In the beginning, there was.... That's not right.

Once upon a time?

Too happy.

On 6 November 2005, a chatter in Religion 1 brought to the rooms' attention. Back then, it was a horrid Frontpage template that looked like it'd been put together by a brain damaged chimp who'd been fed one too many conspiracy theories.

That version of the site no longer exists. Kinda too bad...the part where they take credit for the massive 14 August 2003 blackout. You know, the one that was caused by tree limbs on power lines causing a station to go down during a peak time, too few employees, and a bug in their computer system, all leading to cascading nastiness? Yeah, that one.

On 22 November 2005, apparently, noticed that they'd gotten a few more hits [their hit counter...a funny, funny story], and found someone smart enough to have a look and see where they were coming from...or something. They found my site, and -- ooh -- launched a thavage comment attack that doesn't seem to have ended yet....

On 24 November 2005, I noticed. Not because it affected my site in any way, but because I happened to glance over at the 'Comments' part of my Blog's 'dashboard' and saw that there were strange new things there. So, I hurried off to look.

Once the initial 'shock' wore off -- 'shock' being 'painful, seemingly never-ending laughter' -- I started sharing it with people, so they could feel the same suffering I'd felt.

But I didn't respond.

I made a post about what was going on, but I never directly responded to them.

In fact, the first time I directly responded to this specific trolling idiot -- or flock of idiots, whichever you prefer to believe -- was when it decided to IM me directly not so long ago....

I like to think I've been good, leaving it to others to respond.

And, now that I know they're still lurking about, now pretending that they 'can't respond' because their 'proxy' makes it so they can't run certain scripts...I guess I'll just stop being good.

What I'm going to do is take saved copies of each of the pages and comment on the...well, the comments, line by line.

There have been minor alterations -- the removal of the replying and commenting options, the removal of certain links, and the making-visible of a neat feature I have -- 'browser sniff'. Other than that, and the inserting of my comments -- they're in blockquote format, and should show up in a different font face, there have been no alterations. I haven't done anything to make these people look dumber, and I haven't changed anything I initially said.

  • The first post, where the majority of 'their' comments landed. I was somewhat convinced that 'they' weren't smart enough to figure out that there was more to the site until some comments started showing up on another post.
  • The post I made when I discovered the comments. There aren't very many comments here, but that doesn't change the fact that it's just stupid....
  • The return, on March 22nd. I posted this after they started posting to the old systemvsbizzi post.
  • My response to one of the earlier comments, in the form of a blog post. And there are other comments, too.
  • ymess_guardian91 IMed me to pester me about it, after I thought maybe the fuckhead finally got over it....
  • bizzi91 also IMed me, roughly after I called ymess a 'bizztard'. I guess they wanted me to tremble at their massive numbers, or something....
  • Bizzi returns after I banned him from the site. No, he didn't return to my site -- he returned to my IM, lamely using a bot to spam me over and over again through about seven user names. Toward the end, he assures me that such spammery has 'shortened the life of my network card'.
  • And then he hit the messageboard. Since they could go over there and log in and edit it, I decided to include a copy here.

You'll notice that I put certain things in 'quotes', usually stuff that implies that these people are more than one or two people. That's because there are a few things that lead me to think that 'they' are not 'in fact' a large group....

1. The IP addresses. There are only two of them. 'Bizzi and crew' attribute this to their amazing 'tunneling proxy'.

I really have to question this. I was under the impression that people used proxies to hide themselves. Bizzi's 'proxy' has two IPs, -- Rogers Cable Inc. of Canada, and -- Bell Canada Nexxia, also of Canada.

So, someone here isn't smart. If I were going to go around screaming about proxies and my amazing l337 skillz, I'd be hiding my IP with something that traces back to something other than my home town, state or country....

Maybe there's really a whole bunch of them all using the same computer. Or, hell, maybe they're coming in from a library. I wouldn't count that one out, since finding a bit of information about bizzi saying that he was 'currently homeless'.

No way of knowing how old that information is, of course....

2. The first nine comments... they have the same email address typed exactly the same way, a couple of them use the same exact name. There's also very little time between each post, and they all seem to share a style....

I'm aware that this 'style' of apparent stupidity was written off as 'using translation software', but...if translation software does that, there's a problem. A HUGE problem.

I guess none of that is really 'evidence' that there aren't exactly huge numbers of them. I guess it really doesn't matter either way. They -- whether one, many, or one-who-is-many -- are pretty much feckless trolls, and they've done nothing but cause other people to have a passing interest in my site.

Also, they've given me content. And a reason to use this bit of code: