored im not listening to your bullshit lies.... i have wasted enough time warning you to not fuck about... go wash your stinking rat mouth and fuck off... if im second grade... that makes you fucking low...
moon_nymphe:: bye
EvilCoffeeChick: I hate being right all the time. Coward.