Originally posted to the gremlin.net messageboard on 30 December 2001 at 07.28.02 ZuluTime
User: vladtheimpaleruk
Name: Sebastian
Location: London
Age: 21
Marital Status: No answer
Gender: Male
Favourite Quote: "is this a dagger i see before me?"
Email address: vladtheimpaleruk@yahoo.co.uk

vladtheimpaleruk: nice pic..but the Hunter chicks a bit like an ostrich..it burys its head in the sand..she burys her head in cushions..has to be some kind of lesson there"

vladtheimpaleruk: hey lil brain washed ostrich..lil fucking hoe
vladtheimpaleruk: feeling that ancient fear washing over you..the undead are waiting...biach
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: You type awfully ghetto for a 'londoner'.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Sorry; I don't fear silly little internet geeks who post stolen pictures of prettyboy models on their profiles.
vladtheimpaleruk: your already accounted for..i,ll have your blood personally..TONIGHT
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Hey, try it.
vladtheimpaleruk: the rooms too far gone,to listen toyour shit
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Looks like they're listening, stoopid.
vladtheimpaleruk: im what true night mares are made off..and you were picked for me..
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: You're pathetic. You goofy little roleplayer.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Come on, kid, try harder.
vladtheimpaleruk: run lil gurl..nowhere to hide..the room will empty shortly..then..YOUR MINE
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Like I said: don't talk, just do it.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Bring it.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Come on, pretty boy. Come on, blondie.
vladtheimpaleruk: on your knees bitch..tonight you wear the mark of Abel..the 1st slain..
vladtheimpaleruk: the rooms slowly diminishibg,as is your breath
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Are you still roleplaying at me?
vladtheimpaleruk: hah..the mortals take no heed..time for me to go..and enter your dreams..later gurl...
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: I'll start paying attention to you when you decide to do something besides roleplay.
vladtheimpaleruk: 1st your mom,then i,ll slaughter yourfamily,you wont even be aware of it..then..finally...you!!!!
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Cute. What family?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: You're quite silly, you know.
vladtheimpaleruk: roleplay..thats fr shakespearean actors...ive been here for oceans of time
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Aww, does the silly widdle prettyboy think he's a 'vampyre'.
vladtheimpaleruk: like Hamlet..betraysed firstly..then slaughtered...stay out of dangerous rooms lil gurl..bye
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: And now you run away like a good little boy....
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Aren't you *cute*, you little loser....

Originally posted to the gremlin.net messageboard on 31 December 2001 at 07.42.15 ZuluTime

vladtheimpaleruk: bad dreams..lol..bitch..youwill have..persistence is the name off the game here..nightmares..
vladtheimpaleruk: later..
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Sure I will.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick: Run away, coward. Run away....
vladtheimpaleruk: later..lol..thatsthe way of the trueSatan..live to gight another day
vladtheimpaleruk: fight
vladtheimpaleruk: nightmares..thats the keyword
vladtheimpaleruk: later