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  • Baldur's Gate
  • Anti-Marilyn Manson

evilcoffeechick (11:48:13pm) : Um, not particularly.
sangraal_glatisant (11:48:41pm) : No favorite authors?
sangraal_glatisant (11:48:52pm) : Surely you're not anti-logoid!
evilcoffeechick (11:50:52pm) : Um, no, but I don't really bother with having 'favourites' in a medium where one person can't really be compared to another unless you set them down and ask them to write the same story.
sangraal_glatisant (11:52:20pm) : That's an interesting approach to comparison. Yes, that can be true. Er. But... um. If I disagree, will you set me on ignore?
evilcoffeechick (11:59:10pm) : I really don't care either way what you think about it. I'm entitled to my opinions as much as you are, but if you try to tell me that I'm /wrong/ because you say so, I'll probably ignore you.
sangraal_glatisant (12:00:19am) : Hrm. Well, my approach to the matter is that certain authors may be more useful for ones own development or current enjoyment of life; now while the living are all of valid use, the dead are not. Of dead authors, we may compare and categorize without fear of harming the living.
evilcoffeechick (12:01:16am) : I don't bother; either I like reading them, or I don't. And it's often a case of my liking one book by them, but not another.
sangraal_glatisant (12:01:55am) : So the functive question would have been what books do you presently adulate.
evilcoffeechick (12:02:30am) : Actually, what you might want to ask is 'what books are you presently reading'.
sangraal_glatisant (12:03:08am) : Someone might read a book despite the lack of value it holds for them, and indeed that book may not retain value for them long.
sangraal_glatisant (12:03:44am) : It is like asking a traveller, in order to understand her, "Where were you last," instead of, "where have you spent the most time?"
evilcoffeechick (12:04:09am) : And if you were talking to a person who regularly had her 'life' changed by something she read, that might matter. Asking me which books I'm currently reading gets you a much shorter list.
sangraal_glatisant (12:05:55am) : I am not sure your life (why the quotations around that word) would have changed from reading a book. Outlook can undergo subtle shifts, decided expressions and style of vocacursion can also alloy with literary adoptions. None of which might be noticed, or even long kept, but still...
sangraal_glatisant (12:06:12am) : ... I should ask about your favorite films instead.
evilcoffeechick (12:07:17am) : Probably not. I also have no favourite films, and I rarely run out and watch any, unless they're on a topic that I know the filmmakers might get wrong.
evilcoffeechick (12:08:53am) : I've learned a few words from books that I didn't already know, particularly when those books happen to be something along the lines of Gray's Anatomy, or some documentation on the skeletal structure of some various member of archosauria, but such terms rarely have application in everyday conversation.
sangraal_glatisant (12:09:59am) : Rarely! I am not speaking of complex words, but rather stylistic choice.
evilcoffeechick (12:10:46am) : Not particularly. I'll occasionally quote, but I rarely feel the need to emulate a book through speaking.
sangraal_glatisant (12:12:20am) : Emulation is not necessarily what I am referring to, but rather taking a look at different modes of articulation, gauging their effective power in relation to you, and sizing up whether or not these methods and modes would work decently in written communication -- or in the speaking, which seems to be the focus of your attention.
sangraal_glatisant (12:13:21am) : I sense I might be irritating you. My apologies.
evilcoffeechick (12:13:58am) : You're discussing a pointless topic. Whether or not someone's been affected by a book they read is usually completely subconscious.
sangraal_glatisant (12:14:20am) : Then literary criticism is absolutely useless.
evilcoffeechick (12:14:26am) : And it's not particularly something I enjoy bothering with when I first get up in the morning.
sangraal_glatisant (12:14:48am) : And Harold Bloom is absolutely wrong, despite the Yale preferment of him to Sterling Professor of the Arts.
sangraal_glatisant (12:14:58am) : Ack. *in*to, not to.
sangraal_glatisant (12:15:09am) : *querrilous look at his own grammar*
evilcoffeechick (12:15:12am) : Of course it is. Making a profession out of having an opinion, and saying that 'this is what the author was trying to say' is really quite silly.
sangraal_glatisant (12:15:31am) : Do you see any similarity between the writing of Lovecraft and that of Poe?
evilcoffeechick (12:15:46am) : Have an opinion. Go ahead. But don't try to think that you know what the author was trying to say unless you've asked the author him/herself.
evilcoffeechick (12:16:46am) : They're both in the horror section. Otherwise, I never really cared much. I don't read and try to compare at once; it takes away from the story, really. You can analyse a frog, but it tends to die in the process....
sangraal_glatisant (12:17:04am) : All the better to use its skin for paper.
evilcoffeechick (12:17:51am) : Not really.
sangraal_glatisant (12:18:07am) : Dumas would no doubt be flattered to find himself in print on such amphibeous vellum, and I suspect it might even improve the quality of his work, albeit not from a literary standpoint.
evilcoffeechick (12:18:50am) : But, considering that writing on frogskin wouldn't work, we can move on from that little fantasy.
sangraal_glatisant (12:19:24am) : To say we should not analyze writing is similar to say that we should not analyze the world. Hence, physicists are also of eider substance.
sangraal_glatisant (12:19:43am) : Hm. If you cure the frogskin first, sew it with other frogskins, it might work.
sangraal_glatisant (12:19:56am) : Especially if it's reinforced frogskin.
evilcoffeechick (12:20:00am) : No, it wouldn't. You're forgetting the function of frogskin....
sangraal_glatisant (12:20:15am) : Perhaps the frogskin might be chemically treated?
evilcoffeechick (12:20:33am) : They breathe, and absorb water through it. It's structurally different from the sorts of skin we can make leather out of.
evilcoffeechick (12:20:49am) : Even when treated, it's too fragile and too absorbant to write upon.
sangraal_glatisant (12:21:32am) : How about gluing tiny, plastic, glow in the dark letters to frogskin.
evilcoffeechick (12:22:26am) : Aside from the utter silliness of anyone wanting to do that, you'd have to be careful what sort of glue you use. So far as I know, even the mildest pastes still affect it greatly.
sangraal_glatisant (12:23:16am) : I am afraid I am starting to develop an unrequited fondness for you.
evilcoffeechick (12:23:35am) : Um, okay....
sangraal_glatisant (12:23:47am) : Perhaps this pondness might be put into poetry. I could go find a frog right now.
evilcoffeechick (12:24:06am) : If you've really got that sort of time to waste....
sangraal_glatisant (12:24:07am) : Care for Gothic music at all?
evilcoffeechick (12:24:31am) : Define gothic music; give examples. I never bothered to remember which went into what category.
sangraal_glatisant (12:24:51am) : (Ahem, the construction of a poem out of frogskin and tiny plastic glow in the dark letters seems somehow less futile than chatting over the internet for noncommercial or artistic purposes.)
sangraal_glatisant (12:25:16am) : Literally, Gothic music began with Bauhaus, Cure, and Siouxsie and the Banshees.
sangraal_glatisant (12:25:23am) : Sisters of Mercy was a later development.
evilcoffeechick (12:25:46am) : I suspect you'd think differently about that if you knew what one of my 'jobs' was.....
sangraal_glatisant (12:26:17am) : To define it as *being* something would be to say that it's not a word or concept in many individuals' minds, but rather a being unto itself, which has somehow been trying to communicate an idea it wishes to hold to and be understood as.
sangraal_glatisant (12:26:44am) : Er, do you glue plastic glow in the dark letters to frog skins for a living?
evilcoffeechick (12:26:58am) : No.
sangraal_glatisant (12:27:07am) : Don't say you're a stripper.
sangraal_glatisant (12:27:10am) : Even if you are.
evilcoffeechick (12:27:21am) : No. Not particularly. I don't hate myself that much.
sangraal_glatisant (12:27:23am) : I have had friends as strippers, but I know that you'd just be tugging my strings, if you did.
sangraal_glatisant (12:27:56am) : Thankyou. I am glad you're not immeshed in the so-called sex industry. I find that everyone who involves themselves thus becomes ... stone eyed.
evilcoffeechick (12:28:30am) : It's generally the drugs that do that. I've known quite a few of them. One was dating the idiot who killed my ball python.
sangraal_glatisant (12:28:56am) : Er. I think we've talked.
evilcoffeechick (12:29:02am) : She was generally known as 'The Vacant Stare'.
sangraal_glatisant (12:29:12am) : Do you know a fellow named September?
evilcoffeechick (12:29:20am) : I...don't think so.
sangraal_glatisant (12:29:32am) : Ah.
evilcoffeechick (12:29:36am) : Why?
sangraal_glatisant (12:29:44am) : Well, that's my name.
sangraal_glatisant (12:30:03am) : I'll send a photo. If you recognize me, you'll know to put me on Ignore, or to shriek gleefully and embrace me.
evilcoffeechick (12:30:16am) : Heh. Okay.
sangraal_glatisant (12:31:29am) : What do you do for a living?
sangraal_glatisant (12:31:41am) : Besides fend off imbecilic pervs on the net?
evilcoffeechick (12:32:18am) : A few things. Most of my 'job' can be summed up by the fact that I'm the coffeechick for Wasted, Inc.
sangraal_glatisant (12:32:54am) : (???)
evilcoffeechick (12:34:01am) : Which basically means I do research, I 'mingle' with the demographic online, I type things, I get my 'employer' -- Gremlin -- coffee, or whatever, and whatever else I get asked to do. I actually enjoy it, because it also means I'm living with Gremlin, and having a hell of a time not doing much and getting whatever I want.
evilcoffeechick (12:34:26am) : And I don't particularly recognise you,but the street looks a little familiar; where is that?
sangraal_glatisant (12:34:35am) : Tell Gremlin that people need carbonated coffee.
evilcoffeechick (12:36:31am) : Yeah; that's a thought.
sangraal_glatisant (12:37:02am) : Carbonated coffee and ... hm. Have you considered sour-candy flavored coffee?
evilcoffeechick (12:37:43am) : I've made something of a hobby out of being a design model -- it means free clothes that fit me. And the instant I'm able to, I intend to start volunteering at one of the reptile-rescue societies. In all, I think I'm better off now than I was being a virologist in the military.
evilcoffeechick (12:37:47am) : And no, I haven't.
sangraal_glatisant (12:38:10am) : Have any more pix? I can hardly see you in your profile... or am I becoming an imbecile?
sangraal_glatisant (12:38:38am) : Wait a sec. I had a conversation with a girl on the bus about military virology.
evilcoffeechick (12:38:46am) : There's one in the temporary flashfile opening of my website, but if you've got epilepsy, it's a bad idea.
evilcoffeechick (12:38:49am) : Oh?
evilcoffeechick (12:39:12am) : I can assure you it wasn't me; I don't ride the bus. Especially not here in Denver.
sangraal_glatisant (12:39:57am) : Yes, I suggested that we develop fast strains that eat certain mineral composites as well as organics, and they'd run themselves out so quickly, they might remain traceless.
evilcoffeechick (12:41:04am) : The, uh, point to viri is that they can't exist outside of a living cell. You wouldn't be able to develop one that eats mineral deposits. They require animal cells.
evilcoffeechick (12:41:10am) : Or plantcells, occasionally.
sangraal_glatisant (12:41:14am) : Hrm.
sangraal_glatisant (12:41:17am) : Bacillae?
sangraal_glatisant (12:41:23am) : Er, a, not ae?
evilcoffeechick (12:41:48am) : Bacilla are a particular /shape/ of bacteria. Bacteria might be able to do it, but they're harder to engineer.
sangraal_glatisant (12:43:11am) : Well, I do know that certain oceanic worms eat volcanic ash, and are able to digest it...
evilcoffeechick (12:43:47am) : Yeah, but there's not much else around the vents. You're talking about tubeworms, aren't you?
sangraal_glatisant (12:43:52am) : Yes.
evilcoffeechick (12:45:01am) : Yeah. They don't eat ash so much as are capable of handling it if they take it in, and along the vents, it's impossible not to.
sangraal_glatisant (12:45:23am) : Oh. I was excited when I heard about them.
sangraal_glatisant (12:45:34am) : I wanted a germ developed that would eat the world. :)
evilcoffeechick (12:46:38am) : It'd be an interesting concept, but it'd be impossible to do, because certain elements it'd need to survive would counter certain other things it'd need to survive....
sangraal_glatisant (12:46:57am) : Pity.
sangraal_glatisant (12:46:58am) : I cannot find the picture you mentioned.
evilcoffeechick (12:47:08am) :; I never gave you the URL.
sangraal_glatisant (12:47:08am) : Do you like to write?
sangraal_glatisant (12:47:23am) : Ah. I was going by the two links on your profile.
evilcoffeechick (12:47:36am) : Heh. I haven't written since shortly after I left the military.
sangraal_glatisant (12:48:20am) : You. You are severely cute.
sangraal_glatisant (12:48:43am) : Really. I suspect you'd never go out with a fellow such as I.
sangraal_glatisant (12:48:46am) : Er.
sangraal_glatisant (12:48:50am) : I didn't even breathe that idea.
sangraal_glatisant (12:48:56am) : Please ignore that I just said that
evilcoffeechick (12:49:08am) : I won't go out with anyone right now; I'm already with someone. I've been living with him for a year now.
sangraal_glatisant (12:49:13am) : Oh!
sangraal_glatisant (12:49:14am) : Yow!
sangraal_glatisant (12:49:16am) : Nifty.
sangraal_glatisant (12:49:24am) : Envy.
sangraal_glatisant (12:49:24am) : *giggle*
evilcoffeechick (12:49:28am) : Heh.
sangraal_glatisant (12:49:33am) : Anyway, I suppose I've made a fool out of myself.
evilcoffeechick (12:49:42am) : Not particularly.
sangraal_glatisant (12:51:09am) : I think I'm in love with the shape of your nose, and as to your intellect, I'll just keep my mouth closed. The holy must remain ineffable, at times.
evilcoffeechick (12:51:18am) : Heh.
sangraal_glatisant (12:52:45am) : Want to be friends?
sangraal_glatisant (12:53:11am) : I say that with my hands behind my back, trailing my foot in the playground sand.
evilcoffeechick (12:53:41am) : Heh. Alright.
sangraal_glatisant (12:54:20am) : If ever you decide to have a fondness for creating imaginary worlds, invisible sand castles, and cities of tissuey glass, tell me, and I'll invite you to the club Glatisant.
evilcoffeechick (12:54:58am) : Okay.
sangraal_glatisant (12:55:04am) : I cannot look at your picture. I feel like crying.
evilcoffeechick (12:55:11am) : Why?
sangraal_glatisant (12:55:13am) : God, I'm such a pushover.
sangraal_glatisant (12:55:27am) : Because, you're so damnably *pretty*, in my current personal aesthetic.
evilcoffeechick (12:55:56am) : Ah. Um, sorry?
sangraal_glatisant (12:56:00am) : It's not the sheen of your skin, nor the varicolored kink of your hair, but it's your facial expression.
evilcoffeechick (12:56:36am) : What you can see of it behind the stuffed aligator. And my hair is naturally this colour; it sucks.
sangraal_glatisant (12:56:37am) : And the angles of your body, and the nose slightly visible over the stuffed oyster toy (is that an oyster or a heart?) and I imagine... oh fudge.
sangraal_glatisant (12:57:25am) : Your hair sucks volcanic ash?
evilcoffeechick (12:57:45am) : Heh, no.
sangraal_glatisant (12:57:46am) : Did the kids use to throw stones at you and call you suboceanic rift girl?
evilcoffeechick (12:58:17am) : I just generally dislike the unmanageability of my hair, and the fact that it looks like I went out and had it dyed more than one colour.
sangraal_glatisant (12:58:19am) : Oh, wait. Did you know anyone named Lloyd?
evilcoffeechick (12:58:29am) : Lloyd? I might've....
sangraal_glatisant (12:58:35am) : That's my licit name.
sangraal_glatisant (12:58:41am) : Lloyd Warren Ravlin III.
evilcoffeechick (12:59:04am) : I don't recognise that name.
sangraal_glatisant (1:00:01am) : Ah.
sangraal_glatisant (1:00:01am) : Ah well.
evilcoffeechick (1:00:33am) : Sorry.
sangraal_glatisant (1:02:31am) : It's okay.
sangraal_glatisant (1:02:44am) : Would you like to take a look at my mailing list?
evilcoffeechick (1:02:48am) : Okay.
sangraal_glatisant (1:05:53am) : Okay, feel free to check out Messages and Files, Bookmarks and Polls. I set your membership to No Email, so you won't be bothered.
evilcoffeechick (1:06:23am) : Okay.
evilcoffeechick (1:06:46am) : How do I get there to check things out?
sangraal_glatisant (1:07:03am) :
evilcoffeechick (1:13:08am) : It's very purple. =)
sangraal_glatisant (1:13:38am) : Yah. Vurple.
evilcoffeechick (1:14:04am) : Heh.
sangraal_glatisant (1:14:39am) : The interesting messages are as follows:
sangraal_glatisant (1:14:55am) : Mergarb Eiyot: an example world
sangraal_glatisant (1:15:08am) : Lyrica's Cradem
evilcoffeechick (1:15:16am) : I'm having a hard time actually getting to see anything other than the main page.
sangraal_glatisant (1:16:14am) : Hrm.
sangraal_glatisant (1:17:22am) : Still having troubles?
sangraal_glatisant (1:17:29am) : Is it net trouble or is the site blocking you?
evilcoffeechick (1:17:48am) : THe site is blocking me
sangraal_glatisant (1:18:17am) : What does it say?
evilcoffeechick (1:19:10am) : I'm sitting here looking at it, and it's saying 'you are not recognised as a member of this group'
sangraal_glatisant (1:19:54am) : Shite, really?
sangraal_glatisant (1:20:05am) : Are you logged in on Yahoo web?
evilcoffeechick (1:20:08am) : Yeah.
sangraal_glatisant (1:20:36am) : Everything is checking out on this end, you should be clear to go in.
evilcoffeechick (1:20:49am) : Give me a minute....
evilcoffeechick (1:22:15am) : Nope. How did you go about like, adding me?
sangraal_glatisant (1:22:38am) : I added you via the Invite function. Why don't I toss you off the list and then invite you again.
evilcoffeechick (1:23:15am) : Alright; what Email address are you using?
sangraal_glatisant (1:23:26am) : evilcoffeechick
evilcoffeechick (1:23:41am) : Can you invite;
evilcoffeechick will work, but it's a address.
sangraal_glatisant (1:23:50am) : OH!
sangraal_glatisant (1:23:56am) : I didn't add the
evilcoffeechick (1:24:01am) : Ah.
evilcoffeechick (1:24:15am) : Yeah; I slipped onto the server, just to be different.
sangraal_glatisant (1:26:17am) : *sigh*
sangraal_glatisant (1:26:26am) : Triceratopsbean.
sangraal_glatisant (1:27:25am) : Hey.
evilcoffeechick (1:27:39am) : Hmm?
sangraal_glatisant (1:27:42am) : Let's exchange poetry?
sangraal_glatisant (1:30:05am) : I just sent you a poem, a nonesuch.
evilcoffeechick (1:36:04am) : Hold on.
evilcoffeechick (1:37:22am) : I haven't actually got anything to send you as far as writing goes, right now.
sangraal_glatisant (1:37:32am) : It's okay.
sangraal_glatisant (1:37:40am) : I'm just trying not to flirt or anything stupid.
evilcoffeechick (1:37:54am) : Okay. I have to go for a bit, though.
evilcoffeechick (1:38:05am) : I'll talk to you later.
sangraal_glatisant (1:38:16am) : Okay. Wait. Did you see the Message board?
evilcoffeechick (1:38:36am) : I've got a link to it in my EMail now. I can get to it.
sangraal_glatisant (1:39:48am) : Good! Sweet dreams, stranger who is a thousand times smarter than I!
sangraal_glatisant (1:48:25am) : Coffee was a character in the novelization of the film Abyss.
evilcoffeechick (2:03:29am) : Oh?
sangraal_glatisant (2:03:47am) : Yes, a Navy SEAL. Odd.
sangraal_glatisant (2:03:54am) : I thought you fell asleep.
evilcoffeechick (2:04:10am) : No. I went over to be with Gremlin for a bit, and to eat.
sangraal_glatisant (2:04:20am) : Oh.
sangraal_glatisant (2:05:17am) : I'm famished.
evilcoffeechick (2:06:10am) : I don't really have to eat much.
sangraal_glatisant (2:06:46am) : Nor sleep much, I suspect.
evilcoffeechick (2:06:57am) : That varies.
sangraal_glatisant (2:07:18am) : *sigh* Some wonderful lady is trying to provide me with erotica. Distracting, but decent.
evilcoffeechick (2:07:43am) : You got a pornspam bot?
sangraal_glatisant (2:07:51am) : No, she's a friend.
evilcoffeechick (2:08:00am) : Oh. Sorry.
sangraal_glatisant (2:08:39am) : It's alright. She has the sort of voice that is impossible to talk to over the phone and remain anything but a drooling servant.
evilcoffeechick (2:09:26am) : Yeah. Hold on; I just ran into a three day old open half-empty can of soda, and accidentally drank some. Disgusting.
sangraal_glatisant (2:09:51am) : Um. If ever you meet a food with grayish dust covering it, don't eat it: the eggs hatch inside.
evilcoffeechick (2:10:22am) : I generally don't eat dusty, furry, or otherwise 'mouldy' food.
sangraal_glatisant (2:11:55am) : Good for you!
sangraal_glatisant (2:13:14am) : I hope you're looking at Glatisant, that way I can hold my head up high when the other hobbits ask me what I did on the net this evening.
sangraal_glatisant (2:13:36am) : Why, I chatted with an elf lass, and she did look at my measled website and thought it just splendid, she did.
evilcoffeechick (2:14:18am) : It's fairly good for a yahoo group; you can't really do much along the lines of 'professional' webdesign on those things.
sangraal_glatisant (2:14:31am) : Why, Sangraal, they would say, you mean you didn't auto-eroticise to that sweet girl who drives you mad with her voice?
sangraal_glatisant (2:15:37am) : No, not a bit of it, I would lie, I spent all eve chattering with a real elf maiden, who might even take me foraging through Lothlorien where the lady of light abideth still, and I will ask her help with web design and thwart the incursion of yrch soldiery.
sangraal_glatisant (2:17:00am) : I take it you're not familiar with The Lord of the Rings, nor fond of it.
evilcoffeechick (2:17:19am) : I haven't read it.
evilcoffeechick (2:17:29am) : I've never been much into fantasy, for some reason.
sangraal_glatisant (2:17:40am) : It's far greater a chronicle than the little fellow's book The Hobbit.
evilcoffeechick (2:18:44am) : I haven't read that, either.
sangraal_glatisant (2:19:15am) : If ever you have a fondness for Nordo-Anglic myth, try sifting through the novels.
evilcoffeechick (2:20:06am) : At this point in time, I'm still far more interested in reading about murders throughout history, particularly serial killers. Now that I've studied a bit of psychology, it's even more interesting.
sangraal_glatisant (2:20:46am) : Have you read Melanie Klein?
evilcoffeechick (2:20:54am) : No.
sangraal_glatisant (2:20:56am) : I myself prefer Alice Miller.
sangraal_glatisant (2:21:10am) : Freud is wonderful if you understand him as a Jewish mystic.
sangraal_glatisant (2:21:52am) : Wilhelm Reich is positively fascinating.
sangraal_glatisant (2:21:58am) : He's crazy, but he's interesting.
evilcoffeechick (2:24:07am) : I suppose. I haven't branched that far out into various writings by psychologists; I'm simply reading the more technical books to understand the basics. It somehow makes reading about serial killers more fun.
sangraal_glatisant (2:30:08am) : brb
evilcoffeechick (2:31:24am) : I need to restart.
sangraal_glatisant (3:19:11am) : Did you restart?
evilcoffeechick (3:19:23am) : Yeah.
sangraal_glatisant (3:19:39am) : You're up late, maybe you should rest.
evilcoffeechick (3:19:47am) : I'm a night person.
sangraal_glatisant (3:21:42am) : What books are you reading presently?
evilcoffeechick (3:24:21am) : Presently, I'm switching back and forth between the owner's manual to my new cellphone, and a book called "The History of Murder"
sangraal_glatisant (3:27:08am) : There's a book by Michel Foucault that you might enjoy.
evilcoffeechick (3:27:52am) : Oh?
sangraal_glatisant (3:28:16am) : Indeed. I'm searching for it now.
sangraal_glatisant (3:30:06am) : I, Pierre Riviere, Having Slaughtered My Mother, My Sister, and My Brother ... : A Case of Parricide in the Nineteenth Century
evilcoffeechick (3:30:35am) : Cool.
sangraal_glatisant (3:33:59am) : I'm writing a brief Amazon review.
sangraal_glatisant (3:34:10am) : "Okay, the reason why Foucault did not interpet the reasoning behind the crime was because the issue of guilt or innocence was not his topic. He was more interested in how people treat crimes and approach the issue of criminality..."
evilcoffeechick (3:36:17am) : Ah.
sangraal_glatisant (3:40:20am) : A very interesting book.
evilcoffeechick (3:41:50am) : I bet. I'll have to look for it.
sangraal_glatisant (3:52:29am) : If you're presently fascinated by murder, you might enjoy Dead Girls by Richard Calder.
evilcoffeechick (3:53:13am) : Possibly.
sangraal_glatisant (3:53:21am) : It's very offensive.
sangraal_glatisant (3:53:36am) : Much in the way that Acker could be offensive.
evilcoffeechick (3:53:48am) : It's hard to offend me.
sangraal_glatisant (3:54:18am) : Ah? Are you Hiram?
evilcoffeechick (3:54:43am) : Explain...?
sangraal_glatisant (3:55:52am) : Never-- well, okay. Hiram is the Widow's Son of Freemasonic ritual.
evilcoffeechick (3:56:03am) : Oh.
sangraal_glatisant (3:56:51am) : I really wish my life were less predictable.
evilcoffeechick (3:57:06am) : It's predictable?
sangraal_glatisant (3:58:04am) : More like predicted.
evilcoffeechick (3:58:43am) : Oh?
sangraal_glatisant (3:58:50am) : Nevermind, luff.
sangraal_glatisant (3:59:08am) : Wow. Two photos of you. I can go to sleep tonight, maybe. :/
evilcoffeechick (3:59:23am) : Heh.
sangraal_glatisant (4:00:03am) : Did you read the poem I sent to hunter?
sangraal_glatisant (4:00:18am) : (I immediately think of Trufflehunter)
evilcoffeechick (4:00:22am) : Yeah.
evilcoffeechick (4:00:49am) : Very descripted. Nice, clear image.
sangraal_glatisant (4:00:57am) : Thankyou.
sangraal_glatisant (4:01:06am) : I wasn't sure the images were clear.
evilcoffeechick (4:01:23am) : *descriptive. Ugh.
sangraal_glatisant (4:01:35am) : "while beloved scuffs boots on carpet mold/on crept starestep first, dark heaven cramps bowed" was clear?
sangraal_glatisant (4:01:45am) : stair. ack.
evilcoffeechick (4:01:50am) : Yeah.
sangraal_glatisant (4:02:55am) : I'm no longer sure I wrote the damn thing. I keep having memories of someone telling me the poem when I was a child, but I have false memories.
evilcoffeechick (4:03:10am) : THat'd be weird.
sangraal_glatisant (4:04:02am) : I sometimes feel like someone's doing me a favor by showing movies about guys with fake memories. It explains matters to the public a little for me.
evilcoffeechick (4:04:24am) : I suppose. I bet there's resources online about them too.
sangraal_glatisant (4:04:39am) : I don't care unless someone can cure it.
sangraal_glatisant (4:04:51am) : Anyway, what I really wish I could get rid of is my libido.
sangraal_glatisant (4:04:56am) : I'm acting oddly.
evilcoffeechick (4:06:00am) : Heh.
sangraal_glatisant (4:08:12am) : Did you read some of the messages?
evilcoffeechick (4:08:23am) : Yeah, I did.
sangraal_glatisant (4:08:43am) : The nifty ones are Mergarb Eiyot: an example.., Lyrica's Cradem, The Frozen and the Microwaved..., and The Order of the Abalone.
sangraal_glatisant (4:15:39am) : Could you tell me what you think about the list?
evilcoffeechick (4:21:02am) : Yeah. I'll have to look at it a bit more to form an opinion, though.
sangraal_glatisant (4:27:24am) : So, ecc, what sort of fantasy world would you build? Reptilian and draconic, perhaps?
evilcoffeechick (4:27:35am) : I don't know.
evilcoffeechick (4:27:47am) : I've never bothered thinking about it. Probably reptillian, though, if it had to be one of that sort.
evilcoffeechick (4:27:55am) : IT wouldn't be a happy one, though.
sangraal_glatisant (4:28:36am) : Your cynicism should be informed by Exupery.
sangraal_glatisant (4:28:43am) : There was a wonderful man.
sangraal_glatisant (4:28:52am) : The Little Prince, best book for children in the world.
evilcoffeechick (4:29:03am) : I think I read that.
sangraal_glatisant (4:29:42am) : Of course, maybe Lemony Snickett might prove to excel his worth, but I doubt it. Lemony is good as a support. The Little Prince ends with his death by snakebite.
sangraal_glatisant (4:30:20am) : A beautiful children's book. A snake helps the Prince return to his planet, via venom, and one wonders if the sheep ate the rose whom he loved.
evilcoffeechick (4:30:44am) : Yeah.
sangraal_glatisant (4:31:18am) : Monologoid tonight, aren't you?
evilcoffeechick (4:31:36am) : Just taking it easy.
sangraal_glatisant (4:31:39am) : Which isn't to imply affliction with the genetic mongoloid trait.
evilcoffeechick (4:32:03am) : I assume you're reffering to my tendency toward one-word answers?
sangraal_glatisant (4:32:30am) : Yes. Monos=one. Logos=word.
evilcoffeechick (4:33:09am) : I was being more monosyllabic than anything, I think.
sangraal_glatisant (4:33:11am) : Er, the photo at coffeechick, is that, um, flesh between arm and alligator?
evilcoffeechick (4:33:34am) : What do you mean?
sangraal_glatisant (4:33:49am) : Oh, wait, it's your other arm. Silly me. I feel like a high school graduate version of Hubert Humbert.
evilcoffeechick (4:33:55am) : Heh.
sangraal_glatisant (4:34:46am) : (Actually, I did think it was mammarial flesh bulging firm out from aneath a black strap bra, but then I sighted that the black line was simply delineating a pale salmon shirt.
sangraal_glatisant (4:35:00am) : No, that is a bra.)
evilcoffeechick (4:35:18am) : Actually, the shirt is black.
sangraal_glatisant (4:35:39am) : Um. Must be very fetching.
evilcoffeechick (4:35:50am) : It covers what it has to, lets just say.
sangraal_glatisant (4:35:59am) : But only what it has to?
evilcoffeechick (4:36:16am) : Yeah.
evilcoffeechick (4:36:21am) : Well, technically.
sangraal_glatisant (4:36:37am) : Between this and the girl with a velveteen voice, I am not going to survive the eve.
sangraal_glatisant (4:37:12am) : Okay, establish chivalric rules for being infatuated with you. I feel I need order here, if I cannot have mercy.
evilcoffeechick (4:37:33am) : Now you have to explain again....
sangraal_glatisant (4:37:47am) : Explain my infatuation? Hm.
evilcoffeechick (4:38:41am) : Explain what you just said about 'chivalric rules' and 'order' thing.
sangraal_glatisant (4:38:54am) : Now if your hair were ruddied by the rose of yeheshua's demise, I would not see it as salvation less, nor my forbiddance from you martyrdom more.
sangraal_glatisant (4:38:56am) : Oh.
sangraal_glatisant (4:38:58am) : *blush*
sangraal_glatisant (4:41:14am) : Chivalric rules are those obediences set by the party afflicted by unconspicuous love, usually love from a fellow who cannot attain the object of his adorations.
evilcoffeechick (4:41:30am) : Ah.
sangraal_glatisant (4:41:36am) : Thus, as the maid who is adored, you should set rules for me,so I don't irritate the fuck out of you.
sangraal_glatisant (4:41:44am) : It's older than Castiliogne.
sangraal_glatisant (4:41:58am) : But not so old as the capitulation of a Capulet.
evilcoffeechick (4:42:08am) : Wow; you actually slipped into colloquial english there for a second.
evilcoffeechick (4:42:46am) : I don't know; I generally don't set rules for people. Just so they understand that I'm absolutely, irrevocably with someone else, I'm fine with talking to them.
sangraal_glatisant (4:43:12am) : Yes, that is assumed. I should stop flinging somewhat prettified words at you.
evilcoffeechick (4:44:22am) : I don't use 'prettified' words. Particularly not anymore. The military does that to you.
sangraal_glatisant (4:44:50am) : Ah.
sangraal_glatisant (4:45:20am) : You might have read Ignatius and Cervantes while stationed.
sangraal_glatisant (4:45:35am) : Both were soldiers.
sangraal_glatisant (4:45:46am) : There is no reason to avoid them presently.
evilcoffeechick (4:45:49am) : I probably could've, but I was too busy re-learning the cladistics of viri; they changed them while I was in.
sangraal_glatisant (4:45:58am) : Ack.
sangraal_glatisant (4:46:10am) : What profession is open to you?
evilcoffeechick (4:46:24am) : At this point? Absolutely nothing. I'm rather permanently disabled.
sangraal_glatisant (4:46:25am) : Do you have a sister?
evilcoffeechick (4:46:28am) : No.
sangraal_glatisant (4:46:28am) : What?!
sangraal_glatisant (4:46:31am) : Why disabled?
sangraal_glatisant (4:46:44am) : What disability? Want to shift subjects?
evilcoffeechick (4:47:29am) : Both of my ankles are shot. I could have them surgically repaired, but not at this point in time -- not until I'm able to get the military to find my medical records. My forearms are a veritable latticework of stressfractures. My shins are the same way, and likely my femurs. I lack cartillege in most of my joints, and probably the most disabling factor is my migraines.
sangraal_glatisant (4:48:12am) : Exposure to hazardous materials?
evilcoffeechick (4:48:24am) : The migraines are indeed the worst; I got my first one at fifteen -- that I remember -- and they got progressively worse. Fluorescent lights, sunlight, and certain sounds and smells. Small children screaming and perfumes are a good set of examples.
evilcoffeechick (4:49:22am) : No. Just an abusive section sergeant, and the unfortunate luck to have whatever it is that causes migraines.
sangraal_glatisant (4:51:28am) : Was your section sergeant reprimanded at least?
evilcoffeechick (4:51:58am) : Nope.
sangraal_glatisant (4:52:10am) : dear lord.
evilcoffeechick (4:52:18am) : It happens.
evilcoffeechick (4:52:28am) : Do you mind if I go off for a bit; Gremlin wants me to watch a film with him.
sangraal_glatisant (4:52:55am) : I don't mind a bit. He's your true love. I'm a fellow who is trying to coax fantasy worlds out of the admirable.
evilcoffeechick (4:53:15am) : Heh. I'll catch you later.
sangraal_glatisant (4:53:34am) : I hope so. I think you're probably one of the most fascinating people I've met.
sangraal_glatisant (4:53:47am) : Wait. Did you just send something?
evilcoffeechick (6:08:23am) : Um, something requesting permission to add you to my list, is all.
sangraal_glatisant (8:36:43pm) : *puffle* Hi! How are you and yours?
evilcoffeechick (8:36:51pm) : Well enough; just got up.
sangraal_glatisant (8:36:53pm) : Did I get on yer list or will ye try again?
sangraal_glatisant (8:37:06pm) : Me too, I'm fuzzy and there's grit in my eyes.
evilcoffeechick (8:37:21pm) : You're apparently already on there.
sangraal_glatisant (8:38:05pm) : Otay.
evilcoffeechick (8:38:11pm) : It doesn't say you are, but you might be invisible or something.
sangraal_glatisant (8:38:45pm) : How's this?
evilcoffeechick (8:38:49pm) : I see you now; you're there.
sangraal_glatisant (8:39:08pm) : Odd!
sangraal_glatisant (8:39:11pm) : I wonder why.
evilcoffeechick (8:39:17pm) : Dunno.
sangraal_glatisant (8:39:38pm) : *chuckle*
sangraal_glatisant (8:40:00pm) : I'm very happy with the way the list is going. We have so many more members now!
evilcoffeechick (8:40:11pm) : Cool.
sangraal_glatisant (8:44:19pm) : Where in the world are you?
evilcoffeechick (8:44:36pm) : Um, sitting right here in front of my computer talking to people.
sangraal_glatisant (8:46:11pm) : Silly, which state?
evilcoffeechick (8:46:31pm) : Colorado.
sangraal_glatisant (8:46:47pm) : Oh dear.
evilcoffeechick (8:46:57pm) : Hmmm?
sangraal_glatisant (8:47:06pm) : What's it like up in the mountains? Isn't Pike's Peak somewhere thereabouts?
evilcoffeechick (8:47:14pm) : Dunno; I'm only in Denver.
evilcoffeechick (8:47:21pm) : It gets higher from here.
sangraal_glatisant (8:48:45pm) : Radocibola.
evilcoffeechick (8:48:56pm) : Heh.
sangraal_glatisant (8:48:56pm) : I wrote up a fictive version of Colorado called Radocibola.
sangraal_glatisant (9:15:27pm) : What do you think of Ondaatje?
evilcoffeechick (9:15:39pm) : Huh?
sangraal_glatisant (9:15:48pm) : An author. The English Patient.
evilcoffeechick (9:15:59pm) : Oh. Never bothered.
evilcoffeechick (9:18:15pm) : I need to lay back down for a bit.
sangraal_glatisant (11:56:59pm) : Hullo, dove of the night, whose wax stained bosom does melt with the wavering astral flames. :)
sangraal_glatisant (11:57:08pm) : *becomes really hokey*
evilcoffeechick (11:57:14pm) : uh-huh....
sangraal_glatisant (11:57:26pm) : I wanted to buy Spam today, but I can't. It's not vegie.
sangraal_glatisant (11:57:36pm) : There should be vegetarian spam.
evilcoffeechick (11:57:54pm) : Heh.
evilcoffeechick (11:58:35pm) : Spam, quite frankly, is disgusting.
sangraal_glatisant (11:59:00pm) : Which is more disgusting: spam, twinkies, or the Republican party?
evilcoffeechick (12:00:01am) : ....They're all the same thing. Except Twinkies are more like cockroaches, , because they'll survive a nuclear war..
sangraal_glatisant (4:57:29am) : Hoy ac, pretty girl.
sangraal_glatisant (5:10:53am) : Why must you be so beautiful? :7
sangraal_glatisant (5:11:04am) : brb
evilcoffeechick (5:13:01am) : I don't knkow; I don't even see myself as beautiful sometimes.
sangraal_glatisant (7:07:11am) : May I ask about your serpent, the one who passed away?
evilcoffeechick (7:07:37am) : Which one? I had two that died on me. Or, well, three, if you count the ball python.
sangraal_glatisant (7:07:57am) : Which one would you like me to name a reptile deity after, in the world I'm making?
evilcoffeechick (7:08:48am) : Heh. Well, you want me to tell you about them?
sangraal_glatisant (7:09:02am) : Yes, perhaps it could be a trinity.
evilcoffeechick (7:09:46am) : Heh. WEll, lemme start with the two that are still alive. Boyd: an 8foot Burmese python that somehow survived with a wonderful personality intact after losing half of her nose to rubbing it on the screen of a small [55gal] aquarium, due to stress.
evilcoffeechick (7:10:18am) : And Cope: My current reptile, a Varanus indicus [mangrove monitor]. She's a feisty little bitch; a rescue.
sangraal_glatisant (7:11:03am) : Tell me of the other three.
evilcoffeechick (7:11:12am) : The ball python never had a name. I only had him/her for a short time. S/he had a wonderful personality, but the person who had her previously powerfed him/her so that s/he grew four feet in a year. S/he died when his/her skeleton collapsed.
evilcoffeechick (7:11:49am) : Mengele was a V.niloticus [nile monitor]. One of the meanest monitors out there. He was nice, though. Just a hatchling. A PETA fanatic killed him because he thought exotics in captivity were suffering.
evilcoffeechick (7:12:18am) : Quantum, my last one, was a V.salvator -- a water monitor. He died due to stress after almost recovering from an abcessed mousebite on the side of his face.
sangraal_glatisant (7:12:34am) : Did the PETA fanatic eventually understand that what he did was wrong?
evilcoffeechick (7:13:06am) : No.
sangraal_glatisant (7:13:17am) : I hate that.
evilcoffeechick (7:13:38am) : I know. It hurt. I found the little guy floating in his aquarium. Froze to death.
sangraal_glatisant (7:23:37am) : I feel awkward including these pets in a gaming world. They're not mine, they were a part of your life.
evilcoffeechick (7:23:53am) : It's alright.
evilcoffeechick (7:24:33am) : I never figured they'd make anything worth putting into anything; they were all just really nice pets.
evilcoffeechick (7:24:46am) : I was around when Trinity the Aligator died.
sangraal_glatisant (7:25:15am) : Okay, Floraframe is one, Infameng is another, and then there's Rodacys.
evilcoffeechick (7:25:25am) : Okay.
sangraal_glatisant (7:25:41am) : Hm.
sangraal_glatisant (7:25:57am) : Tell me more about Quantum. Any personality?
evilcoffeechick (7:26:32am) : He was clever. His favourite thing, other than sitting on my head, or my knee, was doing laps around the 'ceiling' of his cage.
evilcoffeechick (7:26:43am) : He'd walk around, upside down, clinging to the top of the cage.
evilcoffeechick (7:27:17am) : He'd just sit on my leg for hours, sometimes wagging his tail. He was a really pleasant, really nice lizard.
sangraal_glatisant (7:27:29am) : Yes, I wanted to rename him. Vastovon, very companionable.
evilcoffeechick (7:27:30am) : Even when he got sick, he thorougly enjoyed us tending to his wounds.
evilcoffeechick (7:28:08am) : He was somehow nicer than Mengele, who was still small enough to sleep in my shirtpocket. I've been /very/ lucky with these animals.
sangraal_glatisant (7:28:34am) : Be nice to yourself inside.
evilcoffeechick (7:30:59am) : Heh.
sangraal_glatisant (7:33:39am) : Pick a nickname for yourself, you would have if you were a teenage half dragon, half giant that lived in the clouds with three reptilian demi-gods.
evilcoffeechick (7:34:24am) : Heh.
sangraal_glatisant (7:36:18am) : "...under the gaze of a teenage half-draconic cloud giant and a trinity of reptilian deities named Floraframe, Infameng, and Vastovon. "Floraframe is a serpent of enormous size that is yet very delicate, almost papery, that tries to mate with the cloud giant. Infameng is an infant brontosaurus that habits wrongly to lower his head aneath the cloud palace and look at the world aneath, sometimes barking gigantically at birds and flying creatures, much to their dismay, and Vastovon is an immense gold dragon, a cuddly sort."
evilcoffeechick (7:36:53am) : Heh. Brotosaurus.
evilcoffeechick (7:36:59am) : *brontosaurus.
evilcoffeechick (7:38:01am) : Appropriately fictional animal; An Apatosaurus exculsus with the head of a Camarasaurus lentis. Honest mistake by palaeontologists, I suppose. I jsut wonder why it took them so long to figure it out, sometimes.
sangraal_glatisant (7:38:15am) : Evadact?
evilcoffeechick (7:38:29am) : Huh?
sangraal_glatisant (7:38:44am) : As a nickname for the cloud giant based on you.
evilcoffeechick (7:38:52am) : Alright.
evilcoffeechick (7:40:12am) : Sorry; I'm weird. I get all happy and distracted when I remember bits of palaeontological information.
sangraal_glatisant (7:40:33am) : Tell me, do you think the dinosaurs died out because of parasites?
evilcoffeechick (7:40:41am) : That could be part of it.
evilcoffeechick (7:41:37am) : But the biggest factor was the asteroid impact at the end of the Maastrichtian epoch. Hit roughly where the Yucatan peninsula is today.
sangraal_glatisant (7:42:09am) : We'd probably just escape underearth.
sangraal_glatisant (7:43:04am) : You know, there should be asteroid shelters.
evilcoffeechick (7:43:07am) : The asteroid was rougly the size, and possibly the mass of Manhatten island. Hit with teratonnes of force. More than the combined force of all the warheads we had today. The firestorm, shockwave, and resulting tidal waves fucked up the world in a matter of hours. From what I understand.
evilcoffeechick (7:43:42am) : There probably should. THe best place to be in an impact like that would probably be the upper hymilays, here in Denver, or possibly at the bottom of the ocean.
sangraal_glatisant (7:43:45am) : You have nice breasts.
evilcoffeechick (7:44:04am) : That was weird.
sangraal_glatisant (7:44:08am) : *LAUGH*
sangraal_glatisant (7:44:10am) : I meant it to be.
evilcoffeechick (7:44:15am) : Hah.
evilcoffeechick (7:45:53am) : Sorry; was I being way too technical?
sangraal_glatisant (7:45:57am) : So, if you could summon up a succubus, and I begged you to send her to me, would you?
sangraal_glatisant (7:46:05am) : No, I rather like hearing about dinosaurs.
evilcoffeechick (7:46:22am) : Probably not. I don't think I want to fuck with anything involving daemons that feed off of sexual energy.
sangraal_glatisant (7:46:28am) : The possibility of various creatures that could not, by their very structure, leave fossils or remains, intrigues me.
sangraal_glatisant (7:46:42am) : Okay, how about a sex spirit of a benevolent sort.
sangraal_glatisant (7:47:10am) : What would you tell her to do?
evilcoffeechick (7:47:52am) : I don't know. It doesn't sound like something I'd bother messing with, honestly.
sangraal_glatisant (7:48:33am) : Oh, alright. You refuse to wax erotic, eh?
evilcoffeechick (7:48:39am) : Pretty much.
evilcoffeechick (7:48:52am) : I'm a very boring person. =)
sangraal_glatisant (7:52:31am) : But you have nice breasts.
evilcoffeechick (7:52:38am) : Heh.
sangraal_glatisant (9:24:04am) : Want to take a look at the activity in Glatisant?
evilcoffeechick (9:24:10am) : I suppose I could.
sangraal_glatisant (9:24:21am) : You have a Yahoo address, right? :)
evilcoffeechick (9:24:39am) : Um, yeah, but it's all supposed to get forewarded to my regular address....
sangraal_glatisant (9:25:39am) : Okay, you're on.
evilcoffeechick (9:25:56am) : Hmm?
sangraal_glatisant (9:26:02am) :
sangraal_glatisant (9:26:13am) : There are a few topics which are of most interest..
evilcoffeechick (9:26:33am) : Okay.
sangraal_glatisant (9:27:27am) : These are Mergarb Eiyot: an example..., Lyrica's Cradem, The Frozen and the Microwaved Denim Jeans, The Order of the Abalone, and For Lyrica.
sangraal_glatisant (9:27:35am) : Also of interest are the Bookmarks and Files.
evilcoffeechick (9:27:44am) : Okay.
sangraal_glatisant (9:30:48am) : Too, you might want to check out your breasts, they're really quite beautiful. Er. Wait. Did I say that?
evilcoffeechick (9:30:58am) : Heh.
sangraal_glatisant (9:31:18am) : When are you going to get annoyed and slap me aside like the foolish male anime character afflicted with satyrasis that I am.
evilcoffeechick (9:31:52am) : Heh.
evilcoffeechick (9:32:03am) : Dunno. Probably when I'm feeling less tolerant.
sangraal_glatisant (9:32:53am) : Either that or you'll torment me with a teasing comment that I cannot possibly respond to, but that will get me all worked up. Blah.
evilcoffeechick (9:33:34am) : Heh.
evilcoffeechick (10:01:53am) : Oops. Yahoo broke again.
sangraal_glatisant (10:09:40am) : So, what do you think, now that your abreast of Glatisant in its current state?
evilcoffeechick (10:10:15am) : It's interesting; lots of fairly creative writing going on.
evilcoffeechick (10:14:12am) : Sorry; I've been all distracted by corporate stuff over here.
sangraal_glatisant (10:16:06am) : My intelligence is waning. Notice I did not use the conjunctive you are, but rather the possessive of second person singular?
sangraal_glatisant (10:16:16am) : I must have Charlie syndrome.
evilcoffeechick (10:16:54am) : Heh. Yeah, actually I did notice. it's one of my pet peeves.
sangraal_glatisant (10:17:28am) : My pet peeves include the apostrophic errors and the mistake I just made.
evilcoffeechick (10:17:57am) : Pretty much. Debilitating typos really get on my nerves, though.
sangraal_glatisant (10:18:42am) : My apologies. Do you know of a worthwhile site on T.E. Lawrence?
evilcoffeechick (10:18:56am) : Not...offhand.
evilcoffeechick (10:19:06am) : In fact, that would be one search I have not run.
sangraal_glatisant (10:22:40am) : You're annoyed, dear.
evilcoffeechick (10:23:07am) : Actually, yes, I am. But not at you.
evilcoffeechick (10:32:36am) : How could you tell?
sangraal_glatisant (10:33:16am) : You sound as I do, when I become insulted and have that pinching sensation so deep inside me, it becomes anger.
evilcoffeechick (10:33:38am) : Weird. It wasn't you though.
sangraal_glatisant (10:34:16am) : Get your boyfriend. Is he awake?
evilcoffeechick (10:34:29am) : Yeah. He's working on stuff though.
sangraal_glatisant (10:34:31am) : Go have sex with him.
evilcoffeechick (10:34:39am) : Heh. I'm not really up to it right now. =)
sangraal_glatisant (10:37:15am) : You know, your profile photo is really a temptation for pervs and imbeciles to IM you with sex requests.
sangraal_glatisant (10:37:41am) : You're lucky a fellow like me is good at sublimating his desires, otherwise I'd be a royal pain in the breasts.
evilcoffeechick (10:38:00am) : Hah. Yeah; worse are the ones who get me through chatmodules that don't even have pictures.
sangraal_glatisant (10:38:28am) : Do you have any more photos like that, by the by? :)
sangraal_glatisant (10:38:58am) : (She answers: quite a bit actually. I say: may I see some? She says: no.)
evilcoffeechick (10:39:45am) : Um, the only ones I have are the two you've seen.
sangraal_glatisant (10:39:54am) : And the profile pic.
evilcoffeechick (10:40:11am) : Actually, ,they're both profile pictures. One of them is under my other name: Hunter_the_Crazychick
sangraal_glatisant (10:41:56am) : A pity. I should not want so badly. I wonder what's wrong. Must be those ticks.
evilcoffeechick (10:42:01am) : Heh.
sangraal_glatisant (10:43:08am) : I hate this. I've been masturbating like mad. I should purchase an escort, but that simply would not do, as I've a new computer to catch.
evilcoffeechick (10:43:40am) : ...oh-kay....
sangraal_glatisant (10:44:30am) : On the other hand, long distance girls seem to find me adorable.
evilcoffeechick (10:44:45am) : Probably the way you talk. I dunno.
sangraal_glatisant (10:53:28am) : Cutey.
evilcoffeechick (10:53:50am) : Speaking of cute, my cat keeps walking up and miaowing at me.
sangraal_glatisant (2:38:32pm) : I feel suicidal.
sangraal_glatisant (2:38:35pm) : :sigh:
evilcoffeechick (2:44:35pm) : I'm sorry.
sangraal_glatisant (7:16:04pm) : Hullo, dear.
evilcoffeechick (7:16:16pm) : Hi.
sangraal_glatisant (7:16:43pm) : How are you doing?
evilcoffeechick (7:17:52pm) : I'm alright.
evilcoffeechick (7:27:16pm) : And you?
sangraal_glatisant (7:27:31pm) : *sigh*
evilcoffeechick (7:27:36pm) : What?
sangraal_glatisant (7:27:50pm) : *sigh*
evilcoffeechick (7:27:51pm) : You've been so /quiet/ recently.
sangraal_glatisant (7:29:09pm) : yeah. i took you off the mailing list entirely, because it was not apparent that you'd visited at all.
evilcoffeechick (7:29:37pm) : Oh. That explains why these things stopped showing up in my inbox....
sangraal_glatisant (7:30:00pm) : Did you read any of it?
evilcoffeechick (7:30:11pm) : I read all of it; I read 90% of my Email.
sangraal_glatisant (7:30:27pm) : Oh. Did you want the mail to continue?
sangraal_glatisant (7:30:45pm) : Archives are available.
evilcoffeechick (7:30:46pm) : I don't mind if it continues; if you don't want me on the mailing list, though, that's quite fine.
evilcoffeechick (7:30:55pm) : I don't mind reading them as they get posted.
sangraal_glatisant (7:31:01pm) : I'd actually like you there. I hope you'd contribute.
evilcoffeechick (7:31:22pm) : I don't feel as if I would 'belong' there. I'm not exactly the sort of 'happy' person who writes pleasant things.
evilcoffeechick (7:31:26pm) : ...when I do write.
sangraal_glatisant (7:32:42pm) : *blinks* You must not be reading our email.
sangraal_glatisant (7:32:53pm) : Have you *seen* the sort of things that have been built?
evilcoffeechick (7:34:03pm) : I guess maybe I wasn't really understanding things that well.
sangraal_glatisant (7:34:19pm) : I suspect you weren't reading your email.
sangraal_glatisant (7:34:29pm) : At least from the group.
sangraal_glatisant (7:35:09pm) : Wait a sec, I'll find a citation.
evilcoffeechick (7:35:20pm) : I was reading it. I guess I just didn't go back and read everything in context. I don't know. I've been busy with the streetteam stuff recently.
sangraal_glatisant (7:37:10pm) : "How wan this weft of sunrays, how cordant the rising wraith of day utters shrieks of starving birds. Dust is the liquor humans brew of time, with stories a breath stirring the stupors of age and death." - Stem, a play penned by Utoriari The first of all eras is that which a collegue of mine described as the Drowned Tomb of the Newborn, and though he has irritably undergone inquiry by various peers who are of the mind that his sources point to an originative tribe or a sacrificial rite, the indulgance of which is no longer enjoyable, he holds to his idea with agile and intellectual rigor.
evilcoffeechick (7:37:53pm) : Not exactly 'happy', but still artistically written, and I don't write like that.
sangraal_glatisant (7:38:33pm) : That's my writing, love.
sangraal_glatisant (7:38:39pm) : Other people on the list write differently.
evilcoffeechick (7:38:59pm) : I could show you the last thing I ever wrote, before I wasn't able to do it anymore....
sangraal_glatisant (7:39:15pm) : Do as you please, love, I'd really like to see your work.
evilcoffeechick (7:40:07pm) : This is my last complete story:
sangraal_glatisant (7:41:08pm) : It sounds roughly equivalent to the writings of one or two of our listmembers.
evilcoffeechick (7:42:10pm) : I don't know; I suppose, if I were allowed,I could sit around and read until I felt comfortable with...jumping in.
sangraal_glatisant (7:42:41pm) : I feel uncomfortable with that, I fear plaguarists.
evilcoffeechick (7:43:13pm) : Plagarists? I have no need to take anyone else's work.
sangraal_glatisant (7:43:32pm) : Okay. You're in again. :)
evilcoffeechick (7:43:49pm) : Heh. Is that what you were worried about?
sangraal_glatisant (7:44:27pm) : Yes.
sangraal_glatisant (7:45:02pm) :
evilcoffeechick (7:45:08pm) : Sorry. I probably /can/ write, but I haven't got the time or the...personal do it right now. There's a block there. Possibly because there's been no urgency recently. No fear that if I don't /write/ it, i'll /do/ it, ,y'know?
sangraal_glatisant (7:45:36pm) : Well, it's not a creative writing list. We're creating worlds and cities, and such.
sangraal_glatisant (7:45:44pm) : So you don't have to be pretty, just inventive.
evilcoffeechick (7:46:08pm) : Yeah. Understandable. Writing for me has always been a relase though, in any form.
evilcoffeechick (7:46:33pm) : I dunno; if I can get into stuff with you guys, I might be able to start off on my own again.
sangraal_glatisant (7:47:36pm) : Perhaps you might.
sangraal_glatisant (7:47:50pm) : You should try a PBEM, it often puts one on the spot and allows extemporous writing.
evilcoffeechick (7:47:57pm) : What's that?
sangraal_glatisant (7:48:25pm) : Play-By-Email.
evilcoffeechick (7:48:49pm) : Never run into it....
evilcoffeechick (7:50:37pm) : Might be interesting, I guess.
sangraal_glatisant (7:56:38pm) : Or try one of the mailing list games.
sangraal_glatisant (7:56:40pm) : Whatever.
evilcoffeechick (7:56:52pm) : Yeah; if/when I have time.
evilcoffeechick (7:59:48pm) : Never a dull moment over here; my life's changed a little since we last talked.
sangraal_glatisant (8:14:28pm) : I need to get laid.
sangraal_glatisant (8:14:38pm) : And I need to get out of this world.
evilcoffeechick (8:14:41pm) : ...that sounds like a real issue.
evilcoffeechick (8:14:44pm) : I can understand the second one.
evilcoffeechick (8:14:55pm) : I'm actually sitting here discussing an old story my friend and I used to work on....
sangraal_glatisant (8:14:59pm) : I already added you to the group.
evilcoffeechick (8:15:05pm) : Alright.
sangraal_glatisant (8:15:18pm) : Hunter is not a yahoo address, and so really wouldn't be able to read archived material.
evilcoffeechick (8:16:38pm) : It's linked to the address, though, and should be able to, since groups don't require yahoo EMail addresses.
sangraal_glatisant (8:19:42pm) : Oh, well you connected your Hunter address to your yahoo account, you weselly little TV, okay. I'll add you.
evilcoffeechick (8:20:20pm) : Yeah; I had to, in order to get away from the people spamming my yahoo account. Getting a freeaccount seems to be like...inviting every advertiser under the sun to bother you.
evilcoffeechick (8:25:06pm) : I must go fix myself something which resembles dinner....
sangraal_glatisant (8:25:51pm) : I want poison. I'll have some August First. I really wish things were better.
evilcoffeechick (8:26:04pm) : What's wrong?
evilcoffeechick (8:26:21pm) : Take your time and tell me while I fix myself a burger....
evilcoffeechick (8:44:28pm) : Hello?
sangraal_glatisant (8:44:42pm) : The world is hell.
evilcoffeechick (8:44:54pm) : Yes, it is.
sangraal_glatisant (12:57:08am) : Good at riddles?
sangraal_glatisant (1:38:11pm) : If you take a look at the archives, you'll note that the only productive people have been Robert, myself, and Lucy.
evilcoffeechick (1:38:21pm) : Yeah; I noticed that.
sangraal_glatisant (1:38:54pm) : And Lucy hasn't really done anything.
sangraal_glatisant (1:38:59pm) : She's just talked about it.
evilcoffeechick (1:39:34pm) : Saw that.
sangraal_glatisant (2:18:52pm) : Okay, I have an idea for a webpage?
sangraal_glatisant (2:20:12pm) :
sangraal_glatisant (2:23:22pm) : Okay I am writing up the idea.
sangraal_glatisant (2:44:54pm) : 1. The Splash Page Very similar to what we have now at indecine, a black page. Silver font in the size and style of the left column text will appear (with rapidity) "Glatisant" and then vanish into fluttering gray-orange-blue letters "a literate and tasteful soiree" then vanish. At this point several photos/text will load in succession, "vore" (with a photo of a serpent) "m. ache" (with a photo of a child sliding out of vulva) "belly" (a photo of a woman's stomach) "eve" (photo of the mustached guy from Village People) "thing" (photo of a babirusa or echidna). I want to avoid Java because it's often slow in loading.
sangraal_glatisant (3:04:15pm) : hey.
evilcoffeechick (3:32:02pm) : Sorry; I wasn't actually at my computer at the time you sent this.
sangraal_glatisant (3:32:12pm) : okay
sangraal_glatisant (3:32:17pm) : what do you think?
evilcoffeechick (3:33:24pm) : Looks good, but there's no way you can avoid Javascripting; that's the basis of the flash language. Flash is also something I'm unable to do.
sangraal_glatisant (3:33:45pm) : Hm. Well, I could ask someone else to do the flash stuff.
evilcoffeechick (3:34:13pm) : Flash is one of those things I'm attempting to learn for my website. It's not cheap, when done professionally.
sangraal_glatisant (3:34:27pm) : Oh. Hm. I could find someone who knows flash.
evilcoffeechick (3:35:21pm) : Likely. Everything you're wanting to do is rather simple.
sangraal_glatisant (3:36:32pm) : I was thinking of making the user win a chess game in order to enter the webpage, but perhaps that's a bit mean.
sangraal_glatisant (3:36:44pm) : Er, I mean a chess problem.
evilcoffeechick (3:36:48pm) : Yeah, that's also incredibly tricky to do.
evilcoffeechick (3:37:21pm) : If you had a different chat module, I could lead you to discuss that with someone who knows far more about flash than I do.
evilcoffeechick (3:37:45pm) : And something like that wouldn't even be flash; it'd be something that could handle collision mapping. Even worse.
sangraal_glatisant (3:38:38pm) : Um, well, we could kinda, erm, copy code from
sangraal_glatisant (3:38:45pm) : You know, they have chess games.
sangraal_glatisant (3:38:50pm) : Just give it different graphics.
evilcoffeechick (3:39:22pm) : Unfortunately, the code that makes that work is unreachable. It's a scripting that's hidden on their server. it's a more complex version of what makes their chat work.
sangraal_glatisant (3:39:37pm) : hm.
sangraal_glatisant (3:40:12pm) : I'm sure there's a chess on the web site that wouldn't mind donating their code for a single chess problem, but that can be saved for something else.
evilcoffeechick (3:41:14pm) : I'm not sure it'd be worth it; depending on the programming language, you'd have to then go in and learn how to programme it within the parameters you want set, to respond appropriately in the way you want it to respond.
sangraal_glatisant (3:42:01pm) : hm. oh well.
sangraal_glatisant (3:42:10pm) : Anyway, I just posted the full idea on nwnglatisant.
evilcoffeechick (3:42:32pm) : Okay.
evilcoffeechick (3:42:55pm) : I'm currently reviewing a website regarding torture devices.
sangraal_glatisant (3:44:49pm) : reality is a device of torture
evilcoffeechick (3:45:01pm) : I've noticed.
sangraal_glatisant (3:45:23pm) : Have you seen the webpage I presently have?
sangraal_glatisant (3:45:33pm) :
evilcoffeechick (3:45:49pm) : If you're proposing an actual professional site, as opposed to the site you have now, [and if you want a child being born in your splash, you're not going to be able to house it at geocities, due to their content regulations].
sangraal_glatisant (3:46:36pm) : um, the child won't be being born, it will be a static photo of a birth.
sangraal_glatisant (3:46:52pm) : Oh, can I have the site housed at your place?
evilcoffeechick (3:47:00pm) : It's not my place.
sangraal_glatisant (3:47:07pm) : Oh. Whose...?
evilcoffeechick (3:48:09pm) : Gremlin is housing his website on the server of a sysadmin he knows; they've got something worked out, as far as payments go. You're proposing a professionally done website, which is something I cannot do, because it rather falls outside of my limitations. Even I would have to charge for work such as this, quite honestly, and I'd have to learn how to do it first.
sangraal_glatisant (3:48:24pm) : Um.
sangraal_glatisant (3:48:35pm) : I am not sure ... oh. Hm.
sangraal_glatisant (3:49:07pm) : I know who can do it.
evilcoffeechick (3:49:27pm) : This is something that's done as a 'job'. Something of that scale would be a for-hire thing. It's what gets done professionally by Wasted Binary Design.
sangraal_glatisant (3:49:47pm) : I have a friend who might do this for me.
evilcoffeechick (3:50:16pm) : The guestbook you're discussing, for that matter, gives administrative control to the users, which is generally a bad idea, and, from what I know of the CGI involved, a bitch to script.
evilcoffeechick (3:50:27pm) : Something else that's never cheap, and only comes 'for free' in a standard messageboard format.
sangraal_glatisant (3:51:16pm) : Users?
sangraal_glatisant (3:51:24pm) : Um.
sangraal_glatisant (3:51:40pm) : Okay: the guestbook I'm describing I've seen.
sangraal_glatisant (3:51:50pm) : It was a free guestbook on someone's webpage.
evilcoffeechick (3:51:51pm) : Sorry; I've misread that.
evilcoffeechick (3:52:13pm) : All guestbooks allow deletion by owner, so longer as the owner is the administrator of that server or that portion of the server.
sangraal_glatisant (3:52:19pm) : The owner could comment on the guestbook entries.
sangraal_glatisant (3:52:34pm) : And if I gave the owner password to several people, I assume they too could comment.
sangraal_glatisant (3:52:50pm) : Hence, the owners could comment on the guestbook entries.
evilcoffeechick (3:53:10pm) : Yeah, but that is definitely a bad idea, because then they could get in and change things on other portions of the site, or, if they fuck up, mess up theentire guestbook -- and you do not want to even find out how annoying it is to debug that many lines of code.
sangraal_glatisant (3:53:47pm) : Um.
sangraal_glatisant (3:53:54pm) : No, it's not a bad idea. I'll know these people.
sangraal_glatisant (3:54:05pm) : I'll ask them not to change anything besides the guestbook and they won't.
sangraal_glatisant (3:54:38pm) : I was going to offer the password to people on the street, but I decided against it.
sangraal_glatisant (3:54:55pm) : I'll just give it to friends.
evilcoffeechick (3:55:27pm) : I really hope they know what they're doing, in that instance, especially if it's a guestbook whose primary page is housed on the main portion of the webpage's server.
sangraal_glatisant (3:55:27pm) : As far as messing up the entire guestbook, well, if it's free I can reinstall it or relink it.
sangraal_glatisant (3:56:02pm) : *blinks* If the owner password just allows commentary to the guestbook, there's no possible way short of commenting a virus, they can mess it up.
sangraal_glatisant (3:56:06pm) : What on earth are you talking about?
sangraal_glatisant (3:56:40pm) : The owner password would allow two things: commenting on guestbook messages and deletion of messages.
evilcoffeechick (3:56:49pm) : If you want to allow commentary, get a messageboard. The
evilcoffeechick (3:57:04pm) : And what I'm /talking/ about is human nature, and the comonality of fuckups.
sangraal_glatisant (3:57:04pm) : It would not allow programming or coding, debugging of the guestbook.
sangraal_glatisant (3:57:17pm) : What you're talking about cannot happen.
sangraal_glatisant (3:57:26pm) : Really.
evilcoffeechick (3:57:32pm) : You have no clue, do you? Anything can happen when one has a password.
sangraal_glatisant (3:57:38pm) : You have no clue.
sangraal_glatisant (3:57:49pm) : I just described to you the extent of power this password has.
sangraal_glatisant (3:57:51pm) : WHich is zip.
sangraal_glatisant (3:58:07pm) : You are babbling on as if the password has ultimate power over the guestbook code, which it does NOT.
evilcoffeechick (3:58:30pm) : You wish to have it your way, then go ahead; you will not listen to someone who actually knows what they're talking about; I will not discuss it with you.
sangraal_glatisant (3:58:33pm) : In this particular instance, missy, the password only allows two functions: response and deletion.
sangraal_glatisant (3:58:39pm) : You really don't.
sangraal_glatisant (3:58:51pm) : In this case, you just do not know what you're talking about.
sangraal_glatisant (3:59:03pm) : It is not an administrative password, it is a user password with limited power.
evilcoffeechick (3:59:25pm) : And if you wish to take that tone with me, then I will not discuss anything further with you. You've gone on to presume authority in this instance just because you presumed that 'help' meant I could make an entire production for free and disregard my contractual obligations to the company.
sangraal_glatisant (3:59:30pm) : You are claiming something very similar to that with my user password to hotmail I could rewrite the entire hotmail system.
sangraal_glatisant (3:59:48pm) : You're just being irritable.
evilcoffeechick (3:59:50pm) : However, you will swiftly learn that there is no such thing as seperate passwords for 'administrative' and 'owner'. And you will regret that.
sangraal_glatisant (4:00:00pm) : Oh shut up.
evilcoffeechick (4:00:06pm) : Good day, and goodbye.
sangraal_glatisant (4:00:06pm) : I won't regret anything except chatting with you.
sangraal_glatisant (4:00:14pm) : You've given me nothing but idiocy since we began.
sangraal_glatisant (4:00:15pm) : Bye.
sangraal_glatisant (4:00:17pm) : Bitch.
evilcoffeechick (4:03:36pm) : Oh, and by the way; I do think you'll regret having done this, since I'm far more popular than you, and I've far more evidence of my intelligence than you might think. I'll be posting our myriad conversations to the messageboard.
sangraal_glatisant (4:05:27pm) : No doubt you cannot keep your pets alive due to the same ignominous spite you directed at me, and I would suspect that your present injuries are a result of assaulting your training officer, or were otherwise exacerbated by your behaviour.
sangraal_glatisant (4:05:53pm) : As to "owner" accounts, I was using an inexact term which should have become obvious as the conversation progressed.
evilcoffeechick (4:06:36pm) : You're going to have a hard time proving any of those assertions, as they are untrue, and distinctly libelous, but if you wish to continue your accusations, you'll have to do it at the messageboard -- because if you wish to truely hurt me, you're going to have to convince my friends -- and the man that I'm with, thusly, of your lies. If you thinkyou can do that, I challenge you to.