rhepungus: hi
rhepungus: that u?
evilcoffeechick: Hello.
evilcoffeechick: Huh?
rhepungus: is that really you in the pic?
evilcoffeechick: Yeah.
rhepungus: you look super hot..
evilcoffeechick: Heh, thanks.
rhepungus: do you have anymore?
evilcoffeechick: Not particularly.
rhepungus: so do you put out?
evilcoffeechick: I've been living with a guy for over a year; I have no intention of going off and sleeping with someone else. Is that a good enough answer?
rhepungus: not really......
rhepungus: so...will you put out?
evilcoffeechick: No.
rhepungus: ummm.....do you have any slutty friends?
evilcoffeechick: No.
rhepungus: fucken HO!
evilcoffeechick: Unless you're into guys. In which case, I can probably hook you up with one of my gay friends.
rhepungus: you are a STUPID girl you know that..your discusting.
evilcoffeechick: How clever. How original. "She won't sleepwith me? She must be a ho!" Expand your repetoir of insults.
evilcoffeechick: Funny; if I were stupid, I would be typing like you. I'd probably also be looking for people online. I think you're likely just projecting your own shortcomings [your unattractiveness; your short dick; whatever diseases you may have] onto me at this point, because you lost yet again.