naughtydick2002: hey sexy!!!
evilcoffeechick: Um...hello.
naughtydick2002: a/s/l please?
evilcoffeechick: Didn't you read my profile already/
naughtydick2002: what do u do for fun
naughtydick2002: just reading it now
evilcoffeechick: Generally, I read. Learn stuff.
evilcoffeechick: I also watch films and hang out with people I know.
naughtydick2002: do u have a boy friend?
evilcoffeechick: Yes. As it so clearly states on my profile.
naughtydick2002: okay!
naughtydick2002: so do u want to have some fun with me!;)
evilcoffeechick: 'Fun'?
evilcoffeechick: Do explain; take your time....
naughtydick2002: i mean cyber fun.sharing fantasies,
naughtydick2002: tell me ur fantasies?
evilcoffeechick: 'Cyber fun'? 'Sharing fantasies'? I don't have any fantasies, and I hardly consider anything 'cyber' fun....
naughtydick2002: what are ur measurements?
evilcoffeechick: Which ones?
naughtydick2002: all baby.specially ur tits and ass
naughtydick2002: taking time..thinking:)
evilcoffeechick: No. Working on something I was working on before you started talking to me. And the only measurements I currently remember are 34", ,24", 32".
naughtydick2002: nice tits!.
naughtydick2002: can i get some pics of u
evilcoffeechick: You've got all the pictures you're getting currently, having looked at my profile. If you're especially bright, you'll have noticed by now that I've got two profiles linked.
naughtydick2002: i am sorry dear.i haven't gone thru completely at ur profile.
naughtydick2002: i will check it now
naughtydick2002: this is another profile right
naughtydick2002: i can see only one pic of u.that too u seems to be hiding something:)
evilcoffeechick: There are two pictures of me.
naughtydick2002: yep.i have seen the in black dress
evilcoffeechick: One at evilcoffeechick, the other at hunter_the_crazychick; and I never upload a picture which renders me recognisable. I have stalkers.
naughtydick2002: i understand
naughtydick2002: what do u do for living.
evilcoffeechick: I run the streetteam for Wasted, inc., currently.
naughtydick2002: do u live with ur parents or with ur boy friend
naughtydick2002: do u like ur job!
evilcoffeechick: My parents live in pennsylvania, if that gives you any clue.
evilcoffeechick: Yes. Very much so.
naughtydick2002: that's good!
naughtydick2002: u moved to denver because of job
naughtydick2002: what does ur screen name indicates
evilcoffeechick: My screenname indicates nothing. And we moved to denver because that's where he lives.
naughtydick2002: are u married to him! or u planning to get married
evilcoffeechick: No. I don't consider marriage to be important.
naughtydick2002: typical american girl;)
evilcoffeechick: Not really; most of them are looking to settle down and get married. I'm the odd one out.
naughtydick2002: where are u right office or home
evilcoffeechick: Home is the office.
naughtydick2002: oh.that's cool..
naughtydick2002: what abt ur bf?.he too works with u
evilcoffeechick: He's the CEO of the company.
naughtydick2002: wow!
naughtydick2002: how big is the company
evilcoffeechick: The lead singer of slipknot is our VP, and has part say in the company. The two of them have been friends since '89, and have been planning on doing stuff togethere for a while, buthave only recently been able to, if that tells you anything.
naughtydick2002: little bit
naughtydick2002: i am only asking u questions,but u haven't asked any questions to me
evilcoffeechick: I haven't got any questions.
naughtydick2002: okay!
naughtydick2002: are u a virgin.if not how old are u when u lost ur virginity and with whom
evilcoffeechick: No, and none of your business.
naughtydick2002: okay!
naughtydick2002: u don't like talking about sex,fantasies,erotica with strangers
naughtydick2002: if u like then we can talk abt these otherwise we can talk some other things
naughtydick2002: which is ur favourite sport,who is ur fav actor and actress
naughtydick2002: what happened dear!
naughtydick2002: hey tell me what happened.are u not liking talking to me???
evilcoffeechick: I don't talk sexfantasies/erotica, period. I also don't play sports or have 'favourite' actors.
naughtydick2002: then tell me what i should ask u
evilcoffeechick: I don't know.
naughtydick2002: why don't u ask me then..
evilcoffeechick: I have nothing too ask.
naughtydick2002: i like everything..i mean sex,fantasies,sports,movies,chatting,computers,making friends
naughtydick2002: if i ask anything u are saying its none of ur business
evilcoffeechick: I don't talk about my personal life, I don't cyber, and I don't generally chat at all when I'm busy.
naughtydick2002: i am not pulling u from ur boyfriend...i just wanna interested in friendship
naughtydick2002: so are u busy now?
evilcoffeechick: Yeah. And I realise you're not pulling me from the guy I'mwith, ,because you haven't got a chance in hell of doing so.
naughtydick2002: if u are busy we can talk some other it okay for u?
evilcoffeechick: Sure....
naughtydick2002: thanks!.
naughtydick2002: when u will be free to talk to me
evilcoffeechick: I don't know.
naughtydick2002: okay.thanks for talking.
naughtydick2002: meet u after some time.i am going out for lunch
naughtydick2002: sorry if i troubled u by asking ur personal questions