tonylove27: hey hunter..
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Um, hello.
tonylove27: how are you doing today..?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Fine.
tonylove27: just wanna tell you that you are very beautiful !
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Um, thanks.
tonylove27: so what's up ..?
tonylove27: having fun ..?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Kinda. Just got up.
tonylove27: ok i have been trying since two days ago to chat with you lovely princess...:)
tonylove27: so wil you have time to spend with me..?
tonylove27: i really wanna have a hot chat with you....;) if you don't mind...
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Oh; sorry.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I rarely have time right now. What's up....
tonylove27: just chilling at home alone...came back from work and i'm kind of lonely...
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Ah.
tonylove27: yes baby !
tonylove27: no work today..?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Um, no. I don't work.
tonylove27: really what do you do sweetie.?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I've got a couple of reptiles that I tend to, and I do a lot of research.
tonylove27: so that's all you do..?
tonylove27: are they many..? and what kind are they...?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Depends on what else there is that needs to be done that day. In reality, I work for Wasted, Inc., but I don't have a lot to do, being as I'm only the corporate secretary and treasurer. It's kinda boring, so I tend to spend all my time learning stuff.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I've got a V.indicus [Mangrove Monitor], named Cope, and a cornsnake, whom I just acquired off of our lawyer; she found it wandering about her front yard.
tonylove27: oh that sounds nice..i'm not too found of reptiles..i get scared of them..especially snake..
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I like them. They're far easier to take care of than cats and dogs, and they're often nicer.
tonylove27: i hear that people that takes crae of snakes a nice and romantic people....i guess you are too....:)
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Probably not; I dislike people. I've also been with someone for a year, though....
tonylove27: you don't like people....why is that..? you look so sweet and cool to me..
tonylove27: you must be friendly definately..
tonylove27: it takes a caring heart to care for reptiles...
tonylove27: my name is tony....
tonylove27: i'm 6'3 ft tall...
tonylove27: 27yrs old ..
tonylove27: 225 pounds.....with an atlethic built from...?
tonylove27: guess how close i'm too you..?
tonylove27: are you there..?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I wouldn't know how 'close' you are to me. Sorry.
tonylove27: very far from you..i'm in ATLANTA, Ga.........
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Okay.
tonylove27: i wish i'm that close anyway...i would have love to come see your reptiles..
tonylove27: so you are single right....?
tonylove27: how tall are you...?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: No. It states quite clearly on my profile that I'm not single.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: And I'm 5'5".
tonylove27: i bet with your height and figure, you must be a very good looking babe !..
tonylove27: how is the weather over there..?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I suppose. I only weigh a hundred pounds.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Fine.
tonylove27: a 100 pounds !!!! that's cool ! waoh ! that's sexy too...
tonylove27: with that pretty face, i bet you'll make a good model too !
tonylove27: your boyfriend must be lucky.
tonylove27: to have a charming babe like you.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I'm not interested in modeling. It's not a 'intelligent' occupation.
tonylove27: well but the money is there..
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Not really.
tonylove27: in some cases anyway..
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: There's no money in entertainment, unless you're really popular, and then there isn't enough for the troube; I know a few people in that sort of industry.
tonylove27: i agree with you baby
tonylove27: would you like to have an on line relationship...?
tonylove27: i really wanna get to know you...
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I'm with someone; i've been with him for a year, and I have no intentions of cheating on him with /anyone/, because nobody's worth it.
tonylove27: well you have a point there...but i trial might change your mind
tonylove27: everybody is not the same...
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I, quite frankly, don't care. Everyone may be different, but it also holds true that nobody else is the person that I'm with, and 'having an online relationship', being 'cheating', would turn me into a hypocrite, since I regularly thrash people for cheating.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Believe me; there's even a difference online; I'm sitting here in chat with him, and a few other people on our LAN.
tonylove27: really..?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Yup. The four of us are in the Atheist vs. Christian Debate room, under the personal rooms in Religion.
tonylove27: that's cool..
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: In fact, if you truely want to like, bother me about relationships, you might want to ask Gremlin first.
tonylove27: i will ...
tonylove27: i wish i can truelly have you .
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: So come into Chat and ask; or you can ask on his personal messageboard; he doesn't accept PMs at all.
tonylove27: ok..
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I have to turn off PMs now. You can find me in that chatroom if you want to talk to me anymore.
tonylove27: alright my dear..
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I have a couple of things I have to get done, and I can't have PMs interrupting me; they tend to crash the programmes.
tonylove27: ok sweetie..