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My Email: viking_80301@yahoo.com
My Interests
  • Colorado
  • Fishing
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Internet
  • Running
  • Weightlifting
  • Adult
  • Relationships
  • Romance
  • Texas
  • Hispanic and Latino

Yahoo! ID: viking_80301
Real Name: Bobby
Location: Denver
Age: 39
Marital Status: Single And Looking
Gender: Male
Occupation: Education & Athletics
Hobbies: I like to fish, workout and surf the internet. I'm a fairly romantic guy and like to do things spontaneously. I kiss great and have a good sense of humor.
Latest News: Been in Colorado for two years now, where are all the cute women?
Favorite Quote "Nobody is going to get out the world alive, so you might as well have fun while your here."
Home Page: http://photos.yahoo.com/viking_80301

Go to his 'homepage' for pictures....

viking_80301: Hey Sexy
viking_80301: What's up ?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Working.
viking_80301: Sounds good, if you wnat a good time let me know . ;)
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Why would I have to let you know to have a good time?
viking_80301: Juts letting you know if you did.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: I'm trying to understand why I'd have to let you know if I wanted a good time. Do I have to get your permission?
viking_80301: Would you like to meet for coffee, tea , or me?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Well, considering I don't drink coffee or tea....
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: And also considering the fact that I'm in a committed relationship that I have no intentions of fucking up....
viking_80301: I see, No biggie, whore.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: And considering I dont' really need anyone's permission or whatever to 'have a good time'....
viking_80301: bye u rude cunt.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: I believe what you're trying to say is "I'm sorry I'm such a retard; I should really read the profiles before I bother anyone. It won't happen again."
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: I'm so sick of you lot and your predictable behaviour....