yeheshuah: do you wanna get married?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: What?
yeheshuah: married
yeheshuah: wed
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: In general, or to someone specific?
yeheshuah: oh shit, nevermind...........'long term relationship'
yeheshuah: to me, but forget it
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Why the FUCK would I want to marry someone pathetic enough to have to propose to someone they just me in PM?
yeheshuah: because it's unique
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: And very stoopid. Yeah, great, I'd marry you; divorce you a few days later without ever once /touching/ you, and get to keep /at least/ half of your stuff.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I like that plan.
yeheshuah: hmmmm....I'm guessing you take alot of things seriously
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: On second thought; I have a real relationship; nevermind. I haven't got time for silly little PM Gamers.
yeheshuah: so...........
yeheshuah: yes or no?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Not a chance in hell.
yeheshuah: what about in heaven?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I'm sorry. "Not a chance in heaven," Is not a colloquial 'saying'.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: And if we're going to base this upon the presumption -- without evidence -- that either exist, no. Not a chance.
yeheshuah: interesting narration
yeheshuah: hmmm....what about in another dimension?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Playing with the multiverse theory? Well, in a slightly less than infinite number of variations, in some universion, I may have answered yes, but that really all depends on whether or not I meant it in a serious way, or just kidding. It also depends on whether or not I survived past 10 in that universion.
yeheshuah: I have access to some pretty interesting ones
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Lemme guess, by way of drugs or roleplaying, right?
yeheshuah: wonders if he should give a sarcastic answer to a sarcastic question......but then that would be roleplaying
yeheshuah: interesting theory
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Thinking out loud in third person is technically roleplaying.
yeheshuah: so you've found your answer
yeheshuah: but not what you were originally looking for
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I wasn't looking for anything.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Looking implies seeking implies /caring/.
yeheshuah: yes you were
yeheshuah: that is why you're speaking to me
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I refuse to allow you to instigate a childish 'yes you were' argument when you have no clue what you're talking about, because there's no way you could possibly know the point behind what I say or do at any given time. You don't know me; you don't know my thoughts. You certainly haven't got the slightest clue as to whether or not I care.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: You also presume to know why I'm speaking to you now? Could it be that I'm simply sitting here playing with you until I find something better to do? That's far more likely than me caring. I certainly was not the one who spoke first.
yeheshuah: of course I do....though the question is not about me, it's about you
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Or do I need to remind you that yours was the first message?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: You suck at attempting to psychologically manipulate a situation.
yeheshuah: that has no significance to you talking to me
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: It doesn't even appear pseudointellectual.
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: I already covered why i'm speaking to you; if you cannot grok it, that's not my problem.
yeheshuah: grok?
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Yes. It's a word. Seems you've just blown your pseudointellectual cover though; I'm through.
yeheshuah: lol....see ya
Hunter_the_CrazyChick:: Whatever; I'm gonna go post this now.