Since everything got deleted during the server move, and since I have nothing better to do, being a coffeechick, I figured I might as well go ahead and waste my time archiving all of this, for the benefit of those who are new to the board.

I'm going to call these archives The RedFiles; since that makes it sound like bad PrimeTime television programming from your friendly neighbourhood Fox Network. There's not really all that much [I don't intend to archive anything from BangBang in the near future, having gone through all this], but it's the entirety of the pertinent files regarding Red -- what she posted about her encounter with her grandparents, the posts from the month that the trouble really began, and most of the month of March of this year.

It's all rather self-explanatory, really. I won't waste any time saying too much about it myself, since I think everything's already been said, at this point....

I'm just going to presume everyone's smart enough to figure out how to use their backbutton; if not, the "Gremlinboard" link on most of these files lead back to either this index, or, in the case of March, back to the index for that particular month. And, since this is obviously not on the board, you're going to have to find your way back there if you want to reply. I didn't feel like making two versions of this; I'm not that idiotfriendly.

October, 2000

A single topic in two posts from Red, regarding her 'run in' with her Grandparents. I figured it was relevant.

December, 2000

First, the post that I deleted; I mentioned why in my open letter post on June's Board.

January, 2001

This one might be a little redundant, because it contains part of the deleted post.

March, 2001

The month of the cat-hairdye incident. Since there's so damn much to this month, I just went through and cleaned up the old index.html to contain only posts that had to do with the entire thing. Which left a lot, since some of the people who showed up had issues that needed to be explained, that came up in posts about was just much easier to leave everything like it was, and hope that all the links work.

June, 2001

The month of the trial. Red came back to the board to announce she was getting married. There's a lot to this one, so it's just another copy of the board. Again, I hope all the links work....

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